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tv   Action News  ABC  November 11, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning. it is 6 o'clock on this tuesday, november 11th and here's what's happening. >> the birds fly right past the panthers for a blowout win and starting quarterback mark sanchez celebrates overnight with a cheesesteak and only "action news" is there. >> we also have the late of on the mystery of the missing angry husband. police say he drove his wife's corvette into the delaware river and took off. >> and coming up a little bit later what we're learning about a barn fire at six flags great adventure in south jersey. >> it will be warm dam let's go to dave murphy and karen rogers. hello. >> starting out cool.
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you're right matt we're in for a nice a of the noon. right now satellite shows low lying cloud cover across region. you can see that filling in over the last several hours. we expected that to burn off after sunrise. then there will be lots of sunshine, maybe a few clouds streaking in later. we also have some fog, some of it dense with visibilities below a half mile from about atlantic city up to surf city. this is actually migrating south along the coast and we have had some low visibilities reported farther south around wildwood as well so be careful of that over the next couple of hours. temperatures not too bad. up to 47 degrees in philadelphia. obviously coat weather but with light winds and the fact that the temperatures are running better than yesterday, this isn't too bad of a morning and as we head outside to catch that school bus over the next couple of hours, again, coats but light winds. mainly clear skies later on this morning, especially across areas away from the shore. and then as we roll through the day it is going to get mild. 61 degrees by noon and by 3 o'clock, 67. that is your high for veterans day.
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a great afternoon for any ceremonies you might have planned. when i step inside we're still looking at that chilly change in just a couple of days, karen. >> all right, dave. we've got a new accident to talk about coming in to us in new castle county right on i-95 southbound approaching churchman's road, the exit 4b. watch for it blocking the two center lanes. expect some slowing coming off of mlk boulevard. look for that on i-95 southbound in new castle county, that accident just in. we've got a problem here, something on the road in the turnpike westbound at fort washington blocking the center lane. debris could be causing some people to swerve around so be prepared for that on the turnpike westbound. also an update on abington, this is montgomery county, this fire location we have been talking boy at the ymca, old york road northbound is still shut down at this point between adams avenue and susquehanna road. you have to stick to highland avenue and huntington road as your alternates. they reopened the southbound side but the northbound side remains shut down right now. outside we go, the vine street expressway approaching the schuylkill we were looking for some fog. no sign it in the city. looking good. roads are clear and dry with
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no problems just yet there. matt and tam. >> thank you karen. well, its eagles are now seven and two, sitting at the top of the nfc east. thanks to their 45 to 21 clop berg, i mean they knocked them out of the carolina panthers. >> birds quarterback mark sanchez showed he belongd behind center under the bright lights of monday night football. he threw for over 300 yards and two touchdowns. sanchez didn't commit a single turnover. the win helps place the eagles among the elite in the new nfl and breathes new life into mark sanchez's career. will nick foles be forgotten. >> after the game mark sanchez stopped in south philadelphia for a cheesesteak and "action news" reporter katherine scott is live there with the exclusive story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. i'm sure many of the eagles players celebrated after the win and mark sanchez celebrated with cheesesteaks here at pat's and at geno's.
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last night's cheesesteak eating hinged on an eagles victory. here's the promise he made to jon gruden. >> if we win this game i'm going which one. >> i don't know yet. >> politically correct stuff. >> i got geno's i got pat's. >> whichever one is opened i'm going and if they're both opened i'll go to both. i don't care. i need to go get one as soon as possible. >> reporter: that was the promise made to espn's jon gruden and eagles nation was listening. the birds beat the panthers last night and fans flocked to pat's and geno's to wait for mark sanchez to make good on his postgame plan. >> you said on national tv you're coming. come on down. >> he said on tv he was going to come down. >> national television. don't lie to us. >> we want to see him. sanchez didn't disappoint on the field and he didn't disappoint off it as well. after his first start since december 2012 after throwing for two scores last night in the eagles' victory sanchez rolled up passyunk avenue and
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fans greeted him heartily with cheese fries. >> i want to you have my cheese friesism after high fives and hand shakes, sanchez left with a full stomach and fans left satisfied with their quarterback. >> big hopes for the guy. he can do big things for the city. looking forward to it. >> reporter: and hopefully from here on out we're going to see more cheesesteaks for mark sanchez and more victories for the eagles. we are live in south philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> we hope it keeps going with more victories. we learned overnight that four men were stabbed during a fight inside the philadelphia industrial correctional center. chopper 6 is over the facility in holmesburg last night. investigators say the four inmates are in the hospital in stable condition. none of the security guards were injured. and two weapons were recovered. >> this is brand new at 6:00, a man flipped his car over in the cityport richmond section.
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the wrecked car was still in the street at 1:30 a.m. the 28-year-old driver lost control, hit a parked jeep and then rolled over. he is expected to be okay. the tow truck driver couldn't pull the car back onto its wheels so look what they d just ended up dragging the vehicle down the street on its ceiling. >> and look tfnlgt at 6:06, police are looking for the man who drove a corvette into the delaware river on purpose, an apparent act of revenge director at his estranged wife. investigators say the 1990 red corvette belongs to the man's wife and police believe that the man who drove the car into the delaware yesterday afternoon then climbed out of the water and his name is 49-year-old john kramer and he's from northeast philadelphia. officers say he called his soon to be ex-wife and told her he had destroyed the car. investigators say kramer has violated several restraining orders filed by his wife and police say he will face reckless endangerment and other criminal charges once
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they finds him. >> mcdonald's says something it had been giving children in happy meals is a choking hazard and so the fast food chain is taking action. maribel aber has details live at the nasdaq in times square. good morning, maribel. >> reporter: hey, good morning, matt. mcdonald's is recalling a hello kitty lollipop whistle. pieces of a happy meal toy detached making it a choking hazard. the u.s. consumer product safety commission said there are two reports already of children coughing up pieces of the whistle. the recall involves 2.3 million toys in the u.s. the chinese will spend billions today in an online shopping day bigger than black friday. it's called singles day. the holiday started as a way to celebrate single people. now it's morphed into a multibillion dollars e shopping frenzy. last year total online sales in china hit 8 billion, more than twice the 3 billion combined for both black friday and cyber monday. euphoria hit stocks for the dow and the s & p 500 closing at record highs. right now futures are pointing to a higher open and today is veterans day and a few
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recognizable brands have deals for veterans or active military personnel. great clips free hair can cut. free food and drink at ihop, golden corral and red lobster. free coffee or doughnut at starbucks or krispy kreme. 24 hour will let you work out for free. happy veterans to all who serveed. >> they thought about everything. thanks so much. a blast of wintry weather walloping parts of the rockies and upper midwest. lucky us the plunging temperatures will eventually move our way, luckily not for today veterans day. erin o'hearn is live at the big board with the stone cold details. erin. >> reporter: it's actually been pleasant for this time year but it's a different world in the midwest. so, when everyone was at the park yesterday with their kids and taking a run on kelly drive this is what people in the midwest were doing, cleaning up the sidewalks full of snow and heading over to some more treacherous and serious conditions on the road. look at these cars.
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especially when it goes downhill, you can see just how icy those roads are. there were a ton of accidents yesterday. people had to go very slowly on the roads and take it really easy. let's take a look at some more video from minnesota. icy conditions caused a 16-vehicle pileup and an army of tow trucks had to go to work while commuters tried to help each other out. so, how did all this start? the arctic air swept into the lower 48 from a powerful storm that hit alaska in which snow just then barreled in covering the area with several inches. and the white stuff, of course, is an enormous inconvenience but believe it or not, some folks, mainly kids, are actually happy that the snow came early this year. >> i thought it was really cool. 'cause i haven't seen snow in a very long time. [laughter] >> reporter: we saw nothing last year. the snow is expected to end today but not the cold air. it's not going away any time soon. some places will see temperatures as much as
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40 degrees below average. brrr. it's not that way here, david and matt. we're enjoying nice weather, right. >> erin would not be sleeveless. >> i know. >> the nice thing about the, too, is that when that cold air migrates to the east it is going to moderate a bit, so it will be chilly here. we might even see the first snowflakes of the season in philadelphia before the week is out. don't get too excited about it. it's little. but not as bad here as it is out there. storm tracker 6 live double scan and we are dry for now. and of course we're in for another mild day here ahead of that chilly change. as we take a look outside, in most cases we have been able to keep the clouds high enough to prevent any fog down below. just to the north of atlantic city there could be fog dense in spots so be careful of that. most of us seem to be avoiding that issue this morning, though. 47 degrees in philadelphia currently. 39 in allentown. we were down around the freezing mark a little while ago so the numbers are rising. 45 in dover and the mid-50's down the shore. it is a mild one there.
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satellite showing that you we do have some some of that low lying cloud cover filtering in around the region over the last couple of hours but that should melt away before too much longer and then we'll wind up with sunshine coming back and some late day clouds filtering in after we get a good period of sunshine during the morning. up in allentown, a high of 65, sun mixing with some eventual clouds, pleasant conditions up in the lehigh valley. that number well above average. down the shore same story pretty much. sun giving way to perhaps some later day clouds. of course we got that low lying cloud cover early. 66 degrees is the high there. pretty good for this time of year. and in philadelphia we're going for a high of 67. that's about 9 degrees above average. sun mixing with some eventual clouds, pleasant, winds on the light side both this morning and this afternoon. and as we roll through the day, yeah, by 8 o'clock we're still cool. hopefully getting rid of some of those low lying clouds across much of the region. hong we'll get sun back then. by 11 o'clock, 57 degrees, 2 o'clock 66 with a high of 67 around 3 o'clock. and by the way, if we don't
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manage to get some of these clouds in this afternoon, we could actually see the numbers going maybe one or 2 degrees higher than these late in the day. by 5 o'clock we're at 64. as we look out to the west you can clearly see where that cold air has plunged down in toward wichita. number in wichita dipped a couple degrees in the last half hour, couple of hours maybe and this is inching toward the east but over here on the east coast we've got a couple of more mild days before we have to deal with that and by the time it does come here not going to be as raw as it was out in the west. around here we're actually going to be between seven and 9 degrees above average the next couple of days and we are going to get colder. 8 to 12 degrees below average but your high temperatures will still be in the 40's, the lows in the morning will be biggest problem down into the 30's. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today a beautiful day for veterans day, a high of 67. tomorrow clouds and sun, 65. then on thursday, brisk and colder, 49 degrees is the high and at night a little feature is going to pop through that could pop up a rain shower and maybe even a wet snow shower
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with those temperatures dipping into the 30's. again, that's late thursday night. it's probably over by friday morning. and then brisk and cold on friday, 45 degrees. for the weekend still very chilly on saturday, 44 and notice how toward the end of the week the overnight lows are dipping down close to freezing. that's what you'll have when you get up early in the morning around sunrise. in the afternoon, highs in the 40's. sunday we're watching the coast, a high of 47. a lot of clouds around and a coastal system may push another round of precipitation in off the ocean and that could be rain or snow showers. remember, thursday night at 11 o'clock, tune into "action news" for our annual accuweather winter weather outlook where we'll talk about snowfall projections for the winter whether we'll be above average below average or whether we think it's going to be above average or below average temps. thursday on the newscast at 11 o'clock right here on "action news." >> we'll be watching. thank you david. 6:13 now and coming up next, fire at six flags. we'll update what we know about a late night blaze at the theme park's safari. >> also we're hearing from the cop who was trapped inside that burning car.
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what he told "action news" about his rescue. karen. >> we've got another disabled vehicle. lard to see from this shot. it's right here. but the schuylkill westbound at girard. so watch for that as you're headed out. kind of dark to see a disabled vehicle off to the side. we're getting heavy on i-95. we'll take that you, show you what it looks like coming up. after the break. >> ♪ off the entire store.e 20% twenty percent! the entire store! hey, with savings like that, you could redo your entire house. just sayin'! blinds to go. blinds for life. where you have 3 ways to become a millionaire. first, win the top prize of up to 25 million dollars when you match all the draw numbers. or win 1 million dollars when you match all the club numbers. or you could win up to one million dollars as a contestant on the exciting new tv game show in las vegas.
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play the monopoly millionaires' club game today. there could be more million dollar prizes than any lottery game in us history. the pennsylvania lottery. benefits older pennsylvanians every day.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here on sky 6 at penn's landing looking down on the korean war memorial there. there will be a lot of remembrances across the region today as we honor and say thank you to all of our veterans out there. >> let's check traffic with karen rogers. >> we've got a new accident that just popped up. live in delaware county, this is i-95 southbound at the commodore barry bridge. i'm not seeing any police other scene. one of the vehicles just left. we have the van blocking the left lane. look how dangerous that is as people kind of come up to it and realize they've got to get to the right. if you're on i-95 stay right coming south of the blue route here in delaware county, i-95 southbound an accident just awkwardly out there in the left lane right now with no police or any flashers on the scene so watch for that one. elsewhere i-95 southbound busy in the usual spots at cottman and again from allegheny to girard. let's take a look at the maps here. i talked to police in montgomery county about this fire location at the ymca we have been talking about.
6:18 am
they shut down old york road northbound, closed between adams avenue and susquehanna road but police tell me they really expect to be opening this pretty shortly. fire crews say they should be leaving the scene within next half hour. northbound shut down. they're allowing southbound traffic but in the meantime you might want to avoid it and stick to highland avenue and huntington road instead. on the turnpike westbound in fort washington something in the roadway, debris blocking the center lane. some cars are kind of swerving around it. quick look at the visibility reports. down to .3 of a mile in beach haven near zero in atlantic city and wildwood. tam. >> thank you karen. new information overnight on a fire at six flags great adventure in jackson ocean county. chopper 6 was over the scene last night. the fire broke out in a barn in the theme park's safari section. there were no injuries. six flags says all of the animals are safe. >> the philadelphia police officer who was rescued from his burning patrol car is back on his feet. officer mark kimsey is nursing a concussion and an injured knee but is very grateful.
6:19 am
his cruiser erupted into flames after colliding with a pickup truck at 28th and tasker on saturday. a stranger came to his rescue. >> he opened the door, the door wouldn't open. he's like i got to pull you out through the window. he grabbed hold of my vest and started pulling me out and i couldn't really move my legs. >> that rescuer is 17-year-old joseph chambers a volunteer firefighter. 24-year-old dante johnson also stepped in. kimsey thanked chambers and says he plans to take him out for a steak when he feels up to it. >> it's 6:19 and new at 6:00, shakeup. lehigh valley community which tends to be colder and snowier in the winter are already making sure they're in the going to run out of supplies. david. >> most areas are in the 40's this morning. 50's down by the shore. not a lot of wind but cool enough for sweatshirts. this afternoon it's getting milder so you might go with a lighter jacket maybe even unzip it on the way home from school because it is going to rooting for cabrini college,
6:20 am
that is our college of the morning on cabrini day where they celebrate the founder of the university. we'll be back with your daypart forecast and your airport forecast.
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♪ the lehigh valley are getting ready for winter. bush kill township in northampton county ran out of salt last year so the community opened a new storage facility to hold more supplies. leaders in bethlehem say they have a new plan in case they have shortages during the winter and easton is adding gps devices to its plows to make clearing the roads more systematic. >> lots of people watching that winter fork that's for sure. our latest problem in new castle county i-95 southbound approaching churchman's road, an accident blocking the two center lanes. look at the slowing. 13 miles an hour near that accident scene so watch for that, david. >> low to mid 40's right now across the region, karen. 48 by 9 o'clock, 61 by noon and your high today is going to be that 67 degrees at 3 o'clock. winds are going to be light today, so that's good. as we head down to the airport, hoping for all green aircraft on the big board. there is some fog around the
6:23 am
east coast in bits and pieces, not in you have to delay flights. lots of clouds in our most commonly traveled destinations. tam. >> thank you david. portion sizes are usually the diet derailment when it comes to eating in a cafeteria. we also found some surprising diet sabotage in the lunch line. here's health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman. >> reporter: if you're watching your waistline navigating a lunchtime cafeteria can sometimes be tricky. what you think is healthy can be a diet detour. >> you're not controlling how much is being put on your plate always which can certainly jack up calories fat and sodium. >> reporter: we'll compare popular cafeteria choices today on "action news" starting at 4:00. >> 6:23 and up flex and new on "action news," hear what eric police of doing the night the accused cop killer was captured in the poconos.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you can see the blue light of dawn starting to come up there in wilmington as we look out over sky 6 hd. today's high 67. isn't that great? plenty of sun. tonight your low will get down to 58 degrees. >> developing right now, fire damaged part of the abington ymca this morning. it started in the heater and air conditioning window unit in the childcare room of the old brick building on old york road. the spokesperson for the y tells us flames damaged the room but not entirely anything
6:27 am
else. the childcare program is closed for now. the rest of the y will stay opened. >> this is new here at 6:00 a.m., an attorney for eric frein says police stopped him from seeing the accused cop killer the night he was captured. defense attorney james sweat also says police never told frein that his lawyer wanted to see him. that could open the door to get anything that frein said to investigators that night thrown out of court. while police do have to let a suspect know he has a right to an attorney pike county district attorney said in an e-mail that they do not have to tell the suspect if a lawyer wants to talk to them. >> 6:27. up next, a man is shot while getting out of his car overnight. hear what police are saying about the case. >> also, lava starts flowing again in hawaii and is causing the big island. >> ♪ we put all the apps you love...
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>> ♪ >> this morning on "action news," a feast fit for an eagle. he dominates the panthers on monday night football. then march sanchez delivers on another promise. "action news" was the only station there. >> facing justice. the man accused of kidnapping a woman in germantown is about to come back to pennsylvania. >> a milestone in the fight against ebola in america. the last remaining person against ebola in america. ready to head home from the hospital. >> good morning, 6:30 now on this tuesday, november 11th. it's veterans day. dave murphy is outside. karen rogers is inside and david it's a great day if you're going to some sort of commemoration or celebration for veterans today. >> yes, especially the later we go through the day. starting out little bit chilly. take a look at satellite. we have had some low lying cloud cover that has begun to filter in in the overnight hours. there are some breaks in the clouds, though and we expect those clouds to melt away. we should exchange over to mostly sunny skies pretty quickly this morning. there is a little bit of patchy dense fog, some of it very dense right along the coast north of atlantic city so be careful of that if
6:31 am
you're driving around this morning on the new jersey side of the river. chilly but night quite as bad as it was this time yesterday. 44 in wilmington, 39 in allentown, up to 41 in millville and mid 50 down the shore. very little wind out there. all right, kids, grab that smartphone, load that storm tracker 6 app onto it and follow the temperatures today 'cause they're going to be g by 8 o'clock, 45. but by noon, 61. and by 3 o'clock, accuweather says 67 degrees. that is your high this afternoon. well above average. we are still looking for that chilly change, karen. details coming up. >> all right, dave, i've got the latest on this accident in new castle county causing a big backup. 13 miles an hour on i-95 southbound approaching churchman's road. an accident was blocking the two center lanes much it's off to the side now but you're still seeing a pretty good delay with this. jammed from 295 to approaching churchman's road here in new castle county right on i-95 southbound. another problem on i-95, this one in delaware county. i-95 at the commodore barry bridge. and we have this disabled vehicle, it had looked like an
6:32 am
accident, i think it's a disabled vehicle that was blocking the left lane. during the commercial break i saw them kind of push it off to the side and now we see we've got police and penndot on the scene with this one as well. so, stay right coming south of the blue route but right now you could see it's off to the side and that southbound traffic moving at this point. in abington montgomery county, we've still got old york road northbound shut down between adams avenue and susquehanna road because of this fire activity at the ymca. but police tell me they really hope to open that road pretty shortly. in the meantime stick to highland avenue and huntington road instead, tam. >> okay, thank you karen. if you were worried about how the eagles would get by without nick foles at quarterback, looks like you don't need to worry anymore. the eagles jumped on the carolina panthers early last night and never let up. sanchez flu for more than 300 yards and two touchdowns. the defense and special teams also got in there scoring touchdowns. the eagles winning it 45 to 21. before the game sanchez promised he would go for his first philly cheesesteak after the game if the eagles won and only "action news" was there when he made good on that
6:33 am
promise. katherine scott is live at ninth and passyunk. it was quite a scene overnight there, katherine. >> reporter: it absolutely was, tam. as you said these were victory cheesesteaks. they all hinged on an eagles win and of course they did win and mark sanchez came down here, he had a cheesesteak at geno's, he had a cheesesteak at pat's and all the fans who were waiting for him were thrilled. >> we're out here waiting for mark sanchez. >> reporter: they came from around the city. some came from new jersey with the hopes of a cheesesteak and a sanchez sighting. >> i don't care if he's going the geno's, if he's going to pat's. i want to see him down here either ago cheesesteak. >> reporter: turns out he had a hoping of both. after his first start since december 20's 12 after throwing for two scores last night in the eagles victory, mark sanchez arrived in south philadelphia in more ways than one and he was welcomed here with cheese fries. >> mark, i want to you have my cheese fries. >> all right. >> what's up. >> reporter: after selfies,
6:34 am
salutations an steak each from geno's and pat's sanchez left with a full stomach and fans left satisfied as well. with his performance on the field, with keeping his pregame promise and with his potential for the team. >> big hopes for the guy. he can do big things for the city. looking forward to it. >> reporter: and that's what fans were saying last night. they were so excited to see mark sanchez here among the fans taking those selfies, having those cheesesteaks but they're also hoping that he continues to deliver on the field. we are live in south philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> all right, thank you, katherine. continuing coverage of the eagles big win throughout the day on "action news" and then tonight after "action news" at 11:00 our sports team will have a special tuesday edition of eagles game day final. >> 6:34. new this morning and only on "action news," a man is in critical condition after a late night shooting in southwest philadelphia. it happened on passyunk avenue just after 11:00 last night. police say a man in his 30's was getting out of his car when he was shot.
6:35 am
the car also has several bullet holes in it and there were more shell casing other groundly police have not told us the victim's name and they also haven't said who shot him or why. police in northeast philadelphia are looking for the burglar who beat a homeowner with a tire iron. it happened last night on the 2300 block of emerson street. the 49-year-old homeowner came home to find someone ransacking his place. police say there was a struggle at first. then the burglar pulled out a tire iron, beating the man so badly he had to go to the hospital. the burglar took jewelry and ran off. >> ♪ >> happening today, kidnapping suspect delvin barnes will come back to philadelphia. officers are expected to bring him home from virginia so he can come here and be ready to face charges. erin o'hearn is live in the satellite center and she's got more on the process. good morning, erin. good morning, at a, that's right. 37-year-old delvin barnes has been in custody in virginia since his arrest last week. the man accused of abducting carleesha freeland-gaither will be tried by federal
6:36 am
authorities in philadelphia on federal kidnapping charges. barnes is also accused of kidnapping and trying to murder a teenaged girl in virginia. police say the 16-year-old escaped when barnes was apparently digging a grave for her in early october. but first, as we said, virginia authorities will release him to philadelphia authorities today for an initial court appearance this week. barnes is accused of grabbing 22-year-old carleesha freeland-gaither in this video when she was walking home from a bus stop on november seconds. he drove off with her as she kicked out his car window. police found the pair a few days later -- three days later rather. barnes is expected to be appointed an attorney in philadelphia when he has that court appearance this week. of course, we'll keep you updated on all the developments as they occur. we're live in the satellite center, erin o'hearn channel6 "action news". mat back to you. >> david over to you and accuweather. >> starting out dry, storm tracker 6 live double scan shows us that.
6:37 am
as we take a look outside we've got some cloud cover overhead across the region right now but we expect those clouds to break out from behind or the sunshine to break out from behind the clouds a little bit later on. we can go ahead and take a look at sky 6, there it is, little cloudy at the airport but we are in the process of clearing over the next couple of hours. couple of highlights to your forecast. first of all we got a couple of mild days left so enjoy today and tomorrow before that chilly change arrives. as we take a look at the current temperature, 47 degrees, better than yesterday. winds are calm like yesterday, not a lot of wind out there, so that hence out the feel of things. here you see those low lying cloud cover -- or clouds that have filtered in over the last couple of hours. we expect that to melt away from the time quickly after sunrise and then we wind up with some clouds out to the west, mainly staying to the west for the morning hours. so, i think we're going to see plenty of sunshine early and there's the chance of some clouds building in and filtering in as the day goes on. starting out cool. by 8:00 still 45 degrees. but then by 11 o'clock, up to 57 and the afternoon we spend
6:38 am
it in the 60's. in fact, well into the 60's. that high of 67 around 3 o'clock this afternoon and by 5 o'clock, we're likely still going to be sticking on about 64 degrees. light winds, a fair amount of sunshine with some additional clouds filtering in later in the day. 67 in wilmington as well. 65 in allentown and similar numbers in trenton, reading and down through millville and atlantic city. cape may down on the peninsula maybe a couple degrees cooler but still not bad. speaking of cool, you can see that cold air we have been talking about the last couple days has now descended past wichita kansas and that blue shade pushing down into oklahoma and parts of texas and that cool air is going to start shifting to the east but ahead of that it over here in the east we have two more mild days before we have to start worrying about this. as that cold air starts to push toward the east it will not be as bad here as it is right now out to the west. the next couple days we'll be averaging 15 to 30 degrees below average temperatures but later this week as that air moves towards the east it moderates as it tries to descend out of the mountains and starts to interactor with
6:39 am
the warm ocean water and we're only going to be about 10 to 15 degrees below average here. the biggest issue i think later in the week for us will be the morning lows. it will be pretty cold as you step outside in the morning much 67 today, nice and mild chilly to start out. overnight low tonight only 58. very mild. veterans disarms look great today. clouds and sun tomorrow, a high of 65. might be a little fog and drizzle in the morning. otherwise it's looking pretty good. thursday that's when the cooler air starts to push in. it will be brisk and colder with a high of 49 degrees. at night there could actually be a little feature that comes through and produces a rain or maybe even a wet snow shower, our first flakes of the year in philadelphia are possible late thursday night. looks like that is done by friday morning and by the way we're only talking about just a shower, no accumulation or anything but it will be noteworthy if we did get the wet snowflakes. friday brisk and cold a high of 45. saturday chilly 44. in the morning we've got lows around the freezing mark so again real cold as you step outside in the morning, colder than we've been so far this
6:40 am
year. for saturday, we said 44. sunday we're watching the coast, 47 degrees. there is a coastal storm that might push a rain or perhaps a snow shower in off the ocean on sunday, probably later at night maybe into monday morning. and on thursday night at 11 o'clock here on "action news," be sure to tune in for our annual accuweather winter weather outlook. we'll be talking about the chances of whether we get above average or below average snow, we'll take a stab at how much we think we'll get and we'll be talking temperatures. all of that is thursday night on "action news" at 11 o'clock. >> plus wine and hors d'oeuvres. >> sure. >> we have them in your house, they won't be onset. still ahead, a milestone in the fight against ebola. next why a doctor's trip home from the hospital today has a bigger meaning for efforts to stop the virus in the u.s. >> lava is flowing again in hawaii and starting to do some damage. karen. >> on the lookout for fog all morning and you can really see it right now on the ben franklin bridge. just kind of rolled in. visibility reduced as you're coming. we can see traffic not looking too bad with volume not too
6:41 am
bad just yet on the ben. we're going to show you what the fog looks like in some of the other areas and talk about an accident slowing you down on i-95 when we come back. >> and also when we come back some big changes for the va to tell you about on this veterans day when "action news" continues. >> ♪ hiiiii.
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6:44 am
all of the people who served our country for their service, what they have done for america. >> absolutely. let's go over to karen and it's foggy in some spots out there complicating the commute. >> yeah, when we started a 4:30 in the morning the fog was pretty isolated along the coastline and now as we look live here in new jersey, that's 42 northbound traffic here at creek road and you can certainly see the fog here reducing visibility and you need to be careful as you're headed out. we have been watching this progress through the region. if you're coming from turnersville blackwood or deptford you're encountering the fog and just a little building volume on 42 northbound. let's look at the latest visibility reports to give you an idea of what we're seeing. still just 7-mile visibility at philadelphia international airport. that's not bad. but we're down to 1 mile visibility in dover. near zero in atlantic city. wildwood and beach haven. you can see all the fog is kind of progressing through the region, even in between our reporting sites. so you just need to be careful as you'll be dealing with that this morning. let's take a look right now outside and check on other situations throughout the area. looking at i-95 here and we
6:45 am
can see this disabled vehicle kind of off to the right shoulder at this point. looks like the vehicle left and penndot's on the scene with this one. this is delaware county, i-95 southbound at the commodore barry bridge. so you need to be careful as you're headed through this area. just watch for it off to the side at this point. it's really not impeding traffic too much. when we watched it earlier it was kind of in the left lane through that area. we've got some better news now. old york road northbound is reopened. i told you i talked to police then thought they would be reopening that shortly and here they have. so between adams avenue and susquehanna road things are looking a lot better right there, matt and tam. >> thank you karen. happening today, a new york city doctor who was infected with ebola will come home from the hospital. doctors say craig spencer is cured of the virus. he tested positive for ebola on october 23rd just days after returning to the u.s. from treating patients in west africa. there are now no cases of ebola on u.s. soil and every american treated here has survived. spencer will take part in a news conference today at bellevue hospital where he was treated.
6:46 am
look for average later today on "action news" at noon and on the new secretary of veterans affairs says he's restructuring the department. robert mcdonald made the announcement on the eve of veterans day. he says the focus will be on customer service for the 22 million vets who use the system. that focus includes disciplinary action against more than a thousand employees related to the delay of care to veterans around 5600 people have already been fired related to that scandal. >> brand new this morning the captain of a south korean ferry that sank back in april will spend the next 36 years in prison. the captain was acquitted of murder but convicted on other charges in the boating accident that killed more than 300 people. the chief engineer of the boat will also spend time in jail. he gets 30 years and 13 other crew members were sentenced to up to 20 years this morning. prosecutors argued the captain and crew were negligent and then abandoned the passengers after the accident. that lava flow on hawaii's big island has destroyed its first house.
6:47 am
the fiery flow had been inching toward the town of pahoa since june. when it reached the house it caused a huge fire in a matter of minutes. renters inside were already out so no one was hurt. the lava is threatening other homes along with a key highway that connects pahoa to the rest of the big island. >> it's now 6:47. and he says he shot and killed osama bin laden. this morning that navy seal is speaking out on camera about the top-secret mission. "good morning america" has a live preview next. david. >> chilly this morning, not as bad as yesterday. temps in the 40's in most in neighborhoods with light winds, a little bit of fog down by the shore. dressing the kids in a sweatshirt this morning. they will they could probable go easy shot gear this morning. honoring cabrini college on the founder of the university. we'll be back with your daypart forecast. hey! welcome home! hey mom!
6:48 am
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>> it's almost time for the big handoff to "gma." let's get a sense of what they have coming up. >> we actually do hand off a baton its a little hard because it's so far away amy. i know you're up in new york city but we do it. see. >> reporter: i know i take it from you every time with pride. matt and tam great to be with you on this tuesday morning. coming up next on good morning america happening rights now extreme weather making it feel like the dead of winter in most of the country. heavy snow continues in the upper midwest as that arctic air makes its way in. i hear we're all going to be feeling it too, guys. ginger is tracking it all. and then the firestorm over
6:51 am
who killed osama bin laden. we are hearing for the first time on camera from the navy seal who claims he took out the world's most wanted terrorist. martha raddatz has the latest from washington. then new details on that gunman in custody this morning after holding people in an oklahoma office building for four hours. a woman held hostage helped negotiate his surrender and we will hear from her exclusively. then one man's amazing story of surviving a shark attack. the incredible footage caught on tape. then we take you into the water there. matt gutmann swimming with sharks. we'll tell you what you need to know to survive and i will be watching that from the comfort of the studio. that is one of the assignments i would never, ever, ever take. would you? >> sharks, are you trying to kill matt gutmann? what's going on. >> the line for "gma" correspondents has just shortened and thank you, amy. [laughter] >> amy is a smart lady. >> she is. hey, we've got a few problems out there this morning.
6:52 am
let's take you to the maps because in new castle county i-95 southbound approaching churchman's road we still have this accident here on the shoulder and we're jammed from 295 to approaching churchman's road. at least those speeds 26 miles an hour may not look good but that's better than it was 15 minutes ago. new accident in delaware county, 202 northy northbound at smith bridge road. new disabled vehicle off to the side out there, it had been on the boulevard past ridge avenue southbound dave out there blocking the right lane. >> karen chilly this morning but not quite as bad as yesterday. we are up close to 50 degrees in philadelphia, 48 right now. still up are 30's in allentown. mid 40's in wilmington and trenton and upper 50's in sea isle city and other points down by the shore. some fog down by the shore so be careful of that. 48 degrees by 9 o'clock but then it is off to the races. 61 by noon. your high today is 67 which is 9 degrees above average. if we squeeze out enough sunshine we might go a little above that this afternoon. stories. >> ♪ the holiday season is here,
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6:56 am
the fire broke out in a barn in the safari section of the theme park. no animals or people were injured. only "action news" was there when eagles quarterback mark sanchez celebrated the there when eagles quarterback eating cheesesteaks at pat's and geno's in south philadelphia. sanchez helped lead the birds to a 45-21 win over the carolina panthers. >> hungry all morning watching that. >> i know. >> we have been watching the fog. let's take a live look right now at the ben franklin bridge. , see the fog reducing visibility a bit as you're heading out. so watch for that. but no big delay coming into the city at this point. a few accidents, one in cheltenham new old york road at willow avenue. another plymouth township germantown pike and valley road dave. >> going to be a warm one today, 48 degrees right now. fair amount of sunshine with a few more clouds building as the day goes on. light winds and a nice high of 67 degrees for veterans day. thanks veterans for your service. nice we give you a day. nice that the day is going to be mild. >> let's give them a hand.
6:57 am
(applause). >> someone went on twitter and made a good point. if you own a business consider hiring a veteran. >> great idea. >> a lot of them still need jobs out there. "good morning america" is next. for karen rogers, dave murphy, tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. have a good veterans day. >> we have several here. >> ♪ [prof. burke] it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it.
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. good morning, america. and breaking right now, that record snow. and now the deep freeze spreading across the nation. dangerous pileups, temperatures plunging 40 degrees in some places. ginger is tracking it all. this is a one-way mission. we are going to go and not come back. >> new this morning, the navy s.e.a.l. who says he killed osama bin laden speaking out. how they prepared for the mission to kill the most-wanted man in the world. they thought it would be the last. the more i would get him to like me, the less he would hurt me. >> harrowing ordeal, the young mother held for hours at her office. how did she keep calm and get out alive? an abc news exclusive. and swimming with sharks.


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