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tv   Action News  ABC  June 7, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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to snupts montgomery county >> actor and comedian tracey morgan remains critical
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condition hours after a horrible accident on the new jersey turnpike. his limo bus was struck by a walmart tractor-trailer and police have filed charges against the driver of the truck. saturday night i'm walter perez the big story on "action news" is possible drowsey driving accident that sent tracey morgan to intensive care unit. he is returning from new york to comedy show in dover, delaware when the limo bus was struck from behind on the tractor-trailer right there on the new jersey turnpike. kenneth moton is live in the satellite center with the latest. kenneth. >> reporter: walter, tracey morgan is listed adds critical in icu and we're trying to confirm reports knees good spirits and alert at this hour. meanwhile walmart is offering prayers and condolences and a lot more after one of their trucks was involved in a daily crash. this was the scene after super star funny man and friends were pulled out this limo bus on the new jersey turnpike.
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it appears the driver of walmart tractor-trailer fell asleep before rear ending the limo 1 a.m. saturday the 45-year-old s & l and "30 rock" actor was injured and long time friend and comedy writer james uncle jimmy mack mcnair was killed. >> tracey morgan used to seat at my house. when they were first getting started into comedy. >> six vehicles were involved in the crash. only morgan and enterage was ordered. he and jeff malia and were critical in new brunswick saturday. the crew was returning to nyc from dover delaware. this picture was posted on instagram. it shows the inside of the limb oxt road live is a good life he wrote. mcnair's wife and children spoke about him in upstate new york. >> our father uncle jimmy mack
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james mcnair as epitome of great man and he would give you clothes off his back on shoes off your feet if you needed. >> kevin ropier of george awas charged one count of death by auto. walmart says if the truck caused the accidents it will take full responsibility. >> saferty is our absolute highest priority we will do what is right fort family of the victim and survivors. >> another comic here was treated and released today and the limo driver and front seat passenger another employee were not injured. i can also tell you publicist says morgan's family is by his side, walter, reporting live, ken, "channel 6 action news."" >> all right. kenneth, thank you. following news of morgan's accident fellow comedians flooded twitter to offer prayers and support. steve martin who appeared on ""30 rock"" tweeted best thoughts to tracey morgan and hilariously funny and fellow comedian joan rivers said her thoughts are with tracey and
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family tweeting i hope he pulls through this soon and gets back to making us last and samuel l. jackson said good vibes for a good dude and colleagues from sel weekend update said wishing a speedy recovery to our friend tracey morgan." you can find continuing offer ranl on the 6abc news app we included photos from the scene and pictures from tracey morgan's star-studded careerch the 6abc news april is free for apple and android devices. >> a man from drexel hill is arrested for luring a woman on craigslist. 42-year-old kevin cornish is charged with rain and kidnapping. he posted a fake ad on craigslist looking for home health care worker when an 18-year-old investigated the ad cornish went through full interview process and several hours later offered her the drop and brought her to his apartment. instead of a contract for a job
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police say he had a contract for escort service. >> she said i didn't come here for this i came fora job as health care. he said no you signed that. he forced her to sign that. then he made her strip nude and took pictures of her while nude and then raped her. now investigators served cornish's home and found more escort service documents that were signed by other women and they're now in the process of contacting those women to see if similar crimes may have been committed against them. cornish is now on jail on $250,000. a man from philadelphia is thanking his neighbors who came to his rescue when he was attacked by his own dogs in port richmond today. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has the story. >> thank you. >> 37-year-old luiz rodriguez hugged francis leach and then he showed up the wound he suffered after his 3-year-old pregnant pit bull nina viciously attacked him and his 10-year-old pit bull rock followed her lead.
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>> one bit me and the other came what would i do. >> by the time he would have called 911 he would have been dead. >> i whooped them i whooped them. >> she pickedp a steel rod. >> i took it to her head, under their neck. to their back. >> across the street, prince paliot ees wife told him to join in. >> she said they're killing him they're killing him. >> i said what? >> she said they're killing him they're killing him. >> he grabbed another rod and the two hit the pit bulls until he louis got free. >> he scotted open his buttocks out to the fence. when he got to the fence to come out on buttocks his wife and another gentleman grabbed him and they pulled him out. >> louis was transported to the hospital. both dogs were in this fences in yard in the 1800 block of amber when he went in to cleanup. both had no history of violence. now he's glad to be back home and that his kids are safe. >> i'm glad it was me and not my kids you know.
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>> and both of the pit bulls will have to remain here at animal control for ten days in guarantee before a decision was made on whether or not they will be euthanized. the owners did sign over the rights to animal control. for now reporting in huntding park, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." police are serving for a killer in north philadelphia tonight. someone opened fire on a car near the 2900 block of north 21 street early this morning and the driver slammed the vehicle into a fence outside of the minimum security prison. he then troon get help for passenger who was shot in the head. paramedics quickly arrived but the young man shot died at the scene. no arrests for made and it it's not clear what motivated the attack. >> the suspects took prescription drugs during the holdup. it happened wednesday blue grass pharmacy on the 2400 block of
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welsh road. at one point the clerk tried to escape but was stopped at the door by another suspect. fortunately the victim was not injured. if you recognize any of the suspects in this case you're urged to contact philadelphia police. >> today a memorial service paid tribute to a fwrom cap den county that died in a private jet crash near boston. they remembered marcella dullcy at the charter school in camden. she cofound the the school with "philadelphia inquirer" cohener lewis katz. dullcy and cats were among 7 people killed when the plane veered off the run way and exploded during takeoff last week. and the delaware transportation department may have gotten early warning about the problems on 495. highway had been close the a week. problems with support kol u78z on the bridge over the christina river. a driver named charles adam said he noticed the problem in april and he called 911 and someone from the transportation department called him back to
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say they would inspect the bridge the next day. it's unclear if that up inspection ever took place. the transportation secretary says his department is looking intoal ep's story. well, traffic is moving once again on the platt memorial bridge in southwest philadelphia. all lanes were supposed to be closed until monday so penndot could put sealers on the road. tonight investigators say or police say both directions are reopened early. this was one of the final phases of a 43 million dollar rehabilitation project for the bridge. >> and we're getting a look at philadelphia's competition in the quest to host a 016 democratic national cop vengs, d n scxt considering proposes from alabama, columbus and cleveland ohio and new york city and phoenix, ar arizona. >> as we told you yesterday philadelphia leaders say they submit aid very competitive bid. officials will visit each city for evaluations before making a decision. >> much more to come tonight a snacktime outrage the woman accused of giving dog treats to
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students in montgomery county and remembering a woman of powerful words and wisdom. tribute to maya angelou and her legacy. >> walter comfortable tonight temperatures in the upper 60s, lower 7 0s. plenty of sun for the weekend. temperatures will get even warmer for sunday. those details coming up with the accuweather forecast. >> thank you, melissa california chrome falls short of triple crown and owner's angry words about the racing industry when crown and owner's angry words about the racing industry when "action news" comes right
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forest was packed for maya angelou along with bill clinton, oprah winfrey and. words so powerful that they carried a little black girl from the south side of chicago all the way to the white house. [ applause ]. >> angelou over came poverty. segregation and teenage mother hood to become influential several rights leader and one of the 20th century civil right leaders she died at the age of 86. >> a deputy in georgia recognized for his heroism after stopping a gunman that attacked a courthouse.
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marks trieded to drive through the courthouse yesterday and along the way shot daniel rush outside the building and rush was able to shoot back and say in so doing he saved lives of everyoneed in that building. police say marked was heavily armed and had restraintdz used to tie people up. he was killed during ensuing shootout on the courthouse steps. >> meantime donations are pouring in for the college student who pepper strayed a begun nan washington. thursday at seattle pacific university. aft hero of this story was identified, people on social media found nyce's wedding registry and bought the gifts and radio producer opened a fundraiser on the web to donate to the cover the cost of honeymoon with him and bride to be. the site has since gone viral. >> a school aid in newhanover township owe on leave after school district says she gave
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students dog treats to eat. superintendent of boyertown area school district cents a letter home about the incident and said part time recess aid gave the treats 75 fourth graders at newhanover upper frederick elementary school and told the kids they were cookies. no marm full ingreed wentz were in the treats and still a police investigation is underway. >> people in glenside turned their old kicks into cash be to help a child battling cancer. a community recycling company collected shoes in exchange to nonsupport colin. the 8th grader was diagnosed with leukemia in february and his community raised 50 cents a pound for all shoes collected at springfield township high school today all proceeds will help
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>> more than 700 athletes from across the state came to the university of delaware to compete in summer olympic games. they went head to head in tennis, track and field and meantime more than 1,000 volunteers gave their time to make this weekend he haven't a great success. and of course it was. >> all right. time for a check of the accuweather forecast and it keeps getting better melissa magee. >> walter perez we have another good day on the way for you as early as tomorrow. we'll show what you is going on outside. not a whole lot as far as radar. it's quiet on stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. it's all about the temperatures. really comfortable conditions.
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we'll show you the picture outside because that's where everyone is on saturday night. sky6 live in hd we're down at hen house square and a lot of people enjoying themselves you can see if you look closely some folks have on shorts and short sleeved tops because we have some really comfortable conditions even at the 11:00 hour. high today in philadelphia climbed up to. as we look at the live lineup we'll talk about the temperatures and let you know where they're head into sunday. outside tonight in philadelphia 70. trenton 67. up in the poconos, 55. sea isle city 66 same in dover and lancaster coming in at 69. allentown and level 68 degrees. you look at the dew point that's level of houvrp moisture you in the atmosphere when dew points are in the upper 50s to 60, we have comfortable conditions. we don't have humidity to contend with and that will be the story as you get into sunday afternoon.
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and here's satellite 6 and action radar the weather is quiet from new england down to the mid-atlantic region. high pressure in control. high tomorrow scoots to the south and east. so by tomorrow we'll get a return flow meaning we'll tap into a southwesterly wind and with that wind overhead temperatures will be a little warmer than they were today. off to the west you could see unsettled weather showers and storms breaking out across areas in the midwest and ohio valley and this will be the weather maker as we get into very, very late tomorrow night for that matter as you gheet monday. future tracker 6 has you covered. you wake up tomorrow morning no issues. 3:30 in the afternoon, sun giving way to few more afternoon clouds. i think we will stay dry but watch what happens this model is showing you by 10:00 tomorrow night a couple showers approaching lancaster county and northern and western suburbs could find a little bit of precipitation but i do think the bulk of this precipitation will hold off until overnight surprised and however you wake up on monday morning, 9:30 in the morning it ill westbound wet started especially for commute
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by nop near term enjoy the sun. especially if you travel down the shore tomorrow. on sunday it's mostly sun next cloud and sun. high temperature 08. afternoon seabreeze will kick on in and over to the poconos. if your destination takes you there tomorrow great weekend. pocono 400 taking place and mostly sunny and warm. 9:00 in the morning, good start. 66. the race starts at 1:00 and temperature then will be round 79. here's a call from accuweather the rest of tonight. 63 in the city to 53 north and wets of town. here's the sklivs accuweather 7-day forecast. no issues tomorrow, warm, tracking afternoon clouds. closer to our region tomorrow. high of 8. on monday pattern change showers and storms on the way high of 79. perhaps leftover shower as we get to tuesday. and in at 81 we'll dry out wednesday holding 81 degrees and then another disturbance moves in as we get to thursday and next week. ep joy the warmth on the way
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tomorrow walter. >> thank you, melissa. up next on "action news" jeff skversky has sports and now here are tonight's powerball winners. >> across the country it is are tonight's powerball winners. >> across the country it is america's favorite jackpot
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so yeah, i think we're good. i think that about wraps it up.
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so... great, i'll send a follow up email. i don't - there's nothing much to follow up on so i... well, we...we should regroup we just regrouped - this is the regrouping. (laughing) cool, i'll ping you later. you're pinging me now, what do you wanna ping about? next steps? there are no next steps. we just - we just solved them. huh....alright. ♪
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course and on the world largesten natureable course. >> time for a check on sports. jeff skversky is here. and not looking good fort phillies. >> it's not. they have gone one game since last saturday -- won last game since last saturday. off to their worst start in 14 years for the post part have known to blame but themselves. today you could point the finger at the umps. first point the finger at the pitching roberto hernandez gives up four runs to reds and bottom five ethan martin gives up a two run home are to jay bruce. back they come, carlos ruiz leads off 6th inning with solo homer phils within three. that's when it gets interesting. later in the upping dom brown doubles to deep right center here come marlin bird thrown out at the plate. they argue home was blocked. which is against the rules. they replay not overturned and
11:27 pm
ryne sandberg turns mad and gets thrown out you can not argue a replay. huge run potentially considering what happens next. in the 7th jimmy rawlins two run shot tied homer and instead phils down one. later in the 7th they can tie it again. chase utdly deep to center. ruiz tries to score all the way from first. guess what? he's thrown out at the plate too. wow, two potential runs coming inches from scoring phillies lose 6-5 and more bad news after the game tonight phils place reliever mike adams on disabled list with inflammation in rotator cuff. adams coming back from career threatening surgery and has not allowed a anyone a month. >> taking a spot on the team a kid that can throw over 100 miles per hour. that's right. phils call up pitching prospect ken ji le s he's 23 his faingtd ball is recorded high as 103. >> and chester county smarty jones game close to winning
11:28 pm
triple crown ten years ago and there's been others. lots of them funny side, quiet, emblem and you can add california drom that long list of those who have come oh, so close. >> it won'ting a triple crown this year. it will be close. it will be very close. and totalist got. there. >> california chrome finishes tied for fourth in belmont stakes. it's been 36 years and counting since a horse won a triple crown. afterwards california chrome's owner takes a run at his own sport. he's upset because today's winner totalist was among those in the field that did not run in the derby or the preakness. he feels it is just not right. >> this is not fair to the horses that have been running their guts out for these people and for the people that believe in them, to have somebody come up -- this is a coward's way out in my opinion this is a coward's way out our horse had a target on the back everyone else won't
11:29 pm
run in the ten kentucky derby or preakness they'll run in the belmont. >> they were freshing horses. by the way california chrome suffered a minor gash in his right foot at some point today. still to come in sports. lebron takes a so brian at citizens said
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