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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  September 28, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news" tonight. severe storms. fierce winds ripping off an airport roof, exploding this transformer, tumbling an entire row of power lines, torrential rains, now challenging records. the fall storm on the move tonight. sudden blast. a deadly volcano erupting as hundreds of hikers are on the move. and a cloud of dust, and the race is on to save the hikers. moment of terror. a small town car show turned tragic. the monster truck careening out of control, crashing head on into the crowd. and just married.
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george clooney and his bride make their debut as husband and wife. the secret details coming in tonight. good evening and thank you for joining us this sunday evening. i'm cecilia vega. we begin with those damaging storms slamming yet again an area already drenched, the southwest. in phoenix, winds up to 75 miles an hour shaking even the airport. and take a look at this, giant pieces of roof littering the tarmac. cars standing no chance with the torrential rain. some spots select collecting an inch and a half in 30 minutes. and this at the public library, a visitor climbing under a tree to get to the door. we'll have the forecast in just a moment. first, abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano leads us off with the storm on the move tonight. >> reporter: so much for the desert southwest.
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at round of heavy rain and severe rains and storms this weekend. yesterday, so much rain fell, even the interstates were flooding. this month alone, phoenix was receiving ten inches of rain. that is ten times the average amount. and yesterday's wind, hurricane strength, gusting up to 75 miles an hour. >> look at it. >> reporter: that is the roof off terminal two at phoenix's airport. and the storm shut down the airport for an hour. and 40 flights to be diverted. and winds caused debris to hit electric lines. and you can see transformers exploding in the distance. and now in florida, much of the sunshine state also dealing with flooding rain in the last few weeks, water inundating a neighborhood. and parts of tampa bay with a half of foot of rain this weekend, causing a whole other set of problems.
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last week alone, the rains collapsed the roof of this business. >> it dumped a lot of rain and maybe the roof drains failed. >> and a sewer line erupted. estimated 300,000 of waste water has discharged in a nearby creek in florida. >> there is more to come? >> yeah, more rain across florida. they don't need anymore. the bulk of the rain tomorrow will be across the florida handle where they haven't seen it today. but it will be excessive, panama city up to tallahassee. in georgia. loeltly, over two inches of rainfall. and also, the system that came out of phoenix and did the damage yesterday, that is pulling into the rockies. we will see heavy rain in spots there. and rapid city, over two inches of rainfall. through tomorrow night. >> it feels like sumner new york city. that is not going to last. >> no, it's been a summer curtain call. today and tomorrow, no different. we will see cooling. temperatures tomorrow, once again, will be in the upper 80s
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to 80 degrees in the big cities. and traverse city, 66, and the cooler air will be sliding south. we turn now to the deadly volcano eruption in japan. you can see it over my shoulder. thick smoke billowing from the craters. the sudden blast trapping hikers on a mountain. some bodies knee deep in ash. here is gloria riviera with the urgent rescue under way tonight. >> reporter: it came without warning, japan's epic mt. ontake suddenly turning deadly. this is the moment, captured by a hiker who often posts his travels, a simple trek became a frantic fight for survival. watch this video from inside the summit. the hikers plunged into darkness. ontake erupted during prime hiking season, listen as the crystal sky is shattered by volcanic debris. some 250 climbers many believed to be near the 10,000 foot peak
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caught, some of them trapped over night. emergency helicopter teams rushing to pluck survivors from the ashen slope. battling toxic gases and fears of another eruption. the hails fell like hailstone this man said, we couldn't breathe. dozens are dead. others are buried in ash. mt. ontake is just one of we volcanoes in japan. we recently traveled to indonesia, in the ring of fire, those 450 volcanoes circling the pacific, responsible for 90% of the world's volcanic eruptions. when you're this close you not only hear that boom but you feel it. thunder, fireworks, all at once. it's absolutely amazing. but eruptions such as mt. ontake can be difficult to predict, scientists recently seeing an uptick in seismic activity, but
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nothing predicting this. despite the nightmare, there were the lucky in japan. survivors off the mountain, back in their loved one's arms. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. and gloria will have an in-depth report on dangerous volcanos later this week on "nightline." and hong kong, tens of thousands of people packing on the financial district. police lobbing tear gas in the sea of protesters, arresting more than 60 people opposed to the chinese government. with more protesting expected this week, analysts fear it would affect the global financial markets tomorrow. and back here at home, and what could be a miserable travel week ahead. and a fire started by a disgruntled worker destroyed an air traffic control network and
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the effects still being felt around the country. and you can see the trouble there. here is david kerley on the race to repair the damage. >> reporter: passengers still passing time in line with air traffic control around chicago still down. >> it's been very crazy. >> reporter: at least the passengers knew there were problems. >> it's frustrating to get through the line now. >> reporter: with control centers around chicago picking up the slack, about 70% of flights are getting in and out. and still, 500 chicago flights canceled sunday. the problem? the damage was so extensive to the regional center outside of chicago when a 36-year-old contractor who worked in the building sabotaged equipment, started a fire and tried to commit suicide. one said, there is so much blood it's like a biohazard. along with that, fire and water damage and cut cables. so the faa is going to build a duplicate system.
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assembled inside the building. the first equipment arriving tonight. building a new center will take days, meaning the delays and cancellations will last at least two weeks. >> it's affecting the whole world. traffic coming from europe and asia coming to chicago are impacted like wise. because they have to absorb some of the delay. >> reporter: one faa official described the impact similar to a bad weather day. the problem is, we have at least 14 bad days ahead. cecilia? >> travelers bracing for what is to come. david kerley, thank you very much. and a new concern about the mysterious virus spreading quickly across the country. three weeks ago, 11 states affected by enterovirus. and tonight, 45 states with confirmed or suspected cases. many of them children. here is clayton sandell on a new system that has parents especially worried. >> reporter: debra johnson said
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interovirus d-68 nearly killed her son, 13-year-old simon. >> he was a bluish gray color. >> i was scared because i was not able to stay awake. >> reporter: barely able to breathe, simon spent nine days in the hospital. and now, doctors warn that patients with respiratory illness could face a new complication. >> were a week, we had 850 cases of respiratory come in. >> reporter: at children's hospital colorado, nine patients are experiencing symptoms of paralysis, several of the young patients having trouble moving their arms and legs tested positive for d-68. the cdc is investigating whether or not that specific virus is to blame. >> we really don't know. we are asking people to say what is going on around the nation. >> reporter: the paralysis could be permanent. but it's rare. parents should keep an eye on sick kids.
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>> when your child is not acting the way they do with a cold system that is when you need to be concerned. you have to look for breathing difficulty and wheezing is important to deal with. >> reporter: nine paralysis cases here in colorado. but as more states begin reporting in the next couple days, that number could go up. >> a frightening prospect. thank you. and now a controversial move in college football this weekend. not because of what a player did. but because of what a coach did not do. his quarterback clearly hurt, a possible head injury. but his coach left him in the game. here is the newest member of the abc news team, tom llamas, about the question, whose responsibility is it to keep the players safe. >> reporter: it's a play almost painful to watch. >> he can barely stand up now. >> reporter: that is university of michigan quarterback shane morris getting drilled by a minnesota defensive end. morris, already suffering from a leg injury, seeming unsteady on his feet.
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the announcers speculating he might have a concussion. >> it was appalling he was left in on the day. but red coach brady hoke keeping him on the field. out rage on social media. most basic tenet of coaching is player safety. and this one, fire brady hoke. after the game, coach hoke on defense, saying he didn't know his sophomore quarterback was wobbling. >> i don't know if he has a concussion of not. i don't that. >> reporter: during college games, it's up to the coaches and staff to make the call. >> he took a heavy hit. >> reporter: the nfl, unlike the ncaa, has a certified athletic trainer watching the game and replays to find players with potential head injuries. both the ncaa and nfl are paying millions in settlements surrounding the dangers of concussions. >> if you are the head coach, brady hoke, how can you not know what your quarterback is going
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through? how can you not see that and say, okay, get him out of here? >> reporter: experts estimate there are about 4,000 concussions a year in college football. and sis celia, no word just yet from morris and the university if he did sufficient ear concussion. that video is tough to watch. tom, we want to welcome to you "world news" tonight. it's great to have you as part of the team here. >> thanks very much. and the final good-bye to yankee captain to derek jeter. his final game taking place in boston. normally the yankees' arch rival. not today. the red sox gave him a pregame send off, including a thank you from every member of the team. big papi offering a big hug. every player shaking hands. jeter's final play, a single and a pinch runner brought in. and jeter walked off the field for the last time, tipping his hat to the crowd. by everyone's account? a good sport and a good gentleman. still ahead, a terrifying moment at a car show.
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coming in tonight from a dutch car show. a monster car crashed in a crowd of spectators. sending families screaming and running for cover. the impact, deadly. here is the story. >> reporter: home video showing the moment a monster truck spectacle spins tragically out of control. watch as the truck with tractor-trailer sized wheels plows over a row of cars, knocking down a guardrail and slamming into a group of horrified spectators. the accident happened in a small town fair in the netherlands. officials say at least two were kid, including a child and more than a dozen injured. it's not the first time we have seen monster trucks spin out of control. the massive truck used in the shows can weigh more than 9,000 pounds with tires more than five feet high. last year, a truck lost control in a show in mexico, killing
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eight and injuring 79. in 2009, a 6-year-old boy in washington state was killed by a flying piece of metal from a truck. industry officials here in the usa v u.s. say these events are safe and they continue working on ways to make them even safer. >> we have distances for spectators, direction of travel with the intent of keeping the spectators as far away as possible. >> reporter: as for today's accident, the organizers say the truck driver is questioned by police. they think the gas pedal may have gotten stuck. or maybe the brakes failed. >> so hard to watch. thank you. still ahead tonight, remember this? >> you, sir, are no gentleman. >> and you are no lady. >> why scarlet and rhett are back on the big screen tonight.
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grandmother wants to do in 2016. now, a story we first told you about a few days ago. remember the father-daughter moment. >> the cancer thing. let's do it. first bump. >> den gals football player devin still giving his 4-year-old daughter a pep talk before her cancer surgery. and now, more than 10,000 jerseys sold. $1 million of that goes to the cincinnati children's hospital. and you remember the moment when rhett butler was completely over scarlet o'hara? >> frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn. >> back in theaters across the country, tonight, marking "gone with the wind's" anniversary. the civil war classic adjust the for inflation, it's the biggest of all time, earning $1.6 billion. and when we come back, that wedding, you know the one. from "oceans 11" to the canals
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finally tonight, a star-studded guest list. lobster on the menu. a party that went all night long. what else would you expect from hollywood royalty. abc's lama hasan tonight on the canals of venice.
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>> reporter: the morning after the wedding of the year and the newlyweds making their debut as husband and wife. george clooney and his wife, amal alamuddin, emerging from the seven star aman hotel today. beaming to the cameras and showing off their new rings. feast your eyes on that bling. the night before,s the couple finally saying i do in a private ceremony. matt damon and wife luciana barroso, emily blunt and hubby john krasinski, anna wintour, bill murray, cindy crawford, and bono all making their way down the grand canal in style. the guests reportedly dancing to like the jackson 5 and daft punk. feasting on lobster, lemon risotto and fried polenta. the bride in an alexander mcqueen dress. we mortals may never know exactly what happened behind those closed doors, no images of
6:58 pm
the night. the guests, reportedly asked to leave their cell phones outside. the partying reportedly continuing into the wee hours of the morning, and with another, civil ceremony reportedly planned for tomorrow. a fitting fete for one of the world's most eligible bachelors, now a married man. >> the eternal bachelor officially off the market. we are all still waiting to see the dress. gma tomorrow. enjoy the rest of your sunday. have a good night.
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