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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  June 13, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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finally back on u.s. soil. that story coming up. sunglasses to diamond jewelry. the local victims of crime recover their stolen items. the veterans affairs is plagued with controversy following allegefollowingfollow. >> russell jones served his country for six years fighting in the gulf war and servicing his country in peacetime. he was shunned by the agency that was supposed to provide him care back on american soil. they denied his disability claim. the v.a. denied that he was even alive. russell jones returned from the gulf war and physical and emotional scars serving on
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frontline in iraq. >> from knee surgery to hernia. >> we would camouflage our vehicle and stand out side for hours. >> he turned to the department of veterans affairs to file a compensation claim. >> because the boot the way it was shape it was bending my toenails. >> his injuries were not going to compensate him. he received this letter claiming that he was dead. >> i think that they don't care. he called everyone and with no response.
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the 1-800 number was busy every time he called. mysterily those claims have continued to get paid. >> i hate if they tried to recoup the money. you are dead. >>reporter:they admit that there was a mistake. the department of the veterans affairs want to make sure that the veterans receive of the benefits which they are entitled under law. we apologize in the rating letter that he received. he was honourably diligence charged. he's upset after the apology. they could be making another mistake on how they handle his claim. they reviewed his records. they decided that they were still going to deny his compensation claim. but he can appeal. thank you, wendy.
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president obama said that combat troops will not be returning to iraq. that obligation is ruled out. he's considering a range of other options for dealing of the violence insurgency there right now. our troops fought in iraq for eight years before withdrawing in 2011. the president is comparing airstrikes using drones or manned aircraft to deal with those insurgents. bowe bergdahl is back on u.s. soil. he is recovered in germany after freed in afghanstand.
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>> the remaining p.o.w. from the wars in iraq and afghanistan is back on u.s. soils for the first time held captive by the taliban. he finished his final phase reit reintegration back to normal life. he spent the last 11 days in germany. he told the staff that the taliban captures kept him in a cage in the dark weeks at a time. it will take some time for him to recovery. >> there is no set timeline. each phase that he participates in is a custom event. >>reporter:chuck hagel was
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criticized for not bringing him home sooner so he could answer questions about his capture. >> why was he not been returned to the united states. we have seriously soldiers returned almost immediately after they were stabilized. >> this is not a physical situation. this guy was held almost five years in god knows what conditions. can he get on his feet and walk. >>reporter:there is no timetable for his recovery at this point. he will stay at the hospital in san antonio until he is ready to join his family e. "world news with diane sawyer" will continue our conference on the crisis in iraq and bowe bergdahl's return in the u.s. a home is ruled arson. it investigated as a homicide. there is the scene at the 400
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block of daunty road. they found a body of a man inside once they put out the flames. anyone with information is asked to contact the atlanta county prosecutors office. agencies helped to hand out 47 warrants in bucks county. the action cam was in doylestown as the suspects were hauled in this operation friday, 13th. they were armed with 90 warrants for backed child support. they found 36. 11 others turned themselves in. they were assisted in making the arrests. they owed close to $250,000 in back child support. victims of recent thefts came to new castle to find their stolen property. items taken from about 80 victims from february till now
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were on display at the paul sweeney public safety playground from jewelry to purses, glasses and electronics. each person had to show a police report with a description of what was stolen. the city and state leaders rally to increase the latino vote. bob brady are engaging the voters at the meeting. and cruz say that leaders need to pull together and ignite the community. latinos are the highest grieving population in the city. and the lawmakers that work for him. and matt pellman has an update. how does i-95 look tonight? >> i don't think that you will like them. i love to give the dads a good ride to the beach. i would be lying.
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it's not looking good. eastbound side on the schuylkill you see a lot from belmont into up and over the walt whitman bridge in new jersey. the travel time from 90 t 95 toe vine is three times what it should be. talking 17, 20, 9 miles-an-hour on the northbound side heading to the walt whitman bridge. at the tacony-palmyra bridge we have a lot of construction. one lane available in each direction. keep that in mind as you travel there during the next week. good news in chester cynthia. county. elsewhere at 202 on the 401 shutting town through tomorrow morning and sticking with the interchanges at 29 or 30
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instead. and in westtown township a broken tanker truck on chadds ford. have a nice father's day. as soon as as i get home i l celebrate. and it provides substance bruce and mental health treatment in hopes of preventing repeat crimes. four men graduated after 18 month was rehab and training and mentorship. a home that was in danger of falling off the cliff burned to the ground next. and the head quarters for cnn what made the drivers lose control. melissa. [inaudible]
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we'll take a closer look and let you know what to except for the weekend coming up in the accuweather forecast. those stories and more and ducis rodgers with the phillies if they get the game in. checking with the forecast when "action news" comes back. we have to wait-and-see. [ male announcer ] ortho crime files.
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to a walmart near you. the luxury text homes is no more. they burned the home down today. the ground gave way a few weeks ago it was deemed uninhabitable. they moved out. burning the home was the best way to minimize the amount of debris that would go in the lake below. the man was allegedly on drugs. it happened after 4:00 a.m. they smelled marijuana on the 22-year-old driver. he was not hurt and taken into police custody. as for the lobby a makeshift wall was put up where the plate glass window that was smashed once today.
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and jimmy rollins has a chance to make history. it's a better feeling. three wins in a row. it seems like we never will get to the point. now it's time to build upon it. a three game set with chicago tonight. and jeff has more on the phils. >>reporter:there is time to rebuild. ruben amaro jr. has been talking to the team about different things. he would not rule out trading jimmy rau raw rollins. it's up to the players to keep it going. they are five and a half out the wildcard spot. they look good against the pad padres. now they are trying to win four
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straight. >> consistency and just putting some things together. the pitching and offense and timely hitting. we can build on that. that is what we want to do and continue that. so it's a step in the right direction. so we can create some momentum with the last three games. >> jimmy is in the lineup. batting second. j-roll is two hits away. he could do it tonight. and weather is permitting. a light drizzle at the ballpark. >> thank you, jeffer. moving on timonen is pushing retirement back another year. they agreed on a new one-year contract. and second open from pinehurst in north carolina. he shot a 5 under 65. he backed it under 5 again today.
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he has a seven shot lead. here is the better shot. stadler 85 yards out. an eagle. it's not enough. he's sitting near the cup line. and spain is facing the netherlands. spain is up 1-0. and robin van percy. you may not see a better goal than that. and van percy is far from done. and spain's goaltender is sleeping. what are you doing. he is stunned. >> they will try to do it again. game five of the finals is in l.a. the kings lead the series 3-1. 3-1 in the nba finals. they embarrass the heat. the heat the defending champs by
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a combined 40 point. the spurs are looking to close it out on sunday. coverage on that game begins at 7:30. you can catch the game on your mobile device. by downloading the app. a sports company that helps to improve the lives of disabled veterans is planning to open a golf clinic for them. it's a golf clinic for wounded vets located a mays landing country club. it was held at chickie and country club. it wa[ male announcer ]and tv's come a long way. from color. to the remote. to flat screens.
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meteorologist melissa magee all the rain through. and the double scan radar showing the showers and storms along the i-9 i-95 corridor. we press in closer with a couple of clusters. we have one close to mercer and bully county.
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burlington county georgetown and wrightstown as you get close to clarksburg as well. the showers are moving out to the east. and areas in south jersey close to bunna. no lightening is associated with this. this is the story as we progress through the rest of the evening hours. and thfrom trenton to wilmingtod dover, delaware. in the 70. you have a lot of humidity to contend with. philadelphia at 72. 69 in the poconos. trenton 71. sea isle 72. and here is satellite 6 along with action radar. here i is the unsettled weather. we are showers and storms firing
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up across the area. of look to the west. there is the cold front moving to washington state extending into virginia as well. this moves eastward. even though we are tracking the line moving to the east, there are no severe thunderstorm warnings or watches with the line. we track it as it works into the air mass. if you are stepping out on the town make sure you have the wet weather gear. the same thing holds true at 11:00. it's cloudy from the poconos to lancaster. waking up saturday morning. the sun is going to make a comeback. at 1 10:30, high pressure on the weekend. and breeze for saturday. bright as well. the high temperature is 78. 77 on sunday.
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it's sunshine and nice. up to the poconos high pressure and control. lower humidity. 70 and 76 on sunday. it gorgeous by the afternoon. here is the exclusive seven-day forecast. no issues to the start of the weekend. this is the fifth in a row. low humidity. 84 on sunday. delightful and nice for the gary papa run for all the dads on father's day. a high of 86 on monday. and making a run at 90 on tuesday. mid-week hot and humid by then the weekend the refreshing breeze is coming. we'll take it. they rolled out the red carpet for the stars "think like a man two." they were in center city for a special screening of the sequel. the companies are back for a
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dancing to the cha-cha slide and feasting on pink pillows of sweet cotton candy. add work weeks have you at logan literacy carnival. it aims to create a fun atmosphere and interactive lessons on reading. you had me with cotton candy. a strike looms for septemberar rail workers. i-- septaworkers. and a problem at the aboriginal. bridge. there was 65 flags at levitttown. i'll explain the meaning behind it.
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for ducis rodgers jon, shirleen allicot, the entire, i am rick williams. have a
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friday night. philadelphia fire commissioner lloyd ayres calls it a career. they release their initial findings in the plane crash that killed lewis katz and six others. a stormy evening in the tri-state area. the first of two lines of storms
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moved through causing torrential downpours in parts of region. depending where you live you could be seeing the threat of flash flooding. we have meteorologist, cecily tynan and melissa magee standing by. cecily beginning with you. the first line pushed into south jersey now. it's a broken line of storms. some contain thunder and lightening and heavy downpours as we zoom in, we are zooming in, this is the most intense cell right now. it crossed route 40. moving to the northeast at 25 miles-an-hour near egg harbor. it's beginning to move into the atlantic city expressway. these are the communities in the path of the gusty thunderstorm. wheattown and sweetwater you want to get the kids inside. as you do


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