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tv   Action News  ABC  November 11, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning, everyone, it is 5 o'clock on this tuesday, november 11th and here's what's happening. >> the birds fly right past the panthers for a blowout win. and starting quarterback mark sanchez celebrates overnight with something very silly, a cheesesteak. >> we have the latest on the mystery of the missing angry husband. police say he drove his wife's corvette into the delaware river and took off. >> a monster storm continues to push cold air and heavy snow across the midwest. >> and funny how we're just going to be enjoying some summer-like temperatures today. let's go to david and karen. good morning. >> it does look like it's going to be nice and mild for veterans day. starting out with low lying cloud cover and there's indication of some patchy fog developing beneath those clouds in some cases after that we'll see some sunshine take over. and maybe a few more high
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clouds coming in later. the only significant fog right now is along the north jersey shore between belmar down to surf city but these are really low visibilities that have developed a little bit more out to the west of baltimore. elsewhere just patchy fog here or there this morning as of right now. 46 degrees in philadelphia currently. so, it's not quite as chilly as it was yesterday morning. even allentown has now jumped above the freezing mark. 42 in trenton, 41 in wilmington, almost 40 in millville and the mid-50's down the shore right now. and as we head out the door early to get that car started or maybe catch the bus between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00 looking at temperatures hovering in the low 40's up to about the mid 40's, mainly clear, cool and not much wind and as we roll through the day it is a mild one today for veterans day. 48 by 9 o'clock, up to 61 by noon. and the afternoon really looks great for any services or ceremonies that there are going on across the region. 67 degrees in philadelphia. that's your high at 3 o'clock and by 6:00 we're still holding onto the low 60's. still looking at that cooler air coming in later in the week, karen.
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i'll have the latest anybody's from accuweather. >> all right dave we've been watching for patchy fog. 95 at academy, no visibility issues here. we're clear and dry. this is your southbound traffic there headed towards center city. the overnight construction is clear. your lanes are opened so you're good to go on i-95. on the big picture tacony palmyra bridge i told you about some construction there but it's clear so the tacony flee is just fine. you can see speeds on i-95, schuylkill and the blue route mostly in the 50's at this point so no issue heading out. matt and tam i have been talking about this fire location at the ymca. you may still see some crews on old york road. officially shut down between susquehanna and adams avenue. stick to highland avenue and hupping ton road to avoid any problems left over. in cherry hill camden county construction blocking the two right lanes and that's for about another hour, 295 southbound approaching route 70. other than that you're good to go this morning, matt and tam. >> all right, here's another reason we're good to go.
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eagles are seven and two thanks to their clobbering of the carolina panthers. >> mark sanchez shows he belonged behind center and under the bright lights of monday night football. the former jets first round draft pick threw for 332 yards and two touchdowns and sanchez did not commit a single turnover. the win helps place the eagles among the elite teams in the nfl and breathes new life into sanchez's career and brings the question will nick foles be forgotten? >> after the game mark sanchez stopped in south philadelphia to celebrate. he had a cheesesteak. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live with the exclusive story. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. that's right, last night mark sanchez celebrated and like many here in our fair city, he celebrated with cheesesteaks from pat's and geno's. all this cheesesteak eating all hinged on an eagles victory. here is the promise that he made to jon gruden leading up
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to last night's game. >> if we win this game on monday, i'm going. >> which one. >> i don't know yet. dorenbos. >> politically correct stuff. >> i got geno's, i got pat's. >> whichever one is opened i'm going and if they are both opened i'll go to both. i don't care. i need to go get one as soon as possible. >> reporter: that was the promise made to jon gruden eagles nation was listening. the birds beat the panthers last night and fans flocked to pat's and geno toss wait for mark sanchez to make good on his postgame plan. >> you said on national tv you're coming. come on down. >> he said on the. v he was going to come down. >> national television, don't lie to us. >> we want to see him. >> reporter: sanchez didn't disappoint on the field and he didn't disappoint off it as well. after his first start since december 2012 after throwing for two scores last night in the eagles victory sanchez rolled up passyunk avenue and fans greeted him heartily with cheese fries. >> mark i want to you have my cheese fries. >> all right. >> reporter: after selfies
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and stakes, high fives and hand shakes. >> thanks so much. >> reporter: sanchez left with a full stomach and fans left satisfied with their quarterback. >> big hopes for the guy. he can do big things for the city. looking forward to it. >> reporter: hopefully more cheesesteaks for mark sanchez and more victories for the eagles. we're live in south philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thanks so much katherine. got some breaking news to get to right now. a fire broke out at a montgomery county ymca. the action cam is live at the scene of the abington ymca, old building, brick building. it's on the 1000 block of old york road in abington. it broke out at 4:00 a.m., a little more than an hour ago inside a single room in this three-story structure. doesn't even look like there was a fire but you just can't see where it actually is located. firefighters put it out not too long ago. unclear how much damage the abington ymca has sustained. that's something we'll follow for you any on "action news."
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>> four men were injured during a fight inside the physical industrial correctional center. chopper 6 was over the facility in holmesburg last night. investigators say the four inmates are in the hospital, all of them in stable condition. none of the security guards were injured and two weapons were recovered. it's now 5:06 and police are looking for the man who drove a corvette purposely into the delaware river as an apparent act of revenge directed at his estranged wife. investigators say the 1990 red corvette belongs to the man's wife. police believe the man who drove the car into the delaware yesterday afternoon then climbed out of the water and his name is john kramer, he's 49 years old from northeast philadelphia. officers say he then called his soon to be ex-wife and told her that he had destroyed the car. investigators say kramer has violated several restraining orders filed by his wife and that he will face reckless endangerment and other criminal charges once they find him. >> the midwest getting hammered and we are getting
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out the sun chairs, the tanning lotion. [laughter] >> sunscreen today, okay. going to be mild and it's nice 'cause it's veterans day and there are ceremonies out there. going to be nice weather for that. storm tracker 6 double scan shows you we're dry. as we take a look outside we have sky 6, center city, easy to see the buildings. there is some patchy fog around the region, most of it along the north jersey coast and some more might develop over the next several hours but year not seeing it in center city and even if it does is it a of the to pop up here and there i don't think it's going to be around all that long. right now 46 degrees in philadelphia so cool enough for coats but a little better than yesterday. we were running about maybe, six, 7 degrees cooler than this in most spots yesterday. 35 degrees in allentown, still kind of chilly there. 39 reading, 42 trenton, 40 wilmington, 39 millville. mid 40's up and down the coast next to that mild ocean water. satellite showing that you there's not a lot of cloud cover out to our west once we get rid of this early morning cloud cover that we're looking at right now. we'll very likely transition
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to mostly sunny skies for at least awhile and then if we start to filter in some clouds later in the day, that will start to hold the progression of temperatures in the mid to upper 60's but still it looks like a pretty nice day out there. as we take a look at the call in allentown, nice afternoon ahead in the lehigh valley. 65 degrees, sun mixing with some occasional clouds, maybe a little more cloud cover later in the day. pleasant, though, with light winds. down the shore light winds, fair amount of sunshine early, perhaps some later day clouds and 66 degrees is the high there. so, also nice. and in philadelphia we're going to go for a high of 67 degrees with the sunshine early and then a few more clouds digging in as the day goes on. it should be pleasant. if the clouds wind up holding off a bit and we don't really see them thicken up until closer to sundown we may actually go higher than that 67. wouldn't be out of the question to get 68 or 69 this afternoon. either way you slice it it's going to be nice though. still cool by 8 o'clock, 45. up to 57 by 11 o'clock. 66 degrees by 2 o'clock with that high of 67 around 3 o'clock this afternoon.
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we're still looking at that cold air that has now pushed into the central states, wichita kansas right now at 27. two more mild days until that cooler air pushes towards the east but it won't be as raw as it is out in the central states as that air moderates as it heads to the east. up above average for the next couple days and then below average anywhere 8 to 12 degrees below average thursday and friday with an average high of 57 and 58. not quite the significant arctic plunge there's seeing in the pacific states. nice and mild veterans day, 67. a mix of clouds and sun on wednesday with a high of 65. so two more mild ones. then on thursday it becomes brisk and cooler, 49 degrees is the high. at nighttime see the possibility of a little sprinkle or shower and it might even be cold enough for some wet snowflakes on thursday night. this is not going to accumulate but just to mention that we might see the season's first snowflakes in philadelphia on thursday night. brisk and cold on friday, 45.
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saturday 45 and sunday we are looking for a coastal storm that may brush us with a little bit of precipitation and that could also be a snow shower or rain shower. just a reminder that on thursday at 11 o'clock on "action news," we are unveiling our winter weather outlook from accuweather. how much snow are we going to get? is it going to be above average? below average? what about temperatures? we'll take our best shot at that thursday night at 11 o'clock. >> more news you didn't see last night including the rescue operation to reach 15 stranded hikers out west. >> a newly released report details what happened inside the clinic where joan rivers suffered a fatal complication. karen. >> we're live right now in morrisville bucks county, this is route 1 at pennsylvania avenue looking pretty good at this early hour. we've got construction, though, causing an issue with one of the ramps in the area. details coming up. >> and everything's better with peanut butter. if you feel that way there's now a way to drink it uply we'll explain -- it's like bacon, it makes everything better. later in the morning buzz. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> five:13. all is well at philadelphia international airport. out in the midwest, though, already a few cancellations in chicago and minneapolis due to the fact they're getting some winter weather there right now. >> luckily it's going to be a really nice day around here but let's look at what traffic looks like with karen rogers. >> looking pretty good at this moment. this is the ramp from 202 northbound to the schuylkill eastbound where we had paving work then just moved out of there, looking a lot better on this ramp so no issues at the moment. we had some restrictions because of the paving crew that cleared on out. we had a disabled tractor-trailer that was causing an issue. this is clear, too, king of prussia south gulph road at
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202. we had a disabled tractor-trailer. looking better right now. matt and tam i have been talking about this fire location at the ymca in abington. old york road officially closed down between susquehanna road and adams avenue. just avoid the area. stick to highland avenue and huntington road. the two of those will help you get around the closure of old york road, 611 out here in abington. one more issue. we've got construction blocking the right lane and center lane, this is for about another 45 minutes or so in lawrence township mercer county on route 1 northbound near carnegie road. let's talk about the visibility reports in the area. we've been watching for some fog. we really haven't seen it in our cameras and that's because we're looking at 9-mile visibility at philadelphia international airport. you can see it's not a big problem that's for sure but you can see this area of fog and some of it within our reporting sites. in beach haven just .3, 2-mile visibility at atlantic city airport and wildwood and temperature-wise we're a lot better than yesterday morning. 36 degrees in quakertown, still cool, 42 degrees, though
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in center city and some of the suburbs in new jersey 38 in browns mills and 41 in dover, matt. >> thanks karen. let's talk about weather elsewhere shall we. a blast of wintry weather walloped parts of the rockies and upper midwest. lucky us. the plunging temperatures will eventually move this way, just not today. erin o'hearn is live at the big board with the stone cold details. erin. >> reporter: is that gloating, that lucky us, we don't is to worry about that? yesterday was t-shirt weather really and it has been pleasant on the warm side for this time of the year but it is a different world in this area. the midwest is really taking a beating. they have weather that looks more like january than november many people are bundled up and it's causing some really treacherous conditions on the roads. let's take a look at this video out of ming minute. these icy conditions caused a 16-vehicle pileup and an army of tow trucks had to go to work while commuters tried to help each other out. so how did all this start? the arctic air swept into the
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lower 48 from a powerful storm that hit alaska in which snow just barreled in covering the area with several inches and the snow, of course, is an enormous inconvenience but believe it or not, some folks are actually happy that the white stuff came early this year. >> i thought it was really cool 'cause i haven't seen snow in a very long time. [laughter] >> reporter: they look like they're having fun. the snow is expected to end today but the cold air not going away any time soon unfortunately. some places will see temperatures as low as 40 degrees below average. >> whew. >> reporter: tam. >> it's a little early for that erin and thank you. we learned new information overnight at a fire at six flags great adventure in jackson ocean county. chopper 6 was over the scene last night. the fire broke out in a barn in the theme park's safari section. crews quickly were able to bring it under control and there were no injuries. six flags says all the animals are safe.
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>> new york health investigators say joan rivers was photographed while under sedation just before she went into cardiac arrest and later died. the report says the staff at the clinic also didn't keep proper records of how much propofol the comedian received and failed to notice her deteriorating vital signs. the clinic yorkville endoscopy says the doctors named in the report no long are work there. >> it's 5:17. it turns out the best shopping deals during the holiday season, they don't have to happen on black friday. >> a group goes hiking in the mountains of california and ends up missing. new video showing the moment search crews finally found them. david. >> temperatures in the 40's again this morning in many neighborhoods, maybe a few degrees better than yesterday. winds are still light but it's still chilly enough i think for the sweatshirt in the morning and then a little bit of a jacket this afternoon perhaps, although we are going to get moderate this afternoon. we're going to give a shout-out to cabrini college today. it's cabrini day on campus
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university. we'll be back with your daypart call and your the holidays are for family. and what dinner is complete without the delicious taste of ocean spray cranberries? happy thanksgiving! okay, who likes yams?
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>> this is new video of a rescue crew hoisting 15 hikers to safety. the group set out on sunday to safety. mountains northeast of los angeles. the signs of their group slowed them down and they were forced to spend the night in the wilderness. one woman suffered a minor ankle injury during the rescue but they're all safe. >> let's take a check of the roads for you this morning. you know, it's early, you don't expect too many problems. let's go to delaware county, i-95 at the commodore barry bridge. we're good right now but here's a warning to your. from 9:00 until 3:00 today and tomorrow the ramp from bethel road to i-95 southbound will be restricted with construction. always gets you in the middle of the day. salem gloucester county new jersey turnpike northbound between exit one and two they've got construction blocking the left lane and that's until 7:00 so that will run a little late, dave. >> all right, karen a little fog popping up here or there.
5:21 am
biggest area appears to be beach haven into parts of camden county. if you're traveling to the bus stop or the el this morning it is going to be cool. we're in the mid 40's right now. by 9 o'clock, 48. 61 by noon and then this afternoon really looks great, 67 is your high. might be a few clouds sharing the skies with the sun but nice and mild for veterans day. quickly to the airport we go hoping for all green aircraft on the big board and that's what we've got so no major delays in any of our most frequently traveled destinations. tam. >> okay, thank you, david. now portion sizes are usually the diet derailment when it comes to eating in a cafeteria but we also found some surprising options in the lunch line. here's health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman. >> reporter: watching your waistline navigating a lunchtime cafeteria can sometimes be tricky. what you think is healthy could be a diet detour. >> you're not controlling how much is being put on your plate always which can certainly jack up calories fat sodium. >> reporter: we'll compare popular cafeteria choices
5:22 am
today on "action news" starting at 4:00. >> there is possible good news for medicare patients who are at high risk for lung cancer. the government insurance program announced a proposal to pay for yearly scans for eligible current or former heavy smokers. a major study found in low dose ct scans of the lungs in those people could cut their chance of dying by 20 percent. medicare is not currently required to cover the cost of the procedure. a final decision is due in february. >> don't let those sneaky retailers fool you about rushing to stores on black friday. you see, the best deals are to be had when you really should be spending time with your family. abc's reena ninan has america's moneyism good morning, topping america's money making plans for holiday shopping. a new study says the best deals aren't on black friday, they're actually on thanksgiving itself. the same study also claims good deals will be offered on the sunday and monday before thanksgiving. mcdonald's recalling a hello kitty whistle intended for more than two and a half million happy meals because
5:23 am
kids could choke on parts of the lollipop whistle. two already did although no serious injuries reported. mcdonald's says most of the whistles have not been given out. pizza hut adding 10 new crusts as well as new sauces and ingredients. the chain is customizing low cal options. among the national restaurant chains offering freebies to veterans this morning are denny's and friendly's with full beck fast, i hospital and a doughnut at krispy kreme. that's america money. take a vet out for dinner because breakfast is covered. >> thank to you all of our veterans out there. 5:23. more news you didn't see last night. we'll update the search for the gunman who ambushed a man as he got out of his car. >> the man accused of kidnapping carleesha in philadelphia today. updates on both stories after 5:30 a.m. >> ♪
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healing is stogether.we do. and together, we put veterans first. search va careers to find out how. >> ♪ >> welcome back. sky 6 hd taking a live look at the philadelphia vietnam veterans memorial there at spruce and columbus boulevard. veterans day ceremony will take place there at 12:30 this afternoon and a reminder that many federal offices, banks and some schools will be closed today. and pennsylvania's making available new license plates to honor military veterans. the five new designs depict
5:27 am
the combat medical badge combat infantry, combat action ribbon combat action medal and a specialty plate will pay forest precipitation upkeep of monuments at gettysburg national park. >> you seem like you're all over. let's show you. the peen nutter hotty sold at wal-mart and maybe some other stores out there. what it is is basically a drink. peanut sugar powdered mix, put a little bit of hot water or milk instantly transforms it into a hot peanut butter flavored beverage. available in two flavors peanut butter and peanut butter and chocolate. >> this sounds like a diet detour. >> do you want one or not? >> i'll try it. >> okay. >> all right. it's 5:27. eagles quarterback mark sanchez heads to south philadelphia for a victory overnight and only "action news" was there for his cheesy celebration. >> homeowner walks in on a
5:28 am
burglar who happened to have a "action news" continues.
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>> this morning on "action news," a feast fit for an eagle. he dominates monday night football. then mark sanchez delivers on another promise and "action news" is the only one there. >> facing justice. the man accused of kidnapping a woman in germantown is about to be brought back to pennsylvania. >> a milestone in the fight against ebola in america. the last remaining person infected in this country gets the last remaining person hospital. >> good morning, it's 5:30 on this tuesday, november 11th. veterans day. of course we say thank you to all of our vets and let's go right over to david and karen to take a look at your weather and traffic. good morning. >> it's going to be a great day for veterans day ceremonies and celebrations. we have a little bit of low lying cloud cover in parts of the region right now, a bit of fog here and there but that's going to burn off. out to the west mainly clear skies. there could be a few more clouds as the day goes on


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