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tv   Action News at 1130 P  ABC  June 22, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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schedule. they open in boston october 8 and play their first home game the next night in nming until. la kings comeen end of october. when eagles kickoff in september it should be interesting to see much time marcus smith sees as rookie. chip kelly is reserving judgment on smith until he sees him in pads come training camp next month. >> it's hard to evaluate especially that position just like defensive line without pads on. sometimes they're two entirely different people. you can observe athletic ability, change of direction. we still have a whole lot that we have to kind of delve into when we get the pads on. >> finally they say dogs are man's best friend. apparently not best friend were sportscasters. check this out marlins reporter
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trying to do his live report before the game in new york get out of there the dog trying to steal his water that's not for you just as he gets rid of one another goes for the cup of water and yeah bark in the park day in new york just a disaster and then he tries to interview the dog trying to steal the water the dog refused to comment. just ridiculous. >> out of control. >> out of cont surprised night here's what's
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happening on "action news" at 11:30 police in canada caught one three inmates who sdpraipd prison from helicopter. and break of search for missing firefighter and we'll explain. first another violent day in iraq. suicide bombing killed and i isis fighters gained more ground. the baghdad government said they need more help from the u.s.. first u.s. boots are on the glound iraq. obama says they will not engage in combat. air strikes remain a possibility. >> the first of 300 military
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advisors are now in baghdad and step into a dire situation. the extremists jihadists and isis captured more nouns western iraq and border crossings are seized and they're moving weapons freely between syria and iraq good if they can hold the positions and lock them down, it is unlikely iraq as we envisioned it will ever return. >> secretary of state jop kerry says political solution could unite iraq's divided population and the government says it cannot win this fight alone and foreign minister telling "abc news" 300 american military advisers will not fix it air strikes are what is needd america was here for a decade and america has spent billions of dollars training your military. they lost countless lives. why you this they come back? is. >> because they have a political and moral obligations and we have agreement with the americans whenever new iraqi democratic government is --
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america is ready to help. >> it's not just iraqis that want president obama to do more. >> one of the things i worry about is there will be another 9/11 attack and next time it will be for more deadly than eyre lines and box cutters. >> and thousands of young shiite iraqis are joining in the capital to join the fight and iraq army has little capability and despite the government video claiming to show air strikes against isis they have little strength in the air. >> it's clear iraq in on brink now and complicated as the picture is the bad new is that things could get much worse. "abc news," baghdad. of course, "good morning america" will have the latest on the crisis and secretary of state john rawlins kerry's visits to iraq. >> 20 people out of their homes
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tonight because after i fast-moving fire in montgomery koujtsy. crews arrived 6 a.m. and found flames shooting from upper floors of this 3-story apartment building. it took nearly an hour to get it under control. two bets were killed. people are being assisted by the american red cross. cause of the fire remains under investigation. accident investigators with the woodstown police department spent the afternoon at the scene of a very serious crash in south harrison, glouster county today. officials tell us a motorcycle collided with a car at the intersection of route 45 and franklinville road. the motorcycle rider was air-lifted to cooper hospital where he remains in critical condition. >> meantime police in philadelphia are investigating 8 separate sheetings overnight that left two people dead. in north philadelphia a 16-year-old was shot and killed along the 00 block of montgomery avenue. a bullet even shattered the window of police cruiser and second person was also shot in
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critically injured. in the tioga section a 24-year-old man was shot and killed during a fight outside the galaxy night club. it happened on the 3300 block of germantown avenue. so far police have no suspects of the shootings. and former pennsylvania governor dig thornburg was hospitalized after suffering a minor stroke. his wife says doctors expect the 1-year-old to recover well. he's resting upmc presbyterian opt hospital. he served two terms of govern fror from 1979 to '87 and became u.s. attorney general. last year he conducted an investigation on behalf of paterno family in wake of jerry sandusky scandal. >> the search for a california firefighter he missing nine days is scaled back. his dog duke turned up in the parking lot where mike heardman parked his car. he and a friend were backpacking when the dog ran offch the 36-year-old chased after him and
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has not been seen since. they put in man hours scouring 50 square miles. >> three men who used helicopter to escape from a prison in canada are right back where they started investigators in quebec say a swat team took trio into custody after locating them inside a condo in montreal this morning all three were awaiting trial when they made a daring escape on june 7. police now expect to make more arrests as the investigation continues and hopefully that includes the helicopter pilot who was not yet caught. erin hernandez made a brief trip to the hospital this weekend. officials in massachusetts say the former new england pate realty was trptd yesterday:00 a.m. ruvrnd to jail about an hour later. the reason has not been disclosed due to privacy laws. hernandez pleaded not guilty in plea murder cases and is in court on friday hashing through other charges after he allegedly attacked a handcuffed inmate and threatened a prison guard. >> well, police oregon are looking for the person who blew up a port potty that happened in
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a school outside of portland. one woman was injured in the blasts. investigators say a second device exploded inside a mailbox a short time later. nobody was injured in that case. officers swept both ex los and no other suspicious devices were found. >> emergency crews whose job it is to fight fires found themselves victims in buford, north caroline a flamed gutted garage norm river volunteer fire station before 6 a.m. investigators do not expect foul play and in fact they think the fire was weather related and structure was gutted. neighboring department is handling the investigation. a four-year-old boy from new york is hailed a hero from saving his 2345eub from a fire. 5 a.m. yesterday morning tristan woke up and could heart smoke alarm blairing and told him mom. his mom called 91 1. a man had fall and sleep with food in the stove. tristan said he was not scared
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he department recognize the noise. >> i yelled and woke my brother up. > it was a life saver if it had gone on longer we don't know what would have happened. >> tristan has no interest in celebrateding heroic actions he told his mom he really wanted to go back to sleep. now to delaware newsroom several dozen volunteers canvassed streets of wilmington it today trying to solve a case of animal brutality. they handed out flyers seek leads to find a person that took a pitd bull from his yard last month and beat him. he suffered several broken bones that head and face and almost lost an eye. they hope a reward will get them the information they need. >> we want to find who did this and i'm not going to rest until justice is served for him we want justice for for odin. >> he is recoughing well and slowly regaining his eyesight.
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>> a well known guest speaker the once controversial speaker of leader of islam. the 81-year-old's travel agenda was curtailed in recent years as he dealt with a number of health represented issues. children's hospital held a special party today for monday than 300 kids that defied odds. they travel from across the country for fetal surgery reunion. they had defects diagnosed in the woman which needed surgery before birth or emergency members after delivery. their futures today look bright. >> much more to come on "action news" president obama keited a task force to save some of america's hardest workers that means honeybees and a relic in the rubble a man from nebraska finds a keepsake missing for 330 years after a tornado destroyed
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his home, -- 30 years. >> cloudy and clear across the delaware and lehigh valleys tonight. we have a nice start. back to work on monday. we're tracking increase in warmth and threat of showers and storms. warmth and threat of showers and storms. details with the accuweather
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>> the whitehouse launched an effort toe save hard workers namely honeybees. president is creating a task force to find out why the population of bees and other pollen ateers like monarch butter flies are dim inareing so facts. bees are critical for crops like almond and many think brands of we'd killers are to blame. >> a couple is back on dry land after terrifying ordeal at sea
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that ended with amazing rescue. shawn mcgovern and melissa morris were boating near key largo friday and fell off their boats. they had no life jackets and no means of call for help. they tread water all those hours hoping somebody would find them. the current carried them 75 miles north where they were spotted early yesterday while fishing. any first thought how in the world did you get out there. >> we realize today was a true emergency. >> how did you survive. >> float around. float allege round. >> how about that? the two suffered jelly fish bites and mild hypothermia and otherwise came out okay. no word ow they fell off the boat in the fist place. okay time for a check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist melissa magee and first weekend of summer is here. >> yes. >> and just about ending. >> it's over for the most part. we have a nice start walter back to work on monday. summerlike feel returning this
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week. stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing you it is queue eight cross the delaware and lehigh valleys and it's comfortable back to work on monday and tracking changes as we get to fuss and wednesday. you'd we go. the action cam was outside earlier tonight right along boat house row and folks are fishing. what are they pushing for i don't know. it's a nice night if out for sunday under mostly clear skies. high in philadelphia climbed up to 83. and outside in philadelphia 69. trenton 68. upper 50s in the poconos and allentown and lehigh valley 70. upper 60s in sea isle city 71. dover 68. here's satellite 6 and action radar we had mostly sunny sky for most of the day. and then as we get to afternoon hours we had a few more clouds that moved on through and there is a weak disturbance that moves north of philadelphia. then it started to move down to the south as we got into the early evening hours. all that precipitation already
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moving offshore. so it's dry and quiet for the rest of tonight and that pattern is going to repeat itself as we get to monday as far as the dry pattern is concerned. smiled start on monday with high pressure in control. high temperature in philadelphia not bad. up to 8. and nice mixture of sin shine and clouds and good news humidity will stay in check as we get to monday afternoon. and as we get into tuesday, however, we're tracking warm front that is going to lift north. and as warm front lifts north you notice increase in humidity first of all tuesday arm and threat of showers and storms. thoel those will be returning as we get to tuesday and wednesday. no issues at the ballpark come tomorrow as frils at home taking on marlins at citizens bank park. it's mostly clear, mild, first pitch temperature 7. and 70 ninth inning. we'll breakdown the day for you with the day planner for accuweather tomorrow morning. 67 at 8 a.m. it's mostly sunny start. pair of 7s, 11 a.m.
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1, 2:00 in the afternoon and 8 the number 5:00 in the early evening. here's the exclusive accuweather forecast. pleasantly warm. low humidity. high of 83. thursday, humid, 85. with increase in humidity there could be a stray thunderstorm late in the day on tuesday. but wednesday we're tracking cold front that moves through. clouds on the mix. high tem 87 with thunderstorms around and it does look like the thunder shower could linger first half of the day thursday and otherwise high temperature of 87. warm, summerlike friday, high of 89. we'll stay upper 80s into saturday with possible thunderstorm late in the day on day. otherwise for next weekend temperatures holding upper 80s. all in all not a bad start. slightly unsetsleed tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you. >> a man from nebraska is reunited with a very special reminder of late wife after a
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natural disaster. last week twin tornadoes destroyed the small town of pilger volunteers started to cleanup what is left of francis honky's home and in the debris they recovered the engagement ripping he gave his wife a half century ago. she lost it washes dishes and he had not seen it in decades. >> this i can say it's septembermental it was bought for my wife 50 years ago and she pass away five years ago. >> he's focussing on the find adds he deals with pain of losing his home and looks forward to giving that ring winn one day to one of his daughters. >> jeff is here with sports when we return and animal shelter in south jersey comes one fundraiser that is creative as it is cute
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>> everything was going their way. phillies won a season high five straight games and then hit a bump in the road on the road in st. louis and suddenly red hot phils are cooled off by the red bird. second upping, cody ashe three nothing double and that's all they get time run at the play fiveth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth. nothing, nada, phils five total hits today and 11 strikeouts, phils struck out 20 times over lasts two games in st. louis. they lose 5-3 fall back into last place and are five games out of first. tough fin toysh a good road trip. phils won five of seven on the trip and come home to face the
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struggling marlins tomorrow and hopeful le they can take advantage. miami lost 8 of 11. patd ray's paper alex torres is first to ever wor a protective baseball cap in the field. look how big it is. trying to prevent a possible head injury after one of his teammates was struck in the head last year and suffered a concussion. the makers of this hat claim it can withstand a line drive to the head up to 85 miles per hour. >> all right. usa soccer coach kings man put his foot in his mouth before the world cup started where he said whipping the world cup is not realistic he's probably right until they can proof they can start and finish a match. usa fans gop nuts as americans come from behind against portugal. here they go overcome a 1-0, 1st minute. democracy gives usa the lead and seconds away from add vantsing to second round and americans
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going nuts they cannot believe it. up, it's too good to be true. michael bradley turns it over 9 5th minute. here comes trouble christian owe ronaldo shows up the header and heart he breaker. they fin finish in 2-2 draw. >> and other world cup action today allgieria had two gholz previous 7 other matches and they score four times against south korea some coming in twelve minute span and allgieria wins it's their first world cup w in 32 years. >> when you think of women's golf what is first name that comes to mind. most of are you thinking ever mirkel wee. despite her popularity and name recognition her name has never come on top in a major tournament until now.
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wee wins her first major title comes at the u.s. open today at pinehurst, 24-year-old wins with two shots. finishes two under par. i'm sure that will be fist of many to come. walter, barks to you. >> thank you, jeff. >> awareness events in blackwood is cat's me owe for animals lover s today. they opened its doors for kitten shower just like babies these supplies guests brought essentials and got love in return. "fyi philly" is next on channel 6. for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team i'm walter perez have a great night and great week news" team i'm walter perez have a great night and great week ahead.
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