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tv   Action News  ABC  November 10, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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breaking right now, toxic fumes have sickened a family inside their south jersey home overnight. we're live with new information. >> a car goes so far off the road it lands in the second floor of the home. we're hearing from the people who were inside when it happened. >> the eagles get ready for a monday night matchup at the linc. hear from mark sanchez as he gets ready for his first start with the birds. >> good morning everybody, david and karen are here and would like to present weather and traffic. >> reporter: here we go. we'll have sunshine pouring over the horizon later on. for the most part, the clouds will be high and thin, we won't see much of the sun obscured. 39 degrees, 31 in allentown and millville. a couple of spots below freezing. down the shore, low 40s.
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winds are not that strong. all the reporting stations reporting calm winds. if you do feel them they will be riding down out of the north. mainly clear and chilly catching the bus, 37 by 6:00.0 degrees b. we'll get a high of 61 at 2:00. it's not bad it's a little above average, certainly. 6:00 p.m., 52 degrees, it will be getting cool after dark. karen we have another mild day, actually a couple of them before the cooler air from the medicine midwest marches in. i'll have the details coming up. >> reporter: taking a live look at the vine stret expressway.
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traffic looking good right there. on the roosevelt boulevard, traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway. we have a good looking commute so far at this early hour. burlington bristol bridge is clear. tacony-palmyra you'll have that overnight construction and on the commodor barry bridge, it's fine right now, but construction midday we happen e westbound will slow you down coming in toward pennsylvania. flying here on the new jersey turnpike heading southbound no problems, 65 miles per hour, roads are clear and dry and looking good right now, matt and tam. >> thanks so much, karen. breaking right now a family was sickened by toxic fumes in their camden county home this morning. their the levels were so high, firefighters couldn't go in. katherine scott is live on the scene in winslow township with what we know so far. >> reporter: good morning, matt we did get an update from the battalion chief, the carbon
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monoxide leaves are in the basement. the thought it could be coming from the heater or hot water heater. the authorities remain on the scene in winslow township. the fire department is on the scene, 911 call came in shortly before 9:00 a.m. for the report of unconscious woman in the home. when the police arrived and knocked on the door, the child answered the door and collapsed. the fire department was called in. the child and two adults were taken to two different hospitals. the battalion chief said they have not been able to determine if the carbon monoxide levels were inside. it's possible that it could have saturated the detecter and affected the detecters. >> it will cause vomiting and
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convulsions. >> reporter: back live on the scene, firefighters were venting the house to drop the levels to zero. no other homes were evacuated. flee people were taken to the hospital, two adults and one child. the fire department has not been able to provide a condition on the three people. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> new this morning a fast-moving fire damaged two row homes in the city of chester. it started at 7:30 organ caldwell street. it started in one home and spread to a second before they could put the flames out. nobody was hurt and investigators have not said what caused the fire. >> listener to this one, a driver in delaware was so out of the control when the car went out of control it landed in the second floor of a home. the family was home when they
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heard the wreck. the car hit their three carson dee adcock and destroyed all of them and flipped midair and into the second story bedroom. >> walked into the hallway and saw that the wall collapsed and cedar wardrobe was knocked over and things were strewn and we realized what we were looking at was a tail pipe. >> the 27-year-old driver went to the hospital with minor injuries. engineers are checking the home to see if it is structural safe. >> 5:35, a man who shot his son and shot himself in chester county has died of his wounds. the son is in critical an in the hospital. it happened over the weekend on summit avenue in paoli. the victim said his father shot him. the police found the father in a
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house he shot himself in the afternoon. they were arguing over money. a police officer wassed trapped in a burning car. the cell phone video shows the car burst into flames after it collided with another car. joseph chambers was 1reu69ing his mother -- was visiting his sister opt block, he and donte johnson worked out to safe the police officer. >> he said i can't feel my legs, i said i can't get you out. i have to get you out of the window. >> the officer and the other driver are in the hospital and expected to be okay. >> the eagles take on the panthers tonight at lincoln financial field and everyone will be watching mark sanchez. sanchez makes his first start for the eagles who is replacing
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nick foles. it's the first start in two years last year he had a shoulder injury. he helped eagles win last week's game in houston. sanchez said he's ready. >> i've been on this stage before, this national stage in college in the pros and we've got a heck of a team. it's not like i have to go and invent something out there. this is going to be fun. i'm excited. >> eagles fans will notice a familiar face on the visiting team sidelines, jason avant will return to the linc after playing his first 8 seasons with the birds. we're teeming up with phl17 to bring you the eagles-panther's game. we have countdown to kickoff at 8:00 and that leads up to the kickoff at 8:30. >> first place eagles i like
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saying that. we've been saying that a lot this year. we're precipitation free on monday morning. sky looking along the will also shoreline. we're -- atlantic city shoreline, we're not seeing bouncing camera, which means there's no wind on sky 6 at the shore. temperatures, 39 degrees, we're starting out on the chilly side. winds are calm in philadelphia, but it's definitely cool and coat weather this morning. satellite shows you how there will be sunshine early. despite the fact you see the clouds welling up to the west of us, we're generally speaking looking at mostly sunny skies with clouds thin enough to allow sunshine to come through. i'm bringing in that always on day planner for those of you watching in hd. 41 degrees by 8:00. 52 degrees by 11:00. notice how we're looking at a a
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lot of sunshine in the early part of the day. yes there could be clouds streaking through, but the sun wins out. him 52 by 11:00. 671 is the high at 2:00 p.m. we're pushing toward the backside of november and it will slip once the sun goes down. 60 in trenton. around 2:00 p.m. is when it will be the mildest today. tonight for the eagles, without much winds all you have to do is put on a couple of layers beneath that jersey. 50 degrees at kickoff. 48 degrees in the 4th quarter. a nice night at the ballpark, well that's next-door, you follow me. we have a frontal boundary closer to us, there could drizzle later at night. the big story, we're mild ahead of the front.
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things start to change later on in the week. we have an indication of the cold air that everybody in weather is talking about in bismarck, north dakota. it will be sweeping down to the central sedates and slide east. it will be chillier toward the end of the week not all that unusual for mid november. 61 degrees is the forecasted high in philadelphia. mostly sunny, tomorrow milder for veteran's day, all the way up to 67. good weather for afternoon services and commemorative ceremonies. thursday we start to see the cooler air come in from the west, high of 51 degrees, it's chillier, we start out in the 30s and winds up with a high in the low 40s. him tbib -- it will be chilly on friday. saturday, brisk and cold, 44 it will feel worse than that with a brick wind. there's a coastal system on
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sunday that might bring rain in off the ocean. we're watching it. >> a small plane crashes in the bahamas killing nine people we're gathering details on who was on board. >> if spotty reception in the cold front of your own home has you seeing red. saving with 6abc has a way to fix the wi-fi dead spots. >> reporter: no problems on the boulevard and my my. we'll take you to the suburban traffic report next. >> an invasive bug continues to move through berks county and has farmers worried. we'll have more when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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>> welcome back you're taking a live look here out across center city. it's cooler right now, a little chilly right now. 42 degrees, but david said it will warm up nicely as the day goes on. >> maybe bring a blanket as you you're going to work or school today or turn on the heater. >> reporter: you could turn on the heater or a little snugly is kind of nice. this is the blue route approaching the schuylkill expressway. everything is looking good, we have time for it to go downhill. looking good coming in from quakertown on lansdale.
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we have construction from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. street road will close near bustleton pike they will morocco a lane each -- they will block a lane each way. inter township, jarvis roads will be closed, stick to berlin cross keys road. that will cause you a delay. 30 degrees in martins creek. below freezing in saint davids and kennett square. above freezing in center city. 34. 30 in hammonton. 31 in glassboro. 334 in dover, delaware. no weather-related problems today. we'll have sunshine later on, but a chilly start. >> this is developing right
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now. evangelical pastor miles monroe and his wife were killed in a crash nat bahamas. the plane crashed on approach to the grand bahamas late last night. >> officials say the head of isis was injured by an airstrike. but leaders at the pentagon said they can not confirm that information. the airstrike targeted leaders of isis. this airstrike comes as president obama announce the the u.s. will go on air offensive against isis militants. the president authorized 1500 more troops. consumer reporter nydia han saves you headaches with tips to improve spotty wi-fi service in your home.
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>> reporter: for years amy greenstein had dead zones in her home. places where the wireless connection wouldn't work. >> you couldn't sit in the kitchen and say i wonder what the movie schedule is, you had to go back to the other side of the house. >> reporter: like amy, many get reception from the cable provide provider. it comes in through a router, and then it's sent through the house. start with where your router is placed. router signals do not go through the walls easily. fewer walls, fewer closed doors, fewer floors, the signal has to travel the better the chance getting the signal to cover the entire house. if you have trouble move the router to the middle of the home. also check your service plan to make sure you're getting enough
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internet speeds. for u.s. homes, ten mega bits is the average. you'll need more if you're streaming high did he have movies. >> if -- high did he def moves. >> a newer faster router might help. >> reporter: nighthawk will handle several devices that are using wi-fi. nighthawk cost 185. there's the net gear n750. it cost $90, but doesn't use the same technology for the absolute fastest speeds. >> two mikes who like the mic swoop into town ahead. monday night eagles football
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contest. >> a man is trying to profit from a woman's tragic death. >> reporter: we have sweatshirts on the kids this morning, philadelphia osteopathic college of medicine is our college of the morning. we'll have the day-park forecast and let you plan your day hour by hour next.
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tonight's eagles game on monday night football is getting national attention. espn mike and mike hosted a show last night.
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>> reporter: this is the platt bridge, a good shot of the road conditions, no issues, no weather-related problems affecting the morning commute. construction eastbound on the ben franklin bridge blocking the right lane, it's the westbound that's gets you if they have construction there. westbound we are clear that's the heavier traffic. >> reporter: still in the 30s almost everywhere. 39 in philadelphia. down to the mid 30s in wilmington. below freezing in allentown and millville. down the shore in the low 40s. if you're heading out this afternoon, you could wait until the afternoon, because the temperatures could get better, by 9:00 we'll climb out out of the 30s and be at 45. the high today is 61 around 2:00. it's one of those days where you get out of the car there's not a lot of wind. should be fairly light winds all the way, tam. >> happening today a man accused of trying to profit off a tragedy will face a judge.
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a woman fell thursday night and hit by a train and killed her phone landed on the platform. the cameras caught 26-year-old gonzalez stealing it is phone. he turned himself in on saturday. >> pennsylvania agriculture officials have ban a bug in our area. it threatens the grape, apple and stone fruit industry and could be a problem in hotels. two counties in berks county were originally quarantined it means materials like lumber and trash that can carry the bug county be move without inspection. >> next and new this morning, ivy league university deals with allegations of rape. >> a family is sickened with toxic fumes in south jersey, the levels in the home are so high, everyone had to stand back, a
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live report at 6:00 a.m.
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camden. somebody drove the victim to the hospital before the ambulance could get there. amere thomas money did not survive. they have no suspects in the murder, but they do think the murders are not connected. a brown university student said she reported memory loss after drinking punch at a party. one of the two students tested pose continue for the date rape drug. brown has suspended the fraternity. >> 5:57 a warning for parents a new study about the dairmings of dangers of a common household item the danger is bigger than originally thought. a college professor is running a gleervetle
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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. on this monday, november 10. breaking this morning. >> three people and a child are sickened from carbon monoxide that filled their south jersey home overnight. >> rally for ryan there's an out pouring for expert for a chester county 6-year-old whose little brother was viciously tortured and killed. >> mark sanchez will have his first start tonight abbey try to keep the eagles on top are the nfc east. >> fly eagles fly. let's find out what it's


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