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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  June 16, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news." tonight, the breaking news, the twin tornados caught on tape, all part of a major outbreak of twisters at this hour, the meteorologist warning, take this seriously, while in the west, the wildfire and evacuations. also the breaking developments in iraq, the u.s. marines moving in to protect the u.s. embassy and u.s. warships now on the move. real money with the extreme heat on the way this week, the simple tip that could save your family hundreds of dollars. and the jeopardy champ, big news tonight about alex tremendous beck. we go back to that very first show, the category, holidays, the third monday in january starting in 1986.
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what was it? take a guess, "world news" starts now. good evening on this monday night in for diane and we begin with those normous twisters hitting the heartland, the warning and watches in effect as we come on the air. a rare moment caught on tape, twin tornados bearing down on barts of nebraska tonight, this driver capturing it all on camera, one of those twisters nearly a mile wide, officials warning residents to take precaution. you can see the storm system on the move and where it's headed. all of this unfolding as firefighters battle that wildfire out west. two quickly moving weather stories and that's where we start tonight. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: tornados breaking across the great plains tonight.
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this one in nebraska is massive, nearly a mile wide, tearing across the landscape. storm chasers tracking it all, racing along with the storms. >> very deadly and dangerous situation. >> reporter: when suddenly a second tornado forms out of the first and touches down, rarely seen by the human eye caught on radio. >> we started hearing everything rip apart and the rain and the house ripping apart. >> reporter: part of what the national weather service is calling a particularly dangerous situation. while this tornado outbreak hammers the plains, out west fires are raging, flying even at night. this is one of the places that burned and you can see it's surrounded by all of this incredibly dry brush that we are told has not burned in well over a century. the cost of the blaze ballooning
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to over $4 million, adding to an already expensive season, twice as many acres burned as this time last year. so the fire fight continues here, but in the middle part of the country there is still great danger, the chance for serious and destructive tornados continues until late tonight, david. >> watching it all for us into the night. thank you. to the other major story tonight, new talk the white house is considering sending special forces into iraq to advise iraqi troops. president obama budling with his security team. just look, you can see the u.s. embassy, about 5,000 u.s. citizens live and work there, many on the move already. at this hour another american warship is headed toward iraq, all of this coming after those horrifying images over the weekend, iraqi civilians being targeted by islamic militants. abc's chief global affairs
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correspondent martha raddatz is in baghdad again for us tonight. >> reporter: tonight the platoon of specialty trained marines expert in evacuation and counterterrorism now in place here to protect america's embassy. it is a $700 million fortress, 80 football fields in size built to withstand attack. but, tonight we have learned a significant number of the 5,000 who live and work here have been evacuated. this as the ferocious terror group isis took down yet another city. they are sunni muslims driven to crush their bitter enemy the shia muslim forces of iraq's government. as they roll they are getting help from sunnis across the country. it is why today america added to its list of options the warship on the move today has five osprey tilt rotor aircraft which could help in an evacuation.
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but, if the u.s. chooses to strike the militants there is now in place a u.s. carrier able to launch 40 fighter jets to bomb the militants and two ships that can fire cruise missiles. president obama is considering sending 100 forces to iraq as advisers to iraqi troops. but in baghdad there was no waiting. this morning we watched thousands of young men flood through the gates of an army recruiting center. the men have all just shown up spontaneously. they are anywhere from about 12- years-old and up. some have already lost family members to the jihadi fighters. young and old, none given any training, but today in baghdad we also found this, a celebration amidst the fear, a wedding, a new family that
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somehow through it all looks to the future. but, the treat to this capital tonight is very real. you can see it everywhere. there is of course talk the u.s. will work with iran to stop the militants, but that is only talk tonight. the iraqis we spoke to believe it is up to them to defend this city. >> incredible reporting again tonight. thank you martha. there's a lot of concern that that instability in the middle east will lead to rising glasses right here at home. iraq one of the biggest oil producers in the world and prices are already ticking up. abc's cecilia vega is live tonight with that part of the story. >> good evening to you. we're already seeing those prices tonight. look at the sign behind me, higher than $4 a gallon. last week we saw oil prices spike higher than we've seen them this year. take a look, gas prices, the national average now $3.66 a gallon. experts are telling me that americans getting ready to lit the roads for their summer
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vacations could soon be paying more, as much as ten cents a gallon because of these fears in iraq. there had been predictions that we would see a drop in gas prices this summer. not anymore. >> thank you. we're going to turn now to an earthquake that rattled much of the heartland, striking in oklahoma as a meteorologist was on the air. the number of quakes in that part of the country spiking. tonight we ask why and what that meteorologist said on the air that proved spot on. abc's ryan owens tonight. >> reporter: this morning's forecast in oklahoma city came with a jolt, and not from that first cup of coffee. >> with us -- whoa. oh, my gosh, i'm so sorry. this is live on air. >> reporter: in a state known for its tornados, meteorologists here have gotten pretty good at measuring earthquakes. that was a magnitude 4.2. they have had a lot of practice. since the beginning of this year, oklahoma has had 200
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quakes of magnitude three or higher. that's more than a 50% increase and more quakes than have shaken california this year. >> earthquake, we're having an earthquake. >> reporter: last month the u.s. geological survey warned central oklahoma was at a heightened risk for a damaging earthquake. in 2011 the state experienced a 5.6 that did cause some damage. >> we literally grabbed the bed to stabilize ourselves. >> reporter: geologists expect the increase is caused by waste water being pumped underground. the industry denies that but something has oklahoma shaking. ryan owens, abc news, san antonio. >> thank you. to washington tonight, the white house announcing the move to protect millions of american workers. president obama will sign an order barring federal contractors from discriminating
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employees based on sexual gender or identity. tonight a new development after that air scare reported over the weekend. this video from a jet blue flight going viral. an unruly passenger going viral. so many are asking what triggered his outburst. tonight we have on answer. david kerley who covers aviation for us on the case. >> reporter: tonight we know more about this chaos an out of control passenger on a jet blue flight. the 62-year-old man in seat 21-f on the saturday morning flight from new york to las vegas woke up and started fighting with his family. it escalated with him climbing over the seats swinging at flight attendants. he was subdued but the pilot decided to divert to detroit where authorities realized this was a medical issue. evaluated at the hospital he was released sunday and is home and will not be charged. but this is far from the first
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incident. from 2012 the incidents jumped to more than 8,000 with flight attendants on the front line. >> every day when we go to work, we know there's a high probability that we are going to have to manage conflict. >> reporter: still flight attendants are asking for additional security training. now, why wasn't that passenger charged? the fbi says, the aircraft was not in jeopardy. >> david kerley live in wash wa wash, thank you. now to brazil and to the world cup and a big night for team usa taking the field against ghana. but a curveball, a land slide, the earth giving way. tonight what the american coach is saying now about their chances and who knew that if you wanted to win at the world cup, you better be able to act. paula faris explaining why. >> reporter: team u.s.a. taking the field against ghana just moments ago. the red, white, and blue, pouring into the stadium. >> we're getting high fives.
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thumbs up from everyone. people are excited about this american team. >> reporter: american fans bought more tickets to the world cup than any other nation, besides host, brazil. team usa starting today away from the crowds, on the beach. the coach, under fire for downplaying their chances, now saying he won't be coming home until after the championship. but americans are underdogs here and as "n.y. times" points out, it could be because they haven't embraced the art of the flop -- which is a dramatic, exaggerated reaction, hoping the refs will call a foul. watch this, germany's thomas muller chasing portugal, collapsing to the ground. watch again. >> he's holding his face. he wasn't hit in the face, so he's playacting there. >> reporter: pepe so angry, he head butted muller and was ejected from the game. >> do americans fail at the flop? >> yes, when we talk about flopping, diving, we look at it as cheating.
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>> reporter: watch number nine, that's fred right by the goal, but he falls to the ground and in the air. take a closer look. number six for croatia just barely touches fred's back but he flops to the ground dramatically, and brazil got to take a penalty shot. that's how they play here in brazil. and beating ghana would be a tremendous boost for team usa. this is a ghana team they have never defeated in world cup play. in fact, a team that has knocked the americans out of the previous two. david? >> we are rooting for team usa. paula, thank you. us americans can be dramatic, too. you can watch world cup action on our partner network, espnson. into the sports headline, hall of famer tony gwynn has died after batting cancer. his infectious laugh and personal warmth were legendary.
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gwynn stayed loyal to his beloved san diego padres his entire career. he was 54. much more ahead on "world news" this monday night. extreme heat and tonight the simple tip that could save your family hundreds of dollars and still keep you cool. the "real money" team is right here. and the real jeopardy champ tonight, the big news about alex trebeck and we go back to that very first slow. could you solve final jeopardy? . i have flat feet. i found this out at the free dr.scholl's foot mapping center. in less than two minutes, i got my foot map and my custom number. i'm a 440. i'm a 210. 340. that number matched the dr.scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts with just the right support to help relieve stress on my feet. i'm a believer. go to for locations and save $10 sfx: car unlock beep.
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court. >> the spurs are the 2014 nba champions. >> reporter: and now, becky torres and her san antonio family are trying to beat the heat at home. >> you use your air conditioner a lot i'm guessing? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: they spend a hefty $130 a month to keep cool. thanks to a new and free gadget from her local energy company, that's about to change. >> i'm excited. i can't wait to start saving money. >> reporter: this think ecosmart ac kit connects to your air conditioning unit to make it smarter and save you money, allowing you to control your ac from your smartphone, even when you are away from home and forget to turn it up or off. watch within seconds -- >> awesome. >> it's off. >> it's completely free and it's going to save you money. >> and it was easy. >> reporter: but why give these devices away for free? during peek times, the energy company can remotely raise the
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temperature by up to three degrees, helping them manage demand and prevent blackouts. if you don't like it, you have the ability to override it. >> patrick, i'm lindsey. >> reporter: patrick has been using the gadget in his bedroom, as well as another system called nest that lets him control his central air. >> over $1,000 this year in saving. >> reporter: you can save, too. utility providers in new york and baltimore are also offer free smart ac kits and direct energy is offering rebates on the nest in ohio and illinois with new york, new jersey and pennsylvania to come. in all the torress will beat the heat and save $250 this year. >> that's real money! >> reporter: the torres family will save $250 just this year. and david, if your energy company doesn't offer one of these smart ac kits for free, you can buy one online starting at about $50 which means it pays
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nicole kidman, showing off her singing skills for a change. and this video coming in tonight of the high stakes rescue operation under way in theal ps tonight, teams working around the clock to save a 52-year-old scientists trapped 3,000 feet down for nine days. he was exploring an underground cave. he suffered a head injury. those sheer rocks, the slippery terrain making it difficult. that rescue mission under way tonight and a lot of people are following this. we will, too. when we come back, what we have just learned tonight about jeopardy host alex trebek. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work.
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jeopardy champ, alex trebek. he holds the new record for hosting a single game show. after 30 years of answering questions, we look back at his very first final jeopardy. >> reporter: it started his remarkable run -- >> alex tremendous back. >> reporter: hair a different color, the trademark mustache. this was how that very first episode ended. >> the category is holidays, the final jeopardy answer is, the third monday of january starting in 1986. good luck. >> reporter: the music, long before that upgrad. here's what they said. >> martin luther king day is the correct question and i think that's acceptable. >> reporter: all three of them got it right. the holiday had been signed into law by president reagan and had yet to take effect. alex trebek will begin this week with that new record, 6,829
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episodes and 400,000 answers. who did alex trebek beat out for the record? bob barker. he gave out more than $300 million in prizes, once he calmed the contestants down. >> oh, baby. yes, welcome to life can be beautiful. >> reporter: he got us thinking about other milestones, the game show host who kissed the most. >> our var said! >> reporter: richard dawson, the family feud. he revealed he kissed more than 20,000 contestants in all. it's not just the men in milestones. vanna white setting the record for clapping, more than 3.5 million collaplaps since it beg. as we all know, it's often the contestant who steals the show. >> people, your time starts now. >> a group of pill pushers?
6:58 pm
>> this is wheel of fortune, joe! >> reporter: tonight, alex trebek himself, the answer to a new clue, who has hosted more episodes than any other. >> we're hoping for more years for alex trebek. for diane and all of us, thanks for watching. as we say good night we're thinking about our friends on the other coast, the l.a. kings. congratulations to them. jonathan quick setting a new standard tonight.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a learning and development consultant originally from spokane, washington... a college composition instructor from columbia, south carolina... and our returning champion -- a graduate student in communications studies from poway, california...


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