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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 11, 2014 12:37am-1:08am EST

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, abduction interrupted. a little girl snatched from her bed in the middle of the night. her parent s leaping into actio. >> he took my 5-year-old daughter. >> their fateful encounter with the alleged kidnapper and what they did to save their daughter. plus, would you eat a plate full of jelly fish? how about a handful of ants? this tv host has an appetite for adventure and tonight, he's taking us on a culinary quest for some extreme eats. and, bear with us. he's an a-list animal on "game of thrones." but in real life, attacks are on the rise and tonight, his trainer is showing us exactly what to do if you find yourself in a situation like this.
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♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. good evening. it's the kind of thing they make horror movies about. an unknown intruder kidnapping your child out of your own home.
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stranger abductions are rare in america, but this is exactly what police say happened to a family in utah just days ago. a little girl snatched out of her bed. and what transpired next was truly extraordinary. tonight, in an abc news exclusive, you're going to hear the story from the parents first hand. a beautiful 5-year-old girl caught up in a nightmare. >> there was a man in my home and he took my 5-year-old daughter. >> reporter: this story starts on a quiet street in sandy, utah, in this nice home in the mild of the night with one mother's intuition. >> i woke up and i remember being wide awake. i opened my eyes and i was completely mentally alert. and i glanced over and grabbed my cell phone and it was 4:07. >> reporter: then, stephanie edson hears her daughter's voice in the hallway. but it's what she doesn't hear that sets off alarm bells. >> she talks a lot. and she just -- she just does
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and it's so precious. at that moment, that i knew was the problem is, i didn't hear her footsteps, because she has a minor disability where she has a gait pattern that's unique. her walking style is a little bit different than yours or mine. and it was missing. >> reporter: then she hears the front door close. >> i screamed to aaron, i said, she's outside, she's outside. >> reporter: as her husband, aaron, runs outside, stephanie sprints to lainey's bedroom. >> reporter: her door was open and her light was on and her little bed with her purple sheets was empty. >> as soon as i saw the front door ajar, i knew there was something wrong. >> reporter: as aaron runs outside, he says he's overtaken by a strange impulse. the impulse to remain calm rather than aggressive. >> i got outside, moving very quickly, got to the end of our driveway when i didn't see her there and saw a man holding our child, who i didn't recognize.
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>> reporter: that man, he says, is troy morley. he's behaving erratically and wearing shorts, even though it's 40 degrees outside. >> he gave me a story that he was in trouble. and that if he had her with him, they wouldn't kill him. but that if he didn't have her, then, you know, they were going to shoot him. and if anything happened to him, we needed to call the fbi. and i said, okay, well, i want to help you, but you can't take her. and he just let out a big sigh and i stretched out my arms to take her and he just handed her over. neither of our voices were ever raised. fortunately. because lainey didn't ever take it as a huge traumatic moment. it was just, fortunately, a very peaceful exchange. rrl within seconds, stephanie arrives on the scene. >> she looked at me and i just grabbed her and i ran right back into the house and immediately called 911. >> i happened to wake up and he had my daughter outside and my
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husband ran out there and got him from her. we don't know who this person is and he had my daughter. >> we're getting police officers out there right now, snok. >> reporter: the cops arrive in minutes and start searching. not far away, neighbor tina olsen founds morley in her basement. >> and i stood right here, like this, and i saw a man and he was just, like, right here, just kind of like this, with no shirt on and trying to hide. >> reporter: morley has now been charged with, among other things, kidnapping, burglary and criminal trespass. morley, who is 46, did not as far as we can tell, start having many run-ins with the law until the last few years. in january, he declared bankruptcy and his life seemed to begin unraveling. he was accused but not convicted of sexual assault.
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police were called multiple times to his house for reports of fights with his wife. and then a neighbor says she found morley in her backyard, staring at her son through the window. >> he was just in shorts, no shoes, it was cold. he had no swelter on. and then my husband came looking around and he hid in our neighbor's yard until the cops showed up and then the cops just kind of let him go. >> reporter: he was never charged in that incident, or in any other incident. but he did tell police he'd be using meth and was later, ard cording to police reports, briefly taken to a sigh ya trick facility. little lainey, in the end, was unharmed. her parents say she's now just as chatty as ever. >> it's not a defining moment in her life, which is, as a mother, the thing i pray for the most is that she's not forever traumatized. >> reporter: the edson's credit aaron's calm demeanor who is her step-dad, during that encounter
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with troy morley. >> if i had come out the way i naturally would, with intensity and anger, he could have aggravated, too. and he had all the power in that situation. he had our daughter in his hands. had i done that, horrible things could have happened. >> reporter: former fbi profiler brad garrett agrees that aaron's demeanor made all the difference. >> the last thing you want to do is to be so confrontation all your child is harmed. >> reporter: for the edsons, who is devout more mores so, mso may lessons come out of this. including mother's instinct. it's boundless. >> yeah. it is. you just have to learn to go with it and you have to learn to trust it and i believe that, you know, heavenly father has given me the ability to trust it. >> and if you have a woman who feels those things, you trust that woman. that's my big take away from
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this. she was right. and as much as, you know, i hope she doesn't use that against me in the future. >> this is not a she said, she was wright thing. this is not going to come up later when i want to watch something different on tv. >> reporter: it's amazing to me that you can still have a sense of humor. >> it's -- you know, i -- we're generally pretty happy, jovial people, but it will never be quite the same for me. we will always be very, very protective and very guarded. >> reporter: in fact, the edsons have already upgraded their home security. they had mistakenly left open their kitchen door that night. now, they have alarms and security cameras. they also say the holidays will take on new meaning this year. what is this thanksgiving going to be like this year? >> it's going to be a lot of tears. >> we had to live through it for maybe 30 seconds. >> yeah. >> other people have to live with it for the rest of their lives and our hearts go out to them. we don't feel that we're more
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worthy than anyone else to have this blessing, but we have it and we're going to enjoy it. >> and we are grateful. >> grateful for it. >> and at this point, the kidnapping suspect has not entered a plea yet and it's not clear when he will appear in front of a judge. coming up next here on "nightline," something entirely different. hankers for a plate filled with poisonous frog? this guy says the world's weirdest foods are just one acquired taste away. and later on the show, the animal trainer who trusts this bear so much, he literally puts his life in his paws.
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you know when you go to a restaurant and the waiter asks if you have any dietary restrictions? i'm sure this next guy has known. he's known for eating things like cow's stomach, jell little fish and ants. so, can abc's linsey davis, not known for her cull nail adventurousness, survive an eating tour with this guy? check it out. >> reporter: this is a guy with an appetite for the exotic. andrew zimmern is the host of the travel channel's "bizarre foods." he's eaten just about everything. he's made a living doing it. from deadly stone fish in japan to toxic king toads in australia. >> how toxic are they? >> they can kill crocodiles. >> i don't do it because i'm a thrill seeker or playing russian roulette. i do it because the food is commonly eaten in those places. >> reporter: ants. er ifmented fish heads. frog hearts.
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you name it, he's ingested it. >> not bad. >> reporter: but can he convince this meat and potatoes kind of gal to do the same? to find out, we embarked on a local culinary adventure, getting a taste of the exotic, right here in flushing, queens. >> this is pig's ear. >> reporter: we were greeted by duck heads, a counter receiving everything from the rooter to the tooter. not my typical lunch fare, but zimmern is determined to push my taste buds to the extreme. this is fish here? >> no, that's the stomach of a cow. >> reporter: maybe i should have just kept believing it was a fish. what i won't do for tv, huh? pretty tasty. zimmern's mission is to bring people of all cultures together through the shared experience of food. >> it's like a cross between an apple and an almond. >> reporter: eventually zimmern leads us to the real adventure.
12:54 am
a restaurant with an unusual specialty. >> cold jelly fish. >> you want to try jelly fish? >> yeah, the cold one. >> they say it's a little weird tasting. >> really? >> i'm not sure you'll like it. >> i love it. >> reporter: jelly fish is something most of us try to avoid. but in some parts of asia, it's considered haute cuisine. >> hi. >> reporter: oh, this is the jelly fish. >> that is. >> reporter: is this one of your more popular items here, the jelly fish? >> yes. but for asian people. >> reporter: oh, really. >> we love it. >> reporter: it's actually pretty good. a vegetable quality to it, to me. zimmern has a stomach of steel. have you ever gotten sick from -- you're such an adventurous eater. >> no. the only thing that's ever happened to me in terms of my wellness -- i picked up a virus about ten years ago in central
12:55 am
morocco from tainted cumin. i carried medication in case it flares up. there's only a handful of people in the world that have it. >> reporter: i'm surprised of all of the things you ate, that gives you some kind of problem. >> the irony is not lost on men. >> reporter: in his younger days, he didn't just reserve his try anything attitude for food. >> i was kicked out of college a couple of times and went overseas and cook and cooked in new york and along the way i developed a horrific drug and alcohol problem that almost killed yaúá÷me. >> reporter: zimmern went to rehab and has been sober 23 years. >> once i sobered up and i got a little time under my belt, i realized that the thing that actually gave me the most peace of mind was the idea that in doing something for other people, you feel better about yourself in your own problems. >> reporter: zimmern has become a rock star in the food world. "bizarre foods" is in its seventh season. he's an author and james beard
12:56 am
award winner. he has his own line of cookware and faithfully documents his adventures on instagrams and sends out tweets to more than 740,000 followers. >> i think showing people how similar we are to the other cultures around the world, through food, it helps us relate to each other. >> reporter: no meal of cow stomach and jelly fish is complete without dessert. for that, we head to a place called beautiful memory. >> there's like 1,000 people in here eating lunch right now. >> reporter: it was nervous about what counts as dessert in his world. >> they specialize in fresh fruit desserts with a combination of sometimes shaved snow. >> reporter: but my tummy was quickly soothed by this frozen delight. this is very good. it's so fresh. >> get into the coconut ice. before that mets. it will blow your mind. >> reporter: i'll take mind
12:57 am
blowing over stomach churning every day. ill thought this was going to be the latter. i was wrong. >> i thought the things we were going to eat might be biting. >> i'd rather introduce people slowly to things. get you curious. and now you'll try thor ifmented porcupine foot all on your own. i don't have to do it. >> reporter: there's a better chance. >> that is true. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm linsey davis in flushing, queens. coming up here on "nightline," they battled bears on "game of thrones." but is this actually what you should do if you come face to face with one in the wild? this season, celebrate what's new, with the bigger, better menu at red lobster! try our newest wood-grilled combination! maine lobster, extra jumbo shrimp, and salmon! all topped with decadent brown butter. or savory new lobster scampi linguini, with lobster in every bite. and, the ultimate feast.
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given how much we in the media report on bear attacks, you would think it would be supremely unwise to put your head into an actual bear's mouth. but that is exactly what the man you're about to meet does pretty much every day. and he's got some advice, whether you want to take it or not, for keeping yourself safe around these fearsome animals. here's abc's matt gutman. >> come on. >> reporter: for most people, coming face to snout with a grizzly or even standing a few feet from it, would mean certain death. does it hurt to have your head inside of a bear's mouth? >> not really. we have confidence in one other. >> reporter: but for doug, this is life with bart. >> you are so good. >> reporter: not every day that you get to be 2 1/2 feet away from a 1,300 pound grizzly bear. this one's a little bit special, though.
1:03 am
because bart the bear was delivered to doug's doorstep when he was a cub. a poacher had killed his mother in alaska. doug has been training bears for about 40 years. including the giant bart one. no relation to bart 2. who starred in "the bear." "legends of the fall" and "the ed edge." >> good boy. >> reporter: doug's command of north america's apex predator is impressive. >> lower! go to sleep. aw. good. >> reporter: that control enabled bart to star most recently in "game of thrones." and "into the wild." doug handles the money. reportedly in the low five figures for a shoot day. but for bart, the reward is cookies. and this.
1:04 am
rough housing with doug. >> they're so affectionate and so powerful. >> reporter: this year, at least six people were killed by bear attacks in north america. many others hurt as humans continue to encroach on bear habitats. to survive such an attack, doug says the best practice, well, is to avoid it. >> you don't want to surprise him. you want to let them know that you're in the area. so that they have time to make calculations. >> reporter: if you don't have much time to calculate, do you run? do you stand? do you try to make yourself large and make a lot of noise? >> you would never run. >> reporter: never run. >> never run. absolutely never run. under any conditions. it's slowly back away. >> reporter: but if you're attacked? >> cover your face and your neck and try to get onto your
1:05 am
stomach. try to get like this because they're going to try to turn you over, like that. you would want to go back into this position like this. >> reporter: doug and lynn say bear attacks aren't the bear's fault, but ours. it's one reason they created the vital ground foundation, which has set aside about 600,000 acres for bears. >> because where the grizzly can walk, the earth is healthy and all the other animals can follow. >> reporter: bart is now too old to be returned to the wild and anyway, he's now not just part of doug's family, he's the center of it. >> you're good. >> he's loved dearly and deeply. he's in our will. he's in our will before our kids. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm matt gutman in utah. >> oh, you're good. >> the bond between man and beast. our thanks to matt gutman for that story. our thanks to you for watching
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abc news. as always, we're online at thanks again for watching and good night. >> yo! hey! [cheers and applause] whoo! hello, and welcome to millionaire. i'm terry crews. some of you may know me from brooklyn nine-nine, and i'm also lucky enough to be here hosting millionaire! [cheers and applause]
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with $1 million, today's first contestant plans on opening a specialty donut shop. first flavor on the menu: grilled cheese. mmm-mmm! from dallas, texas, please welcome jeffrey fijolek! [cheers and applause] oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! what's up, my man? all right. [cheers and applause] jeffrey, what's the deal on the donuts, man? >> they weren't lovin' the grilled cheese, but they might like some other stuff. >> like, what else? >> well, like a donut, lettuce, and tomato. everyone loves a dlt. >> mmm. what else? >> french toast. how's the french toast? does that sound bad? >> i can deal with that. >> okay. >> i can deal with that. >> so we'll start at the bottom. >> oh, are you ready to make some money so you can get that donut shop going? >> we got to get there first. >> well, look at this. say hello to our millna


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