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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 12, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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. making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a massive man hunt for a convicted quill killer in a school shooting who escaped from prison. new details about where he was finally found. the chorus of critics growing louder toward nfl commissioner roger goodell, as what he possibly knew comes out. and the women showing support for rice. memorable rescue. a man and his girlfriend get trapped in flood waters, and he uses the opportunity to ask a life-changing question. and feeling the need? the need for speed? could maverick and his fancy flying be making a return?
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well, good friday morning, i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm dan kloeffler. a convicted shooter who escaped from an ohio prison. >> t.j. lane is back in custody. he is serving life sentences for killing three students in 2012. >> he and two other inmates broke out of the correctional facility as they rushed to protect those killed in the shooting. and searchers used airplane infrared detecters to find him. he was only a hundred yards from the prison. >> you know, he did scale our perimeter fence. and, again, this is an ongoing investigation. obviously i'm not happy that it's happened. no warden in my position would like something like this to happen. >> lane became notorious following the shooting for his behavior during the trial, wearing a shirt saying killer on
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it, and gave an obscene gesture and smirked at the families. one of the inmate is still on the run. much more later on "good morning america." another day, another stunning revelation in the ray rice scandal. questioning when roger goodell actually knew what happened in the elevator. that didn't stop ravens fans from shows support, including a number of women sporting number 27 jerseys. >> this morning, an espn report claims that goodell knew since june that ray rice knocked his fiance out cold. >> reporter: the baltimore ravens and the pittsburgh steelers, but overshadowed bit ray rice controversy. >> a very bad mistake made by the player. >> imagine not hit a woman, but ray rice should not be judged by the nfl, but by the courts. >> reporter: the former fbi director robert meuller has been brought in to look at what they
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knew about what happened in the elevator and who saw the video. roger goodell said it was inconsistent with what rice told him happened that night. here's goodell in an interview with abc news. >> when we met with ray rice and his representatives, it was ambiguous about what actually happened. >> reporter: but espn is reporting that four sources close to rice say that during the running back's meeting with the commissioner in june, he told goodell he hit janay and knocked her unconscious. >> the kmishs should be held accountable. >> reporter: they knew rice's lawyer had the surveillance tape, but never asked to see it. the owner of the ravens told the abc station in baltimore he loved rice, and the star running back had a star record. >> i'm guilty of -- of seeing it the way a parent would see it. see it the way you would if it was your son or brother.
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you -- you interpreted what was being told to you in the light that was most favorable to ray. >> reporter: 16 women senators are urging roger goodell to take a zero tolerance policy on domestic violence, if you assault a woman, no second chance. >> and in south africa, it is judgment day for oscar pistorius. in a decision that stunned trial watchers around the world, he was cleared the murder charges. but now he's facing conviction of culpable homicide. equivalent to manslaughter in the shooting death of his girlfriend. it could be a fine or 15 years in prison. we have 11 days left until summer is over. and in many parts of the country, pulling out the parkas. this is cast par, wyoming. temperatures were below freezing, and 10 inches of snow possible in mountain areas. now further south, georgia rains
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have epic flooding in tennessee. and 8 inches in five hours in some areas. people stranded in their homes had to be rescued by both. the heavy rain caused the roof to collapse at a mall. and in the northern states, cold out there. >> 12 states under frost advisories or freeze warnings as cold weather pressing down from canada. jim dickey joins us with the latest. >> good morning. an unseasonably cool air mass stays in place in the upper midwest. challenging record lows in many locations, down to 42, minneapolis. 30 in bismarck, 35 in pierre. and 35 in denver. and rainfall, and snowflakes mixing in. not expecting much in the way of accumulation. but much of the accumulation has
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fallen here in the higher elevations. and low pressure, a tropical disturbance across central and southern florida. and will bring flooding, moves into the gulf headed out to next week. back to you. an american doctor being treated for ebola in nebraska is recovering well after getting blood from another american. dr. ray sacra got blood from brantly, who carries antibodies. it's difficult to determine what's helping him improve. overseas, arab nations are giving lukewarm support to president obama's attempt to defeat i.s.i.s. and secretary of state john kerry is trying to drum up support. not calling it a war against i.s.i.s. instead, using the term counterterrorism operation of a significant order. when it comes to approval
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ratings, president obama has been struggling for some time. >> but you think he would be a slam dunk with the kids. not necessarily true. check out what happened when students were told a mystery guest would be stopping by. >> i really wanted it to be beyoncé. >> i understand. most -- malia and sasha would feel the same way. >> we thought you were going to be beyoncé. >> but then i realized it was going to be you, that's even better. >> oh, see that. well, i appreciate you saying that in front of the press. i know it's not really true, but that's okay. >> the honesty there. right? even mrs. obama said she'd rather see beyoncé. that got a huge smile from the president, at least in public. that's probably a common response, democrats, republicans, and the president is wishing beyoncé would show
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up. >> i bet you're right. and the mystery virus sending kids to the hospital. what parents should look for. and quick-thinking customer, the bold move during the robbery. and why the bench is cleared and why a pitcher had to be restrained.
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. welcome back. you can preorder an iphone 6 right now. verizon, sprint and at&t began selling the new models a few hours ago. apple took down the site to get ready for preorders. both the 6 and the 6 plus are being offered with three
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different capacities. they should be in stores a week from today. new details about how the federal government pressured yahoo! to give up data about users. new court documents showed fines of $250,000 a day if it didn't turn over information about the foreign users. this was six years ago, and it was part of a national security request. yahoo! appealed and lost. toyota, recalling 130,0130,00 130,000 2014 toyota tundra trucks because of the side curtain air bags. they were not installed correctly, but no cincinnatis or injuries. and dolphin tale 2 is expected to have a strong debut, enough to knock gard yans of the gal axeriy out of the top spot, but could be beat by no good
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deed, a new thriller. would you eat this? yeah. that burger is nearly all black at burger king in japan. they are blackened by bamboo charcoal, the special sauce from squid ink. and no plans to sell the burger here in the u.s. listen i can do that any time on the weekend. a lot of grillers saying what make this is unique, this comes off the grill every weekend. >> i know you keep a bottle of squid ink. >> freshly stocked. when we come back on this friday morning, the right tools in and out. wait until you see what these burglars used to break into a safe. and the right time to pop a question, one woman gets a big, shiny surprise while being rescued from a flood. at the dannon creamery, we've put a fresh twist on classic desserts.
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welcome back on this friday. do not adjust your television. that is not stock footage. that is the real deal. snow across the dakotas. nearly two more weeks still left in summer. mount rushmore, 7 inches, rapid city, the earliest snowfall since 1888. and wyoming, below freezing, and denver, measurable snowfall. >> i'm not ready for the jacket. >> they aren't either. a storm system covering texas and the midwest and south, creating wet and flooding conditions up into the ohio valley and out to the east coast. and roads wet across the upper midwest and great lakes and south florida. >> and flying told, airport delays possible in charlotte, atlanta, memphis, dallas and houston. the cdc has issued a new warning about the virus that's affected 1,000 children. >> starts out looking like a common cold, but progresses to
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where kids are struggling to breathe. and health officials are urging parents to be vigilant. >> if you're a parent, two crucial things to do if your child has a cold and has any trouble breathing, take them to the doctor right away. this is contagious, good hand washing is the best way to keep them safe. >> it's quite common, rarely fatal, and most kids can expect a full recovery. an extra set of eyes is helping in the search for a missing texas woman. the faa has approved drones to look for christine morris. she vanished after a night out with friends in plano. they say it's more effective than just a helicopter, zooming in on tire tracks. and objects as small as a tennis shoe. crews are working to put out a fire that broke out at a connecticut factory. flames spread to quickly that siding on nearby buildings
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started melting. it was a four alarm fire, and power was shut off. two fire fighters have suffered heat-related illnesses. a search is on for a pair of brazen burglars who broke into an at&t store. this is surveillance video of the thieves using a saw cutting into saves. they made off with $40,000 worth of cell phones and tablets. they believe they broke into others in the past six months. and surveillance cameras rolling as four masked men went into a jewelry store, scooped up everything inside, but as they escaped, one customer worked up the nerve to snatch back one of the bags filled with jewelry, grabbing it right out of the hands of the burglars. >> i think it was instinct. the fact the shop owner was so upset that his lively hood was going out the door.
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i can't say it was a premeditated thought. just did it on impulse. >> the jewelry in the bag was worth $80,000, saving the shop owners from going out of business. from stealing jewels to stealing hearts, comes a tale worthy of a hallmark card. and rescuers going door-to-door, inside an apartment complex, lesley bruno got the surprise of a life, there it is. her boyfriend popped the question. >> she was so mad, i figured i would ask her to marry me. >> the ring was in his car, he had to go through the water, pull it out. he came out and we got engaged in the porch. >> no time like the prevensent,d like a story to go with it. it was in the middle of a flood zone, but a big congratulations. if you can weather that, you can weather anything. >> absolutely. time now for sports. distractions at a baseball game, and a team in a controversy
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stayed focus. >> details from espn news. good morning, welcome to "sportscenter" set, with neil evere everett, i'm stan verrett. serious situation with the marlins. >> you're going to go, like, whoa. giancarlo stanton, hit him right below the left eye. stanton had multiple facial fractures, stitched for cuts, his season is likely over. never lost consciousness. if you're not familiar with stanton, you need to get familiar with him. i mean, this guy might be the national league mvp. it's down to him and clayton kershaw, the pitcher for the dodgers. stanton leads in homers, rbi and slugging, something no player has done in the last two decades, six went on to win the mvp. the rest of the baltimore ravens have been answering questions about their former
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teammate ray rice. thursday, had to play against the biggest division rival, the pittsburgh steelers. joe flacco to owen daniels, and the ravens up 7-0. they lost their opener to the bengals. try to avoid an 0-2 start. flacco, helping out, daniels again for another touchdown. take another look at that one. the ravens go up 17-6, and they beat the steelers 26-6 in baltimore. >> from the kim elshow, saying take the dolphins over the bills. >> you're going to take that to the bank. >> absolutely. up on the pulse, need for speed. maverick making a return to the big screen. and picture perfect, one student's yearbook photo going viral this morning. because beautiful skin goes with everything. [ female announcer ] aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion has active naturals® oat with five vital nutrients naturally found in healthy skin.
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♪ i went through the danger zone ♪ love that song. stories you'll be talking about today, starting with the feeling for the need forspeed. >> kenny logens confirming that the sequel to top gun definitely happen. and tom cruise will reprize his role as maverick. >> no word on which characters will be returning and who will be playing them. jerry bruckheimer is negotiating to put it all together. i'd love to see that. >> a lot of people are going to be dying for that one. one family of baltimore ravens fans decided to turn this ray rice scandal into a teachable moment. >> they decided not to throw away the jersey, but covered the r in rice to make it nice. and completed the message, be nice to girls, turning a negative thing into a positive one. >> very good message, not only to baltimore, but to the rest of
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the country. >> completely. and schenectady high school, rodriguez wanted his high school photo to stand out, that's mr. bigles worth. >> a cat with lasers. >> and he didn't want a i look like everyone else. it can appear in the yearbook, but not the portrait section. he said he can accept the school's ruling. >> the back yup photo, a usual head shot with mr. bigglesworth there. >> the cat is still there. >> people love their animals. >> that is fine, and want it immortalized in the senior yearbook. there you have it right there. >> i think it's cool to stand out. >> i agree in some instances. so for some of you, your local news is next. >> for the rest of you, we'll be back with your friday funnies. ♪ on progressive direct and other car insurance companies?
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, it is friday, september 12, 4:27, we're following several breaking stories, including this one, a judge moments ago found olympian oscar pistorius guilty of culpable homicide in the killing of reeva steenkamp. we have learned that authorities in the midwest have captured high school killer t.jrntle -- t.j. lane. we're following the ray rice domestic violence case, we're looki finally from us, two big stories that seem to dominate the late night joke this is week. >> we're talking about the iphone 6 and the new royal baby on the way. here now, friday fun yis.
4:28 am
>> people are getting on the name of the new royal baby with james and elizabeth as the early favorites. yeah, james and elizabeth, or as other celebrity babies put it, freaks. my kids' names are sqig and freefrufrm. sit in the naughty set next to lava lamp. >> i think they should name the kid kong. no one would mess with him. a native american group protested the redskins nickname. and a group of cowboys wide receivers gathered outside of the game, because that's where tony roe me's passes were landing. and the rightful heir to tibetan leadership, one solution, i will be the 15th da lay llama.
4:29 am
>> the olive garden sold out of the never-ending pasta pass. for $100, this will allow you to eat as much pasta, salad and soup in seven weeks. michelle obama shed a single tear. pimp kin spice must have the best pr person, there's pumpkin spice beer, shampoo, m and ms, there are pumpkin spice pringles which sounds disgusting. i'm surprised they aren't coming out with a pumpkin spice iphone 6. >> jimmy! >> yes? >> big news! >> yes? >> they just came out with a pumpkin spice iphone 6. >> there it is. >> i love that pumpkin spice. >> that is with what is making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america."
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>> good morning, we're following several breaking news stories on this fridaye september 12, the ohio teen serving three life sentences for gunning down three of his classmates is behind bars after a daring escape. >> the judge in the oscar pistorius murder case has found him guilty of culpable homicide in the killing of his girl friend. >> a video shows a different side of a fight that put a park ranger in the hospital. >> good morning, 4:3


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