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tv   Action News  ABC  November 16, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> a woman from new jersey discussing a split second decision that saved this little boy's life when a driver rammed them down. boy's life when a driver rammed them down. next on "action news." sxwrv a winter like weekend will
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give way to messy monday. extra layers, hats, gloves were accessories for sunday and come tomorrow you will need towed back one important addition. sunday nights the big story on "action news" is changing forecast just just in time for the workweek. >> just as we begin getting a cust m odd to the cold mother nature throws under the circumstances a curveball. annie mccormick is live in dilworth where rain is falling and we begin with meteorologist mel bhel a look at what is to come. >> walter, sarah, extra addition you need as we start the workweek is umbrella. because the rain is moving in tonight. and it will continue over fight. and for that matter into monday. stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing you moisture over spreading philadelphia. 95 corridor areas norm and west will have moisture in areas of south jersey and dell dem. bulk of that precipitation off to northwest suburbs. montgomery, berks county and lehigh counties you have the rain over reading and even as far as south as philadelphia. we'll time things out for you on
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the big picture showing you stormtracker 6 double scan 3 g. we have area of low pressure off to the south and it works its way southwest to northeast direction as we get to overnight tonight. we have you covered. future tracker 6 showing you during the overnight hours you have moisture and it does look to be in the form of liquid precipitation dealing with rain for most locations and this will continue on and off throughout the day. and what can we expect the rest of tonight? right now feeling like light hours. precipitation moves in overnight tonight making for a slow and wet morning commute. it's rain for most locations. the exception poconos where we have winter weather advisory. we'll talk more about that coming up with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. for now back to you walter. >> thank you, melissa. to "action news" reporter annie mccormick out in the nasty conditions live from roth man nrink dilworth park. hi, annie. >> i'm under an overpass here. you can see the trees behind he
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and how the light drizzle is glistening on top of the lights on those trees rights now. well, today and tow tonight there was sleep and also rain. but earlier today the cold temperatures that people normally want to stay inside and have a lazy sunday they decided not to. and they decided to 'tis the season and enjoy the cold. hiding under umbrella did not stop shutter bugs from love park. crews worked through the rain and sleet like conditions a cross the street skateers at the rothman institute ice rink at dilworth park thought today's temperatures were perfect. >> it's really good. this temperature for a day for excite skating is really good. >> in franklin square the holiday festival license plate but carroller rz in a mood and fire pits kept them warm. adults got a little help from spiked hot sideer. >> a hot drink doing the trick and fire bit i've been skooch
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around to sit where it's blowing. >> back on the ice the snow and ice may be manmade for now. watch out. winter has its own plan for us in the days and weeks ahead and this woman will be ready. >> i'm really good at it. >> keep practicing. she's going to be good when the time comes. towards the end of the season. now, again i can tell you at this point it's a light drizzle. if you saw any of those event or activities you thought you might enjoy head to our web site and we'll list all of the places we've been to and hours and times that you can go try these events out. reporting live in center city, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news," walter and sarah. >> thank you, any. wake up with "action news" morning team to find out the latest what you can expect when you head out. david, karen, matt, tam will have the latest traffic and weather and news starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. and you can stay on top of the changing weather situation any time by going to
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and go to for stormtracker 6 radar both hourly and 7 day forecast and plus the latest videos from "action news" meteorologist and collection of weather related photos and videos. >> and now to an action news exclusive a woman and young son recovering after run down on a seat to in south jersey. the moment of impact was caught on camera and tonight, they're asking for help. trying to find the driver who nearly killed them. "action news" reporter sken in woodland camden county with more on" story you see only on "action news". >> mother and son are doing better but they want the hit-and-run driver caught. we must warn you. surveillance you're about to see is disturbing. and in this "action news" exclusive this is the moment irene king and her 5-year-old son michael goreman almost lost their lives as they crossed this wood land street. that suv plowed into the mother
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and son. >> the truck came and i pushed my son out of the way and i got the impacting. what went fly your sglind i was going to die at that time. i felt like i was going to die. >> call is a miracle because king and her son survived. they're home recovering from a number of injuries and they were on their way home from a store thursday night walking a cross maple atwoodland when the suv slammed into them and kept going. >> he needs to be caught and put behind bars. >> camera at d & d market captured the hard to watch incident and it was employee don sam that saw it up close. he ran over to help and called 911. >> it was mind boggling i didn't believe it happened until i saw the mother in the street scream screaming and yelling and kid crying. >> before the impact king happened to switch her son to the other side. something she's done in the past for safety reasons. >> i think that's what probably saved his life because she took the mrupt force of truck. >> her husband took us through
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the scene. he's praying police find the hit-and-run driver. a man who was in a darker black, newer model donl you bur an owe. >> to see that video and feel what my family is going through i feel he should be treated the same way. and i know that's wrong. but that's how i feel. >> police say that hit-and-run vehicle had a pennsylvania license plate and it could have some front end damage. if if you have any information investigators want to hear from you. reporting in wodland, ken, channel 6 "action news". >> in other news a drunk driver caused a crash involving a police cruisener north philadelphia this evening after 5:00 intersection of front and indiana avenue. votetors say toxiate indicated man slammed into a police car. nobody was injured. the driver was taken into custody. >> and also a 64-year-old rhawnhurst man was killed this afternoon when his car fell on top of himch the man was working
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on the vehicle inside his garage when it fell crushing him be neem. he was rushed to the hospital where had was pronounced a short time later this happened just before 3:00. investigators are trying to figure out why the car fell. >> a woman was injured when fire broke out inside a no coyden, buck doocumenty, 6 a.m. princess lane. firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke coming from the home a woman cause taken to the hospital to be treatsed for smoke inhalation. cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> now to one of the ugliest losses we've sneen quite sometime. >> green bay packers did not just beat the birds they found pounded eagles and didn't stop until the final minutes. jeff skversky is here with the game highlights you. >> eagles players talked about how angry they are. they're embarrassed rightfully so. eagles look like the best team open the planet 6 days ago. tonight they look like the
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worst. green bay packers picked them apart from the gecko tonight thaep is as ugly as it gets. major lambeau let down. aaron rodgers beats up eagles for three touchdowns. two in the first half. eagles give up doctor mark sanchez had his hand in all of them. eagles lose 5-20. worst loss under chip kelly and 53 point loued most by eagles team since 197 2. >> we didn't play very well. >> we got out executed. offence, defense, special teams, coaches, that was coach's mernls after the game we're all in and we'll find out what we are. >> sanchez saying the right things afterwards we don't point fingers and not going to quit
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pour from the eagles coming up in sports including report from green bay with ducis rogers with the team tonight we'll want to hear what he has to say. >> jeff, thank you. >> for more than 50 years sky line of philadelphia arguably has been defined by two landmarks william penn on top of city hall and pn bm on top of south broad. tonight only one remains. they remove the 16 foot tall letters from a roof dangling from a helicopter. this was second try. crews ran into trouble in august and brang down three letters. today it took an hour to make a clean sweep. >> we live on the twelfth floor. it was weird seeing letters come by our balcony. >> it must have been wild. >> quite a wake up call. >> letters were loaded on to a flatbed truck and prepared for travel. they have requested one of the b's be saved for the lobby once
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refurb ushed. >> we invite you to take a walk down memory lane and philadelphia's changing sky line. we posted amazing photographs of the city's great land marngz through the year. >> more to come tonight on "action news." taxers from yet another african nation will soon undergo enhanced screening for ebola u.s. airports and what sparked this latest change. >> and hundreds of fathers on board a scus ship spend vaiks on sick bed. what's being done to make sure it's safe. >> plus ducis rogers has a recap of eagles ugly afternoon from green bay when "action recap of eagles ugly afternoon from green bay when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ed and paula kassi good are proud of his human tear yap work. he changed his name from pete wher he converted to islam. he was 26 years old and former u.s. army ranger that worked to help syrian refugees. he was captured last year. the cruise ship crown princess is getting deep cleaning tonight after outbreak of neurovirus. 172 people on board came down with stomach cyrus during a trip from ta heaty to los angeles. it's second time this year the ship had outbreak. in april, 19 people got
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neurovirus during a 7 day cruise staffers from center of disease control and prevention will check on the process to make sure it was thorough. >> fights continues at nebraska medical center to save dr. dr. martin salia who is in extremely critical condition. the deadly virus has killed more than 5,000 in west africa. starting tomorrow, those traveling from -- to the u.s. from mali will be screened and monitored just like those from sierra lee open, like earia and guinea. >> from drug agents checked the staff of three nfl teams regarding how they are doling out prescription drugs. franchise under review including 49ers. seahawks and buccaneers. it's part of a broader investigation into claims by retired players that several teams over use narcotic pain killers to get them back on the field earlier than they should
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have. dea says investigation is continuing and other teams will be checked as well. >> the state department is shutting down entire classified e-mail system after an apparent attack by hackers. that could be linked to white house computers last month. hacker coulds that could be tied to russian government are in that case. >> still to come on "action news" hacking of different kind in center city and how young people are using technology to solve important problems. >> and meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather forecast 7 day when magee has the exclusive accuweather forecast 7 day when we come back. a remote that lives on your phone. more wi-fi in more places.
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>> rain continues through most of the day on monday and bitter blast to follow. we'll talk about the changes. double scan radar showing you we have light showers. light rainfall moving into philadelphia. that 95 corridor even moisture pressing into northern gloucester, camden and burlington counties there in new jersey going in tighter. and you see that moisture trenton, philadelphia, to wilmington along the 95 corridor and over spreading far northwest suburbs. expect the moisture to persist during the overnight hours and for that matter as we get into our monday. high today in philadelphia, only
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climbed up to 44 degrees. fourth straight day with temperatures below average and in the 40s. in fact 12 below where we normally should thb time of year. 41 in thecy city and poconos 3. allentown 38. up in the poconos we have a little bit of concern. there's a winter weather advisory that goes up and stays up until 9 a.m. monday because poconos could find a quick inch of snow and sleet before you get the transition over to rainfall. upper 30s in lap cast erin along the coast in beach haven. lower 40s as well in dover. here's satellite 6 and action radar mostly cloudy across much of the region. you notice the first bap of moisture moving across the region and moisture source is coming from two locations. an area of low pressure south that continues to work its way east ward. the storm system cuts up west of us. so unfortunately if are you snow lover this will not be storm for you. you tap into the moisture coming
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in from southern gulf of coast states and moisture from atlantic. it's mostly rain from all lotions exception poconos as we have winter weather advisory before we switch to rain. 00 in the morning moisture tour to contend with. and as i advance this there is a lull in activity and things refire as we get to 12:30 monday. showers some of which could be heavy at times and it looks like this moyingts tour and wet weather sticks around as we close out the day and get into our evening commute. umbrellas will be something you need before we step out the door. i'll break it down. rain continues into tonight mean monday calling from anywhere from three-quarters inch to inch locally higher amounts of that. minimum of snow in poconos before changeover to rain and bitter cold follows on backside of the storm system. in fact future tracker wind chills show you as you wake up 7:30 in the morning not tomorrow
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but tuesday temperatures along the 95 corridor only in teens. you have single digits norm and wet of town. tuesday looks to be coldest eave seen so far this season. the call from accuweather for the morning rush showing us rain. allow extra time. 4 degrees. 41 at 7 auto:0 and node lower 40s, a.m. >> rain tomorrow. some of which will be heavy at times. good soaking on the way. high temperature up to 57. tuesday calling for high of 34. when you factor in the wind chills winds gustsing as high as 30 if not 40 and wind chills in the teens and staying brisk and cold as we go to wednesday. sunshine and clouds sharing sky thursday. not adds harsh, 49. friday, cloudy and showers possible high of 44. and saturday 44. touch milder and as we get to sunday high temperature then of 51. and we have soaking rain on the way tomorrow. followed by cold, guys, and if
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there's changes in the pattern over the next couple days meteorologist david murphy has the latest tomorrow morning on 6abc. >> melissa, thank you. >> we celebrated technology in the making in center city, string theory charter school hostsed closing dinner for hack-a-thon. and they now hope their apps will solve local problems and issues. this was first ever hack-a-thon in philadelphia. >> up next on "action news" jeff is back with sports. >> a brutal loss for eagles, ducis rodgers and green bay after a game that had us all wondering what in the world after a game that had us all wondering what in the world happened
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ahead coach. they give up the most they allowed in 42 years. aaron rodgers beating up on the birds out of the gate. second play of the game. rogers 64 yards to jordy nelson. over bradley fletcher. packers would take a 10-0 lead. wrongers nfl report 29 straight touchdowns at home without interception. green bay scoring all sorts of ways. special teams, too. later in first, michael hide 7 a5 yard punt return and 17-0. third and goal mark sanchez watch out sacked by clay matthews. sacked three times in first three drives and denied in the red zone. rogers back to nelson. touchdown. down 24 at the half they allow 30 first half points most ever by coach kelly team. they turn it over four times sanchez charged with all of
11:28 pm
them. they're down 3 and gets ugly. high snap by jason kelce and sanchez can't get. it casey hey ward brings it up. packers are laughing at the eagles tonight. worse loss in the chip kelly era. ducis rogers has more from green bay. >> offense, defense and special teams. it's not often the eagles get beaten all three phases of game. that's what happened here against the packers. aft game the eagles acknowledged how poorly they played and vowed to fix it. >> we didn't play our best ball. we move fron it. try to get better. make sure we don't make the same mistakes next week. >> obviously you're embarrassed when you lose that much. you're angry looking at the mistakes you made especially with me with snaps particular. >> i don't think they're the type of team to debt down and mopey because of this. take it as a learning experience and pull closer together. and move forward.
11:29 pm
>> i'm proud nobody was out there quitting or pointing fingers at each other. we are a family. and things are not ever perfect in a family. so it was not our night and that's the way it goes. >> we told them they have to stick together, win, lose, rain, shane shine, stick together and come back tuesday. >> denver bank owes beat eeings 52-20 and then the birds won 7 of last in my opinion games something to keep in mind. with the birds at lambeau "channel 6 action news." >> kelly is the only coach in eagles history to have 50 scored on him twice. eagles defensive player players want another shot of the packers at the playoffs. with the loss eagles fall to first place tie with cowboys who they play twice over the next month including on thanksgiving. hey a reason not worry too much. over the last 24 years 81% of teams that started 7-have made the playoffs. more from green bay in a few
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minute including exclusive interview with chip kelly on eagles game day final. interview with chip kelly on eagles game day final. we'll be right back with more
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seattle in between. think mark sanchez had a bad game. did you see what eli mapping did today. manning made one giant mistake after another. down 6. typeal four minutes against 49ers and many picked off inside the five. picked off five times today. giants lost five straight since losing to eagles last month. rg iii not looking sharp i'mner tampa. red skipdz quarterback picked off twice in the 1st quarter including this. robert griffin iii noting is a good day as jonathan banks takes it in. he's sacked six times. skins lost 7 of 10 games. ar arizona one of three eagles losses. two touchdowns on detroit. arizona wins 14-6. they're 9-1. best record in nfl. nascar crowns new champion tonight final face miami the
11:34 pm
fine ol four for conviction harvick pulls through. he had to win last yeek to goat today. there had is sell britting in miami. >> eagles game day final is next next on channel 6. tup in 4:30 with matt, tam, david, karen will have the latest with rain, chill, roads, and forecast. >> for melissa magee, jeff skversky, walter perez and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist have a great entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist have a great night and great week ahead
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can it get any worse. firing from jordy nelson. goes in for a touchdown. interception across the 15, 40, julius peppers down into the 10, 5, peppers in for a touchdown. >> i think the game got out of hand early. it's one dimensional here and nobody played the way we should have. >> runaway train right in the face of mark sanchez. >> it was a good game. you take the shot and got out executed. special teams, coaches, that was coach's meming odd after the game we're all in on this and now we find out who we


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