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tv   Action News  ABC  November 4, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> six amount on this tuesday november 4th. election day. here's what's happening. >> well, police are offering up a big reward in the search for a woman who was snatched right off of a philadelphia street. >> a journal with violent threats leads to a main line high school student's arrest. >> and when it comes to election day in our area, the
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headline race is the contest for pennsylvania governor. >> but first up let's get a preview of your weather and traffic and go over to karen rogers and dave murphy. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we're off to a nice start on election day. take a look as we have cloud cover on satellite. there are some breaks out to the west and generally speaking we'll see some sun in the morning and maybe a little bit more sun later in the day. and as we take a look at temperatures, hey, here's a big improvement. no longer in the 30's and 40's like we were the last couple of mornings. 52 degrees in philadelphia. now we have slipped to 49 in wilmington and 42er in allentown but even those numbers represent improvements over where we were recently. as we head out the door over the next couple hours to catch that school bus, kids, it's going to be a little cool on the bus stop. temperatures around 50 between 7:00 and 8:00, mainly cloudy and on the cool side, perhaps some sun showing through in some neighborhoods. on the train station platform your smartphone says 52 right now. by 8 o'clock, 50, by noon 65 and by 3 o'clock, 66 dropping down from our high of 67. we'll probably hit that around
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2 o'clock. more detailed voter's polling station forecast coming up for you as well as the latest on that rain headed in on thursday, karen. >> all right, not raining today, so today your morning commute is dry, clear and kind of quiet out there. we've got one issue out here on the schuylkill eastbound in montgomery. this disabled vehicle was blocking a lane. they've pushed it off to the shoulder now. this is your eastbound traffic headed towards center city. and it had been a little slow but the delay is thinning now that all lanes back opened on the schuylkill. the construction is clear on the northeast extension northbound near quakertown. all lanes opened. no delays there. so, looking pretty good. outside we go on i-95, that's your southbound traffic headed towards cottman, looking live heading towards center city. looking live here at cottman we can see no delays from yardley or pen department the ramp from 95 southbound to 202 is opened now. it was closed overnight for construction but for now you're good to go there as well, matt and tam. >> thank you karen. philadelphia police have a big reward and surveillance video will help lead them to a
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kidnapper and the woman he brazenly snatched off the street. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at police headquarters with this update. katherine. >> reporter: matt, experts say the first 48 hours after an abduction is crucial. there is a $10,000 reward being offered in this case and family members are pleading for this woman's safe return. this is the victim, 22-year-old carlesha freeland gaither. freeland gaither was seen in this surveillance video that police released from sunday around 9:40 on the 100 block of west colder street. the suspect parked his car on sunday night, walked over to freeland gaither and forced her down the germantown street into his car. police say the suspect was driving a 2000 to 2004 dark gray metallic ford taurus. it has an unknown pennsylvania tag and missing inspection stickers. police say she managed to kick out the car's rear windows in the struggle on the driver's side. audio from the surveillance hasn't been released but police say it indicates she does not know her attacker.
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family members are putting fliers up around the neighborhood trying to figure out what happened. >> she was coming from cousin's party or something, was walking down and she was supposed to call her boyfriend to meet her and she never did. >> i appreciates everybody's help and concern but bring my daughter back. >> reporter: last night police choppers searched the area from the air. cruisers were on the ground looking for clues. the fbi has joined philadelphia police in this search. again, a $10,000 reward is being offered in this case for information leading to an arrest and conviction. if you have any information on her whereabouts, you are urged to call northwest detectives. we're live from police headquarters, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." tam. >> okay, thank you, katherine. and a 17-year-old radnor high school student is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. she's also facing charges of making terroristic threats after police found disturbing writeings in her school note books. police say the columbine-obsessed girl was
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arrested at school yesterday after administrators found out that she wrote about mass shootings in her note books will specific targets being several students and a teacher. she wrote that "i could be the first female school shooter. i want to trap them and pick them off one by one ." >> she did have a fascination with serial killers and she did a lot of reading about torture but the most disturbing factor is she had a fascination and a keen interon the columbine shooters. >> the school notified parents about the arrest and about a male student with autism who has been taken into custody for making threats. >> it is election day and the polls open in new jersey five minutes and 31 seconds ago. the action cam is live at the bellmawr community center which is one of those polling places now opened for voters to visit in new jersey. polls in delaware and pennsylvania will open at 7:00 a.m. now, the biggest race we are watching today is the
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gubernatorial contest in the keystone state. erin o'hearn is following the battle of the toms live at the big board. >> reporter: so it begins in some areas. governor tom corbett has closed in on tom wolf. on average the polls have the democratic challenger up by about 11 points. now, yesterday both candidates making that last push before voters head out to the polls today. for months corbett has been slowly closing in on a substantial gap. he's fighting to win another four-year term. if he does not, he will be the first incumbent governor to fail to win reelection in modern pennsylvania history. democrat tom wolf has spent a substantial amount of his own money in his campaign promising to ease the tax burden on the middle class. corbett has fired back telling voters he is proud of his accomplishments in office. >> i've kept my promises. you know, we controlled the spending of pennsylvania, we've had fiscal discipline limited government and free interprice. the economy is doing much better than four years ago and we are just on the crest of taking off.
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i want to be able to continue to do that. >> if you care about education, vote; if you care about good jobs, vote; if you care about fairness, vote. >> reporter: and coming up at 6:30 we will cover some of the national races that have the biggest potential to change the control of the senate. matt, back to you. >> see you then erin. will begin streaming live results when the polls close at 8:00 p.m. we'll tweet them out with the hashtag 6abc vote. join "action news" at 11:00 for complete coverage of the local and national races. >> it's 6:07. the federal spotlight is on honda as investigators question the company's actions related to exploding air bags. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square. she's got more in business. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. federal safety regulators are looking into whether honda failed to report incidents with takata's air bags. the regulators say they've received information that honda failed to recorder some incidents that resulted in death or injury. and the percentage of houses
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sold to first time home buyers dropped to the lowest level in almost 30 years. just 33 percent of houses sold this year had been to first time buyers. usually it's about 40 percent according to the national association of realtors. high levels of student loan debt and slow income growth get the blame. a mixed day on wall street as another drop in oil prices sent energy stocks sliding. right now futures point to looks like a lower open. that's the latest in business news from the nasdaq market site. back to you matt and tam. >> thanks maribel. >> thanks maribel. >> i love stocks on election day. >> how about that. >> they either go up or down. >> right. >> people win, people lose. storm tracker 6 live double scan right now shows you that we are winning weather-wise. there's no rain out there. as we take a look outside, sky 6, the cameras not shaking as much as they did the last double mornings because we don't have the same level of winds as we've had the last couple days. temperatures off to a cool start. we're at 52 degrees in philadelphia right now. just 44 in allentown. things have gotten a little bit cooler up in the lehigh valley but that's still not
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bad compared to the last couple of days. 49 degrees in reading, 41 in trenton, line in wilmington and 53 in sea isle city. and i'll go ahead and bring in that always on day planner on the left-hand portion of your screen for those of you watching in hd. you can see some breaks in the clouds just to our west, a couple of them in fact and we are going to see some sunshine early today and probably the promise of a little bit more as we go later into the day. overall we'll call it a mix of clouds and sun. depending on where you are and when you're talking you could have bright sunshine at times today. clouds and sun in allentown, 66 degrees is the cool high but a little better than average for this time of year. down the shore, same story, above average high temperature of 67 degrees, clouds mixing with sun, nice conditions out there overall. and in philadelphia we'll go for a high of 67 today, clouds mixing with some sun, nice conditions, winds lighter than the last couple of days. out of the southwest only at seven to 14 miles per hour. that's not all that strong. and as we go through the day and head to the polls today, 49 degrees by 7 o'clock when the polls open in
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pennsylvania. new jersey, of course -- they're already opened. delaware coming up pretty quick. 65 degrees by noon and then by 3 o'clock, 66 degrees. your high today will be 67 right about there at 2 o'clock. so, if you wait until noon and then vote any time during the afternoon, maybe take a little exercise walk on the way over to the polls, you're in good shape. after work, 59 degrees, not too shabby at the polls and by the time they close at 8 o'clock, 57 degrees. that's pretty good election day call overall. as we take a look at tomorrow, we do have cloud cover mixing with some sunny breaks through the day. it's going to be another nice one with a flow ahead of a front coming in from the west getting us mild again tomorrow. but watch what happens when we get into thursday. thursday morning around 5:30 we'll probably be tracking some rain trying to inch its way into the northern and western suburbs and then through the day we see showers and by late in the day or evening hours there is some heavy rain bands coming through. again, that is thursday and some of those rain bands could produce some street flooding. your seven day shows clouds and sun today, though. no weather related issues to keep you away from the polls.
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a high of 67 today. tomorrow still nice, 68 degrees and then cloudy skies on thursday with periods of rain through the day. some of it steady especially later in the day and at night and a high of 64. friday looks like we could still see a lingering shower but generally speaking we're transitioning back towards drier weather. in the afternoon it's cooler with a high of 55. we'll probably see sun coming back. partly sunny and cool on saturday 52. morning shower is possible on sunday. then we dry out in the afternoon with a high of 53. >> okay, thank you david. it's now 6:11. up next and brand new here at 6 o'clock a series of suspicious fires. what police are saying about more than a dozen fires over the last few weeks all from the same town. >> a pest from the other side of the world pops up in pennsylvania and it could mean big problems. karen. >> lie in bensalem, this is bucks county route 1 approaching the pennsylvania turnpike, clear and dry. we have a few new accidents in. i'll have those details coming >> and also when we come back we have an update on the eagles injury situation.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here on sky 6 across the airport. going to be a gorgeous day. you don't want to go anywhere else. it's 6:14, 54 degrees. >> karen has traffic. >> i was starting to get a little board with the traffic.
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wasn't anything happening. now all of a sudden it got very busy. this is 422. no boredom here. this is eastbound traffic we've got a disabled vehicle at 23 and you could see penndot on the scene. only maybe partially blocking the right lane. mostly off to the side. 422 eastbound watch for this at 23 with this disabled vehicle and penndot on the scene off to the right there as you exit off. so look for that one. let's go to the maps here. i talked to police in montgomery county. they tell me there's firefight here ooh. this is in oreland church road closed between hawes lane and paper mill road. there's firefight but there's no sidewalk there so they're blocking the road at this point. watch out for this. you can stick to oral land mill road or pennsylvania avenue to get around that. in upper providence egypt road and long ford road and also i talked to police in berks county and this just coming in, i just hung up the phone a minute ago. there are a couple accidents, one i-76 northbound at exit 10. it was blocking the ramp. they say it moved out of the ramp and also another one on
6:16 am
mid creek and pleasant hill so a couple other accidents just in a second ago. let's go right now to the weather and you can see 52 degrees right now in philadelphia. even millville, 44 in allentown which is very comfortable. temperatures a good fifteen 18 degrees milder than yesterday morning. no weather related problems this morning, no weather related problems this afternoon. it's kind of mild with a high of 67, tam. >> like that, thank you karen. a camden county man was killed by a tape measure. the bizarre accident happened at a jersey city construction site yesterday morning. authorities say the 1 pound tape measure fell off a worker's belt, dropped 50 stories, bounced off equipment and then onto the victim's head. it wasn't wearing a hard hat. police identify the worker as 58 year old gary anderson of somerdale. >> brands new at 6:00 police in reading are investigating more than a dozen arsons over the past few weeks and only some of them have been linked. police have cataloged 16 arsons over the past five weeks. the most recent one destroyed a building on west elm street on sunday morning.
6:17 am
the atf is helping local police in the search for suspects. police say they think at least three of the fires are linked. the others are still under investigation. apple fans hoping to buy the company's newest gadget soon will have to wait. abc's reena ninan has details in tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, it looks like you'll have to wait a bit longer for the apple watch. the company announced the device won't be available until spring of 2015. and some american inventors have won first prize in intel's make it wearable challenge with awarable camera. the drone like camera launches into space to help users capture the perfect action shot. one of the most anticipated video games of the holiday goes on sale today, call of duty advanced warfare follows the adventures of marine private jack mitchell and features an appearance by oscar winner kevin spacey as the head of a private military term firm. it retails for $60 is that available for play station and xbox. that's not the only big video game release.
6:18 am
the internet arcade just made 900 classic arcade games including pacman and frogger free to play in your web browser and those are your tech bites. i'm reena ninan. >> i am not doing anything for the rest of the day. pacman, frogger, galaga. >> berks county investigators say they know who carried out a violent home invasion and it's all thanks to dna. >> looks like the return of a and eagles quarterback could actually be sort of like a christmas present. that's when it might happen. david. >> all right, guys, we're dressing the kids in sweatshirts this morning. it's not as cool as the last couple mornings and any other as windy so maybe they don't need the hood up but sweatshirts are a good idea. t-shirts might work this we're rooting for penn state as our university of the hi, i'm henry winkler
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>> reporter: i'm health reporter ali gorman. nutrition protein and cereal bars are popular and convenient but they're not all helm healthy. some can really detour your diet. >> some of these bars can have more added sugar than a candy bar. >> reporter: we'll separate the good from the bad bars and show you what to look for on diet detours today on "action news" starting at 4:00. >> i like those things. >> i've tried to avoid bad bars for years imlets take a look at the schuylkill expressway near the conshohocken curve. that's your eastbound track on your right headed towards belmont. pretty heavy from the blue route to the curve. no accidents or anything there, just heavy traffic. we have an accident here partially blocking the ramp in berks county, i176 at 724. police say the ramp was blocked. they're still out there right now so be careful and maiden creek road is blocked at pleasant hill road. stick to 22. >> we're starting out with temperatures around 50 degrees in a lot of the area which is
6:22 am
nicer than the last couple of days. we'll probably still be at about 50 by 9 o'clock with a mix of sun and clouds and that's what we're expect sky cover-wise the rest of the day. 65 degrees by noon. your high today 67. we'll probably hit that at about 2 o'clock and then 66 by 3 o'clock. and 59 by 6 o'clock. obviously not a bad day to catch the bus or perhaps go to the polls. if we are going to the airport today, well, we've got green aircraft on all of our major destinations and no rain reported. a lot of cloud cover from chicago over to the east coast down to orlando this morning. matt. >> all right, david, thanks. flyers starting a four game home stand tonight. first up, the edmonton oilers, almost said houston. fighting in the nhl is down about 20 percent so far this season. analysts say teams are following the lead of the stanley cup champion l.a. kings building their teams with speed not beef. eagles quarterback nick foles expected to be out for six to eight weeks. he has a crack in his left collarbone. the eagles only have eight games left in the regular
6:23 am
season. while foles is out mark sanchez will start. the former jets quarterback will get a chance to reestablish himself as a guy who should be starting. he will also be asked to keep the eagles in first place. sanchez threw for 202 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions in sunday's win over the sex tans. >> 6:23 now. up next, a warning about a new pest in pennsylvania. it's a story we're following brand new here at 6:00 a.m. >> katherine scott has an update on the woman who was abduct fred a germantown street. katherine. >> reporter: that's right, abducted in germantown. now a reward is being offered in her case. we're live from police headquarters with the latest on the search and the [prof. burke] it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it.
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>> brand newspaper at 6 o'clock, police in berks county made a break in a violent home invasion that remained unsolved for almost a decade. they say dna led them to 44-year-old edward santiago. they say dna led them to accused of breaking into a home on franklin street in west reading attacking a man and stealing his wallet. police say they linked the strand of hair to santiago but they still cannot identify the female accomplice. they're asking anyone with information to come forward. >> police dismantled booby traps found in a north philadelphia warehouse yesterday. it all started during a court ordered eviction of a couple in the 1800 block of west sedgley avenue. rowland and shirley mick vicar reportedly told investigators traps were set up to discourage trespassers. >> warning about an invasive
6:27 am
bug in two berks county communities. the spotted lantern fly has turned up in pike and district townships. the bug is native to some asian countries. officials say it could threaten pennsylvania's fruit and logging industries. there's a general kwan 19 both of those townships which restricts the movement of materials that could spread the bugs. that includes firewood yard waist and construction we've tweeted out some pictures of this lantern fly so you can check it out. >> it's 6:27. a student shot at a local college campus. >> a car crashes into a local police station that also happens to serve as a polling place. happens to serve as a polling place. what voters need know steak & eggs. steak & eggs! steak & eggs. steak & eggs? steak & eggs. boom. dunkin's angus steak and egg sandwich is oven-toasted and made with angus beef.
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caring for you ... just got a little easier. pearle vision accepts flex accounts and most vision plans, including eye med. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. >> ♪ >> right now on "action news," the desperate search for an abducted woman. police try to find the woman
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taken right off the street. her family makes an emotional plea for her return. >> election day in america. we break down the top races and tell you what you need to we break down the top races polls. >> by the end of the day you could have more money than you ever dreamed possible. the mega jackpot up for grabs, one of the biggest in history. >> good morning everyone. 6:30. it is tuesday, weather and traffic with david and karen right now. >> and we're off to a decent start it's still cool. we'll get some sunshine this morning, some coastal clouds blocking outer the sun a little bit down along the jersey shore and overall there are some clouds thin enough across much of the region to be able to allow some sun in and i think it is a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day today. temperatures are cool as i mentioned but not as bad as yesterday. 52 degrees in philadelphia right now. allentown has dipped into the mid 40's. still 49 in reading and wilmington. and low 50's down the shore. and your winds are beginning to shift just a little bit out of the southwest. they're mainly from the west but you're seeing a little bit of that draw from the southwest. they're all light, single digits outside of the poconos. wind not a big chapter.
6:31 am
read chapter six kids before you get to class and then check your smartphone for the temperatures. 52 degrees right now on your 6abc app. by 8 o'clock, 50. 65 by noon. and your high today is going to be 67 around 2 o'clock before we slip back to 66 at 3 o'clock and 59 by 6 o'clock. a detailed election day voter's polling station call coming up from accuweather and karen, we're also keeping our eyes on that thursday rain. >> all right, dave, so roads are dry for now with no problem. we have a disabled vehicle out here on the schuylkill expressway. you could see it's off to the side eastbound at south street. we had a few of them out there lately so watch for that one. westbound we've got that building volume between university and south street. no major issues on the schuylkill or i-95. so far i-95 southbound a 21 minute ride woodhaven to the vine. not too bad. you know that will go downhill later on. in oreland police have a fire location. a lot of crews on the scene and they had to block church road between hawes lane and paper mill road. stick to oreland mill road or pennsylvania avenue. they'll both get you around
6:32 am
that problem there. upper providence township an accident on egypt road and long ford road and one in berks county. that was blocking the ramp on i176 right at 724, that's exit number 10 so look for that to be just a little bit of an issue but most of the problems that we're seeing aren't on the main highways, matt and tam. >> thank you karen. take a look right behind me at some terrifying video you're about to see. the desperate search is going on this morning for a woman who was abducted off the streets of germantown. and the horrible incident was caught o and camera. >> her family is pleading for her return. city officials are offering a reward for information. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at police headquarters with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: matt and tam the fbi joined philadelphia police as they continue to tray to track down this victim and the person who abducted her. philadelphia police again working this case. northwest detectives wandering to hear from you. if you have any tips, a $10,000 reward is now being offered in connection with this case. here's a picture of the victim, 22-year-old carlesha
6:33 am
freeland gaither. she was abducted from a germantown street. police released surveillance video from sunday around 9:40 p.m. on the 100 block of west colder street. you see the suspect drive down the block and park. a man in a hooded sweatshirt walks directly over to the victim. she tries to run but the man grabs her and forces her down the block. she was struggling. she was screaming four help but the man forced her into the car and she hasn't been seen since. the audio from the surveillance video hasn't been released but police say it indicates there she does not know her attacker. her father just wants her home. >> she's a smart young lady. like i said, never caused me any problems, anything like that. like i said she was going to work and coming home and just being herself, so again, i don't see her getting into any trouble or anything like that so i don't understand why somebody would do this to her. >> reporter: and she managed to kick out the car's rear windows on the driver's side. police say the suspect was driving a 2000 to 2004 dark
6:34 am
gray metallic ford taurus and has an unknown pennsylvania tag and missing inspection stickers. again, if you have any information northwest detectives want to hear from you. we'll post the number for you to call on we're live at police headquarters, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." tam. >> okay, katherine, thank you for that. you can see that surveillance video again at i've also put it on my facebook page and tweeted it out. please take another look at the suspect and the vehicle involved and if you think you have any information, we posted contact information for philadelphia police. >> 6:34 now. a student at delaware state university. is recovering from getting shot and the shooter is still on the loose. it happened near the college campus in dover yesterday afternoon. the school tells "action news" the student was shot outside the living and learning commons which is off campus. the victim is expected to be okay. >> it's election day across america and the polls in new jersey are now opened. let's take a live look from the action cam in bellmawr. the big race in new jersey is for the senate and it has big
6:35 am
implications nationally as republicans are trying to take the senate in order to have control of congress. erin o'hearn is live at the big board. she's got more on that as well as the other key contests that we're keeping an eye on across the area. good morningism good morning, tam. happy election day. this will go down as the most expensive campaign in history, although voter interest is at a record low. the u.s. senate races top the ballots in new jersey and delaware and every seat in the house of representatives will be up for grabs today. yesterday the candidates across the country were knocking on doors, handing out pamphlets and trying to energize their campaigns by holding rallies in states in which the election outcomes are have major national implications. here's what's on the line. all 435 house seats, 36 governor's races including the one here in pennsylvania, and of course the biggest prize, control of the u.s. senate. although anything can happen on election day, polls indicate at this time republicans have the edge. the latest washington post election model giving republicans a 96 percent
6:36 am
chance of taking control of the senate. >> if you look at the maps they simply have multiple paths to getting to their goal of 51 senators and taking back control of the senate. >> reporter: louisiana and georgia are senate races that may create the possibility for a runoff contest. in both states there are three or more candidates and in neither state is any candidate getting more than 50 in recent polling. so, if those races do result in runoffs it may be possible we don't know who controls the senate for months. there is certainly a lot at stake here politically but remember midterm elections on average have a voter turnout of about 39 to 42 percent. remember, the only way you can make your voice she had to get get -- heard is to get out and vote. >> dave murphy says it will be great weather. go take that walk and put in your vote. a bucks county polling place will be opened as scheduled despite a nasty accident last night. chopper 6 was over the springfield township police station just after a car slammed into the building around 6 o'clock last night.
6:37 am
the driver had to be cut out of the wreckage and then driven to the hospital. but again, the polling place inside the station will be opened today. as we mentioned polls just opened about half an hour ago in new jersey. they'll be opening up in about 23 minutes in pennsylvania and delaware and polls will close everywhere at 8 o'clock tonight. volunteers from the league of women voters will be at 6abc from 7:00 this morning until 8 o'clock tonight to answer questions about the polls and voting procedures. they will also take information about any possible voting problems you may see, so you can reach them at (877)940-6222. will begin streaming live results when the polls close at 8:00. we'll also be tweeting them with hashtag 6abc vote. and on "action news" after 11:00 we'll have complete coverage of the winners, losers and changing political landscape in our area and across the nation. >> so, if you win the mega millions jackpot tonight you should have plenty of nonrun for your officers itself.
6:38 am
ads are really expensive. match all the numbers in the mega ball and you could win $321 million. cash payout is $194 million after taxes. action cam was in wilmington delaware yesterday where we found people buying up tickets. 6abc is the only flies see the drawing. tune in for the winning numbers tonight during "action news" after 11:00. >> looking pretty good on this election day tuesday. >> yeah, nice weather. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows that you we're dry and as we take a look outside we've got not a whole lot of movement on that sky 6 camera shots across the region. center city shot pretty rock solid and that's because the winds aren't as strong as they were yesterday. as we take a look at the forecast, highlights of it, we've got not only one but two mild days ahead. it's not just election day. tomorrow also looks pretty good. on thursday we're still looking for the arrival of rain, some of which could be steady. for now, 52 degrees and dry, winds out of the southwest at 8 miles per hour. and that's one of the higher numbers. most of are you dealing with either calm winds or very light winds. i'll go ahead and bring in that always-on day planner on
6:39 am
the left-hand portion of your screen for those of you watching in hd. you can see some breaks in the clouds out to the west of us. we'll see some early sunshine, maybe mixing with clouds. later in the afternoon once we get past this thicker stuff i think we'll probably transition to even more sunshine than what we may snee some neighborhoods in the morning but generally speaking sun and clouds mixing today. high temperature not a big range. everybody on 66 or 67 across most of the region. dover could hit 68 and toms river we're going 65 degrees. winds are light. pretty pleasant day. for your voter's booth call, 49 degrees by 7 o'clock. coming up on that pretty quick. 65 degrees by noon. so, if you can afford to wait until lunchtime, the temperatures really do bounce up in a hurry. by 2:00 we'll be at our high of 67. 3 o'clock in case you have a polling place to hit right before you pick the kids up from school, 66 degrees, not bad. then at dinnertime after work, 59 degrees and when the polls close at 8 o'clock, still holding 57. pretty nice forecast considering that it's dry, the winds are light and these numbers are a little above average for this time of year. tomorrow we're look tag partly sunny day but we'll also be
6:40 am
keeping our eyes out to the west with the approach of a frontal boundary. ahead of it we'll see is sun mixing with clouds, mild conditions again butter then on thursday, rain does start working its way in during the morning and gets steadier later in the day and at night. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, clouds and sun, no weather-related issue to keep you home from the polls today. 67 degrees is your high. tomorrow still nice getting up to about 68 ahead of that approaching frontal boundary. clouds probably increase a bit during the day. thursday we start out cloudy, showers move in in the morning and by later in the day and night there will be some bands of steady rain coming through and with all those leaves that just got blown offer the trees over the weekend, i could see some of those geting into storm drains and clogging things up. so look for some street flooding possible later on thursday and thursday night. by friday morning we're down to just some showers and then in the afternoon very likely some clearing. 55 degrees is the forecast high on friday. so, we will start to transition to cooler weather. and then saturday partly sunny and cool, a high of 52. sunday a morning shower.
6:41 am
otherwise mostly cloudy skies with maybe some breaks late. a high of 53 degrees. and for now it's looking good on monday and dry and cool on monday and dry and cool for monday night football which of course is here in philadelphia. >> yeah, indeed. thank you david. >> 6:41 now. still ahead tragedy at a local ymca. hear what we are learning about a shooting that left two people dead in the facility's parking lot. karen. >> we're live on the 30 bypass here and you could see eastbound traffic already jaming from 340 to 113. sun glare shouldn't be as much of an issue as yesterday because we have lots of clouds in this area. we're going to take you to a jam on 422 coming up next. >> and also when we come back "dancing with the stars" is switching up the rules for the first time in the show's history. we'll explain what they're doing a little bit later on "action news." >> ♪
6:42 am
tom wolf, he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit. and as a business man he gives between 20 and 30% of his profits back to his employees. when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue... he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity. he refused to take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead.
6:43 am
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6:44 am
>> ♪ >> good morning. you're taking a live look as the sun starts to come up there across the back bays of atlantic city, new jersey. you're polls are opened. atlantic city, new jersey. 45 minutes. so you can get out there and start voting. >> people getting out there doing all sorts of things right now on the roads, karen. >> they are. some of them are getting stuck the. we had a disabled vehicle on 422 eastbound near trooper. it has cleared. eastbound traffic pretty heavy from the saint gabe's curve to 23 so watch for that this morning. let's check a few accidents. one here in upper providence just cleared on egypt road so things looking better out there. in berks county, we still have this accident was blocking the ramp on i176 at 724 and steve sent me a tweet saying thanks for the tip. i normally go right through
6:45 am
that area but not going there today. so, glad that i was able to help him out. pretty nice. and also in oreland montgomery county maiden creek road at pleasant hill road we have fire department activity causing problems, an accident causing a problem on maiden creek road. in oreland church road closed between hawes lane and paper mill road and this is the one with the firefight. police are still out there. watch for that. stick to oral land mill road or pennsylvania avenue to get around that. quick look at the big picture. 18 miles an hour i-95 southbound near girard. i told you we had a lot of problems with disabled vehicles. two on the schuylkill expressway causing an issue. one eastbound at montgomery the other eastbound at south street so look for them. temperature-wise 52 degrees, kind of dry and quiet out there, not too cold so a pretty good start to the day, matt. >> thanks karen. two people are dead from a murder-suicide outside a chester county ymca. it happened at the brandywine ymca on hurley road. police say the victim worked
6:46 am
there. man described as an ex-boyfriend showed up and shot her multiple times then waited for police to show up before killing himself. investigators have not released the names of those involved. >> brand new here at 6:30 police in oregon think they found the body of a boy who was reportedly thrown off the bridge by his mother. police are still trying to confirm that it is indeed the missing six-year-old. they had been looking for him for hours after a woman called 911 to say she had thrown the ball off the bridge in newport. there's no questioning that woman right now. >> 6:46 right now people are already voting in our region with more polling stations opened at 7:00 a.m. "good morning america" is tracking the national races. a life preview up next. david. >> firing up dressing the kids. temperatures, they are cool. this morning we are honoring penn state as our university of the morning and you can see we're putting sweatshirts on the kids even though it's a little bit milder than it was yesterday. i'll have your daypart forecast coming up next. ♪
6:47 am
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>> time to check the traffic. it's been busy out there. we have two new accidents. i want to take to you one right now in honeybrook i want to take to you one compass road at mount pleasant road. reports of an accident. we're hearing this one on city avenue southbound at presidential boulevard, could be serious with injuries reported on the scene so be careful right there. you see that 18 miles an hour on the schuylkill nearby. not good there, davey. one more quick look at 42 northbound at creek road. a little volume building.
6:50 am
[laughter] >> sorry, dave. >> all geared up there. all right. a cool start this morning as we are in the upper 40's in. northwest suburbs. only 46 in pottstown, 45 in saint davids. 51 in quakertown and coatesville and 48 in chester. these numbers are cool but a little better than this time yesterday. 52 in buena, 51 in hammonton, 51 in cinnaminson and glassboro. 53 down the shore. still in the 40's in hockessin to dover delaware. as we head out to the voter booth and maybe running some errands today looks like it will be a decent day for that. 52 degrees by 9 o'clock. clouds mixing with some sun and then it's a sun and clouds mix the rest of the way with 65 by noon, a high of 67 around 2 o'clock and then down to 66 by 3 o'clock. and 59 degrees by 6 o'clock. light winds today, matt and tam. >> okay. all right. time now to check in with "gma." >> amy robach standing by in the election day headquarters with a look at what's coming up. hey, amy. >> reporter: yes, i am. matt and tam, great to be with you on this tuesday morning and coming up next on "gma," yes, polls open in the
6:51 am
critical midterm races as millions of americans heading out to vote, we will have all the details on those tight races to watch. and their possible impact on president obama's final two years in office. and then we will continue your coverage on that desperate search for a young woman who was violently abducted off a street in germantown. the whole terrifying scene caught on camera. we'll have the very latest on the investigation. and then nascar vowing to take action after high profile brawl between two racing champs. what may be behind this recent rise in violence. and then a big battle in the music business. taylor swift abruptly pulling all of her albums from spotify days after release of her new album. we'll have much more on how spotify is now working hard to try and wip the pop star back. it's all coming up next on "good morning america." matt and tam, back to you. >> can't get that song out of my head. >> you can shake it off eventually. >> reporter: you can try. >> all right. thank you amy. another week another elimination on "dancing with the stars." after a night of dynamic duos
6:52 am
nascar legends michael waltrip and his dancing partner emma slater were booted from the ballroom. for the first time in the history the couple with the highest score are immune from elimination next week. movie goers lined up for the premiere of a brand new film with local ties in center city. it's called fox catcher. bennett miller directed the movie about dave schultz's relationship with millionaire john dupont before his murder. anthony michael hall was there murder. anthony michael hall was there for the premiere it hits party on people! blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale continues celebrating with 20% off the entire store. you heard right, 20% off the entire store. we're talking employee pricing baby! hey, you need 'em, you want 'em, and now there's no better time to get 'em. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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>> top stories at 6:55s the manhunt continues for the man who abducted 22-year-old carlesha freeland gaither. a surveillance camera caught the kidnapping on sunday night in germantown. a $10,000 reward is being offered in the case. a student at radnor high school is under arrest over concerns of what she wrote in her school note books. concerns of what she wrote in with several students and a teacher being mentioned as specific targets. the girl is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. polls in delaware and pennsylvania will open in a few moments. the top race locally republican governor tom corbett trying to fend off democrat tom wolf and win a second term. the polls in new jersey opened at 6:00 a.m. full election coverage on
6:56 am
"action news" and >> it was looking so good about an hour ago. now it's going downhill. i-95 at the betsy ross bridge. southbound traffic just your normal jam up past bridge street to girard. a land full of other problems. church road blocked at hawes lane due to fire activity in montgomery county. sounds like a serious accident. city avenue southbound with injuries on the scene right at presidential boulevard so be careful as you're headed there. you see that 21 miles an hour on the schuylkill westbound past the boulevard, dave. >> all right, we got a good looking election day for you. a little cool right now but if you wait until lunchtime to vote you're up to 65, then 66 by 3 o'clock and then even as the polls are getting ready to close at 6 and 8 o'clock still in the upper 50's. not too bad. no other weather related reason to keep you home. winds light today. a.j. burnett declined this $12.75 million option. some people think that's that savers the team enough money to go after tomas the next big >> keep that name in mind. >> you got to get another pitcher. >> well, they're in the going
6:57 am
to compete next year. [laughter] >> we'll worry about pitching later. >> nobody gears up for elections like we do around here. keep it here tonight. of course we're going to have things on the web starting at 8 o'clock a-good slow at 11:00 we'll wrap it up tomorrow morning and our colleagues at abc news also getting going. we hope you have a great tuesday and that you go vote. >> ♪ >> "action news" is sponsored in part by the jeff d'ambrosio auto group. destination downingtown. minutes from king of prussia and the main line featuring chrysler ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪ ♪7 powerball tickets ♪6 match 6 chances ♪5 cash 5s ♪4 big 4s ♪3 daily numbers ♪2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new $1 million peppermint payout. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪
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good morning, america. developing now, millions of americans heading to the polls. the senate hanging in the balance. the most expensive midterm election in history. our abc news election team this morning on the key battles today raging across the country and what it all means for the president. the terrifying kidnapping caught on camera. a young woman snatched off the streets wrestled into a car. her glasses and cell phone found at the scene. the police asking the public for help. the desperate search right now. >> i just happened to look up at the sky and just seen this bright light shoot across the sky. >> fireball streaking across the sky. hundreds of reports in 13 states much dash cam capturing this bright green light and this sighting over chicago. were they meteors or something else? ♪ and