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tv   Action News  ABC  November 3, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> good morning, here's what's happening on this monday november 3. the eagles beat the houston texans but it came at a coast. the live report from south philadelphia is coming up. >> the final push before election day we detail what's at steak and who is towing the line in one of the biggest races in the area. >> details on a program that's meant to speed up check in at a hotel. it starts with your smart phone. >> good morning, everyone, it is 4:30, my watch says 5:30.
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>> reporter: hey, david how doing? >> reporter: pretty good, i hope you're on tame across the region. we have the promise of early sunshine we think we'll transition to a sun and clouds mix. the cloud cover that's coming down in a gentle flow this morning. 38 degrees in philadelphia. 33 in allentown. upper 30s in trenton and reading. 37 in dover. 34 in millville. and 43 down the shore everybody feeling cool. there's a bit of a breeze out there. winds out of the northwest. a couple of spots in the teens, mostly single digits, but overall we're looking at the winds to pick up, not as bad as yesterday, but 10 to 20-mile an hour wind. 36 degrees by 6:00. up to 42 by 8:00. if you're driving around look out for tree branches and other items that might have blown on road surfaces.
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noon, 55. 3:00 p.m., 59 degrees that's going to be the high before we plunge back down to 51 by 6:00 and quickly into the 40s after that. we'll have the election day call for the rest of the workweek. karen. >> reporter: let's get you outside and show you the roads. it's dry and clear. i-95 near allegheny southbound traffic move be toward center city no problems or construction. on the big picture, speeds we reflecting that. 55 miles per hour on i-95 and 50 on the schuylkill expressway and better than that on the blue route. no issues there. in chester county down pole and wires from an overnight accident causing an issue on 252. it is southbound which is shut down between swedesford road and central avenue. stick to valley road as the alternate. >> the eagles managed to hang
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on for 31-21 victory over the houston texans, but the team paid a stiff price. >> quarterback nick foles has a broken collarbone what could leave him out for weeks. >> katherine scott is live at the home of the eagles in south philadelphia. >> reporter: victory was sweet but it did come at a cost. multiple reports nick foles broke his collarbone, and he will be out indefinitely. the eagles topped the houston texans 31-21, but the victory came at a price. two key players were injured. quarterback nick foles was sacked and injured his left, nonthrowing shoulder, in the last play of the first quarter.
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mark sanchez stepped in, he completed 15 of 22 passes two touchdowns for the win. >> i think mark did a good job. i think riley got spun around, boyds that i thought he had a good -- besides that i thought he had a good handle on what he was doing. demeco ryans was brought down with a torn achilles. >> now that the day is behind us, it's time to go on to the next game. >> nick foles is set to have an mri later on today, hopefully we'll hear more for the eagles and get more information information on the injury confirmed. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. new this morning, a philadelphia firefighter has been injured battling a house fire. the action cam was at the scene on the 2500 block of camack
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street in north philadelphia. they managed to get the fire out in about 15 minutes. the injured firefighter is being checked out at temple university hospital there's no word on what caused the fire. >> campaign 2014 is in the final stretch. both candidates for pennsylvania governor brought out the big guns for a last-mineraly to help get out -- last minute mineraly to get out the vote. >> he's not a professional politician, else somebody who knows how to create jobs, knows how to start a business and serve the public. else in it for the right reasons. >> reporter: the president brought presidential power to the liacouras i can't center to
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energize the democratic stronghold. >> pennsylvania is open for business for everybody. [applause] >> not just a favored few crohn's everybody. >> reporter: in bucks county, the loud and tell like it is stumped for his neighbor, the first in the adequate trying to not to lose re-election. >> democrats are not coming out and not excited, they are not excited about their own candidates. they are not excited about tom wolf in pennsylvania. let me tell you what's going to happen on tuesday night, four more years. >> governor corbett defended his record at the spring hill rally and said his opponent will have to raise taxes to get what he promised. >> my opponent wants to be ed rendell. tax and spend, texas and spend. >> there was one thing corbett
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and wolf's political heavy hitters had in common they pushed people to get out and vote. >> you need to elect tom corbett one more time on tuesday. >> you got to vote and you got to vote for tom wolf when you do i guarantee a better future for the people of pennsylvania and the people of this county. god bless you, god bless america, let's get to work! >> reporter: suddenly imagine today -- as you would imagine today is a busy day for tom wolf and tom corbett, kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> "action news" has learned that president obama switch to do backup air force one jet in his trip to the philadelphia rally. the primary air force one plane experienced a minor mechanical problem. the president departed on time and landed back in washington,
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d.c. rely on "action news" on election night for complete coverage of all the big races. we'll have live digital update throughout the night at >> time to get going on a first look at business. a lot of talk about this. this is the taj taj mahal casin. the workers are going to march to the mayor's office today. they are asking the mayor and others to do everything you can to keep the taj open. the casino has threatened to close next month. atlantic county's jobless rate has surged more than 11%. september's unemployment rate for the county was up 1.3% for the month before. let's look at wall street. stocks soared on the final day of trading for the month of october. futures are pointing to a higher
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open. there's. >> jury selection will begin today in the civil case against a former university pennsylvania professor who beat his wife to death. the victim's wife is seeking compensatory and punitive damages from raphael robb, he is convicted of murdering his wife back in 2006 inside their king of prussia home. the daughter has -- the couple has a daughter who was 12 when his wife was killed. the mega billion dollars is estimate the at $200 million. the philadelphia school district resumes hearing on wednesday to shut down the walter d. palmer charter school
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after an inquiry shows that it underperformed over the last 6 years. the school kicked out 250 children last month because it's unable to pay its bills. a long-running dispute over the washington redskins team is likely to go on for another quarter. >> in new york city a symbolic recovery from the 9/11 attack also. >> reporter: we're dressing kids in sweatshirts. immaculata at that is our university on 6abc. when i come back, i'll get you the day-park forecast and the
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>> it's 4:43, i still keep finding clocks in my house there's one hidden under the bed. >> reporter: i'm changing mine now. >> you can change mine, too. >> reporter: there goes tam, she also changing her, too. it's kind of cool out there, but we don't have strong winds just yet. don't forget the coat because it's chilly. we'll get milder for election
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day. that will be nice bringing on that always on day planner on the left-hand side of the screen for those watching in hd. it's cold, the winds it's not like they are nonexistent. yesterday, the winds were roaring through the region. as we look at satellite, a little bit of cloud cover up to the north. that may filter in as the day goes on. generally speaking we're looking at a sunny start, but sun and clouds mix for the rest of the day. 8:00, 42. 55 by 11:00. 59 by 2:00. the high will be 59 degrees, we'll be sitting on that around 23:00 this afternoon. high temperatures across the region. 57 in cape may. 58 in allentown. a couple of spots a tick or two higher with the sun and clouds mix.
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tomorrow, we'll transition to partly sun skies for election day and we're be at another improvement. that high pressure to the south we'll get a southerly or westerly flow. it will bring in mild air. we'll stop in the upper 50s and wednesday looks mild before the next rainmaker arrives on thursday. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. a mix of sun and clouds today. still cool, 59 and a little bit breezy especially after we get past sunrise. tomorrow, milder, 66 degrees is the high for election day. it will be cool in the morning with temperatures in the 40s when the polls open. by the midday hour feeling comfortable and later in the day and evening not too bad dipping into the upper 50s by the time the polls close. winds will not be that strong worse than the teens during the day. wednesday partly sunny and nice, all the way up to 6. that's good, but then another system comes in on thursday, we end up cloudy and rainy.
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the rain will be heavy at times and we're looking for street flooding, our high 61. it won't be a comfortable day. behind that system there could lingering showers on friday, fairly cloud, high of 55. we dry out for the weekend, but it's cooler. high of 50 on saturday, probably up into the mid 50s with clouds building on sunday. >> a federal judge has ruled that the washington redskins can continue to sue the five native americans who are suing the team over their name. the team is suing the five as part of a patent office ruling, citing saying the logo was disparaging. meanwhile, the fcc said it may ban the team name from being used on television broadcasts. >> we could learn more about the arrests made in connection with a deadly halloween crash in
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a los angeles suburbs. multiple arrests have been made in deaths of three teenage trick or treaters. the funeral for former boston mayor tom ma -- manino will be held today. he was 71 years old. doctors diagnosed him with cancer in february, shortly after the democrat left office. >> happening today, the new world trade center building occasionally opens for buildings. the first tenant for the one world trade center moves in today. the centerpiece of the 16-acre
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site where the twin towers stood until the 9/11 attacks. >> more stories you didn't see last night are coming up. we have details on the violent protests in ferguson, missouri and why police coast closed off a huge portion of aerospace. >> a baseball player dieing from brain cancer gets a unbelievable baseball debut. >>
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use parental controls or the v-chip. learn how at >> good monday morning to you right, we've got a dark ride in, right?od monday morning to you we're looking live in west chester, 202 at paoli pike, we're clear with no instruction. however, it will shut down at 11:00, they will do construction until 5:00 a.m. stick to paoli pike and boot road as the alternate. or use 352. we have an accident, down pole and wires, 252 is closed stick to valley road. here on the northeast extension northbound between quakertown and the lehigh valley we've got overnight construction out
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there, it's blocking the right lane. one lane blocked may cause a little bit of a an issue. construction in man field township, burlington county. construction southbound near exit 6 that construction is moving off the turnpike and moving nice, tam. >> safety is season police gave when they asked the u.s. government to restrict aerospace around ferguson missouri in august. authorities confirm the purpose was to keep away news helicopters. >> a 6th football from a college in western pennsylvania has been arrested in the brutal beating from the man from west chester. a freshman linebacker from california university of pennsylvania turned himself in on saturday. he and five teammates are
4:53 am
accused of attacking campbell. campbell suffered severe brain trauma. all of the players have been suspended from the team. a new castle county man is charged with manslaughter now that the pregnant woman he is accused of assaulting died. police arrested there flores on october 19. paola delgado-polanco died on wednesday. officials say she gave birth to a girl before she passed. at last check, the baby was listed in stable, but critical condition. health officials learn later today if another person in america has been infected with ebola. we'll have the details and the new jersey connection. >> a dozen new jersey seniors are baring it all to bring in
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>> it was an inspirational day for a young woman living out her baseball team. lawyeren hill played in her first and last game. she scored the first bucket of the game and the last. she celebrated with the team and her opponents afterwards. her story has drawn national attention leading to a fundraising drive for brain cancer research. >> there's a new twist on season 19 with "dancing with the stars." the seven remaining couples will perform in characters in history.
4:57 am
whoever scores the highest for the weekend gets immunity from elimination. the other 6 will have a dance off. the winner gets a few extra points and then the 6 find out which one of them will be going home. "dancing with the stars" airs tonight at 8:00 on 6abc. hey, grandma, you've seen the calendars of nearly naked firemen, now the new jersey seniors are following suit. sales of the cedar crest star calendars has raised $8,000 in three weeks. they decided to bear it all to raise money for seniors who may be in final need. the calendars cost ten dollars. i love that they are all wearing a smile. >> 4:57. the birds get a win, they take first place in the nfc east, but
4:58 am
it comes at a cost. >> parents encouraged to talk to their babies to increase their language skills. a new study suggests dads
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>> good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., it is monday, november 3. here's what's happening. accuweather shows more mild temperatures will replace the teeth chattering cold. eagles beat the houston texans and may have lost two key players in the process. >> we're one day away from election day if the critical midterm elections, find out how close republicans are nationally to take the senate. >> let's get weather and traffic with david and karen. good morning. >> reporter: satellite and radar showing we have a breeze coming down from the west and keeping us cool. the wind is dieing down in intensity, so