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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 10, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EST

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this morning on "world news now" -- dangerous storm. the powerful arctic blast from halfway around the world that's going to dump snow and drop temperatures for millions of americans. accuweather is tracking it. set free. two americans held for years in north korea. their sudden release from prison, and their emotional homecomings. >> i learned a lot. i grew a lot. lost a lot of weight. >> new details about what led up to their release. and frightening ordeal. a 5-year-old girl taken from her bed by a stranger against her will. >> there was a man in my home, and he took my 5-year-old daughter. and i happened to wake up. >> why this family was targeted, and what everyone can learn from their quick actions. it's monday, november 10th. >> announcer: from abc news,
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this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. i'm tai hernandez. >> hi. welcome back. how are you? things well? >> things are well. >> good to see you. >> speaking of small talk, the weather is coming up. going to be a big topic of -- >> this is a big deal. a really big deal. >> it is. we love to talk about it anyway. now it's making the news. enjoy the mild weather while you can. it's going to get much colder nearly everywhere in the u.s. >> polar air dropping further south than usual. only the swefts, south florida and hawaii and alaska are the only ones escaping these plunging temperatures. this is what's blasting towards the u.s. right now. a massive front of arctic air freezing canada's prairie forcing feem take shelter indoors in edmonton and calgary. the winter onslaught barreling right into america's heartland. in wisconsin, salt trucks and plows already on standby.
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in minneapolis, full homeless shelters are bracing for an onslaught of even more people. >> we have one room open tonight but we'll be full tomorrow morning. >> reporter: more than 400 people sleep in the people serving people sheltser. more will be seeking shelter monday night. >> it's a big transition part of the year for homeless families. >> reporter: minnesota is expecting more than a foot of snow for the beginning of the workweek along with a temperature plunge that will grip much of the country for the rest of the week. this is what started the wintry blast. typhoon nuri. more than 800 miles wide in the pacific. first battering alaskan islands with near 100-mile-per-hour winds. crews on fishing boats from discovery's "deadliest scratch" scrambling to stay out of harmee way. >> just get home safe. >> reporter: that powerful typhoon changing weather patterns for the worse.
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plunging the lower 48 into an arctic ice bath. it's expected to keep its grip on much of the nation for a week and a half. >> our coverage continues at accuweather with meteorologist jim dickey. good morning. >> good morning. a wintry week lies ahead of us. we start off with some snowfall. that across the dakotas on to the great lakes. disruptive snow in many locations. 6 to 12 inches expected spreading out of montana into minnesota and wisconsin. that does include the twin cities. 6 to 12 inches by the time all is said and done. this will bring in a shot of much colder air of arctic air spreading to the eastern seaboard by friday. more like january than november. a good 10 to 20 degrees below average. another way to visualize this year it will be ten-plus days in many of these locations, northern plains, upper midwest before temperatures rise above the freezing point. >> developing right now, a plane crash has killed prominent
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evangelical paster miles munroe. he and eight other people were killed. everyone on board was killed. the plane exploded an impact colliding with a crane at a shipyard and plunging into a junkyard. pastor munroe was an author and business consultant. it's amazing there were only minor injuries from this air canada crash in edmonton. a propeller broke off and crashed into the fuselage. incredibly, the passenger sitting in that seat is all right with a minor head injury. she poeftsed this photo on facebook because she feels no one was taking the accident seriously enough. two americans held by north korea are back home this morning after their weekend release. kenneth bae who had been held for two years celebrated his freedom by, what else, sharing pizza with his family. he's doing remarkably well. here now abc's bob woodruff. >> reporter: the last of the two americans held prisoners in north korea are back on u.s.
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soil. kenneth bae home, along with matthew todd miller held captive after apparently entering north korea illegally in april. north korea said he'd asked for asylum there. they arrived an a military plane overnight. >> it's been amazing two years. i learned a lot. i grew a lot. lost a lot of weight. >> reporter: both now free because of a last-mant secretive trip by director of national intelligence james clapper. sources tell'ing abc news the north koreans rekweftsed a visit by a high-level official. clapper apparently carrying a personal message from president obama. u.s. officials say it was not an apology or negotiation and he did not meet with kim jong-un, the country's mysterious leader. >> this is a charm offensive. they're saying we're not really that bad and we can show you that we can make life easier for everybody. >> reporter: just last month the
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other american held there also freed. jeffrey fowl was caught leaving a bible in a bathroom. >> packed me into a black vw sedan. two heavy big guys on either side of me. >> how did they treat you physically? >> physically, i was not abused at all. three meals a day. >> reporter: the bae family can't wait to spend the holidays together. >> just glad to have him home. we are justice happy to have him home. >> reporter: bob woodruff, abc news, new york. president obama is in china this morning, the first stop on a three-nation visit. after arriving an air force one he sat down with the president of indonesia where mr. obama lived as a child. we'll speak at the asia pacific economic cooperation summit. he'll also visit myanmar and australia. a foiled terror plot. lama hasan with the details. >> reporter: a symbolic display
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of defiance from the queen. undaunted by the arrest made by scotland yard. four men detained as part of an ongoing investigation into islamist related terrorism. the men were allegedly plotting to carry out attacks an british soil. fears of an attack here rising since britain joined the u.s. in bombing isis targets in ooh rack. security on high alert. >> in that sense, it's probably the biggest security operation in the world. >> her majesty the queen lays her wreath. >> reporter: her majesty leading her country in the remembrance of the fallen since world war i. members of the royal family in tow. noticeably absent, prince henry -- harry. a show of solidarity and appreciation from the crowd. >> applause. i never heard that before here for the queen.
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>> reporter: a thank you to the queen and royal family for carrying out their duties despite the terror threats. amid the heightened fear of terror attack, scotland yard was ready saying it had a proportionate policing plan in place. there's a bit of mystery this morning surrounding the fats of isis leader abu al baghdadi. they are saying that al baghdadi was critically wounded but the pentagon says it has no information on whether that is true. the u.s. has put a $10 million price tag an al baghdadi's head. they've ordered $2.7 million in protective gear to help deal with cases of ebola. the cdc placed the order ahead of time to secure supplies before they run out. let's turn to a small think in town. it could become the first in the
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country to ban sales of all tobacco products. health officials in massachusetts will hear public comments on the proposal this week. the cdc said smoke-free laws can protect against second-hand smoke and prevent young people from getting hooked. store owners have been gathering signatures in opposition to the ban. wow. i mean, everybody do what you want to, do but i don't smoke so nobody smoking, i'm okay with that. >> you don't want the second-hand smoke. >> people are going to fight this. people have a right to destroy their bodies if they want to. no offense to you smokers. it's bad for you. i drink wine. it's bad for you, too. >> not that long ago i'd go get sig retss for my mom at the store. they'd sell them to me. 8, 9 years old. we used to smoke the candy sig re
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sig retss. >> we're learning a lot about you. the oilldest rivalry turned into a blowout. aaron rodgers had six touchdown passes in the first half for a 42-0 lead over chicago at the intermission. just how bad was the game for the sghairs green bay kicked the ball away as chicago tried to punt. 55-17. let me turn you to -- look at this. he's on the break about to have his moment on national tv. this is the utah versus oregon game. that young fellow from utah dropped the ball right there before he got into the end zone. it took them a minute to figure this ots. the ref didn't blow the whistle. the oregon ducks figured it out. took it 100 yards back. they lost 51-27, but that's a tough moment for that kid. >> it's heartbreaking. before the seattle seahawks
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took flight, their mascot took off. >> the mascot landed on the first available head. it settled on somebodyal else's shoulder after that. >> good thing that hair is all his. that hawk could have carried away -- >> the seahawks won the game, 38-17 over the giants. "the mix" coming your way next. it's okay to lie, right, when you're on a date? i thought this was understood. >> really? >> it's okay to lie? >> i don't think so. apparently we do this anyway. >> a new study showing some of the biggest ones out there for people looking for love. the good-hearted 90-year-old chef in big trouble for feeding the hungry. this dispute might give you some food for thought. you're watching "world news now."
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nissan is now the tenth automaker to announce recalls
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because of potentaclely dangerous air bags. they have air bags that might send shrapnel flying when they detonate. to find out if yours is among them, check a new study just out this morning is raising alarms about those colorful laundry detergent pods. accidental poisonings from the chemicals inside them sent more than 700 children to the hospital during the first two years they were on the market. one baby died. some manufacturers have added warnings and made the pods less attractive to children but many parents are still unaware of the risks. new details about the attempted kidnapping of a little girl in utah foiled by her quick-thinking parents. >> also more about why the suspect targeted that house in particular and how you can preventior family from being a target. >> reporter: it was a terrifying moment for this family. >> there was a man in my home, and he took my 5-year-old
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daughter. and i happened to wake up. >> reporter: that 5-year-old girl snatched from her bed in sandy, utah, and carried out the front door by a stranger. >> i just bolted because i heard the screen door. we both ran. >> reporter: her stepfather running outside confronting the accused abductor on the family's lawn who then let the girl go. that quick reaction is just one example of what this family did right. and some lessons in this for everyone. we now know the suspect, troy morley first tried to break into several other homes but couldn't get in. it wasn't until he found a side door unlocked at this home that police say morley found his opportunity. >> not only should the doors be locked but the screen doors, the windows. >> reporter: experts suggest having lights outside offior home to deter potential intruders. and they recommend parents leave a baby monitor on even for older children so they can hear if anyone comes in.
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plus, teach children what to do if a stranger comes into your home. >> the more noise, throwing things, banging things, somebody is going to hear you. >> reporter: these parents heard their daughter talking as she was carried outside, part of why she is safe at home and her accused attacker is behind bars. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> incredibly scary. a lot of people, even if you have an alarm system you tend not to turn it on at night. you just don't think this will happen while you're at home. >> i was reading about this over the weekend. to think you wake up and somebody physically has your child and walking out the door. some of those basic tips we don't think about. land line. the phone. many people just have the cell phones. >> and people tend not to sleep with the cell phone next to the bed. they don't want to be interrupted. >> a lesson for everyone. good this one turned out the way it did. coming up, tell you about this 90-year-old chef taking an
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city hall. arnold abbott. he's been handing out free meals to the homeless for decades. why is the city's mayor threatening to put him in jail. another dramatic sky show. this time over central texas triggering hundreds of calls to 911. so what was it? you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
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it's often said you can't fight city hal. that's precisely what a 90-year-old man is doing in ft. lauderdale. >> he's a chef and good samaritan handing out meals to homeless people. it's a gesture tough to swallow for the city's mayor. dan kloeffler with the story. >> reporter: he's a chef but it's not his cooking getting him
3:20 am
into hot water. >> we serve two entries at every feeding. >> reporter: he's been handing out meals to the homeless. at age 90, he's violating new city laws that make it a crime to feed the home unless public. he's been arrested before. >> one of the police officers came over and said drop that plate right now. i was carrying a weapon. >> why is he being arrested? >> reporter: on another occasion, abbott was escorted away to the chants of his supporters. >> arnold! arnold! >> reporter: the mayor cites public safety saying the homeless turn public spaces into open air latrines. >> there are wrong ways and right ways to do it. in a face-off sunday on abc station wplg, the mayor told abbott he thinks they can compromise an where to serve the meals. >> we want to work with him. >> reporter: abbott started
3:21 am
feeding the homeless as a tribute to his late wife won't be bound by red tape. >> these are the poorest of the poor. who could turn them away? i will fight them as long as there is breath in my body. >> reporter: bad weather provided cover for both sides. abbott was forced to serve them inside of a church but he has promised he will set his table an a ft. lauderdale beach come wednesday. dan kloeffler, abc news, new york. >> come on. >> it's hard. he's a tough guy to fight because he's doing it out of the goodness of his heart. he's brnging a lot of awareness to the issue of homelessness. people are talking about it and probably more aware about that situation. >> he's 90. a sweet little guy. >> he's a world war ii veteran. >> i get it with the laws and whatnot. there's a better way to handle it. you don't put the 90-year-old man who is helping people in handcuffs. that's a pr disaster. there's a way to work this out.
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more scent plus oxi boost and febreze. it's our best gain ever! all right. we turn to "the mix." a video going viral. 3.3 million views at least. this is like the "risky business" scene with tom cruise. >> or swiffer business. >> look and listen. ♪ apparently this is some unidentified guy who was cleaning and didn't know he was being recorded. he's got music playing and he's in his boxer briefs and doing his thing. >> there he goes. he just found out. >> he works out and cleans. i can see why he has so many hits. >> a lot of people asking if he's single. speaking of dating. apparently it's okay to tell some lies an dates.
3:26 am
>> you are like, of course. >> it's even recommended by some dating experts. they say it's not lying but things you should omit. your exact job title. tack about things that excite you about your job. if you aren't so happy with your job title. >> your full name. >> i only know you as t.j. this is hardly our first date. ior five-year plan if you want kids if you are planning to move. leave that out. your picky preferences. things you may not like to eat or that bug you. and your zip code. the guy may not want to date you if he has to travel too long to see you. >> that well, i think i've only made one of those lies. >> you think dating is full of lies. try getting married. just kidding. >> that's a different list. look to the screen once again. a lot of highlights from football this weekend. you didn't see this one, folks. check this young lady out.
3:27 am
flag football. stay with her. stay with her. >> whoa! >> yes, folks. this is flag football. a tornament organized at florida state. this video is getting a lot of attention. that's a sorority girl there. she played soccer in high school. some athletic ability. people were impressed by her moves on this particular play. >> speaking of athletsic women. let's check out eleanor cunningham. she decided i'm going to go skydiving. why not? i'm turning 100. this is how she decided to celebrate her birthday. eleanor obviously made it. she did this on her 90th and 95th birthday. why not? >> you have to keep going no matter what age. as soon as you stop living, that's when you start dying. she's 101. congratulations. >> i'm going to take baby steps toward that. maybe by the time i'm 200 i'll do that. not for me. not for me
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this morning on "world news now" -- arctic blast. the powerful winter storm about to blast across much of the country putting millions in the deep freeze. accuweather has the latest on the snowfall and the big chill. rail tragedy. a speeding freight train kills an adventurer just there admiring a view. at the wrong place at the wrong time and now the safety questions for thrill seekers. sky show. fireballs plunging from the heavens. the meteor showers captivating the country and will soon see even more. later in "the skinny," no problem for ariana grande and nicki minaj taking home big honors in europe. mtv's big awards show last night and the unforgettable moment you have just got to see. it's monday, november 10th. >> announcer: from abc news,
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this is "world news now." >> good morning to you all on this monday morning. glad you could spend some time with us. i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm tai hernandez. forget the calendar. winter is here or on the way. blame it an a typhoon just off alaska this weekend. >> didn't do much damage there, but its remnants are fueling a blast of frigid air. our coverage begins with abc's alex perez. >> a blast of winter barreling through canada. at calgary international airport visibility down as this storm swallows the city. driving there, also a challenge. winter weather arriving early across the country. in silver springs, california this resort has gotten ten inches of snowfall. in the midwest and parts of minnesota, they are expecting more than a foot of snow and plunging temperatures to start the workweek. in minnesota and wisconsin, snow
3:32 am
and plow trucks already on standby. last week, nuri, more than 800 miles wide, battered the alaskan island. with near 100-mile-per-hour winds and waves at least 50 feet high. the crews on the fishing boats from discovery's "deadliest catch" scrambling to stay safe. >> we don't need to get anybody hurt. just get home safe. >> reporter: nuri is one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. the size and strength helped push the jet stream very far to the north. what comes up, must come down. a big dip in the jet stream over the eastern two-thirds of the u.s. which opens the gates for the arctic air to plunge southward this week. those unseasonable temperatures will stretch from the midwest to the gulf coast. that winter weather here much sooner than any of us would like. alex perez, abc news, chicago. this polar plunge is expected to linger across much of the country. >> our coverage continues at accuweather where meteorologist jim dickey has the latest storm track. >> good morning.
3:33 am
a disruptive winter storm shaping up here today. going to move its way eastward into the midwest spreading out of the plains. to the north of that, some accumulating snow. in some cases, significant snow a stripe of 6 to 12 inches out of montana across the dakotas near the twin cities into wisconsin. this will bring in a shot arctic air to the eastern seaboard. head into friday, many spots 10 to 20 degrees below average. >> jim dickey at accuweather, thank you so much. heavy rain in the bahamas may have led to a fatal jet crash there. a learjet carrying evangelist myles munroe and either other people crashed. also on board, munroe's wife and deputy. they were heading for a conference he was hosting this week. a teenager has been hailed for saving the life of a philadelphia police officer. the officer was racing to an emergency when a pickup truck slammed into the squad car.
3:34 am
17-year-old joseph chambers who is a volunteer firefighter led the rescue. donte johnson also stepped in to help the drivers as did several other passersby. >> i said can you get out? he said, i can't feel my legs. and his door was jammed shut. i said i can't get you out through the door. i'll have to get you out through the window. >> if we hadn't got him out in time, he would have been hurt bad. >> eyewitnesses say that the police car burst into flames just seconds after the officer was pulled to safety. both he and the driver of the truck are expected to be okay. the campus of liberty university in virginia is mourning the death of one of its students killed by a speeding train. the victim and a friend were on a bridge with a stunning view and never realized they were in danger. abc's bazi kanani reports. >> i just hit kids on the bridge. emergency on the bridge. >> reporter: that fast moving train crossing over the river. a group of young adventurers grieving after their friends
3:35 am
21-year-old jon gregoire and victoria bridges, were struck by an oncoming norfolk southern train saturday afternoon. >> two of them on the south end of the bridge. we hit one for sure. i'm not sure what happened to the other one. >> reporter: gregoire killed instantly. bridges airlifted to a nearby hospital. police still investigating how and why the two got up on the bridge. the area is popular with photographers and nature lovers like gregoire posting this photo on instagram one week ago posing on the very same bridge where he lost his life. we've seen these terrifying train track accidents before. in july, these two women in indiana trying to outrun a freight train surviving incredibly by laying down flat on the tracks. to get on to this railway bridge you'd have to ignore these warning signs and climb over this seven-foot high barbed wire fence. despite the obvious risk, more than 400 people in the u.s. are
3:36 am
killed each year while trespassing on train tracks. the number of deaths up nearly 25% in the last year. victoria bridges is one of the survivors now recovering at home and possibly facing criminal trespassing charges. the railroad norfolk southern told us they could put up more signs and build higher fences but that would still not stop someone determined to get on the track. bazi kanani, abc news. president obama is opening a three-country tour of the asia-pacific region with a stop in china. he speaks at the asia-pacific economic cooperation summit. he'll also meet with the chinese president. then he flies to myanmar and australia. new evidence general motors was aware of the ignition switch defect earlier than it has admitted. "the wall street journal" reports they ordered replacement switches almost two months before it notified federal safety regulators. the switches are linked to 30
3:37 am
deaths. this report calls into question when gm realized there was a problem. american airlines and flight attendants are in the middle of a labor dispute. by just 16 votes the union members voted against a proposed five-year contract. more than 16,000 flight attendants voted. the union had said the proposed deal had higher wages and better work rules than any other airline, but with arbitration, the new contract will not be as good. soda and corn chips often go hand in hand but not quite like this. an odd new mash up may be coming to a store near year. doritos flavored mountain dew. and it's called dewitos. the nacho cheese flavored soft drink is being taste-tested an college campuses. students who sampled it say it's like doritos. some say it was like liquid cheese and, quote, it wasn't that disgusting. >> if you make something and the comment is, it wasn't that disgusting, i don't know if
3:38 am
you've done a good job. >> if you offer it for free on a college campus, chances are people will try it, but i don't know about the taste. >> do you like both of those things? >> i do. i just don't want them mashed up in a drink. >> doritos not the only snack of choice. if you go by one friendly resident in wyoming. >> this docile deer was captured on camera by a camper near the idaho border. it had a powdered doughnut on its antler. the man was kind enough to remove the doughnut. >> he tried to feed the doughnut to the deer. it wasn't interested at that point. it was just an ornament. this video has got more than a million hits. anything gets a million hits these days. >> i'm waiting for dewitos. doughnuts are so yesterday. dewitos. >> dewitos? what's next? we've got "the skinny"
3:39 am
coming your way next. going to be celebrating a milestone on "sesame street." and a major decision for movie star matt damon. first, celebrating a milestones. 25 years, one of the most iconic remnants from the cold war. the moment that changed the world. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol. help protect with a spray. before the first tissue, help defend with a wipe. and help prevent with lysol. to get ten times more protection and kill 99.9% of germs around the house. this season, help protect your family with lysol. start healthing. she loves to shop online with her debit card.
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that was one of germany's most famous and recognizable landmarks. the brandenburg gate was obscured for decades by the infamous wall that divided east from west. >> hard to believe there is an entire generation that doesn't remember when there was an east and a west berlin. this weekend marked the infamous day 25 years ago when the dividing wall came don. here's abc's john donvan.
3:44 am
>> reporter: in berlin, they went with light to remember. these are balloons. 8,000 of them. each with a light inside to mark the path of the scar that once ran through this city. the path of the berlin wall first constructed in 1961 by the east german government to stop this, the flight of its own citizens from communism to get to the freedom represented by the city's west side. the wall was the ultimate cold war symbol. its ultimate talking point. >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> reporter: gorbachev was mikhail gorbachev, the soviet leader who ultimately let this happen that night 25 years ago when a crowd of east germans surged through one of the wall's crossing points and the guards let them through. our peter jennings was there. >> the wall has suddenly become irrelevant. >> reporter: here's how much has changed. heading the celebrations, a leader who grew up in east germany, angela merkel.
3:45 am
the fall of the wall shows that dreams can come true. not all dreams. with gorbachev himself in berlin describing the west's current tense relations with russia as a kind of new cold war. 25 years ago, it was still all dream come true when the wall, like this line of balloons, came apart in a stunning instant. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> one of those moments you don't forget. i remember watching this on television. people carrying chunks of the wall away to save forever and commemorate that moment in history. >> now parts of that wall are all over the world on display. we have a section of it here in new york at the u.n. gives you chills. just being next to that wall. a huge chunk there. i didn't realize parts of the wall all over the world even in a men's room at a casino in las vegas. >> that's what they say. the actual -- i didn't realize this. the whole wall, the complete
3:46 am
wall did not come down until 1992. the physical demolition of the wall. >> what a moment 25 years ago. can you believe it? when we come back, we go from the berlin wall -- how am i going to make the transition to nicki minaj from that? >> she tore it up. >> there you go. always tears it up. she did this across the pond, though. and everybody is talking about it this morning. matt damon born again. details straight ahead in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ we start with another big mtv awards show, minus a few big names. >> one direction and justin bieber stayed home from the mtv europe music awards. but the u.s. was represented by a diva duo. >> ariana grande was awarded two trophies. one for best female artist. she also won for her single "problem." >> the show was hosted by nicki
3:49 am
minaj. she behaved herself for the most part. she rapped about scotch and golf and performed her hit "anaconda." the night's biggest moment may have been "baywatch" star david hasselhoff sporting a kilt. the scottish crowd loved it. i'm sure his german fan base did, too. >> he's huge in germany. people don't realize in this country. maybe you remember him for one thing and that's the "baywatch" days. this guy is an international superstar. >> i was going to date myself and say "knight rider." >> i loved that show. >> that's was a good show. also love those "bourne" movies? >> those are very good. >> he is bourne again. after a one-film hiatus from "the bourne legacy," matt damon has confirmed he will reprise his role in 2016 for a fourth installment. >> it was damon's buddy ben affleck who let the cat out of the bag. they were joking about who is in better physical shape and that's
3:50 am
when affleck said damon's going to be doing a bourne movie next year. i love that their jobs involve having to get in shape and having someone pay you to get in shape. >> they do it for a living. isn't that great? yeah, batman versus jason bourne is what we have now, right? >> that's right. pink floyd, they're coming back. kind of sort of. it's going to be the final, final pink floyd album ever. >> all right. guitarist david gilmore and drummer nick mason say "the endless river" is a salute to the late keyboardist richard wright who died of cancer six years ago. critics say it's not that much of a salute. >> essentially the album is supposed to be just a collection of stuff. sonic scraps is what they are being described as that have been gathering dust since the last album back in 1994. "the endless river" drops today. >> and it's an oldie but goodie. still going strong. talking about "sesame
3:51 am
street" here, celebrating 45 years today. a lot has happened since that debut. cookie monster has cut back on the cookies. sometimes eats fruits and vegetables. >> he has betrayed himself. >> stay true, cookie man. kids increasingly watch the show on phones and computers and not just on tv. >> at its core it's remained true to its original form with a winning formula that keeps it the longest running children's television show in united states television history. congratulations to the whole gang. as a parent, you get excited about "sesame street" all over again. >> it's cool. stuff we grew up watching that our kids end up watching is pretty cool. we have some other birthdays to tell you about. who else is blowing out candles? >> topping our list, mackenzie phillips turns 55. >> hugh bonneville is 51. >> tracy morgan, 46. >> she is just 31. miranda lambert who just won for vocalist of the year at the
3:52 am
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you are free to go. tide and downy together. last week people across more than a dozen states spotted what nasa says was a meteor streaking across the sky. >> saturday night it was texas' turn as the fireball lit up the night skies and the 911 phone lines from hundreds of anxious callers. abc's tom llamas has the story. >> reporter: across central texas, many are asking, did you
3:56 am
see it? that fire in the sky that some say caused a sonic boom. >> we heard an explosion here. >> reporter: you can see the fireball on this dash cam video. and look at it here on this police cruiser cam. nasa confirming to abc news it was a meteor. four feet long, 4,000 pounds traveling 55,000 miles per hour. >> it looked like it went across into mexico. through the sky. overseas, check out this one streaking over japan. nasa estimates nearly 50 tons of meteorite reach our atmosphere every single day. the reason we don't have to wear helmets? the vast bulk of it burns up in the atmosphere. but massive space rocks sometimes do hit and hit big. like last year in russia. the shockwave blowing out windows. hundreds injured. right now the time to be looking
3:57 am
up, three different meteor showers peppering earth, meaning we'll see more of these images that are out of this world. tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> pretty cool. i don't think i'd believe it if they told me that were a meteor. no, it's something bigger than that. >> we watch too many movies. >> it's true. >> we think these things are going to hit and destroy civilization. >> i always think something dramatic is going to happen to me. oh, my goodness, this is it. no, it's just a meteor. >> most of them burn up and don't even reach ground. even those that do reach, they say maybe the biggest risk, one of these could take out a city. >> that's a pretty big risk. that doesn't make me feel better. >> don't miss our updates on facebook at >> very comforting in times of meteorite showers. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- deep freeze. this week's early arctic invasion already under way. snow piling up overnight. the frigid air barrelling in from canada. bringing bitter cold to 42 states. your full forecast ahead. new details about the secret mission to free two americans in north korea. one man talking about his first meal at home, pizza. great escape period a trained nfl mascot making a quick get away. landing on a fan's head. and rocking the stage at the european mtv music awards. the must-see moments, including alicia keys performing


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