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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 12, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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. making news in america this morning -- big chill. temperatures dropping across the country with some areas in the south waking up in the 20s. nearly two feet of snow fell overnight. a surprise announcement overnight. a deal between the united states and china aimed at cutting greenhouse gases. details on the huge agreement on climate change just coming in. heroic rescue. a submerged truck and a helpless driver inside. how he ended up there and the coworkers who jumped into action. an historic mission happening right now in deep space. how scientists expect to pull off a delicate landing on a comet in just hours.
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well, a good wednesday morning to you, i'm reena ninan. >> i'm t.j. holmes. begin with the spreading arctic chill over most of the country. >> people waking up to temperatures in the 20s as far south as texas. >> and below zero in the midwest, heavy snow giving an early taste of winter. brandi hitt with the details. >> reporter: slipping and sliding into winter early. bitter cold in the upper midwest, causing nearly 500 crashes in minnesota alone. including this truck barrelling into a trooper's car. >> how everyone walked away from that is just short of a miracle. >> reporter: digging out from just under a foot of snow. tractor-trailers unable to move on the ice, and dozens of flights delayed. with crews de-icing planes in
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denver, where tuesday's high temperature reached a record low of 16 degrees. arctic air down to texas by the middle part of the week. >> reporter: some embracing the season's first big chill. others, not quite ready to dust off their winter wardrobe. brandi hitt, abc news. >> well, this cold front moves across the country, sending temperatures as far south as texas 30 to 40 degrees below normal. >> our coverage begins, accuweather meteorologist jim dickey. good morning. >> good morning. arctic cold in the midsection. early morning low temperatures, 7 in bismarck, 10 in minneapolis. chicago, falling to 24. a good deal colder than we were yesterday. and that cold pushed down into texas. now not the north, but it's frigid. 30 in dallas, down to 20 in lubbock.
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a good many spots, 40 degrees below average through the day. back to you. thanks so much. president obama wrapping up his visit to china with a sometimes tense news conference overnight. >> nearly overshadowing a historic deal on climate change. >> reporter: good morning. president obama spent two days in close one on one meetings with china's president xi. trying to take their relationship to a new level. but after all that, it was clear they have a long way to go. xi refused to respond directly to a tough question from the u.s. press about obama's pivot to asia and press access for foreign journalists. he usually is highly scripted to the press. but it was moments after obama talked at length in the key areas they can work together, and the critical importance of their relationship. they were able to make progress this week on several areas, including climate change, visas
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and i.t. and there are areas of staunch disagreement between the u.s. and china, and he's been pressing xi about human rights. china carefully crafted the public appearances throughout the week, but as is often the case, it's what happens on the sidelines, or sometimes what you don't hear that's often the most interesting. >> thank you so much. another unscripted moment live on chinese television was scrubbed in chinese media. the moment, take a look, happening here, russian president vladimir putin, offering china's first lady a shawl. that's a chivalrous move in some cultures, but the chinese saw
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former navy s.e.a.l. robert o'neill on the night of may 2, 2012, inside bin laden's compound pakistan. he said they made their way into his bedroom, and he was face-to-face with the faster mind. he fired twice ginto his forehead. telling the "washington post" i saw him take his last breath. but they thought they would be taking their last breaths as well. >> the more we trained on it, the more we realized this is going to be a one way mission. we're going to die when the house blouse up, we're going to die when he blows up. or be there too long and arrested by the pakistanis and spend the rest of our short lives in pakistan prison. >> reporter: but another s.e.a.l. tells a different
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story. matt bissonnette says it wasn't o'neill who killed bin laden, but the point man. but he said the point man missed or just wounded bin laden. that point man has yet to tell his story. >> tahman bradley, live in washington. thank you, as always. the governor of missouri says law enforcement is prepared to keep people safe once the decision is announced in the michael brown case. weeks of protests formaled the death of the shooting of the unarmed team. officials are trying to make sure things remain calm. but some ferguson residents worry police will become heavy-handed. >> that ugliness was not representative of missouri and cannot be repeated. >> when you see police in riot gear, it does something to you on the inside. >> a decision is expected by the end of the month. the california man accused
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of murdering a family of four appears in court today. the family, including two little boibs disappeared from their san diego home in 2010, leaving food on the counter and the two dogs in the backyard. their remains weren't found until last year, buried in the desert. now a business associate and close friend of the father's is charged. a remarkable decade-long space mission is in the final stages right now. some 311 million miles from earth. >> yes, the european space agen agency's attempt to land on the comet. it's going to separate from the mothership and begin the landing process. >> we won't know if it's successful until 11:00 a.m. eastern. it's to let us know about comets. and listen to this. rosetta capturing an eerie song
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from the comet. scientist don't know what to make from it. they were not expecting to hear the bubbling sound. they believe it's caused by a string of particles being released. >> i watched too many movies. that's clearly something from a being. something out there putting that out. >> or the twilight zone. still ahead here. the people are already, folks, already in line for black friday deals. >> and trapped for days, fire fighters work fast to free a man from inside a wall. how his screams were help were finally heard. plus caught on camera, the mercedes-benz beggar. discovering a pregnant
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breaking business news. a big settlement announced overnight between five big banks and regulators in the u.s. and britain. citigroup, j.p. morgan chase, and ubs. paying for than $3 billion to settle charges of wrong doing in foreign currently markets. and the worst airports for winter travelers. chicago's o'hare to be the worst, 42% of winter flights delayed. newark, denver and ft. lauderdale, more than a third delays in the winter. a sure sign that winter is on the way. the building hype around black friday. more than two weeks away. but several major retailers are jumping in, giving a sneak peek.
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target, best buy and walmart releasing planned deals now so black friday shoppers can plan accordingly. some are in line two weeks ahead of time. there they are. forming outside of this best buy in beau month, california. they're bundled up and settled in. they have a lot of food and layers. waiting. and they'll be waiting for 16 days to get in and get whatever it is is worth that. >> they must not have heard the weather forecast. they need more than a blanket like that. space heaters. the final days of robin williams. new details about the condition that may have led to his suicide. heroic co workers. two men race to a colleague's rescue after his truck careens into a creek. esurwhich means fewer costs, which saves money. their customer experience is virtually paperless, which saves paper, which saves money. they have smart online tools, so you only pay
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let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. parts of the upper midwest are digging out for more than a foot of snow after getting slammed by a powerful early season storm. it dumped a staggering 22 inches of snow in northern wisconsin. this morning, it's still snowing there. well, highways across the upper midwest are slick as the morning commute gets under way. drivers face another three feet of snow around the great lakes. weather from eastern texas to tennessee, snowy mountain passes from san francisco to portland. >> delays possible in minneapolis, denver, new york
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city and san francisco. a seattle family that tracked down a gang of robbers using their find my iphone app, they were scolded by the 911 aerpter for doing so. >> and after repeated calls for following the thieves, one dispatcher let them know why it was so dangerous. >> ma'am, let me tell you something. hold on a second. i've been on the phone with someone who was killed over a cell phone. and i really don't want that to happen to you. >> police are adamant that because the technology lets you follow the phone, doesn't mean you should do it. and rescuers had to break through an exterior wall to free a man who was stuck. he's likely homeless and gained access to the store from the roof and got lodged in the wall. it's believed he may have been there for a couple of days. the whole thing will be investigated as a trespassing case. two city employees in dallas
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coming to the rescue of one of their colleagues. that truck ended up in the water because the driver had a medical emergency behind the wheel. two rescuers saw it, pulled man out. he was submerged up to his neck. he was taken to the hospital, the truck was pulled to the creek. but they got him to safety. and north of new york city, a 10-year-old boy pulled to safety after falling off a cliff and into a quarry. he slipped on gravel, lost his footing and fell 30 feet. the local volunteer fire department was to the rescue. he had neck and back injuries. a second sink hole in a florida mobile home park. and residents fear a third could be there soon. the first swallowed a car in just 15 minutes on monday. a second hole opened 20 feet away. they will fill in the holes. but the car, they have to get that out of there first.
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new york city police have released these pictures. two suspects wanted in connection with the robbery of a midtown manhattan jewelry store. happened in the middle of the afternoon, one bandit posed as a delivery man. workers in nearby buildings were escorted out in single file while police searched rooftops. so far no arrests. and new details about the death of robin williams. doctors found signs in his brain tissue of a form of dementia that could cause abnormal behaviors, including hallucinations. they said that he had trouble sleeping and had experienced a recent increase in paranoia. as we mark the pass, now, of a rap music pioneer. big bank hank was one-third of the sugarhill gang. and rapper's delight brought
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hip-hop into the mainstream. it was 12 minutes and counting. it was the first rap song to make it to the top 40. he died after a battle with cancer. he was 57 years old. something of a mystery and this a warning this morning, centering on a situation in san diego. this pregnant panhandler has been asking people for money near shopping centers. one woman was watching as they climbed into a mercedes. when she saw she was being photographed, the panhandler went on the attack. >> she picks up this big boulder, goes over her head. i don't know if pregnant people can do that, over her head and coming at me with this rock. police were called, but the panhandler, a male companion and the child got away. tracking the license plate led to the apartment which the couple had just left. let's get back to normal now, shall we? we can find that in sports. >>, of neil, we're
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excited. >> spurs and warriors. no resting the starters for greg popovich. maybe sending a statement. starting the season 5-1. one of his former players now coaching the warriors. and the stolen pass, tony parker to leonard. 20 turnovers led to 21 points for the spurs. tony parker, 21 points, 7 assists. clay thompson, 29 for the warriors. but parker and leonard, just too much. leonard, 19 points, 6 rebounds. spurs win it 113 to 100. long distance information. memphis, tennessee. that's where the fred bears were hosting the kobe bryants. under two minutes to go, lakers, he had 28. but there was a miscommunication in the final half minute that led to bryant not shooting the
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shot the lakers had to make. and a rebound they had to have. and memphis' zach randolph did. and the grizz, 107-102. >> that's us. 17 in a row for the grizzlies now at home. >> got any other facts you want to share? >> no. >> all right. >> back to you. appreciate you, fellas, as always. we have "the pulse" coming your way next. and the story for the people who just can't cut a rug. if you look like that when you dance, it might not be your fault. and a new champion crowned, a multi-million dollar prize awarded overnight. strip and shut your mouth. ight cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow, it opens your nose up to 38% more. so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do, sleep. add breathe right to your cold medicine shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. and look for the calming scent of new
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great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness from the stevia leaf. well, time now to check "the pulse." stories you'll be talking about today. starting with an excuse for the most horrendous dancers among us. >> yes, if you're a part of the rhythm-less nation. like elaine from seinfeld, you may have a condition, it's beat deafness. >> is that real? >> it's a real thing. before you claim this is your problem, only 2 to 3% of folks have this issue according to researchers. you are biologically wired. >> and most are not aware of
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their inemt skills. >> i haven't seen you dance yet. >> why are you pointing at me? i haven't seen you dance. >> don't worry. another unforgettable moment. you could call this perfect. a bride and groom here. look at this video, folks. >> veteran paralyzed after serving in afghanistan surprised his new wife by joining her for their first chance without the help of his wheelchair. he and his friends made a contraption as he stunned his wife as she walked in. she was the wedding planner. her family managed to keep her out so it would go off without a hitch. and to a corn field. a big, big corn field in sacramento. >> thifb making a maze for about a dozen years. here's the problem, this year's was so big, so difficult to navigate customers had to call 911. >> people were told before you enter it, it's 63 acres, by the
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way, if you can't figure it out, call the owners, we will send someone in to rescue you. some called right to 911. love to hear those calls. >> i would. and one lucky man from sweden is calling his accountant. >> he's martin jacobson and has $10 million in the bank. he won the world series of poker main event last night. three tens, and felix stevenson and the pair of nines. it had a $10,000 buy in. >> he played poker working late nights in restaurants and he played online poker because no one was awake. >> this is fascinating to me you can make that kind of money playing poke pplay ing poker. >> he knows how to play poker and smoked salmon. >> allots of people after him.
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it's wednesday, november 12th. up next on "action news" the father of a local basketball standout and l.a. lakers guard has been murdered. only "action news" has spoken to his family. >> a picture showing a pregnant woman panhandling with a child out west. it's what she does next that has social media buzzing this morning. sky 6 hd is looking live at center city. look out for fog out there this morning on your morning commute. meteorologist, david murphy will have your forecast. and karen rogers of course will help you out with "action news." "action news" is on in two. >> ♪ from san francisco all the way up to portland. and on this morning after veterans day, couldn't help but show you this video. a you unique way they honored
4:28 am
vets. >> they attended the high school and went off to war. now they're graduates as we report. >> reporter: veterans day is a day to honor those who served in the military, something princeton high school takes seriously. princeton does veterans day one better. especially those who went to war before they got to be high school graduates. >> i went in in '51. >> reporter: harold was a decorated soldier in the korean conflict. >> i was going down to newport central catholic, over to newport over there. and before i could get there, i got back home and there was a white piece of paper in the mailbox. >> reporter: drafted. but tonight harold is a princeton viking. more than 60 years later than scheduled. bill painter was attending princeton high school in 1969, a 19-year-old sophomore.
4:29 am
>> i waited 34 years to get my high school diploma. >> reporter: bill was drafted straight into vietnam. straight out of high school. >> i wasn't supposed to be there. not according to the rules they had back then. >> reporter: they traded caps and gowns for helmets and rifles. but tonight they're both heros and graduates. lanny, princeton high school. and a big night to honor the veterans on the washington national mall. >> the too fighters took part in the concert for valor. carrie underwood and others, including bruce springsteen. >> this was meant to raise awareness about issues affecting veterans. but you can see -- fun to see the veterans rocking out and having a good time. but a huge crowd gathered to see the concert. what a day and what a night. >> lots of big musicians. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> it is wednesday, >> ♪ working on several developing stories you didn't see last night including a man murdered execution style in north philadelphia overnight. we have details on what police know. >> a historic move from president obama. details on his new goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions blamed for global warning. >> a california woman's outrage rippled over the internet. >> video is something. good morning, it's 4:30. let's go right over to


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