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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  November 7, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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he did turn himself in this morning. the victim allegedly told the police she was on her way to a friend's house wednesday when she was targeted. "action news" reporter vernon odom live at darby police department headquarters with the story. >> the suspect held in the delaware county prison tonight. the police consider hill dangerous after he allegedly called them on the telephone and told them if they wanted him, they'd have to come get him. this is 18-year-old kassim hill of darby in prison tonight charged with attempted rape and charges on an ailied assault ona 14-year-old girl. occurring in his home on ninth street wednesday march. he lured the girl inside, sent his siblings upstairs and took the girl into a first-floor bedroom. >> she was sexually assaulted. i don't know that a rape occurred but i am not ruling that out. >> the police say a friend of hill's came to the house unexpectedly, knocked on the door and heard the child scream religion.
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eventually the victim ran out of the door into his arms he told the police. hill pled the police say, only to be surrendered by his parents this morning. >> he was holding her in the room because when the witness came to the door the door was partially open and the witness heard her screaming "help me, help me." >> the victim's family says she is extremely traumatize the and professional counseling underway. >> yesterday we found her hiding under the bed. she had to be poked, prodded, pictures taken of her. it was very embarrassing and humiliating. she had to take all types of medications to make sure she was not given anything by the perpetrator. >> i saw him in there crying. and when she was screaming and crying for him to stop what he was doing to her, where was the sympathy then? >> and kassim hill's bail set at
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$50,000 and the neck court date november the 12th. vernon odom channel 6 news." >> thank you. other news tonight, authorities in camden say they've cracked a cold murder case from last year. today the suspect in the case, 24 year old wilbert shivley was arraigned on murder charges. the authorities believe he shot and killed 19 year old william kristis on august 11 of 2013. and he was found fattal fattally -- fatally shot in his car. and in camden the gunman before the murder of a young judge appeared with a judge. accused of shooting karen ramirez in camden. and the motive for the shooting remains under investigation. philadelphia police on the hunt for two armed men storming into a hunting park barbershop demanding money.
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this video inside of the barbershop on north fifth street on october 22. the suspects walked in with weapons pointed and stole cash, keys and cell phones from everyone. once outside the store for one reason one of the suspects fired several shots at the shop. one of the robbery victims was hit in the cheek but recovered from the incident. the authorities in south jersey looking for a thief hitting the same supermarket several times now. happening at the shoprite. these are pictures of the suspect. they say a man goes in, takes baby formula and stuffs it in his bag without paying. and he allegedly stole from the same store on october 4, 6, 8 and 28. if you recognize him please contact the egg harbor township police. we remind you, breaking news can happen any time. if you are there you can be part of the "action news" breaking news team. it is easy. just email tips, photos and
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videos to and contact us at and you nighted airlines ending service to and from atlantic airport. they started running the flights from houston, tex and chicago earlier this year. it was seen as a tourism and an economy boost for atlantic city at the time. united air lanes tells "action news" it is disappointing that the service did not meet expectations. and the flights to and from atlantic city end december 3. an educator with a political legacy making history in the pennsylvania legislature. we get that story tonight from our partners at uvivision 65. >> i am just a simple, humble girl from north philadelphia. >> and describes herself that way after being the first puerto rican woman elected to this
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legislature. >> i feel very accomplished, that we did something together that i will never forget. >> and cruz says that she will settle into harrisburg fine. >> she does not need much training. she has her foot on the ground, we are working together. >> and she is represented the districtover shadowed by controversial after her predecessor accused of stealing the state funds. and she says her focus is on improving he did indicating for everyone. >> and fair across the board. i think we really need though start having this conversation so we can start coming up with solutions that are really going to help the community and our kids. that's the future. >> that in part? attributed to her father, the former state rep and community activists. >> and the officials don't look in that community, it has to be the people in that community
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fighting to get what we deserve. >> a fight this new elected official says she is more than ready to take on. >> don't make me look bad saidment proud father in spanish. a chester county community honored veterans today. ♪ >> high school marching bands and local fire and police departments with a parade through coatesville. tributes to veterans from the v.a. medical center there. the center is celebrating those who served our country all the way up to veterans day next tuesday. >> very nice. runners are gearing up for the trenton half marathon this weekend. participants stop by the health and wellness expo to pick up shirts and timing bibs. the race tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. drivers may want to avoid the area. crews are blocking area around calhoun and the trenton bridge.
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and time for an update on the highways and biways for those not running but driving home. >> it is a race to get home, especially on a friday afternoon. we definitely could be running more smoothly on 95 in delco. and in fact a crash on the northbound lanes past 452. up see the emergency crews on the scene taking out the right lane. coming north on 95 in delaware through this point in delaware county looking at slow-moving traffic at the moment. pretty much stopped on the extension where there was an earlier crash that luckily is out of the way. a wreck on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound by valley forge. and eastbound you see the even slower speeds in the teens. same on the eastbound schuylkill and in the triangle of slowness as we call it. and downed wires closing terminal avenue. 12th street or christiana avenue instead and have a wonderful
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weekend. rick and monica, back to you. >> to you as well, thank you, sir. and the philadelphia d.a. seth williams did not have to worry about traffic this afternoon. he was walking several blocks with students from the charter school. williams says he does this every friday to encourage the students to stay in school. he and his staff also provide adult supervision through safe school corridors there. still ahead on "action news" tonight, trouble for a star nascar driver in delaware. we explain. and philadelphia police officers leading the way to usher in an annual event. we will explain. and it was a little on the windy side. 40 miles per hour in philadelphia 41 in wilmington. and driving in very cool temperatures. talking about the chilldown in the accuweather forecast. and a retired navy seal saying he fired the shot is that killed osama bin laden.
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>> now the lightest in the battle against isis. today, president obama authorized the military to deploy 1500 troops in iraq to aid in the mission.
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they will not serve any combat role, but will train, advise and assist iraqi military and kurdish forces. and asking for money to fund the fight and the take down of osama bin laden. details emerged about how the secret mission carried out, but who actually fired the fatal shot. another retired navy seal revealed his identity and taking the credit. 38 year old rob o'neil has come forward claiming he fired the fatal shot to kill the terror lead d claiming he fired the leader. in an article he told "the washington post" that osama bin laden died instantly his skull split by bullets to the forehead fired by his weapon. he is now a motivational speaker towering the country after leaving the seals engaging audiences about his time in afghanistan. >> we are walking up this hill and all of a sudden he said the first words in english.
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smashed me on the shoulder and said "bad guys bad guys" and all hell broke loose. >> and another seal tells another version of the event and the navy commanders are outraged and warn the special operations community about going public saying we do not abide willful or selfish regard in return for notoriety and financial gain. and "world news with david muir" has more about president obama's announcement on increased troops in iraq and the other big stories of the day. watch that following "action news" at 6:00. the star nascar driver finds himself at the center of a domestic assault investigation in delaware. the alleged victim filed a claim against kurt busch in dover wevenld the city police will not release any more detailed at this time. the former sprint cup champ has not issued a comment yet. right now busch has not been charged but our sister station, espn, reports that nascar is
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aware of the situation. time for sports and the eagles continue to prepare for monday night football and the carolina panthers. >> that's right. and jeff skversky live in the sports center with more. >> a big game coming up monday. eagles' coach, chip kelly doesn't know when nick foles will be back from his broken color bone. when foles is finally healthy kelly says he has no idea who will be the starting quarterback. kelly leaving the door open a little bit. no question who local start under center monday night. mark sanchez takes the snap trying to keep the eagles in first place. this time last year they were 3-5. but since the eagles won 13 of the last 16 regular-season games, although safety malcolm jenkins doesn't seem so impre impress impressed. >> and i have been on talented teams and i think we have the most than anybody out there. we have guys who believe in each
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other, fight for each other and work together every day and not afraid of anybody. >> lesean mccoy looked better as of late averaging 108 yards per game over the last four, ranked fourth in the nfl in rushing. he is still 511 yards behind the cowboy star for the rushing title. >> i don't look at it like that don't get me wrong, definitely chasing it, that's always the plan. but however it comes, that's how it goes. i will do my part to catch it. but it's going to be tough. he has a big margin, he really does. >> shady wants that title. and emanuel and casey matthews trying to replace the heart and soul of the eagles defense. and ron jaworski with more. ♪ >> i am sick about the loss.
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he is one of the guys you love to watch play. i sit here and watch his defense and see one guy flashing all the time. ryans is one of the guys who can play with anyone. even more than that he is a leader and i think there is a void in the area. i don't know who will step up from the defensive perspective or the guy that will get the troops rallied. that's a huge loss. you lose the locker room leader and you have to make up for it somewhere else. i am not sure who the guy is but we will find out. >> and catch more with ron jaworski's breakdown when we team up to bring you eagles-panthers monday night. coverage kicks off with count down to kick off followed by the game monday night on phl 17. basketball, sixers trying to avoid the first 0-6 start in 42 years front when they face the bulls. noel not playing because of an ankle sprain. and rose a game-time decision with a sore ankle. and the union continuing with
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jim curtain as manager. and the villanova grad the third boss in five years. >> i am incredibly honored to be the head coach of my home-town club. it is something that means a lot to me. i am also eager to get the first off-season under my belt and improve on a group of guys laying a great foundation. >> the union qualifying for playoffs once in their position and hopefully he will change that. >> thank you. and coming up tonight on 6abc, a prime time cross overwelcoming mark cuban. >> i am backing out, mr. cuban. huge mav's fans. 2011 finals, highlight of my life right above -- well, there hasn't been a lot of highlights. >> find out what happens when the sports and business mogul is
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mistaken for a repair man tonight at 8:30. and that is after "last man standing" and stick around to watch "shark tank." and "action news" at 11:00 with jim gardner. we still have cable internet, so our uploads are half the speed of our downloads. so i'll be half-fast when i share my photos. and i'll do a half-fast job updating my blog. wait, is everything under this tree half-fast? who wants eggnog? don't settle for half fast cable internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch. uploads as fast as downloads. get a fios triple play online for this great price and a $400 visa prepaid card with a 2-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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>> the flame of competition burned on the art museum steps.
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charles ramsey kicked off the fall festival torch run. the philadelphia police officers passing the torch along a 13-mile course through the main line through villanova university. that's where the pennsylvania special olympics get underway tonight with a lot of officers cheering on the athletes. very cool. >> uh-huh. and meteorologist adam joseph here with a closer look at the weekend. it is november, i guess we should accept it is november. >> we should. the sun is setting earlier and getting chillier, but we have warmth in the seven-day for you. >> not all bad. >> it is actually october. >> it might feel like it early next week. we look at double scan live radar, we look around and there has been a couple of showers throughout the day. it has been cold enough above the surface, a good chunk of air that is really child off to support some not only rain showers, but a couple of sleet showers this afternoon and even snow showers in the poconos across 80 to mount pocono. pocono lake.
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also seeing some showers and snow showers. not amounting to anything, but just a sign that a little bit of winter is trying to push in. 33 right now, the air temperature in the poconos with wind chills in the 20s. 41 allentown, 50 in philadelphia and upper 50s dover, millville and wilmington. and looking at the wind chills, feeling like 28 in the poconos, 34 in allentown, 38 in trenton, 38 in lancaster. the numbers will continue to drop this evening as the wind stays up the next couple of hours. and eventually later tonight it will relax some. if your heading out so some of the high school football games bundle up. as we look at satellite and radar, some snow showers and rain showers working off of the great lakes. the lake-effect snow machine trying to crank up pretty early although it technically starts to happen in the middle of november. saturday, high pressure to the east and winds relax. but still on the cool side of 52. and then a weak front will pass
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through saturday night but not a lot of moisture with it. any moisture that developed off the coast is shaved because the cold front moves it off, a lot of sun behind the front and normal temperatures 57 degrees. early next week we are warm to start the week. 1:00 monday afternoon the jet streams to the north and west-to-east, but the jet stream migrates to the south throughout the week. late wednesday, thursday and friday that jet stream buckling a lot of cold air and really arctic-like air. it is all relative for this time of year as temperatures crash 10-20 degrees below average by next friday. tonight winds diminish, very cold, 26 in the suburbs and 34 degrees for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 52 tomorrow and decent amount of sun. and equally as nice sunday. a little warmer at 57. turning milder monday, 62. and for the eagles' game, monday night here at home at 8:30,
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kickoff 54. not bad by the fourth quarter. 50 degrees. and again, feeling like october getting into tuesday. warm for the veterans at 67. watch out, a powerful front wednesday, 56. and december-like temperatures thursday into friday with highs only in the low and middle 40s. we're going between three seasons here in just a few days next week. >> ok. >> thank you, sir. and a nice weekend. and you need to look closely to catch a glimpse of history in this next story. a little bit like where's waldo. looking at what is believed to be the oldest photograph of a person. you zoom in on the other left-hand corner of the street season you see a figure getting his boots shined. can you see it? the i am among captured in 1838. not the oldest photograph in exist as but it is rare because a person is actually in it. older photographs only captured scenery because they took so long to develop.
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>> a burglar in kansas caught with his hand in the cookie jar sort of. in wichita, responding to an unusual call overnight. a woman found a stranger eating cookie dough in her home. the 28 year old apparently told the police he thought i was at his aunt's house and having amid night snack because he was hungry. officers didn't really buy that sugar-coated excuse, booking him for ingaggravated burglary. >> trying to milk what he can get. and these stories next at 6:00. vigils in chester county remembering the short life of scott mcmillan who died allegedly at the hands of his mother and her boyfriend. and a pipeline project expected to boost the delaware county. and remains of a shipwreck may be from one that sankoff
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shore and more on that next. and for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a great weekend. >> good night.
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♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. friday night. septa union members vote on a contract deal. and local and federal investigators build their case against accused kidnapper, delvin barnes. the big story on "action news" tonight, a chester county community trying to ke cope wit the unspeakable murder of a little boy. news of the murder of scott mcmillan, disgust and disbelief.
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tonight a church will welcome people for a vigil to mourn the boy's death allegedly at the hands of his mother and her boyfriend at their mobile home. and eva pilgrim is live at the gateway church. eva? >> jim, this story has shaken people. an adorable little 3-year-old boy tortured for days and then murdered. the outpouring has come from near and far. tonight this church, local church is opening its doors so people can come together as they mourn. the details of 3-year-old scott mcmillan's death have shocked this chester county community. police say his mother, jillian tait and her boy ffriend gary fellenbaum for -- tortured and murdered the child. and people plan to light candles in their honor. >> we believe were posting things about having a candlelighting. it was for people tdo


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