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tv   Action News  ABC  November 5, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 5 o'clock on this november 5th and here's what's happening. >> police and the fbi are following several new leads in the brazen abduction of a philadelphia woman. >> a man who had never run for political office before finds himself making history as the first person to defeat an incumbent pennsylvania governor. >> accuweather is tracking another mild day today and you should enjoy it before a lot of rain comes back into the forecast. >> details, details as george costanza once said. here are david and karen. >> on satellite clouds are getting thicker. the last end of this loop does show a little bit of breakup in the clouds along south jersey and delaware so some early sunshine in beneath.
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there is some rain out to the west in association with the front that's on its way here but that's fairly light and probably not getting here until later tonight, maybe even until the overnight hours. this morning clouds will build but we're fairly comfortable on the ground we just ticked up to 54 degrees in philadelphia, 43 in allentown. still kind of cool up in the leaf. 48 in -- in the lehigh valley. as we head out the door to starter that you car or maybe catch the school bus, between 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock looks like we'll be in the low to mid-50's, not too bad, winds on the light side, partly cloudy and cool. as we roll through the day these guys said it, one more mild one for you. 60 by 9:00, 65 by noon, 67 by 3 o'clock. i think the 68-degree high is probably going to slide in around 2 o'clock right there and then 61 degrees by 6 o'clock. rain is on the way tomorrow. i'll have the latest on future tracker 6, karen. >> all right, dave, let's check the traffic for you. burlington bristol bridge scheduled to go up very shortly, about 5:20 so stick to the turnpike connector instead as you're headed out
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the door at this early hour you'll have traffic stops right there and traffic blocking the right lane and that's because of construction out here on the pennsylvania turnpike. this is westbound just past the connector bridge. so, watch for that. you'll be heading for that if you take the connector bridge instead. in hilltown township, we've got this accident. we had been waiting for police to be on the scene. they pushed it off to the shoulder. your lane is back opened on 309 southbound just past 113. let's take a live look outside. looking pretty good. it's early. we're in king of prussia. this is 202 at the schuylkill. the overnight construction is clear. all lanes opened. good shot of the road surfaces, clear and dry with no issues as you head out the door. west chester 202 northbound reopened now that the construction is cleared as well. matt and tam. >> thank you karen. investigators released new video and it shows the clearest image yet of the man police are calling a person of interests in the violent kidnapping of a philadelphia woman. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at northwest detectives with the latest developments. good morning, katherine. what do we know? >> reporter: well, good morning, tam. and the reward in this case
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has been growing. at this point it's at $47,000. detectives here at the northwest division want to hear from you if you have any tips then do have some fresh leads. as loved ones held a candlelight vigil and prayed for the safe return of 22 year old carlesha freeland-gaither the investigation into her abduction moved full steam ahead. we have a better picture of a person of interest. it was can cherd -- captured inside a convenience store in aberdeen maryland. this is about the time this man used her debit card. fbi agents were on the ground searching for this video and other evidence. we're seeing the first moments when freeland-gaither came into contact with her abductor on sunday night. he reached his hand out to her on the 5400 block of green street. you see her slowly back away. the man thend at her and forced her down west outer street against her will. >> the video is so stark and
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gets her attention he used a lot of force and he was very brutal how he took her down the street. >> reporter: freeland-gaither's family says they moved from maryland several years ago and she left behind an obsessed boyfriend. police need more about the confirm they have leads and persons of interest including this man. >> he just was aggressive. he didn't show any other signs of anything else. he was just aggressive. i just told her to stay away from him. >> reporter: the 22-year-old nursing assistant works at presbyterian hospital. her family just wants her home. >> she was always there for anybody and everybody. no matter what. >> reporter: and we have all that video poster for you on our web site, so you can log on there to take another look. we're live in fern rock, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> all right, katherine, thanks. pennsylvania voters toss their chief executive out of office. tom wolf a millionaire running for office for the first time soundly defeated incumbent governor tom corbett. erin o'hearn joins us live at the big board with more on
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this. >> pennsylvania being one of the few big victories for democrats last night. tom wolf won by a comfortable margin winning almost 55 percent of the vote and tom corbett made history but probably not in the way he had hoped. corbett has become the first governor to lose reelection in the state's modern history. wolf a businessman and first time candidate spent $10 million of his own money on an early tv ad campaign that endeared him to voters and last night he drove to his victory rally in his hometown of york in that trademark jeep. he promised supporters that public education will be his top agenda. >> our ancestors realized that education was the key to a strong citizenship, to a strong democracy, to a strong economy, to strong families and we needed to invest in that. we need to make sure that we resurrect that idea here in pennsylvania and make sure that education is at the top of the list, not the bottom. [cheers and applause] >> now, when wolf takes office in january, he will face a
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republican controlled legislature and a budget deficit as he tried to make good on that promise to dramatically increase the state government's share of school costs. coming up at 5:30 we'll break down some of the national races which contributed to the big change in the political landscape we woke up to this morning. matt, back to you. >> erin we'll see you then. thanks. head to for more election coverage. we have posted results in all of the races that matter to you. >> one ticket matched all six numbers in last night's mega millions drawing. the estimated $321 million jackpot was won in new york and one winning matched five tickets worth a million was sold in new jersey. now here are the numbers. 15, 24, 41, nine, 39 and that mega ball is one. >> all right. so, a little more summer-like stuff today and then fall back. >> basically comes back, yeah. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we're dry to start out. we're expecting a little bit of sunshine later on this
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morning to come in off the horizon but then those clouds get thicker as the day goes on. there's the shore. that's one of the spots that might get some of those early rays of sun. as we take a look at conditions across the region right now, we will start you out with a couple highlights. today is going to be mild and dry. clouds will increase but we'll stay dry and fairly comfortable and then tomorrow it gets cooler and rainy. now the details. right now in philadelphia we're going for a temperature of 54 degrees. doesn't feel all that bad out there with winds light. 53 is your current number in trenton. still 48 in wilmington and up in allentown, 43 but 53 down the pike in reading. 51 in millville and 54-degree readings down the shore. satellite again shows you how there is a little bit of thinning of the clouds close to home right now but then these thicker clouds start to dig in as the day goes on and generally speaking we're expecting morning sunshine to give way to gradually increasing clouds. this rain out to the west is going to fall apart before it gets here. later in the overnight hours we'll wind up with some of
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that rain popping in, though. in allentown, increasing clouds today, still mild for this time of year, 65 degrees. jacket weather but not too bad. down the shore clouds will increase as we go through the day as well, a high of 66 degrees, on the cool side but still pretty nice down along the boardwalks. and in philadelphia we're going for a high of 68. that's also above average for this time of year. sun giving way to more clouds during the day. mild and winds running about eight to 16 miles per hour which really isn't all that bad. and then tomorrow morning future tracker 6 showing you how by the time we're on the air, we may start to see some showers, maybe even a little bit of steady rain during the morning commute. during the day it looks like we may get into a lull where there's just sort of off and on shower activity and then tomorrow night, some more showers coming in. we're backing off on the total amount of rainfall. originally it was looking like maybe 1 to 2 inches, now more like a half inch to an inch. still when the rain is coming down steadily at times tomorrow you might want to be careful of backed up storm drains because of all the leaves in play. 68 degrees is your high today, sun will give way to clouds but we're dry.
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and then overnight tonight we get the rain. tomorrow cloudy with periods of rain off and on, a high of 61. it will be cooler. and friday windy, basically cloudy, a high of 55 and there might be a couple of lingering showers around. on saturday looks like we start out with sun and then give way to increasing clouds a heads of yet another system, 52 is the high. and sunday's a little bit on the bubble. it looks mostly cloudy with a high of 55. we'll probably see some sprinkles and showers around but there's a decent chance that the steadier rain will stay off the coast because our problem on zinn is going to be a coastal low pressure system and some of the models are suggesting it's far enough away where all we get is a shower. either way on monday sun returns, monday night football looks cool but dry. and veterans day looking a little bit better with lies in the upper visits. >> sounds good. thank you david. >> 5:09. voters in new jersey give a rising democratic star a full term in the senate and go against the national trend on election day. >> newly released documents show how accused cop killer eric frein evaded capture from
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police for so long. karen. >> looking live on the roosevelt boulevard and looking pretty good. we're clear, we're dry with no problems there. we'll take you to chester county and we're also going to talk about construction in new jersey when we come back. >> and when we come back there will be a little bit of extra after tension on wall street this morning to see how ho investors react to the power shift in washington. i'm guessing futures will be looking good pretty soon given how things went. "action news" will be right back. >> ♪ (prof. burke) the more you learn about your insurance, the more gaps you may find. like how you thought you were covered for this... (pirate) ahh, haha! (prof. burke) ...when you're really only covered for this. (pirate boy) ahhh, haha! (prof.burke)talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:12 and here is your post-election day shot of philadelphia international airport where things are still getting done. some may suggest that won't be the case in washington. we'll have to see. but we're really not concerned about that right now, are we? >> we're concerned about your commute and we're going to the person who can help you out. let's go over to karen rogers.
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>> you know what, we're getting it done. in the suburban traffic report time to go outside. let's look live here in devon, chester county. you know, what's also getting done, the construction. it was blocking the right lane here and now we can see, well, it's really dark and this is kind of a bad shot but you get the idea. there's no construction crews that were right here and this is looking good on 202 after west valley road. the crews cleared out. now there's not a lot to look at. let's take a look after hilltown township bucks county. we have police that came to the scene of this accident but they pushed the does the to the side. burlington bristol bridge i mentioned it's scheduled to go up. that's still the case at 5:20 so not hang just yet but something to watch for with the burlington bristol bridge over there. turnpike westbound past the connector bridge here, you want to watch for that construction out there blocking the right lane. also things are looking good on the ramp from camden county from the black horse pike southbound to 295. we have a little construction out there but it's not causing any big problems.
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in lower merion, whitemarsh township, king of prussia, whitpain we can look at all the suburbs with the waze app and i'm not seeing anybody report any problems. quiet start to the day. rockhill road remains closed right there near lower merion but that's not going to cause you too much of a problem. let's talk right now about the temperatures. 52 degrees in quakertown, 53 in warrington, feeling pretty good. 51 degrees in center city. normally an overnight low this time of year would be about 42 so pretty mild out there in the overnight hours. 55 in cinnaminson, 55 in woodbine and 52 right now in dover, delaware. we're dry today. so no weather related problems, tam. >> okay, we'll enjoy that. thank you karen. republicans have taken control of the u.s. senate. there's been a stunning route of democrats in the midterm elections. that turn about did not extends to new jersey where democratic senator cory booker repeated republican jeff bell. booker says he's going back to washington to improve life for new jersey residents by working together with
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republicans to get badly needed legislation passed. >> we must work to make our state thrive again from north to south, for all of our people. together we can do this and that will be my mission in the senate. >> new jersey also elected its first african-american female to congress. democrat bonnie watson coleman attracted more than 60 percent of the vote in her mercer county district. delaware senator chris coons celebrated victory at the christiana hilton in newark last night. coons won a full six year term beating out republican challenger kevin wade. coons was first elected in 2010 to fill the term of vice president joe biden. >> zero and four sixers host the zero and four magic tonight. we predict one of these teams will have their first win by the end of the night. going out on a him. flyers had a pretty easy night at the wells fargo center goalie steve mason notched his
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first win of the season. >> it is now 5:15 and a zoo out west receives a real treat for halloween, the birth of its first hippo in 26 years but we'll explain why it was a little bit of a trick as well. >> very confusing. researchers also say they may have figured out how to make the things that power some children's toys safer. david. >> all right, guys, it's cool out there with temperatures in the 50, not too bad but we are recommending sweatshirts with maybe the hood down on the way into school. routing for villanova university as our university of the day. villanova has a big event this weekend, they're hosting the special olympics fall festival, it's like the biggest student run special olympics event anywhere i believe, so way to go wildcats. t-shirts probably work this afternoon. i'll give you your daypart forecast and your airport call
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>> a surprise edition at the los angeles zoo made its public debut yesterday. this baby hippo was born on friday. zoo keepers didn't even know momma hippo was pregnant. plus, she was on birth control.
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>> what? >> staffers are keeping their distance for now. they don't even know if it's a boy or girl. hippos are dangerous. the first hip pot mass cat at the zoo in 26 years. >> they need to work on getting some information at that zoo. >> that's right. >> i think so. what is going on there. better her than me. let's take a look outside. blue route, things are clearing, we are dry, we are looking good this morning on the northeast extension northbound between lansdale and quakertown, construction blocks the right lane and between quakertown and lehigh valley so you've got two different work zones going on. expect a little slowing right there but not a huge deal, dave. >> it's pretty nice out there this morning with temperature in the mid to low 50's in most spots. some suburbs in the 40's but by 9 o'clock philadelphia's going to be up to 60 degrees and if you have plans to go out and do some errands today, really you can pick just about any time of the morning or afternoon and you'll be in pretty good shape. 65 degrees by noon. 67 degrees by 3 o'clock. your high today is going to be 68 and i think we're going to hit that right in there around 2 o'clock. by 6 o'clock, 61 degrees. clouds are going to increase as the day goes on but we stay
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dry and overall it's a pretty nice one. down at the airport, hoping to see all green aircraft on the board this morning and we do with the exception of newark, new jersey. there's a 29 minute delay on some flights moving out of newark and i know some of you drive up to maybe catch some international flights so if you have an involvement with newark international probably want to check on line to make sure things are okay with your flight. >> thank you david. a new study finds even small amounts of plaque in your heart vessels increases your risk of a heart attack and death. researchers examined. a yo' grams of more than 37 though u.s. veterans over a three-year period. they found patients with any amount of plaque in the heart vessels had a two to five time higher risk for heart attack and death compared to patients with no coronary disease. tiny button batteries are potentially dangerous if kids get ahold of them and swallow them. the chemicals are able to burn the esophagus. now a team of researchers at harvard and mit think they may have a solution. they applied a waterproof
5:21 am
pressure sensitive coating around the batteries. the coated batteries didn't burn sensitive tissue nor did it affect the performance of the batteries in electronics. however it could be awhile before we start to see this innovation in button batteries. for now parents have to keep an eye on those and make sure the little ones don't get ahold of them. >> trying tow rows the results of the election to predict a stock market trend. t.j. holmes pulls outer the crystal ball in america's money. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money wall street hoping for a midterm bounce. the november to april period is usually a rallying time for stocks enjoying an average return of seven-point 4% since 1930. but in mid interpret election years that bounce is usually boosted to more than 16 percent. stocks rallying oil is plummeting. on tuesday the price of crude dropped to an interday low of 75-84 virtual half the all time high it hit in 2008. the savings we're enjoying at the gas pump are being eaten
5:22 am
up at the boarding gate. study finds airlines are expected to generate an all time high of nearly $50 billion in fees. that's a 17 percent hike over last year and taylor swift is breaking a record with her new album, 1989. it debuted billboard 200 chart with the largest sales week for an album since 2002, 1.3 million. that's america's money. i'm t.j. holmes. >> it is ceach. 5:22. up next how accused cop killer eric frein may have been able to avoid capture for so long. >> newly released surveillance video shows a person of interest in connection with that violent kidnapping case in philadelphia. we are live with new clues from the case
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now she's breaking up with the vending machine. nope. i call that the meta effect. [ female announcer ] 4-in-1 multi-health metamucil now clinically proven to help you feel less hungry between meals. and promotes heart health. experience the meta effect with our new multi-health wellness line and see how one small change can lead to good things. >> ♪ >> there it is, i-95 buzzing at this early hour. also the ben franklin bridge, lots of people going across also the ben franklin bridge, another semi warm day and then things change tomorrow, so stay tuned for that accuweather forecast. investigators say eric frein went online during his 48 days on the run. court documents show the accused cop killer told police he used a laptop while trying to evade authorities. police recovered the computer and two storage drives from the airport hangar in monroe county where frein was captured last week. frein is charged with killing a pennsylvania state trooper
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and wounding another. wnba star brittney griner is okay after being attacked while boarding a team bus in china. this is video from when the phoenix murky center met little leagueer mo'ne davis. a knife wielding man slashed her on the arm. the teammate was also stabbed but the blade didn't make it to her coat. brianer also place for the beijing great wall. chinese authorities arrested the suspect. >> in the morning buzz eagles nation you just have to laugh at the story involve the cowboys doing silly things. now they were supposed to face off against the jacksonville jaguars at wembley stadium in london on sunday. they're trying to get social media going drumming up support but they didn't think about the hashtag. they want you the says cowboys u can k but you are guessing what most people are saying, cows suck. and i guess they're doubling down. despite what they've gotten
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back on twitter they're saying that's what the hashtag is, we're holding onto it but i'm guessing they're rethinking a little bit their approval process on social media. >> silly cowboys, i'll tell you. >> yeah. >> 5:27 now. there has been a shift in control. the u.s. senate. find out what it could mean for president obama's final two years in office. >> philadelphia's newest group to showcase a craft. coming up on "action news." >> "action news" is brought to you by x-finity, the
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♪ ♪ ♪ discover all the naturally moisturizing flavors of burt's bees lip balm. >> ♪ >> right now on "action news" a new look at the person of interest in the kidnapping of a new look at the person of the surveillance video police want you to take a look. >> election day leads to a big shift in american government. we have winners losers and what leadership could look like in congress now that republicans are in control. >> a man murdered while drive down the street. he was not alone in the car when the bullets started to fly.
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>> good morning. david and karen have weather and traffic. good morning. >> going to be a pretty nice one today. although on satellite there's plenty of cloud cover. we don't have to worry about the rain that's falling apart. that will be an issue tomorrow. some sun is possible early through the thinning of this cloud cover. then clouds get thicker and the frontal boundary starts to push closer to us. overnight we begin to pick you up some of that rain. ahead of a front we usually stay mild and we still have. 54 degrees in philadelphia right now. allentown has been a little bit below the curve at 43 but down the pike in reading, 53. 53 in trenton, four in both sea isle city and at the airport in atlantic city. winds are still gently flowing out of the southwest which is going the keep us on the mild side today. remember, it's milder down south than it is up north so you always like that southerly wind. and single digit winds across the region this morning so we're looking very light and very comfortable out there. still need a jacket or a sweatshirt if you're catching the were bus between 6:00 or eight, mid-50's by 8 o'clock, light winds partly


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