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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 17, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. and we are covering three major stories. double twister outbreak. >> a tornado. oh, gosh. >> these extremely rare side-by-side tornadoes in nebraska just one mile apart. violent debris flying. dozens of storm watchers stunned. >> that's ripping up the whole house -- the whole town. >> total devastation in one town. nearly wiped off the map. a 5-year-old killed. 30 reported tornadoes in all. happening now, president obama getting ready to make his decision about iraq. meeting with his national security team. american troops on the ground in baghdad right now. more on the way. a u.s. warship on the move. all options on the table in this fast-moving story. call them the real outlaws.
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a stunning victory for team usa at the world cup. the dramatic game that had the whole nation cheering. from clint dempsey's opening score to the jaw-dropping last-minute goal by the rookie. you're about to meet the new american hero turning all of us into believers. all the latest on team usa's incredible win this morning. >> all: good morning, america! ♪ and good morning, america. how great was that game? so thrilling. celebrations right here this times square. everywhere right now. you see some fans going crazy there in kansas city. also in chicago's grant park. there they are right there. even our own bob woodruff down
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in rio last night. there he is. >> he's a huge soccer fan. >> no objectivity there. >> no. and, you know, the players were doing a little celebrating of their own on the field after that big win. redemption for them against the team that beat them in the last two world cups. we also have some news about the team this morning. the captain, clint dempsey who scored the first goal -- ooh. yeah, yeah, broken nose after that to the face. he insisted on staying in the game. >> said he had a lot of trouble breathing. blood coming through his nose but still played the whole way. just incredible. so we have a lot more on that. right now we have to get to those rare double tornados in the midwest. incredible images still coming in. you see them there and abc's steve osunsami is in the hard hit town of pilger, nebraska. good morning, steve. >> reporter: i have to tell you, you know, right now --
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terribly hard, the destruction goes at least another half mile that way. the newspaper this morning described it quite well saying it looks like god used two fingernails to scratch the land. >> oh, dear god. >> reporter: families here in pilger were praying for mercy. >> oh. >> reporter: as two massive tornadoes nearly erased their town. one of them nearly a mile wide. >> ripping up a whole town. >> reporter: take a look again, a two-headed monster. everyone here nearly 400 people had to be evacuated. >> we have multitornadoes on the ground here. >> reporter: the twisters crisscrossed highways and narrowly missed cars on the road. here's the moment when the giant cloud of debris just misses the city's water tower and look closely. those are rooftops and other large structures swirling into the air and then crashing to the
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ground. >> tried to lay on my son christian and i laid on the two littlest of the four kids. and everything fell on top of us. >> reporter: the tornadoes made a beeline for main street leveling the fire department, a church and a number of hopes. >> there was a couple of houses on this side of the street and across the street which are gone. >> reporter: the nebraska national guard is coming to help. josh to had dig a friend out of the rubble. >> we thought he was gone for a long time. the three of us are all fine. >> reporter: at least two people died including a 5-year-old child. 19 people were hospitalized with critical injuries and are fighting for life this morning. just 100 miles down the road another tornado struck and this morning families in madison, wisconsin, are cleaning up after strong winds and reports of a tornado there too. police are telling us they're only going to allow residents in
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for a few short minutes and have to leave again. >> you have to be careful with that gas. thanks very much. this storm amazed even veteran storm chasers, many risking their lives to get terrifyingly close and shoot some remarkable images. >> tornadoes. oh, my god. >> emerging -- they're merging. >> there's debris up there. >> oh, my god. look at that. look at that. >> wow, trees. that's a town. oh [ bleep ] that's a water tower. >> i don't know which one is more violent. i think this is a handoff and this is a rope. >> look out. it's roping out. it's getting less. >> just incredible. >> oh, my god. i've never seen anything like this in my life. look how violent this one is. >> i know. >> it's about to drop right here this whole thing. >> we have multitornadoes on the ground here. i've never seen anything like this and i've been storm chasing for probably 10 to 12 years
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professionally and this is just very, very dangerous. hey, guy, get inside, please. get inside, please. we're just trying to get this information to you so you can get it out to the folkness this area and protect their life and property. >> such incredible images especially the two twisters side by side like that. there's a threat of more severe weather today. 44 million people in the path of that and amy freese from our station in new york, wabc is tracking it for us. >> this was a particularly dangerous situation. the dual or twin tornadoes are also known as satellite tornadoes. they actually have multiple vortices inside and you can see on the imagery the evidence of these violent turbulent wind feels that usually expands the damage. so really, really serious situation. still we have a lot of activity going on. this tornado watch box goes until 9:00 a.m. chicago included in that and there is a bow form to some of these storms so very potent. 14 states remain under the threat of severe weather today.
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we'll have much more on this coming up in just a few minutes. >> big part of the country under the threat, amy. thanks. to the crisis in iraq. american troops are guarding the u.s. embassy right now. more are on the way as president obama prepares his next moves and the brutal islamic militant group gains more ground moving closer to baghdad. abc's martha raddatz is there with the latest this morning. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. the focus of the u.s. right now protecting american personnel in the u.s. embassy. the focus of the iraqis, defending their country. this morning, with reports that jihadist fighters have taken control of parts of baqubah just 37 miles from baghdad young iraqi men lined the treat markets scrambling to find discarded u.s. and iraqi military gear so they could join the fight to defend their city. this as president obama has told congress he will send as many as 275 soldiers and marines to iraq
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and the region to protect u.s. embassy personnel here. more than 100 are already here to help secure the $700 million fortress, the size of 80 football fields built to withstand attacks. the president is also considering sending up to 100 u.s. special forces to help advise iraqi troops. with numerous iraqi cities captured, the president keeping all options open. a u.s. warship now on the move equipped with five os pray, tilt rotor aircraft to be used in any evacuation. but in the u.s. decides to attack more options. an aircraft carrier in the persian gulf capable of launching 40 fighter jets to strike isis militants. there are also two additional u.s. warships nearby able to launch cruise missiles. and the u.s. still considering further talks with iran about how to push the militants back, but this would not involve any
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military coordination. secretary of state john kerry telling yahoo!'s katie couric -- >> i think we are open to any constructive process here that could minimize the violence, hold iraq together, the integrity of the country and eliminate the presence of outside terrorist forces. >> reporter: of course, the violence continues here right in baghdad. a bomb going off right where those young men are buying military equipment. george? >> okay, martha, thanks. more now on the president's big decision from abc's jon karl at the white house and, jon, the president is under great pressure to act quickly and met with his national security team last night for several hours and as martha suggested a wide range of options on the table. >> reporter: yeah, the military leadership presented him with options ranking at the low end to sending those about 100 special operation forces to iraq simply to advise and to train the iraqi military. at the high end would be a
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full-scale u.s. bombing campaign against militanting its in northern iraq. expecting a decision from the president on this quite soon, george. meanwhile, as you heard martha report, the president's already notified congress he is sending 275 troops to the region to defend the embassy so we are already seeing the flow of u.s. forces back into iraq. but the white house is saying over and over again, this is not for combat. these will not be combat troops. >> and the white house also talking about working with iran who has been an adversary. what might that look like? >> reporter: well, the way the white house looks at this is that iran is the one force in the region that has influence with the government of prime minister maliki so what the u.s. is asking iran to do and hoping iran will do is to pressure maliki to do some political reconciliation at the heart of this whole problem. >> okay, jon, thanks, the decision soon but not likely today. >> okay there, george. now to the world cup and that thrilling victory for team usa, avenging loss to ghana in the last two world cups and
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we're going to show you an exhausted team usa arriving back to their hotel early, early this morning. oh, abc's bob woodruff has all the dramatic details from rio, good morning, bob. >> reporter: well, good morning, robin. yeah, an amazing might last night. you missed the party right down here on the beach where i actually lost my voice but there's no doubt about the united states because we are in the group of death. but last night, they certainly did not die, in fact, they made their point within half a minute. ♪ just 29 seconds into the game -- >> dempsey scores. the u.s. incredibly within seconds have scored. >> reporter: clint dempsey takes it to the house. >> the absolute perfect start to the 2014 world cup. >> reporter: the earliest u.s. goal in world cup history, the fifth earliest ever in the world cup tournament.
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the electricity felt back home. crowds gathering in cities like chicago, brooklyn, baltimore, even our soldiers overseas in afghanistan on their feet. here in rio, we jumped and took selfies. >> praying about all day, just trying to step up for the team and i was glad i was able to do that today. >> reporter: but minutes later the thrills turning to chills. >> oh, no. >> now that is a problem. >> team usa star striker jozy altidore straining his left hamstring taking him out of the game. then this -- >> oh, that hurt from here. >> dempsey down his nose busted and bleeding. then late in the second half -- >> a goal to break american hearts. >> reporter: ghana pumping one in to tie the game then the i believe moment. >> it's brooks for the usa. >> reporter: defenseman rookie sub city toot john brooks with an incredible head story take the lead and ultimately the
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game. >> payback for the usa. >> reporter: with that, the beer started flying. i'm covered with beer. >> u.s. team always has a great spirit and fights until the last second so it was a wonderful one at the end of the day. >> reporter: caught up with the still excited team back at their hotel. >> to be able to walk out on to a field in brazil and have such amazing support from our american fans was incredible. >> reporter: so remarkably john brooks says several days ago he had a dream that he was going to end this game by scoring and winning it for his team. well, it turns out it was true. robin. >> all right, bob, thank you very much. you can tell by his voice that he's been screaming a little bit out there. long night for bob. we'll stay in rio and talk to espn soccer analyst and former u.s. national team star alexei lalas. you said this u.s. team is different than the one that lost
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in the last two world cups to ghana. boy were you right. >> to a certain extent they are different but when i look at this game it was awesome. was it progressive? was it new? absolutely not but i don't care. it was traditional. it was american in that the u.s. didn't have a lot of possession. they defended like ban chis. they relied on set pieces. jozy altidore going down. clint dempsey breaking his nose and in that sense for me it was beautiful. they got three points against a team that played better than them, but that's the only thing that matters is they got three points so, yes, for me it was a beautiful performance. you don't get to tell me what a beautiful woman is. you don't get to tell me what a beautiful song is or what a beautiful wine, i go et to decide and that was a beautiful performance. that was america. >> ah, i love -- what's not to love about you, alexei. let's talk a little bit more about the group. they have portugal that they'll play on sunday. just tell us a little bit about
7:15 am
that matchup. >> well, look, portugal is a great team. we know about cristiano ronaldo, the fact that portugal went out in their first game and got shellacked by germany. it could come down to the goal differential. there were a few injuries and a red card for portugal so they'll be missing some of their key players but i tell you what, i think we'll see a better performance from the u.s. in terms of possession against portugal but just because you beat ghana doesn't mean you've gotten through the group and have to figure out a way to beat a very good portugal team and have a good performance and a better performance against portugal. >> this has to give them confidence, alexei. >> absolutely, absolutely. how about john brooks? if you had told me, i don't know, a couple months ago john brooks would be on the team yet alone score that goal i would have told you crazy but that's what the cord cup is about. it can change your life and did for john last night. >> he had a dream about it. we'll talk to him later. alexei, enjoy your day there. thanks for stopping by. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> all right, espn has a triple
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header of world cup action starting at 11:30 eastern. and let's get the rest of the morning's top stories. alexei -- he's in his glory right now. >> you don't get to tell him what a beautiful girl looks like. that was great. great line from alexei. we begin now with the breaking news, guy, good morning to everyone. some wildfires driving hundreds of people from their hopes out west. a fire in new mexico has ballooned to 17 square miles forcing new evacuations and gusty winds sending smoke and haze all the way to the denver area. and a wildfire that destroyed three hopes near bakersfield, california, is now 50% contained so evacuation orders have been lifted in that area. and just miles from that fire a race against time. a desperate search for a firefighter who has not been seen in four days. 34-year-old mike herdman was camping when his dog ran off. herdman went after the dog wearing just a t-shirt and shorts and he never returned in temperatures in that area at night have been in the low 40s
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so that search continues. a nightmare commute in seattle. part of the city's busiest highway interstate 5 was closed for hours when a disturbed man parked his car in traffic and then set it on fire. when he came at troopers with a knife they shot him. he was taken to the hospital. and a dramatic rescue caught on video just south of baton rouge, louisiana. a man drove his suv straight into a bayou. two eyewitnesses were very heroic jumping into action pulling him and his passenger onto dry land. another major recall from general motors. it is the 44th so far this year. this latest recall involves more than 3 million cars, a faulty key design that could make the ignition slip out of position. so far this year, 20 million vehicles have been recalled. and finally, it was time to pay up last night on "jimmy kimmel live." eric garcetti joined a couple of the l.a. kings to celebrate
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their stanley cup victory over the rangers. but they were really there to see new york mayor bill de blasio belt out a tune from right here in our own studio. take a listen about you dare. ♪ very happy 'cause the sun is shining all the time another perfect day ♪ ♪ i love l.a. >> let's just say thank god for the backup singers. was i wrong. de blasio singing "i love l.a." sending papaya hot dogs to jimmy. a little new york treat for the folks out in l.a. >> happened right there in our studio. >> right there. >> not much of a singer but a good sport. >> i was going to say, he was a good sport and went in all the way. >> okay, let's get to the hot weather for so much of the country right now. back to amy. >> well, george, east of the rockies it's all about the s supperlike heat. 95 in d.k. that ties a record. 90s all across the map back into oklahoma city, dodge city
7:19 am
cooking today with 100 degrees. meanwhile, we have hot, dry conditions for bakersfield stretching into flagstaff where the fire danger continues. your local forecast in 30 seconds. first tuesday trivia brought to you by walgreens. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist karen rogers with your accuweather update 78 let's take you outside. we've got hazy sunshine and its warm already. 75 degrees in center city. let's look at your exclusive accuweather 7-day. it's going to be a hot humid day today. 91 degrees for your high. just slight chance for a
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shower or a thunderstorm late tonight. tomorrow hot, the potential for some gusty thunderstorms late in the day, 94 for your high and very humid. thursday still sticky but not as hot, 87. 84 on >> still to come on "gma," former nfl player aaron hernandez in court. why his lawyers say one of the murder charges against him should be dropped. also ahead, some incredible 911 calls. a 9-year-old behind the wheel. we'll hear why he says he stole the car. and a fourth grade basketball prodigy already being courted by college programs. is it too much hoopla? we'll explain. ding, ding, ding. dad. how did you get here? i don't know. (speaking in russian) look, look, look... you probably want to get away as much as we do. with priceline express deals, you can get a fabulous hotel without bidding. think of the rubles you'll save. one touch, fun in the sun. i like fun.
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>> "action news" is brought to you by cancer treatment centers america and by menopause, the musical. >> chopper 6 just sent back this video of what is left from a house collapse and fire in wilmington, delaware. it happened along bird street late last night. crews found a man's body in the rubble. two women were badly burned. firefighters at this moment are still trying to reach the
7:27 am
man's body. 7:27 just about on this tuesday morning. i'm matt o'donnell. matt pelman is here for a look at track. hi, matt. >> matt, coming out of delaware into delco we've got some big delays this morning on 95 northbound side from just north of the state line through this point approaching the blue route. had an accident involving this marine sedan and a tractor-trailer. still taking out the left lane so 33 minutes from the state line to the blue route should be eight. on the southbound side of 95 normal delays from past bridge street into girard. new traffic pattern northbound near girard avenue. not affecting us a whole lot in terms of speeds. a crash just before 5 o'clock this morning. chopper 6 was over scene in southwest philadelphia. sixty-fifth and woodland is the area where the pedestrian was struck. sixty-fifth street is still blocked off. head for 66th instead and back out here headed west this morning on the pa turnpike near the bowman'sville service plaza bad accident causing delays as well. matt. >> dad is off. meteorologist karen rogers has the steamy accuweather
7:28 am
forecast. karen. that we are steaming it up today, matt, that's for sure. let's look at the forecast for you. it's already 75 degrees. we're headed up to 91. it is hot, humid today. we're dry during the day and just a chance for a shower or a thunderstorm late tonight in one or two spots. then tomorrow hot with the potential for some gusty thunderstorms, 94 for your high. on thursday, still sticky even though the high 87 chance for a shower. by friday, gets a little less humid, matt. >> okay, thanks karen. download our free storm tracker storm tracker 6 app for iphones or android. track fo [ joel ] i'm billy joel, and new york is my home.
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there's something for everyone. dempsey, great start here. can dempsey score? yes, the u.s. of a. >> i would say that was a great start. >> 27 seconds in. >> what took him so long? >> i know, exactly. it was so thrilling. to watch team usa and not just people there watching -- >> oh, i love him. >> oh, yes, john brooks. oh. >> he said he dreamed of this moment. almost had it down to the exact minute that he -- >> two minutes off. >> that's it. all over the country and right here in times square right now still the celebration continues, everyone is a believer this morning as we say good morning, america. >> it is a good morning right here and we're going to have more on that. these incredible 911 calls
7:31 am
where a driver spotted a young boy behind the wheel, 9-year-olds driving a 4-year-old sibling and how he was safely able to stop the car and why he stole it in the first place. >> wow, then we'll meet another 9-year-olds, the basketball prodigy already attracting the attention of colleges, check her out. she stars on her high school team playing with seniors, so is she too young to be recruited for college teams? >> go, girl, go. all right, and take a look at these incredible images bringing selfies and drones together. we'll tell you what's behind these amazing videos. i believe they're called dronies. >> something terrifying about that. >> very. >> we'll get that in a little. we'll begin with the latest on aaron hernandez, the former new england patriot charged in three murders. his defense team trying to get one dropped aggressively challenging the prosecution's evidence. abc's ryan smith has the story, good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning. the last time we saw aaron hernandez in a courtroom he was
7:32 am
pleading not guilty to new double murder charges and now the lawyers want to throw out the original murder charge against him and are dealing with another legal headache. this morning aaron hernandez is not only hoping the judge will throw out the murder charge against odin lloyd but fighting new charges. the former new england patriot mouthing the words "i love you" to his mother while walking into court. his lawyers arguing monday the prosecutors don't have enough evidence to sustain the case. >> can't just throw a bunch of stuff against the wall and say, well, that's good enough. that's not probable cause. >> reporter: hernandez has pleaded not guilty to the murder. in court documents his defense argues "there was no forensic evidence presented linking hernandez to the shooting, no eyewitness testimony" and "no evidence that hernandez had any motive to kill lloyd." prosecutors in turn outlining point by point hernandez's alleged killing of the victim, including surveillance video and
7:33 am
text messages this he say support their case. prosecutors saying that the football star engaged in a pattern of violence after nightclub disputes. also alleging that hernandez shot his one-time friend skpder bradley in a car. bradley survived that shooting. >> wakes up, finds a gun in his face. the gun discharges, goes through his hand right between his eyes. the defendant pulls him out, it's an industrial area. leaves him essentially to die. >> reporter: hernandez's attorney arguing against linking the lloyd and bradley shootings. >> what are the other similarities other than it's a shooting and both of them were friends of his. >> reporter: hernandez who is currently behind bars is also facing more legal trouble pleading not guilty to assault and battery charges along with aggravated harassment for allegedly attacking a handcuffed inmate and threatening to kill a guard during a jailhouse fight. the judge hasn't yet ruled on this motion to dismiss the lloyd case but it's the legal equivalent of a hail mary pass
7:34 am
especially in a first degree murder trial. now, if this case is not dismissed his trial date for the lloyd case is set for october 6th. >> okay, ryan, thank you. >> sure thing. now to a wisconsin 9-year-old who really wanted to see his grandmother. he stole a car, hit the highway with his 4-year-old brother in the passenger seat. the entire incident was caught by other drivers calling 911 to stop them before someone thankfully got hurt. abc's neal karlinsky has the story. >> i just watched a car being stolen by these two little kids, they can't be more than years old. >> reporter: it might not have been the most menacing 911 call but it wasn't a joke. a red grand am stolen and police say it was a 9-year-old at the wheel with his 4-year-old sidekick. >> how old did you say the kids were? >> maybe 8 years old. >> and they just got in a vehicle and drove away with it? >> yes. >> reporter: soon the 911 calls in washington county, wisconsin, were flooding in, the little wheel man barely big enough to see over the steering wheel was
7:35 am
barreling down a 35-mile-per-hour road at more than twice the speed limit. >> there's a red grand am that is using both lanes just weaving back and forth really bad. >> reporter: a pair of teens on the road couldn't believe their eyes. pulled in front and were able to slow the car to a stop. >> there's multiple times where i thought they were going to flip that car or hit another person. >> they were all over the road. going from side to side. >> reporter: police say no charges will be filed. they're just glad no one was hurt. they say the little driver told them, he was trying to get to his grandma's house. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> again, it was a quick thinking of others that prevented anything from seriously
7:36 am
jaden newman being recruited by a college sports program and she's only the. >> i started playing basketball when i was 3. >> reporter: at 4'5" she first made headlines in january after scoring a spot on her local high school varsity team with 12th graders now being recruited by the university of miami's basketball program. a distinction usually earned by players nearly twice her age. here she is with the official recruitment letter. >> they showed me around. this he showed me their basketball court and they showed me like all their campus. it was nice. >> reporter: jaden's father is also her trainer back home in orlando. he says he's not surprised his little girl is being courted at the college level. >> good job. >> i think it's just not kind of a hobby.
7:37 am
it's a passion and a love that she has for the game. >> reporter: but her achievement also drawing concern about the potential stresses such a young athlete might face. both physically and emotionally. >> if it's a 9-year-old prodigy math whiz and he's taking college courses, it's okay. so when it comes to, you know, athletics it's the same thing. >> reporter: as for jaden she says she's not letting the hoopla get to her head. >> just feel like a pretty normal fourth grader. i'm just going to keep practicing hard and keep doing what i'm doing now. >> reporter: yeah, pretty normal little girl who scores 14.8 points a game. that's her average, 7.5 assists is her average per game, not bad stats and we wanted to get you guys involved. what do you think is -- i know what you'll say. is 9 too young to be recruited for college sports? 94% of you said yes. only 6% think it's okay. i am with you.
7:38 am
>> keeps her going and keeps her inspired. good thing to know you're wanted. >> her dad had good points about that? she has a very good family on keeping her head on. >> in the 6%. >> but we should note even though miami is the one that has already recruiting her, she said she wants to go to connecticut. go, huskies. the huskies. we'll see what happens. another check of the weather. amy freeze from wabc in new york in for ginger. good to see you. >> we'll be coming your way for a little one opponent-on-one to hoop it up with the big-timers. good morning, everyone. starting with this problem of flash flooding in the upper midwest. waist high water. 7.7 inches. that's what you do. you canoe when your streets become rivers in worthing, south dakota near sioux fails. the problem with flooding will continue again today. severe storms up to 4 inches of rainfall is possible for areas in red. we're also looking at the
7:39 am
potential for mountain snow. 42 in jackson hole but there's a possibility of up to 6 to 10 inches of snow above 8,000 feet out west including the wasatch. that's a look at your nation >> thanks amy, i'm meteorologist karen rogers with your accuweather update. warmer and more humid than yesterday. look at your forecast, hot and humid, 91 for your high today. tomorrow hot and humid, 94 with a chance for some gusty thunderstorm >> now coming up we'll talk about the heat. really east of the rockies, you guys, not just climbing temperatures it's the increase in the humidity. my grandmother used to say it's not the heat, it's the humidity. we'll talk about that if we say that in the mississippi gulf coast. all right, amy, thank you. coming up get ready to meet the new american soccer hero, the rookie who scored the winning goal for team usa. we'll hear from john brooks just ahead. and are your sunglasses aging you and damaging your skin? what you can do to protect
7:40 am
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[ female announcer ] aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion has active naturals® oat with five vital nutrients. [ aniston ] because beautiful skin goes with everything. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™. sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor
7:43 am
before you begin an aspirin regimen. back at 7:43 with those crazy celebrations in rio last night after that rookie fullback for team usa made history. barely made the world cup team but john brooks now a huge star after that stunning header against ghana last night. became the first sub ever to score for the u.s. in a world cup and abc's paula faris has
7:44 am
the story. >> usa. it's john brooks. it's john brooks for the usa. >> reporter: it was the winning goal scored by the most unlikely of heroes. that tiebreaking and earth-shaking header came courtesy of team usa's 21-year-old rookie substitute john brooks who before monday night had never played in a competitive game for the u.s. national team and only made it off the bench after another player was injured. >> every team wants to start with a win and we did it. >> reporter: the historic header marking the first goal ever scored by a u.s. substitute in world cup history and a dream come true for brooks. >> i had a dream like two days before and that i scored in the 88th minute and now it's the 86 minute. i'm happy about it. >> reporter: within moments brooks became a household name trending on twitter. his profile page even becoming
7:45 am
the most read article on wikipedia. some fans editing the page dozens of types to highlight his new icon status. this one reads "after scoring against ghana, he is now among the ranks of john f. kennedy, chuck norris and abe lincoln as american heroes." so who is this new american icon? >> i'm john brooks and this is my story. >> reporter: the 6'4" inch defender was born in berlin to a u.s. serviceman from chicago and german mother. >> my mom is the most important person in my life. >> reporter: the overnight sensation also has two tattoos, one honoring berlin and another illinois. brooks is one of 17 players on the u.s. team making their world cup debut. graham zusi also a rookie had the assist for his game-winning goal. this is your first world cup. how do you approach it? >> i try to talk with some of the veterans and find out what
7:46 am
to expect and the message from them has been to enjoy it as much as possible. >> reporter: and the message this young american squad is accepting to the world -- they came to play. and john brooks has never lived in the united states, in fact, he's one of three german born americans on this roster and when he was named to the team a lot of people were surprised but, george, this morning, no one is questioning that decision especially from down here in beautiful brazil. >> and everyone enjoying the win and enjoying that beautiful scene in rio. coming up here the secrets to smart snacking. the tips you can use starting this morning that will help you stay healthy all summer long. ♪ ♪ let's try on a new coat. one that covers better, lasts longer and protects us from the elements. inside and out. let's go to the place with the best paint. take it home for less. then, rock and roll. let's do the one thing that changes
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♪ starships were meant to fly now to the social square and those dronies we've been telling you about. they're selfies that are almost out of this world. abc's gio benitez is in the social square and will have to explain this. >> all right, twitter is now taking the selfie into the stratosphere with dronies using drones to take these breathtaking images these zoom out images and all debuted in france. take a look. patrick stewart right there debuted in france and there you see that drone right on top of him hovering here but we decided to give dronies a try here so we've got lots of different cameras so let's see. we got this camera here and let's push it away and there we
7:51 am
go. now we got that. >> difficult. >> maybe not. >> i don't know. what do we call it a jibbie. >> nice job, gio. >> not quite the same, sorry. >> no. >> we'll get one of those. >> we totally get it. >> i thought we would have it coming in. >> where can the drone? >> oh, well. >> that's next week. check these videos out. isn't that cool? >> very cool. it's very, very cool. >> as are you, gio. >> poor gio. hey, coming up sunglass dangers. >> you sold it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:52 am
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>> ♪ >> hello, i'm matt o'donnell. 7:56 is the time on this tuesday, june 17th. brand new problem on the schuylkill expressway. and for that we go to matt pelman. >> pesky schuylkill expressway giving us problems once again, matt o'donnell. this time it's in the westbound direction approaching montgomery drive. looks like a pretty bad accident. couple vehicles involved here taking out the right and center lanes. people sneaking over to the left to rye -- try to get around the crash. reflection of a police officer pulling up as we watch here live other schuylkill expressway westbound approaching montgomery year at a standstill coming away from university through this point on the westbound side. on the big picture also a
7:57 am
crash on 95 southbound side by the allegheny avenue off ramp. 14 miles per hour as you head toward that. on 95 in delco northbound side speeds like 10 and 11 miles per hour from the state line up to near the blue route but the good news there is the crash is gone. matt. >> thank you matt. live picture center city philadelphia. accuweather says we do something today that we haven't done since september. david is off, karen is here with what's going on. hey, karen. >> that's right, that's right, matt we're going to hit 90 or above starting today. so, we are going to track that heat and humidity coming out and it's 77 degrees in philadelphia. that temperature just jumped up 2 degrees in the last hour. it's 74 already in allentown and feeling sticky out here. 71 right now in sea isle city. here's your exclusive accuweather seven day. hot and humid, 91 for your high today. just a slight chance for a shower late tonight. tomorrow hot with gusty thunderstorms late in the day. 94 and the humidity kind of feeling oppressive tomorrow. thursday still rather sticky but not quite as hot a high of 87 went stay unsettled, matt.
7:58 am
>> thank you karen. new this morning the action cam is in penn valley montgomery county where residents put together a big breakfast for the entire lower merion public works department. saying thanks for the department's tireless service during what was a rough winter. during what was a rough winter. muffins for everyone, frozen arnold palmer. it's the coldest arnold palmer around. what you got there? frozen arnold palmer. i think you got me beat. introducing dunkin's new frozen arnold palmer coolatta. get any small coolatta for just $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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share your story. #mydunkin good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and sunglass syndrome. are your summer shades not protecting your eyes like you think? and actually harming your skin? what you need to know this morning. plus, flirting with finesse. the new study saying men and women don't get it when it comes to detecting if you're interested or if you're not. we're blaeging down the science of flirting right now. and we're all believers this morning. millions of tweets burning up social media during team usa's epic face-off. and incredible win. everyone believes this morning. as we say -- >> all: good morning, america! ♪
8:01 am
oh, boy. >> hysterical, talented beautiful women from the new movie "think like a man too." lala, gabrielle, gina, meagan. it's just amazing cast all together and we're going to talk to them about their new movie coming up. >> waving american flags out in times square. part of the big celebration over team usa. there's our guy get getting in the spirit and what a night it was. a lot of fans joined in from justin timberlake to even president obama. >> third time is a charm. all right. also, we all know how snacking can ruin a diet. we've got six tips today that you can start using right now. these are habits for healthy snacking that will keep your diet on track. >> i like how you show popcorn and ice cream.
8:02 am
>> that too. >> i'm listening. >> got our attention. and is leaving a voice mail a thing of the past? yeah, everyone is on their phone these days. but who's actually leaving a voice mail? all about texting. there's an etiquette class i hear teaching how to leave one. >> let's get news from amy. good morning, everyone. we begin with that killer tornado outbreak in the middle of the country. unleashing as many as 30 twisters in four states. nebraska got the worst of it. you can see these rare and massive twin twisters bearing down packing winds up to 200 miles an hour. the tiny town of pilger is virtually flattened this morning. two people were killed including a little boy. 19 others listed in critical condition. in iraq this morning those violent extremists are on the move capturing more territory as they advance. president obama has now told congress he is sending nearly 300 troops to baghdad to protect embassy personnel. more than 100 are already on the ground. and tv's dr. oz will testify
8:03 am
on capitol hill today about bogus weight loss products after his show featured green coffee bean extract as an effective fat burning solution and companies used that to sell their questionable products. also today some of the eight circus acrobats seriously injured during that hair-hanging stunt last month plan to speak out about the horrific accident. they were suspended nearly 30 feet in the air when the apparatus collapsed and they plunged to the ground. well, team usa back at its world cup training base following the stunning victory over ghana. it was secured by a man you might have heard of by now, john brooks, his header in the closing minutes. some injuries are being tended to including the broken nose of captain clint dempsey and back here at home, u.s. soccer fans might be tending to themselves after taking part in wild scenes of celebrations across the country. i have a feeling there may be a surge in coffee consumption this
8:04 am
morning. of course, we're all hoping there's more of the same. i'm hoping for a monday morning just like -- this morning as team usa faces portugal on sunday. and finally you know the old saying the grass is always greener, well, that was apparently the case for this swiss cow. he was in search of greener grass, i'm told. but he ended up getting stuck on this roof. eventually she made it down safely but stuck her owner for the bill for the roof tiles she destroyed along the way but got down on her own and i hope that grass tasted good. >> you just buried the lede. you showed her up there but not how she got there. >> she's a talented cow. >> you heard the one about the cow jumping over the moon. this is the cow that climbed the house. what's the big deal? >> the new nursery rhyme. everyone is saying it. >> ah. we'll see if lara can top that in "pop news" after weather from amy freeze from wabc in new
8:05 am
york in for ginger. >> it's all about the crowds. atlanta, georgia, back here. we have new orleans up front, right? >> yes. >> why are you in new york? >> sweet 16 for my niece holly. >> holly, happy birthday to you so looks like we got the party in the front and the business in the back out there in times square. we'll start actually talking about where you need to have a heads-up. an eye to the sky for 14 states where we have the slight risk of severe weather again today. areas in orange. most threats today will include hail, strong wind, tornadoes, also flash flooding is a concern. late spring sizzle for the east. 90s and above will be flirting with records for d.c. 95 today. 98 tomorrow. so while the heat builds here in the east, we'll continue to look for cooler temperatures back in the pacific northwest. >> i'm meteorologist karen rogers with your accuweather update. 77 degrees already.
8:06 am
here's your forecast. headed up to 91. it will be hot and humid today. tomorrow hot, humid, 94 for your high with a chance for a few gusty thunderstorms late in the day. thursday we drop that temperature to 87 but still feeling sticky and unsettled with a shower around. friday partly sunny skies and 84. much of the day friday will be dry, maybe a shower at night and we do have some lowering humidity on friday but through the weekend it stays unsettled. there we go. that's your local forecast. i guess the afir makes can get people pumped up. >> thank you so much. and here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." first in "pop news," leo dicaprio's "titanic" real-life role. plus, could your sunglasses be damaging your skin and what you can do starting this morning to protect yourself. then the tips you need for smart snacking to stay healthy this morning. all that and so much more coming
8:07 am
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when folks think about wthey think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. ♪ >> everybody. ♪ amazing grace >> my daddy's favorite "amazing grace." so many patients and nurses surprised at a children's hospital in australia. nicole kidman, her husband keith urban stopped by to visit the
8:12 am
kids. a little impromptu concert. >> so kind. >> burning up -- >> yeah. ♪ once was lost but now am found ♪ >> he has such a beautiful voice. ♪ but now i see >> that was beautiful. again, totally impromptu at that children's hospital like that. people were putting out their fines to capture it but just a very special moment. >> means so much to them to take the time. that's very nice. all right, "pop news" time. >> let's do it. >> good morning, everybody. we begin with another giver. leonardo dicaprio making a "titanic" case in d.c. right now this morning as he heads to the state department to speak out about protecting our ocean. the stars leonardo dicaprio foundation recently gave $3 million, a big donation to oceana to support conservation efforts and john kerry will
8:13 am
introduce him before he takes the state department stage. yeah, the big conference and he just makes the time all the time. >> very consistent with that. very consistent about being -- >> he said he'll take a break from movies to do more and more of this. so we move on to this. the world's most famous and valuable stamp goes on the block tonight at sotheby's, 7:00 p.m. here in new york, there it is. the british g the uyana one cent, that stamp which has its own security guard right here in our studio now for a special guest appearance. hello. is worth an estimated $10 million to $20 million. so rare -- farce. >> that right there. >> yes. this is for its size and its weight. >> a cup of coffee -- >> no, i don't. thank you. thank you, george. it is for its size and weight the most valuable item in the world. and tonight in the auction which starts at 7:00 p.m. is the only
8:14 am
thing in the auction. david redden has been here advising plea on the importance of this stamp. it's the only one of its kind. it was lost. it was found and now stamp collectors everywhere will be vying for this, the mt. everest, if you will, of all stamp. >> oh, my gosh. >> why? it's worth so much because it's old. >> you're miked? ? i'm miked, yes. >> really quick, what is it about the british -- >> it is the mona lisa of stamp, most famous tamp in the world for the last 100 years. passed through the greatest stamp collections in the world much it was bid on by george v of england. >> i thought you were going to say george stephanopoulos. >> next. >> we'll do it together. >> put on an envelope? >> originally. in 1856 but since then people have looked after this very carefully. >> david, we wish you the best of luck with the auction tonight. i don't know if you noticed when i talk i use my hands. i'm a long island girl so would you please remove the british
8:15 am
guyana. thank you, security man, i made it without spilling. good luck. >> i love how the security guy -- never eyesight left the stamp. >> thank you for coming. finally checking in on world cup predictions coming from many so of our espn/abc experts. first big at the turtle checking in. big head he chooses by pulling a fish off the winning team's country flag and he predicts, yes, brazil will beat mexico in today's match. thank you. he did better than roux the bulldog. he chose the bowl that said england would triumph over italy. he bit the business cut. the camel from dubai, though, he checked in and pick nether lands to beat spain. well done and then nelly the elephant, now, okay, she is from germany so it's not surprising she predicted that they would beat portugal but here's the thing she predicts the u.s. if they face germany will win. >> ooh. >> so we'll stay in touch
8:16 am
with -- >> beat germany. >> she says that, george. >> go, nelly. go. >> she says that by playing soccer herself and, nelly, thank you, we'll be checking back with you. that's "pop news." >> thank you, lara. appreciate that. first up in our "heat index" your sunglasses may not be providing the protection you think and could even be doing more harm than good when it comes to your skin. dermatologists say certain sunglasses could make your face age more quickly. well, this is just great. abc's abbie boudreau has the story. ♪ >> reporter: sunglasses and style go hand in hand. but is it true some sunglasses can actually give you wrinkles? that's what dermatologist dr. rosemarie ingleton says will happen if you wear the wrong pair. >> if your sunglasses are letting in too much life you're forced to squint to protect your eyes. the more squinting action, the more likely it is that you're going to end up with wrinkles in the creases of your eyes. >> reporter: she says it's best
8:17 am
to wear large uv tinted sunglasses to protect against wrinkles and sun spots. find a pair where the sides are wider and wrap around your face to block out harmful light rays. always remember to use subscreen even under the glasses and she suggests wearing blastic frames instead of metal. >> if your glasses are made of metal, you can develop a burn on the area where it touches your face. you can have some wrinkling, some sun spots. >> reporter: so with those tips in mind, i head to optique in west hollywood to meet up with joechlt z in search of that perfect blend of fashion and function. >> you want to protect your eyes. the most sensitive part and be able to look great and be stylish but at the same time also, you know, be practical about it. >> reporter: and finally these full coverage 100% uv protected lenses just may be the answer. >> right?
8:18 am
>> reporter: i feel like a movie star. i do. oh, my gosh. >> fashion and function, these glasses do it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> and joining us now is abc news senior medical contributor dr. jen ashton. so how concerned should we be here, jen? >> unfortunately, i this i we need to worry about this. i mean we're really talking here about two issues. we're talking about the cosmetic issue so just wrinkling and sun damage around our face. who needs more of that? and then we're talking about real medical consequences to sun exposure when you're talking about the eye. this is no joke. talking about risk of cataract, cancers in and around the eyes and macular degeneration. we do need to take it seriously. >> what do we do about it? >> well, there's good sunglasses and there's not so good sunglasses. these aviators which this is what i wear, not so good. >> oh, no. >> wow, they're really -- >> this metal -- this metal actually mirrors the sun and can reflect it on to our cheeks.
8:19 am
george, they look good, though. tom cruise has nothing on you. >> yeah. >> wow. >> but, again, in terms of coverage and protection we really need to go for a plastic wraparound. the jackie o. style. >> yeah. >> i like those. those look nice. >> that get the side and make sure that the lenses are uv protection. that's really important. >> all right. so when we go to the store it says it. how do we know it is. >> you have to just believe that it does but, again, the bigger the frame the better it is and we can't forget about other things like sunscreen, hats, those kind of protection and i think the thing with sunscreen, guys. people do not apply enough so first of all you want to look for an spf of 30 or higher. and when you're talking about the face, this is the amount -- >> wow. >> that's a lot and i recommend the liquid, not the sprays because you do get better coverage and make sure you get all the skin around your ears and neck and a good idea put it on in a mirror so you can actually see where you're
8:20 am
covering because i'm the fool who has the embarrassing sunburn where you forget your shoulder. >> and the kids should just drench in it. >> every two hours it needs to be applied and 15 minutes before we go out. >> thank you, jen. we want to thank sunglass hut for providing those glasses. are you heading to boca? >> i will like to thank sunglass hut for this very special pair. >> you could pull that off, really. you could pull it off. >> yeah, they work for you. >> thanks, jen. woo we move on to our "heat index." the science of flirting. a new study that defies centuries of human experience says that men are not good at pick up when they're being flirted with. women even worse. it's a study from the university of kansas. paired up a number of college students and found just 36% of male participants could correctly identify when they were being flirted with compared to just 18% of women who accurately knew when they were getting the look of love. the study's lead researcher says it's similar to people detecting
8:21 am
a lie. most people on most days are not flirting or lying with everyone they come in contact with but occasionally they are and when they are i guess you don't know it. people have been getting together forever. i think it's worked out. >> they don't want to say. >> the article says especially women have a hard time differentiating between friendliness and flirting and so that's why they're like, what, he was? i thought he was just being nice. >> when you said look of love, that's not necessarily always the flirt -- >> yeah. >> a little euphemism. >> yeah, got a little liberty there. also in "the heat index," the future of voice mail messages is not looking good, my friends. could texting teens be to blame? an article in "the new york times" breaking it down. a spokeswoman for vonage reporting voice mails left on phones are down 8% and a 2012 pew report found that teens are texting more and making cell phone calls less. some adults say that all that texting is a cause of a lack of experience when it comes to
8:22 am
leaving spokes spoken phone messages so even an etiquette school in new york teaching classes that touch on how to leave a voice mail. >> i think it's common sense. most people know if you leave a voice mail message there's a good chance no one is ever going to hear it. >> i'll be honest i don't listen to my voice mail messages. it's just like, ah -- someone will text me. >> you know if someone wants to get you they'll text you. >> it's strange. it is unbelievable. yeah. well, we've got something where i'm going to head to the social square and it's burning up "the heat index," people. we've been talking about it. team usa supporters are getting into the conversation and that big match against ghana. we had three moments that sparked the most conversation and we'll start here looking at the twitter data. nearly 5 million tweets during the game and the moments spa sparked the most conversation those goals and end of the game so many people cheering them on from justin timberlake who
8:23 am
tweeted out this and heard from kobi bryant sounding off on clint dempsey's epic goal, very nice like the picture there and u.s. women's soccer team rooting on the guys and have videos that they posted. [ cheers ] >> wow. >> i think they were celebrating, in fact, can you hear me guys over the u.s. women's soccer team and then, robin, it looks like you were loving on the game, as well. also tweeting yes! i was -- >> marv albert, yes. >> i was at reagan national airport. we just sat down to watch the game and all of a sudden the cheering went up and we were in. all watching. so much fun in the crowd of people cheering on usa. >> hey, you couldn't take your eyes off. >> so much fun to watch that game. it really was. thanks, thanks, amy. >> all right. so also in our "heat index," snacking. it's tough to get through the day without eating between meals but there is a right way to do it. so that you don't ruin your diet and abc's gio is going to tell
8:24 am
us six easy habits for healthy weight loss. gio, let's get to it. >> we have quick cravings but sometimes we just can't stop eating. especially if those snacks are reduced fat. so this morning secrets from the health pros. ♪ snacks may look small and even feel small when we eat little bits at a time but it turns out that constant grazing may make you gain weight. there are smart ways to snack and abc news nutrition and wellness editor dave zinczenko has the tips. >> don't snack in the morning. people who knack in the morning tend to snack more throughout the day. there's no reason to knack in the morning if. if you are, it means your breakfast is broken. >> add color. >> you'll be aware of every bite that way. variety is the spice of life and key to smart smacking. >> reporter: tip number three, add that protein.
8:25 am
so you want to muscle up the munchies. you don't want just regular -- >> you want greek yogurt. protein requires more energy to burn than carb organization fat and stay fuller longer. in this case what's great about it it's only 1 grams of sugar. that is 27. and this has 13 grams of protein compared to 8. >> reporter: tip number four, swap hands. >> gio, what hand do you eat with. >> my right. >> start eating with your left. go with the left-handed diet. when you eat with your nondominant hand you eat a lot less because you're aware of every bite. >> reporter: tip number five, use smaller bowls. >> gio, what's up with the big bowl? >> it's good. >> why don't you go for one of these. when you eat from a big bowl you'll eat up to 16% more. >> reporter: tip number 6, don'ten duped. reduced fat. >> don't be duped by the marketing claims. a recent cornell study showed people ate a whopping 28% more
8:26 am
when it said low fat. >> because they think it's healthier. >> right, so they eat more and blow their diets. >> so we're going to skip one of though he tips now and sthak in the morning. we got some ail mopdzs here and we have some popcorn. ail mopdzs are a good snack because they're good fats and they also are high in protein. and you see, these are small bowls so just keep it small. >> because they're small it looks like you have more in here so ike logically you're thinking -- >> that's it. >> thanks, gio. really good tips. all right, everybody, coming up jennifer lopez is with us one opponent-on-one with michael strahan and opening up about love and her new album. that and so much more coming up on "good morning america." >> concert coming up on friday.
8:27 am
>> ♪ >> "action news" is brought to you by christiana care health system. you by christiana care health housing finance agency. >> an ambulance crashed into the side of a taxicab at a chinatown intersection this morning. two people in the cab were injured. witnesses say the traffic green at the same time. 8:27 on this tuesday. matt pelman taking a look at 8:27 on this tuesday. hey, matt. >> one of many crashes we've had this morning, matt. one of them is on the schuylkill expressway. westbound side approaching montgomery drive, still out here involving a few vehicles taking out the right lane and the westbound traffic is parked from past passyunk through that pointer approaching montgomery. at least for a chunk of that stretch i'd stay over on the river drives, the kelly and the mlk instead. allegheny off ramp still have that crash on the shoulder. little extra slow coming from bridge street.
8:28 am
on 95 northbound in delco, we've got a disabled truck now in the backlog from that earlier crash still locked up from the delaware state line through this points at 452 market street. over in camden county, northbound side of 42 is also plenty busy from coles road up to 295. watch outer for a crash on the white horse pike at ohio avenue. matt. >> will do. thank you, matt. let's go to meteorologist karen rogers filling in for david with a steamy accuweather forecast. >> we have a little bit of a breeze out here so it's helping a little bit right now. let's look at the temperature profile. it's already 77 degrees, it's warm out here in philadelphia as well as millville, even in the lehigh valley you're in the mid 70's already this morning. and we are sure heating up from there its a hot and humid , a high of 91 degrees. dry during the day, a slight chance for a shower late tonight. tomorrow hot, humid, 94. we're also watching for the potential for gusty thunderstorms late in the day. thursday still kind of sticky even though not quite as hot,
8:29 am
friday partly sunny skies and finally the humidity comes down a little on friday, matt. >> thank you karen. the hit songs of summers past. a look back it's posted on
8:30 am
♪ what an amazing way to start off the weekend this friday central park, jennifer lopez going to take it over. there she is right there. we want to see you there. go to on yahoo! and find out how to get your free tickets. >> f-r-e-e, free and we'll show you the women from the new movie "think like a man too." the sequel to the very popular "think like a man" taking over social square right now. they're at the twitter mirror and that's coming up. oh, yeah. >> they have a little company in mh370. you can see more star power.
8:31 am
robert pattinson, guy pearce, also with us to tell us about their new film. it's called "the rover." spooky. >> ooh. >> i like spooky movies. >> a bunch of stars coming up. sneak peek of "rising star," abc's new singing competition that makes or breaks this emwith a social media wall and cam mathison went behind the scenes with the expert, brad paisley, ke$ha, ludacris and host josh groban. ♪ >> reporter: the future of america's rising stars hinges on this two-ton, three-story rising wall. >> this wall will be the only thing that stands between our singers and their dreams of becoming the next rising star. >> reporter: superstar josh groban the host requires viewers to vote with their apps at home on whether to keep or cut contestants. >> to be feeling the audience's reaction in realtime as you're singing, to me sounds absolutely terrifying. if the singer gets 70% of the wall the wall goes up and move
8:32 am
on to the next round, if not the wall stays down and we say good-bye to them the moment their song ends. >> reporter: music experts will vote rapper ludacris, country singer/songwriter brad paisley and pop sensation ke$ha. what do you hope to take away from this experience. >> i really want to find somebody that has the indescribable thick that mick jagger has, that david bowie has, that iggy pop has. >> that you have. >> thank you. >> i like the subtle shoes. >> thanks. >> yeah, they're very understated. >> i'm the only girl on the show so i have to bring it and i'm going to bring it hard. >> what advice would you give me to succeed to do well on the show. >> we're looking for somebody that's got heart. this is about emotion and moving somebody as a singer and then you're going to go. >> reporter: after "rising star" airs live on the east coast and other time zones west coast viewers vote during the recorded show. >> three hours later for the west coast there will be a live feed of that contestant watching and if that vote didn't happen on the east coast west coast
8:33 am
could tip it over. >> reporter: let's say it does. what happens then. you cut in live. >> we'll cut in live. >> yeah. >> reporter: so much of the show rides on the technology. >> yes. >> reporter: i mean is that i a little scary. >> anything can happen. i can't say with complete certainty it will go off without a hitch but i think sometimes the hitches make things more interesting. >> reporter: judge for yourself literally when "rising star" premieres on sunday, on abc. for "good morning america," cameron mathison, abc news, los angeles. >> as cam said, "rising star" premieres sunday at 9 o'clock, eastern, 8:00 central right here on abc. he's go from a rising star to a superstar. jennifer lopez, her new album called "a.k.a." is out today. she recently is single after breaking up with boyfriend casper smart and so she sat down with michael strahan before that breakup to talk about love and her career. take a look. >> singer, actress, purchase, philanthropist, business woman,
8:34 am
mom, in a word, j. lo. ♪ i know a little bit of something good ♪ ♪ always come down >> reporter: now with her tenth album jennifer lopez is proving once again there is nothing she can't do. we have jennifer lopez, "a.k.a." j. lo, "a.k.a." jenny from the block, your new album is called "a.k.a.." >> "a.k.a.." it's funny. took me over a year like eight months to make this album and i think can expect a return to my root ♪ i'm the same girl same girl same girl ♪ >> on this one i was like, you know, instead of trying to fit into any box or think about what other people think i'm going to be all of who i am, pop, hip-hop, latin, i am, you know, dance. musically i'm all those things. i'm also strong, and weak and, you know, scared and brave and there's all these different things to me.
8:35 am
i'm silly. you know what i mean? all of those things i put on this album. >> reporter: first topped the chart 15 years ago with -- ♪ if you had my love and i gave you all my trust would you comfort me ♪ >> reporter: from her debut album "on the 6". ♪ even if you were broke my love don't cost a thing ♪ >> reporter: and the hits have been coming ever since. ♪ i love you baby i love you ♪ yeah yeah baby i need you "i luh ya papi" ♪ i luh ya papi >> why is it so much of a theme? >> every artist has a theme. mine's always been love. i've always been trying to figure this thing out, you know what i mean? >> join the club of 99%, 100% of the world. >> all my albums up until this
8:36 am
one and maybe my last one i was always kind of like, fairy tale love and i'm in love and, oh, i'm so sad i'm not in love anymore and then my last album was kind of questioning love. it was called "love?" and that was four years ago and since then i feel like i've grown and changed and learned a lot about myself. >> do you think you know what love is? >> i know -- i feel like i understand more about love than i did before. ♪ without you because if you were first baby there would have been no second love ♪ >> what's not to love about j. lo, inspired by j. lo "first love" all this week we are giving love a second chance and she's actually going to be helping us out with that on saturday j. lo skyped with the men backstage at one of her concerts and surprising a romantic surprise that this is going to knock your socks off and you can see that amazing surprise this week on "good morning america." >> can't wait till friday. >> i know. it's a big tease there and for a
8:37 am
final check of the weather amy freeze from our station wabc. i've been dying to say all morning long there's no place like home. >> because of my ruby slippers. >> there is no place like home. upper west side of manhattan is where that is right now. good morning, everyone. let's go down south, new orleans, 89 and humid. you know, the weather today in the gulf, just about what you think it would be, southwest flow coming onshore bringing the heat and the humidity. some isolated storms, but, you know, not a great chance of cooling you off so look for the 0s and 90s over the next two days. looking across the country we just can't shake the showers for northwest. the pacific northwest in general but we'll see that heat continue to build and severe weather for the upper midwest. that's a look at yo >> thanks amy, i'm meteorologist karen rogers with your accuweather update. warm out here already. we have a little bit of a breeze right now. 77 degrees headed up to 91. hot and humid today. tomorrow, hot, humid, a high
8:38 am
of 94 with some gusty >> this weather brought to you by bp. it's going to be hot stuff? new york. times square is going to be almost 90. >> i'm loving it, though. it's feeling like a warm blanket. >> bring on the heat. >> i agree. thank you very much. coming up speaking of heat, the women of "think like a man too" are here. wait for them live. ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
i was telling my girls i could be in a potato sack because all eyes are all over here because fans of "think like a man too" have been waiting two long years for a sequel. the wait is over, my friends. "think like a man too" opens this friday and we're so excited to have all of them here and you know what, they brought us a little sneak peek. take a look. >> i don't know why women can't have just as much fun as men. if women have fun -- >> did she just call us -- >> fortunately i don't have to worry about all that behavior with you, candace. you're much too old for that. much too old. >> damn. >> i heard you the first old. >> i'm sorry. i saw this in my home yesterday. i told you i'm going to the theater friday with my girlfriends. it is so funny. joining us gabrielle union, regina hall, taraji henson, meagan good and la la anthony. give it up, everybody. not even an applause sign.
8:42 am
you all have been here and just so warm and so giving and having so much fun and we see that you're soon to be mother-in-law still giving you a hard time. >> she doesn't stop. it's her gift. torture candace. >> you never know when you do a sequel, right, because the first one was such a huge success so were you all a little bit concerned are people going to like it as much, gabrielle? >> no, because we knew we had so much fun with the first one and part of what people responded to was our fun as friends. so to get to come together all of us friends who have all known each other over a decade to go to vegas, and they're going to pay us? we knew it would translate again. >> and the fact that you were there in vegas as you said and what stays in vegas doesn't necessarily -- what happens there -- >> ends up on instagram. >> we were all following you a little bit like that but you were a part of this movie more so than the first time around. >> yeah, yeah. >> it made it more fun and i think people want to see the girls more than they want to see the boys.
8:43 am
i mean we had curves and hair. >> when you put it like that -- and la la, look at these wonderful veterans. >> i would sit there in scenes and just be in awe watching them work. they are such incredible actresses and honored to be part of an amazing cast. >> it comes through, meagan, the cover of "essence" magazine you seem like on and off screen you all enjoy being around each other. >> as gabby said we've known each other for so long it was such a natural thing and so much fun for us to get together this time and actually have fun. that's good. >> who is more like their character? who is really all the ones, who do you feel like you really are that person? no one wants to own up to it? [ laughter ] >> okay. meagan. >> we didn't want to point right
8:44 am
away. >> i mean, not a little bit. >> hey! i thought i was saying it. not everybody. no, sometimes. >> sweeter version. >> thank you. >> sweeter version. >> yes. >> but your character -- taraji, your character is something a lot can identify with. powerful woman. >> and in some ways we're intimidating to men. >> it's true. >> same old story. same old story. i don't have to repeat it. you know the story, america. >> you're going to laugh. i couldn't decide which scene to show people more, but that music video "poison." >> that was fun. >> we didn't even know -- >> there it goes. >> that was funny. >> we had a ball. >> did you see her with the arms out? >> because we're actresses. we never get to do this. we got to be rock stars. >> we always want to do that. >> regina can't walk in heels.
8:45 am
>> i can't. >> can't walk in heels. anything over 3 inches -- ♪ >> i hope it gets picked up and played on mtv -- it needs to be seen. >> especially wendi. >> she took over. >> in its entirety. the time we have remaining because the guys will have their say tomorrow. they'll be here tomorrow. >> don't believe anything they say. >> we have a paddle and you have your on-screen partner. >> we'll thank them with the paddle. >> i'm going to ask you certain questions about your on-screen partners. you's going to tell me which person, which guy fits this more and you didn't have a boo in the movie so we gave you kevin hart, okay, la la. which guy spent the most time in hair and makeup? >> that's -- >> oh. >> i was like -- >> these two. >> oh, yeah, okay. >> 1 ee%. which guy was the prankster on set? >> yeah, we knew kevin hart.
8:46 am
>> yeah. >> which guy -- >> gary. >> gary owen. yeah. >> we love you. >> which was the worst at messing up his line, missing his lines a lot? >> ooh. >> i didn't say it. just playing it out. >> it's true. >> and just remember they're going to get to do this tomorrow for you so you might want to keep that in mind. >> they told me to do it. >> and finally which guy couldn't get through a scene without laughing or making someone else just lose it? >> that was -- >> somehow we knew that kevin hart -- >> of course. >> he's amazing in this film. just so funny and so amazing. >> what's so great is that individually and together and as a group, it just, gabrielle, it just works. this movie works. >> because we're generally like a family. like all of our hashtags from filming last year in vegas was it's more than a cast. it's a family. but it's -- that's truly what we've accomplished.
8:47 am
>> think like a family. >> think like a family. >> a dysfunctional family. >> yeah. >> a drunk family. >> and the supporting cast you have on it, as well. it's just -- you knocked it out of the park again. thank you for bringing such joy and laughter to our home and into our lives in thank you for having us. >> "think like a man too" opens nationwide this friday and tune in to "gma" tomorrow. the fellas. the gorgeous fellas are going to be here. >> oh, look at them with their boos. >> you're so perfect. >> did you see the selfie? >> we can swap. >> robert pattinson, guy pearce. >> we'll keep talking here. come on back. we'll talk to robert when we come on back. >> nobody wants to swap? >> no.
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
♪ if you close your eyes welcome back. when "the rover" opens prepared to see robert pattinson and guy pearce like you've never see them before. grungy, bad hair, bad teeth and no superhero, vampires, werewolves are in sight. the film earned a standing ovation at the cannes film festival and here's why. >> where is henry at? >> listen, where is he? >> oh. >> you tell me where he is or i'm going to kill you. where is he? >> ooh. thrill to have the stars, guy pearce and robert pattinson with us this morning. and good morning to you both. thanks for being here. >> no worries, thanks. >> very intense, very dark film. so i'll ask both of you, jump in, what grew you to the film? >> well, i think it was david who wrote and directed "animal
8:51 am
kingdom" which people may remember from 2010 and david obviously is a great filmmaker has an interesting style and, you know, when he presented me with the script as i'm sure the same for you, you know, we both kind of went, okay, wow, this is interesting, bleak, very kind of particular view of the world. >> strangely funny, as well. >> that's right. >> no one else seems to find it funny but i found it hilarious. >> a lot said about the chemistry. ray is your character and eric is yours and described as near future "mad max meets the road," a pretty good description of it. >> looks at the world depending on how you look at it that we could be heading to. not post apocalyptic but 10, 20 years from now with just everything kind of going wrong possibly. >> your relationship is interesting. >> yeah. i mean i have one thing left to do in my life and it's in my car
8:52 am
and my car gets stolen and, you know, through the series of events we end up sort of kind of teaming up, not really. i kidnap him. >> i think i've been adopted. >> he thinks he's been adopted and i kidnapped him. >> oblivious which is not such a bad thing. really, really fantastic. i thought this was nice. you would like to have a career like guy. whether did you mean by that? >> yes, what did you mean. >> i meant as a side career. no, i mean i think just, you know, you manage -- guy's essentially a leading man and i can't figure out how to put this in the nicest way possible. basically created incredibly interesting character actor career. >> yeah, that's what you had said. i thought that was really nice and how does that feel, you know, big movie star, young who wants to emulate you? >> look, it's great. i mean i'd be pretty happy with rob's career, as well, to be
8:53 am
honest. >> so the word on the street was you guys had a great working relationship during filming so we thought we'd ask really quickly how well you know each other. so are you ready? you're going first. robert, what was guy's character name in "priscilla queen of the desert." >> i have never seen it. >> the one thing -- >> alich that. >> you have to say -- you have to say name last of his character in the "dividelight" series. >> edward. >> cullen. >> edward cullen. >> very good film. everybody, "the rover" opens nationwide on friday. do check that out. we thank both of you and we'll be right back. >> thanks, guys. (vo) after 50 years of designing
8:54 am
8:55 am
cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
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"good morning america" brought to you by straight talk wireless. the world needs more straight talk. >> singer michelle williams is going 0 join us tomorrow and the men from "think like a man too." >> buckle up. >> that's going to be great. >> have a great day, everyone. >> chopper 6 flew over what was left of a home in wilmington delaware that collapsed and caught fire overnight.
8:57 am
investigators are trying to determine what caused the tragedy that left one man dead and two women badly burned. firefighters have worked for much of the morning to try and remove the man's body which was buried in the rubble along bird street. we'll have a live update on the investigation on "action news" at noon. 8:57 on this tuesday. matt pelman taking a look at what's going on on the roads. matt. matt. >> we have a couple stubborn problems out there this morning. one of them this crash on the westbound side of the schuylkill approaching montgomery drive. the good news is it's off to the side but what a mess it's causing. westbound schuylkill is a parking lot from passyunk out to that points approaching montgomery and the westbound side of vine also stacked solid from 95 on out to the schuylkill expressway. had a bunch of problems on the westbound pa turnpike as well. a crash approaching delaware valley. weren't near willow grove and a broken down vehicle by fort washington. they're starting to clear but still slow speeds. 95 in delco northbound by 452 broken down truck in the
8:58 am
center lane causing heavy delays. matt. >> karen rogers taking a look at the accuweather forecast. >> good morning. we already hit 80 degrees. the numbers just in right now for the 9 o'clock hour. we're on our way from there. 80 degrees in philadelphia. 80 degrees in reading. 78 in trenton, 81 in millville. and in wilmington, delaware and today it's going to be a hot and humid day, an ozone action day, a high of 91. watch for a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm late tonight. a better chance for gusty storms tomorrow and it's hotter even more humid, matt. >> thank you, karen. also at noon the small nebraska town that has been blown apart by powerful twin tornadoes. philadelphia traffic light being link d to a serious crash in chinatown. jennifer lopez live on kelly an
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, recording artist jennifer lopez, and star of "sharknado 2" ian ziering, plus, another chance to win an island getaway as we continue "live's" tropical tune in to win. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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