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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  November 10, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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it happened just 10 minutes ago. the vehicles did collide. the medical personnel have responded. no one was transported to the hospital yet. there is word that there are a number of injuries. as you see chopper 6 is hovering above this trolley at 47 and woodland in southwest philadelphia where a trolley has collided with a car. if there is information that warrants us going back to this story we will let you know. now, the story of a very lucky philadelphia police officer released from the hospital today and talking to "action news." this was the scene saturday night when the officer's cruiser burst into flames at 28 and passcard. thanks to a 17-year-old that rerescued marc kimsey. he was able to talk to annie
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mccormick and live at the 17t 17th district at 20 and federal. annie. >> that is right. he was back in the 17ble 17t 17th district today. he suffered a concussion and injuries to one of his legs am today he was surrounded by his girlfriend and captain and sergeant. he recalled the terrifies night and thanked the two men that saved him. this is mark kimsey's cruiser on fire. after the impact the officer remembers hearing a voice yelling at him. >> your car is on fire. you need to get out. i have to pull you out of the window. he started to pull me out. i couldn't move my legs. >>reporter:that voice was joseph chambers a volunteer firefighter that jumped into action and helped. dante saw the commotion.
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he helped him drag the officer to safety. there was a 50-year-old passenger from the pick-up. >> i would be sitting in the car still. i appreciate them being the heros. >>reporter:kimsey was on a priority call with lights and sirens. he has several years of police experience under his belt. they visited kimsey in the hospital. now the two are friends for life. >> i owed him. once i get better i am going to take him for a steak or something. >>reporter:kimsey didn't know that the cruiser went up in flames as intense as they were until he watched it from the hospital bed. he started the paperwork for the civilian heroism citation for both of those men that saved his life. for the man in the pickup truck he is okay.
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reporting live out of the 7t 7th district, annie mccormack. thank you, annie. if you are there when breaking news happens e-mail your videos, photos or tips toreakingnew the accused kidnappers is in court this week. barnes is accused o of abducting carlesha freeland-gaither. it ended jesop, maryland. barnes will be tried on federal charges in philadelphia.
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they have taken a dangerous thief off of the streets. many of the guns that he alleged stole are still out there. 33-year-old andrew rocco is charged with robbing two gun shops and selling his haul. they recovered two guns including this powerful .44 rugger. 10 guns are unaccounted for likely in the hands that cannot legally buy them. a faulty heater is to blame for a carbon monoxide leak this morning. the firefighters responded to a home on hidden hallow lane in sicklerville at 4:00 a.m. of the minister's wife and daughter were unconscious. they were taken to the scene for the observation. they measured the c.o. levels in the home three times the
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exposure limit. the eagles are getting ready for the return to monday night football against the panthers. right to the linc. guys monday night is always a special occasion. >>reporter:it certainly, indeed, jim. it's the only game on in the entire nation. everyone is watching including all the other teams that are not playing tonight. this is the eagles' second appearance. >> there are a lot of eagles watching as well because of the injuries. some the eagles are arriving at the stadium. there is evan mathis. and demeco ryans is out for the season. nick foles could be out for the season. we are not sure. mark sanchez is the quarterback. the whole world is watching the philadelphia the football capital of the world tonight. >> i played monday night before.
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i starred a bunch ored on a bun. we are part of the team. we don't have to invent something out there. >> how different is the atmosphere on monday night? >> everyone is watching. it is jacked up. i can't explain t. yo it. you see how it is on the sidelines. all eyes are on you. even every other team is watching. >> you seemed pumped up? >> i am excited. monday night, primetime. let's go out and do our thing. >> they are looking forward to it. we are teaming up with phl17 to bring you the game. >> we just saw donovan mcnabb
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in the house. >> thank you, guys. switching live to tailgaters and sarah bloomquist in th in the pg lot at the linc. there are celebrations of its own. [cheers and applause] >> the party kicked off. now they are counting down the minutes before the start of the game. >> monday night football, let's go eagles. >> eagles fans got to going early. the grills and the games now action on the field to see what number 3 mark sanchez can do for the first start with the birds standing with injured nick foles. >> he did a good job. he beat brady and manning. on the road both times. he has experience. >> our line is better than what the jets had for them. >> he looked great for the jets.
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he looked great last week. i have a lot of confidence in chip. >>reporter:back here live, we want to do this, jim. are you ready. e-a-g-l-e-s! >>reporter:we are live at linc. back to you. the ro registration is open. charles chaput was in the baltimore today. well not yet official the papal visit is library. there are signs that pope francis flans to attend. the world meeting of families runs from december 22nd, to december 27th. you can find a link on
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a sea of flags to mark veteran's day and gingerbread creations signal that the holidays are coming up. cecily? we made it up to 60 degrees. some air mass is moving our way. a taste of winter in the accuweather forecast. those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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within the past half-hour philadelphia police have pulled a red corvette from the delaware
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river in tacony. and chopper~6 was over the seen at mcgee avenue. they saw a sports car make the plunge into the water before 4:00. a 50-year-old northeast philadelphia man drove his estranged wife's corvette into the river on purpose. the man walked out of the water as the car sank and when found he will face criminal charges. and only "action news" was there as a chester county man faced a judge on three d.u.i. charges this morning. a fourth d.u.i. charge is pending after a crash last month. he remains behind bars on $750,000 bail. tomorrow is veteran's day. at rider university in lawrence township they put together a patriotic display. nora muchanic has the story.
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>>reporter:they stand in silent witness. 10,000 flags on the mall of rider university to honour the men and women that served our nation in the armed forces. >> it's a remembrance of all those that never made it back home for our brothers that may have come back home damaged in some way or another. >> you see all the signs and all the lives lost. it's a big deal every year. >> i love that we do. >> why? >> it shows that we care. >> it has special many forgot rob, a navy officer that was killed on 9/11. they know the sacrifices that the families make. >> it's extremely personal. it's important to share the message sacrificing with their family. missing the birth of loved ones.
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>>reporter:a wreath was laid and series of speakers talked about veteran's day. >> it makes me proud that they care about the services that we have provided to our country. >>reporter:this display is meant to honour the graduates going all the way back to the civil war. >> remembering the veterans that have fallen in combat. it special to see them out here. it's heartfelt to have them recognized. >> the current generation at rider remembers past generations and all that served. in lawrence i am nora muchanic, "channel~6 action news," "
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eagles-panthers, monday night football. mark sanchez gets his shot to revive his career. they missed last season with a shoulder injury. sanchez is forced to shoulder the load with the eagles. >>reporter:yes, he is. seeing what mark sanchez may do, after nick foles may be silenced throughout the season. do you recognize tray thomas, number 5. not playing quarterback. >> before nick foles went down he had a problem with turnovers. that issue is not exclusive to him. in his career he has 71 touchdown in 63 games. not a great ratio. he has to clean things up to be successful. >> absolutely. that is going to be the name of the game moving forward.
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in november and december football you have to take care of it, be real smart. you know, have possession of the ball after every play. >> you are striving to play a perfect game. we came out of every game knowing that we need to do better. we left a lot out on the field. we never had a game that we played a good football game and it's clean. it's what we are working for. at times you have to give the defense credit. they make plays. it's not like our guys are serving things up. a lot of times credit has to go to the defense in those situations. >>reporter:we are teaming up with our partners join us at 8:00 p.m. a special countdown to kickoff. it's monday night football appear phl17. it should be a good one.
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>> yes, on the special mike quick will have a one-on-one interview with mark sanchez. you have to see this one. back to you. >> you know sanchez is going to look for jeremy maclin. not to get too ahead of ourselves. it's a short week for the eagles. in six days they jump on a plane to green bay. they get it out of their system. they tied the record with 6 touchdown passes. they beat up the bears 55 points. they told the packers fans to relax. two interceptions. the 8-1 cardinals confirmed the news carson palmer for the a.c.l. on his knee. he cried like a baby when he got the news. this is devastating.
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it news that the eagles and other teams in the nfc can benefit. >> all right, jeffer. thejeff.they received a gift fre united arab emirates. the u.a.e. donated half a million dollars for the love the sport and the land devastated by hurricane sandy. they were the first to test out their new field of dreams today. >>announcer:closed captioning brought to you by fulton bank. it's based on a minimum deposit of one thousand dollars. terms and conditions are subject to change.
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it's going to feel so chilly this week. it brings to mind when you are going to do this winter forecast? thursday night at 11:00. i am working on it. i bet you have. it's an interesting winter. can't you give us a hint? no, thursday at 11:00. it's an interesting week. let's talk about the week first and talk about that later. first things first. we are showing that we have dry conditions out there. i want to show you though what has been going on duluth, minnesota the city advised the residents today to stay home. don't travel unless necessary. they have been salting and plowing. dozen of accidents more than 64 in duluth expecting snow in the
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early morning hours. i am tracking a late weak plunge in temperatures. it was nice. 65, 5 degrees above normal. future tracker warmer tomorrow. temperatures in the upper 60s. then the bottom will fall out with temperatures for the end of the week. tomorrow's high 9 above the normal high of 58. wednesday is mild. 7 degrees above normal. thursday, the high 8 degrees below normal. by friday, 12 degrees below normal. once the cold air arrives it's going to stick around for a while. philadelphia is 55. millville dropped to 56. millville 53 and trenton is 54 degrees. we are showing high pressure off of the eastern seaboard. it brought us loads of sunshine today. it is going to pump up the winds
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out of the southwest. a mixture of clouds and sunshine. in the morning the flow close to the ocean we see fog develop. there could be dense fog along the shore. allow extra time there. as we head to the second half the week the arctic air mass is moving in. temperatures are 15 to 30 below average. by the time to gets to the east coast it moderates. looking at temperatures 10 to 15 below average. it's going to be cold. not record cold across from us. the coldest air is out to the west. the call from accuweather, tonight, a little bit of patchy fog east of philadelphia. 37 degrees. a low in the suburbs. 44 fo for center city. looking good for veteran's day tomorrow. a mild day.
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67 degrees. on wednesday morning clouds perhaps a bit of drizzle. afternoon sunshine. mild 69. thursday is feel like winter. the high 49. thursday night a weak disturbance could make it looks like winter. a period of rain or snow showers with temperatures in the 30s. it is cold enough for snow and limited moisture. i am not surprised if some areas see the first flakes of the season. 45. saturday the high drops to 44 degrees. sunday, a cold day, 45 degrees. watching the coast for the potential for a coastal storm. what we get depends on the track. i'll keep you posted. monday it stays chilly with a high of 46. it's going to be cold. sunday the potential for a storm. i'm talk more about that on "action news" at 11:00. finally some remarkable
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works of architecture out of baked goods. of the gingerbread houses moved into the shops at liberty place. they are a replica of fairmount park historic site. it grafted about a historic chef. it broke the mold. you can tour the real thing next month during the fairmount park holiday tours. check out this the shops of liberal place. "world news with david muir" is next. join us at 11:00 with cold and flu season upon us you may want to take extra precautions to prevent getting sick. ali gorman shows you where germs are lurking and what to do to protect yourself. don't miss other special report on "action news" at 11:00.
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for jamie apody and jeff skversky the entire "action news" team, i am jim gardner.
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welcome to "world news tonight." the giant storm. a month of snow in one day, buries parts of the midwest. cars sliding, flipping. highways a mess. and tonight, the polar plunge coming next. all the way down to the south. ginger zee is right here. the breaking news. the hostage standoff in the middle of this country. the images of some of the workers getting out. also breaking, joan rivers and what really happened inside that clinic. the photos taken with her while she was sedated? and what authorities say workers missed. her daughter outraged tonight. and sinking fast. a half dozen homes evacuated and counting. and look at that car, swallowed in the driveway. the pictures from the scene tonight.


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