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tv   Action News  ABC  June 10, 2014 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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that he put in, manu ginobili's able to not only rebound it, but draw a foul and the penalty. the great rudy tam jan vick called these turnaround plays and that is done by great effort. >> mike: ginobili will shoot free throws again. they're in the penalty. ginobili was the one that got fouled. meanwhile, leonard, by the way, did make all defense second team this year. he's become one of the most talented defenders in the league. and during the regular season, how valuable he was, as ginobili hits the first free throw. 54-0 when he played. 8-8 when he missed. he missed 16 games with a broken right hand. his value at both ends of the floor. did not play well in the first two games, but he has been excellent here tonight in game three. >> jeff: and gregg popovich
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takes out parker and duncan, playing patty mills and splitter. >> mike: blocking foul called on ginobili. that's four on ginobili. four team fouls on san antonio. ginobili, leonard, splitter, diaw and mills. starting five in the game for miami. james. mills tried to draw the charge. bad pass, deflected. bosh knocked it away. mills ahead to ginobili. and there's another one of those plays you talk about, jeff. a guy diving on the floor to tip it to a teammate. >> jeff: you want to win? be first to the floor. be first to the air. and the first down the floor. that's how you win. these games are so good. as wade, with the beautiful
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move, that is how you get a chance to separate yourself. >> mark: what did the great rudy say? >> jeff: called it a turnaround play. >> mark: okay. >> jeff: he should be in the hall of fame, too, by the way. >> mike: two championships with the rockets. leonard kicks it out, mills. mills for three. splitter, the offensive rebound. and they'll reset. 16-point lead with 4:30 remaining. >> mark: think about how many coaches in this league take out tony parker and tim duncan in game three of the nba finals to close out. >> mike: leonard. backs in -- banks it in. 28 for leonard, the most he's scored in his nba career. regular season or -- and playoffs. >> jeff: lebron james has just not been as aggressive trying to get to the basket tonight. >> mike: lewis for three.
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rashard lewis, fifth straight playoff game he's had double figures. 14 points for lewis. 4 of 5 from downtown. ginobili. nearly traveled. leonard with five to shoot. pulls back. leonard with two to shoot. drives -- offbalance -- draws the foul on james. as the shot clock was expiring. and that's five fouls on lebron james. he had the five fouls, remember, in the indiana game in game five of the conference finals. >> jeff: give me patty mills any time anywhere. shooting, hustle, team-first attitude. >> mike: mills, just 25 years old. they list him at 6 feet tall, i don't know if he's that call. >> jeff: 5'8". >> mike: from australia.
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played his college ball at st. mary's. first two years with the blazers, didn't play much. had a season in china. and then signed as a free agent with san antonio. this is his third year. you see back in the 0 lip pucol 2012, he led all scorers. this year, became a key rotation player for the san antonio spurs. >> mike: last year, did not play much for them. cory joseph played a lot of minutes for them last year. patty mills has certainly shown up this year and responding. you stay ready. >> jeff: and he lost weight. he lost 10 to 15 pounds and he got himself in better shape. >> mike: wade, the drive. blocked from behind. and leonard called for the foul. that's four on kawhi leonard. wade's going to go to the free-throw line with 3:19 remaining.
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what a turnaround performance for kawhi leonard. he was normally not sure rounded by the media, but in the past couple of days, many questions about, what's going on, you've been struggling a bit. and he simply said, and he doesn't say many words, he said, i have to play better. i have to be more aggressive. >> mark: no excuses. he owned up to the fact that he had not played up to par. if i'm pop, i tell him this after the game. don't tease me. what you did tonight, you can do the rest of the way. you got to stay aggressive and you got to challenge the best player in the world on the defensive end. >> jeff: you may not make an inordinate amount of threes, but you can be that guy. >> mike: whistle and a foul called, i believe against miami. >> jeff: i think it's a blood thing. where they take 30 seconds and -- >> mike: you're right. rashard lewis. >> jeff: do whatever they do over there.
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>> mark: you can't dazzle us with great words and great quotes and staumetements and th say, "i think it's a blood thing." >> jeff: infectious control. is that what they call it? >> mike: very good. of course, game four will be right here in miami. some of the fans heading for the exits. >> jeff: they've done that before here. >> mike: coverage guns at 8:30. tipoff shortly after 9:00. will the spurs be up 2-1, just like last year? right now, they have a 15-point lead, with 3:16 remaining. as the exodus has begun for many. of course, they remember, a lot of fans left game six in the final minute before one of the most incredible comebacks we've ever seen. remember that scene of them trying to get back in the arena, and you couldn't get back in. >> jeff: all i'm going to say is, it doesn't look like they're going to make a run, but the three-point shot is so powerful. that i wouldn't discount it, if i was a fan. >> mike: gregg popovich, we talked to him before the game,
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he said, you don't win an nba championship without three-point shotting. >> mark: he's right. fans, have you not learned your lesson? you won a championship, exiting the building. you're better than this. >> mike: paginobili finds dunca. nice pass. and duncan is fouled. tim duncan, 12 points, six rebounds. that's ray allen's third foul. >> mark: there were times you put ginobili in the high and pick and roll and as a coach, you can lose your hair. it's stressful at times. he goes for the home run play. but he is absolutely unbelievable with his ability to hit the dive man. the big guy rolling to the hoop with the look away pass. >> mike: we talked earlier about how sometimes we take for granted lebron james, night in
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and night out. sometimes same thing with tim duncan. now, not crazy stats, doesn't have the big games as much as he used to, but night and night out, what he does during the course of his spectacular career, is just -- it's just unbelievable. >> jeff: 38 years old. still one of the top players in the game. >> mike: james drives. lay-up misses. diaw, the rebound. if you are just tuning in, the spurs had the best shooting half in nba finals husry. as they had 71 points at halftime, shooting 76%. led by as many as 25, as diaw fires away, misses. the heat stormed back, cut it to seven at one point in the third quarter. but then the spurs able to take that hit and respond in a big way, as james misses. and it's going to be san anto o
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antonio, just like last year, they alternated wins the first several games, will take a 2-1 lead. >> mark: i'm sure in game four the heat will respond at least with their sense of urgency early on, but it's dispointing. they almost came with the mindset that this championship spurs team was going to count themselves out. >> mike: diaw, off one foot. and play continues. the shot clock, you heard the shot clock, but apparently it did hit the rim and they'll get another 24. this will also be the first home loss of the playoffs for the miami heat. they were 8-0 here. wade commits the foul and we'll take our final tv time-out. 1:36 remaining here in the fourth. spur us, 107, the heat, 90 here in game three. s, 107, the heat, 90 here in game three. s, 107, the heat,n game three.
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yeah! here we go! way to pass it. way to move it. no letup. keep active on the boards. we have to keep them off the boards. no second chance shots. and one! come on, man! let's execute now. let's execute. keep scrambling to the shooters.
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get rebounds. we got to get on the boards. scrambling, rebounds. yeah. great execution. great execution. >> mike: danny green from long island, new york, big game, 15 points, five steals. one of many contributors for the san antonio spurs. >> mark: sounds like a coach every there. everything he said was exactly right. >> jeff: yeah, and as we praise kawhi leonard, rightfully so, danny green started them off with a couple steals, couple big hoops. played an outstanding game. >> mike: this will be the 38th road win of the 2014 playoffs. and that's an nba record. the previous was back in 2005. there were 37. obviously there's more with the best of seven series in the
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first round than in earlier years, but -- the road team has really done a good job. and how about the spurs' last two road games? game six in oklahoma city, a game they were down by nine at halftime and had no tony parker in the second half, they beat the thunder in the loudest building in the league. and then here in game three, able to get a huge victory. to go up two games to one. aarron baynes from new zealand, getting some minutes down the stretch, knocks down that shot. you saw kawhi leonard relaxing down on the bench. what a performance from the 22-year-old kawhi leonard. both coaches have emptied their benches, as we have a minute remaining. a lot of the people have cleared out of this building. toney douglas mistirefires. and just like last year, in the epic foonl finals of 2013, spur game one, heat took game two and
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spurs with a resounding victory in game three. obviously last year, heat had home court advantage. belinelli with the shot clock winding down. oden's really handled this year very well. we'll get to him in just a moment, as we listen to gregg popovich. >> great leadership. you doesn't get 30, great leadership and solid, solid play with the ball. great job. >> mark: that's awesome. you know why? because tony parker, future hall of famer is talking to pop like he's his high school coach. i mean, the respect, the appreciate. he followed the orders to a t. >> jeff: but don't -- they have a unique humility about them. their whole team. just -- they're a nonbrand team. i don't know if any of those guys have endorsements or not, but -- as norris cole drives,
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but i'm looking at them, like, the way they talk in between games, i just -- >> mike: don't you think that starts with your star player, duncan? >> jeff: i actually think it starts with ownership. i think then it's management, coach, best player, they're all together in that humble approach to their success. >> mark: you got to be automobile to coach your best player. and i certainly agree that tim duncan sents the tone for everybody else to fall into place. >> jeff: if you can coach a star hard, then everyone else falls in line. >> mike: they can just dribble it out. and much like the heat responded in game two, the spurs with a huge response here in game three. and now lead the 2014 nba finals two games to one, with a resounding road win here in miami. 111-92. a game they led by double figures most of the game.
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the spurs with another one of those total team efforts. much more to come from miami. final score here in game three, 111-92. danny green off to that terrific start. not only some three-pointers, drives to the basket. five steals, as well. boris diaw got his first start of the playoffs, and diaw with his usual dishing and overall game. the bench, the spurs bench, the best in the nba this srneason, getting it done. the effort of patty mills. coaches love these kinds of victories. total team effort. and kawhi leonard got it going right from the start. magnificent performance from leonard and the spurs. ♪
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when cold refreshment calls. coors light answers. "anybody else" frost brewed coors light. the world's most refreshing beer. >> mike: for the first time in the 2014 nba playoffs, the miami
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heat lose on their home floor. a frustrating night from start to finish. as the spurs wi s were the more desperate team and miami had to play catchup, down by as many as 25 in the first half, as they lose by 19. final score, 111-92, the spurs now lead these finals two games to one with game four coming up on thursday night. kawhi leonard, struggling the first two games, brilliant here in game three. 29 points. attacking right from the opening tip. so, for jeff van gundy, mark jackson, doris burke, steve javie, director jimmy moore and our outstanding abc cruise, mike breen saying thank you so much for watching here on abc, home of the nba finals. ♪ >> mike: a scintillating shooting performance for san
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grilled chicken flatbread from dunkin'? take notes, people! it's delicious! grilled chicken is now at dunkin'. try the delicious new grilled chicken flatbread with ancho chipotle sauce today. america runs on dunkin'. the words are terrifying to a parent heroin at school. that is what happened today as
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20 students were taken to a hospital. this was not a high school or a middle school. no, this was a first grade class. jim is off. i am rick williams. how did a 6-year-old get on to nearly a dozen packets of a deadly drug? the latest on this investigation. kenneth. >>reporter:after 20 children were checked out the hospital they were focused on finding the south of those drugs. they executed a search of the first grader. they brought the mother and the mother's boyfriend for questioning. charges are likely. the undercover drug officers entered the parkside home of a woman on viola street. her 6-year-old daughter was showing off bags of heroin as if
11:58 pm
it was candy. >> my child is 7 years old. that is the last thing that he needs to be exposed with a drug like that. >>reporter:they borough the drugs at 59th and ray street. she sent the school into emergency road. the girl was rushed to chops. 19 of the classrooms were taken to hospital to be checked out at hospital. autumn's mother had no idea. >> i think that i have to teach her about drugs at 7 years old. >> she complained of dizziness she and the other students were clear. >> the fentanyl-laced heroin,
11:59 pm
they could be in trouble. >>reporter:they were taken into custody for questioning. they are not sure if their children will attend the school next year. >> i don't know how some child brings heroin. it should not even have been in the home. >>reporter:the police say they only found marijuana in that house. the 6-year-old is in d.h.s. custody. her mother has three other children. the councillors will be on hand at john berry academy. >> the deluge delayed the phillies game at citizens bank park. the drivers were not smart about
12:00 am
the high water and plunging ahead anyway. water was splashing over the hood. a woman needed a helping hand from firefighters. there is the bp gas station. it toppled over the fuel pumps. chopper 6 was on the scene as the crews tried to repair the damage and put it back in place. the thing about flash floods is the flash. >> they are investigating a triple shooting tonight left one person dead and two others injured. the authorities arrived, three people were found with gunshot wounds to the upper body. two were rushed to christiana hospital. the third died at the scene. they are sorting it out and
12:01 am
finding a motive for the shooting with matthew miller broke out of prison and stabbed a bensalem police officer. he spotted him at 1:00 p.m. after he escaped from the bucks county prison. he stabbed jachimski in the the stomach. he's charged with murder of a police officer. jachimski was not harmed thanks to his vest. they need your help to catch a soda machine bomber. they realized this surveillance video of the suspect walking up to the vending machine in mayor fair with a lit object. moments later an explosion. they revealed evidence of an i.e. d. it happened back on
12:02 am
june 5th at 10:45 p.m. no one was hurt. no other provinc property was d. a crash critically injured tracy morgan. there was no back window. they could not see the tractor-trailer barreling towards them. they were cracking jokes next they were mangled around the bus. >> when it stopped tracy was on top of me. i couldn't see anything else. i could see stars on my side. i heard the driver curse at the other driver. i said help me and a get me out of here. james mcnair did not survive. and kevin roper the driver of
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the trucker that rear-end the limo is in court tomorrow. they are electing a new mayor after the last was kicked out of office in trenton. eric jackson defeated paul perez by a 12% margin. 56 to 44. nora muchanic is with the winner. >>reporter:it's a big night for eric jackson. he came out on top. ready to take over the reigns of this troubled city. they were wild cheering for 55-year-old eric jackson, trenton's next mayor. he's the public works director. he says that his experience will help to turn the city around. >> i can assure you, you are as excited as i am.
12:04 am
thank you. we can make a difference. >>reporter:jackson was the top vote-getter for the race for mayor. he did not get the 50% plus 1 to get a runoff. he defeated paul perez. he was an outsider. the meyer elect doesn't see it that way. >> we have one campaign that is to move forward. >>reporter:he will be the first elected mayor since tony mack was ousted from office following a conviction on corruption charges. >> this is our time to turn the chapter in a new direction to make a great capital city. >>reporter:jackson has his work cut out for him. he can't rest on his laurels. he is sworn in next month. are ins ararenoramuchanic, "ch~n
12:05 am
news." eric cantor in virginia the number two man in connecticut. a political newcomer named dave brat defeated cantor in the primary. he's the first to lose since 1899. drew katz says it's due to the turmoil of the last ten days. lewis katz was killed after inking a $88 million to buy the papers. it leaves jerry lenfest as the sole buyer. >> it's part of the festivals in cherry hill,


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