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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  November 15, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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wanted for a crime. plus we're waking up to some of the lowest temperatures we've seen in a very long time. chris sowers has the clue exclusive accuweather -- the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's so cold outside. >> reporter: these are the coldest temperatures we've seen since march going back 8 months. you need to bundle up. we have a little bit of a breeze out there, temperatures are in the 20s, which puts windchills in the low 20s in parts of the area, even teens. you'll need the gloves and hats and heavier coats. looking at the camden waterfront. 29 in quakertown, martins creek, 27. fleetwood 28. oxford, only 26. looms january out there. look at gandys beach in buena, 24. most of the pine barrens in the
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mid 20s. cinnaminson, 34. glassboro 31. temperatures will be icy cold and we'll see quite a bit of it, unfortunately the it will not do much to help the temperatures. we're sleuth for a high of 43 degrees. 36 degrees, at 9:00 a.m., noon, 41. there's the high of 43 degrees. for january standards this is an impressive shot of cold air. i'll tell you when it moves into the delaware valley and how cold the numbers will get with the seven day when i come back in ten minutes. >> five adults have been charged in a shocking child abuse case. we have to warn you the allegations are particularly disturbing. dann cuellar has the story. >> reporter: this is story is not for the feint of heart.
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authorities say if physical abuse was not bad enough add sexual abuse to the case it may make the viewers sick to their stomach. in the darby a house of horror where five children under the age of 11 watched always the men were engaged in sex. the men forced woman to perform a sex act on a 2-year-old boy. >> it seems unbelievable that people can live like that. >> reporter: the district attorney said the children were also beaten and shot with bb guns. you heard right shot with bb gunnels all over their bodies including the head. one boy told detectives it hurt. >> hearing about the sex crimes
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was enough, gut-wrenching for me, pretty much had me in tears because i have kids. anything like that happen to my kids i'm going for the kill. >> reporter: ham money was released from jail, her father said she was not home. i asked about the charges against her. >> how can i know? >> you can't imagine the horror these children had to live under. >> reporter: the children are staying with the aunt most of the kids, the five are being charged with deviant sexual inter course and reckless endangerment and all carrying felony charges. police are searching for
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elliot no knock. it is knock is considered armed and darrynous, call police if you know where else. kidnapping suspect delvin barns will remain behind bars until his trial begins. he agreed not to seek bail yesterday. the 37-year-old pleaded not guilty to the kidnapping charge. carlesha freeland-gaither was tied up and forced into the trunk. if convicted barns could face life in prison. >> wilmington police have arrested 41-year-old marcus crews for the murder of a man found dead in eaten park. cleaning crew discovered donald smith's body. cruz and smith worked together and investigators have not discovered a motive. he is being held without bail. the 48 day manhunt of eric
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frein cost police 11 millions dollars. that's only for the state police, it does not include the fbi or the atf. and the tab will keep running higher with the trial and potential appeals. frein's court appointed lawyer will be paid $178 an hour. philadelphia police need your help identifying two teens vandalizing venice park. one of the teens broke the accent lights around the lawn. police say the vandals cost 20 to $030,000 worth of damage. the philadelphia cigarette tax has driven the price per pack and driving smokers to shop elsewhere. it's good news for businesses in bucks and other neighboring counties. they are welcoming smokers who
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are willing to make the drive to safe a few bucks. >> for a pack of newport they are 9.70. >> and here? >> reporter: here they are 6.50 with tax included. >> reporter: corner store owners say the hike is killing their business and worried about what will happen. the 2-dollar philadelphia tax hike went into effect in kept the goal to raise 50 million for philadelphia schools. two driving stations will be installed near the cape may lewis ferry. it will be free to use the charges stations. get your food donations ready the boy scouts are coming around today to pick them up. if you received one of the empty plastic bags, fill it up with nonperishable food items and leave them outside the door. it's all part of the 6abc
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dunkin' donuts holiday food drive. last year's drive provided 771,000 meals to those in need. crews are planning to once again attempt to remove the massive pnb letters atop the one south broad buildings. this is the second attempt to remove the large 16-foot letters. in august work began to remove the letters, but the operation hit a snag. owners say they are removing the letters because they want to return the building's original 1930 design. each letter weighs 3,000 pounds. crews are set to try again tomorrow. there will be a number of road closures around city hall beginning at 6:00 a.m. well, philadelphia is breaking the ice with the public and inviting everyone down to city hall for a fun time on the new rothman institute rink at dilworth park. 6abc is a proud partner for the
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attraction. we posted the hours of operation and rates and rents fees at want to set sail on a crews, you can help pay their way to sea. the lava flow on the big island in hawaii is slowing down. >> reporter: we're down in the teens and lower 20s in the suburbs we'll have the colder forecast coming up when we come right back. the holiday season is here,
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for now they do not pose a threat to residents. good news for them, feels like the holidays are coming. >> reporter: they are playing christmas music on the radio stations. >> and it's so cold outside. >> reporter: when you see the numbers that are taking place out west it's like a picnic right here. let's go live on sky 6. the numbers are brutal for january standards, places like wyoming and colorado the front
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range. there's the view in penns landing. it's a nice, quiet saturday morning. icy cold temperatures. 33 degrees at the airport. dewpoint, 21, winds out of the west/northwest at 8 miles per hour. pressure is continuing to climb 30.32 inches. lancaster, 25. millville, 24. feels like 18 in lancaster. 22 in reading, allentown, 20, and wilmington, 21, feels very january-like out there. we'll see a decent amount of sunshine, clouds overhead north and west, these will clear out quickly. we're expecting blue skies most of the way. this will supply a nice blanket of snow over the ohio valley over the next 24 hours. this will pass on by to the north. we're watching a system across the gulf coast states that will
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bring rain on monday. busy mark 2 below. omaha, 26. look at new orleans, 41 degrees in new orleans. jacksonville, 40. every single state in the lower 48 some areas of the states woke up to temperatures of 32 degrees or lower. that includes florida, texas, arizona all the states you would think of when you think of warm weather. when the front came through last week, look what it did to denver. monday's high, 65. tuesday, 16 with a low of 14 below. was oscar pistorius was per, wyoming, 6 degrees. as we look at future tractor 6, it's chilly out there, highs in the low 40s.
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sunday, lots of cloud cover, monday morning starting out with clouds and rain starts to overvideo the area southwest to northeast. monday looks like a rain day at this point anywhere from perhaps a half inch to three-quarters of an inch. the cold air is out here to the west. it will be in the form of rain. but once this system passes, that's when we start to get into some of the icy, cold stuff, you'll see that reflected in the ten, 15 seconds. reading, 42. philadelphia, 43. normally should be around 56. allentown, 41. cape may, 45. toms river 42 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast there's that cold shot right there. 43 degrees today. increasing clouds sunday, 48. periods of rain on monday, 46 degrees and then tuesday and wednesday it will be a struggle. 36 degrees both days that's actually colder than the normal high for january. so we've got an icy shot of cold
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air on the way, plus you factor in the winds, tuesday it will feel like the upper teens low 20s all afternoon. thursday we start to climb out of it had a. friday, sunny, 47. friday looks delightful, but that's ten degrees below average for this time of year. all of it is cold. >> reporter: le all of it is cold. exclusive accuweather forecast don't forget you can take with you. the new smart design fits any device you have, whether it's your tablet or smart phone, no matter how large or small that screen. check it out by visiting anytime anywhere. well several towns in our area made the list of happiest city in new jersey. vineland cumberland county ranks 10th. and number nine was millville. it has the lowest commute with 21 minutes long. gloucester city the 8th spot and wood berry. number 6 and hammonton, and
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sometimes, caring for your neighbors means going the extra mile. when our patient, susan, mentioned her dad couldn't
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mcdonald's happy meals due. the hello kitty theme toy was given out in the u.s. and canada in the last two weeks. there were reports of children coughing up pieces of the attached whistle. sears plans to sell off hundreds of its stores to a newly formed really investment trust. the lifeline is the latest in a series of moves by sears to liquidate its really state holding and keep the correspond business alive. they announced plans to shut down 77 of the department stores and kmart stores before christmas. starbucks has the answer for the hard-to-buy person on your holiday list.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:23 saturday morning, here's a look at the day planner. 9:00 a.m., 36. lunch time, 41. 3:00 p.m., 43 degrees. how did things change so quickly. october was mild, november started out mild. believe it or not it was the typhoon that changed the pattern, it was west of hawaii, it curved to the north an missed japan and became one of the strongest extra tropical systems the aleutian islands and alaska had ever seen. the cold was starting to build across siberia and northern 0 portions of america. it crossed over and tapped into the lower 48 and tapped into the cold and dropped it. casper, wyoming 27 below.
6:24 am
cold creek colorado high of 6. this is november. montana the entire state was 45 to 50 degrees below average. our normal is 56. if you have 50 degrees below norm a high of 6. that would leave temperatures in some parts of the state, 32 degrees or colder. it's only november, wow. >> in sports, college hoops tip off, and sixers play a nail biter and a favorite comes home. >> reporter: he was the ultimate philadelphia fan favorite and last night scott hartnell was back not in orange and black. he was honored with a video tribute during the game and given a standing ovation. borachek ties the game. second period goal put him ahead for good.
6:25 am
the blue jackets the first win in ten games. sixers may have lost by 53 on thursday, but at one point last night led houston by 13. tony wroten put them up three. one last chance for the sixers and the rookie country come through, what a heartbreaker. sixers fall by 1. eagles better bring their long underwear to grown bay tomorrow. temperatures in the low 20s and high teens in green bay. nate allen said they will weather the weather. >> cold not cold, you're going to play regardless. you're not thinking about how cold it is. you're thinking about executing and playing football. we have to be on top of
6:26 am
everything this week. >> reporter: the curtain rose on the college hoop season. in allentown, nova found themselves down in lehigh until the second half. the cats win 77-66. hooters next in temples open. owls, shot 22% from the floor and managed to win. they held off the eagles. it's going to be a long year, three starters lost from their a-10 title team. st. joe's facing farley dickenson. they knocked off the hawks 58-57 and drexel lost to colorado. that's sports, have a great day! >> some young street hockey players in south jersey ended their season with a perfect record last night.
6:27 am
this is the west deptford street hockey playoffs for the undefeated flyers attempted to continue their unbeaten streak and they did it, beating the opposing team the islanders by a score of 7-1. the. we have much more coming up on saturday morning, stay with us.
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a robbery suspect is dead after being shot by delaware state trooper following a wild chase. we hear from the suspect's family. yet another atlantic city casino is closing its doors for good. frigid morning look at that, you can see the steam rolling up. it's so cold outside, a lot of us looking at temperatures below freezing in parts of the area. . we kind of need it. i have trees in my front yard that are green. we need something. >> i don't know that he with need these temperatures. >> reporter: let's go live on sky 6. there's the view in atlantic city, the sun getting ready to rise, we'll see temperatures this afternoon similar to yesterday only topping out in the low 40s. we have work to do, we're starting out in the mid 20s. lancaster, 25. ful reading, 30. allentown, 27.
6:30 am
poconos 24. le we're sitting at 33 degrees in philadelphia. even the outlying suburbs across south jersey, very, very cold this morning. you factor in the winds, the windchills are running 3 to 5 degrees colder than the numbers you just saw there. satellite and radar we'll see lots of sunshine. the snow shower activity will stay well to the west and across the great lake states. today 43, normally we should be around 56. >> the investigation is beginning in delaware after state police shot and killed a man after he led them on a wild chase. the man was suspected in an armed robbery, an attempted armed robbery yesterday morning. annie mccormick has the details. delaware state police on the scene friday afternoon in claymont at harvey road and garfield avenue where this pursuit ended this corolla
6:31 am
crashed and the suspect transported to christiana hospital he later died. >> the state cop was right on his bumper, i narrow low almost got hit. >> reporter: thomas mcnaulty almost got caught up in the chase, he didn't realize that his nephew billy was the suspect they were pursuing. >> else a good man, he is a great person. he has issues. >> i asked the state trooper, is he alive. >> reporter: the relatives went to the scene, homicide investigator joined several troopers who kept the road lit looking for evidence. mcnaulty was arrested in 2010 for taking police on a chase through claymont. recently they said he was distraught and question whether this was a case of suicide by
6:32 am
cop. >> he had his problems on and off with addiction he would clean himself up and go back to it. >> reporter: police say this is an on going investigation and say no troopers were injured. reporting in claymont, delaware, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> police in south jersey are investigating the death of a young woman. her body was found inside a gloucester county apartment. chopper 6 flew over the scene the 400 block of thompson avenue in paulsboro. the victim was last seen alive by family on sunday. the cause of death has yet to be determine, police are considering it a suspicious death. in millville, cumberland county, police say foul play is suspected in the death of a man. chopper 6 flew over the crime scene at the oak view apartments on east broad street late last night. the man was found dead inside the courtyard. police are not saying how he died and are not releasing his
6:33 am
name. in egg harbor city, a vigil was held for two victims of an arson. police have charged 38-year-old joseph palmer iii with setting the blaze, both deaths have been ruled homicide. a violent attack near a western pennsylvania university has prompted criminal charges and civil lawsuit. vernon odem talked to the local victim at the center of the case, about what sparked the incident. >> a guy who i can readily identify mentioned something out of the way derogatory and in a sexual manner to my girlfriend. >> reporter: louis campbell was outside this restaurant the night of october 24th when he was surrounded and attacked bias many as 6 males. >> his friends jumped in, some of minutes later i am
6:34 am
unconscious. >> reporter: he was placed in a million induced comma for a week. >> i had a skull fracture, nose fracture, bleeding on the brain and suffer from severe headaches i'm almost deaf in my right ear. >> reporter: 6 members of the university football team were arrested an charged with aggravated assault among them the 19-year-old son of a philadelphia police officer. campbell at lawyers are preparing a lawsuit gains the university of california pennsylvania. >> we believe the football program knew the danger that these individuals posed and that they want to whatever extent necessary to cover it up and keep them on the football field until this became so public they can no longer do that. >> i did not provoke anything. >> reporter: the university immediately suspended the 6 from the football team and the school. the school is hiring a
6:35 am
independent third party to investigate the football program from top to bottom. on monday all six suspects are due in court for a preliminary hearing on the evidence against them. video -- vernon odem channel 6 "action news." >> joint chiefs chairman martin dempsey touched down in baghdad for an unannounced visit. he made his first visit to iraq since the u.s. airstrikes against isis. dempsey is pressing for expansion of troop presence in iraq. 1500 more soldiers could be deployed if the plan is approved. a earthquake sent a small tomb in the pacific. there were no reports of any damage or injuries. indonesia is prone to earthquake
6:36 am
because of its position on the pacific ring of fire. the national guard is calling up 2900 troopers in the fight against ebola. they will be replace troops battling the outbreak at its source. a surgeon who cracked ebola working in sierra leone will be flown to nebraska for treatment. dr. martin salia is a resident of maryland. he is paying for the evacuation. kevin conshock is a volunteer fireman battling stage four stomach cancer. hundreds showed up at a fundraiser to defray his
6:37 am
mountings medical costs. it appear the trump taj mahal will be the next casino to fold in atlantic city in a year. trump entertainment which owns the taj filed bankruptcy papers yesterday. three thousand workers will lose their jobs, the taj will become the 5th casino to close in atlantic city this year. there's still much more to come on "action news" saturday morning. just continue bieber is in more legal hot water. we'll explain why the arnlg -- argintinian authorities want to talk to the pop star. looks like a winter wand land in the northwest, we'll take a look at wilmington, delaware, no snow there, but it's very cold outside this morning. chris sowers has the word on how long the chilly weather sticks around in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, "action news" saturday morning
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give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. caring for you ... just got a little easier. pearle vision accepts flex accounts and most vision plans, including eye med. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. heavy snow is falling in parts of the west. more than five inches came down in boise, idaho. the first snow of the season. winter-like forecast is in the
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rockies. him. 6 inches of snow has caked the stadium seat. snow is disconnected to be a problem up to the kickoff of the fighting irish and northwestern. maybe they will have a better showing than last week in arizona. >> reporter: let's go live on sky 6. we have temperatures in the 20s and windchills in the teens, it feels very january like. as you see the twilight we're looking east over camden. it looks nice out there, it's blustery and chilly. not much going on, we have mainly clear conditions. 33 degrees that tells the story. winds out of the north northwest at 8 miles per hour. most of the numbers typical of january. allentown, 27. poconos 24. you factor in the winds it feels
6:42 am
like 23 up there. him lancaster feels like 18. feels likes 21 for wilmington. 23 in millville. 26 degrees in philadelphia. satellite arena radar, we'll see sunshine out there. we have a little bit of lake-effect snow coming off the eastern lakes of lake erie and ontario. all that activity will stay west of the appalachian mountains. we are expecting sunny conditions from start to finish. as we look at the water vapor imaging, this is a branch that's developing on the southern branch. jet stream. this is some of the energy that we'll be watching closely over the next several months. we're expecting an active southern branch jet stream and cold air encompassing much of the lower 48 you get a lot of moisture riding the southern branch it moves into the cold air and you've got problems. that's one of the features we'll be watching closely over the next three months. it's a cold day lots of
6:43 am
sunshine, couple of clouds around that's about it. we'll see more clouds for sunday, starting out with sunshine, clouds on the increase, chilly, but not as cold as what we experience today. monday, air of low pressure coming out of the gulf coast states that pulls up the spine of the appalachian. fortunately because the winds blow in a counter clockwise fashion that means our winds will be in a southerly direction. we'll warm up to 50 degrees, that means rain for us, the snow will fly to the west. pittsburgh and erie buffalo those areas will pick up the snow. sunday starting out with sunshine, fading behind an increase in clouds and then we get into monday. monday we had start out with showers and ends -- it will persist, periods of rain, we'll see half inch to three-quarters
6:44 am
of an inch when all is said and done. it's not a driving, heavy, soaking rain, but we could see half inch to three quarters of an inch. blustery today, 43 degrees, overnight tonight, 25 degrees outlying suburbs, 31 for center city with an increase in clouds towards dawn. winds out of the southwest at 5 miles per hour that will moderate the temperatures as we head into sunday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 43 today, the normal is 56. we're up to 48 sunday, it's a little bit better, but well below average. the eagles will be facing cold weather they are playing green bay in green bay. lambeau field, 26 degrees by the 4th quarter. breezy and cold, windchills down to the teens. there could snow flurries or snow showers around by the 4th quarter. monday, periods of rain, 46 degrees, tuesday and wednesday, look out, here we we.
6:45 am
36 degrees both days, tuesday, windchills in the upper teens, low 20s. thursday, 45, and saturday, 47 degrees, each temperatures -- temperature is below average for this time of year. >> it's is a waiting game for the european space agency and the space craft that touched down on the comet. thelae stuck a thermometer in the comhe let. they are testing the theory that comets brought water to earth billions of years ago.
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>> good saturday morning to you, sky6 live hd taking a live look at the girard point bridge for us this morning, a beautiful picture there. look at all the birds. i'm guessing the birds decided to head south, they seem like they are in a big hurry. it's cold here, 35 degrees. more trouble for justin bieber. a judge said there's enough evidence to question the biebs. he attacked a photographer outside a nightclub. under argentine law he faces one month to 6 years in convicted. a new film depicting what led up to the shooting at an estate, plus robin williams final film and jim carey
6:49 am
reunites with jeff daniels for a lot of laughs. fox catcher stars steve correll as delaware millionaire john dupont. >> i have a deep love for the sport of wrestling, i wanted to speak with you about your future about what you hope to achieve. what do you hope to achieve mark. >> reporter: the film is an autobiography by winning olympic wrestler mark shultz who tells of his rip with dupont. they train for the 1988 games in seoul. both men feel infurrer to mark's brother dave who is killed by
6:50 am
dupont on a sprawling estate. this movie marks the final role for comedian robin williams before he took his life in august. >> what a jackass. >> what are we going to do? >> reporter: a merry friggen christmas the family must spend christmas with his family, but when he realizes he left all the gifts at home, 0 boyd and his father hit the road in and attempt to make the 8 hour round trip before sunrise. >> you just threw a flower pot through your window there. >> reporter: jim daniel -- jim
6:51 am
carey and jeff daniels are in dumb and dumber to. >> you guys are serious, you would help me out? >> of course we'll help you out. >> i will need cars. >> using this address and our superior instincts you and your little girl will have a family reunion in no time. >> harry learns he has a daughter who was adopted, so the dimwitted friends lloyd and harry set out to find her. >> i've got to take this, it's my dead dad. >> reporter: you can find out where the films are playing by using the internet ready internet-ready cell phone. karen rogers channel 6 "action news." >> prince williams and kate will be in new york city december 2 through the 9th. the trip will include a visit to the national september 11th
6:52 am
memorial and an mba game. wraps up with a dinner at the metropolitan museum of art.
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6:54 am
>> reporter: i'm meteorologist chris sowers it's a nice view, the sun is popping up overless, it's a nice shot. we have some locations that have the coldest readings from the middle of march. most of the lower 48 this morning feeling the chill. denver, 22. of rapid city, 8 degrees, kansas city 24 and dallas down in the 30s. we have snow flying off the front range moving into the high
6:55 am
plains. this will overspread this part of the country as the day wears on. accumulating 3 to 5 inches here during the day. if you're traveling to this part of the country make sure you look ahead. raint all -- right now all the major hubs are on time. philadelphia, 33 degrees, sunny. boston, sunny and 30. chicago, 18 degrees, orlando, 50 degrees. atlanta on time, newark, 29. >> you can add high end design to the home without high-end cost. the owners of knock it off have a good idea for an accent wall that's easy and affordable. >> a wallpaper accent wall can take the style of the room to a whole new level. if you're intimidated by the process and price, try our dyi
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tune into to knock it off on the live well network at 7:00 p.m. works created by people with alzheimers were on display at the hamilton center. a first at washington national cathedral, the first muslim prayer service ever held at the historic cathedral. a man in the poconos said his unusual find in his chicken dinner is a sign from above. those stories when "action news" continues
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> good morning, it is 7:00 a.m. saturday, november 15. here's some of the stories worry following on "action news." disturbing case, five adults are arrested ford alleged horrific abuse gains children in their home. searching for vandals, philadelphia police need your help to find a pair of teenagers wanted to -- wanted for a crime. we're waking up with the lowest temperatures we've felt in a long time. chris sowers is udz -- outside.
7:00 am
>> reporter: it could have felt worse had we had a gusty breeze. temperatures wise, get ready, 22 degrees that's the air temperature in the poconos. 32 in philadelphia. 24 in lancaster and 25 in allentown. you factor in a breeze that is running five to ten miles per hour out of the northwest. allentown feels like 19. 16 in lancaster, 22 in wilmington. feels like 26 in philadelphia and 23 in millville. something you would typically see in january. satellite and radar we're waking up to clear conditions, maybe a few clouds later this afternoon. otherwise it should stay nice and bright and blue skies. a nice looking day, chilly. 41 degrees by lunchtime. 43 by 3:00 that's where we top things out. normally we should be around 56.


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