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tv   Action News  ABC  November 7, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> hello, everyone, 6:00 a.m. on this friday, november 7 we're following breaking news. >> tragedy strikes a boarding home overnight. we're live on the scene. >> this crime is so heinous, the top law enforcer in the case is calling it an american horror store. it involves a toddler and senseless torture and his mom. >> there's a stunning new
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accusation about the company that is making the faulty air bags. >> reporter: take a look at satellite. looks like there's a lot of cloud cover overhead. but that's breaking apart as we look at satellite and you can see that there will be plenty of sunshine coming up early once the clouds dissipate. i don't think there will be much trouble needing the sunglasses this morning. you'll see showers out to the west. those are on your way in and we're under the threat of a spotty shower anyway sometime after lunchtime, maybe a 4 or 5 hour period when that threat is out there. 47 degrees, dry with the sun coming up nice and bright. 46 in wilmington, 50 in sea isle city. single digits in philadelphia but we've seen gusts going up into the teens. after sunrise the winds will below a lot stronger. as we head out the door to catch the school bus or get in the car to go to work.
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partly cloudy and cool. 46 by 7:00 a.m. 47 by 8:00. we're looking at overall sunny conditions with the afternoon shower possible after the lunch hour. we're in the 50s, back down to 47 degrees. the high is 54 that will hit at 2:00. when i step inside we'll talk about the weekend call and see whether or not we can get the winds to die down a bit. karen? >> all right, dave it's friday morning, you want to get to work. this is the schuylkill expressway westbound at the catch catch curve a disabled vehicle it's off to the shoulder here, not a major delay watch for that as you head by the schuylkill expressway westbound. on the big picture i have an update on the fire location in north philadelphia. north 22nd street is blocked between toronto and clearfield street watch for that. you have the 7 sixers at 7:00 p.m. arena temple football.
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there will congestion in south philadelphia watch for that. we have a downed pole northeast philadelphia rhawn street is blocked at tabor avenue stick to cottman. an accident coming in with an overturned vehicle out there. emergency workers coming to the scene. it's high water causing problems in the new castle town, ogletown road is closed at augusta drive. >> fire ripped through a boarding home in north philadelphia one person is dead and several others who were facing hardship are back on the streets. "action news" reporter, katherine scott is live at the scene, the 3000 block of north 22nd street. katherine? >> reporter: that's right, matt, one man was died, 23 people were displaced in this fire early this morning. those 23 residents were being taken to another boarding home that's affiliated with this one. this fire broke out before
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3:00 a.m. on the 3000 block of north 22 street. it's a three story boarding home. when firefighters got here they were met with heavy smoke on the upper floor. it took fire crews 16 minutes to get the fire under control. residents say they found a man in man -- firefighters found a man in the third floor unit. while there's smoke and fire damage throughout the building, the bulk of the damage is in that apartment. the fire commissioner said this looks like a fire that was caused by smoking. >> it appears to be a personal smoking fire, we're asking the people if you do smoke, smoke outside, you have a lessor chance of dieing in a fire. >> and back here live on the
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scene where the investigation is underway. at this point officials are trying to discern if the alarm system was working in the building. some say they heard alarms, other did not, l&i will come back and check the other units. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> armed men kidnapped and robbed three men in philadelphia. i meant started at 18th and rockland in logan at 11:00 p.m. three armed men got into the victim's car and forced the driver to go to the sunoco station at green and queen lane in germantown. one of the kidnappings used an -- kidnappers used the atm card to steal $600 from his account. they took off with a pennsylvania tag gyn-8494.
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>> a man accused of kidnapping a woman off a philadelphia street is sitting in a virginia jail. delvin barns is there to face charges for a prior kidnapping and rape of a teenage girl. barns was extra indicted from maryland. that's where he was found in the car with carlesha freeland-gaither. barns confessed to the germantown kidnapping. they got help from a witness who they are calling a hero and we'll hear from that man coming up in our 6:30 half-hour. >> this abuse has shocked the police and media and anybody else who hears it. authorities have arrested a mom and live in boyfriend charging them with unspeakable crimes that led to a 3-year-old's death. scottie mcmilan endured days
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of torture. >> he was punched in the face and in the stomach. he was scourged with a homemade whip, he was lashed with a metal rod, he was tied to a chair and beaten. he was tied upside down by his feet and beaten. his head was smashed through a wall. >> d.a. tom hog began said fellenbaum abused scottie and his 6-year-old brother because they disrespected him. the couple left scotty gravely wounded while they went shopping and ate pizza. amber fellenbaum's wife is charge with child endangerment for not doing anything about the abuse. >> we've been hearing about air bags exploding and causing deadly harm.
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the manufacturer knew there was a problem a decade ago. >> reporter: eye opening, takota secretly tested their air bags and hid the results. the air bags had the potential to harm passengers but never reported it to regulators. 8 million cars have been recalled and two deaths are linked to the air bags. hackers who attacked home depot using outside credentials to break into the computer system. once they got inside the system they installed mall ware on the self checkout registers. they stole e-mail data and home addresses. analysts are predicting 233,000 jobs were created. futures pointing to a slightly higher open. final apps aimed at children tend to be the biggest
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invaders of privacy. my talking tom and fruit ninja were two apps that received the lowest grade. they are graded on how they track you. you can see all the grades at privacy >> parents might -- want to see that. >> percentage of schools earned 60% decline by 12%. this year's scores are the first in which student growth data will be use to evaluate teachers. >> david murphy joins us it is friday the weekend is near. >> reporter: heading into the weekend strong winds are the story today. storm tracker 6 live double scan we have no rain out there. as we look outside, do you feel like doing howling this morning? there's the moon! that's right, out over center
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city. you can see a glimpse of early sunrise coming up over the horizon. for now, the moon is nice and bright and fairly full. 47 degrees right now in philadelphia. it is a chilly start. 46 degrees in wilmington. 44 in allentown. 45 in trenton. and 50-degree readings down in sea isle city and atlantic city. it's a little bit breezy out there. future tracker 6 shows you we're dry during the morning, once we get past lunch there's a chance of a sprinkle or shower popping up in a couple of neighborhoods. not everybody sees this, but a couple of you might see a sprinkle. by this evening, looks like it gone and we're dry. now, winds will be the other part of the factor. gusts between now all the way up until 4:00 will gradually build. at times we'll see windy gusts up to 30 miles per hour or higher than that. the winds will ease back a
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little bit as we head into the evening. it will be breezy out there and you will want to bundle up if we have plans to be outdoors tonight or heading someplace. clouds and sun in allentown a spotty shower is possible, high around 50. him at the shore high of 56. sun and clouds, windy a shower possible there, as well. in philadelphia, we'll go for a high this afternoon of 54 a mix of sun with some occasional clouds, windy conditions with winds gusting to 30 miles per hour or more and that spotty shower which is not a big part of the forecast today, but a possibility. if you're heading out to dinner and a movie it will be on on the chilly side. 45 degrees by 5:00. 11:00, 41 degrees, out of the theater or restaurant you want to wrap that coat around you and make sure it's buttoned up. saturday is cool, less wind there's a front out to the west,
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most of the rain associated with it will dry up. we'll see 52 with high clouds increasing on saturday, and a nice sunday on tap. winds today, spotty afternoon shower, high of 54. sun and clouds saturday, 52. clouds and sun back to sunday high of 57. monday look for sunny skies, 59 degrees not bad with that high temperature. we'll be in the 40s for the eagles game for that nationally televised monday night football game. veterans day looks mild before temperatures cool down. >> that's the polar vortex, right. it's november is what it is it gets cooler like it usually does. >> nurses being attacked by one of the people they were trying to help. the deadly rampage is caught on camera and led to a confront
6:13 am
ation with police. >> a student is robbed during class and the school is put on lockdown. >> reporter: the pennsylvania turnpike we have a disabled vehicle to talk about and accident involving an overturned vehicle all that coming up. >> that and much more after we pay the bills.
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>> 6:15 take a look at the beach atlantic city, new jersey, it is friday, tomorrow, is saturday. and then you know, sunday. >> breaking news, let's go over to karen and take a look at traffic. >> reporter: put me in a good mood thinking about that. looking live the schuylkill expressway conshohocken curve we had a disabled vehicle it cleared a second ago. i was watching it pull away during the commercial break. this is traffic heading westbound toward the blue route. no major delays. we have an accident involving an overturned vehicle and downed pole. rhawn street blocked at tabor avenue. mount airy lincoln drive and johnson street. disabled vehicle her. high water is causing a problem in newark, new castle town. ogletown road is closed.
6:17 am
the ben franklin bridge westbound traffic is moving fine, no problems, eastbound we have the left lane blocked with construction -- or the right lane blocked with construction, you can see the crews right there. the direction is westbound so it's not causing too much of a problem having that eastbound construction. 47 degrees if philadelphia. it's cool and windy. later today we have a chance of a spotty shower. it's nothing like yesterday. sunshine and clouds, 54 so cool out there today, tam. >> thank you, karen. surveillance video hose a patient's terrifying attack on nurses at a minnesota hospital. 68-year-old charles logan went on a rampage. he chased several nurses hitting them with a metal bar. police confronted logan with a taser a few blocks away from the hospital. he have died at the hospital
6:18 am
later that night. an autopsy is underway to determine the exact cause of death. two people who were shot in allentown are recovering from a hospital. two dozen police officers swarmed the scene after the gunfire rang out on allen street at 8:30. police are talking to witnesses to figure out what happened. one man was shot in the shoulder and the other grazed in the chest. both are expected to be okay. >> still ahead a local student robbed on the way to school, a holdup at gunpoint left a local school on loche down, that story is brand new at 6:00. >> reporter: we have sweatshirts and the hoods up on kids on the way to and from school. we're rooting for jefferson university. it will be chilly and bluster today i'll have
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heat your home this is for you. here's "action news" trouble shooter nydia han. >> reporter: listen to this complaint from a couple having trouble with their electric fireplace. >> it would shut off, the flames would shut off, no heat came out, nothing. >> reporter: find out what happens after the "action news" trouble shooters step in tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> reporter: we have to watch that one. shall we go outside and check 30 bypass, 40, you're zipping along not like yesterday you're looking good coming in from coatsville or thorndale. let's check our camera view, southbound traffic is moving smoothly as you head toward the schuylkill expressway and mass transit looking on time with no problems this morning. >> we're off to a chilly start with temperatures in the 40s.
6:22 am
if you're heading out to catch the bus or the el that's what you're facing right now. 9:00 a.m., 48. noon, 52. this afternoon will not be that warm. we'll see a high of 54 degrees right before 2:00 before sliding to 53 at 3:00 p.m. blustery with winds up to 30 miles per hour at times. after the rush hour there's a chance of a spotty showers popping up. not a lot of rain, but that chance is out there. on the board at the airport, we have no major delays at our most frequently traveled destinations and no rain reported in any spots, either. >> the cdc said the navel spray version of the flu vaccine may not protect children against swine flu. flu midst had no effect on swine flu in children. when i -- why it did not work is
6:23 am
unclear. swine flu is not to be a player this year, other strains are going to be the threat. >> the sixers are looking for their first win they face the 4-1 bulls at the wells fargo center. flyers scored around the ref. pretty nifty. jake borachek scored he is tied for the top spot in the league. stephen mason got his second straight win. >> a local school is locked down after a student is robbed at gunpoint. >> katherine scott is gathering details at a deadly fire. >> reporter: matt a man died and many people displaced after a deadly fire
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with the card accepted by 90% of doctors and specialists in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the freedom to relish right now. independence blue cross. live fearless. >> beautiful shot from our center city sky 67 camera and tell your friends that's not a full moon it's a waning gibbons you see. only 99% of the disk is visible. look out for winds and maybe a tiny little shower or two, partly sunny, getting to a low temperature of 37. >> police are looking for a man who held up a student who was walking to school. it happened on old -- oley
6:27 am
street a block away from reading highly. the student was not hurt, but the police put the school on lockdown to be safe. the search for accused cop killer eric frein may be over, but businesses in the poconos are feeling the pinch. local businesses had to close during the manhunt. others saw customers stay away because of police presence. bob casey wrote to the small business administration asking for help looking for loans and grants for the hardest hit owner's. >> we have breaking news of a deadly fire at a boarding house. >> plus, he said he is the man who fired the shot killing osama bin laden. find out why he silent night not so silent?
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>> breaking right now on "action news" a deadly fire at a boarding house forcing dozens out of their beds. we're live at the scene. >> breaking a carjacking and kidnapping and robbery. now police are searching for three men behind this wild crime. >> the suspect in the kidnapping of carlesha freeland-gaither is waking up in jail this morning. might not have been that way if it weren't for the action of a very alert philadelphia man. >> good morning, 6:30, friday, november 7 leading into the weekend. let's finds out what to expect with weather and traffic with david murphy and karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everybody we're starting out bright with a bit of a breeze blowing. let's start you out on satellite. looks like there's cloud cover overhead, but it's high and thin at this point. the showers out to the west could pop in sometime after lunchtime. spotty stuff. 47 degrees degrees if in philadelphia.
6:31 am
46 in wilmington, 46 in i allentown. 9-mile an hour winds in philadelphia. ment gusts after the sun comes up over the horizon will get bigger and stronger. 9:00, the smart phone will say 47 degrees. the on the way home from class 53 degrees, coming down from a high of 54 at 2:00. after 6:00 p.m. 41 degrees. when i step inside we'll detail the weekend outlook. what about traffic? >> reporter: we have two problems on the roosevelt boulevard at 9th street. this is northbound traffic you're looking through the trees, but you can see the flashing lights. we have an accident blocking the right lane of the inner drive and outer drive blocked on the boulevard nobody at 9th --
6:32 am
northbound at 9th street. we have mall functioning lights at pratt street. rhawn street is blocked at tabor avenue because of an overturned vehicle that brought down a pole. stick to cottman instead of rhawn street. look for that. in mount airy we've got a disabled vehicle this one near johnson street. outside we go on knew nye approaching cot -- outside we go on i-95, approaching cottman. we're jammed from past academy to cottman, from betsy ross bridge to girard, it's that time of the morning. >> we've been following this breaking story, a man is dead after a fire at a north philadelphia boarding house this fire pushed two dozen people out of the buildings into the cold night. katherine scott is live on the scene at north 22nd street and she joins us with the details.
6:33 am
>> reporter: good morning tam, one man has died in this fire, his name and age have not been released. fire crews are on the scene. the fire marshal is investigating what happened this morning. the fire broke out before 3:00 a.m. on the 3000 block of north 22nd street in the alliance of youth mission ministry building. a three story boarding home. when firefighters arrived they were met with heavy smoke conditions on the upper floors. it took crews 16 minutes to get the fire under control. they found the man who died in the third floor front unit. residents say he was disabled and spent most of the time in his room. i spoke to a couple who lived across the hall. when they ran out of their apartment this morning, the door was shut. >> i seen smoke coming under my door, when i pulled it open, his
6:34 am
room was engulfed in flames. >> i try to to get out, the best i could it was already smoky so i just ran downstairs. >> reporter: and officials say the fire started in his apartment where the man died. while there is smoke and water damage the bulk of the damage from the fire is in that victim's apartment. the cause is under investigation, but the fire commissioner said there's a possibility that the fire was caused by smoking. they are trying to determine if the smoke detecters were working in the building. we're hearing mixed reports. some residents heard them, some did not. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> even more breaking news, police are investigating a carjacking and kidnapping in logan. investigators say heavily armed men forced their way into a carat 18th and rockland. there were three people inside the car and they made the driver take off his clothes and drive
6:35 am
to the sunoco on west queen lane. during the drive they got the victims' atm cards and their pins. they got 6oo dollars out of the atm. they are looking for a green pontiac grand prix with the pennsylvania license plate gyn-8494. breaking news can happen at any time. if you happen to be there when it does, send it to breaking news at or contact us through our website news. >> carlesha freeland-gaither was found safe on wednesday
6:36 am
cell phone on purpose while trying to get away. >> i'm like, would you. >> he witness it. he watched and called the police twice. he waited for the police and waited for me. if it wasn't for him, i don't think we would have this case solved. this man is a hearing. >> carlesha freeland-gaither is resting at an undisclosed location. and our producing team has been constantly updating the story with the latest details. you can watch the news conference with police and the victim's family and view pictures from the search. >> police in south jersey say they caught a group of robbers
6:37 am
who were targeting senior citizens. they followed a 74-year-old woman home they robbed her of $1,000. monday the same group attacked an 83-year-old willingboro woman. a bank employee noticed something suspicious in the case and called police. investigators say surveillance cameras helped them to spot the robbers' car. it was crucial we had these surveillance cameras in our town it was a vital role in solving the crime of robbery. >> corey bell and charles taylor and nico taylor are charged in the robbery. >> septa's union is set to vote on the septa contract. they had threatened to strike but reached a new two year deal tentatively. it includes 5% wage increases
6:38 am
and will not effect pensions or medical benefits. >> i have an outdoor birthday party this weekend it includes a nature walk. >> reporter: it will be cool for it. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows us we're dry. there will be pleasant -- plenty of other birthday parties. as we look outside we have sky 6 wilmington waterfront. it will be cool as you step outside this morning. 47 degrees in philadelphia. the winds are out of the northwest at 9 gusting a little bit higher than that. getting more blustery and gusty as the sun gets up over the horizon and we get into the meat of the day. we're dry in the morning, sun and clouds. after lunch we'll be on the look out of spotty sprinkles and showers. 4:00 there might be more of
6:39 am
these, again if you wind up with any amount of steady rain wait ten minutes will be over. these do not look like they will be real big. this evening, looks like it's dry if you have plans to head outdoors. in terms of of the wind it will be blustery moving up now to 4:00 we're looking at gusts at 30-mile an hour or more. the winds will ease back, we're back in the teens, but double digit winds, more blustery down the shore. temperatures are going to be cool today. 47 degrees by 8:00. 51 by 11:00. 54 is the high around 2:00 we'll slowly slide back to the upper 40s by 5:00 p.m. a mix of sun and clouds with a spotty shower during the middle of the afternoon. high temperature, 50 in allentown and reading. mid 50s the i-95 corridor.
6:40 am
upper 50s down by the shore. heading out to the football game we have high school playoff games. temple at lincoln financial field. partly cloudy winds diminish a bit, but i recommend a jacket and sweatshirt, 46 degrees by 7:00. 42 by 10:00 tonight there will be that winds involved in the evening hours. for the weekend we've got a frontal boundary coming at us producing an increase in high clouds saturday. looks like the front itself is dry as it comes through and we get sunshine returning on sunday with a quick return of westerly flow and mild air. 54 chilly today, winds and afternoon spotty shower possible. sun gives way to high clouds on saturday, cool, high of 52. 57 a little better in the afternoon on sunday clouds and sun. mostly sunny monday, high up close to 60. it will be chilly for the eagles, but dry for monday night football, temperatures will be in the upper 40s by the end of the day, dress accordingly. the we get to tuesday for
6:41 am
veterans day it's milder. 64 is not bad. getting cooler next week. >> still ahead, governor tom corbett going back on an decision he made two years ago, it has to do with joe paterno is raising eye brows this morning. >> an admission that causing a major controversy meet the man who said he fired the shot that called osama bin laden. >> reporter: this is delaware county the blue route southbound at the route 1 media bypass a disabled vehicle. we'll take you to the boulevard where we have two issues there, when we come right back. >> we'll be right back. so don't go away.
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>> 6:44 see the moon you see it there. kind of hiding behind some clouds. it's got to go to sleep. the moon sleeps during the day and night comes back, it's like a vampire it comes out at night. we've had great shots of it this morning. >> goodbye mr. moon. good morning, karen rogers we have flashing lights. >> reporter: we have flashing lights, this is the roosevelt boulevard an accident blocking the right lane of the inner drive and the left lane of the outer drive, so you've got two lanes blocked on the boulevard. this is northbound at 9th street. two lanes blocked creating a slow go on the boulevard. on the boulevard at pratt street
6:45 am
we have mall functioning traffic lights. we have and accident with a downed pole blocking rhawn street stick to cottman to avoid the problem with a downed pole and overturned vehicle. a nasty accident there. we have a bunch of disabled vehicles, one cleared at johnson street. in north philadelphia. we have 22nd blocked near toronto with the fire location, watch tore that. the tonight in south philadelphia, we have the sixers playing at 7:00. temple is playing at lincoln financial field at 7:30. you might want to take the sports express train. another disabled vehicle in warminster, county line road and henry avenue. that's like our 4th one this morning. 47 degrees in philadelphia and millville. 44 in allentown. we're dry this morning no weather-related problems. maybe a spotty shower later,
6:46 am
windy and cool, 54 for the high, tam. >> outgoing pennsylvania governor tom corbett said joe paterno should have been able to finish out the 2011 season. he said he should have been suspended for the final three games in the wake of the jerry sandusky scandal. he was fired midweek after saying he planned to retire. the statement comes after the release of the ncaa e-mails that showed the organization tried to bluff penn state into accepting sanctions and it worked. corbett was a key investigator in the investigation when he was attorney general. >> robert o'neill tells the washington post that he fired two rounds into the forward of the al qaeda leader. colleagues back up o'neill's
6:47 am
story and the defense department confirms he was on seal team 6. other military leaders say it is unbecoming of a navy seal to boast about actions during service. >> we're getting details of an elaborate million dollar jewelry heist in north jersey on sunday. thieves broke into a business that shares a common wall they consult the phone lines to disable the alarm. they took gold and diamond rings and necklaces and bracelets and earrings. >> we have an update on a fire at a local boarding home. >> reporter: it's chilly this morning i'm dressing the kids in the sweatshirts. jefferson university is the college of the morning. eel
6:48 am
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♪ you're unpacking already? yeah. help me find some mugs? ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ [ beep ] hey. [ giggles ]ok. ♪ folgers in your cup >> reporter: what a change from yesterday, instead of rain we've got sun glare. let's take you outside right now. looks pretty from here. 422 approaching oaks. eastbound traffic slowing from past oaks to 23. watch for that right now. already a ten minute ride. in new jersey, 42 northbound building volume coming up from turnersville or blackwood. >> reporter: 47 in philadelphia and millville and below 50 at
6:51 am
the shore as well. if you run the errands you might want to get them done in the morning. this afternoon feeforts a spotty -- features a spotty shower. the high today is 54 at 2:00 at 6:00 we're back in the 40s, blustery winds today, matt and tam. >> thank you, david. time to check in with "g.m.a." and see what they have coming up for their friday show. >> we do it every morning and we love it. amy robach in the "g.m.a." studios. >> reporter: we love fridays, don't we. we are learning about new information on the online computer preach computer systems what -- breach on computer systems and what it means for america. "g.m.a." you'll see the show in a way you've never seen it
6:52 am
before, sara haynes takes us through it. ginger zee will be wearing a go pro when she jumps from a plane. she did pick a sunny spot, florida, however i don't care where you would take me, i would never jump out out of a plane. >> we have garth brooks coming up. >> star worse the next installment will be called the force awaken the.
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>> and we're following breaking news of a deadly fire at a boarding home. >> katherine scott live at the scene in north philadelphia. katherine. >> reporter: matt, one person has died. 23 displaced and residents were taken to another boarding home. the fire marshal remains on the scene on the 3000 block of north 22nd street in north philadelphia. the fire broke out just before 3:00 a.m. in the alliance of youth mission ministry boarding home. firefighters found the man who died in the third floor front
6:56 am
unit. residents say he was disabled and spent most of the time in his room. the bulk of the damage is in that apartment. the commissioner said there's a possibility that the fire was caused by smoking. we're live in north philadelphia. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thanks, katherine. >> reporter: let's go on outside and see a jamup on i-95. here we are at girard, southbound traffic is jammed from brim to girard. northeast philadelphia rhawn street blocked because of an overturned vehicle. downed pole. mall functioning traffic lights on the boulevard at pratt street and the boulevard at 9th an accident blocking two lanes. >> reporter: karen you will want to put on a couple of layers today. we have a high of 54 we have a chance of spotty pop-up shower between 1 and 4:00 or 5:00.
6:57 am
>> who's excited about the new star wars movie? when tam says it to me she goes. "action[laughter]
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good morning, america. breaking right now, one of the biggest storms of the year about to hit land. bringing misery all the way from alaska to the east coast. snow in the midwest. bitter cold. i'm playing russian roulette here. and at the same time we're worried that this thing is going to change directions and come at us. >> we're in the middle of it right now. out of the shadows, the navy sale w s.e.a.l. who says he killed osama bin laden going public. did he take the shot. the 2-year-old lost in the dark and cold woods for almost a day. how they tracked her down with the help of this hero called k-9 jack. you have seen the incredible images ma you can only get on


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