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tv   Action News  ABC  November 15, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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set the single college football record, but the badgers as a team 568 yards rushing. lewallen on the last drive carried all seven times. so 568 for the team. the second total highest in history. the only time back on september 20 when the badgers ran for a school and big ten record. 644 yards. they averaged 10.7 per carry as a team. top two team rushing performances by wisconsin both done this year. newby, the ball carrier. short of the first down. it will be fourth down and two.
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espn sports center is projecting that wisconsin will win this game. and therefore, at some risk, we update the standings. >> chris: nebraska needs to get ready next week because the minnesota golden gofer power running game is coming to them. they'll be tested. so whatever issues they have had on the ground, they need to get that fixed during this week of practice. >> sean: didn't fully get the word that wisconsin is 5-1. it stops in the snow inside the one yard line. josh faulkenberry hustling down there. it looked like it had come to a halt. 70-yard punt. so there are the updated standings. fully updated now. both teams 8-2. nebraska's hopes of being in the college football playoff which
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were slim are totally ex-twinge kwished now. it's going to be a nice season but unless wisconsin stumbles down the stretch, it will be another year without a conference championship for nebraska. >> chris: they have to get ready to go next week because they're going to get the same type of challenge. minnesota can run the football. >> sean: fumble. >> chris: picked up by gerry. >> sean: finish the play by play. that was excellent. go ahead. >> chris: oh. that's about the easiest job i ever had to be honest with you. >> sean: now you know the truth. >> chris: yes. >> sean: we mentioned earlier this does bring wisconsin and iowa back -- minnesota and iowa back into the equation as well. because if minnesota can pop off wisconsin then all of a sudden
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all those teams have two losses. there's a lot of football left to be played. this also affects in a negative way ohio state which has been zooming up the college football playoff rankings. they and their fans are hoping they get to the championship game against the one loss nebraska team to give t them a n more of their resume booster. newby, the touchdown for nebraska! the advantage of the turnover and the 56-0 wisconsin run on a two-run score. >> chris: everybody was trying to project ahead. obviously ohio state has the inside track of winning the east and virginia tech knocking off number 21, duke today which would help them. they were hoping for a one loss. nebraska team in the big ten championship game to build their resume in the committee selection process.
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>> sean: 4-2. nebraska 4-2. iowa, 4-2. wisconsin is at iowa and then has minnesota here in the battle for paul bunion's actix. if you tuned in, you missed history. gordon had a couple early fumbles. that seemed as you noted at the time that it just inspired him to play with that much more focus and tenacity. the offensive line shows and opened up a lot of big holes for him to run through. >> chris: i want to give credit to a guy -- tj woods, the offensive line coach f you can get players, experienced players
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to play together like that offensive line does to open up the holes for gordon, having the outstanding ability, as a coach that's what you want to see. believe me, sean, those offensive linemen are going to celebrate that as much as gordon and gordon will celebrate with them because that's a testament to them it's a team game. melvin is the one that gets the credit deservedly so. >> sean: kickoff is down. n melvin holds the yards of the game record.
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and dane the all-time rushing record and i hold the touchdown record. a great tradition of rushing the football and great running backs here. >> chris: if you're a running back, you want to get your touches and get noticed and get opportunities, why would you not come here to play? and they win. they win ball games. >> sean: houston is in as a quarterback now. lewallen wrestled down. well, with the expanded big ten this year, the additions of maryland and rutgers they have done a nice job with the scheduling, they have saved the division games for the very end. wisconsin all alone now in first place on the west. iowa with two losses in conference. minnesota with two losses.
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and nebraska also has games remaining against those two teams. >> chris: you wonder which iowa team is going to show up. sometimes iowa is very good or very average. >> sean: 7-3 after their win today. if they do throw in the surprise every now and then. we were there for their home loss to iowa state which is a real head scratcher as the season goes along. tuesday night, espn2 the selection committee will reveal the latest rankings. find out who is in. top 25 ranking show presented by chick-fil-a is tuesday. and also on watchespn. >> chris: a report on madison. best time to deliver, santa. >> sean: lewallen heading for
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first down. hard to see the yard line now. he's at the 36 yard line. >> chris: again, a big proponent. i cannot reconcile in my mind putting somebody above somebody that you lose to head to head. i don't understand that. >> sean: unless there was great disparity in the records. >> chris: yeah. thank you. >> sean: tcu and baylor, each one lost teams starting the day. well, the fans serenading nebraska. >> chris: nebraska will go back and address the issues. >> sean: talk about the lack of the big win, chris. both nebraska now in head to
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head games. they have lost seven in a row. >> chris: frustration point. a play from the quarterback position, you have to be valid unless you're wisconsin which you only threw for 46 yards today. >> sean: gordon still has enough left in the tank to jog across the field. 408 yards rushing. played three quarters. a single record. as a team, 581 yards rushing for wisconsin. you think about how much different their season might be, chris. they threw away in many ways the opener against lsu and their other conference loss was the northwestern and a big surprise when they committed four turnovers. final score is wisconsin 59, nebraska 24.
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tune into abc tonight 8:00 eastern. saturday night football taking on the miami hurricanes. for our crew, so long from madison.
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saturday night, i'm shirleen allicot in for walter perez. comedian bill cosby offers a surprising response, on allegations of rape. and a helping the hungry, one bag at a time, how hundreds of boy scouts made this sat take, a day of service. but the big story on "action news" is a december chill, on a november day, the
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action cam, was along kelly drive today where the cold, didn't stop folks from getting their daily run but layers and hats, were essential and gloves, those were a good idea as well. melissa a magee is live at the keen to let us know if she needs to get used to this. >> shirleen, you may need to keep those gloves, hats, and coats on stand by because unfortunately that chillies sticking around. off to a chilly start this morning. morning low temperature in philadelphia 32. twenty-two in the poconos this morning. twenty-four and, around 34 degrees. not much recovery, this afternoon and even this evening. wind chills right now in the 30's and lower 30's, it feels like however, 39 degrees in philadelphia current temperature in the poconos at 26. thirty-seven in sea isle city and 33 degrees in dover. the here's storm tracker six live double scan radar, nice and dry and quiet across mid-atlantic region. looking off to the west we see low pressure over the heart land with a trailing cold front. we will tap into a piece of
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this even why i coming up from the gulf, that will work eastward as we get in the second half of our weekend. future tracker six showing you we do have cloudy conditions for sunday, and that moisture off to our south and west at 6:00 p.m. on sunday and will continue to over spread as we get into late sunday night. we will talk about what ace head, grab a jacket for rest of this evening. cloudy on our sunday we are tracking a wet sunday finish, all those details coming up, with the exclusive full and exclusive accu weather forecast. thanks, melissa. a doctor infect with ebola arrives in nebraska today but this scene was much different from the ones we have seen in the past. doctor martin salea it was not able to walk off the plane himself. he was removed in an isopod and then loaded in an ambulance, on a stretcher. he will be treated in a bio containment unit. salea is from sierra leone but he is a permanent u.s. resident. because of that the u.s. government won't pay for his evacuation, his wife has
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agreed to pick up the cost which could run more than $100,000. the team who cared for him in africa said salea is critically ill and possibly sicker than the first patients treated in the united states. today bill cosby was directly asked to respond to claims that he is sexually assaulted several women. it happened during the comedian's interview with n pr, host raisedded allegations but cosby simply shook his head no and refused to respond otherwise. a handfull of women have accused him of sexual assault for years but the cosby show star faced new questions this week when a woman wrote a newspaper essay detailing her accusations. a pedestrian was seriously injured when he was struck by a septa bus to daze in port richmond. it happened just before 3:00 p.m. on allegheny a avenue near air milk owe. man who investigators say was in his 50's was taken to temple university hospital where he is still investigating how it all happen. tens of thousands office
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people will have extra cause to give thanks, this holiday season. the boy scouts and this saturday spent collecting food to help feed the hungry. a project that channel six is grateful to be part of. "action news" reporter annie mccormack has more. >> reporter: if you saw a bow scottie at your door it is because you decided to help someone in need. last week you may have noticed an empty plastic bag left after the your door with instructions inside. today... the big pick up. >> i went around, collecting the bags for the the hungry so we can bring them back here and sort them out so they have something to eat for thanksgiving. >> reporter: hundreds of scouts fanned out across the region. we were with them as they went across the city from some are ton to south philadelphia to roxborough bringing their collection toss waiting philadelphia bun answer trucks. long time scouts, this is a tradition. >> channel six has been a sponsor for many years. i have been involved with the scouts for close to 30 years. we have been doing this project for about a week before thanksgiving every year
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instant the mid 80's. >> reporter: for new ones it is becoming one. >> i realize because i'm always, i'm seeing people who need more help than i do, so i just, i feel like i should help them. >> i'm thinking that the people who need this food. i'm thinking i'm doing a pretty good job. >> everybody else here is doing a good job too. >> reporter: six abc dunkin' donuts holiday food drive put more than 770,000 meals on the table last year. we are partnering with philabundance, the largest food bank in the region and several corporate sponsors in our 29th year of the project. if your bag was not pick up, contact philabundance or donate to a local food bank. if you missed your opportunity to drop off items here with the boy scouts today, that is okay, you still have another chance at six abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. they will have empty shopping carts along the parade route and you can bring your non-perishable food items there the reporting from
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roxborough, annie mccormack for channel six a "action news". there is much more to come tonight on "action news" uninsured americans get a second chance to enroll in health care, but they are doing so in some unlikely places, plus, the eagles london the frozen tundra of green bay as they prior to take on the packers. jeff has a preview ahead in sports when "action news" comes right back.
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there is new video of officer darren wilson the day he shot and killed michael brown, in ferguson missouri. it shows officer wilson leaving his police station for the the hospital just hours after he shot brown, after he said that the tina tacked him.
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ferguson police also releasedded radio calls from that day. they reveal less than ten minutes passed between the time wilson volunteered to look for a robbery suspect and the time of brown's death. grand jury is expect to soon decide if wilson should be charged with the crime. the second sign up period under president obama's health care law began today. enrollment took place in some unlikely places throughout the nation. add row kates took over nail salons, bars and corner stores to reach people who need insurance. here in philadelphia a officials and volunteers manned the northern liberties community center to give out information and to sign up those who need the benefits. the obama administration aims to have 9.1 million paying customers enrolled in 2015.
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it is time now for sports, jeff skversky joining us. eagles getting red are foy a big name. >> they will need more than wet tore cool off red hot packers. only two teams after loud more touchdown passes than the eagles. this could be a bad combination tomorrow begins touchdown machine, aaron rodgers. ducis rodgers, no relation, is with the eagles tonight. >> as you can tell it is cold here in appleton wisconsin but i'm not wearing a coat. why? eagles tell us weather will not be a factor. >> everybody is talking about the the weather here, you have to respect you showing up in the short sleeves. >> sure, i just got off the bus. i was than the planning on being out identify that long. >> we will all be out there dealing with it, but, we have good clothe to go wear. we will be all right. >> eagles arrived here a confident bunch. they are seven-two coming off a big victory over carolina monday night but they know the packers are a much better
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opponent. >> they have a great home record, good quarterback, good team, good defense. we have our handful this week. >> we have to get to aaron rodgers because at the end of the day that is a great quarterback. >> we have a challenge but we're up for any challenge. we are looking forward to this game. >> on second thought i think i will go inside to get a coat. with the bird in wisconsin i'm ducis rodgers channel six "action news". >> he will come back sick. college football, temple on the road at penn state begins a fired up james franklin. third quarter lions running game on fire. how about lynch, 38-yard score. they had a ease on high 250 yards rushing today for penn state. they take the lead. less than a minute later after a temple turn over penn state puts them back in the end zone. bill belton puts them in. temple hanging tough, next play second later, pj walker to fitzpatrick, 75-yard score. owls within seven. in the fourth tu trying to tie it and they get pick off, one
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of 50 turnovers and penn state wins 30-13. penn state, now, bowl eligible, going forward for the lions. big news. >> all right. >> thank you, jeff. time for the a accu weather forecast and melissa. it is cold, where ducis is right now. >> yeah. >> right here we cannot complain too much, can we. >> it is really cold every where across the eastern half of the u.s. and that cold is sticking around. we will show you storm tracker six nice, dry and quiet across our region n fact today, we are 12 degrees below average. high today in philadelphia 44. average this time of the year is 56. unfortunately no where near that record of 81 setback in 1993. that would be nice. unfortunately we will fine below average trend for rest of our weekend. three is current wind chill. thirty-one in the poconos. thirty-seven in sea isle city. lower 30's wind chills for reading and lancaster. satellite six with action radar showing you dry and quiet across our region but lots of clouds moving in. all thanks to the area of low
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pressure across the nation's hard land. this will work eastward wayne that comes a trailing cold front. we will tap into some even why i from the south that will work its way in to our region w that comes a threat ovulate day rain. here's set up on your sunday. mostly cloud which high pressure to the east. tap in the milder relatively speaking southeasterly win. bump up to 49 degrees. that does look like that moisture will hold off until after midnight as we track this area of low pressure to the out working it way eastwar. bulk of the day is dry and that moisture moves in after midnight and period of rain steady as we get into monday. accu weather forecast showing you mostly cloudy tomorrow. high temperature 49. monday periods of rain and 50 degrees. on tuesday in the wake of that the coldest day we have seen since march with the high temperature of 36, and wind chills in the 20's by then, 37 on wednesday, and on thursday, not as harsh, high of 47, and 44 as we get into friday. get ready for big chill on the way, shirleen.
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>> you cannot take that he cold. >> nope. >> protecting your home is a priority for every home owner. rest easy knowing your home is protect with the monitoring home security system. mike melton president of the security alarm joins with us some inportant details. >> thanks for having me on. many benefits of having a home security system, first off, three times less likely to have your home broken in to by having a security system. you can see someone professional protects your home 24 hours a day seven days a week for burglar, fire and medical emergencies. and, is there also savings. is there aarp discounts, and you also get to save up to 20 percent every year on your home owner's insurance. >> well that is a great savings. mike, is there just a buzz around here, everyone talking about the home security package you offered, tell us more about that. >> we inn expect homes locally. we want to pass savings to our customers. we are giving away a free complete home security package. it is new you wireless home security system which mean no more ugly holes in the wall or
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exposed wiring. comprehensive package that we include free of charge. the monitoring is done by adt. they are number one monitoring company in the country. you know you are in good hand there. >> package is free what are the cost to get started. >> only a dollar a day for monitoring and $99 down for installation good that is great savings. it makes sense people would want to protect their home with the home security systemes specially with the crime you you see out there. >> that is right, most burglaries are daytime. people don't realize that. it is a great time to get your home protect. >> they have a really special offer for our viewers, tell us about that. >> next 20 people that call us and order a security system will receive a hundred dollars visa gift card. we pay you a dollar to get your home protect. there isn't a better time to protect your home and family. call (888)362-4354. security advisors are tank by to take your call right now. this is limited time offer so don't delay. call (888)362-4354. that is (888)362-4354.
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welcome to eagles game plan from the by verizon wireless. another week, another eagles win and is what on tap, monster nfc showdown with the green bay packers in the frozen continue draft on today's show we will focus on how eagles can stop aaron rodgers and explosive packers offense. we will go inside match ups for sunday and tell you which one on one battle will directly impact the outcome of the game. as always, chip kelly joins us in the studio to break down top play from his monday night's demolition of the carolina panthers. you do not want to miss. that sit back, relax because eagles game plan starts right now. welcome to the eagles


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