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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  November 5, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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wednesday night and the big story is the developing investigation into the abduction of carlesha freeland-gaither. the police confirmed they are chasing a number of new leads, they want your help, this billboard is going up and down the i-95 corridor with the hopes that someone saw carlesha and her abduct ter and they will contact the authorities. now to german town where carlesha's friends and loved one hope she will be found safe. >> rick and monica a small memorial stands on coulter street where carlesha was abducted on sunday night. at 7:00 friends family and supporters plan to gather at green and coulter for a vigil. all they can do is pray at this point as they wait for new developments from law enforcement. >> one major new development, investigators released this new video of a man they call a
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person of interest. he was caught on surveillance walking into a philadelphia supermarket, down an aisle and making a purchase. the time stamp was eight hours before 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither was intercepted dragged down coulter street and dragged away. the fbi asked that we not reveal the location of the supermarket. it's unclear if that is the same man captured on camera using her atm card in aberdeen, maryland at 6:01 a.m. monday morning and caught on camera at a mini mart there. this video you saw on "action news" shows you the moment that she came face-to-face with her attacker at green and coulter. >> someone will recognize this guy, if you know him, can you say oh that is so and so.
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billboards are put up with carles carlesha's photos, the case is getting national attention, while everyone wondered why the young woman was snatched from their german town neighborhood. her family hopes she is found safer and sound soon. >> it's horrible, terrible, a young girl 22 years old nobody knows where she is at, the family has to be distraught. >> we live in a crazy time, we would like to know that she is all right. >> again, the reward stands at $47,000, we did get some word that investigators were making progress in maryland today but again at this point, there is no word on the identification of a suspect and no arrests made and no word on carlesha's whereabouts. live in german town, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> stay with 6 abc for updates on this investigation, we'll bring you the latest information on air and online at
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turning now to the results of the 2014 midterm elections, pennsylvania voters have elected a new governor and we are talking about tom wolf. he defeated incumbent tom corbett. wolf greeted excited supporters in york, pennsylvania, yesterday that means that corbett is the first governor in pennsylvania's modern history not to win re-election. wolf was at the manchester cafe in york county for his first appearance as governor-elect. he thanked supporters for being along the ride and casting their ballots last night and he will take office in january and one of the tasks on his to do list is to deliver on a promise to increase the state's share of school costs. and republicans gained control of the u.s. senate and president obama responded to the change in power, he said today that the american people sent a message and he gets that message.
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coming up at 5:30 we'll break down the big victories and hear what the president had to say about getting things done in washington. you can also see all the election results from our area and across the country online by going to our website at for a round up of the results and the winners. >> thank you. in other news, a delaware county father and son face serious charges in connection with a shootout outside of their home in collingdale that injured two police officers. "action news" reporter vernon odom is at the scene with the details tonight. >> the police raid here early this morning at 1:04 lafayette avenue at 6:00 a.m. almost immediately bullets were flying. late today police hauled a collingdale father and son off to the jail. the father is charged with aggravated murder and assault on police officers early this morning.
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>> but for the grace of god today we would have lost two officers. >> at 6:00 this morning, a combined s.w.a.t. team arrived at 104 lafayette avenue to serve a warrant on 24-year-old lamar james, police say that lamar was the trigger man here, his father is charged with obstruction of justice while the son opened fire on the police. >> lamar james ran down the steps with a resolver in his hand and fired four shots at the officers on that front porch. >> philadelphia police had a warrant for lamar james in connection with an attempted murder on october 27th at 70th and elm wood. that shooting police believe was retaliation for a home invasion by four masked men on october 1st. there were no serious injuries despite a wild exchange of gun
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fire. >> one the s.w.a.t. members from the upper darby police department was struck in the hand by a bullet and another officer from the upper darby s.w.a.t. team was struck in his ballistic helmet. >> lamar james remains in the delaware county prison and his bail is set at $1 million cash. if convicted lamar james could be looking at life in prison. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right vernon thank you. leaders in the philadelphia school district met today to discuss the next steps it will take to fix the struggling walter palmer charter schools. the city already shut down the charter school because it had double the students it was suppose to have. parents are scrambling to put their kids somewhere else. the district says that palmer oz them $2.4 million for part of
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which is overpayments. >> that is because they were billing us for students they were not serving. >> do you have the money? >> at this point absolutely not, no charter school has that much money on hand. >> the district will vote whether to revoke the school's license all together sometime after the first of the year. a golf course stirred up emotion in chester county, that a new school district development project could hurt their quiet community. john rawlins is live in phoenixville with that story. >> one of the attractions just outside of phoenixville is its quiet wooded areas in many locations here, with that if mind, a proposal by the school district has some folks circulating petitions. >> a golf course with 100 big trees, is turned off by a plan that sees 100 of those trees kutd down by the owners.
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>> it's too much, it's an overkill, the neighbors know there is a need for a new school and expect a few new playing fields. birded eye view, the planned school is dwarfed by playing fields and parking spaces, a mega complex that is out of scale. they are worried about what may follow. cars to fill the parking lot and -- >> noise from the pa system and a huge concession stand and all the congestion that comes with it. >> they say that the fields are needed by school teams and on the weekends community teams and neighbors are skeptical. >> their studies say that maybe it shows it won't have an impact but do they really know, and we won't know until we experience it. >> another worry once the fields are built, there will be field lights. >> there is no intent to put
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lights up, we are not requesting perfect mission for lights. that is not an issue. >> they hope the county will cut the numbers of fields from six to three. preserving the spate and some of the doomed trees. >> we want it scaled back we know the elementary will be built but what else will be built on this property. can the school district accept that? >> no, our assessment is we need the six fields. >> the district says they need the six fields because its already busing some 19 different teams over the year to off campus locations. those that are opposed to this plan plan to come to the supervisors meeting to talk to their elected leaders. live in schuylkill township, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> 6 abc and the philadelphia zoo teamed up for an exciting
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announcement. the zoo balloon is here to say, it was suppose to be one final year, but thanks to public demand a new balloon will soar once again in the spring. 6 abc is a proud supporter of the balloon since the spring. >> now speaking of hot air matt pellman -- >> the good news is i can go up in the balloon and watch the traffic i enjoy. >> good afternoon to you rick and monica, here along 95 a northbound accident approaching 413 in buck county that just cleared out and now southbound activity near 413 and police and emergency crews are taking out the right lane as you come south to woodhaven road, the northbound lanes were backed up because of an accident that cleared. not too far off in bristol,
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cedar and wood streets get you around. still have the collapsed struck partially block the the ramp to the vine westbound. and an overturned vehicle crash on the danhour bridge. we'll check it again rick and monica, more hot air just for you. >> he is familiar with the concept. >> much more to come on "action news" tonight. ray rice and his wife are back in the spotlight as the former nfl star tries to get his job back. more on the hearings that got underway today. >> the clouds are thickening and i'm tracking rain on the way and when you'll need your umbrellas and the cool air to follow. >> plast surgeons say brotox, is on the rise.
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health check tonight, medical experts say that millions of women are missing
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out on screening for cervical cancer. ali gorman is here with more. >> reporter: it's concerning because we know that screening saves lives but the cdc says that 8 million american women between the age of 21 and 65 years old have not been screened in five years or women that have never been screened or rarely screened. here is what you need to know, women under 30, you want to have it at least every three years and women to 65 every five years, if you are uninsured or underinsured, there are free screenings on that, at turning to mens health, this month you'll see more facial hair on men, because it
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movember. one in seven men will develop prostate cancer and the movember movements is a gentle nudge that some men need. >> stay on top of things and don't ignore them. prostate cancer and testicular cancer can be treated if caught early. >> it started in australia, and has now spread to 21 countries and one more note on mens health, the society of plastic surgeons said that 35,000 american men got botox injections last year. that is three times as many as ten years ago. there are reasons men want what is called bro-tox. they say it came from a wife or
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girlfriend but guys don't try giving this advice the opposite way to your wife or girlfriend. >> good way to be single really quick. thank you ali.
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philadelphia is proving itself to be a tour de force in the cycling loss. mayor michael nutter sign the bill for the first advocacy board, they will be maintaining the off road trails along with the 500 miles of bike lanes open by next spring. >> bicycling is not just on a bicycle for transportation or exercising but for young and healthy living and the economic impact on the sport on philadelphia. >> mayor nutter today announced a womans world cup cycling event sometime next year. >> drinking soda will come with an additional cost, because voters in berkeley california approved a 1 cent an ounce tax
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on sugary drinks, that adds one cent to a can of soda and 15 cents to a bottle. a nearby measure failed in nearby san francisco. cecily tynan is looking at the forecast and she will have the low down. we're talking employee pricing baby! hey, you need 'em, you want 'em, and now there's no better time to get 'em. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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>> time now for accuweather at the "action news" big board, cecily tynan is here. >> we got a little bit of precipitation heading our way slowly but surely. we have showers on the way tonight, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing most of the region is rain free, we have a few sprinkles in parts of newcastle county and delaware and parts of cumberland and salem county, most areas made it up to the mid to upper 60s, currently philadelphia 51 and wilmington 59 and millville 61 and trenton 58 degrees. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that we are dry now but there is plenty of moisture on the way, low pressure near nashville and this is what is tracking over us, another low pressure up along the great lakes, that low pressure will miss us, the low pressure over nashville will bring us showers late tonight and at midnight we'll see a few showers beginning to break out
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especially philadelphia and areas to the west. as we head into the morning, 6:00 in the morning, david murphy is busy on stormtracker 6 live double scan because we have heavier showers in the northwest suburbs and the heaviest rain is between 6:00 and noon, at 10:00 in the morning steady rain is over us and it's not all day heavy rain, heading into the afternoon it's showery, on and off showers at 1:30 in the afternoon and at 6:00 scattered showered around and again not a big mass of heavy rain. future tracker showing we are looking at generally a half inch to inch of rain and the bulk of it is for the first half of the day on thursday. the call from accuweather for tonight, lots of clouds with the rain arriving at midnight with the cloud cover though, it's not getting all that cool, this is november, 53 is the low in philadelphia and wilmington 50 and millville 47 and trenton 47 degrees. tomorrow rainy with the morning rain and the afternoon showers,
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it will be on the cool side with a high of 59 degrees, plenty of clouds and i don't think we'll see much sunshine. partly sunny skies on friday, the high is 54 degrees and it will feel a lot cooler than that with wind gusts 35 to 40 miles per hour. it's going to be a day like this past sunday, then as we head to saturday, chilly with increasing clouds, the high only 50 degrees, a few showers and dry with a mixture of sun and clouds and 55 degrees and monday mostly sunny with a high of 57 degrees, cool and dry for the eagles. adam joseph is hanging out in yardley, getting ready for holidays, not too early. >> shady brook farms they are not just known for their apples and their pumpkins and pumpkin ice-cream but their holiday light show. they are all led and we have 350
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individual props, and 30,000 cars that come every year, you see them come through every year and they drive through, it takes 20 to 25 minutes to get through the light show, you ready to go through the boxes of lights to get it ready, we have 3,000 more boxes to go through guys. all right when we come back, we talk more about the light show and the pumpkin ice-cream.
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and hello, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. former pro bowler and baltimore raven, ray rice, meets with officials in new york city to try to get his job back and a popular football coach is arrest over the weekend and we'll. plain why and police and firefighters work hard to contain a fire in frankford. >> but first ray rice went head to head with the nfl today, they took action against rice on two
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separate occasions, after video surfaced of him abusing his now wife in an atlantic city elevator. sharrie williams is live now with more on the hearing. >> reporter: rice is seeking immediate reinstatement. he and his attorney are arguing that the league is punishing him twice for a single violation, and there are other sports stars that are under the microscope. as he entered into an arbitration, he was holding hands with his wife janay, the woman he punched and dragged her unconscious body out of an elevator in atlantic city. initially he was suspended for two games but following a public outcry and the release of this second video, the nfl suspended him indefinitely. >> the second video came out


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