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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  June 13, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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you should call ahead if you have plans to fly out tonight. and melissa is tracking the watches and warnings in effect right now. and meteorologist, cecily tynan is monitoring the exact location of each downpour. begin with cecily at the "action news" big board. we have gotten a workout this week. along with the umbrellas. we are ending the work week with showers and thunderstorms. we have a powerful line of storms that are just beginning to push east. the national weather service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for this cell south of the cherry hill until 6:00. it's moving to the northeast. it's moving slowly at 10 miles-an-hour. cherry hill, delran, maple shade and morristown you are in the path of these storms. we had 17 lightening strikes in the past 15 minutes with this
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and torrential rainfalls. you want to be careful driving in it. we have another cell that is intense just to the west of new jersey turnpike south of florence. moving to the northeast. columbia and chesterfield in the line of the storm system. it slides to the east as we head to the evening hours. the good news over delaware they got torrential rain 1 to 3 inches of rain. the cell weakens. it's in the past 15 minutes beginning to move across the mouth of the delaware bay and moving into south jersey. this evening is going to be unsettled. the actual system that is triggering the storms will not move through until midnight. the wind gust are reported up to 55 miles-an-hour. that could cause damage the main
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concern is the flooded roadways. flash flood something a good possibility. more deals on that heading over to the melissa. we are tracking the line down to smyrna. we are finding the showers and storms that are slowly moving on off to the north and east. any additional moisture that we get on top of this adds to the existing flooding concerns we have across the region. that stays up to 8:45 tonight. flash flooding with the big concern. the arrival of the cold front. we are talking about rainfall totals up to an inch and less than half an hour. this is a big concern along the streams and creeks and. it takes up to 6 inches of moving water to knock you off of your feet. this is a big concern. you never want to drive through flooded roadways you can never measure of the depth of the
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water beneath you. we are tracking the showers and storms moving through. the cold front is of t off to or west. we track the moisture from the west to east direction. and the heart of our viewing area until 2:00 in the overnight hours. we are call forgot drenching downpours. we saw half an inch to 2 inches of rain. more moisture to add on top of that cecily tynan is going to take a closer look. rick back to you. you can get updates on the forecast any time. before that taking a look at citizens bank park. we don't know of any rain delays. if they announce one we will bring it to you. a soggy scene at citizens bank
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park as the phillies get ready for a ballgame if they get it in. you can get updates on the forecast. it features live audio alerts and the accuweather forecast. it's free to download now. they did not perform a flight control check killing lewis katz. katz, three friends and three crew member he is were killed during takeoff may 31st. outside of the boston. thepolis in newark are looking for a man that exposed himself on two occasions. the second happened on mercer drive. the man exposed himself after she noticed him walking in front of her home. the other lewd incident happened
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on lynch drive. call the police if you recognize this man. the commuters on the septa rail line have a good reason to be anxious tonight. they are stopping electricians from walking off the job in seven hours. and annie mccormick has the latest from bryn~mawr. >>reporter:the problem can get worse at the beginning of the work week. >> the strike looms. >> it would be really bad. i only have about a month and a half left of consume. school. of. the 210 railroad workers will
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suspend service and impacts 60 how to riders. the strike would not impact the septa trolley service. firm. they are expected to resume the talks tonight. the unions are without a contract for years. septa wants to go ahead and impose their terms on the proposed contracts. in the meantime, casual riders like padge in town to see family and david, headed to a weekend in it did. c. are irritate thad they might need alternate ways to getting back home on sunday. >> it would be very inconvenient for me. i would have to call someone to come and get me at 30t 30th station. >> i guess just asking people for rides and worst-case scenario calling a cab. >> septa will have alternate
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routes in place. they are concern thad there will b-- concerned that therewill beg the guesse congested times. it's another wet one out there rick and shirleen. but, at least it's friday. which are drying out i-95 at the delaware state line. but you are looking at thick traffic in both directions. the southbound tai taillights mg slowly. the overturned vehicle accident we were talking about all afternoon is now gone. it goes up to the commodore barry bridge. we were seeing delays at the walt whitman bridge.
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the ben franklin bridge is wet now. we are moving slowly need new jersey. in west township, taking out the right lane caution delays north of the chadds ford. and working on delsea drive i would avoid that until 6:00 this evening. thank you, matt. a high school graduate got more than they expected at the commencement ceremony. a special guests surprised her before she accepted her diploma. katherine scott has the story. >>reporter:upper darby graduation was running as long as scheduled at the theater. the class of 2014 posed to get their diploma. a tuned noel was walked up.
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unsure of what was happening. it was her 21 brother andrew noel who was stationed in japan for 21 months. he organized this. >> it was not real when i was watching him. it has been so long. >> jordan was overwhelmed. andrew a high school graduate took her by the hand and led her on the stage to present her with her diploma. off stage the family members were waiting eagerly with a hug. she learned about the surprise a month ago. she had to keep it a secret. annisecret.andrew didn't come hr christmas. i am really not trying to cry. it's a ultimate surprise for everybody. andrew is home for under a month. the family plans to make the most of their time together.
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>> it's christmas in june. >> i was shocked. i didn't want to go up. i don't know. it's great to have him home. >> in upper darby "channel~6 action news." beautiful. a nice story. more to come on "action news." comedian tracy morgan remains in the hospital after a deadly crash on the new jersey turnpike. and days away from an annual tradition. the gary papa run to fight prostate cancer. "action news at 5:00" continues in just a moment.
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new details about comedian tracy morgan's recovery. he was seriously hurt when a tractor-trailer hit the limo bus he was traveling n. his friend and mentor james mcnair was killed. a hospital spokesperson says that he remains in stable condition. he's showing signs of improvement. the doctors are optimistic about
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his recovery. earlier the week the driver pled not guilty including death by auto and assault. an father's day it's sunday. many have traditions. here is reporter and registered nurse, ali gorman more on that from the action big board. >> it's a tradition that we share. this is the 12th year for the event. it also marks five years since we lost gary. one of his missions was to educate everyone about prostate cancer. that is carried on by other men affected by the cancer. >> the days start early and end late by john bueler. six-yeasix years ago he never tt that prostate cancer would have
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a big role in his life. not been rising phl levels brought bad news. >> my cancer had spread outside of my prostate. >> to cheer him up bueler's sister gave him gifts and messages of encouragement. he could help fight prostate cancer by getting more men to talk about it. he has been in a jefferson university hospital campaign and spreads the word every chance that he gets. he and his surgeon were honored by the eagles. he is not shy about the value of the blood test. he says it's the red flag in saved his life. he also hopes that gary's legacy will help to save other men.
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>> we watched him all the time. we loved the guy. >> we love him here too and miss him. john bueler and his family will be walking. the opening ceremonies are at 8:00 a.m. the run starts at 8:30. the walk starts at 9:00. come out and join us. we have all the information on an amazing cause indeed. we got to witness a life-altering wish. he had to endure a leg amputation after diagnosed with the osteosca osteosarcoma. he received a final fitting and a new
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deer b gon, part of the ortho family. >>announcer:you're watching the oone and onlone and only 6abc. general motors is recalling half a million camaros. they were made between 2010 and 2014 a driver's knee can bump
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the key and knock it out the run condition. it could cause the engine to stall and make the driver lose control. it knows of three crashes linked to the problem. you should contact your dealership on the recall. mayor nutter wants to make sure that plenty of children are reading this summer. he announced the good news. more than 200,000 books have been donated to students in kindergarten to third grade. they were purchased with dhs funds. 60,000 youngsters are given four books each. books like "silly willy" were handed out following today's big announcement. in germanytown it was graduation day. the keynote speaker was claudia
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thisfind the perfect gift for dad... ...on sale at hhgregg. like this 51" samsung hdtv for just $429. for huge savings on all the gifts dad really wants... ...come to hhgregg. and fill your home with happy. time for accuweather.cecilyn
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the welcome back. this the hurdle that we have to get over tonight. we are showing that we have line of intense thunderstorms snaking its way across the i-95 area and also the new jersey turnpike. now the national weather severe did cancel the severe thunderstorm warning. it's the no severe. but strong. with the red those are the bands of the heaviest rain. one is between creek road and willingboro reporting heavy rain. this is dropping a lot of rain. some pockets the rain is following 1 to 1.5 inches per hour. it's tough to drive in. it causes localized flooding in low-lying areas. i want to move up the scan. you see the intense rainfall to
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the south and east of trenton over the new jersey turnpike. four lightening strikes associated with this. not a lot of thunderstorm and lighting but heavy rain. it extends across the delaware bay into dover. and 9 lightening strikes in the last 15 minutes. this is the first of two bands moving through. if you are heading to the phillies game. we will get the game in. take the rain gear as well. the first pitch 75. by the ninth inning 71. you can see the difference. thanks to the fact that the rain moves through. 85. now 71. allentown 70. wilmington 75. the humidity is very high. that will be changing once this moves through.
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here is that cold front we have been track forgot days. this is sweeping through shortly before midnight. behind the system we hav have a breath of fresh air. by 7:00 we have spotty showers and thunderstorms. 10:00 the line moves through. behind the system on saturday not only is the rain gone. the clouds are gone. we are looking at bright sunshine. this will be beautiful. this is the fifth in a row. temperatures in the 80s on saturday. by sunday 84 degrees. the 5 day at 5:00 shows the weekend kickoff is showing 80. the shore 78. the poconos a high of 70. now the five day at 5:00. beautiful weather. 80. sunday 84. for father's day delight. monday muggy 86. and 89 on tuesday. a possibility of the storms. wednesday the first 9 90-degree
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day. seeing if that continues in the accuweather forecast guys. and first, el grande combo has a proclamation at city hall. they are the first salsa or chesttra. orchest,ra. orchestr
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>>announcer:"action news" continue was meteorologist adam joseph, jamie apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello, again. monica malpass is off. shirleen is joining us. a local veteran that served in iraq was denied medical care he was believed to be dead. and wendy has that story coming up. sergeant bowe bergdahl is
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finally back on u.s. soil. that story coming up. sunglasses to diamond jewelry. the local victims of crime recover their stolen items. the veterans affairs is plagued with controversy following allegefollowingfollow. >> russell jones served his country for six years fighting in the gulf war and servicing his country in peacetime. he was shunned by the agency that was supposed to provide him care back on american soil. they denied his disability claim. the v.a. denied that he was even alive. russell jones returned from the gulf war and physical and emotional scars serving on


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