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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  January 26, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". some light snow in pennsauken camden county, several school closings or early dismissals, including all of philadelphia public and archdioces schools they close today at noon. take a look at the bottom of your screen, for complete list or always go to >> and, storm scan3 showing just how massive this system is. just monster of storm bringing a lot of snow, to the northeast, especially, those north of us, like new york, boston, i mean, they're the ones going to get the brunn of this. katie fehlinger of course standing by tracking how much snow we'll see. >> morning. >> hi, guys, exactly right. you know, if i had to say it, we're actually seeing really almost like we're dodging bullet on this particular storm. and it is crazy to hear that, when you're hearing about the kind of snowfall totals that we've been predicting but really true. because the worse of what this storm has to offer up, starts in ocean monmouth county, then moves northeastwards, so we take you out to couple of choice cameras in the live neighborhood network, rain falling in rehoboth. choppy sees, proverbial shaky camera, very telling out at rehoboth. whitt fields or rather west lawn pa, outside of whitfield elementary school though fresh powder out there on the playgrounds, certainly on the picnic pavilion, as well. so casino of depend where you are, what you are finding but notice southern tear of the delaware valley at this point starting to pick up on some of the steadiest heaviest moisture we've found all
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morning, so the snow beginning to thump little bit more for you, across the bay there into cumberland county and kent and southern new castle counties in delaware, but heavy rain is the story meanwhile in cape may county. as we showed that you wider zoom, we do it again little lull inbetween, it is not the most organized system we've ever seen, but will become one. winter advisories, and alerts all over the place all take effect at noon, but it is winter storm warnings, for the sliver that you see in the hot pink, it is winter weather advisories further inland, and we will see the brunn whatever this developing nor'easter has to offer in the form of blizzard warnings, for ocean and monmouth counties. time it all out. if it hasn't already the snow is going to be moving in, for you, through the next few hours, now this is definitely the easier time to travel, because later on today as the storm continues to gather moisture and strength, and the winds starts to kick in, you will be seeing poor visibility no pun intended, it will be very reduced visibility out there as well as thumbing snow. that will easily cover roadways, so as early as the typical afternoon and evening rush, you begin to see that taking shape here. and in the meantime, light snow is out there. it will continue to fall for us. coating to inch already on the ground, so you need to watch out for the slick travel. and, eventually, the wind, it is already breezy, but eventually that win will increase with time. and the brunt of this storm for our area really comes tonight. and for more on what we're finding throughout right now we sends things out to meteorologist, carol erickson in the mobile weather lab hi, darold. >> well, we've made our way to 295, as we promised.
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and i kind of wish we hadn't. take a look. this is where we've been. 295 north. i know jess has been talking about just how slow it is. we can tell from first-hand experience very slow. also getting few flurries out here temperature of 28 degrees. this road surface has clearly been treated, but even so whatever is up here, is an issue, and this is the casino every thing you'll find. imagine, this casino of traffic situation and flurries so, i think you can expect that even though this is the best time of the day to travel, because the snow is so light, it is not ideal to get out anywhere. and any of these accidents can happen. we have seen a plow into a car, that kind of thing on our various travels this morning. so people are not driving as usual, road conditions are not as usual. show you katie maybe you have shown this, but the morning commute, the light snow is definitely starting to fall here, coating to an inch on the ground, and i had mentioned before, that while many of these major roads are well binds, and salted, that brine doesn't go all the way to the entire shoulder edge. that's where you will be finding some slick spots out there for any reason, you had to get out of your car which wouldn't be good idea anyway. now the slick spots will be here, we will be finding them getting snow covered, travel will be slow. we can absolutely guarantee you, that the travel is slow right now at the present time, see if we've made any progress, now in bellmawr 295
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north. >> so thinking of coming this way, think of another way to go, very hard to get off this stretch of highway just not enough exits through here. you really don't gain all that much. flurries through here. we're going to keep an eye on it, and just take it easy on the roads and get ready for the snow and the reduced visibilities, and hey bring the pets in good morning starting things offer outside on 95, where you can start to see some snow flurries, right around the pa turnpike, but still moving along just fine, north and southbound directions, but definitely starting to see some snow, in the area. over on 42, right in new jersey, around creek road, starting to see some pretty big delays here. in the northbound lanes headed towards 295, actually, where carol was the surrounding area bridges do have the burlington bristol bridge currently not open, just closed but will be residual delays because that far. tac-pal bridge opening around 8:15 next ten minute or so take the betsy ross bridge to get on by avoid delays in that area out on route one northbound rhawn street disable bus pushed over into the shoulder. and to touch on 295 out in new jersey where carol was northbound before route 70 also an accident there creating some delays, just around that snowfall so give yourself extra time, ukee, back to you. >> thank you lets guess to south jersey light snow falling there now was but as you know more on the way. >> cleve bryan joins us all morning long with eye on the storm coverage here from pennsauken camden county how is it looking right now. >> reporter: light snow right now, so far this morning
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old-man-winter cut us some slack. near where 38 and 70 merge, headed in to philadelphia. little bit of snow on the sidewalk, nothing on the roadway. just little bit of moisture, we know that the camden county works had been working all day yesterday all morning long to treat the roadways, seems to be paying off. none of the snow is sticking all hands on event just little while ago we had the freeholder in charge every public works and talk about how well prepared. >> very well prepared. had people come in over the week edge, not rushing around this morning pre treat of the roads. >> i say just let people go home little early. everybody's will have the same mindset, they want to get home, get off the roads, you know, like going to the super market convenience stores, people all have the same things in mind. >> if your going on the roadways, should have clear travel for the most part. we did hear about those accidents. but, make sure that you give yourself that extra breaking distance, because it is slightly slick, i would describe these roadways, right here. live in pennsauken, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, budd. >> i slightly slick. there we go. >> still too slick. >> i know, aim with you. >> we want to check in now and see how the snow is affecting roads, different part of the area in northwest suber. >> that's jan carabeo right there in warminster, jan? >> roads doesn't look
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terrible. people are saying they have no problem getting to and fro. they do know there could be some slick spots so they have their eyes open for. that will not too terrible. not the side streets on earlier this morning coming to you live from county line and york road. see traffic moving snowily everyone taking it easy and that's the good news. penndot however is ready for this storm out pre treating yesterday with salt and brine 12 hour shifts going on here and will be working with 90 tons of salt. so they're prepared and so are other departments of transportation cents we've been speaking with, as well. you can see here,. >> i took back roads they weren't bad. >> do you like the snow? it has been mild so far. >> no, no, no, i hate snow. i love warm weather. my husband likes it, but not me. >> so back out here live in scene, live on scene here in warminster, see the snow is falling again we do expect these conditions to deteriorate throughout the day mower breaking distance, as clever would say keep everyone safe on the roads. live in warminster, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i jan thank you. from the roads to the skies if you have a flight booked for today, or tomorrow, call ahead to see if you're still able to fly. hundreds of flights in and out of philadelphia, have already been canceled for today. thousands across the country. united airlines plans to cancel every single flight in philadelphia tomorrow when the worse of this storm hits
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again, that's united. now, to make it little easier on up, several airlines are waiving their flight change fees because of the weather. so flying out today tomorrow, want to reschedule, hopefully won't cost you anything. we want to see how the storm's impacting your neighborhood. sent us snow pictures with the hashtag cbs-3 snow or use the cbs philly weather app. be sure to do so safely. we can show your picks right here on "eyewitness news". and if you don't have that app yet, now is great time to download t stay ahead of the storm with the updated forecast from our team of meteorologists and track live radar any time so cool. download the app on itunes and google play. here's what else is going on, we have breaking news, the white house is on lockdown after suspicious device was found on the ground. white house press secretary says the device does not pose a threat to anyone in the building. right now president obama and the first lady in india. we continue to follow any more information coming out of our nation's capitol and we of course will pass it on. >> 8:11, our coverage of this major nor'easter continues coming up next. >> let's show you live look from the mobile weather lab once again light snow and slow travel as we take a look at the roads in gloucester county. it is fairly quiet right now but yes from what we are hearing from katie and everyone else, yes the worse is yet to come. stay with us, coverage continues after short break. be right back.
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>> we are staying on top of this storm for you. checking the roads right now in the suburbs jill melwert from "kyw news radio 1060" is making his way across the area. >> from malvern, chester county jim i understanded you may have some precipitation coming down? >> yes. it is snowing. not really sticking on the road. i'm long lancaster pike here, through malvern and frazier it is a little bit after snow squawl here, again not re l -- really affecting the busier roads. see the parking lots have a coating on them, some of the turn lanes even, and definitely some of the side roads, for the most part, though, main roads are just wet, cars are treating it as such moving along as they would on a rainy day. not really slowing things down too much, penndot's done good job of getting out and treating these roads the major roads up in king of prussia, 422 out west, saw about inch of snow, out there when you get out towards collegeville limerick, but again early enough that penndot could casino of get ahead of it before the cars got out and kind of packed it on down, cleared it up, salted the roads. so this version at least doesn't seem to be too bad. >> jim noticing most folks are driving with care or not? i know when i came in earlier this morning, i had a few folks flying by me. granted things didn't start yet, but still are they driving with care? >> it is a mix. there is a couple of people, you see some of these plow drivers i guess they got to get, there the parking lots cleared off, they're in a
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hurry. sometimes you see them trucking on by. >> very good. >> all right tell everybody to slow their roll. jim, we appreciate your eye man, thanks so much. we'll get back to you. 8:15, let's get more on the weather with k fell. >> good morning, hi, everybody, let's look out there. storm scan3 showing signs of life. notice in the last few hours we have gun to see some of the heavier moisture, indicative of steadier rain and heavier snow falling right here through maryland and virginia, and now it is also rotating into the southern tear tear of our region. so just because you have rain, folks, through central and southern delaware as well as cape may county, cumberland, doesn't mean all you'll find with this. this will eventually and storm that becomes whole newman al for couple of reasons. here's what's going on. huge zoom on there is offer to the northeast. what do the clouds mean? atmospheric roadblock from the past weekend when we had the storm move in, still trying to pull away. not going anywhere. so, it is setting up roadblock in the atmosphere, that's why this storm is not only a going to gather more moisture and energy but b it won't go anywhere. it will still for awhile. see the clouds billowing here creating the trough. here's more energy that will eventually follow that path, join up with our clipper and that's when it turns into this massive nor'easter. so we need more energy. we need more moisture, starting to gather those characteristics, and that's why, by noon, you start to see the winter alerts taking effect here basically up and down the coastline. little later the further north you go, but if your travels are taking to you new york city boston anywhere in the new england area closer to the
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coast you'll be dealing with some significant impacts out of this. for us, blizzard warnings, notice, for ocean and monmouth counties winter storm warnings in effect at noon as well. >> winter weather advisories the further inland go when we talk about blizzard, what it means in your head, an actual weather definition, for it, you need certain criteria for it to be defined as that not only large amount of blowing snow, but winds is critical. you need at least be sustained at 35 miles per hour or frequent gusts of 35 miles or more. visibility will reduce when dealing with that to under quarter mile. >> this has to take place for three or more hours. and we expect that to happen for ocean and monmouth counties and point northeast. look telling future wind speeds general expectation classic, nor'easter, northeasterly component to the winds flow. but expecting generally the winds flow starts to shift. see it turning more easterly, northerly through the course of the overnight and early morning. that's the brunt of the storm. that's the core, will rotate through, we keep the winds around, most of tuesday but by that point, you know i would say through midday, the early afternoon that's when we will begin to see it taper. through this morning as we've been discussing, light snow, if it hasn't already started will caution advised. afternoon bridges in these additional snow showers and still some slick travel, then the snow really starts to blow and drift around. as bee see the intensity pick up with the storm. our exclusive eyewitness weather snowfall map. we have tweeked it since last
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night, specking general six to 12 inches for philadelphia, lehigh valley poconos southern new jersey, lesser totals the further inland go but still significant. then it could be even a foot and a half as you head into east and central portions of new jersey, your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, breaking it all down nicely, this is essentially two day event, but the storm itself is going to be dwindling and diminishing and retreating thank goodness, as we go through the second half of tomorrow. by wednesday, it is all clear. a lot of clean to up do. and can you believe it, jess, maybe some snow thursday night, again. >> we're not even going to have time to rebounds from this. oh, thanks katie. good morning everybody doing okay weather wise for this morning commute. you can start to see a little bit of reduced visible in several different cameras starting to see small amounts of snowfall around the area. headlight even, still moving okay. maybe a touch slow, that's okay, see shiny roadways, there as well. snow they're wet and possibly slippery. we move on to the ben franklin bridge see definitely reduced visible here. little bit less volume than it was a little bit earlier but all lanes open. we do want you to move little slowly headed on into this the city ukee being back to you. >> it could be worse and it is elsewhere. >> good reminder, that we're not getting off easy. but not horribly. new york and boston both expecting a foot to foot and a half to 2 feet of snow. susan macinnis shows how the rest the northeast is getting ready. >> forecasters telling meals of people in the northeast to get ready for one of the worse
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winter storms in years. blizzard warnings posted from eastern new england down to the jersey shore. >> blizzard warnings meaning you'll have winds con tis tently gusting or sustained 35 miles per hour visibility less than quarter mile for several hours. >> new york city bill de blasio says the storm could be among the biggest hill city ever seen. >> projections for this storm that it would easily be as much as 2 feet of snow, potentially pushing on closer to 3 feet of snow. >> many people spent the weekends stocking up and boarding up. >> i'd much rather be doing it now when the sun is out than tomorrow afternoon when i think it may have been a good idea. >> with all of the snow and the wind, in the forecast, this storm is expected to paralyze travel. despite effort to pre treat roads, and get plows ready. crews in washington, d.c. and maryland have, thousands of pounds of salt standing by, and extra tow trucks. >> we're prepared for anything that hits us. >> air travel is also expected to be snowed in. at least 2,000 flights have already been canceled, and many more could follow when the heavy snow arrives. susan macinnis for "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". >> oh, it will be a mess. we'll be right back. >> first a look at what's coming up tonight right here on the "cw philly".
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>> we have a little something that might inspire you as you face the big snow event. >> might want to show off your artistic side. three snow scup, to have been doing their thing at the lee yucky woodson art museum in wisconsin. they've been doing it for 25 years, than year, the cup tis carve their own likeness, little mount rushmore kind of thing. >> very nice. >> three heads will keep watch at the museum at least as long as the conditions allow. >> less than flattering portrait as they start to melt. >> look at the detail. very good. >> all out of snow. >> very, very good. more to talk b we'll be right back. good morning. good mornings everyone, i'm ukee washington being let's give you the eyewitness forecast, you do know about the system coming our way. good morning. >> yes, starting to bring in some heavier moisture through our southern most counties, ukee, even though seeing little mix out, there it will not stay as a mix forever.
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really as this storm to starts not only gather more strength but my -- more moisture it, will intensify itself. start to see the coldest air turn rain into snow. southern most counties in the region getting hit the hardest right now, you might not see much of anything out there at this hour, but on the way. so conditions really just start to deteriorate going through the course of this afternoon, especially, into the typical p.m. rush. and by the time it is all said and done through midday tomorrow, we expect a swat of six to 12 inches through the dark blue area, that includes philly, up to foot and a half, through east and central new jersey and lesser totals but still very significant further inland. also have winter storm warnings that take effect at the noon, and we are going to start to see again conditions really start to deteriorate after we hit the noon hour. >> with time the storm will start time pact the region with strong winds and heavier snow jess? >> out to meteorologist live with the mobile weather lab hi carol. >> well, you know, i'm looking at these traffic and these roads, and right now starting to see the flurries coming down on 55 south and at the present time we're headed through harrison township, new jersey on our way south when you get to millville start to see the chart of the change over you may be finding sleet south of millville. go little farther than that on route 55 you'll find the other weather condition. that will be the rain. so variety of weather conditions depending on where you are, new jersey has all three of them going on right now, but the visibilities are also down at this point.
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and this is just in the little bit of light snow. you can imagine, when we get this heavier snow, later on today, it is going to be much hartree see. cars are flying on this road. the temperature in the mobile weather lab 27 degrees. not safe to go to the speeds that we're finding people doing it, including the truckers, you can see a truck that's going to be passing right past us, right about there, and he's flying along he's probably going 65, 70 miles an hour. so be careful on these roads it is deteriorating out here. >> thanks, carol. definitely some good advice, some accidents are starting to pop up across the board really due to slippery road conditions at 8:27. outside right now also on the schuylkill expressway. where you can see an accident, right here, involving two vehicles, these are actually the westbound lanes, right around 30th street. so everybody's casino of squeezing on by, little bit of dangerous situation here. to the right-hand side they block off completely block off the left-hand lane. over in new jersey, starting to see some back up, as we have been for the past half hour or so. in the northbound lanes headed toward pots bridge the city or 295 the surround area bridges, but everything looking just okay in the southbound lanes and still dry, and that's good thing. currently the tac-pal bridge scheduled for an opening at 8:25, just little after that it is currently open, you want to take the betsy ross bridge to get on by to avoid some residual delays because of. that will now over for the philadelphia international airport, there are some delays and airport concellations so do you want to just check with your airline to see if you are affected by. that will otherwise the rest of the majors, no problems
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really on the pa turnpike, 422 from oaks into 202 eastbound shrill slow, 59 not doing too much better northbound slow from the wine into woodhaven 19 minute trip there. ukee, back over to you. >> jess, thank you let's do it again at 85:00 regis philbin on late late show host g gig. for more local news weather traffic and sports we're on the "cw" pill philly. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] >> we've had our eye on the storm all weekends, and all morning. looking at storm scan3, just huge system. getting little taste of it now. but the worse is yet to come. katie is tracking it for you coming up in just a couple every minutes. >> the right side of your screen, we take you outside windshield wipe remembers working indeed. some. roads, some of the areas light snow is beginning to fall. we'll check p with jessica in just a moment. and check on some other roads as well. >> the other big part, think you're flying out today or tomorrow pay attention. weather lead to go number of concellations at philadelphia international airport. >> we go to the phone right now talk with airport sports woman diane gerace. how are you? >> doing great. >> how are things at the airport? are people in lines. what's happening with their flights? give us a overview please? >> we are a ground stop until 9:00 a.m. this morning.
8:16 am
as of now, there are about 200 total flights that have been canceled today. and the airlines have already announced plans to cancel flights later this evening and also, into tomorrow. so it is important, if you are planning to fly today or tomorrow that you check with your airline to find out what your flight status is. also, many airlines giving travelers an opportunity to change their itinerary without paying the customary fee. so, check with your airline to follow up on that. >> you mentioned the ground stop. i'm guessing that's because of the weather. are you anticipating more of those throughout the day today and tomorrow? >> gentlemen -- yes, we do expect to have both the grounds stop programs, and ground delay programs, and this is all due to weather. so yes we are anticipating that there will be some interruptions to flight operations. >> diane, as we have talked about all morning long, many of the department of transportation cents are taking care of the roadways out there. what's going on with the runways right now in anticipation of the weather we expect tonight and tomorrow? >> right now our runways are in pretty good shape. we are prepared to send our crews out to do booming and when the snow begins sticking we will proceed with plowing operations, for a storm of this magnitude we have 200 pieces of equipment total that we use in major snowstorms, and we have about 500 personnel that are dedicate today snow removal. so we are here, we're prepared for whatever mother
8:17 am
nature wants to bring us. >> now, would you recommend folks go ahead and change their flight if they're supposed to flight out later this afternoon or tomorrow, is it better just to avoid the mess or wait it out? what do you think? >> well, it is up to an individual person's discretion. but there is a very good possibility that we could be looking at flight disruptions for the next 24 hours. so if you're planning to fly later on today or tomorrow, you may want to think about changing your itinerary. if you have any kind of flexibility, in your schedule. >> and for folks coming in, as well, because i would imagine it is not just our airport, it will be ripple effect all up and down the coast? >> that's correct. by far philadelphia is not the only city that's being affected by this. new york city and boston, they're looking at historic snowfall amounts at this time. and as you said, it does have a ripple effect throughout the entire system. >> diane, we appreciate the insight. thanks so much. i'm sure we will probably be tacking to you tomorrow, as well. >> i'm sure, thank you diane. >> all right well, we are just talking about the snow, they have ground stop at the airport, and there is a reason for it, we will check in with kate. >> i that's right. we continue to see what's bathesly still a system that's in clipper mode. but it is starting to show some signs of stronger, moisture content and intensification, you can see that reflected very well through the southern most communities of kent, sussex, cumberland, cape may atlantic counties where there is almost just that little sliver of a mix of heavy rain and snow. further north might not be
8:18 am
seeing much of anything but it doesn't mean it will stay that way as the storm starts to gather it strength and get its act together and turn into the monsterous nor'easter that we're expectingment so at noon, start to seat advisories alerts, the watches, the warnings, all going into effect. all winter storm warnings in the counties shaded in the pink. it is basically that central hot pink sliver right there, through philadelphia, down to cape may county and winter weather advisories in the purple as go further inland. this is definitely a coastal storm, nor'easter, warnings, yes, warnings take effect at noon for gust that is could peak as high as 50 miles per hour through ocean monmouth counties. at this hour, i showed you the sliver of moisture moving, in look what it is doing to the visibilities through the pinelands, out to atlantic city really seeing some low clouds cover set until here. and regardless of precipitation type, it is going to cut down how far you can see ahead of your car through the win shield. so going to be slowed down. the further south you go specially, at least in the near term. now, this storm is intensifying, as we mentioned off the coast we will see heavy snowfall rates of easily i would say at least half inch per hour as we hit the early evening rush hour. and it could even exceed an inch per hour out toward the coastal areas. that's what's going to really help us gather some of that snowfall accumulation, and just before we came back to me we had that little part of the graphic that says six to 12 inches is the expectation for philly. we'll have the full map though just a little later in the show. >> thank you just what were you talking about with the reduced visibility here, out
8:19 am
on the blue route around route 30 actually, in the northbound lanes, an accident with police activity, turn over into the right hand shoulder. now, there isn't much in the way of volume. that's good thing. because you can see this actively snowing right here in this area. very poor visibility, and snow covered roadways, as well. as everyone kind of squeezes on by that accident scene very slowly, pushed over, into the shoulder. doing a little bit better out in new jersey, you can see the visibility little better here and it doesn't seem to be actively snowing at this exact moment. so, they might escape little bit of the problem spots in the morning commute here headed northbound toward philadelphia or 295 looking good so far. but, the talcony palmyra bridge currently in the mid many after opening. take the betsy ross bridge to get on by that to residual delays for now. now for the philadelphia international airport we heard up to 200 concellations unuseful role delays, so check with your hairline see if your flight was affected. >> a don't out in route one but actually right now looking at 422 from oaks into 202 little slow. no problems on 95, the pa turnpike ukee, back to you. >> busy morning for the salt trucks and northwestern suburbs. >> freezing or below be extra careful leaving your house give yourself extra time tore stay if you can. >> jan joins us from warminster, been there since dark and early. lou things looking now january? >> good morning snowing in warminster bucks county, roads up until this point had been pretty good. you can see the conditions are deteriorating here at the intersection of county line
8:20 am
road and york road. cars were moving along pretty easily. now we can see a lot more slush accumulating, in the middle, in the intersection there, and people are still taking it easy but not too terrible just yet. a lot of people i'm -- i've spoke win concerned about getting home tonight possibly getting back out tomorrow morning to go to work. now, penndot is ready for this storm of the they have 400 trucks ready to go. they have 90 tons of salt. they also have their crews on 12-hour rotating shift. and they say they have the possibility of calling more people in should we need it. just saw penndot plow truck going with the plow up, no plowable salt, but the salt going down on the roads to keep everything ice and snow free for as long as possible. some private plow truck drivers i was table to speak with earlier today had this advice when it comes to tomorrow. take a listen. >> stay home, stay out of the way. >> this hasn't been too bad but doesn't loom promising for tonight. >> so if possible you can work from home or stay home tomorrow, if this storm does shape up to be what we believe it to be, then that might be the best case scenario. you can see people still making it through the intersection with no problem right now. but these conditions will only continue to deteriorate. and we will follow these conditions, all day on cbs-3 and for now live in warminster jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i thanks for the heads up. switch our team coverage now to south jersey? "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us now in pennsauken, cleve? >> see the snow there too.
8:21 am
>> reporter: good morning, the snow's been coming down in the last hour, probably, the heaviest that we've seen all morning, but still it is really not that bad. we look here on the sidewalk, you can see, it is just a light dusting and on the roadways, we don't see any of the snow sticking. this is the product of all of the hard work put into the -- preparing the roadways, in advance, we know there was 2600 trucks at the state level that were going around, in camden county, 70 pieces of equipment, put into use to make sure that roadways are here on route 38 and 70, heading into philadelphia, are as clear as possible, little while ago i spoke with the free hole nerve charge of public works, to find out how well prepared they are for this entire storm. >> very well prepared. we had people coming in over the weekends, start loading trucks, that way not rushing around this morning this morning, doing pre treat of the roads with brian solution, so makes it little easier when we do get a lot of snow. >> i say just let people go home little early. everybody's going have the same mine set they want to get home, they want to get off the roads, like going to the supermarket, convenience stores, people all have the same things in minds. >> watching the traffic coming at me, everybody has the headlight on, visibility pretty good. windshield wipers, not on too many cars right now so if you need to get your windshield wipers replaced i know i said earlier, my windshield wipers looking little whimpy. on my to do list today. if you need supplies, do that today, before the storm hits later today. reporting live in pennsauken, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, make sure to load up on washer fluid too because
8:22 am
nothing worse than trying to clean your windshield. >> oh, and it refreeze z thanks appreciate it. >> no whimpy wipers here. >> no. >> if you stock up on food and some fun smacks to ride out the storm, folks loving getting the milk being egg and cheese combination grocery stores packed last night the scene at wegmans in cherry hill, new jersey, if you haven't gotten to the store yet, you have a few hours before really the heavy snow comes down, jan and cleve both seeing lighter snow. for now the latest on the storm coming up after the break. we'll be right back. ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start
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somewhere fresh >> our eyewitness weather watcher network, i think they're out in full force this morning, and we've gotten several pictures coming in in the recent hour there is one coming in from john, in yardley, light snow, for him there, but very wintery scene middletown delaware, jason located, not too much sticking it looks like to the sidewalk, but, definitely unpaved surfaces, things are starting to stick out that way. we take to you another one roy, sending this one in for us and doesn't look like much out there right now don't have locate or but already locations where you have a bit after lull started off strictly with rain, meanwhile dolores in newark, delaware, light snow, she said it started to for her about 7:00 a.m. this morning. so it is out there and it is going to be picking one time. let's go ahead take you back to the map here. i want to take to you comment coming in from john jenkins locate in the perkasie. lull in the storm, he says, after leaving between half and 1 inch of snow earlier. that is exactly what we had seen. so far this morning in widespread fashion and let me show you why. as we switch next, to go he will over to storm scan3 three-hour loop for you and you can see, that there is generally just this little lull that took place. but earlier in the morning some light snow pulls away, bridges a lull, and now it is starting to overtake the map again. and the heaviest banding, if you look right on the tail end of the loop, coming in right now through the southern most tear of our area.
8:24 am
so you'll see heavy rain or maybe a mix of some sleet and icing, across the southern most counties, and then it eventually turns over to snow. so, there is just enough mild air, quote unquote, in place right now for chilly rain. but this storm, look at it, starting to take some shape here. you can see front sort of trailing on it back edge, eventually, look at this, here's your trough. this little batch of moisture, join up with the clipper help it energize and turn into monsterous nor'easter, so starting to take shape here. also see billowing clouds setting up the roadblock. those billowing clouds were from the last storm the one that affect the us earlier in the weaken, who could forget, just two days ago so that is setting up basically traffic jam, and part of the reason we expect these snowfall totals to be as high as they'll be. six to 12 inches the he can peck takes from the poconos straight to the lehigh valley then sort of curve around here into cape may county. further inland go, lighter event, but obviously still significant. we expect east central new jersey to do well where you could easily pick up foot plus. that's what we have our eye on. quickly walking through big impact, not just snow, heavy win, gusting blowing that snow around, really reduce your visibility, snow covered roadways, as we start to see the snow becoming more intense, and coming down at rates as high as an inch or more per hour. so, with that said, we want to send things out to meteorologist, carol erickson, haven't had too much through the morning but will change. >> it is already starting to change. we're on 55 south we're in vineland at this point.
8:25 am
it is snowing now. i just want to just take you out, look out this window. there is a semi tractor-trailer not far ahead of us, barely see that guy now,'s not that far away. even the car with the red light on it, start today disappear into this white. >> light flurries looking at right now very quickly car gets obscured. imagine when it comes down, blowing snow, et cetera, et cetera. as you can see by the cars passing us in the mobile weather lab going, i don't know how fast they're going but they're clearly exceeding the speed limit. they're not paying attention at all to the road conditions. now, i know we're on probably a treated road. i say probably treated road. is it still treated? when you see this much moisture come down? that's what you don't know. we just went over and overpass. is that still treated? the air temperature outside the mobile weather lab right now, 28, 29 degrees, obviously, at freezing level. but i think what you really will be starting to notice, and you can see it very clearly, or maybe not even that clearly ahead of me, let me turn this camera little bit; how quickly these vehicles ahead of you can disappear. they have a problem down the road, you may not even know it until you're upon them. we've seen real problems like that. not this morning. but just one week ago. so, just want to underscore the importance of taking it slow, and understanding that even treated roads get overwelmed when precipitation comes down as heavily as it is going to be doing. so be careful bring the pets inside let's all hunker down and get through this one before we get maybe another
8:26 am
one. >> true. one step at a time, thanks, carol. good morning everybody definately true. we can see we made it through the pre dominant farther of the -- part of the morning not many is dent, not a lot of weather-related issues, you can see things starting to pick up just little bit. out on the blue route near route 30 the northbound lanes, an accident, push over into the right hand shoulder. you can see a lot of reduced visibility here on the blue route, and some snow over into the left hand shoulders. we can see that accident scene pushed over to the side as they crawl on by headed northbound, with police activity on the scene there as well. so slowing down always a good thing, even if you see there is not a lot of volume on the roadways, so you think you will need the same amount of time. give yourself extra time anyway to be on the safe side. over on the schuylkill expressway, see snow falling here in the cameras here around 202 eastbound toward the center city area. you can see some shiny roadways there as well as they definitely are wet. starting to be hit with a tiny bit of snow flurries. we do have some speed restrictions out on the walt watt. down to 35 miles an hour, due to slippery conditions. and just necessarily always be on the safe side. over on the tac-pal bridge, completely open as of right now. to avoid residual delays there, take the betsy ross bridge to get on by. few accidents also, one in norristown, at green street, at airy street, push over into the shoulder. and currently, a lot of delays at the philadelphia international airport up to 200 cans lakes cents just check with your airline to see if you're affected by that, erika, back to you. >> i know how things are going on the roads first-hand perspective.
8:27 am
"kyw news radio" mike dinardo out there covering the roads for you. >> i'm in bucks county, now seeing snow, the flakes are falling, on route 313 main street dublin borough. the snow has covered the road to the point where there are two tire tracks worn down to the wet pavement. but there is enough snow where you can't see lane mark. visibility beginning to be an issue this morning not only with the snow falling and blowing in the winds but with you salt sprague kicking up from the road in front every you. >> how are folks driving out in your area? >> well, little two lane road, route 313, so no one's passing at this point everyone on this road is behaving themselves. but earlier on the big roads yes, people were driving way too fast. >> man everybody please, please folks slow down. and okay, mike, we'll get back to you. appreciate t be safe out there. we will take a short break. watching "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly" as we anticipate old-man-winter. >> oh, get ready for tomorrow. we'll be right back. >> the words is winner. >> bird man out standing performance by a cast in motion picture. >> thank you. this is the very, very exciting the ultimate team support, what we do for a living. >> sends bye man oscar hopes soaring, mike at keaton sink the awards with co-stars. keaton lock for out standing lock or, went to the theory of everything star eddie redmain julianne moore won out standing actress tore still alex. >> movie-goers for second week in a row on track to become
8:28 am
the highest grossing war movie of all time. the oscar nominated military drama stars jenkintown own bradley cooper as navy seal marksman chris kyle. pulled in over $64 million. to add to its massive total already. opening second the boy next-door stars jennifer lopez with 15 million, coming in third was pad inning ton with little over 12 million, and rounding out the top five, the wedding ring err, starring philly's own kevin hart. and taken is number five. katy? >> okay, let's get you out there. here we go. one more look at the different winter weather alerts that we have. ocean monmouth county you're special, blizzards warnings of the agent noon, winter storm warnings for philly, weather weather advisories further west all beginning at high noon. jess? >> yes, you know, actually already have some speed restrictions out on the walt whitman bridge down to 35 miles an hour there and currently, to up 200 delays and concellations at the philadelphia international airport. check with your airline to see if your @ expect body. that will mass transit doing just fine so far. >> all right thank up, jess. we're getting up early again for you tomorrow. tune in to "eyewitness news" starting at 4:00 a.m. for the latest on the storm including liver traffic reports and school closings. speaking of school closings, my sister from fits burying, she said out there on two hour delay and they have 4 inches already. >> there go. coming our way. >> good day as a small business owner you wouldn't deliver just half of what you have to offer to your customers. so why are you settling for half-fast internet? only verizon fios comes with speedmatch-- upload speeds as fast as your download speeds so files go out in a snap. call today to get $200 back when you
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switch to fios internet and phone for just $99.99 a month with a 2-year agreement and get $200 back. just call 1.888.774.4418 today. >> good morning, following some breaking news for you right now out every swedesboro gloucester county. almost two dozen student are hospitalized, and a school has been evacuated, this is following an accident in the chemical lab. right now we have a crew headed to kingsway regional high school where "eyewitness news" has benders about 20 student were taken to crozer-chester medical center with what's being described as non-life threatening injuries. we're told they were actually transported to the hospital, by a school bus. once again we're told just a precaution, no serious injuries, after that lab accident, at kingsway regional high school. more for you coming up today at noon on talk philly. >> now the philadelphia region getting ready for another brush with winder, "eyewitness news" reporter, jan carabeo out on for us in warminster, good morning. >> good morning conditions deteriorating now, here in warminster bucks county, see the snow falling the winds is going, and on some of these side roads may look like this. turning lane, here, at county line road and york road. see already slushy, now the snow that's falling is sticking to, that and coat the road little bit. it does look like that most of the cars are getting through the area fairly easily, and a lot of people i've spoke win say they're worried about getting home then get to go work tomorrow if they do have to go in tomorrow.
8:30 am
penndot ready for this storm. they have some 400 trucks ready to go. 90 tons of salt working 12 hour shifts, continue to cover conditions here but for now we send it back in the studio. >> thanks so much. from outside in the stowe to inside tracking the snow, we check had about katie. >> heavier moisture get pack up across storm scan3 this hour, take a look, where you have got not just snow but little mix still mild enough for it to be very chilly rain through central southern delaware, cape may county. beginning to move in from south to north that's the combination whatever will turn into a monster after nor'easter. here's what we expect in terms every full snow totals. by the time all said and done, through midday to evening time frame tomorrow when this is all pulling away. leaving behind up to foot in the city to up 18 inches in east central new jersey, higher totals through eastern ocean and monmouth county, won't see as further inland, but still significant. so tonight and early dodge morning when the brunt is moving through with heavy snow could come down with snowfall rate of half inch to inch per hour. gust cost peak as high as 40 miles per hour specially at the coast if not hire. that will easily i think lead to very poor visibility, and definitely hazardous travel in terms of white out conditions. so we really advise that you just stay off the road tonight and early tomorrow morning if you can. storm pulling through the day gone tomorrow night wednesday much quieter he but clean to up do, jess, another round of snow thursday night. >> something to look forward to, i guess. coming up on 9:00 this morning, outside where we're
8:31 am
starting to see issues starting to see some snowfall, reduced visibility here on the blue route near route 30. >> there is an accident pushed over into the right hands shoulder, see the shoulder completely snow covered police activity on the scene. not creating ton of problems with volume, but still want everybody to take their time slow down and give yourself extra ten minute or so headed out the door. ben franklin bridge, see reduced visible here, all lanes open headed into the city. no problems headed into new jersey from the philly area as well. do have some speed restrictions walt whitman down to 35 miles an hour, there just due to slippery conditions and a lot of delays, up to 200 delays and concellations at the philadelphia international airport. just check with your airline to see if that affect you erika, back to you. >> good advice, thanks, jess. that's eyewitness fuse for now, talk philly coming up at noon on cbs36789 i'm erika von tiehl. good day. stay safe out there. new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at you think you take off all your make-up before bed. but do you really? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover.
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