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tv   Action News  ABC  November 4, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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his name is tom wolf. it was not that long ago when few knew who he was. an m.i.t. engineer and a owner of a family business. but tonight almost every voter in pennsylvania shows who he is. come january 20th he will be the 47th governor of pennsylvania. it is tuesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the election of tom wolf. he defeated tom corbett by a landslide. with a vast majority of the votes counted wolf leads corbett by 12 points. that is the afternoon of the avt week. the votes bore them out with
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wolf ahead by 12 points. the "action news" team has election coverage across the tri-state area. chad pradelli is in york. dann cuellar reports from tom wolf headquarters in pittsburgh. and nora muchanic is in trenton following the major new jersey races. brian taff is tracking the balance of power in washington. starting in york, pennsylvania and chad pradelli. chad? >>reporter:jim, wolf is now the 47th governor of pennsylvania. he wraps up his victory speech about 45 minutes ago. it was understated and brief and calm. much like the man himself. it's a remarkable story. he is not at political novice. he was a revenue secretary at one time. his assent to the governorship is astounding. he had a message and money.
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here was wolf as he enters in newark a short time ago. [ cheering ] like he has for much of the campaign, a fresh start for pennsylvania. he was joined on stage by his wife and two daughters. hundreds of sponsors had been waiting for him to arrive. he waited for tom corbett to give his concession speech. we talked about education that was at the top of the list. he pound the incumbent on education. that stuck with voters. he would like to the tax the drillers of the marcellus shale. here is him talking to the sponsors a short timsupporters.
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>> this is place that deserves to have a great future. we need to expect a lot of ourselves. if we do we can do great things here. here is my message. let's make this the time. let's make this the place, pennsylvania. let us be the people to create this bright future that we deserve. let's make this the time and get started. >>reporter:and now that wolf has the governor's mansion he will not live there full-time. he will use it for special gatherings and events. he also will not be taking a salary. a lot of questions about his administration will do and the priorities, the details in those. we expect to she see those in te coming months. thank you, chad. switching live to dann cuellar at corbett headquarters in pittsburgh. a historic vote in pennsylvania. the first time that a sitting
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governor has lost re-election? >>reporter:that is right. he has that distinction, jim. you know what, they tried to put an early spin on the narrowing gap in the polls headed into the election. in reality they knew they had an uphill battle. in the end the voter was pennsylvania have spoken. he lost in second term in contrast in 2010, he lost between men and women. after it was projected to go to tom wolf at 8:00. the governor waited before 10:00 to give his concession speech. he aggravated assault tom wolf >> we delivered on the promises
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in 2010 of fiscal discipline and a free enterprise. when i made those promises i said i was going to do what was right for pennsylvania, the tough decision and people may not like it. obviously, they didn't like it. i said i may be a one-term governor. i am. but i am proud what we did. >>reporter:in closing, governor corbett says this was not the end of his life and career. but the beginning of a new chapterer and journey. he and his wife, sue will do what they have wanted to do. cory booker won election to a full-time in new jersey. he met with supporters in newark after defeating jeff bell. he was leading in the actual
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vote by 14 points, 56 to 43. and delaware senator chris coons won the election. coon was first electricke elect. he celebrated victory at the christiana hilton in newark. we are keeping score on the big board tonight. which party will be in controversial the senate? the gop needs six seats to switch from the democratics to the republicans to become a majority. five of those seats have switched. cory booker and chris coons maintain their seats for the democratics. they only need one more. you can watch the resultless from the races that you care about at the bottom of your screen. they are available on our
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website at we have been tweeting them with #abc6vote. a new angle of surveillance video shows the kidnapper calmly approaching 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither on sunday night and moments later the struggle begins. investigators follow the trail from philadelphia to aberdeen, maryland. nearby he was seen at the gas station convenience store in this video what they are seeing for the first time tonight. and kenneth moton is covering all the late developments live from northwest detectives, kenneth, you have the full
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story. >>reporter:they say that even though they have leads and person of interest tonight they are sorting through the high-priority case. >>reporter:it's a person of interest of the abduction of carlesha freeland-gaither. it was captured inside a convenience store. he used the woman's debit card. they were on the move searching for this video and others. we see the first moments on sunday night when gaither came in contact with a large man. he reaches out. gaither backs away. >> we don't know if he said anything to her. >>reporter:look closely. the man lunged for the woman and pulling her down west colter
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street. >> he used a lot of force. he was brutal in how he took her down the street. they moved from maryland a few years ago. they don't recognize the man. >> i want her home. we don't want anything to do with you. let her come home. >>reporter:the family told us thathat she left behind a boyfrd in maryland. she was special. >> she was there for anybody and everybody no matter what. >>reporter:the police say that the man that took her got away in a dark, colored metallic
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four-door taurus. $40,000 is the reward, jim. thank you, kenneth. it turns out that eric frein went online during his 48 days on the run. he used a laptop while evading authorities. it was recovered from an airport hangar. he is charged with killing a police officer. and there was a two-vehicle crash on broad street. a van and car collided after 8:00 on north broad. the vehicle was resting on the hospital building. both victims were rushed to temple university hospital for emergency care. fire in the sky. dazzling displays seen over two
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parts of the globe. plus, unguarded. ducis rodgers tells us how long the eagles will lose todd herremans. i am tracking a system that brings us rain and windy and cold weather in the accuweather forecast. the mega millions drawing for $321 million. only here on "channel~6 action news" when "action news" continues tonight.
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♪ ♪ with the name the philadelphia region has trusted for over 75 years, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the power to keep pace. independence blue cross. live fearless. as we told you earlier on this broadcast, cory booker won the senate race. a little bit of history was made, bonnie watson coleman was elected to congress. the first african-american woman
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elected in new jersey. and nora muchanic is in trenton with that historic story. >>reporter:hi, there, jim. it's a big night for bonnie watson-coleman. and a big night for cory booker. he is continuing in new jersey. a republican has not been elected in 38 years to the senate. he took his victory lap in newark. it came as no real surprise he was leading in the polls. the booker will go back to washington electrickewashingtonx year term. he told the crowd in newark he is about making washington work. >> so new jersey you have given me six years. i am rolling up my sleeve and getting to work. i am going to fight for everyone in our state, from every background and every geography. we are going to fight and unite
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our country again and not to focus on left or right but to focus on moving america forward. >>reporter:claiming victory is bonnie watson-coleman has been elected to congress in the 12th district. watson-coleman's win is a milestone. she becomes the first african-american woman elected to the congress. >> you can count on me. i will count on you. i pray that my service to you is a blessing to you and your family. thank you and god bless. >>reporter:i spoke to her brother bill this evening. he teared up today thinking what it would mean to her and everyone in the area if they were indeed elected. she has been. he thinks that their parents are
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smiling down tonight. she will be the first woman in a decade they have not had a female. i am live in trenton nora muchanic. thank you. taking a quick look at the congressional races tom mcarthur won a brutal fight. and beat amy belgard for the seat held by jon runyan. in the first district vacancy, he wins by 17 points in pennsylvania's 6th district for the seat held by jim gurlaw. they will keep control. and in the the 13th district seat, formally held by allison swartz. she ran for governor.
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brendan boyle won. and control of congress may be in the hands of the republican party. the gop maintained the majority in the house of representatives. and brian taff is live at the big board tracking the capital changes, brian. >> we knew it's a source of intrigue. when we woke up this morning this was the balance of power. 55 democrats to 45 republicans. 36 of the seats were up for grabs. of those races 13 were considered highly competitive. republicans need to get 6 of that's 13 seats to regain the majority. jim indicated they are close to doing that. as of this moment the
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republicans have a net gain of five seats. they need one more. the latest information right here, that they have won in colorado, montana, south dakota, arkansas and west virginia. there are a handful of seats that are up for grabs in iowa and north carolina. the republicans expect they will get one of those and win the majority back tonight by a larger margin than what you see here. also of note mitch mcconnell did retain his seat. it was a surprise that was tight. he won by a large margin. he may be in for a title change. it may be senate majority leader. thank you, brian. the "action news" morning team
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will follow the electrician overnight and results of races that have not been called yet. that begins at 4:30. you can check our website at for updates any time. a vibrant street drew eyes upwards as it streaked across the sky in japan. the light burned out in a matter of seconds. they figure it was a meteor. and similar streaks were reported in pennsylvania and 13 other states a. dashcam captured this fireball in west virginia. we know that one sighting was unfounded. over chicago the skydivers caused a stir while performing a flashy stunt. it looks like a meteor type lights. it's mild out there. stormtracker 6 double scan
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showing no rain falling from the sky. we have a cloud cover and mild temperatures. 57 in philadelphia. downloadown from 71. millville 58. dover is hanging on at 60 degrees. it's not all that cold. part of reason why we have some of the cloud cover blanketing the atmosphere. we have winds out of the southwest. we will continue that tomorrow. the thin band of showers is associated with a cold front. as it moves closer it runs out the moisture. tomorrow is a rain-free day. some filtered sunshine. 68. not a warm as today. low pressure is riding up along the front brings us rain on thursday. the good news yesterday it looked like the low pressures merged over us. it brought us 1 to 2 inches of rain. now it stays separate until they
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are over new england. we will escape the heaviest rain. we are looking at half an inch to an inch rain. at 7:00 in the morning showers. heaviest west of philadelphia. as we head to midday steady rain. it begins to pull off of the coast thursday evening. behind that we have a blustery, chilly day on tap for friday. tomorrow is nice. morning rush-hour and sun mixing with clouds. by 7:00, 55. by 8:00, 57 degrees. a jacket in the morning, it doesn't have to be a heavy winter coat. it's a warm day. the exclusive seven-day forecast warm with some sunshine filtered into the high thin clouds. on thursday a high of 60 periods of rain on-and-off throughout the day. it could be causing us problems where the gutters and drains are clogged with leaves.
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clear them out tomorrow if you have time. friday windy and chilly. 54. morning showers and afternoon sunshine. saturday, a cold start to the weekend. a high 50 degrees. on sunday 55. more clouds a possibility of showers in the morning hours. heading into monday, monday should be dry. 52. chilly if you are heading to the linc for the eagles' game. the temperatures dropping in the low 40s. for veterans day it stays cool high of 55. one more mild day before we get at dose of reality. we have at the mega millions drawing. a jackpot worth about a third of a billion dollars. >> it's mega millions. >> hello, america. tuesday, november 4th. the jackpot is estimated $321 million. to win that jackpot you must
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have the five white balls and the gold mega ball. the first number is 15. followed by 24. up next we have 41. the next number is 9. your final white ball for tuesday evening is 39. the mega ball number is 1. the winning numbers 15, 24, 41, 9, 39, and the gold mega ball is 1. the jackpot incoming.
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opening minutes of the first period. no score. and behind the net the fourth goal estseason. goal of the season. number two of the game. 2-0 flyers lead. midway through the second period. braden schenn. and the win is six starts this season. 35 saves. the flyers take it 4-1. >> the first win. it's nice to get it. it took longer than i originally planned on. good things happen. tonight was a good thing. >> to the eagles this was not unexpected. it hurts nonetheless. todd herremans will end up on season injury reserve. he tore his bicep nine days ago. he played against the texans.
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there is good news. evan mathis is out with a knee injury. he will be playing north carolina. >> he wanted to play yesterday. because of how the rules are set up he could not come off. but he will play this week. there is an exhibition against northwood university. the championship squad is honoured. it's 30 years since the incredible run. does it bring back memories for him? perhaps it will. streamers are behind that. ennis had a big dunk. they win 90-62. that is sports. jimmy kimmel is coming up. here is jimmy with a preview of
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thousand dollars. subject to change. according to 6abc the republicans will control the leadership role in the u.s. senate come next term. the republicans have picked up their net sixth seat and that means that the republicans will have 51 seats out of 100 seats in the senate they may well pick
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up some more. this is the first time since 2006 that the republicans have controlled the u.s. senate. that is since midway through the second term of george w. bush and harry reid is the minority leader and mitch mcconnell the leader. the morning crew with the latest political updates. "jimmy kimmel live" is next. jimmy's guest is michael chickless and music from kenny chesney. i am jim gardner and for the entire "action news" team, good
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night. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- maya rudolph. from "american horror story", michael chiklis. and music from kenny chesney. with cleto and the cletones. and now, finally, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's very nice. thank you, cleto. hi there, how are you? i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.
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