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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 17, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning -- hostage executed. another gruesome vid voe showing the same executioner announcing an american's death. what is different about this video in and the american woman still being held by the islamic militants. severe weather. snow, freezing rain, and etch tornadoes. a mixed bag across the country. we're tracking it all. sweet treat shortfall. why the world's largest candymakers are sounding the alarm about the chocolate supply running out. and dazzling display. a cache of fireworks gets ignited all at once for a spectacular show.
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good morning, i'm tai hernandez. >> and i'm t.j. holmes. later today, we expect to hear from the family of peter kassig. the third american beheaded by isis. >> the 26-year-old former army ranger taken captive in syria more than a year ago. >> tahman bradley with more. >> reporter: president obama offered prayers and condolences to the family of this american aid worker. in a statement, the president called this an act of pure evil. >> i was able to share a little bit of hope and comfort with some people. >> reporter: american aid worker peter kassig came to syria to help. after che was captured last yea, he converted to islam. a masked man with a knife
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appears with kassig's severed head at his feet. the man refers to kassig as a former u.s. army soldier, seemingly taunted president obama, the killer says -- >> and here we are, burying the first american soldier. >> we implore those who are holding you to show mercy. >> reporter: the executioner appears to be the same man in previous isis videos. >> inside the government, working very hard to exactly identify him. >> reporter: jihad john appears elsewhere in the video giving the order to behead 16 men described as syrian soldiers. he makes no effort to hide his location with obvious landmarks in the background. yesterday, kassig's parents grieved at a vigil to remember their son. a young female aid worker is still being held.
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tai and t.j.? >> tahman bradley, live in washington, thank you so much. the state department has shut down its entire unclassified e-mail system because of hacker attack. the fbi and other intelligence agencies are working to see if this is related to a hack of unclassified systems that the white house. and breaking news overnight from the southeast, where there have been multiple reports of tornadoes. >> a possible twister touched down in southwest louisiana, damaging roofs and bringing down trees. watches and warnings posted for parts of mississippi and alabama. >> all part of a huge system moving east. a wave of snow and bitter cold air that covered parts of the texas panhandle. up to four inches in amarillo. >> it was a similar scene in oklahoma city where many cars crashed or struggling to
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maintain control. for more, we turn to accuweather meteorologist jim dickey. good morning, jim. >> good morning, t.j. and tai. storm system coming together will pivot to canada. this brings a fresh shot of arctic air to the or not and west. another cold couple of days. for the eastern half of the country, some slow. not along i-95, back into ontario and quebec. cold moving over the warmer lakes, we're talking about big-time lake-effect snow. feet of lake-effect snow not out of the question. >> thank you, jim. welcome news to american catholics. pope francis confirming his first trip to the united states. the catholic leader will be in philadelphia to attend world family day in september. the big event is held every three years. it's expected to be one stop on a larger tour of north america
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which could include new york, washington, d.c., and mexico city. a surgeon who contracted ebola while treating people in sierra leone is extremely ill. his name is dr. martin salie. he's being treated in the bio containment unit. travellers arriving from the after nation of mali are being subjected to extra screens. federal officials are growing increasingly alarmed after several confirmed cases there. a cruise ship docked in los angeles after another noro virus outbreak. more than 170 people came down with the some ak flu during the month-long cruise. the ship was disinfected at sea to keep the bug from spreading to about 4,000 other passengers
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and crew. that same ship had an outbreak in april. ferguson, missouri, is br e bracing brac bracing for a decision on the michael brown case. dozens of demonstrators lined the streets caller for wilson's arrest. new video of wilson just two hours after he shot and killed brown. in the past, they suggested that wilson fired on brown after a fight. saying his face was swollen. the brown family attorney does not see such injuries on this tape. the new le released cell phone video after the passenger jet was shot down in eastern ukraine back in july. the video came to light on the same day recovery crews started collecting debris from the flight 17 crash. all 298 people on board that flight were killed. another tourist is under arrest for climbing the brooklyn
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bridge. this time, it was a 23-year-old from france. police say he scaled the cables yesterday afternoon and started snapping photos from the top of the iconic bridge. in july two germ. artists switched the american flags with white ones. and in august, a russian tourist was arrested for chiming to the top. dangerous mix. energy dripgs and the threat to children. pill probe. federal agents focusing on the nfl. a pretty bad week for bono. first a midair mishap and now, a serious accident has sidelined the rocker.
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well, the deadline for victims of crashes caused by faulty gm ignition switches to file claims is being pushed back now. kenneth fineberg, the person overseeing those claims, says the deadline is now january. the family of a woman who died in 2003 was not cold about her crash being linked to that faulty switch. the price of gas has fallen for 50 straight days. this weekend, three-weathequart the country's gas stations said they had gas less than $3 a gallon. the u.s. post office begins seven-day-a-week delivery scheduled today. the new schedule runs through christmas day. the service expects to deliver
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as many as 470 million packages this season. they aim to make sure every one of those arrives by christmas. had a debut over the weekend. it's going much smoother than last year's debut. more than 100,000 people applied on saturday alone. more than 1 million people logged on. i hope many of you are sitting down for the next headline. the world is running out of chocolate. some big chocolatemakers, including mars, says it's a result of reduced production of cocoa. if that continues, this so-called chocolate deficit, which means we're eating more every year than the world is producing, will get worse and worse until there is no more chocolate. let's check the week end box
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poerl vortex sent temperatures plunging. wet highways along money of the east coast. snow-covered roads from the plains to ohio valleys. and windy across southern california. airport delays possible along the east coast for boston, charlotte, detroit, and memphis. the nfl says several teams cooperated with the drug enforcement agencies following the games. >> the buccaneers, 49ers, and seahawks were checked out. the inspections follow a lawsuit filed by former nfl players who claim they were given pain killers illegally to mask injuries. meanwhile, bill cosby on stage overnight despite sexual abuse allegations swirling around him. >> cosby has refused to address
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the matter. a lawyer said he will not dignify the charges are a response. repeating the allegations does not make them true. a new scare this morning for u2 frontman bono. two days ago, the cargo door fell off his plane. and now, a bike accident in central park. he hurt his arm on show." that is going to be postponed. a third home opened up in front of a home in holiday, florida, not far from two sink holes that opened up last week. this latest one opened up beneath a car. your typical fireworks show starts off slow and builds up to the moment at the end, right? you might think this was the end
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of the show. except, it was not. this was the beginning, the middle, and the end. all the explosives went off at the same time. this was in italy. hundreds, perhaps thoupss of fireworks go off in the air. this is over in matter of moments. this was an accident. a missouri teenager is being credited with saving a baby's life, jumping in to perform cpr when no one else could. 17-year-old abbey snodgrass was shopping at a walmart when the 1-year-old stopped breathing. she resuscitated the little girl herself. abbey has just learned cpr in school. the baby is just fine now. parents should keep the kids away there those energy drinks. a study says kids under 6 were sickened in nearly half of the more than 10,000 incidents regarding those drinks reported
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to poison control centers in recent years. youngsters may be more seasons active to the caffeine anded a tiffs. a soccer match in europe. the game was interrupted twice when fans from croatia fired flares on to the field. the referee pulled the teams off the field for ten minutes while order was resnoerd the second half. afterward, the manager apologized saying he was embarrassed. the highlights now we turn to our guy at espn. welcome inside "sportscenter," i'm john buccigross. on sunday night, a champion was crowned. kevin harvick won this first sprint cup championship. he used a risky call for four tires to drive through the field and grab the win that caps off
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his dream season. the call dropped harvick to 12th on a restart with 15 laps to go. he was able to pick his way through traffic. he's your winner. sunday night football. tom brady and the patriots in indianapolis. jonas gray entered the game with zero career touchdowns and had four sunday night. 199 yards rushing. maybe the highlight of the night was rob gronkowski. watch this. sheds that tackle. that one, that one. and then, whee, into the end zone. new england wins the sixth straight. they're 8-2 as they beat the colts. "monday night football" on espn's a good one. big game for the steelers and ben roethlisberger. they're in nashville to play the titans. for more, check out a live "sportscenter," 9:00 a.m. on espn. all right, coming up next in "the pulse," band aid reboot.
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♪ we turn to "the pulse" now, stories you'll be talking about today. beginning with the remake of a ground-breaking celebrity song. >> irish rocker bob geldof is at it again. he brought together some of today's brightest musical stars to update "do they know it's christmas?" ♪ feed the world let them know it's christmas time again ♪
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>> recognize those faces. many of them not even born the first time the recording took place texas original recording took place. >> the song, "band aid 30" goes on sale on itunes today. 22 years old, this guy is. he's making close to $1 million a year. how does he do it? plays video game. >> matt play ts call of duty. he travels the world plays tournaments in front of packed arenas. he has 1.5 million youtube subscribers who watch him online. >> this is different than what he was doing three years ago when he was asking if you want cheese on your burgers at mcdonald's. good for him. millions of people are bpg encouraged to take inventory by downsizing the growing list of friends. >> it's national unfriend day, according to jimmy kimmel.
4:24 am
he's calling on everyone to th. >> also in danger, those who post too much, spell-check too little, and talk too much about their kids. finally, he says it gets a bit stinky sometimes. but that hasn't stopped an australian news anchor from wearing the same suit on the air for a year. >> for a year, folks. karl stefanovic wore the same blue suit this morning, as he has on his show every day for the last 1 months. no viewers seemed to notice. nobody complained. he did it to make a point about women being judged much more harshly than men for what they wear on air. >> the suit is fresh, by the way. just wanted you to know. >> you look good. i believe you. for some of you, your local news is next. for everybody else, the 3-year-old who insisted on
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>> good good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, monday, november 17. pope francis has just confirmed that he plans to visit philadelphia next year which will be his first-ever visit to the united states. we're live with updates. breaking overnight, one person was killed and four police officers were hurt while trying to fight a fast-moving fire. get ready for a wet start to the workweek. we're tracking fog out there, david murphy and accuweather has more on the wig rainmaker we're dealing with right now. what happens after the rain moves out? that's david murphy's job. he has that answer. can elicit m responses from kids.
4:28 am
>> what about sympathy? one little girl didn't want santa the eat by himself. john donvan with the details. >> reporter: this is where they met. a little kid named gracie. and a wizened old character named, well, you'll see. gracie came from a home where they take celebrating christmas seriously. and the wizened old guy, this is where he works, days any way. it's breakfast time at bob evans. who is sitting at the next table? >> she saw santa eating alone. long story short, they welcomed each other to the table. >> reporter: and that's what gracie did. she kept santa company, her dad snapped the picture. it hit facebook. it spread around america. what did they talk about? >> she said she wants baby james for christmas. he'll be due in three weeks. >> because she didn't want me to be alone. that says allot for her. i'll tell you what, if more
4:29 am
people in the world cared like gracie does, it would be a lot better world, you know? gracie? >> reporter: a follow-up visit at the mall. and what did gracie ask for. >> baby james. >> reporter: and now she'll have a story for her grandchildren to tell, if they believe it. >> can you shake your arm? very good. >> reporter: john donvan, abc news, washington. >> that's what's making new this is america this morning. >> and a great picture. glad we ended on that note. there can be so much negative in the news these days. people not treating each other well. it takes a little girl sometimes, who is supposed to just want toys and candy and what not. she didn't want a guy to eat by himself. thank you, little one, for that message today. stay with us for "good morning america." have yourself a good monday.
4:30 am
>> we're working on several breaking stories on this monday, november 17. including an announcement from the vatican, the pope is coming to philadelphia. a live report is coming up. >> fire crews made a gruesome discovery in a boarding house fire that injured four police officers. we'll have the details. >> rain is coming down heavily in some areas, we're tracking fog at philadelphia international. it will be a messy monday morning commute. >> let's go over


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