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tv   Action News  ABC  November 9, 2014 11:35pm-12:01am EST

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>> sunday night here's what's happening on "action news" at 11:30. >> a small plane crashes in the bahamas this evening killing all nine people on board here executive jet left nassau trying to land on grand ba ham aisland when it crashed.
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a full investigation will begin tomorrow morning and it's expected that a very well known pastor myles monroe was on board. >> a 70-year-old man died and shot his son. his son is hospitalized in critical condition. investigators say the two had a dispute over financial issues. also tonight a 27-year-old man was rushed to the hospital after he crashed his car into the second story after i home in hockessin, delaware. investigators say the mana parentally hit three parked vehicles and wept airborne crashing into this home on the 1600 block of old wilmington road. he's listed in stable condition. nobody inside the home was injured. now to the heroic actions of two young men that sprang into action when a philadelphia police officer became flapped a firey wreck. these men risked their own lives to save the life of another. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has the story. >> dramatic cellphone video captured by terrence lemon shows
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firey scene 28 and tasker. >> the car flames come out of the hood of the car and couple seconds later the car exploded and burst into flames. >> it was before 5:30 17 district officer mark concernsy police cruiserer collided with a pickup trum truck. a fire fight frer ridley park was visiting with his sister and rushed to the scene. >> i said you can get out he said i cannot feel the legs i said i cannot get you out through the door but through the window. >> dante johnson held chambers pulled the officer out of the burning police cruiser. >> he had a minor scratch on his head and pretty much messed up his leg. that was good it. if we had not gotten him out. if you would have seen what the car looked like. -- if he had not gotten him out he would have been hurt bad. >> he was in and out of consciousness and said i can't feel my legs. >> the car literally burst into
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flames. flames were shooting so high. it was like this whole corner was like yellow. >> the rescueers also pulled a 52-year-old driver of the with pickup truck who was unconscious to safety. >> i kept -- two guys pulled him out and laid him down. i checked his pulse. he was breathing. he was out of. it but he was alive. >> the officer and passenger in the truck were taken to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania for treatment. chambers later visited the officer and posed for this picture. >> he was there with a couple buddies and they all said thank you and the ones that were not there at the scene said thank you shook my hand and talked to him a bit. he was glad i was there to help him out and i was there and i was glad i was there to be part of it. >> back here you see the charred remains of police cruiser. fortunately the 30-year-old officer and drive of truck will be all right. we may call joe chambers and dante johnson heroes but they were saying no, we were just
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doing what anyone wols have done. dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news." >> philadelphia police are serving for a person that shot and killed a woman in tioga-nicetown overnight. the woman was shot multiple times 16 and rowjuan walk. officers found her lying in the street. they're working to determine a motive and identify a suspect. a confrontation in the gentleman's club in south philadelphia resulted in gunfire overnight club onyx on south columbus boulevard. two security guards said they opened fireen a patron after he tried run them over with his carch the victim was angry after being kicked out of the club and sustained gun shot wounds to shoulders and legs and is now listed in stable condition. no word on any charges yet. >> tonight police in camden, new jersey are investigating two separate deadly shootings. at about 6:30 this morning investigators responded to gunfire on 11 0 0 block of chase
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street. she found 20-year-old wessley helms dead open the block. a few hours earlier gun fire was heard near interest section front and vine. investigators were told the victim was driven to the hospital in a private vehicle. amir thomas money did not make it and passed away at cooper university hospital. so far investigators have not named suspects or motives in any shooting and investigators don't believe the shootings are somehow related. president obama alived in beijing just a short time ago. it's first stop on his week-long whil winds trip to asia. monday he'll give a speech about u.s. ties to asia and economic summit and meet with employees at the u.s. embassy in china and in the evening the president of china and this marks the final opportunity to deliver on one goal increase u.s. influence in asia. >> vets ran's day observed today in this community ♪
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"action news" was in lower makefield township for the annual veteran's day parade. this year's grand marshall was vietnam vet russel davidson who now commands a local vfw post and after the aprayed he it was time to dedicate veterans monument 7 years in the making. >>en an organization in philadelphia providing a helping hand for programs to young people held annual gala tonight in center city. "action news" was there as the philadelphia club saluted community leeers in education, business and politics. the club which was founded in 194 provides scholarships and supports numerous programs including aid for homeless, high blood pressure and sickle cell disease research. a small army of penn state students were busy across the region raising money forthon a dance marathon that doubles as a massive fundraiser dedicated to finding a cure for pediatric cancers. >> the action cam caught one
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this group where students with pounding the pavement. last year this event raised a record-breaking 13.3 million dollars. >> still to come tonight a sold whor recently returned from afghanistan is shot and killed at a party. what police say led up to the deadly confrontation. >> and also a nurse quarantined against her will after treating ebola patients since her 21 damon toreing period. ends tomorrow. how casey hickox plans to end tomorrow. >> i'm trying a brief warm-up followed by drastic jump in temperatures. we'll talk about that and have the details and share the numbers in the full and the details and share the numbers in the full and exclusive accuweather
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>> app army veteran was shot and killed in early morning la. francisco garcia as was gunned down after family and friends tried to move a fraert one location to another to welcome him home. a man got out of suv yelled at garcia and grabbed a handgun from another person and opened firech the attack stemmed from a previous dispute and shooter remains on the loose tonight. the nurse that fought ebola quarantine orders will step out tomorrow fight and have dinner with boyfriend. monday marks end of casey hickox period.. she returned to the u.s. last month from treating ebola patients in sierra leone and was placed in mandatory quarantine
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in new jersey after protesting the isolation she was allowed to return to her home state of maine where she defied orders to stay inside. she has not shown any symptoms of ebola. a fire in chicago northwest side ended with daiming of a 10-year-old boy and 11 people injured including five children. the dramatic pictures were captured as flames shot from the four story apartment building. they have not determined how it started but it is deemed suspicious. >> for people who live near the path of lava flow it started smoldering across parts of hawaii. this flow has not moved much in ten days remaining 180 feet away from the newest road. many people were evacuated already. >> melissa magee with accuweather forecast and she's all over the map on this one. >> i really am. we have -- we have just about everything in the full forecast.
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good news we start out mild and quiet. we'll show what you is going onment stormtracker 6 live double scan radar dry and outside we go. action cam was outside earlier tonight. down along the streets there in ept city. pretty close to city hall. and you can see we've got comfortable conditions and partly cloudy sky overhead and not bad as far as temperatures are concerned. in fact we had row bound today climbing up to 57 in philadelphia. 59 average for us this time of year. outside tonight, cooling down 42 in city and 30 poconos and 34 allentown and 46 in sea isle city. if you think these temperatures are bad wait until you get to end this week. because a big drop in temperatures is on the way. satellite 6 along with action radar shows you we have mostly clear skies to new england to the mid-atlantic region high pressure to the south that will continue to keep our weather nice and tranquil for the next couple of days before the
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changes come. satellite 6 showing you as we widen out the picture here you can see we've got first batch of colder air rushing in across the lower 48. we have snow developing across the northern plains in facts winter storm warnings and wiptser storm watches in effect some spots across the dakotas and northern plains could find anywhere from 18 to 20" of snowfall. cold are air is definitely on its way. this will work its way east ward and moderate somewhat but have big change in temperatures. you can see colder air arriving lower 48 23 in bismarck. and international falls 21. this cold air will march way east ward as we get to end this week here. near term future tracker 6 showing you 6:00 in the morning not a bad start as you get commute on the way. 41 in philadelphia. poconos and 8 tomorrow morning lakehurst. as we get to afternoon hours most spots upper 50s if not near
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60. no big concerns as you get into your monday. in fact as we get to monday night it's all about football as eagles are at home at the lincment partly cloudy, cool and calm. kickoff temperature 5 2-6789s once we get to fourth quarter 49 degrees. taking a look at day planner for monday. 7 a.m., 42. 52 at 10 a.m. and the lower 60s at 1:00 in the afternoon and 58 at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. here's the sdlusive accuweather 7-day forecast. sunny and nice tomorrow, 71. quiet. mild for veteran's day tuesday 67. on wednesday we're tracking that front. that's currently moving through the northern plains and worked its way east ward midweek. breezy. high temperature 65. late wednesday nights look at overnight low. dropping down to 9. big did drop in temperatures thursday and 49 degrees. first big shot of arctic air on the way by then and yes, it will be cold. not unusual for november standards. we definitely see swings in
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temperatures. friday, ten below average. 4 more winter like fill as we get into next weekend. and on sunday it's mostly cloudy high temperature 43. we'll have to watch the coast closely at we goat late sunday to monday. fall all big story is big drop in temperatures later on guys. >> okay. >> bracing for it. >> thanks, melissa. >> it may be time to try a new line of work when you try to rob a store and the clerk laughs at you. that happened to this worm wearing a "batman" mask. she demand cash from the clerk. >> it's pretty strange which is why the clerk thought it was a joke and you know halloween was last week. so she may have thought she was late for halloween party or something. >> the same woman was busted after she tried to rob another store last night. >> and look that video coming in from north carolina yes that is a head of let us on the ground
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and train hit semi-carrying let us and result was shredded let us. it was stuck on train tracks yesterday and driver and passenger were able to jump out before the crash happens. they're just fine. >> there you have it. much more to come on "action news" including sports and one-on-one with eagles quarterback mark sanchez and talk about tomorrow night night's big game against carolina. >> you can take the new 6abc with you. it changes the layoff for any device no matter how small or large the scene. visit, any time, large the scene. visit, any time, anywhere
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>> mark sanchez led new york to the title fwim and he'll try to led them to i lai off here. cam newton and both quarterbacks will be under the spotlight. let's look at cram newton and carolina. we don't have that video. trust me they're in town monday night football for mark sanchez that missed all of eight years with a shoulder injury. he cannot wait for kick yvr tomorrow. >> my prorms, dad, mom, they're all thrilled. and then once i think about it again it's like as big as this situation might be to a lot of people on the outside nothing changed in the building. and that just keeps you focused on having a great practice today. i started a bunch of games i've been open this same before national college in college, pros we have a heck of a good team it's not like i have to
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invent something out this will be fun it's exciting. >> tomorrow marks return of former eagles receiver jason avant who spent first eight seasons here in philadelphia. avant admitted he knew last year was going to be his last with eagles because he butted heads at time with chip kelly over how to run certain routes and he doesn't have to fit into the offence. does def aunt think it will be weird at the linc in his return? >> i know i've been watching them on tv. i know it will be fun. it will iting and good to see old faces at the same time trying to gets a win. >> it's probably one of my favorite guys and i wish him the best of luck. >> it's a different uniform but i'm glad he has another opportunity go out and play football. >> we are teaming up with phl17 to bring you eagles panthers coverage starts 8:00 with the pregame show "countdown to kickoff" leading up to eagles
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panther game. monday night football on phl17. >> week from tonight eagles had a great day. hopefully packers get all of this out of their system. eagles they'll ge to green bay and hopefully this doesn't happen. houn the bears getting beat up badly tonight. aaron rodgers throws six touchdowns in the first half and packers destroy the bears 65-12. >> andy reid and chiefs in buffalo. wait a minute. that's not him. this is andy reid. double minute gum xher shaxt his double on happened. who called plays in buffalo. well it doesn't matter. reid and chiefs they win. they are six and three. by the way sixers blown out by toronto tonight. they're 0-7. nothing funny about that. guys back to you. >> thank you, jeff. >> a 100 year old woman frovrn is never too lights to finish a bucket list including jumping
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out of an airplane. truth be told this is not her first jump. she's celebrating her 90th and 95th birthdays the same way. when asked what's going through her mind when she leaps she said "makes me feel good dpoy it right" the happy birthday eleanor. >> don't forget "action news" continues tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, david murphy and karen rogers. now, for walter perez, melissa magee, jeff skversky, and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist have a great entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist have a great night and great week ahead
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>> welcome to the million dollar movie, "noel," starring susan sarandon, penelope cruz and paul walker. ♪


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