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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  November 6, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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"action news" delaware
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valley's leading news program. when you go to bed tonight, say a prayer for little scotty mcmillan. the brief nightmare that was his life is over. >> emotions are running very high today in chester county as the gruesome details are released about the torture and murder of a 3-year-old boy. that boy's own mother and boyfriend are charged in the savage crime and the d.a. says he will seek the death penalty. >> officials say that scott mcmillan was beaten, whipped and hung from his feet and taped to a chair. investigators say it's the worst child abuse case they have ever seen.tigators say it's the worst vernon odom is live with more on this murder investigation. >> reporter: backing up what you said. chester county law enforcement
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figures emergency rooms and hospitals are calling it the worst case of child abuse they have ever seen. jillian tate and her boyfriend are in prison tonight facing first degree murder charges, the d.a. says they tortured her son to death. >> he was systematically tortured and beaten to death. he was punched in the face and in the stomach, he was scourged with a homemade whip. he was lashed with a metal rod, he was tied to a chair and beaten. he was tied upside down by his feet and beaten. >> they share this west town trailer, and all three worked at a local wal-mart, there were no signs that these people were on
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drugs and the d.a. says that professionals with deep experience in these cases were brought to tears. >> our e.r. nurses see terrible things but when they saw his body, they wept. >> the d.a. says they will seek the death penalty for the suspects. they only moved into the trailer park earlier this month. reaction from neighbors. >> horrific, the honorable. >> the prosecutor wants to give them the death penalty. >> i don't know if they should or not? >> why not? >> they would probably suffer more in jail all of their lives. >> again tonight chester county district attorney says he will seek the death penalty if the two suspects are convicted here of murder in the first degree. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right we'll have more on that case throughout the evening tonight. now though to the latest on the rescue of that woman
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abducted from-month-old. carlesha freeland-gaither is safe this afternoon and her alleged kidnapper is behind bars, we have team coverage tonight and chad pradelli is live in maryland, where the suspect delvin barnes was arraigned by a video conference today. but we'll get started with david henry outside of northwest detectives, you have the latest from there. >> reporter: we are learning new details about what happened in the moments right after carlesha was abducted. they initially thought she had kicked out the windows of the car and now we learned that there was a hammer on the backseat of the car and she knocked the windows out with the hammer and hit her abductor with it until he was able to subdue her again. this are piecing together the suspect's movements and looking at where he was and they may
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have already linked him to another crime and that she came across him by chance. >> it was random, ma makes it even scarier. >> detectives say they were lucky that they found her alive. the more time that passes the less likely of the chances for survival. police in virginia recognized the man in the surveillance video as the suspect in a similar case. they were looking for 37-year-old delvin barnes for raping and trying to kill a 16-year-old girl. they captured an image of the suspect's car and were able to read the name of the dealership. they called the dealership and had them activate a gps he installed on the car if he defaulted on the loan. they believe he may have been involved in a robbery in the northeast last week and they are
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going back further than that. >> i'm sure that authorities both in virginia, maryland and even here, we'll look at our missing prns files and see if anything fits. the fbi has questioned barnes and they searched his car today and they are the lead agency on the case, it will be a year or more before barnes is returned to philadelphia, he faces charges in virginia on rape and murder charges and then in philadelphia on the kidnapping and related charges. police say it was a full-court press from the start. >> the detective in this case recovered the video quickly and got the fbi involved right away and we started running on this hard from the very, very beginning. >> now, carlesha's family was visited by detectives earlier this afternoon. she is kept secluded today with her family, and they tell them
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not to reveal details about what happened until they are able to put their case together to make an iron clad case against the suspect and carlesha will be interviewed by the fbi in the days ahead as they build that case, a case that will not be tried in philadelphia until at least a year from now until the virginia case is taken care of. david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> detective james sloan is speaking right now. lets listen in. >> i won't say something if i done believe it. >> what was it like to hear the words from carlesha's mother, for keeping her inspired, that you made a promise and you came through, what was that like? >> well, keeping a promise it felt good. overwhelmed because you have
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this 22-year-old girl that went through a hell of an ordeal and we were able to bring her home safely. >> how long have you been on the force, this is going on three days, when did you think, when did any of you think you may not see her again, did you think that? >> we didn't think that. >> we did not think that, he was adamant that we were finding her. he never gave up hope and we were on board with that. >> detective how long have you been on the force, and how does this rank in terms of highlights of your career? >> i have been on the force for 22 years, this is one of the more memorable cases. it just feels good help out and have a good ending. >> did you get a chance to talk to carlesha today?
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>> no, i didn't talk to her today. >> one witness called the police twice and that enabled police to get on this and find the video almost immediately, how instrumental was that? >> i want to thank you for bringing that up. the gentlemen by the name of dwayne fletcher, everybody keeps on saying hero and stuff like that. he witnessed it and he watched, he called the police twice, he waited for the police and waited for me, if it wasn't for him, i don't think we would have the same outcome, this man is a hero, i wish he was here but apparently he is at work until 4:00. >> he is the fellow we saw on the video that went to pick up the phone that was dropped deliberately -- is that correct? >> yes. >> he was that individual? >> yes, he was on video on foot.
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>> you say carlesha left her phone there so you could track her down? >> she is an intelligent girl. >> she did that deliberately? >> yes. she left it there for us to find. >> how instrumental was the gps, the car being tracked by a gps system and then being able to find the suspect? >> i think it was an important part of the investigation, along with other tips, but there were other things that went along with it and other things they were following up with. >> like what? >> we don't want to get into too many details, but the detectives were almost real time in a sense following through on these tips, speaking with our team that was down there, with the atf and fbi. >> was it ultimately the gps
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that led you to mr. barnes? >> it was a big part of it. >> how long have you been partners? >> 17 years we worked together. >> not too long. >> detective can you step closer to the mike there if you don't mind, had you had contact with the family earlier in the day, and what was the conversation when you brought them the news they wanted? >> i had contacted the family members quite a few times during the day, every time we found out there was video or anything we broadcast to you guys and you were putting out, i let them know it was coming out and told them to watch the tv and tell me if they see anything. >> then late in the day, everything went down quickly, that conversation with the family, tell us about that? >> when i told them that we found her?
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i spoke to her sister, brittney, and she answered the phone, and she sounded gloomy and i said why are you so gloomy, we found her sister and she is safe, put your mother on the phone. i said we have your daughter, and she said thank you, bring my baby home. >> when did you get barnes's name, and you said this is the tip, we are going to bring her home? >> again not in wanting to compromise the investigation, it was sometime yesterday afternoon that we began running with that prn of interest and that tip. >> is there anything to you lrned from this, you can't specifics about what she did to help herself, but is there anything this people can learn from this?
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>> it was a combination of many, many things, fantastic work on the behalf of the detectives and great work on behalf of the fbi and the atf and the media helps us tremendously, you got the message out to the people out there and the family worked hand in hand with detective sloan and detective otto and they were in constant contact. if i family could point us in a certain direction we followed up on it. there was information that came from various sources, actually a case study example of how it is suppose to work, i say that knowing it doesn't happen a lot. this could be a case study on how everything right into place. everybody worked seamlessly together, the fbi and the atf, everybody communicated and we got a lot of input from the
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public and i have to thank everybody in the news media for getting out the information. it was a complete circle of communication and effort. >> the traffic camera -- >> you are listening to officers involved in the rescue of carlesha freeland-gaither, you heard detective james sloan there, he said he would not say something if he didn't believe. he delivered on the promise of bringing carlesha back to her family and her family is grateful for that today. >> detective sloan is resisting the badge the term hero, lots calling that detective and his partner a hero today. no doubt carlesha freeland-gaither's family is among them. lets switch live to chad pradelli, he is in maryland where the suspect delvin barnes was arraigned today via video conference. >> reporter: wearing an orange jump suit, and giving answers
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like yes, sir, and no, sir to the judge, delvin barnes was held without bond. soon they will arrive here and pick him up and take him back to maryland where he faced charges for another heinous kidnapping. he was arraigned via video, cameras were not allowed in the courtroom and he waived his right to an extradition hearing and now he sits in the detention center, now they have five days to pick him up and take him to virginia where he is wanted for picking up a 16-year-old girl and raping her and dousing her with gasoline. >> he is exactly where he belongs. with no bail. and just moments ago i did get off the phone with the charles city sheriff's office, and
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authorities are on their way to virginia and barnes should be picked up sometime tonight. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. has been constantly updating this story and there you can read more about the criminal history of the suspected abductor and watch the press conference and see photos from the search, it's all right there right no w
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time now for accuweather for what is a dreary thursday afternoon. david murphy is tracking the latest and letting us know when it moves out. lets go right to double scan radar, we'll talk about thunderstorms that are pushing towards maryland and kent county. these were originally severe in parts of maryland and moving to the east at speeds of 35 miles per hour near smyrna and middletown, some of the lightning has faded off the radar, at this point, they are weakening and they could pose some winds as strong as 40 miles per hour as the showers push to the east, they will stay south of salem and north of fortescue and millville. fort breeze at 4:24 and odessa heights at 4:24, but as you
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workup the pipeline towards philadelphia, it's generic light showers for the evening rush, another concern is not only the drizzle that is around much of the area, and the visibility, it has dropped around the region, 2 miles in philadelphia and 3 in allentown and 2 in reading, and 2.5 in lancaster and in the poconos, 0 visibility. now that the sun is setting, and it's darker earlier, you head out and encounter the fog use the low beams, the less light you put out the less light being reflected back into your eye. 50 in trenton and warmer to the south in millville and dover 61 and 63 degrees, the steady rain from earlier is well off to the north and east and east of boston at this point and the upper level low is spinning this evening and there will be left over showers around in the evening hours, and in southern new jersey, where it pushes off
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the coast, by 11:00 the fog is around and the clouds and patchy drizzle and not steady rainfall we are tracking for the early or lake overnight hours, and by early tomorrow morning, the winds are picking up and the clouds disperse before the morning rush and good news at 7:30, and we are dry and the sun returns briefly, we look at the set europe here for friday, a powerful low sets up and brings snow to northern new england and the with low from the north and high from the west, we'll have much like last weekend the winds are gusting 35 to 40 miles per hour with a decent amount of clouds and even some instability showers tomorrow afternoon. for tonight we have the evening showers and the fog and turning chilly and after midnight when the winds kick up, 40 degrees by tomorrow morning and philadelphia 42 and millville 45, and dover 45 degrees, your
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four day at 4:00, gusty winds around tomorrow and any sun tomorrow will be limited and there could be a brief shower in the afternoon and stays chilly on saturday and morning sun giving way to afternoon sun and sunday looking pretty good and sunshine and a few clouds, and sunny and nice above normal on monday and 61 and dropping into the 50s for the eagles game at the linc on monday night for monday night football. not bad this upcoming weekend we'll have the seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you w
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an 89-year-old veteran of world war 2 was singled out for his bravery in voorhees today. he served in 1943 and kennedy health system presented him with a shadow box containing all the
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various medals he has earned. dozens of other camden county veterans received the service medal the the ceremony today. now, the "action news" traffic report. lets go live to matt pellman. >> not the most ideal weather conditions for the drive home brian and shirleen. i suppose it could be worse, here is the situation at delco at the blue route, a disabled vehicle on the shoulder, and it's moving slowly at times but it looks wet, and we see bad accidents, one in london grove, near avondale road involving an overturned vehicle and high water blocking ogle town road at augusta drive, stick with 273 around that. in jersey, gloucester county, a crash brought down pole and
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wires, so little gloucester road a possible alternate. and in millville, north crash with a downed pole is closing 47 and main street and ware avenue. fourth street can get you around that closure at luigi's pizzeria. >> we will check the traffic again and see what is cooking once again brian and shirleen coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. there is still much more to come in the next half hour of "action news" at 4:00. plus -- whether you are looking for something special for gift buying, i have a sale
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"action news" continues with adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, shirleen allicot, and brian with taff. >> hello again 4:30 and "action news" continues with a criminal unmasked how a costume designer helped to track down a robbery suspect turned master in disease. and trimmed down body builders share the secret for changing their body in a hurry.
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>> and later knocked out for speaking out, a young woman is attacked in a mall parking lot, after confronting a shopper, what set a california mother off. and the story that captivated the tri-state area and the country and beyond. the story of carlesha freeland-gaither, late yesterday the nurse's assistant was found alive in jessup, maryland, she was abducted and thrown into a car. that car belonged to delvin barnes, and we know this is not the first time that barnes abducted a woman. wendy saltzman is live with more. >> reporter: delvin barnes has a long rap sheet and history of terrorizing women, this is the third known assault against
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women in a crime spree that spread to three states. how a criminal with a violent sexual past was able to attack again. delvin barnes had a warrant for his arrest in virginia and at the time he kidnapped carlesha freeland-gaither in philadelphia. his record spans back to 2001 as he was arrested in virginia as part of the bandana robberies. only "action news" was there when he was arrested first in philadelphia, he was accused of having forceable sexual intercourse with his estranged wife, who he allege by beat and choked. and was convicted of hitting her father in the head with a bowl and hitting her mother in the face. he was just released a year ago.
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the parole board asked that he be kept in jail. now he is accused of abducting a 16-year-old virginia girl, he put her in the back of the car and dug a grave asking the victim how she wants to die, she was found naked and covered in gas, and he showed that girl a picture of another girl that he claimed he abducted. there were six felony warrants out for barnes arrest at the time he allegedly abducted carlesha freeland-gaither, and that case is currently being conducted by the fbi. >> he will be extradited to virginia and he doesn't know any of his abduction victim, they were complete strangers, the question is are there potentially any other victims. police are investigating. i'm wendy saltzman, channel 6
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"action news." >> thanks for that wendy. >> is constantly updating that story with the latest details, you can read more about the criminal history of this suspected abductor and see the photos from the search. it's all right there right now on right now police are looking for a driver who opened fire at a gas station in broad daylight. new surveillance shows the suspect arguing with another man at the sunoco on east mourn airy on tuesday. the man wearing a plaid shirt here pulled out a gun and fired six shots, the victim was hit as he tried to run away, he was take and to the hospital in stable condition, police say that the gunman drove off in a cadillac suv towards washington lane. we are learning more about a suspect that is accused of holding up banks was finally nabbed. here is what the robber looked up as he held up banks in
4:33 pm
philadelphia and new britain. here is what the suspect actually looks like, don't see the resemblance? neither did the fbi. that is until they got a tip he could be wearing a $1500 mask. the maker saw the alert and knew his own work. and he looked up and saw who he sold his creation to. >> all the communication with me and him through the fbi, that guy actually receive that exact mask at his home address under his own name. >> with his help, the philadelphia police tracked jordan down and they say he confessed to the robberies and confessed to a murder. jordan is held right now on a number of charges. extraordinary. >> he thought he was smart but not so much. >> now to the accuweather forecast. >> it's a little wet out there,
4:34 pm
some fog developing out there north and west as we look at double scan live radar, we have light showers from trenton to philadelphia to wilmington with heavier downpours in southern newcastle county and kent county and trying to stretch over into southern parts of new jersey and right now we are dealing with light showers in the green and you can see from willow grove and norristown and it's soon to end in the western suburbs, to the south we are dealing with some thunderstorms near dover, a couple of lightning strikes there four in the last 15 minutes, she are sliding over the bay towards fortescue and route 49. it's slow going right now as it was earlier this morning for the rush hour, if you are headed out, areas of fog take a little extra time, only dropping to 53 by 6:00 and southern areas there are brief areas of thunderstorms passing through. when we come back we'll talk about a brighter but windy
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accuweather forecast and a big cool down as well. >> we'll get ready for it, thank you adam. >> on health check at 4:00, a secret that body builders have known for years, it's starting to go main street. a local woman was helped to lose 30 pounds and not hit the gym lightning a body builder does. abali gorman is live now with the details. >> reporter: there is no secret that men and women who compete in these body building competitions, know how to change their bodies but the formulas they use does not require drugs or a district diet. >> dawn says she got tired of being tired. over the years she had gained weight and was less active and then had to go up in clothing size. >> that is when i said i have to change this. she reached out to weight loss doctor charlie selzter, he used
4:36 pm
to be overweight and now competes in body building competitions, for his clients you uses the same eating plan that he and other beholdy built builders use. if it fits in your macros, means proteins and fats. the doctor says that lay people could get away with tracking protein and total calories. >> provided you hit the numbers by the end of the day, how often you eat and when you eat, how much you eat is not as important. >> dawn lowered her overall calories to 1200 and upping her protein uptake to 50 grams a day. >> they were small enough where i could do. it was not a big change where a couple of days down the road i was like i can't do this. >> and a workout program she could do at home. >> 20 to 30 minutes a day.
4:37 pm
>> as with any plan to lose weight, you still have to do the work but dr. selzter says this the easiest way to make it fit into your lifestyle. here is dawn before she started the program and now 10 months later, 30 pounds lighter. >> i feel great, i really do. people now tell me how great i look, and my daughter tells me how proud she is of me all the time. >> dawn says the little changes she made she added healthier things into her diet and started to like working out. as for tracking her calories and protein, she used the my fitness pal app. we have a link to this online calculator at website. and we have dr. charlie selzter at the station for a live facebook chat, go to our facebook page, and ask him your questions about this plan or anything else about weight loss.
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back to you. >> thank you ali. people were sampling some not so diet friendly delights in center city today, but at least this was for a good cause, five more holiday pies were available by the slice for free. mana had the final days of their fundraising campaign, they provided free meals each month. and they stopped by to honor the good work and it was declared pie day in philadelphia. >> today a centenarian celebrated his birthday in delaware playing the game he loves. >> i'll shoot anything. >> yea! >> francis grims comes to oak grove senior center every day to shoot pool with his friends. he received a billiards style
4:39 pm
birthday cake and grims grew up in wilmington and in 1934, graduated from wilmington high school, he also served in world war ii and was on the uss battleship when it sank. so what is his secret? >> don't take no medicine. >> that is the secret. don't take medicine and it seems to be working for him. >> by the way he has a drivers license that was just renewed for five more years. >> he has a ton of energy too. >> good man. >> still ahead, dazzling diamonds and precious pearls all at 50% off. >> plus, an armed criminal on the run flags down a car for help, little does he know that the first one he flagged down was a television camera man and you can't believe what happened next. don't tell a stranger how to parent, what ignited the mother
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of all brawls. and adam joseph has the full accuweather forecast. the word on the weekend when "action news" continues on a thursday afternoon.
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an australian journalist set out to cover a shooting but he never made it to the crime scene because he was flagged down by the suspect who confessed on camera. >> are you going to talk to me now, this is peter neil from channel 7, i have the shooter with me. >> a remorseful jewel brook was sobbing as he admitted to shooting a woman all while the camera kept him calm and called police, their exchange went on for a half hour, and when police did not arrive, he jumped in the van and pulled a gun, and at
4:43 pm
that moment he was torn between his job and his safety. >> i wanted the shot with the gun but i didn't want to get shot. in the end he backed away and brook sped off in the stolen van later on crashing into a gas station, he was eventually arrested after a standoff and charged with a number of offenses. over at the big board with the big talkers, we'll begin with this video from the parking lot outside of san francisco, i want to get your take on this, it shows two women fighting because one of them asked the other to calm her child down, natalie breeze says she was in line within a small child began throwing a loud temper tam tantrum, and asked the mom to quiet her. she told brie here not to discipline her child and she
4:44 pm
told her to go to hell, and the mom followed her to her car and decked her and brie may lose three teeth from the ordeal.and but defends her right to step in. >> do you feel you have the right to tell people what to do with their kids? >> not necessarily but when it's that loud, you have to quiet them down a bit. >> the mom's reaction was extreme and was natalie in the right to ask in the first place. i would love to get your thoughts on this, go to my facebook page and sound off on this one. and then extreme generosity that backfired in a big way. this 90-year-old man enlisted chefs to feed homeless people on the beach in florida and now he is facing 60 days in jail. within they set up shop in ft. lauderdale, the homeless
4:45 pm
lined up to get a meal. the local police were there to secretly recorded the whole thing, because abbott was violating a city ordinance of feeding the homeless in public. >> you are in violence of 2.2 and we are issuing you a citation. >> it's the right to feed people and we should be allowed to feed our fellow man. >> ft. lauderdale's mayor says the city will not back down, he says abbott may have had good intentions so does the law that seeks to break the cycle of homeless dependency, abbott says whatever happens jail or not he will be back on the beach feeding anybody that needs help. >> i'll keep my opinions to myself on this one. >> lets get a check on the roads this afternoon, matt pellman in the traffic center with an update. >> come on he is 90 years old.
4:46 pm
>> lots of traffic troubles feeding driver's frustrations, accidents and wet roads and huge delays, all three on 95, southbound it's a 34 minute ride from wood haven to the vine, ideally it should be 14 minutes. southbound by allegheny, an accident involving a fire truck partially blocking the right lane. this is 95 in delco, you see the low clouds and wet conditions and the northbound traffic backeded up from the state line to the blue route. as you round the corners on the drives this afternoon, you have to take it easy especially with the wet leaves down, a crash on kelly drive and one in franconia township, at harleysville pike, a bicyclist was struck in westchester, avoid price street and westchester the overturned
4:47 pm
vehicle crash near creek road, the creek the water is high and ogle town road is shut down at augusta drive and in gloucester township, the downed poll blocking college drive. lots of closures and lots of blockages and bad conditioned brian and shirleen we'll check it again at 5:00. >> thank you adam joseph is
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4:49 pm
meteorologist, adam joseph is long with a damp and foggy night out there. >> now we know what it's like to live in brian's brain. >> brain fog in there. >> as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan, we have light showers from philadelphia to trenton but heavier rain in southern new jersey moving away
4:50 pm
from the state of delaware as we take a look at this thunderstorm pushing east of dover over the bay it's moving to the east-northeast at 35 miles per hour packing winds near 40 to 50 miles per hour and not severe but on the limit there heading towards fortescue and south of millville, from newport at 5:00 to dividing creek at 5:06 and norris 5:10. north of that area we are dealing with a steady rain right now, from glassboro and woods town and salem to fort penn and this all pushes to the east-northeast and lighter showers in southeastern parts of pennsylvania. where we are not seeing the heavy rain we are seeing fog, from philadelphia two and a half mile visibility and 5 miles in reading and a half mile in the poconos and better from millville to atlantic city, but the flip side without the fog
4:51 pm
you are dealing with heavy rainfall. where we see the fog it's cooler, 45 allentown and 45 in the poconos, and then you bump to millville at 61 degrees, not warm but better than the 49 and the boardwalk on the verge of 60. we got a break and now we are dealing with one area of energy that is rolling south of philadelphia and the upper low is west of pittsburgh that will link with some rain that passed through this morning to bring northern new england another nor'easter with snow in parts of vermont and new hampshire. and for us we watch the heavy rain in southern new jersey that pushes off the coast by 6:00 and lingering clouds around and some fog and by early tomorrow morning, good news for the morning rush t. the fog is gone and spine is returning but the winds kick up as the low departs, 60 degrees and chilly tomorrow with the winds gusting
4:52 pm
at 40 miles per hour and there could even be an afternoon shower around. as we look at the exclusive accuweather forecast, any sun will erupt into clouds and a brief shower in the afternoon and bright here saturday morning and chilly, clouds building in the afternoon and 50, and sunday a few clouds and 57 and normal the second half of the weekend, 61 on monday and 7 degrees above average at 65 on tuesday. and clouds and a brief shower and 65 and that drops temperatures 12 degrees below normal on thursday with a high of just 45 degrees. lets say a volatile temperatures as we get into the early part of next week. >> did i see a 4 if front of
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congratulations you just tasted what life is all about. >> i can scratch that off my list of unanswered questions. for alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff, we are back tonight for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look ahead. >> next at 5:00, a young cancer patient with a dad in the nfl is gearing up for a special night, her story coming up in health
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. nearly 24 hours after her d dramatic rescue, new details are emerging about the abduction of carlesha freeland-gaither as police reveal how they worked with the fbi and atf to find the 22-year-old and her abductor. it's thursday night and the big story on "action news" is the ongoing investigation into the abduction and rescue that is gaining international attention.
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>> carlesha freeland-gaither is now safe with her family tonight and we are hearing more from the heros that made that possible. meanwhile, the man accused of abducting her is waiting extradition to virginia where he is wanted for another heinous kidnapping and rape. until he is extradited he will remain in the baltimore county detention center but the virginia authorities have five days to pick him up and they could move him as early as tonight. reporter annie mccormick is outside of carlesha's mother's home but lets begin with sara bloomquist she just heard from the lead detective in this case. sara? >> reporter: detectives here are working to compile all the evidence, they will reinterview carlesha after she had time to rest and is feeling more comfortable. we heard from the


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