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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  November 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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6:00 a.m. on this saturday, november 8. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." a temple university student becomes a victim of a shooting after someone opens fire at a party. this is no pipe dream plans to bltd a pipeline -- a pipeline in delaware county means hundreds of jobs. >> hello cold weather, temperatures dropped into the 30s overnight. meteorologist chris sowers joins us with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. you are loving it. he loves the cold weather. >> reporter: i would like to see a little bit of snow. let's go live on sky 6. we're talking about temperatures in the 30s, some locations are in the 20s. meanwhile, there's a beautiful shot of the camden water front. the sun is starting to rise, pretty colors there.
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we'll see high, thin clouds move through the area later this afternoon. temperature-wise, this is the te big story. our normal is 60 degrees, daytime highs if we're lucky top out at 50. feels like 23 in allentown. feelses 25 in the poconos. trenton, 26. you'll need a heavy coat and gloves. feels like 32 in wilmington, 29 in lancaster and 30 in millville. satellite and radar, it's going to be a nice, quiet weekend, the only system that we're tracking is pushing through the eastern great lake states. it's a weak cold front all it will do is enforce the cold air for sunday or reenforce, i should say, all this moisture will pass on by to the north. both today and tomorrow look dry. 41 degrees 9:00. lots of sunshine, lunchtime, 47. there's our high, 50 degrees by 3:00 this afternoon. the big story over the next
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several days will be the temperatures they are all over the place, i'll have the details when i come back in just a bit. eva? >> we begin with an update on our breaking news, the action cam is live on the scene of a multi-alarm fire in maple shade, burlington county. firefighters, as you can see, are still trying to get the upper hand on this blaze on the 600 block of styles avenue near the intersection of route 73. several fire departments have been called to help contain the blaze. we received a report of one person being treated for minor injuries. the roof of the building has collapsed. route 73 is closed in both directions between high and main streets due to all of the fire apparatus you canning see at the scene. now south jersey motors has been in business for more than 30 years. again, route 73 is closed in both directions there at the scene of the fire. we'll keep you updated on the
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situation always the information comes to "action news" both on air and online. new this morning, a temple university student is shot at an off campus party. police are looking for the trigger man. the 22-year-old student was shot in the hip. police say three men tried to get into the party on the 1500 block of north 17th street. when they were denied entrance one man pulled out a gun and fired two times. the student was taken to temple university hospital. temple tweeted out a description, a young black man wearing a red sweatshirt and red beanie and blue jeans. temple police are handling the investigation. a multi-vehicle accident, the wreck in newark landed the motorcyclist in the hospital. the biker and three other cars collided on eastbound capital trail nearrewster drive.
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april parker vanished on tuesday, she battles bipolar disorder and manic aggression. she requires medication. she is known to frequent the 1200 block of market street. parker is 5'5" and was wearing a gray jacket and dark pants. call police if you have any tips. take a look at this video, police in haddonfield township, camden county police are asking for help identifying the suspect vandalizing a school bus. it happened at 5:00 in the parking area near the department of public works. a university of pittsburgh researcher has been convicted of poisoning his wife with cyanide. he now faces a mandatory whrief
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whrief -- life sentence. he concocted the plan to kill his wife autumn after she wanted to have a second child. delaware county could be getting a major economic shot in the arm. it's planning 50-mile pipeline from western pennsylvania that means jobs and lots of them. chad perdelli has the details. >> reporter: business owners in the heart of marcus hook are struggling. andre owns urban denim and hopes the pipeline project will surge sales. >> it's hard for a lot of small businesses down here, me myself we could use that help. >> reporter: the project is called mariner east ii. it allows are to the expansion
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of gas pipelines and move the gas to marcus hook. here it will processed and it will be distributed in the u.s. and across the world. >> this means not only thousands of construction jobs in delaware county and hundreds of permanent jobs. it is $2.5 billion investment in pennsylvania being made by sunoco logistics. union leaders say the building trades will benefit most. once the project is completed the number of permanent jobs will fall short. >> there might be product running through here, but not as many people working here. the tax base suffers, the school district suffers. >> reporter: sunoco and county leaders don't know the economic impact on alston and others, but they are hopeful it will spur more development in the future. >> it's the rebirth of the
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energy industry in the delaware county. >> president obama is expected to formally announce his choice for attorney general. he has chosen loretta lynch. she will replace eric holder as the head of the justice department. if confirmed she'll be the first african-american woman to hold the post. president obama has permitted the pentagon to send 1500 troops to iraq they will be advising iraqi fighters. congress must approve $5.5 billion to pay for the dramatickicly expanded mission. -- dramatically expanded mission. the supreme court will take a look at the healthcare bill, a federal appeals ruling allowed
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health insurance tax credits in all 50 states. opponents argue the subsidies are illegal. u.s. bases where american troops will be housed and isolated after serving for the ebola response mission in africa isolation is required for service members, but voluntary for volunteers. dallas, texas is free of the ebola virus. 177 people who came in contact with thomas duncan who died from the virus had to be isolated for 21 days. amber vinson is ebola free. scouts will be going door to door today as part of the dunkin' donuts holiday food
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drive. the scouts will be back next saturday to collect those filled bags. there was no shortage of good foot and spirits at a philabundance event last night. that was not all that brought guests to the bash. the goal was to raise enough money to prepare 500,000 meals for people in need. philabundance beat hunger bash honors 30 years fighting hunger in the delaware valley. runners are getting ready to take their mark for the trenton half marathon this morning. sections of roads are cloagd they will close -- close, they will close between parkside calvin park. the turkey and all the trimmings will cost a bit more this year. we have the word on how much it
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will cost to feed the family this holiday. >> roads have been turned into rivers following several days of flooding in haiti. >> reporter: you can see how quiet it is around the delaware valley. in the meantime a huge storm is batters alaska, it's a huge storm that will bring about a pattern change for us.
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flooding has battered parts of haiti, thousands of homes are inundated with water. dozens more are destroyed torn apart by steady rains. schools are acting as shelters. the storm killed 12 people in nearby puerto rico. mudslides are reported in the dominican republic. very different scene here. very cold out there this morning. >> reporter: let's go live on sky 6. you'll need to bundle up this morning. it's the coldest morning in seven months. we have air temperatures in the 20s and 30s. not much of a breeze. that's the view of the ben franklin bridge. we have a few high, thin clouds building north and west. 36 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 25. winds out of the west/northwest at # miles per hour.
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28 degrees in slatington. fleetwood, 28. coatsville and oxford, 28 degrees. tanersville 26. saint davids 28 and chester and center city sharing 33. glassboro, 29. buena, 28. hammonton, 30. and woodbine 33 degrees. most windchills are 3 to 5 degrees colder than the actual air temperatures. clear across the delaware valley, high clouds moving in across the lehigh valley in time. what we'll see is the high, thin clouds overspread the entire viewing area. we should start out with a decent amount of sun. this cold front that's approaching from the west that's what will bring the high, thin clouds later on. there's not much going on. we have a system down here, by the time it links up with that storm to the north it's out to sea. we're not expecting anything for the next two or three days. it will be nice and quiet. the big story over the next week
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is the huge change in temperature. 30 degrees in bismarck, omaha, 34. chicago, 41, cincinnati, 34. raleigh that's a little chilly, 33 and philadelphia, 36. the big change lies above the u.s./canadian border. what's happening the polar front is sitting across the northern provinces. it will push the polar front down into the lower 48. the unseasonable cold weather that you saw there that will push down into the lower 48. wait until you see what it does to our numbers in philadelphia. you can see it reflected in the seven-day forecast in just a minute or two. chilly today, high pressure in control. sunshine to start, clouds in the afternoon. it's quiet out there. sunday same thing, we'll flip the cloud cover around and have it in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. the temperatures will be a bit higher than what we're expecting today. 50 degrees this afternoon. trenton, 49. allentown, 49. lancaster, 48. sun and clouds, chilly out
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there. cape may, 50. atlantic city, 52. of we should reach 50 degrees by 3:00, by 6:00 p.m. we're back down to 48 degrees. of overnight tonight we'll see the chilly temperatures, but not as cold as this morning. 36 degrees outlying suburbs. this morning you're waking up to upper 20s. 44 center city, mostly cloudy, chilly. winds out of the southwest at 5 to 010 miles per hour. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 50 degrees today and 57 tomorrow. sun and clouds tomorrow 60. monday night football, eagles taking on the panthers. temperatures dropping into 50s. tuesday, warmer, 67 degrees, wednesday increasing clouds that's not too bad temperature-wise. 64. wednesday night, the polar front slips through. look at thursday and friday, 44 degrees, both days in the city. north and west you're staying in the 30s. right now some of the forecast
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models are suggesting there could be rain and snow showers around here. not a huge deal, but the fact that wear mentioning -- we're mentioning snow in the forecast, it's still early. you just wonder is this a sign of things to come. >> let's not go there yet. >> reporter: i'm kind of for it. i know you're not. >> we love you anyways, chris. don't forget you can take with you. the new smart design fits any device you have, whether it's your tablet or smart phone, no matter how large or small that screen. check it out by visiting anytime anywhere. hundreds of talented athletes gathered at villanova university to kick off a special event. special olympics fall festival got underway. philadelphia taney dragons had winning spirit with the athletes. the fall festival runs through tomorrow. hey! it's mister monopoly.
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gas prices are reigniting america's love affair with gas-guzzling cars and trucks. fiat chrysler reports a jump in sales of the jeep suv brand. meanwhile, sales of small fuel efficient models such as at volt tumbled. the preus the best selling car
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on the market dropped. kmart will open for 42 hours straight that's one hour longer than last year. sears will open at 6:00 p.m. other retailers, will be closed on thanksgiving day so their employees can celebrate the holiday with their families. don't be surprised if your thanksgiving dinner grocery bill feels fatter. it's not because you bought a bigger turkey. it's because food prices are on the rise. the average cost of a basic thanksgiving dinner for 10 will increase 2-point to $44 that's a 5 1/2 increase. it's due to the high cost of freed and fresh cranberries and
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sweet potatoes are costing more this career
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:24 saturday morning, day planner looks fantastic. we'll see increasing sunshine high clouds later. there's the high of 50 later today. i was talking about how the pole front was going to shift. this time of career it -- this time of year, it usually hang out in the northern territories. it will shift and move to the south, what that means for us, it means a huge pattern change. we'll go from this weekend, a
6:25 am
little bit of a warmup monday and tuesday, and then bang, this is the real deal, high temperatures in the 30s and 40s. we have a system in the south, with the cold air that could mean mixed bag of rain and wet snow showers by friday afternoon. >> in sports, the agony of defeat for temple and the sixers remain winless, ducis rogers has that and the eagles preparing for carolina. >> reporter: good morning we'll start on the hardwoods. the sixers are winless. they had no business being on the same court as the chicago bulls last night or did they? nolan noelle is out with a sprained ankle he suffered wednesday night. jeremy maclin in the house. we'll get to that in a moment. sixers down 11. late in the 4th.
6:26 am
sixers trail by 4. chris johnson, sixers are down 1. it's moved to a 3-point game. johnson again. going for the tie, sixers lose. it's their worst start in 42 years. eagles panthers monday night, from the moment chip kelly got here, he told us he did not have a specific offensive system. he tailors the offense for whichever quarterback is in there. with nick foles hurt he calls in mark sanchez. he has known sanchez since monday night football. he was asked. >> i said if i was the head coach of the eagles, i'm going to make sure i get that guy on my team. >> reporter: to college football temple was 8 point underdog to
6:27 am
memphis at home no less. matt rule, one more and the owls will be bowl eligible. he runs out of the gas at the end, but a 75-yard touchdown, 10-so temple. a second to go tied at 13. a 31-year-old field goal, the owls lose 16-13 next week they will visit penn state. that's a look the sports this morning, i'm ducis rogers you have yourself a terrific weekend! we've got much more coming up right here on "action news" saturday morning! remember we invite you to become a part of the action breaking news team if you're there when breaking news happens e-mail your videos photos or tips to breaking and contact us
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to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. injured following a chase and crash in the northeast. a tearful vigil is held for a little boy who died at the hands of his own mother. a cold start to the weekend, you'll need that coat and scarf before heading out this morning. you might as well grab the
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gloves, too. meteorologist chris sowers is here with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's the coldest it's been in a long while. >> reporter: it's short-lived, by monday and tuesday we're warming up. what a beautiful view, atlantic city, very calm not much of a breeze, it's very chilly this morning. one of the coldest mornings in 7 months around here. we're seeing temperatures down into the 20s and 30s now, windchill wise. look at the numbers, very impressive for this time of year. allentown, 23 that's late december type stuff. poconos 25. millville feels like 29. 32 freezing mark in wilmington. lancaster, 29. philadelphia 30. the numbers are running anywhere from 12 to 20 degrees colder than yesterday at this time.
6:31 am
the numbers will be warmer tomorrow, we won't see that much of a huge contrast. locally a few high, thin clouds passing by in the lehigh valley and the poconos. clear conditions in the delaware valley. accuweather says we should be around 60 only shooting for a high of 50 degrees. of eva? >> thanks, chris. an update on our breaking news this morning. flames poured from the roof of a burlington county business early this morning. the action cam was on the scene on the 600 block of styles avenue near route 73 in maple shade. several neighboring fire departments were called in to help battle the blaze. it wasn't enough to spare the roof of the south jersey mowers which had been in business in 30 years. we've received a report of one person being treated for minor injuries. we're taking a live look at the scene in maple shade. the fire you can see still burning at this hour, again, route 73 is closed in both
6:32 am
directions around the fire because of the all the fire apparatus there. new jersey state police and department of transportation is on the scene to help reroute traffic. we, of course, will keep you updated on the situation as the information comes to "action news" on air and online. new information on two philadelphia police officers hurt in a chase that ended in a crash. chopper 6 flew over the accident that happened at 10:30. police say the driver of a cadillac that caused the accident was spotted minutes before selling marijuana on the 5100 block of frankford avenue. >> when officers attempted to pull the driver of the car, the one who was selling the drugs from the cadillac, he took off at a high rate of speed striking the officers and dragging four officers injuring two of them. >> shortly after other officers
6:33 am
began pursuit, police say the cadillac ran a red light and t-boned a honda. the. >> when they were appending after the auto accident the male resisted arrest. he had to be tasered. >> that driver who was the drug seller is charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest and narcotics offenses. the driver of the honda is hospitalized with head injuries. else alert. one officer broke a hand when the suspect dragged the officers. the other officer has an injured leg. the allied buyer of the drugs was arrested near the frankford avenue scene. new. overnight a man was hit by a car mayfair. the driver stopped at frankford and tyson avenue. the victim was rushed to the hospital for treatment. police are trying to figure out how the accident happen. a candle light vigil was held for little scott
6:34 am
mcmillan. thousands shared their sorrow for the little boy who was tortured and killed. an emotional gathering was held in parksberg, chester county. >> reporter: with candle in hand, this community cried and prayed and remembering scottie mcmillan tortured and killed at the hands of his mother and boyfriend. authorities charged his mother and live in boyfriend with first degree murder. the district attorney announcing he will seek the death penalty. >> he was lashed with a metal rod and tied to a chair and beaten. he was tied upside down by his feet and beaten. his head was smashed through a wall. >> reporter: the accused couple lived with tait's two children and fellenbaum'sranged wife.
6:35 am
>> he was a an angry scary man. >> reporter: the vigil mourned scott and miller who was shot by her former boyfriend who was shot on monday, he then turned the gun on himself. >> reporter: pastor daniel dean will preside over the funeral of miller and pray for both families. >> in many of our homes we disguise ourselves because we're afraid we have problems, we all have problems, we need help and when we need help we should seek it. gary fellenbaum's mother said she is shocked by the charges and her son loved children. him scotty's little brother is in the custody of family. miller's funeral is set for
6:36 am
saturday and her two sons are in the custody of family, as well. reporting from parksburg, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> more than 1,000 people posted pictures on our facebook page of candles lit for scottie. go to to see them or add a picture of your own. a teen shooting rampage inside a washington high school has claimed another life. 15-year-old andrew fryburg is the 4th student to die of gun shot wounds suffered at the hands of his cousin jaylen. a teen shot in the jaw has been released from the hospital. delvin barns the man accused of kidnapping carlesha freeland-gaither in germantown is on suicide watch in his jail cell in prince george,s virginia. he was charged with attempted
6:37 am
murder and attempted rape and kidnapping. these charges are in connection with another incident in richmond. carlesha freeland-gaither is back in philadelphia with her family. meanwhile, attorney general eric holder sent a letter thanking the numerous agencies involved in the rescue of carlesha freeland-gaither. holder recognized the local and federal officials who investigated the kidnapping and event arrest saying it was quote law enforcement work at its finest. septa's largest union has signed off on a two year contract with members. the pennsylvania gaming control board has announced it will vote on november 18th on
6:38 am
a second casino license in philadelphia. four companies are competing for the gambling license. two plan to build in center city, the others near the sports complex. sugarhouse is warning against competition claiming the market is saturated. united airlines is scrapping its service to and from atlantic city. it cannot sustain the flights between the struggling gambling hub, chicago and houston. spirit airlines will be the only remaining regular carrier to operate atlantic city international airport. there's still much more to come on saturday morning, the final autopsy report for actor robin williams has been released. plus light up the
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about her-ive for the winter. the only thing that slows them is the cold. >> would you rather be invaded by lady bugs or cold? >> that's a hard one. >> reporter: you don't have much choice, i'll show you the seven day. no lady bugs around here in the delaware valley. i did see a few monarch butterflies last week. i don't know if that means anything. there's the view we're looking at cape may. you can see the sun is starting to climb. it's a beautiful morning around the delaware valley. temperatures are on the colder side, but we're seeing a decent amount of sun. storm tracker 6 live double scan no weather issues out there, we're seeing clear conditions, that's how it will stay all weekend long. 36 degrees which is well below where we should be.
6:43 am
dewpoint, 25. windy out of the west northwest. pressure starting to climb. these numbers look like december. 26 in the poconos. 29 in allentown, 36 in philadelphia. millville, 28. trenton, 32. there's not much of a breeze, but when you factor that in it feels like 23 in allentown, poconos 25 and trenton 26 and 32 in wilmington. if your son has a soccer game make sure you're dressed appropriately you're dressed in the heavier coats, scarves and hats everything to keep you warm. temperatures are unseasonable cold. we have high, thin clouds in the process of pulling through. there's a cold front well out here to the west, i'll be racing east over the next 24 hours. later this afternoon we'll see a few high, thin clouds move in in advance of the front. that's about it. it's pretty much moisture starved.
6:44 am
it will skirt on by and push into the canadian provinces. over the next several days it will be very, very quiet. later this afternoon, high, thin clouds, we start out with sun, increasing clouds. mostly cloudy overnight tonight. tomorrow we start out with clouds that gives way to sunshine by afternoon. monday is a beautiful looking day, lots of sunshine out there. winds shift out of the southwest that will get temperatures into the 60s. tuesday thing we'll see sunshine out there it will be very warm with a high of right around 66 or 67 degrees. this afternoon lehigh valley, allentown, sun to clouds, chilly, 49 degrees is the forecasted high today. again, well below average for this time of year. atlantic city, most of the shorepoints, just a few degrees warmer, but well below average partly sunny, chilly. 52 degrees is the forecasted high for atlantic city. for philadelphia we'll split the difference, 50 degrees, sun and clouds, winds out of the southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. overnight tonight it's chilly, but not as cold as this morning.
6:45 am
mostly cloudy skies, we should stay dry we're not expecting any shower activity. but there could be a brief, passing sprinkle well north and west in the lehigh valley and poconos with the front. 36 degrees outlying suburbs, 44 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast looks pretty quiet in the short term, 50 degrees today, 57 degrees becoming sunny on monday. monday night football eagles taking on the panthers. no weather issues for this. 54 degrees by kickoff. by the 4th quarter, temperatures dropping down to 50 degrees. tuesday turning warmer, nice, 67 degrees for veterans day, 64 wednesday, increasing clouds. the cold front comes in wednesday afternoon. that will touch off a brief shower. behind that front, the temperatures crash. wednesday we start out mild, temperatures turn blustery and chilly by afternoon. thursday and friday we hang out in the 40s. first real shot of cold air is
6:46 am
on the way next week. >> make sure you get the scarves and gloves and everything out. >> reporter: you'll need everything but a snow shovel. >> tomorrow marks 25 years since the fall of the about bern wall. lanterns are along the wall that's left standing. tomorrow will commemorate the peaceful revolution. baby! hey, you need 'em, you want 'em, and now there's no better time to get 'em. blinds to go. blinds for life. sometimes, caring for your neighbors means going the extra mile. when our patient, susan, mentioned her dad couldn't make it in to pearle vision to get his eyes checked... we went to him. and we realized, if he had trouble getting new glasses... he probably wasn't the only one.
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6:49 am
movie. he decided he is not right for the part. the film will be directed by danny boyle who won an oscar for slum dog millionaire. filming is expected to begin this winter. a new outer space thriller and look at the one of the greatest minds ever to live and look at disney. here's matt o'donnell. >> reporter: inner stellar makes its debut on the screen this weekend. >> the film focuses on four travelers led by cooper portrayed by matthew mcconaughey. it's 100 years in the future and earth is dieing. the only crop left is corn. they discover a worm hole
6:50 am
looking for a new planet to live. staying with space, the theory of everything is the story of one of the world's greatest living mind, astro if i phycist stephen hawking. it is based on the memoir of his wife jane. it takes a look at the life of the genius. hawking was once a healthy young man and then at the age of 21 received an earth shattering diagnosed, als. it is all right to cry. >> no, no.
6:51 am
>> it's a normal response to pain. >> i will scan you for injuries. >> don't scan me. >> scan complete. >> unbelievable. you have stained no injuries. however your hormone and neuro transmitter indicates you're experiencing mood swings. >> reporter: it's set in the futuristic met they pull together a team of inexperienced crime fighters. they must solve the mystery surrounding the crimes by a masked super villain. the film is from walt disney pictures the parent company of 6abc. be careful if you encounter any worm holes in your travels this weekend, don't touch them they tend to be made of exotic matter.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:54 saturday morning, time for the travel forecast. we'll start out with satellite and radar. as we set it in motion there's not much going on. we have a couple of systems out there. one is to the north, the other to the south. this cold front which is slicing through the ohio valley that will push through later this evening, into the overnight. we have abundance of energy building across the gulf coast states. this front will push this out to sea. there's no connection between the two, which means we see no big storms which means it's smooth traveling if you're heading to the south or across the high plains or west coast.
6:55 am
other than the fact it's chilly, 30 in philadelphia. boston, 36 degrees. 4 in newark, jfk. new york city airports in the 30s, orlando chilly. no reported delays, 56 degrees. eva? >> crafting is more popular than ever. many people are dedicating entire rooms into their homes for their favorite hobby, but it can be expensive. the designers from the live well show knock it off shows you how to save big. >> reporter: if you're into crafting you know how important a spacious workspace is. buying a large craft table can be costly. find out how simple modifications can transform a craft table into the mack daddy of all craft tables. what we wanted to is extend this table to make big unit that will
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workspace from a kitchen island to an office desk. for more budget-friendly project ideas go to live it off. tune in sunday night at 7:00 on the live well network. next week they show you how to create an accent wall without busting your budget. reverend dr. wendell prides over the baptist church. a banquet was thrown in his honor as he marked half century at the pulpit. he has served since 1987. we have another hour of "action news" coming up. troubling news about cancer rates among younger people. what doctors say may be the driving factor in the rates. plus, back to the
6:58 am
cafeteria, why kids use duct tape to seal their principal to the side of the cafeteria.
6:59 am
>> good morning, it is 7:00 a.m. on this saturday, november 8. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." a south jersey business is in ruins after a multi-alarm
7:00 am
fire is sparked. we'll have the latest on road closures in the area. a temple university student becomes the victim of a shooting after someone opened fire at a party. hello winter, the temperatures dropped down into the 30s overnight. chris sowers we stuck him outside in the cold. he has the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: it's funny because it's colder out here right now, than what is it was last weekend when i was standing out here. it doesn't feel as harsh and the big reason is because we don't have much wind because temperature-wise get a load of these numbers. it's significancely colder. tanersville, 26 degrees. 28 in ain't david. coatsville, 27. fleetwood 29 and levittown 21. 29 in glassboro. 29 in buena. and gandys beach. they are freezing in minute --


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