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tv   Action News  ABC  November 11, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> this morning on "action news," a feast fit for an eagle. he dominates monday night football. then mark sanchez delivers on another promise and "action news" is the only one there. >> facing justice. the man accused of kidnapping a woman in germantown is about to be brought back to pennsylvania. >> a milestone in the fight against ebola in america. the last remaining person infected in this country gets the last remaining person hospital. >> good morning, it's 5:30 on this tuesday, november 11th. veterans day. of course we say thank you to all of our vets and let's go right over to david and karen to take a look at your weather and traffic. good morning. >> it's going to be a great day for veterans day ceremonies and celebrations. we have a little bit of low lying cloud cover in parts of the region right now, a bit of fog here and there but that's going to burn off. out to the west mainly clear skies. there could be a few more clouds as the day goes on but
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generally speaking looks like it's going to be fairly bright. the only significant fog we're catching on our radar storm tracker 6 tracker, if you will are in parts of burlington county, ocean county and this is fairly dense. the rest of the region just a little blip showing up here and there. delaware may have a bit of fog as well. temperatures cool but not quite as chilly as yesterday. 35 in allentown, up are 30's in reading. millville is now up to 40. 41 in trenton and 56 down in sea isle city. milder by the shore. as we head outside to catch that school bus, kids want a jacket and a sweatshirt, mainly clear but cool. 45 by 8 o'clock and like yesterday, light winds. are tobin that homework into school with you and then keep that jacket handy on the way in as we're looking at temperatures in the 40's up through 8 o'clock. things get better this afternoon. by 3 o'clock, 67 degrees is your high. looking good. karen, we're still on the lookout for that chilly change later in the week. >> all right dave. you mention they had fog wasn't really a problem in the
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city and we're seeing that reflected in our cameras. visibility still good on the schuylkill at girard avenue. eastbound traffic headed towards center city, no delay coming in from conshohocken, gladwyne or manayunk, you're looking good so far on the schuylkill. i've got an update on this fire location at the ymca in abington montgomery countily old york road northbound is still closed between adams avenue and susquehanna road but they reopened the southbound side of old york road so you've got one direction of traffic getting through. i would still try to avoid the area at the moment and stick to highland avenue and huntington road as your alternate. looking outside to the ben franklin bridge, they have been changing the zipper wall we see some of the flashing lights. other than that traffic is moving nicely with no delays coming into the city and construction still blocking two lanes for about another half hour up in mercer county on route 1 northbound near carnegie road so watch for that as you're headed out matt and tam. >> thank you karen. if you have been worried about how the eagles would get by without nick foles at quarterback, it looks like you can breathe easy this morning. maybe you should have a cheesesteak for breakfast. eagles jumped on the carolina
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panthers early last night and never let up. sanchez threw for more than 300 yards and two touchdowns. the defense and special teams also scored touchdowns and the eagles won it 45 to 21. now before the game sanchez had promised he would go for his first philly cheesesteak after the game if the team won. and only "action news" was there when he made good on that promise. our katherine scott is live at ninth and passyunk. it was quite scene overnight there, katherine. >> reporter: it was, tam, and these were victory cheesesteaks. mark sanchez was only going to come if the eagles won. he wasn't going to drown his sorrows in cheesesteaks, so fair enough, pat's can be good for that but he was going to come if the eagles won. he went to geno's, he went to pat's, he got his cheesesteaks and the fans were thrilled. >> we're out here waiting for mark sanchez. >> reporter: they came from around the city. some came from new jersey with the hopes of a cheesesteak and a sanchez sighting. >> i don't care if he's going geno's, if he's going to
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pat's: i just want to see him down here. >> reporter: turns out he had a helping of both. after his first start since december 20's 12 after throwing for two scores last night in the eagles victory, mark sanchez arrived in south philadelphia in more ways than one and he was welcomed here with cheese fries. >> mark, i want to you have my cheese fries. >> all right. >> reporter: after selfies, salutations and a steak each from geno's and pat's, sanchez left with a full stomach and fans left satisfied as well. with his performance on the field, with keeping his pregame promise and with his potential for the team. >> big hopes for the guy. he can do big things for the city. looking forward to it. >> reporter: fans got what they wanted out of the game, they got what they wanted here after ward, a sanchez sighting seeing him eat those cheesesteaks. now they're hoping they can keep the momentum throughout the rest of the season and hopefully into the post season. lie in south philadelphia, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> it has been a good year so far.
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let's keep it going. we'll have continuing coverage of the eagles' big win throughout the day on "action news" and then tonight after "action news" after 11:00 our sports team will have a special tuesday edition of eagles game day final. >> new this morning and only on "action news," a man is in critical condition after a late night shooting in southwest philadelphia. it happened on passyunk avenue just after 11:00 last night. police say a man in his 30's was getting out of his car when he was shot. the car also had several bullet holes in it and there were some more shell casings on the ground. police haven't told us the victim's name and they also haven't said who shot him or why. police in northeast philadelphia are looking for the burglar who beat a homeowner with a tire iron. it happened last night on the 2300 block of emerson street. the 49-year-old homeowner came home the find someone ransacking his place. police say there was a struggle at first, then its burglar pulled out a tire iron, beating the man so bad he had to go to the hospital, then took jewelry and ran off. >> ♪
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>> happening today, kidnapping suspect delvin barnes will be brought back to philadelphia. officers are expected to bring him back from virginia to face charges here. erin o'hearn is live in the satellite center and she's got more on what you can expect to happen next in the process. good morning, erinism good morning, tam. 37-year-old delvin barnes has been in custody in virginia since his arrest last week. the man accused of abducting carleesha freeland-gaither will be tried by federal authorities in philadelphia on federal kidnapping charges. barnes is also accused of kidnapping and trying to murder a teenaged girl in virginia. police say the 16-year-old escaped when barnes was digging a grave for interearly october but first, virginia authorities will release him to philadelphia authorities today for an initial court appearance this week. you may remember that video barnes is accused of grabbing 22-year-old carleesha freeland-gaither when she was walking home from a bus stop on november 2nd. he drove off with her as she kicked out his car window. police found the two in his
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car three days later and barnes is expected to be appointed a lawyer when he has his initial court appearance this week. of course, we'll keep you updated on this story as it develops. we're live in the sat center erin o'hearn, channel6 "action news." >> matt, back to you. >> thank you so much erin. we want to keep you updated on another story. we have brand new details on this developing story about the fire that broke out at the ymca in abington montgomery county. a ymca spokesman has just told us that the fire has been contained to the childcare room and as you might imagine that childcare program is closed for now. but the rest of the y will be opened. now, that fire was located on the 1000 block of old york road. fire crews were able to get it under control and so far there have been no reports of injuries. >> i had to check to make sure that i remember it's november. >> yes. >> it just hasn't been november the last couple weeks i know. two more days of wild weather before that chilly stuff from the midwest arrives too. enjoy it.
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storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we're dry this morning. as we take a look outside we're looking at sunshine up over the horizon a little later on. there has been some patchy fog here and there across the region but we're not seeing it at the shore or in most areas close to philadelphia. the north jersey shore has seen the worst of this, parts of burlington county and ocean county in the thick of some fog this morning. couple of highlights to your forecast. we have two more mild days before that chilly change is on the way. so, today veterans day and tomorrow both looking good. 46 degrees right now, starting out cool, of course, calm winds always help. and as we take a look at is the light, well, the view isn't that bad. we've got some cloud cover out to the west that's falling apart. some low lying clouds in parts of the region this morning but they'll burn off pretty quickly and then we're looking at a good portion of the day where we're going to see mainly sunny skies out there with perhaps the development of a few additional clouds as the day goes on. we are looking at cool temperatures to start out but mild temperatures later on. 45 degrees by 8 o'clock. but by 11 o'clock, 57 degrees
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and then by 2 o'clock, 66. we may not hit that high of 67 until about 3:00 today and if we manage to hold onto the sun and see less cloud cover, we could even add a degree or two, to that 67-degree high but i think that's a pretty good bet and either way it's going to be nice and mild and comfortable. 65 is your high in allentown, 66 in trenton, 67 in wilmington, 64 in cape may and 66 degrees in atlantic city. sun mixing with a few clouds. out to the west of us, we can see that crush of cold air that has now entered the central states, even as far south as wichita kansas we're down to 27 degrees right now. it will take awhile for that cooler air to move toward the east, so again, two more mild days but once that move takes place, we will start to see our temperatures go down. now, it's not going to be as bad as it is out in the central states. the next two days looking at temperatures 15 to 30 degrees below average as that colder air moves toward the east, it will moderate and we'll only wind up with about 10 to 15 degrees below average but it will feel cooler and colder in fact especially in the mornings as we head towards
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the end of the week. 67 is today's high. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, nice and mild, clouds and sun on wednesday, a high of 65. and then on thursday, brisk and colder conditions, 49 degrees and at night there is the possibility of a little wave coming through that gives us either a rain or maybe even a wet snow shower. now, i'm not expecting accumulation from this but thursday night, as far south as philadelphia we might see the season's first snowflakes. and then brisk and cold in philadelphia on friday, 45 degrees the high. and notice how the overnight lows are dipping down to about the freezing mark in through here. that means when you wake up in the morning and step outside, it will be cold and then stays pretty chilly in the afternoon. as we head into the weekend, saturday still chilly, 44. we're watching the coast on zinn, a coastal storm might push a little bit of precipitation in during the day and that could also be either rain or maybe a snow shower. remember to watch "action news" on thursday night at 11:00 as we'll be unveiling this year's accuweather winter weather outlook, talking about -- thank you matt for the sound effects talking about how much snow we're going get and whether it's above average, below average
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temperature-wise and precip-wise. thursday night at 11:00. >> also hope we don't hear a lot of that this winter. >> we'll see. >> it is 5:41 and toxic fumes fill the air in a south philadelphia home in the end sending two people to the hospital. >> captain of the sunken south korean ferry learns his fate for the deaths of more than 300 people. karen. >> live in chadds ford at route 1 at creek road. a we're clear, we're dry. >> slow moving lava has reached a big home on hawaii's big island. "action news" continues. >> ♪ ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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including you. activate your 5% cash back at chase. so you can. >> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here on sky 6 down into the first state into wilmington on this tuesday, your veterans day and of course we're remembering today all of the men and women who took the time to serve. >> let's get you loaded up with some traffic with karen rogers. >> okay, let's do it. hit the suburban traffic report right now and let's go outside live to 309 in fort washington. three oh and in at the pennsylvania turnpike, both highways are doing fine. we're clear, we're dry, no weather-related issues here. we have been watching for some fog and you can see visibility at this point in fort washington is looking pretty good. let's go to the maps here. old york road northbound is still shut down between adams avenue and susquehanna road. this is that fire location we had been telling you about at the ymca in abington
5:45 am
montgomery county. southbound they reopened old york road. northbound still shut down. stick to huntington pike -- huntington road and highland avenue as your alternates to deal with the closure. in cherry hill in camden county, new jersey, 295 southbound approaching route 70 we've got the two right lanes blocked but that should be wrapping up pretty shortly. we expect those crews to leave momentarily. hopefully things will be easing up a bit right there. let's check your visibility reports. 9-mile visibility at philadelphia international airport. no problem there. 3-mile visibility in lancaster. we're looking at 2-mile visibility in millville, .3-mile visibility along the coastline. a minute ago we were watching a small little area of fog and we can see how this has progressed through the region. watching this fog develop. it's patchy at the moment but something we're looking out for. temperature-wise it doesn't feel too bad out there i goals it's cool, 38 degrees in martin's creek, that chilly, 36 pottstown. but we're at 42 in center city, a little better than yesterday. 39 in browns mill. 41 degrees right now in dover
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delaware, tam. >> thank you karen. happening today, a new york city doctor who was infected with ebola will be allowed to go home from the hospital. doctors say craig spencer is cured of the virus many he tested positive for ebola days after returning to the u.s. from treating patients in west africa. there are now no cases of ebola on u.s. soil and every american treated here has survived. spencer will take that's right a news conference today at bellevue hospital where he was treated. look for coverage later today on "action news" at noon and on new secretary of veterans affairs says he is restructuring the department. robert mcdonald made that announcement on the eve of veterans day. he says the focus will be on customer service for the nation's 22 million vets who use the system. and that includes disciplinary action against more than a thousand employees accused of delaying care for veterans. this comes after 5600 people have already been fired related to that scandal. >> the city of camden has had a violent few days recording
5:47 am
two more homicides just hours apart. the first happened along haddon avenue at 6:00 last night. the victim was found shot in front of a residence multiple times and was pronounced dead at the hospital. at 8:30 another person was murdered on morgan street. the killing comes after two other men were murdered on sunday. police say they don't think any of the four shootings are connected. >> three people had to go to the hospital after a carbon monoxide leak in south philadelphia. it happened around 5:00 last night in the 1200 block of south eighth street. the fire department says the source of the leak was an old heater that sent two men to the hospital and then the fumes spread to a home next door and that sent a woman to the hospital as well. all three were kept overnight for observation. >> 5:47 and the ferry boat captain responsible for that accident in south korea learns his fate. >> the lava flow in hawaii has made good on that threat. david.
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>> light winds but cool enough for a sweatshirt. this afternoon they could probably go back to lighter gear as temperatures are on the rise and we're rooting for cabrini college. celebrating the founder of the university. i'll be right back with your daypart forecast. >> ♪ what's possible today?
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>> coming up tonight on "action news" after 11:00, a special "action news" troubleshooters on this veterans day. here's nydia han with a preview. >> reporter: what could be more important than honoring our parents' final wishes laying them to rest in a peaceful place of their choice. that's what these children were trying to do for their father a veteran who served in the u.s. navy. find out why they had to get the "action news" troubleshooter involved and how this could be a problem for you, too, when it comes time to putting your parents to rest.
5:51 am
>> i was very surprised when i found out. >> i just hope it doesn't happen to other families. >> reporter: find out what you should do now if you plan to bury your parents in a veterans cemetery. it's a special "action news" troubleshooters coming up tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> all right, nydia, let's check the traffic. we had a disabled vehicle causing a problem. i want to show you a live look. it has cleared on i-95 northbound near cottman as you head towards academy, look better. southbound you've got building volume. starting to get a little busier right there. in moorestown burlington county right now glen avenue between new albany road and crater of a paving work the it began yesterday. expect restrictions and stick to church street as your alternate, dave. >> cool start out this morning, we're at 46 degrees karen in philadelphia. allentown continues to creep up from above the freezing mark so 35 degrees there. still chilly obviously and down the shore we are in the mid visits if you are running errands today, any time this afternoon is fine. 48 degrees, still kind of cool by 9 o'clock but by noon, 61 and your high today is going
5:52 am
to be that 67 degrees at 3 o'clock and like yesterday, the winds are very, very light, overy only running about three to 6 miles per hour. still holding to 60's by 6 o'clock. a little bit more cloud cover as the day goes on and look out for some patchy fog this morning. mainly over by the shore in some spots. but that's not going to last for long. matt. >> okay, thanks, david. sinkhole alley is living up to its name unfortunately. the ground swallowed up a car parked in a driveway in holiday, florida, yesterday. the hole doubled in size in just about 15 minutes. at least six families are out of their homes over fears the hole could get bigger. there were 250 sinkholes reported in central florida last year. that lava flow on hawaii's big island destroyed its first house. the fiery flow had been inching towards the town of pahoa since june when it reached the house, it caused a future fire in a matter of minutes. the renters inside were already out so no one was hurt. the lava is threatening other homes along with a key highway that connects pahoa to the
5:53 am
rest of the big i'll gland five. 52. a popular happy meal toy has been recalled. coming up at 6:00 a.m. >> developing overnight violence erupting at a local prison. several people have been stabbed. more on what we know ahead at 6:00 a.m. >> ♪ (prof. burke) the more you learn about your insurance,
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>> ♪ >> 5:55. everything working just fine at philadelphia international airport. if you're heading out to the midwest, though, where they're
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getting that winter wallop, do check ahead. maybe few flight cancellations in the city of chicago and also in minneapolis. philadelphia police are looking for the man who robbed and sexually assaulted another man at gun point. the surveillance video way taken in kensington at 12:20 a.m. on sunday. investigators say the armed man followed the 18-year-old victim to his home from this chinese takeout along the 3300 block of north second street. >> seven high school football players from central jersey accused of sexual assault in a hazing incident will not be tried as adults. the middlesex county prosecutor says the case involving sayreville war memorial high school students is appropriate for family court. the school's football season ended last month and the coaching staff is suspended as a result of the investigation. the defendants range in age from 15 to 17. >> brands new this morning, the captain of a south korean ferry that sank back in april will spend the next 36 years in prison. the captain was acquitted of murder but convicted on other
5:57 am
charges in the boating accident that killed more than 300 people. the chief engineer of the boat will also spend time in jail. he received 30 years and 13 other crew members were sentenced to up to 20 years this morning. prosecutors argued the captain and crew was negligent and then abandoned the passengers after the accident. >> a one night only concert brought two talented groups together in center city. >> ♪ it takes 35 brass and percussion performers to create in booming sound. the curtis institute of music invited the philadelphia youth orchestra bravo brass ensemble to showcase the works. >> very brassy. >> they do a lot of free concerts. >> 5:57 and a brawl broke out inside a local prison. find out what we know about the fight that cents several inmates to the hospital. >> also coming up, it's happening right now and it's bigger than black friday. will spend a billion today.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning. it is 6 o'clock on this tuesday, november 11th and here's what's happening. >> the birds fly right past the panthers for a blowout win and starting quarterback mark sanchez celebrates overnight with a cheesesteak and only "action news" is there. >> we also have the late of on the mystery of the missing angry husband. police say he drove his wife's corvette into the delaware river and took off. >> and coming up a little bit later what we're learning about a barn fire at six flags great adventure in south jersey. >> it will be warm dam let's go to dave murphy and karen rogers. hello. >>ta


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