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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  September 16, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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place that the shooting took place. police are looking for this man, a double murder suspect. he fired 11 shots down the block of adam street, killing megan doto, the baby girl she carried nearly to term died also and that she was not the target and he was firing at a dark sedan that circled the block several times. >> we don't know who was in the vehicle but he pulled a gun and fired at the vehicle and one bullet when down the street and killd this young lady. >> among the charges are attempted murder and aggravated assault. police served a warrant on his opinion state home this morning and he was not there, his father said he did not do this shooting. >> my son did not do this, he was in the house with his own two kids. my other son just got killed a week ago and they are looking
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for someone to blame and they want to put it on him. >> indeed another one of brown's sons was killed gang land style. now the gishard brother on the lam may have fired for the people gunning for him. as a memorial grew today for megan, residents of this frankford neighborhood came forward to finger the murder suspect but were not interested in the $40,000 reward. >> none of the people that came in and identified him as a shooter, they didn't want the reward money, this was for a young lady and an unborn baby and they wanted to do the right thing. >> if you spot him please call police right away. live at police headquarters in center city, vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. now to a developing story, there is an all out hunt for the man suspected of shooting two
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pennsylvania state troopers killing one of them. officials have identify that suspect as eric frein. there are 200 law enforcement officials looking for frein. they say he killed corporal byron dickson and critically wounded douglas outside of the barracks, and we'll have a live report at 6:00. the respiratory virus that sent children to the hospital in other states arrived here in philadelphia. tests show that four kids recently admitted to the hospital had inverto virus 68. all four are released after stays ranging from 2 to 6 days, the virus starts out like a cold but could cause sudden breathing problems. president obama unveiled a stepped up plan to battle the
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ebola virus in west africa, 3500 troops will head there to help shore up the health concerns. >> president obama spoke today at the cdc in atlanta, he talked about the dire situation unfolding in west africa. >> here is the hard truth, in west africa, ebola is now an epidemic the likes of which we have not seen before, it's spiraling out of control and getting worse and spreading faster. >> these are the current numbers. nearly 5,000 cases and more than 2400 people have died from the ebola virus, the world health organization says that these numbers will skyrocket unless major efforts are made to contain the outbreak that, is why the united states is stepping up its efforts. as of now people are waiting in lines outside of treatment centers in liberia's capital
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because there aren't enough beds. >> we are behind the wave of disease at the moment and our entire focus is getting ahead of the wave. >> president obama calls the outbreak a top national security priority. the u.s. will partner with the united nations and other international governments, the goal is to contain the outbreak, the strategy includes calling in the military. the u.s. army will set up a command center in liberia, with 3,000 troops to lead the efforts. engineers to help build treatment centers, and start a center to train workers. dr. kent brantly met with the president before testifying at a senate hearing today. the doctor describes the scene as fire straight from the pit of hell it will take an influx of medical personnel to extinguish
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the outback. we'll continue to follow this story. >> thank you ali. >> in is much more on the expanded u.s. response in west africa tonight on world news with dave muir, that is 6:30 directly after "action news" at 6:00. and amtrak met with delays once an accident knocked out wires in maryland. it caused problems for passengers at 30th street station today. john rawlins live with the story. >> reporter: a lot of upset southbound passengers that is for sure. that accident occurred overnight in maryland, it shut down the northeast corridor at that location, all three tracks, 12 hours later they were able to bring back one of the tracks and we have limited service, and as you take a look here things are better at 30th street, there are some delays and cancellations southbound. the first southbound regional train finally departed
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philadelphia at 2:00 p.m., train 171. stranded passengers grade grateful to be aboard. >> i am grateful to be on board this one. >> a frustrating day for amtrak staff and thousands of passengers, the cause of the shut down, a 2 a.m. accident that wiped out power in southern maryland. >> a train was carrying a wide load and struck a support pole that holds the overhead wiring system. it caused significant damage. it struck and badly bent a steel upright that supports the wires, eventually buss were brought in to move people south and in some cases they arrived hours than expected. >> as far as telling us what happened. and get on things and moving now and things will go good. the lack of communication.
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the biggest complaint from new jersey. i boarded in newark but didn't find out until i boarded the train. >> if i had known i won have gone on the train and would have gone home. >> do you ride amtrak often? >> this is my first experience. >> will there be a second? >> no. >> not a good first impression, but most people were regular amtrak riders and they understand accidents happened but would have liked to have got and updates like texts or something. the pole that was knocked down, it was a large oversized electrical transformer. live at 30th street station, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. time for a check of "action news" traffic report tuesday night. lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> i want to say those that
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didn't know can't blame us, we talked about the delays all morning long and now again this afternoon. luckily the trains are back up and running as john just told us between wilmington and d.c., but as we said with southbound delays and a few xatded delays on the septa rails specifically the wilmington newark and west trenton lines but overall on time with the new schedules and a new schedule on the patco trains over the ben franklin bridge but everything is on time. and even though we have two lanes down on the ben, traffic is moving fine. northbound at witd kerr an accident to avoid. and in mount laurel, still a crash along church road near clover road. we'll check it again and give you more details in the next half hour. well, the push for pre-k
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continued today in philadelphia, the superintendant of schools dr. william hite joined preschoolers, they organized the event and they are working to ensure that every child in the state has access to quality preschool. >> children that have access to the pre-k learn to read by the time they are in the third grade. >> hite told the crowd that preschoolers are more likely to graduate from high school. >> there is more to come on "action news" at 5:00, one day after gun fire erupps outside of a philadelphia middle school, parents share their lingering concerns. >> clouds gave way to sunshine, and i am tracking a bit of a roller coaster ride temperature-wise in the accuweather forecast. >> and a major company is parting ways wtd minnesota vikings. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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crime tape and bullet holes and gun casings is one sight
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that parents don't want to see their their children's school. that is what they saw yesterday, at central elementary school. we went back to the neighborhood school. the shooting happened on park street, we are told that kip is middle of the a drug water. the parents are outraged by the violence. >> a terrible thing to happen. as great as this school is, nobody is safe anymore. >> they just shooting like crazy, everybody that does that, they should get the fullest extent of the law. it's ridiculous. >> they are acting a fuel for no reason. kip is for our neighborhood to go around here and go through all of this is uncalled for. >> thankfully none of the children were hurt in the shootings, but parents see
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questionable groups of people hanging on the corners near this school and the parents are calling for an increased presence from the police. they say there is no plans at time to beef up patrols at this time. the grand jury in missouri have more time to decide if police officer darren wilson will be charged in the shooting death of michael brown, they have differing accounts of what left the 18-year-old dead. police claim that police had a confrontation and he reached for the officer's gun, the deadline is extended until january 7th and that doesn't necessarily mean that it will take that long to reach a decision. a major sponsor is distancing itself from the minnesota vikings, surrounding adrian peterson, he face a
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charge of child abuse for hitting his son with a wooden switch. the minneapolis shopping mall pulled all of his jerseys from store shelves. he is expected to play in the team's game on sunday. >> a new report says that the agency responsible for the nation's safety of the roads mishandled the safety recall of gm vehicles, the highway and traffic administration did not understand how airbags worked and failed to share information internally and they should have discovered the faulty switches seven years before they recalled them to fix the cars. philadelphia schools teamed up with the philadelphia zoo to
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give a boost today. a free booster seat give away today. they presented the hospital of philadelphia, a check for $530,000. the money goes towards rye search at chop for ways to prevent injuries with children. car crashes are the leading cause of death for children 4 years of age and older in the united states. >> still to come, one shipping company is to -- and don't forget you can take the new with you everywhere you go. the new smart design fits any device including tablets and your smart phone no matter how large or small your screen.
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they deliver everything i need right to my door! with free shipping! plus, med-care takes private policies, medicaid, even my medicare! now we have the time to do the things we love. med-care. we deliver a better life. shares of stock slumped today after sears received a billion dollar loan from their ceo. they are borrowing the money to make it through the shopping season for the holidays, they see it as a bad sign, they lost $750 million in the first half of the fiscal year. the company announced it will hire 95,000 seasonal employees, the hiring push is nearly double last year's
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numbers. ups needs the seasonal workers to deal with the annual surge in packages october through january, the holiday hires will be paid at least $10 an hour to load trucks and assist with deliveries. the social security administration says they will once again mail statements to workers to let them know if there are estimated benefits. they mailed statements to save $70 million a year. benefits. last year congress passed a bill to require the agency to once again send out the statements. they will receive paper statements every five years starting at their 25th birthday. rite-aid pharmacies in delaware were giving back today it was their prescription for helping children in need. right here in newcastle, a check for 10,0$10,000 for the family t program, an organization aimed
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to help disadvantaged youngsters and representatives from ride aid were on hand for the presentation. and they urge employees to donate to various childrens charities. ahead tonight, check it out looking live at penn's landing tonight. know that chasing performance can mean lower returns and fewer choices in retirement. know that proper allocation could help increase returns
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time for ac warm weather at the "action news" big board, here is cecily tynan. >> satellite 6 along with action radar showing this is what was going on at 6:00, a broken band of showers along the i-95 corridor, so a damp start to the morning commute and it moved out by 11:00, a good amount of sunshine and then colder air in the upper atmosphere caused these clouds to bubble up but they will thin out in the overnight hours. we could use the rain, the lawns are looking dry and some of the reservoirs are low, the last 30 day, we received 2.2 inches of rain and .2 overnight and we had a trace to quarter inch overnight. this is about 1.5 inches below normal. we could use a good soaking but it's not happening within the next week.
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we'll stay on the dry trend. temperatures on the dry trend and 72 in philadelphia and 78 is the normal high for this time of year. allentown and reading stuck in the 60s, wilmington is 73 and millville 73. a battle of two seasons, we have this big dip in the jet stream, north of it temperatures in the 60s and 70s and south of it generally the 80s and 90s and what is going on there is high pressure over chicago and this is what keeps us dry tomorrow, and then can you see another cold front up across canada and not a lot of moisture with this. as it moves across, it could be a stray sprinkle. that drops temperatures to 70 on friday, this is the big story, odile, now a tropical storm, 50 miles per hour winds and the center of it is over the gulf of california. but the problem is it's pumping up all of this tropical moisture
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then leads to widespread flooding over the desert southwest over the next two days, big problems for arizona and new mexico, the next two days could get more than 4 inches of rain close to 5 inches in tucson, that is about a half year's worth of rain in a day and a half. so widespread flooding is expected there. tonight a fall chill, clouds early and then 57 in philadelphia, 57 in allentown and 50 in millville. tomorrow high pressure is in control, a beautiful day, sunny and 75 degrees, thursday more clouds ahead of that next cold front and look at this, on friday, only 70 and friday 77 and sunday the last day of summer, 81 degrees, and how about the beginning of fall and adam has the answer in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. more to come in the next half hour at 5:00, a father shoots and kills a man in his father's room in northeast philadelphia,
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we have the latest on the investigation. >> plus, a former nazi guard in auschwitz will stand trial, but oscar growner says that accessory is too strong a word. and we'll go live to los angeles to see if firefighters are able to gain the upper hand. i'm j-a-n-e and i have copd.
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ask your doctor about b-r-e-o for copd. first prescription free at "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, rick williams and monica malpass.with hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. a father shoots and kills a man he finds in his daughter's bedroom in northeast philadelphia, turns out it was her boyfriend. we are live with the investigation. plus, an angry outburst, as military leaders add another option in the fight against isis what they now say that troops might do, in california wild fires are forcing folks to seek safer ground. we'll go live to los angeles where the heat and wind is making a tough challenge for firefighters. now, the details,
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investigators are trying to sort out what happened inside of anorth philadelphia apartment late last night. a father shot and killed his daughter's boyfriend when they discovered the man inside of they are home. sara bloomquist is live now with the full story. >> reporter: rick, the father was released by police after being questioned through the overnight hours, the case is now in the hands of the district attorney's office to determine what if any charges should be filed against him after he shot and killed his daughter's boyfriend after discovering the man in her bedroom last night. >> police were called to the home circle apartments on axe factory road at 11:30 last night to a second story apartment with a 43-year-old man lives with his 21-year-old boyfriend. >> they found a male shot in the head. >> he was pronounced dead. >> the initial report was an


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