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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  November 14, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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fresh investigation. still waiting to find out a number of details, including if there was an exchange of gunfire. who fired first. what we do know, what is confirmed by the delaware state police is an adult male suspect was shot by a trooper. and at this hour remains at christiana hospital in critical condition. robert there zoom in there by garfield and harvey. that is the scene where it did unfold. a number of cop cars are lighting up this residential neighborhood in claymont, delaware as they investigate the scene. the video from chopper 6 hd, what we do know so far, this was a short pursuit which began around 4:15 at wilson road and maple lane. it moved towards i-95 and shots fired not far from where we are at harvey and garfield where the shots were fired by the state trooperment closed between i-95 and the philadelphia turnpike, but officers let us closer to
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the scene to get a better view. no troopers were injured in this incident and there is still again a lot of questions of the state police have not been able to answer just yet if the suspect fired any spots or why the pursuit began, or if there was an exchange of gunfire. back out here life again, there are multiple investigators at this scene. delaware state police only confirming at this time that a male suspect does remain at christiana hospital in critical condition after he was shot by one of their troopers. if we find out anymore information within the next half-hour we will, of course, update you. live in claymont, delaware, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the lightest on the nightmare on 7th street in das y borough. arresting adults who allegedly committed heinous crimes against five children. the police say the children between 1 and 10 years old were punched and slapped, shot with bb guns and the case of a
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2-year-old endured sexual abuse. and "action news" reporter, chad pradelli live they d. a's office in media. chad, you have the details. >> jim, the allegations are disturbing and almost make it sick to your some. the charges now culminate a several month investigation. >> it's very, very very disturbing. >> this darby home on the 200 block of north 7th a house of horrors. five children allegedly watched as adults engaged in sex acts and the men even forced one woman to perform a sex act on a 2-year-old boy. >> it seemed like a common way of life for them and that's really disturbing to think that people could live like that. >> daryl carter, danielle hammond, mark isom, daryl carter -- william wade charged.
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and court records reveal the children were shot all over the body including the head. one boy told the detectives that it really hurt. they say the children had hope wounds and welts. >> it was unbelievable. you can't even imagine the horror that the children had to live under. >> the alleged crimes occurred between march and may of this year. authorities learned about them from children and youth services. investigators began arresting the defendants in recent weeks and this past wednesday the last of them surrendered. most of the children are jackson's and long-time neighbors are shocked by the allegations. >> did you ever see anything? >> nothing. never seen nothing. i never hear nothing. >> you knew the kids though. >> yes. they were straight, like she went to work, she took care of her kid. i seen them always happy. >> and the district attorney says all of the children are staying with relatives. physically they are doing well.
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emotionally they still have recovery ahead. live in media, chad pradelli channel 6 "action news." jim? >> thank you, chad. 37 year old delvin barnes pleaded not guilty to a single couldn't of kidnapping akuccuse of abducting freeland-gaither from a germantown street. and they same carlesha was tied up in the trunk of barnes car and he was accused of kidnapping and raping a 16 year old girl in virginia. arresting marcus cruz for the murder of a man found dead in eden park. facing murder charges of donald smith. a cleaning crew discovered smith's body tuesday morning. they say that cruz and smith worked together but they have not identified a motive. cruz held without bail. converting the former police
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officer kocorbetkosh -- corchr. and they say he grabbed a man off the street, hand cuffed him, through him in the cruiser and sped off. no charges filed and no arrests made. when the young man told him he was a veteran he stopped him off where he found him. new the driver of a bmw charged with cause an accident involving a school bus. the accident happened tuesday on state highway 206 in princeton. police say 26 year old justin thomas of morris plains crossed the center line and hit the bus. fortunately nobody was seriously hurt. thomas has been charged with careless driving. now we are live from chopper 6 hd. new jersey statement police on
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the scene of an accident involving a tour bus in burlington county. the accident happened on route 295 northbound near route 541 in burlington township. it happened late this afternoon. preliminary information shows a tour bus went off the road there are some injuries reported. hopefully they are minor. better news here, a new ice skating rink open for business tonight and it's smack dab in the middle of center city, philadelphia. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim live at the rothman rink outside of city hall. eva, if it is true what they say about location, location, location, this is it. >> oh, check it out, jim. right now it looks like a dance party out here right now. the cold air moved in just in time for the opening of today's rothman ice rink. the kids out here say there is no better way to get warm than
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skating a few laps on the ice. pass the gate opened the first skates took off. >> it is cool that it is here right in the middle of philly and everyone can share it, i guess. >> i love to skate. so like every part of it is really fun. >> it is fantastic. it gives everybody a chance to experience ice skating. >> and 6abc a proud sponsor of the ice rink and karen rogers was here for the official ribbon cutting. >> this will be the rockefeller center of philadelphia. you can't get much more iconic. next to the most beautiful city hall in the country. right in the center of the city. >> it is fun to see like everyone skating and having fun, no one arguing. >> and enjoying the rink today for her good grades in school. >> her a--honor role. >> 12:00 until 3:00 the rink was free for people to try out. if that wasn't enough to get
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some parents on the ice. >> that's all i am going to do is watch. i am not going to get on any skates. ♪ >> back out here life, you see the people who decided to get on the skates. some people know how to skate. you can see they are out here doing their thing. other people are doing it for the first time and are learning. if you would like to try skating here, $3 for kids under 10, $4 for adults. $8 for skate rentals. the prices on the website at and everybody is having a great time out here tonight. eva pilgrim, channel 6 "action news." >> great idea. whether your headed to the ice skating rink or anywhere else this weekend keep t tabs o the weather outside at and you can watch the latest
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videos from our "action news" meteorologists. cecily has a lot of good videos of her children, why not. coming up on "action news" tonight, tackling crime in camden. former eagles linebacker taking on the new post in the camden county police department. and facing a tough test the eagles look to continue their winning streak in green bay. itch a lot of water skiing videos too. you don't want to do that this weekend, plenty of cold air i am tracking. the coldest air of the season and colder next week in the accuweather forecast. and those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight. hey! it's mister monopoly.
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>> philadelphia police are searching for two robbers who swiped nearly a dozen computers from a south philadelphia wal-mart. surveillance video shows the suspect walking into the columbus boulevard store on november 4. he heads straight to the computer aisle. the suspect then takes two and sets them by the emergency exit. the robber goes back twice and loads up a shopping cart. he then calls the second suspect to pull the car around. and when he does, the first suspect kicks open the door and they make a quick getaway. police say the suspects also robbed a wal-mart in vineland two days later. his name is ron moton. if you are a hard-core eagles' fan you might remember that name. but this was his first week as the number two person on a different kind of team. "action news" reporter vernon odom has his story. >> this was ron more than 25
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years ago. number 57. a philadelphia eeg the linebacker. now he is a detective tackling crime problems full-time supervising more than 70 investigators of the first african-american to obtain the rank in the prosecutor's office. >> camden, yeah, it's just a tough city. >> so new to this top-level post dozens of his letters of accommodations have not been hung on the wall yet. the case that sticks out most hads a front-line investigator the two busts in the 2001 murder of in washington township, abducted in the parking lot of a patco station. >> this is one that really touched me, you know. it touched me because it was just such a senseless case. >> and he was a stand out at the university of florida before becoming a high florida draft
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pick but knee injuries ended his career. and he enrolled at rutgers to get a degree in psychology and it led him to the prosecutor's office. 19 years he has thrived and risen through the ranks working with anticrime programs and bringing criminals to justice. ron moton's appointment is for five years and then may then retire and possibly do something else. for now he remains totally devoted to battling crime in this the county's mean streets. >> there are law-abiding citizens who live in the city. but there are traps. they are trapped in a culture -- >> vernon odom, channel 6 "action news."
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>> an old friend comes back to town tonight to play his mates on the flyers. >> a little strange seeing scott hartnell in an orange uniform. having dinner with some of his old teammates and he joked what
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if i go after claude giricek tonight? and simmons said then you have to deal with me. scott hartnell back in the building with the blue jackets the first time since being traded over the summer. and here he is taking the ice before he played seven seasons. and he admits it's a little emotional. he loved his time in philadelphia. his only regret not hoisting the stanley cup on this ice. >> i miss it i miss everything about it. it didn't take it long to call it home here. the fans are incredible. people off the ice and especially organization, mr. snyder the coaches we had. and always be dear to my heart for sure. >> i would expect a standing ovation for hartsy. he did a lot for the city and the community. he always had his charitable efforts toward this community and i think it's only right.
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but after that i expect all boos. >> all boos, maybe some cheers. g.m. when he said this trade, he also lost a lot of production. hartnell off to the best start, 11 more points than umberger and the same amounts of games. and the best start since the super bowl season ten years ago, keeping the run going is tough the next five games. four against winning teams, and seattle and green bay. and the eagles-backers sund eagles-backers -- packers sunday. and aaron rogers on fire. and the most touchdowns in the n.f.c. the birds better be ready in the frozen tundra. >> be prepared for a situation like that, you know. we're going to treat the team just like any other team we have been playing against. it's any given sunday. anything can happen. we are going in there just as we
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have been preparing for the other teams, and make sure that we play within the team, you know. one-on-one on one. and we should be all right. we should be going there to win this game. trent cole and company five sacks and turnovers and they need another lights-out performance to beat the packers. and that is ron jaworski's key to beating green bay. ♪ the way that the eagles attack defensively about give aaron rodgers some problem. chicago put no pressure on him. when they did he escaped the pocket. up in one, play with great discipline when you play aaron rogers and the plethora of wide receivers they have. and when aaron rodgers breaks the pocket, and he will, you better plaster them as they move around and that's key for the eagles' defense. >> more from green bay sunday on eagles' kickoff at 11:30 in the
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morning and decree capping it after "action news at 11:00" sunday night. and a.j. burnett the former philly signing a one-year deal good the pittsburgh pirates. giving up money to go to pittsburgh. today was philadelphia's magazine thinkfest 2014. and thanks for letting me take part. i had a half-hour conversation with dr. amy gutman, the president of the university of pennsylvania. we talked about penns' investment in information and technology and what to expect from the institution. it is a day-long program. if you are interested in education, technology, diversity and entrepreneurship our entire conversation is posted at
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>> all-important weekend accuweather forecast. here is cecily tynan. >> it certainly is going to be a very cold weekend. stormtracker 6 double scan showing a little bit of gray, a few flurries around. most of this is verga, not reaching the ground. it is an indication of how cold the air is. and the action cam looking at the newly-opened rothman rink. if you dress right, dress in some layers, hats and gloves people get a little sweat going as you are ice skating this evening. it is going to be an fridig friday night. and the first night with temperatures in the 20s in
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philadelphia since march 27. so it's going to be a bit of a shock to the system. it gets really cold on tuesday. on tuesday we get a major dip in the jet stream. temperatures running about 20 degrees below normal. afternoon highs only in the mid 30s. but the winds will be a huge factor. wind gusts 35 to 40 miles per hour. so the wind chills on tuesday afternoon will be around 20 degrees. its agoing to get even colder than the weekend. philadelphia 39 down from a high of 43, which is 14 degrees below normal. allentown 37. millville dropped down to 33. trenton 36. wilmington 34 degrees. the winds really not very strong, generally less than 10 miles per hour. but with temperatures this cold, you already have a wind chill factor. wilmington teams like 27. in trenton it feels like 31. 33 in philadelphia. and action radar showing the system bringing us the first
6:25 pm
snowflakes last night. it moved off and we have dominant high pressure. this is arctic high pressure, keeping the temperatures very chilly tomorrow. lots of sunshine. winds light tomorrow. the afternoon high again only 43 degrees. things will begin to change a little bit on sunday. high pressure slips off the eastern seaboard. this is just the winds out of the southwest and that a milder flow. but there's really no warm air, it is still on the cool side. 49 degrees, but not quite as cold as tomorrow. it will cloud up and then low pressure riding along that cold front will bring us some rain on monday. and then mind that system is the really cold area arriving on tuesday. futuretracker showing monday by 10:00 the rain here. if you're hoping for snow on monday, it's not going to happen. you can see the snow well to the north. we'll really be on the warmer side of the system on monday of the call from accuweather for tonight, mostly clear. again, the coldest night since march. 22 degrees in the cooler suburbs, 29 for center city. and the exclusive accuweather
6:26 pm
seven-day forecast, loads of sunshine tomorrow, but chilly. the high only 43 degrees. and 14 degrees below normal. sunday, we bump it up to 49 degrees, but the clouds roll in. periods of rain on monday, 47 degrees. i do want to mention if your heading to green bay on sunday though, pack along underwear the kickoff 26 degrees. by the fourth quarter down to 21. then on tuesday, wicked winds, 36 degrees. the wind chill around 20. wednesday, still cold and then thursday and friday, temperatures recover somewhat but even friday temperatures still running 8 degrees below normal. so it is going to feel a lot like winter for the next week. >> thank you, cecily. finally, a very happy birthday party in millville, new jersey. minerva stillman 101st birthday with her friends at the assisted living facility. the year she was woodrow wilson
6:27 pm
in the white house, income tax just adopted. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, shirleen allicot, adam joseph and ducis rodgers. and please join us for a special report at 11:00 here on channel 6. >> left to right i see. is that the edge over there? >> we will show you the magic moments when a woman regains her sight. it was all made possible by new cutting-edge technology that could soon help many more people. "action news"'s brian taff explains how it all works. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, jeff skversky, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us at 11:00. ♪
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking now, the response. spying on americans? the justice department explaining why. and the rescues playing out, and the new freeze warnings as we head into the weekend. and police officers doing this, and your tax dollars paying for it afterward. it's your money. and sarah jessica parker, the american treasure she's fighting for tonight.


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