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tv   Action News  ABC  November 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> good morning everyone, it is 6:00 a.m. on this thursday, november 13 we're following breaking news. >> a woman found dead in her home we're live with the details. >> bullets fly on a philadelphia street leaving one man dead and an innocent bystander wounded. >> accuweather is tracking chilly weather and the colder weather will stretch into the weekend. >> reporter: it's cold out here this morning. i wish i had gloves. we'll see early sunshine, but there's clouds to the west that are getting thicker. in the morning we'll see the clouds thicken up that will be
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the continue process throughout the day. 39 degrees if in philadelphia. we're below freezing in allentown. 33 in reading. 32 in millville. the numbers are down at this early hour. the windchill is making it feel like the freezing mark, windchill of 27 in wilmington. some of you might require a slightly heavier coat as you head out and maybe extra gear. if you're camping the bus, 39 degrees by 7:00. 41 by 8:00. clear, but chilly. if you're heading to class or work, by 8:00 we should be back up to 41. yourself it will be a cooler day. the high will be 51 by 2:00. by 3:00 p.m. we're back in the upper 40s and 6:00 p.m., 47 degrees, there's a chance of late daylight rain in the northern -- late day, light rain in the northern suburbs, and cooler on the way.
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>> reporter: chopper 6 is heading to the scene of a jackknifed tractor-trailer between lansdale and mid county. we had a disabled vehicle that cleared. you meaner state road and dekalb pike. 30 bypass, approaching 82 all lanes open. the schuylkill expressway eastbound traffic heading toward center city. no major delays. no weather-related problems this morning. both are clear and dry. >> let's begin with breaking news here, a woman was found dead and unclothe in her bedroom in west philadelphia. katherine scott is at the scene with details. >> reporter: family members have arrived to the scene they just learned about the death of their loved one. they are speaking with
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investigators. we spoke with them as what they've been told by police. this is the home where the victim was found at 53rd an market in west philadelphia. were called at 3:00 a.m. they were met by a 57-year-old woman who lives in the property in the rear first floor apartment. the 57-year-old woman told police three men in dark hooded sweatshirts forced their way into the front door of the property wearing masks struggled with her and the 62-year-old roommate. she was naked and bruised. her cause of death has not been determined. there were no signs of forced entry or any type of robbery or anything taken. the family members we spoke to on the scene said there's a history of the 57-year-old abusing the victim and they don't believe there was a
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break-in. >> i had to call the cops a few times to get the woman out of my aunt's house. they never did anything. she kept abusing her. >> and back here live on the scene where the investigation is well underway there have been no arrests in the case. 57-year-old roommate had minor bruising to her body. she is in stable condition. police are with her at the hospital. no arrests in the case, but we know a 62-year-old woman was pronounced inside the buildings this morning. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for the information, catherine. a fast-moving fire in southwest philadelphia damaged three homes and sent up to ten people running for their lives. crews found flames spitting from the home at 2:00 a.m. burning electrical wires outside the structure hampered the fire fight. >> in the rear there's
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electrical wires going across the rear. that's one of the problems, the wires were on fire and it came down, so we had to avoid that electrical hazard there. >> no reports of injuries, the red cross is finding temporary shelter for 6 people who lived in two of the homes. the third home was under renovation and empty. >> a man was shot dead in a hail of bullets and a stray bullet from that attack hit a septa bus driver who was there on the scene. he is fighting for his life this morning. the action cam was on the scene, the 600 block of winton street. a 35-year-old man was shot in the head and killed, but a bullet hit an innocent bystander in the chest. 56-year-old off duty septa bus driver. >> he is an outstanding citizen, a pillar of the community, ever since i was a kid he's always lincoln been a nice, nice individual. >> police are questioning
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people who saw the shootings and combing over surveillance video looking for good images of the gunman. >> police are checking area hospitals for a wounded man who was involved in a police chase in philadelphia. investigators say police were pursuing a carat 9:30 when someone opened fire organ the patrol car. officers returned fire, no officers were injured, but police believe they have wounded the man they were chasing. >> forget about saving your pennies, you need to saving quarters, at least. maribel aber is live at time square. i don't like these numbers. >> reporter: college found that the average cost of tuition in 2014 rose faster than income growth. the increases are smaller than
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over the past five, ten and 30 years period. millions listen to music on youtube. they will have a monthly music description, it will be available by invite only. the dow and s&p 500 ended their winning streaks, futures pointing to a higher open. would you pay $200 for coffee? that's the price tag on limited edition of silver card. $150 that's the retail valley of the sterling silver card itself. people want it. the first 1,000 are available on november 1 sold out in 4 hours. >> people are not very start. i would say give someone $200. thank you, maribel. one of the atlantic city's shuttered casino has found a
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buyer. stockton college bought showboat to turn it into a school campus. >> 42 registeredded on city avenue -- registered on city avenue that's below average? >> reporter: yes it is. most of us in the 0s, the official number at the airport is 39. we're dropping down there. as we look at storm tracker 6 live double scan we have no precipitation that's nice. as we look outside, sky6 live hd every now and then the camera bounces a little bit because of breeze blowing off the water, but statement we have sunshine coming up over the horizon. you can see that there. there's the number in philadelphia, 31 in allentown. 33 in reading. down the road in wilmington, 34. down the the boardwalk in sea isle city, atlantic city city you're looking at the low 40s. satellite showing we'll see sunshine, but obviously there are clouds to the west making a run at us, and generally
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speaking we'll see sun changing to clouds. up in allentown, we'll increase in clouds and light rain that will change to wet snowshowers. atlantic city, light rain and 54 degrees is the high there. in philadelphia. 5 # 1 degrees, increasing clouds, chillier than yesterday. winds light at 6 to 12 miles per hour. even now with the light wind you're getting the windchills in the low 30s with the temperature in the upper 30s so it does make a difference. 8:00, 41 degrees, 11:00, 46 degrees, there's the high at 2:00. 5:00, 47. in the northern and western suburbs there's light rain building out of the poconos peculiars. future tracker has this in lehigh county and berks county. you may see wet snow mixing in. it's not out of the question in some places north and west of philadelphia. we get a coating on the ground.
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1:00, 11:30 this is starting to break apart. light rain could give way to wet snowflakes and that could put a coating on lawns, if you see that you want to watch out for icy patches. windy and cool tomorrow, around the freezing mark in the morning in the afternoon, highs in the mid 40s and a wind blowing that will make it feel brisk and uncomfortable. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, increasing clouds and chilly today. 51 degrees with the late-day shower possible with the wet snowflakes this evening. brisk and chill extra on friday, 44 on saturday. sunday, more clouds build in. 47 is the high, we're looking at rain at night probably in the form of showers. might hold off until late at night. the change in the forecast is that the rain will continue into monday and monday looks like it could be wet with periods of steady rain and we dry out
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tuesday and wednesday and get colder. remember tomorrow night on "action news," cesily tynan will present our 2014 winter weather outlook, snowfall and temperatures all that fun stuff. >> isn't this like christmas, i can't wait to open it up. >> i think this is coal in our stocking. 6:11. the window washers who got stuck on the new world trade center and why the danger isn't over yet. >> the legality of uber x goes statewide in pennsylvania, we have a preview. >> reporter: looking good on the ben franklin bridge, eastbound we have construction blocking the right lane. what it looks like on 422 and a problem with mass transit. >> eagles are talented individuals. linebacker connor barwin shows he can do more than sack quarterbacks. we'll show you what's up to when
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we come right back. 6767
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6:14 grab a jacket when you head outside today. 42 degrees on city avenue. a lot of other communities in the 30s this morning. >> let's go over to karen rogers to see what it looks like when it comes to your morning commute. >> reporter: let's stop on one of these, and we can talk about the problems in the area.
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chopper 6 is heading to northeast extension chopper heading there to check out a disabled tractor-trailer. let's look outside an show you what it looks like on 422. that's eastbound traffic past oaks you can say see a little slowing not a major delay just yet. if you're coming in from pottstown or limerick. the roads are clear and dry that's good news with that. i meant toying over to the big picture and check on some things, first off the slow speeds. i-95 southbound 24 hours, cottman, 24 you're seeing the southbound delays kicking in. the schuylkill expressway is not too bad just yet. the house fire, you may see crews here myrtle wood road and jefferson. in west philadelphia ruby street near chestnut street a water
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main break. southwest philadelphia, florence avenue between 55th and 56th we had a house fire that was creating problems there, as well. a few things to watch for currently. let's talk about some other problems, we have issues with mass transit, the river line and ben franklin bridge. here we go i wanted to show you this, we have an accident approaching 5th street. look how the benefit is jamming up westbound coming into the at this time. a big jam happening westbound on the ben franklin bridge. these new, matt. >> crews are working to bring down the scaffolding that left two window washers left dangling on 1 world trade center. the cable malfunctioned. firefighters cut a hole through the double paned glass and pulled the men to safety. >> uber x will get a vote from
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the public utility. they have had there problem when it comes to the city of philadelphia. ppa calls it illegal taxi operation. uber x wants clearance to operate across the state. it's unclear if the vote will give the company lorena's in philadelphia. >> time 6:17 detailing the warning signs. researchers say they can predict what type of soldier is likely to attempt suicide. connor barwin shows his softer side off the field. >> reporter: temperatures in the 0s, there's a light wind in a couple of neighborhoods. this afternoon we can definitely do sweatshirts as it moderates a bit and we're rooting for drexel as 6abc college of the morning. go dragons. we're back with the day-park forecast.
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>> college students rolled up their sleeves to donate blood in delaware. this was the annual athletic blood challenge at the university of delaware. if it's delaware you know our own blue hen matt o'donnell will be there. he stepped up to help out his alma mater yesterday. he was like i'm out of here. >> i have to tell you i feel a little lighter. i feel like i have a spring in my step more so than yesterday. >> and you helped a lot of people. >> reporter: we have lots of problems happening on the bridges as we go outside live to the ben franklin bridge. you don't see a delay to too ofn at this early hour on the benefit. we're jammed solid because of the accident approaching 5th street it's involving an
6:21 am
overturned truck. getting more details there's an overturned truck on the ben franklin bridge approaching 5th street. you have a huge delay westbound on the bridge. we have a problem platt bridge eastbound approaching 26th street a disabled truck that's in the right lane, traffic snarled in both areas. >> reporter: weird it's a nice morning, no precipitation or anything. we have a lot of stuff going on. we are in the 30s in philadelphia. 47 by noon, it will be a cooler day overall we're going for a high of 51 degrees, we'll it hi that around 1:30 or 2:00. back in the upper 40s by 3:00. 47 by 6:00. later this afternoon we'll be on the look out for light rain moving in from the northern and western suburbs later tonight could mix with wet snow. not a super big deal, but something to keep in mind. on the big board there's light snow in chicago.
6:22 am
in you're flying to the windy city check with the airline to make sure everything is okay. >> a new study said risk factors may tip off who are at risk for suicide. here's the list. men, who own weapons and previous suicide affects. among active army soldiers hospitalized for mental health reasons one in ten will commit suicide within a year of their release. the sixers begin a 3-game swing through texas. sixers point guard michael carter williams will make his first start of the season returning from shoulder surgery. nerlens noel will be back after getting sidelined from a ankle injury. the eagles helped with a 17,000-foot piece of art.
6:23 am
connor barwin is the pee picassf the team. he showed off his artistic skills alongside fans. he's the guy with the beard. >> 6:23, still ahead a payout to the family of the only ebola patient to die on u.s. soil. >> a woman found beaten to death in west philadelphia, katherine. >> reporter: that's right, matt, police are on the scene of a homicide, a woman found beaten in her apartment. we have the the latest details coming up at 6:30 [prof. burke] it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it.
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on select new volkswagen models. >> good morning, chopper 16 live over breaking news here in worcester township over the northeast extension. good news to tell you about, karen had been watching this, because a jackknife tractor-trailer caused a slow down in the southbound lanes. things are getting by and they have moved that and she will give you more in the next traffic report. there's a settlement in the death of the only person to die of ebola in the united states. thomas eric duncan's family will get an undloalsed noon -- undisclosed settlement from pretty bad health texas hospital. "action news" has learned the name of a driver who was killed in the lehigh valley, he died when the cab of his
6:27 am
tractor-trailer roll on its side near route 22. he was on the eastbound ramp to 33 south. that ramp was closed for four hours after the crash. new at 6:00. remembering the montgomery county teenager who was killed two years ago. those who gathered called for justice for the driver who hit him him the vigil honored 16-year-old tim pasiello. he was trying to cross the road when he was killed. the driver faces vehicular homicide. he remains on house arrest while he awaits trial. still ahead a music superstar is involved in a midair scare overnight. details at 6:30. >> a woman badly burned in a house fire overnight. details on that and the rest of the top stories next!
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>> breaking right now a woman killed in her home overnight, we're live with the latest on the investigation. overnight, >> a meeting of philadelphia's next casino turns into a neighborhood food. see how the debate was one sided. a midair scare for bono, the incident that sent luggage flying out of the back of his plane overnight. >> accuweather is tracking some of the coldest temperatures we've seen this season. let's find out the latest with david murphy and karen rogers, good morning. >> reporter: we have sunshine coming up over the horizon nice and early and nice and light. we have clouds out to the west that will roll in and take us over and get thicker. 39 degrees in philadelphia. 34 in wilmington, 36 in trenton. over the freezing mark in
6:31 am
reading. the boardwalks down the shore in the low 40s. the winds are not that strong, but it doesn't take much when you start out with the cool temperatures to get raw. in wilmington, a windchill of 27. maybe we're putting on a heavier coat in some cases. the high today, 51 degrees at 2:00 and by 3:00 we're back down to 49 and we slip to the mid 40s by 7:00. later today there could be a shower moving into the northern and western suburbs. and you could see wet snowflakes on the lawns. and we'll have cooler air coming for tomorrow, karen, isn't that nice. >> reporter: look at the jam up on the ben franklin bridge because of an accident involving an overturned truck. this is westbound traffic jammed the length of the bridge. the truck is overturned westbound approaching 5th street. because of that you can see the huge delay.
6:32 am
we'll switch our camera view and show you a different angle. this is creating big problems and the backup is growing rapidly. this issue is going to be here for a while. it will take a while for this to get out of here. it's not the only problem on the bridge. platt bridge we have a disabled vehicle that's blocking the right turn lane if you're heading toward 26th northbound. you can see the slowing with the disabled truck stuck there blocking the right lane and traffic is trying to squeeze by on the left. child porn 6 overhead we had this jackknifed tractor-trailer on the northeast extension. the accident cleared, but the delay remains, northeast southbound between lansdale and mid county. you can see how traivel is snarled. you want to expect the slowing. even though the traffic is cleared, you can see the delay coming down from lansdale.
6:33 am
chopper 6 live on the scene. we have issues with the river line we're seeing 30 minute delays because of the communication problems. >> this story has been breaking this morning, a woman found murdered inside her own home in west philadelphia. the details evolving. let's go over to "action news" report he shall, katherine scott live at the scene at 53rd an market. she has just spoken to the victim's family. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: that's right, family members heard the news, they rushed the scene they're, they don't believe there was a break-in one of the reports the roommate has told police. we'll get to what they think happened. police remain on the scene. the crime scene unit arrived, homicide detective's were called here, as well. police were called to west philadelphia. they were met by a 57-year-old woman who lives inside the property. the victim lived in the front first floor apartment and the
6:34 am
unit connects through a bat room. the -- bathroom. the 57-year-old said three men wearing dark hoodies, came there and struggling with her and the roommate. the victim had bruising on her body and the cause of death was not determined. there was no sign of forced entry or robbery or of anything taken from the apartment. family members on scene say they don't believe there was a break-in. there's a history of the 57-year-old abusing the victim. they have caused police in the past, but the family member did not want to make a report. >> she broke her arm before that. >> my aunt said she is going to call the cops, but she didn't call the cops. she said she was abused when she went in the house she was scared to come out the door. scared. >> now, police say the
6:35 am
57-year-old roommate had minor bruising to her body. police are with her at the hospital. neighbors said they heard shouting coming from the apartment, but what happened remains under investigation. the crime scene unit has arrived, homicide detectives have been on the scene. we're live in west philadelphia, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> a lot more questions on the list there, cath -- thank you katherine. a fast-moring -- fast-moving fire damaged three homes. 6 people from two families have been displaced. investigators have not said where the fire started. people live in two of the homes, the third is under construction. firefighters were hampered by burning electrical wires but put the flames out in a half-hour. new this morning, an elderly woman was badly burned
6:36 am
on orthodox street after 11:00 p.m. police and fire crews worked to pull the woman who was in her 80s out of the home. she suffered second and third degree burns and rushed to the hospital. investigators have not told us her name or how the fire started. >> 6:36 new this morning, the man accused of driving his ex-wife's corvett into the delaware river faced a judge overnight. john kramer was arraigned and released on $15,000 bail. police say he was in a long-running fight with his wife and decided to drive the corvett into the river as revenge. a tense standoff came to a peaceful end in delaware county. a man barricaded himself inside the home in up he shall he he upper darby.
6:37 am
he fired 8 shots and nobody was hurt. police got inside and brought him out safely. a proposed meeting over a casino turned into a protest. ibew john j dougherty was booed off the stage as he tried to make a case for the casino. union leaders argued that the neighborhood would intense from a spike in jobs. people saying they don't want it. >> some say the casino is too close to the school. and others don't want to share in the jersey shore's pain. >> our children are the only important thing we care about. >> we do not want to be the next atlantic city. >> the gaming control
6:38 am
board expected to announce it's decision next tuesday. >> the cold weather has arrived, david. >> reporter: with gusto. haven't used that word in a while. as we look outside, we have the sunshine coming up over the horizon. isn't that a pretty shot. it's bright and, of course, we're starting out on the cool side. 39 degrees in philadelphia. that's one of the milder spot. winds north/northwest at 8 miles per hour. not all that strong, but enough to knock the winds -- windchills down to the 30s. we have thicker clouds gathering steam out to the west and throughout the day they will increase. temperatures are increasing, 41 degrees by 8:00. 11:00, 46 and 2:00 p.m. we hit our high at 51 today.
6:39 am
yesterday we were in the 60s. later in the day there's the possibility of rain arriving. i'll have more on that in a exaf seconds. 49 degrees in reading, 51 in philadelphia. 54 in ac. in terms of precipitation there's a chance of showers filtering in to the northern and western suburbs. this will push toward philadelphia. every now and then, though there's a chance of a changeover to wet snow. north ran west of philadelphia. that's the best chance. we might get a coating on grassy surfaces. you might want to slow down if case there's an icy patch. for what it's worth this evening, light rain is possible. wet disapplication might build in. if you -- snowflakes might build in.
6:40 am
if you're driving watch out for patchy ice here and there. we'll be down to 43 in philadelphia. tomorrow it's windy, we have an area of low pressure here and high pressure there and in between them a flow out of the north/northwest with good winds. it will be brisk and windchills in the 30s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, increasing clouds, chilly high of 51. a late afternoon shower is possible north and west of philadelphia. in the evening perhaps wet snow mixing in some spots. not a big deal, but something to talk about certainly. brisk and chilly on friday, 45 degrees windchills in the 30s. saturday, 44. the and sunday more clouds 47. monday looks like it will be wet with periods of steady rain and then we see the condition dry up for tuesday.
6:41 am
it gets cooler, 39 degrees on wednesday. winter weather outlook is tonight. >> 6:41, still ahead, u.s. sailors being attacked on video showing servicemen getting harassed overseas. >> a midair scare for bono, wait until you hear what happened on board the music star's plane overnight. >> reporter: it's going to be hard getting to work if you're taking the ben franklin bridge all because of an overturned truck. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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this is pearle vision. >> ♪ whatever they say at the start of the lion king. that's the only thing you can say when you see a picture like this. we're looking live at the sun rising over camden. 6:44. 42 degrees out there. it's bright but it's not warm. >> you've got a mess, karen what's going on. >> reporter: chopper 6 live organ the scene to give us our best view of why we have a backup. we've been saying overturned truck, this is an overturned truck. this is the ben franklin bridge westbound at 5th street. the two left lanes blocked you can see the problems created by that. we have debris everywhere we have to clean up. in the meantime it's a mess on the ben franklin bridge, as
6:45 am
chopper 6 looks live and pans back we can get a different angle of the view. everybody is trying to get to work and it's jammed solid with the accident scene at 5th street westbound on the ben franklin bridge. the driver was able to get out of there. it wasn't an emergency rescue situation, but it's a mess on the roads. a nightmare commute. i want to show you a different prospective, the jamup, you're jammed the entire length from the tolls to 5th street. look at this view of the ben this is everyone waiting to get through the tolls. you know how miserable you are waiting to get to the toll booth plaza. take the walt whitman bridge. old city at 5th street is blocked, take third or 7th as the alternate. take the ben franklin bridge instead a couple of options.
6:46 am
this is the platt bridge eastbound we've been talking about this guy, this disabled truck causing the problem. police on the scene. eastbound jammed from the platt bridge to 26th street. slow speeds on i-95, 16 miles per hour southbound, 21 past the boulevard. >> brand new at 6:30, u2 front man bono is safe in berlin after the jet he was on lost its rear door. all the luggage goes flying out of the plane, as well. that doesn't go so well in the movies. at least in real life the plane landed a little while later. an airport official say there was no danger of crashing, but the incident is being investigated. the other members of u2 were not
6:47 am
on the nl jet. >> a group of turkish men surrounded and taunted three sailors and shoved them. someone sprayed them with red paint and tried to shove bags over their heads. the sailors managed to get away anticipate return to their ship the u.s.s. ross. scientists are getting their first data from a problem that stuck its probe on the comet. when it landed harpoons were supposed to be in place, but it didn't work, it bounced one and now is back in position and scientists say it's working fine. >> another update on the bad crash ton the ben franklin
6:48 am
bridge. david is following the weather forecast. >> reporter: we're in the 0s, some of you are looking at windchills in the 20s. you might want heavier coats in some neighborhoods. drexel is the college of the morning on 6abc, go dragons. i'll be back with the day-park forecast. ♪ there's confidence...
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>> chopper 6 is live over what is going to be an epic traffic jam over the ben franklin bridge. let's get that out of there and we can see the truck on its side and it's load all over the place. >> reporter: the tractor-trailer is on its side with debris all over the highway. it's approaching 5th street creating a huge backup. blocking the left lane, traffic is snarled. i want to go to the traffic cameras i think you get a better angle of how jammed it is. look at this at the tolls you have nowhere to go. old city 5th street is blocked, 3rd or 7th will get you around it. westbound thorn ton road there's an accident and vehicle fire what is going on this morning. new jersey transit river line half an hour delays between camden and trenton. you're messed up on the rootdz
6:52 am
and -- roads and the bridges and rails. >> reporter: we're cold, that's the weather story, 39 in philadelphia. 33 in reading, 32 in millville and 36 this trenton. when you factor in a light breeze that's blowing it feels like 33 in philadelphia. 27 in wilmington and in some places not much of a difference because the winds are not as strong. we roll through the day and head to the bus stop or the el. 43 degrees by 9:00. clouds will build through the day, high of 51 probably around 1:30 or 2:00 sliding into the 40s this afternoon. clouds build and later this afternoon a light rain or shower is possible. possibly mixing with wet snow in the northern or western suburbs. doesn't look like a big deal.
6:53 am
i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee
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>> 6:55 breaking right now a car struck and critically wounded a man riding a bike in delaware. this is brand new video into the newsroom. there's the bike. it happened at terrace at the can mean. stay with "action news" for updates on the victim. >> breaking story, a woman was found killed inside her home.
6:56 am
the victim's roommate told police that masked men broke in and struggled with the victim but there was no sign of forced entry. >> outside we go to the ben franklin bridge, look at this overturned tractor-trailer westbound at 5th street. there's debris all over the roadway. traffic is a mess on the bridge. we're switching to our traffic cameras we're jammed from the tolls to 5th street. look at that traffic. stick to the betsy ross bridge or walt whitman bridge. 5th street is blocked, 3rd or 7th will get you around that. the platt bridge is backed up at 26th street because of an disabled vehicle. >> reporter: it's coorld today.
6:57 am
43 degrees by 9:00 a.m. noon, 47. 3:00 p.m., 49. broad street beat, i got a broady for best weather guy! a big shout out to them. >> wow! >> you later! ♪
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. good morning, america. and breaking overnight. bono's brush with disaster. a terrifying air scare for the biggest rock star in the world. the door ripped off his private plane thousands of feet into the air. luggage sucked out into the sky. new details. and the weather warning system, the threat to the system that protects us. chinese hackers accused of attacking critical satellites. the investigation under way. >> i'm at the short hills parking lot. >> the video tapes that one mall didn't want you to see. carjackers prowling a mall before finding a victim. what it says about security at the mall and what you need to


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