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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 7, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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. making news in america this morning -- the former navy s.e.a.l. what claims he killed obl breaking his silence. why his claims are causing controversy. live in washington. new this morning, sparks fly as a plane makes an emergency landing overnight. new details on the bumpy landing. found alive. a young girl missing for nearly 24 hours in the woods. the happy ending and heartwarming picture taken moments after her rescue. and living large. 23 bathrooms, a 27-car garage. the most expensive house in the u.s. is now on the market.
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well, good friday morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm t.j. holmes. we begin with the navy s.e.a.l. who claims he was the one who put three bullets in osama bin laden. he's rob o'neal. he says he killed the terror leader and he's opening up about that night. >> reporter: good morning. that former navy s.e.a.l. claims he decided to come forward after meeting with familiies of 9/11 victims. we assumed it would be leaked anyway anyway. we saw the images from inside the compound after the daring raid that killed osama bin laden. three years later, this man is claiming he shot the terror leader to death. robert o'neill is a decorated veteran and now a motivational speaker. getting paid to talk about his hundreds of missions as a navy s.e.a.l. last night in tennessee, o'neill did not talk about his most
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famous mission, but he told the "washington post" about it. the same story he told "esquire" magazine anonymously two years agency. saying he moved up the stairs to confront him in the bedroom, firing twice in the forehead after he dodged bullets from another s.e.a.l. it differs slightly from the one given by matt bissonnette, the only other s.e.a.l. to reveal his identity. he was written under a pseudonym, but came forward on "60 minutes." both men being criticized in the s.e.a.l. community. >> we are most effective when we adhere tour core values. humanity, service, quiet professionals who are humble in doing our work. >> reporter: and a recent letter from navy commanders to the special ops community warned against disregarding core values
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for public noept ryety or financial game. as for the exact details how the raid was carried out, it could be decades before that information is declassified. >> all right, live in washington. thank you so much. and breaking news from idaho. two army national guard pilots killed in the crash of a helicopter. president apache was on a training mission and went down near the boise airport. the chopper from a nearby national guard base. both of the victims said to be veteran pilots. and an air force pilot flying a pilot similar to these when something went wrong. the pilot went down and was killed. the air force removed the pilot's body and begun an investigation. president obama hosting a bipartisan power lunch this afternoon. sitting down with the leaders since it shifted to the republicans. he blocked out two hours to discuss how to move forward.
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immigration and isis will be high on the agenda. since the election, both sides have promised to work to find common ground. president obama has sent a secret letter to the leader of iran to discuss isis. a shared interest in defeating them, but the white house denies coordination with iran on military actions. more than 600 troops claim they were opened to chemical weapons. the new numbers are much larger than previously thought. and raised questions about how many others were exposed. a cyber attack is being blamed on hackers linked to the russian government. a trojan horse malware program penetrated power grids, gas lines and water treatment plants. it had been lurking in the computers since 2011 but was not
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activated. the supreme court could be dragged back into the gay marriage debate. ohio, michigan, kentucky and tennessee, that makes it likely the supreme court will hear the issue next year. new video of a dramatic emergency landing overnight. air canada flight suffered a blown tire after takeoff. and strong winds forced it to land. you can see the sparks as it touches down in edmonton. one witness thought the aircraft was going to blow up because of the sparks. three people suffer injuries. >> the pacific northwest, knocked down power lines in the seattle area. electricity is out to 14,000 homes and businesses. but after the rains, drier weather in the region. that's not the case for other parts of the country. another storm taking aim on new
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england, and a monster storm sending the country into a deep freeze. >> good morning, jim. good morning. a strong area of low pressure will depart new england. still snow in maine. a fresh foot of snow. behind, the cold air out of canada. strong, gusty winds. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. but this is just a preview for next week. a powerful storm over the bering sea, will drag northward, bringing arctic air over the lower 48. it will feel like winter in many spots. back to you. >> thank you as always. we have an update. it's an embarrassing about face in the prosecutors in the case against ac/dc drummer paul rudd. two murder for hire charges have been dropped. he's facing the charge of threatening to kill, which could land him in prison for seven years.
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and accused of drug possession. the ex-con accused of killing a philadelphia woman is in virginia facing similar charges. delvin barnes is accused of raping a teenager last month. she was able to break free. he's accused of randomly kidnapping carlesha freeland-gaither off a street. and the medal of honor to a union army soldier. >> seeing the picture there. that's 22-year-old alonzo cushing. he led men with six cannons at getties burg. it was a nomination effort that started 40 years ago. the president told his descendants that it's never too late to do the right thing. still ahead, taking you inside the most expensive house in the country. and as it happened, a news cameraman became the story when he's the victim of an armed
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carjacking. a brazen act at a hospital. this is a terrifying ordeal for nurses.
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a scathing new report says the japanese air bag maker at the center of a massive recall knew they might be dangerous but didn't tell regulators. takatadeploying. the company executives ordered the test information thrown away. nearly 8 million air bags have been recalled.
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the security breach at home depot, in addition to the 36 test test test test test scams. and the postal service with the holiday season, it's handling sunday deliveries. it's expected to hands 470 million packages. 4% more than last year. seven days a week in major cities and high volume areas. they start a week from monday and continue through christmas. the story isn't quite over yet for woody and buzz lightyear. there will be a "toy story 4." it's set for june, 2017. the first three have generated nearly $2 billion worldwide. and a 25-acre estate in beverly hills is the most
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expensive home in the u.s. $195 million. 53,000 square feet. 12 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, 27-car garage. it's owned by a real estate tycoon. it resembles a luxury hotel resort more than a private home. but with accommodations for up to 1,000 guests. >> we should start a kickstarter campaign for the show to buy the house. >> we would need a kickstarter campaign to clean it. >> baby steps. when we come back, this is a nice ending to the story. it was a successful search. look at that face. a 2-year-old girl found safe after nearly a day. you'll hear from the fire fighter who snapped this picture taken moments after her rescue. and emotions high during the big game last night. it had nothing to do with the performance on the field. that disease is for older people. not me. i take good care of myself. i'm active. i never saw it hit me like a ton of bricks.
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[ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover. . take a look at your screen, folks. look at this landing. you see that plane? s that at chicago's o'hare airport yesterday. 45 miles per hour wind gusts forcing a crab approach. coming in at an angle. they turned the nose around at the last second. those winds caused the cancellation of more than 50 flights. road conditions, rain changing to snow, slippery in the northeast. drivers will have to navigate flooding in south texas. and roads will be wet in the upper midwest and great lakes region. and flying, you're in luck,
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no major airport delays expected today. a news cameraman recovering from the sort of story he probably thought he would never be involved in. >> it started by the side of the road and turned violent, not to mention bizarre. hamish mechanic donald with the details. >> reporter: this biker flagged down a passing news van. he had a story. what a story? first, he offers to give himself up, claiming he just assaulted a woman and had the blood on his hands to prove it. but then a change of heart. the fugitive grabs the news van, draws what could be a gun. >> don't be silly. >> reporter: and drives off, the trunk still open. >> he does have a firearm? >> he does. he says it's a replicreplica. >> he was more than willing at first to go quietly. but i suppose something in his mind, no, do it in a big way. >> reporter: a dash cam is still
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rolling inside the stolen truck. and the chase ends as abruptly as it began. the biker is facing multiple charges and appears in court on friday. hamish macdonald, abc news, london. back at home, a great sense of relief in michigan where a 2-year-old girl was missing for a day. but she's safe. >> lilly wandered away from home. they say she followed the dogs into the woods. she was out for a night before being found safe. >> he looked and saw a little bundle of pink. he walked over. she wasn't moving at all. he was a little bit nervous. he said something, and she giggled. as soon as she giggled, he got on the radio. >> that is golden. she was treated for hypothermia and dehydration, but expected to be fine. hospital security being called into question after a
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horrific attack at night shift nurses. a patient came at them with a metal rod, sending them running for their lives. one nurse suffered a collapsed lung. the patient later died in police custody. the penicillin al eery may not be as common as thought. 90% of people are not allergic. they were tested adds children, but not as zults. leading to more expensive and less effective alternatives. and now ray rice, the hearing is over. he's demanding immediate reinstatement to the league, saying he's been punished twice. at the hearing yesterday, the baltimore ravens general manager said he heard rice tell nfl commissioner, roger goodell, about the incident. he has called the description
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about it ambiguous. and the nfl opened a formal review of the adrian peterson abuse case involving his young son. on tuesday, he reached a plea deal with prosecutors and was put on probation. the league is looking at possible punishments under the personal conduct policy. well, now the young lady we have been following take agency big step last night battling cancer. >> little lady, that's leah, she's the daughter of bengals lineman devin still. this is the first time she's seen him play in the nfl. the bengals announced a big donation to a cincinnati hospital in her name. a lot of people have been following her story for quite some time. >> oh, yeah. as for how her dad's team did on the field. >> not so good. the highlights from espn. >> i'm stan verrett from los angeles. thursday night football. it was the browns and the bengals.
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but mostly the browns. devin still, his daughter, leah, of course, fighting cancer. the nation and the world captivated by her story. night to forget for andy dalton. picked off by craig robertson. passer rating of 2, qbr of 4.3. neither one good. and there was a two-yard touchdown. the browns ran it 52 times for 172 yards. and throwing for 198 yards. they had lost 17-straight division games on the road. that's over. and spurs playing out giman. and dwight howard dominated in the first half. harden, fouled on the three-pointer. made it to put them up 22. gets the ball down low. and throws it down on aaron baines. 20 points for hardin. and 23 points and 16 rebounds.
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they win it 98-81. houston, 6-0 on the season. and all six by double digits. that's it from here. back to you. up next if the pulse, don't let the smile fool you. kelly ripa, she's a tough one. what she said that struck a nerve with parents everywhere. and the adorable hockey fan. the video, already an online sensation. to help spread some holiday cheer. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time; and 2% back at the grocery store.
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oh. right. it's time for us to check "the pulse." now these are stories getting a lot of attention overnight. we start with kelly ripa talking about parenthood. >> she has no shortage of fans, but her teenage daughter is not one of them. the mother of three told wendy williams she revoked her phone and internet privileges when she was texting while she was supposed to be studying for a spanish test. >> you're half mexican, you're not allowed to fail spanish. >> yes. look. we have a 14-year-old, he doesn't much like me anymore. >> she doesn't like me. i don't care. i'm not your friend. i'm your mom. >> the story getting a lot of attention online. including our facebook page. we asked do you think it's possible to be both your child's parent and their friend? >> bonnie says no, you are the parent, not the friend.
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you may become their friend when they are adults. >> carol, but mother is first, then friend. not the other way around. >> and jaime says that most 13-year-old girls don't like their moms. tell us what you think to and another fan, a youngster in his glory the other night. watching his hockey heros. >> watch liam fitzgerald fist-bumping the bruins. got to shake it off. number 11, gregory campbell. >> the 8-year-old has downs syndrome. he's a cancer survivor. he loves teams, but the bruins are at the top of the list. >> love it. >> cool picks. and taylor swift could be channelling 1989 in the new album pnl. >> this is fit in with an aerobic dance video from what else, 1989.
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♪ shake it off ♪ i think you're gonna break, break, break ♪ ♪ and i think you're gonna fake, fake, fake, baby ♪ ♪ shake it off >> this makes me a bigger fan of the song now. seeing it with this. >> with the leg warmers and leotards. >> we have got to bring these back. this video is from -- this is the crystal light national aerobic championship, actually. >> shiny body suits, big socks. the highlight of one of america's most embarrassing moments in history. >> no. this is when things -- >> some people wish we could shake that off. >> i love that. let that play it out. let me have that back. let's get out of here with shake it off. >> i would like you to do moves from shake it off. >> see that blue outfit? >> you're going to wear it next friday? >> let's not get the date locked in just yet. >> that's what i thought. >> eventually.
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good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell. it is 4:27 friday, november 7. we have just confirmed one person was killed in a fast-moving fire at a homeless shelter in philadelphia. exraf men forced people into a car and stripped down and forced them to withdraw cash from the atm. we have an update on the little girl who was undergoing cancer treatment in philadelphia. she gets to watch the football game of her life, because her father was on the field. david murphy has the weekend forecast, karen rogers is watching what is bottling up your morning commute, "action news" is next. heard president obama spen
4:28 am
election day away from press coverage, attending closed door meetings. it's nice to see doors closed at the white house. the whole new secret service security thing. >> the president who according to reports spent election night in his sweat pants drowning hiss sorrows in pint force one. >> huge night for republicans across the country. won everything. the senate majority, the bigger house majority, tight governors races and a giraffe from one of those claw machines. a 102-year-old woman voted for the first time in a u.s. election. 102 years old. isn't that sweet? i thought so, yeah. yeah. unfortunately, she voted for woodrow wilson. >> the first time in history congress has 100 women in it. congratulations. a hundred women in congress is great until you're in line for the congressional bathroom, am i
4:29 am
right? >> washington, d.c. voted to legalize recreational marijuana. president obama said, and after these mid temps, thank god. >> if you thought congress didn't get a lot of work done before. wait until they get legal pot. clay aiken in the news, former american idol star lost his run for congress. apparently his supporters thought they could vote by texting ryan seacrest. >> republicans picked up a dozen seats in the house to give them the biggest majority since world war ii. or as they put it, time to party like it's 1939. ♪ i'm so fancy ♪ i want to know i'm heading down there ♪ >> he's got moves like you. >> is that good or bad? >> well, it's interesting in a three-piece suit sometimes. >> this is how we're going to wrap the week, folks. like that. >> i really do like this guy.
4:30 am
good morning we have several breaking stories on this friday, november 7. carjacked kidnapped and stripped. details of a horrible ordeal that went down in philadelphia overnight. >> we have more on the suspect who kidnapped a germantown woman and how a man's actions saved the victim. >> >> good


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