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tv   Action News  ABC  June 15, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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bill russell nba finals most valuable player award, please welcome again commissioner adam silver. >> kawhi leonard -- the fans of san antonio know how great you are. and now the whole world does. you are the 2014 bill russell mvp. [ cheers and applause ] >> kawhi leonard. if i told you when the nba finals began that you would be the most valuable player of this series, you would have said what?
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>> uh -- man, i would have told you you were lying or something. right now, it's just surreal to me. i had great group of dguys behid me. pushing me. wanting me to be aggressive in the game. they helped me out. >> everybody nose the san antonio spurs, the spurs have a big three. why were you the guy in this finals? >> um, man, i'm not sure. i guess i just -- they told me i had the talent. i could go out there every night. they told me to keep being aggressive every night. they pushed me. coach pop pushed me. the fans pushed me. i want to thank god, my parents, everybody. >> it's okay to smile now. >> say that again? >> it's okay to smile now. >> man, it's all surreal. >> congratulations. the youngest finals mvp since 1999, when tim duncan was also
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20 years old. in television, we call that a segue. tim duncan, where are you? [ cheers and applause ] 15 years ago, like kawhi, you were 22 years old in an nba finals most valuable player. what is the biggest difference between then and now? >> 15 years probably. but, unbelievable feeling to be back here after that long. and, uh, being with the guys, a team like this. everything has changed. we have adapted. come out here and been able to win another championship. with the assistance of the crowd. it's unbelievable. >> last year in the finals, we saw how frustrated you were. at what point did you begin to channel that frustration into something positive? >> the beginning of this season. as soon as that was over and i stepped back on this court, knowing that we wanted to get
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back to this point. we had the opportunity to. we had the team to if we believed and fought through and let all that go. >> this man is the only player in nba history to start for three different championships in three different decades. give it up for tim duncan. where's tony parker? this is kind of old hat for tony parker. his fourth nba championship. a lot of media people an fans talk about revenge. now that it's over, why was it so important for you to beat this heat team for this championship? >> i don't know. we were so close last year. this year was a great rematch. we wanted to redeem ourselves. i'm happy we were able to do that. and this title is for san antonio. and it's the sweetest one.
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>> what is the biggest thing that you have learned playing with tim duncan and manu ginobili and being coached by gregg popovich? >> i have been blessed and lucky to play with timmy and manu. coach pop is incredible. i know he doesn't like when we talk about him. we're a great team. we do it together. >> tony parker, congratulations. where is manu ginobili? you love hearing that, don't you? >> it feels pretty good. >> last year, we saw some of the struggles that you had during the nba finals. what was the difference in how you felt this year in the finals and last year? >> uh, well, i felt better mentally, physically. the team was everyone better. the ball movement was incredible. we didn't depend on anybody.
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and i think that what happened last year made us stronger. made us really stronger. we knew we were not going to let this opportunity get away. >> you all didn't just beat the two-time defending champs. you throttled them. each win by 15 points or more. how were you able to be so effective? >> hard to believe, isn't it? we played at a really high level. making the move. attacking the seams. having everybody contribute. it wasn't about tim duncan or tony parker. it was about not kawhi, green, diaw. this is a team. that's what makes it so, so nice. >> well this team has just won its fifth nba championship in the last 15 years. congratulations, manu ginobili. congratulations to the 2014 nba champion san antonio spurs. and to the 2014 nba finals most
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valuable player, kawhi leonard. now let's go back to mike breen. mike? >> mike: thank you, stuart. we saw how there was so much joy in the teammates' faces when they announced this young man as the finals mvp. so quiet. so humble. what a young talent. on the verge of stardom in the nba. they won this cleveland. they do it in front of the home fans tonight. it's not just the five titles since '99. that's incredible. it's every year since then, they have been in contention for a title every single season. >> jeff: and the more challenging western conference. you think about all the good teams they have had to try to navigate their way through. the great lakers teams.
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oklahoma city on the rise. clippers getting, it's just amazing the longevity they've been able to attain and sustain. >> mike: and the way they play, mark, you made a living of being great passer. to watch a team passing so well and so unselfish, it has to be incredible to watch. >> mark: it's incredible to watch. ball movement. sacrifice. giving credit to the next man. it's awesome that we have now somebody to point to. this spurs basketball team did it the right way. it was beautiful to watch. >> mike: the jubilation. they have played basketball their whole life. still like kids when something like this happens. obviously, such a joyous moment for them. how about now with miami? anytime you lose in the finals, it's a painful ending. but for the heat, what they've accomplished over the four years, four finals. two championships. they're going to get criticized. that is the way the sports landscape is.
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their accomplishments are extraordinary. it's difficult to do in this day and age. >> jeff: they got beaten by a better team. there is no shame in that. san antonio was better in the regular season. they had the more challenging path. so this was not a surprise that they beat miami. miami has accomplished so much in these four years. spoelstra, james, wade, riley, bosh, the whole organization. they, too, have done it with class, and humility. to win the two back to back. incredible accomplishment. four in a row. they have done a marvelous, marvelous job. >> mike: we talk about the class of san antonio. you saw the way miami, the respect and admiration they had. mark, it will be for the first time, some uncertainty for this team. for them to still compete nor a champion shi, they'll be one of the best teams. to compete, they have to make changes.
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>> mark: they have to upgrade the bench. the supporting cast. i want to echo what coach talk about. they did it the right way also. give them credit from top to bottom. four straight finals. two championships. nothing to be disappointed about. now it's about regrouping and getting a better supporting gast cast if they expect to be back here next year. >> mike: as a fan, you do not want to leave on a night like this. the players head to the locker room. the two future hall of famer. such hadmiration and respect. on father's day, manu ginobili had his third son in the playoff. one of his twin boys there. gregg popovich. so happy. tormented by last year's loss. and kawhi leonard, just 22 years
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old. the 2014 nba finals mvp. the spurs once again, on top of the nba world. champions here in 2014. we'll have more from san antonio.
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thanks, pop. >> thank you. >> you're unbelievable.
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>> thank you. thank you. >> unbelievable, baby. >> great job. >> pop. >> great job. so many different players contributing to this championship season. that ends tonight here in san antonio. with a 104-87 victory in game five. the spurs defeat the heat, 4-1 to win their fifth championship. and the crowd you see just filing out. the celebration just begun in downtown san antonio. meanwhile, at the other end for the heat, the dream of the three-peat end tonight. four consecutive fines appearance. the first one painful. they lost the dallas in six games. but they rebounded in 2012. lebron james got his first title as they defeated oklahoma city. bounced back again in 2013. that amazing win in game six. win in game seven. back-to-back championships. lose in 2014.
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>> san antonio is back on top. the spurs with a 2014 champion. parker hits the three. duncan on the follow. step back. a three. good, leonard on the follow. patty mills does it again! a smile on his face as he runs down the floor. >> losing last year, i think lit a fire under a lot of us more than any other year in the past. perilo especially pop. i think it really -- it has not gone away. it's not gone away. >> their fourth title in nine years. >> and the third time in seven seasons. san antonio spurs. are your world champions. >> the san antonio spurs win their first ever nba
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championship. >> for gregg popovich, now only two coaches have more championships as a head coach. he's vigilant at deflecting credit. he's now the standard bearer in the nba. manu ginobili. one of the most unique and dynamic players the game has seen. popovich says he's the toughest come petter to he's ever been around. the lefty from argentina, a four-time champion. tony parker. now the team's driving force said this one is the sweetest of them all. a skinny point guard from france gets his fourth championship ring. tim duncan. didn't need a fifth title to validate his all-time great status. congratulations to the 2014 nba champion san antonio spurs.
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>> sunday nights oym sarah bloomquist, along with walter perez, and the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news. there was some tense moments at philadelphia international airport tonight when a flight en route to frankford, germany was forced to return to the airport.
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this is sky6 video of the plane touching down 7:45. this plane took off two hours earlier. airport officials tell us shortly after takeoff the pilot reported landing gear did not retract. this is viewer video of the plane circling over chester for two hours dumping fuel before returning to the airport and touching down safely. experts tell "action news" that the fuel vaip rises at 5,000 feet or more. nobody was hurt. >> for other top stories tonight heading to the last week of spring feels like a pray include to summer. >> after a great weekend humidity returns and first 90 degree day of the season. meteorologist mel smell live at the big board with the details. melissa. >> hi there, sarah. we had a nice conclusion to the weekend. great for all the dads on father's day plenty of sunshine and low humidity. comfortable tonight. 73. trenton 67. poconos 56.
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along the coast sea isle city 69. dover upper 60s. check out the high temperatures today across much of the eastern half of the u.s.. today in philadelphia lower 80s. off to the south and wepingt memphis had high today of 90. dallas e., texas 94. atlanta 90. we'll tap into west or southwesterly wind early tomorrow. with that in mind temperatures will climb and we'll notice increase in humidity as our workweek progressing. check out future tracker temperatures. good start to the morning. mild start. temperatures upper 50s to middle 60s as we get into 11:30 tomorrow morning temperatures approaching 80. if not above that. we'll talk about what we can expect as the workweek progresses a more summerlike pattern turning more humid as we get into monday night and expanding heat. and in fact we can make a first run at 90 later this week. we'll talk about the details
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anyone the numbers in the forecast. >> sarah. >> thank you. you can keep track of the weather when out and about with the 6abc storm track app it gvz you access to live radar and much more free to download to your smart phone tonight. >> other news a huge sigh of relief for tens of thousands of dollars who depend on septa regional rails. commute will go on schedule tomorrow morning this after president obama himself forced striking workers back to work. "action news" reporter sken live outside the bala-cynwyd station with more, kenneth. >> walter, it's been a normal dave operations for step regional rail. definitely not a normal weekend. after that 4 hour strike. >> the train started moving around 4:00 this morning after septa electrical engineers and workers went back to work. they walked off the job 12:05 a.m. after talks between septa and union ibew and be.
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it e stalled and they have not had the contracts in five years and wanted additional% on top of raises septa is offering and retro pay. well governor tom corbett requested help from president obama cotting a three member emergency board to hear arguments from both sides. those hearings start next week. the action cam spoke with a commuter tonight about the travel detours he won't have to take. >> i feel good about that. otherwise i have to take the 66 bus which runs down frank ford avenue and l line. which i'm not really wanting to do. septa employees told us today some people thought step regional rail workers were on strike and ridership was down on this sunday. wednesday again normal hours and normal schedules for that monday morning commute. reporting live, bala-cynwyd, chapel 6 a, news. kenneth moton. >> police are investigating a doubled shooting not far from a
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father's day block party in north philadelphia. two men exchanged gunfire on 3200 block of randolph street. officers were in the area when they heard gunshots. one officer shot eye us suspect in the arm and he was taken to the hospital in stable condition and another suspect is critical after being shot repeatedly. they don't believe that suspect was shot by police. no word what superior courted shootout. >> thousands of people took place in the app you'll gary papa run. 5 years ago the run was named of memory of former sports director here at "action news" and many of his friends and whoa workers were today. >> this was a smaller affair when he died everyone came out to honor him. i think he would be honored and amazed. the money the reason raised
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by this goes to prostate international to raise with cancer reserve and awareness. >> an avid runner participating in the gary papa run. >> annie mccormick explains. >> we were all very upset and prayed for this man all day today. >> it was middle of twelfth annual gary papa run when his widow kathy spotted a runner down. >> i jump in and did a round or two of cpr. >> she joined a team of nurses and doctors who happened to be participating in the run. they already sgap cpr open 16-year-old gal the the avid runner battling stage four prostate cancer appears to have had a difficult at the university of pennsylvania. >> it's very sad. hoordz a man who was out on
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fruit bull sundaych the weather was spectacular today, low humidity. he was out for our cause. and he goes down. doctors think he may have had undetected heart condition and during the 5 k something triggered. it her husband, who is also father and artist in old city is in peak physical condition and completed a moup tan climb in up owe kneesia. he was one of the fastest in the race. they sed say the seconds saved made a difference between life and death. >> we would love it if they would come forward and identify themselves. anyone involved in that situation we would love to thank you pirn nally. >> we reached out to his wife she's incredibly grateful to those who stopped and saved her husband's life. organizeers say they're reaching out with a family and goal remains in icu at least overnight. reporting in university city, app annie mccormick "channel 6
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action news."" >> and his voice one of the most recognizable open the radio. industry pioneer mourning death of radio legend casey kasom. >> and jeff skversky has of radio legend casey kasom. >> and jeff skversky has phillies highlights and sports. [ male announcer ] tv's come a long way.
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>> now to the latest in the security of iraq. some staff members relocated in the growing wake of violence. iraqi army defeated in temporarily halting advance of army militants. >> this shows an iraqi helicopter ship exclusive accuweather seven-day forecastleing faces in the north. if the militant succeed they'll use iraq as a base for terrorism. >> they're vicious and worst of the worst. if they get back into the you'd or western europe against western target i see that as a big threat today. >> president obama says the u.s. will aid in the fight. but he will not send ground troops in iraq. >> u.s. army appoint aid two star again tool look into how and why sergeant bowe bergdahl left his base that afghanistan -
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was captured by the tally van. he was released last month. return to the u.s. early friday to continue medical treatment and investigation is expected to start next week. it's not clear when bergdahl will submit questioning. >> we'll have the latest own crisis in iraq including developments overnight. you can watch that tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. >> a new type of coca-cola than a third of the calories in sugar. it's about to make its debut. it's made partly with sugar and partly with localery sweetner steve yax the new bevr ramming will launch in britain in september. it did well after trials in argentina. no word yet on if and when coke life will come to the united states. >> starbucks rolling out a program that would allow its workers to erp open line college degree


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