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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 17, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning, america. breaking right now, wild weather. reports coming in of at least seven tornadoes from louisiana to florida this weekend, as freezing temperatures send trucks and cars out of control. nfl drug raid. the dea blitzing teams, showing up at games on sunday to search for illegal pain killers. after allegations from former players that drugs are handed out like candy in the locker room. the big league crackdown this morning. cosby under fire. he takes the stage last night, the man once known as america's dad faces a barrage of sexual abuse allegations. what he's saying this morning about the new backlash of claims that he's a dangerous predator.
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>> that's enough. i will not sit in silence any longer. ♪ feed the world banding together. some of the biggest stars in music from bono to one direction unite to remake a legendary song. and take on a new fight for a new generation. >> and good morning, america. 30 years on band aid is back. look at all those big names there. bono, ellie goulding, one direction. >> it's a timeless song. a lot to get to, including a big headline overnight. pope francis announcing he plans to visit the u.s. next year. >> there were indications last year he would be making the
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trip. let's get to the reported tornadoes in the south. doing damage overnight as so much of the country, don't have to tell you in a deep freeze. ginger has the latest. >> they all come together here. the danger is now. injuries reported along the gulf coast and parts of florida. tornado watches and warnings. the threat doesn't end there. into south carolina, a clip of north carolina, almost as far south as orlando going through today. a lot of energy on the north side bringing snow. oklahoma city had 1/2 inches of record snow. now er i e, pennsylvania, getting hit now. and in the next couple of days, the lake-effect to come. >> reporter: hey there, ginger. good morning to you. the snow is just beginning to fall here in erie. the snowplows are ready to go. just behind me, the salt used to help melt the snow away. this is one place the snow is
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hitting hard. an arctic invasion clobbering the country. from indiana, to missouri, to new mexico. dangerous driving conditions. watch these cars attempting to turn at one intersection in oklahoma city. instead, plining completely out of control. the city report something many accidents, they ran out of balances to send for help. >> the guy pulled out in front of me and slammed on his brake. i slid, almost hit him. i was terrified. >> reporter: in mclean, texas, parts of interstate 40, frozen solid. more than 50 accidents and four deaths. in roswell, new mexico, over 45 accidents, including one truck that rolled over and left one this the hospital. in nevada, missouri, dangerous conditions. multiple wrecks on the side of the road. in indiana, heavy snow
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overnight. a carry ride for drivers hitting the roads this morning. this incredible time-lapsed video showing how quickly the freeze hit. this lake in washington state going from liquid to ice in just a few hours. back here in erie, some 3 to 6 inches of snow are expected. the locals tell me they're preparing for a whole lot more, ginger. >> that's just the beginning of it. that's what i want to start with. the threat for today, as far as snow goes. 3 to 6 inches. the strongest band there. that's the beginning. then you put on the punch of an arctic blast. for erie up to buffalo, a foot plus in the coming days. parts of northern michigan, i mentioned a punch of arctic air. how cold? rapid city, wind chill 13 below. 6 in chicago. i'll tell you how quickly that moves east. >> a lot of minus signs.
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now to the hunt for isis terrorists. the third american hostage, peter kassig, was killed by the group. brian ross with the latest. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, george. u.s. officials worry they haven't seen the worst yet of isis. they're holding a 26-year-old woman who they have threatening to kill just as they did peter kassig. i it didn't matter he came to help. >> we each get one life, that's it. >> reporter: the video claims he was murdered in the city of dabiq, but does not say when. the reported executioner appears to be the same man seen in the other isis execution videos, called by some, jihad john. >> and here we are, burying the
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first american crusader in dabiq. >> reporter: roads and farm lands obvious in the background. elsewhere on the 15-minute video, unmasked isis fighters are shown carrying out a mass beheading of some 16 men, described as syrian soldiers. the cheer shots of the isis beheaders is important. ca kassig wrote this to his parents. if i do die, i figure at least you and i can get comfort knowing i went out auz a result of trying to help people in need. his parents, who work sod hard to seek his release, planned to speak publicly later today about the heartbreaking news. in statement, they said, their son who changed his name in
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captivity, lost his life as a result of his desire to ease the suffering of the syrian people. >> he was trying to do a lot of good there. you point out isis showing their faces and where they are. a sign of desperation? >> reporter: well, the u.s. air strikes have targeted the production teams. this production is markedly different. a lot is missing that we have seen before. >> the latest on the effecti effectiveness of the air strikes? >> reporter: they've deterred them. they've turned them back in some skis. they're not able to find the leaders. new trouble for the nfl. federal drug ajejts launching surprise raids at some games on sunday. targeting the teams' medical staffs. ryan smith is here. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. just as a handful of nfl teams were getting ready to head home, they got flagged by the dea,
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random senchs of medical and training staff bags looking to see if they were running afoul of the law. overnight, agents of the dea doing secret raids on several nfl teams to see if the training staffs were illegally handling and distributing prescription drugs to players. dea searches included san francisco 49ers, tampa bay buccaneers, and seattle seahawks. the dea says the move is part of an ongoing investigation into potential violations of the controlled substances act. after their win against the new york giants, agents went through 49ers staff and players' bags. the team adamant they're in the clear. >> we have medicines used for our players.
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>> reporter: these inspections were motivated by al gagss made in the so called painkiller lawsuit. >> the pendulum has shifted. >> reporter: more than 1200 former players are suing the nfl saying pain killers were quote handed out like candy at halloween according to the lawsuit, causing addictions and permanent health problems like organ damage in some cases. >> we would never know what we were really taking at times. i could stand by that on oath. >> reporte >> so many players. any arrests? >> not so far. these sernls were conducted without search warrants. no arrests at that point. >> the visiting teams. was that a strategy? >> doctors and medical personnel are not supposed to be givening out painkillers outside their registered location. part of the search could have been looking through their bags,
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seeing if players or doctors were giving out these things. if they're not registered in the stadium, they're illegal. if latest from ferguson, missouri. tensions are running high as a grand jury is about to decide whether to charge officer darren wilson for the death of michael brown. steve osunsami is on the ground in ferguson. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. we're getting a closer look at the evidence the grand jury is likely considering, including radio calling and surveillance videos from cameras from across the street at ferguson police head quarters. the jury's decision could come down any day now and police departments could get no notice. from los angeles to boston, police departments across the country this morning preparing for this. expecting protests against police, no matter the decision from the grand jury, debating
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charges against the white officer who killed this unarmed black teen in missouri. a frogroup called the ferguson network are planning things in cities. >> many places stand in a ready response to deal with those things. >> reporter: this was ferguson sunday. families marking 100 days since michael brown died in the street. north of the city, authorities sent this letter to residents. take a look. newly released surveillance video, that's darren wilson in the white t-shirt leaving for the hospital with represents 2w0 hours after the august 9th shooting. police say brown gave him a beating before the shooting. the grown family attorney says it's hard to see injuries in the video. >> i think the lack of injuries on the officer's face
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demonstrates they exaggerated the injuries. >> get us several more units over here. there's going to be a problem. >> reporter: a very important point. wilson had good reason to stop brown and his friend. he was responding to this call about an alleged strong-armed robbery. >> it's going to be a blake male in a white t-shirt. he's running toward quick trip. >> reporter: police say that's brown in the video with his hands around the storestorekeep neck. >> steve, thank you very much. now to amy with today's other top stories. we begin with the breaking news from pope francis this morning, announcing he'll visit the united states. the historic trip will include a stop in philadelphia. >> reporter: good morning, amy. god willing, pope francis says
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he'll come to the united states next september. probably to washington, d.c., and new york city, as well. it will be massive. no question that the pope has touched so many people. he's now raising real concerns and among conservative catholics that he's moving too fast on certain issues. he declard the root of marriage is the union of man and woman and that that needs to be protected. full of surprises. his journey to america next year will be
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take pictures. a man climbed to the top of the cables in july. artists switched the flags to white ones. dr. martin salia was too sick to walk when he arrived at the nebraska medical center this week end. despite progress, he was brought to the hospital. triggered mud slides in northern italy an. a wall of mud homes. flooding has cut off areas from
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dry land. new video of a dazzling fireworks display. this one was not deliberate. the entire cache of fireworks caught fire. it was over in just a few moments. it looked like fireworks. these are flares being thrown by fans at a soccer game. that descended into chaos. smoke filling the italian team's stadium. fans started brawling in the stands. it may not have been chaos in the stands. back here at home, an extreme case of rude. take a look at this. a player from the bengals tossed a fan the game ball. the saints fan elbowed her and took the ball. he's no saint. >> that's unlike saints fans. >> he's the anomaly. what a rude one. the crowd chanted for him to
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give it back. he wouldn't. she begs to get the ball back. he wouldn't give it. she's asking. can you believe that? >> i can't believe he feels courageous enough to walk out of the stadium. >> he's been named on local news reports. she did get a ball, though. the bengals presented her one later. walked it out to the field. she did get the ball. >> is that him again? >> no, that's just a yellow tie, right? >> no, no, no. the guy. >> that guy's got a high capacity for pain. >> karma. >> it's an aberration. usually saints fans are much more generous than that. thank you for bringing it up. >> sorry. >> bad enough we lost the game. how about some good news? this morning, some of the biggest names in music are coming together for a new version of band aid's legendary song, "do they know it's
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christmas?" ♪ feed the world >> reporter: a holiday classic hitting air waives again this morning. this time with new famous faces and voices. ♪ feed the world >> reporter: some of pop's big estars banding together to premier a new version of "do they noi it's christmas." on sunday night, on britain's x factor, raising money for the fight against ebola. this, 30 years after the original classic was released. ♪ there won't be snow in africa this christmastime ♪ >> reporter: the 1984 version featured the hottest pop icons of the decade. sting, phil collins just to name a few. raising over $24 million worldwide. ♪ do they know it's christmas time at all ♪ >> reporter: the new version features big names from right now, like one direction, ed sheeran, chris martin, and ellie
7:18 am
goulding. many of them not alive when the song first came out. bono is the only original member to come back for an encore. recording on sunday. >> we want to make band aid history. >> reporter: some of the lyrics -- ♪ where the only water flowing is the bitter sting of tears ♪ >> reporter: have been revised to fit today's ebola crisis. ♪ where a kiss of love can kill you and there's death in every tear ♪ >> reporter: but after all these years, that iconic chorus and the spirit of giving behind it remain the same. ♪ let them know it's christmastime again ♪ ♪ feed the world >> it is an iconic chorus. just over $1 to download.
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>> a good cause. >> a beautiful song. >> turner fall also in oklahoma, that's how cold it is on the east coast. that cold front will come through today's highs in the 50s and 60s. the local forecast coming up in 35 seconds, first this morning's select cities brought to you by macy's. >> reporter: hi everyone, david murphy here with an update from accuweather. distracter double scan shows some light rain for the most part, but broken pattern coming through for the rest of the rush
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hour and heavier rain later today. there's the airport obviously we're on the wet side. take it slow out there. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 56 degrees is your high, we have periods of rain on and off until early evening and then we dry out. overnight tonight, the temperature drop, tomorrow, windy and bitter, high of 34. windchills in the teens. allega. and miracle in walmart caught on tape. how a high school student rushed to save a baby's life. coming up, new warnings -- ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter ♪
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♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards, 7:26 monday, november 17. let's head over to karen rogers with the latest in traffic. >> reporter: got lots of problems out here, tam, i-95 northbound at 273, an accident blocking the two left lanes, jamming from the delaware service area to 273.
7:27 am
ten miles per hour not good. the action cam was on the scene of a vehicle fire, we were watching live, two people were injured and taken to the hospital. all happening from i-95 northbound to the blue route northbound. the ramp is reopened, this is the backup, i-95 northbound jammed from naamans road to the blue route because of the accident scene. a terrible accident there. there was a jam southbound, as well. lincoln drive southbound at gypsy lane has cleared, better news there. >> and david murphy we'll get to you in a moment. first up, let's look at sky 6 looking out after penns landing, you can see the haze and the rain, looks like this stick around most of the day. >> reporter: yeah it's going to be a wet one, tam. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we have lighter precipitation over the central portion of the region. every now and then there's a break. 42 in philadelphia. 42 in wilmington.
7:28 am
in the 30s in trenton, allentown and reading, but mild enough to make it rain and not any sort of mixed precipitation. 56 is the high, steadier rain builds back in later this morning and into the afternoon. you have to be careful of ponding and puddling on roads. tomorrow, highs in the 30s and windchills in the teens. >> not looking forward to that. ful. coming up on "g.m.a.," they take a look at the allegation also against bill cosby. we'll see you in 30.
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♪ ♪ it's not unusual without a doubt, one of the highlights from this season's "dancing with the stars." alfonso doing the carlton. we wondered when he would pull it out. he injured himself in the rehearsals. recently, he's hurt himself again. there are big questions about whether he'll have to drop out before tonight's big showdown. what he said about the injury. >> we need him back. and "gma investigates" reward points. hackers targeting those frequent flyer miles. never leave your boarding pass unattended. >> sometimes you leave it there. i never thought of that. >> i leave it in the plane in
7:31 am
front of me. the new warning about energy drinks and your kids. why they can be dangerous, a dangerous combination. what every parent needs to know. >> dr. besser will be along with that. now to bill cosby under siege. the galgss he sexually assaulted a number of women this the past are in the headlines again, raising questions about the american icon. cecilia vega is here with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we know him at the funny father, dr. huxtable. the serious allegations have him under fire. so far, he's refusing to talk about them. this morning, the man once known as america's dad is under fire as decade-old sexual abuse allegations are reignited. >> wait main out. >> reporter: bill cosby dodging questions like on npr's weekend edition. >> there have been serious allegations raised about you if
7:32 am
recent days. you're tashaking your head no. >> reporter: all over claims the comedian drugged and sexually assaulted number rouse women. this morning, one of them is speaking out. barbara bowman has long accused cosby of raping her and drugging her in 1985. >> i had one glass of wine. and the next thing i knew, i was coming to, slumped over the toilet. i was sick. i was confused. i was foggy. um -- i had really no idea what was happening. >> reporter: the former actress saying she was too afraid and ashamed to pursue criminal charges against the hollywood legend. >> when i went into the lawyer's office, he lafd at me. who's going to believe that? bill cosby in dr. huxtable. >> reporter: the backlash happened last month when
7:33 am
comedian han ball burress said this. >> i don't curse on stage, but yeah, you're a rapist, so -- >> reporter: cosby settled a case years ago with no admission of wrong doing. criminal charges were never brought against him. bowman says she was scheduled to testify when the case settled. >> when i heard about her filing this lawsuit, that was the first eye opener to me that i said, that's enough. i will not sit in silence any longer. >> reporter: the renewed outdry coming as cosby steps back into the spot light at the start of his latest nationwide comedy tour. a netflix special set to air later this month. and a new sitcom on nbc. while he did take the sage in erie, pennsylvania, overnight, he canceled an upcoming appearance on cbs' "late show
7:34 am
with david letterman." cosby's attorney writing on the comedian's website -- mr. cosby does not plan to dig any fie these allegations with any comments. >> it's a difficult spot he's in. i'm not sure where he goes from here. >> reporter: the statute of limitations in barbara bowman's case has run out. she's hoping to encourage others to come forward. cosby has never responded to her charges directly. i'm sure this is not the last weir hearing. >> he's not said anything. probably will not. thank you. >> thank you. we turn to how a quick-thinking missouri teen helped save a baby's life. an 11-month-old sud lynn stopped breathing in walmart store. tom llamas has the story. >> reporter: watch the surveillance video. a desperate mother realizes her 11-month-old daughter stopped breathing. >> they are needing cpr right
7:35 am
now. >> reporter: the manager making this you are scent call. no pulse, no breathing. >> reporter: 17-year-old abby snodgrass ran in to help. watch as he makes her way to the baby and performs cpr. she had just learned the procedure in her health class at school. >> the one thought that crossed my mind was what if this doesn't work? and i just had to push it out of my mind and keep going because i knew that's what i had to do. >> reporter: overnight, the family releasing this statement to abc news. we're exceedingly grateful if the young woman who helped our daughter. our daughter is home and healthy. we couldn't be more thankful. emergency responders praising the team. without her swift action, the infant may have died. authorities say the mother and child are now doing well. >> i can't explain how happy i was when she started to breathe again. it was just a huge relief. >> reporter: and reminding us
7:36 am
she's not just another teen ager shopping. but an unexpected lifesaver standing ai ining aisles away. for "good morning america," tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> quick thinking. that was fantastic. >> reporter: a winter storm warning and watches advisories in place. schools are closed. 1 to 4-inches in ohio and kentucky falling now and it will move to the north an east. that's why we see 0 the winter weather advisories reaching to maine. look at the west coast, los angeles, red flag warnings in effect today. fresno, 689. huma, comfortable, 67. with windy gupses up to 60 it's not always comfortable if you're close to the fire danger zone. that's the big picture, let's get a look closer to home.
7:37 am
>> reporter: thanks ginger, david murphy on the terrace in light rain. we'll see cloudy skies and period of rains on and off all day long. tomorrow frigid! spent the weeke. even people there are like, what is going on? we can't do in this early. >> too soon. coming up, warning for parents this morning about the popular energy drinks. why they can be dangerous for young children. and "gma investigates" rewards programs. hackers targeting reward programs. why you should never leave your boarding pass behind. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them.
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back now at 7:41 with gma investigates. turns out those frequent flyer miles an other points you can collect can be a target for cyberthieves. so is the personal information linked to those accounts. david kerley has our story. >> reporter: when we fly, drive, or stay, it means miles. points in those loyalty rewards programs. remember george clooney hitting the highest status on the big screen. >> he just hit 10 million miles! >> congratulations. >> reporter: those points can replace thousands of dollars
7:42 am
that you would normally pay for things like holiday travel. those loyalty accounts can be as valuable as bank accounts. which can make them enticing to cyber crooks. >> there's a loft reward programs these days. i'm probably involved in ten if not more. >> reporter: zack asked we show him in shadow. hackers told 250,000 points. >> you work for the points. the guy knows where i live. it's made me think twice about what can happen you to when you're not prepared. >> data thieves want to target things you don't check often. >> reporter: your loyalty account are different than your bank account. bank companies use stricter security. i worry about my bank accounts. now i have to worry about my reward miles? >> it's an extension of your
7:43 am
wallet. those miles are of great value to you. criminals know that. >> reporter: how can this happen? never leave your boarding pass behind. crooks can find your name, loyalty number, and member status. or they can hack your account using personal information you have provided on social media including birthday, e-mail address, and where you live. airlines for america tells abc news airlines know how important customer information is and that they are vigilant if protecting customer data and rewards earned for loyalloyalty. create a complex password for each account. never use the same pass word for multitl accounts. it just seems like another door for the criminal to walk through. >> those loyalty point. the loyalty programs, they're great for the customers and companies. >> reporter: if your points are
7:44 am
stolen, don't be afraid to ask the program to reimburse you. in up with case, the thiefs booked stays at hotels right from the account they hacked into. a blogger on security says he's found hackers offering to sell these stolen points online. zack, the man we talked to, was able to get his points back from the hotel chain he was dealing with. the one thing the experts say, it's the password. the one thing you can control, make it hard to break your passwo password. >> great advice. and change it as much as you can. david, thank you so much. checking your miles accounts? i guess added to the list. >> going back to the boarding pass. never thought about it until now. that's it. i'm never going to leave it. >> you do work hard for those miles. we were just talking about it. >> it's easier than changing your password. coming up, you'll love this. "shark tank" has made big headlines this morning for a huge success story. the couple about to become multimillionaires for their
7:45 am
product. we have got it all for you. >> good for them. and alfonso injured in "dancing" rehearsals. what he told us about the pain he's in. will he make it back to the ballroom? come on back. ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter ♪ ♪ when the snow comes to cover the ground ♪ ♪ it's a time for play, ♪ it's a whipped cream day ♪ i wait for it all year round ♪ in winter it's a marshmallow world! ♪ campbell's® fiesta chicken sausage and pepper rigatoni. southwest style bean & barley. tuscany style chicken and pasta. if you think campbell's® 33 new soups sound good... imagine how they taste! m'm m'm good!®
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♪ now to "dancing with the stars" and the suspense. the suspense heading into the semifinals tonight. the big question this morning, can alfonso come back from an injury. >> come back, alfonso!
7:49 am
>> can he do that? . the t. skrchlt hj. holmes will t for us. >> i know y'all were geeked up when he did the carlton earlier in the season. he's been recovering from that injury all season. he has a new injury that had him flat on his back. will he or won't he? this morning, that's the question for fan favorite alfonso ribeiro. he not only carlton'd his way into the semifinal ts, but, it seems into a medical emergency as well. >> this is an emergency. call the doctor asap. >> reporter: in this exclusive sneak peek. the 43-year-old injuring his back wednesday after a mistep. >> it took my breath away. i felt incredible pain. every movement hurt more and more. >> reporter: overnight, ribeiro
7:50 am
fighting through the pain. still determined to lace up his dancing shoes. tweeting saturday, i'm working really hard to be able to dance monday. keep the prayers coming. it's not unusual for a dancing star to be sidelined by an injury this late this the game. jennifer grey made a show-stopping comeback after being hospitalized for a rupture disk. >> i didn't think i was going to come back tonight. i'm really glad i did. >> reporter: so will carlton cruise back on to the dance floor? we'll see. serious injuries. concussions, biceps, ankles, knees. this is not grinding in the club-type stuff. this is real dancing. so injuries happen. >> so, will he or won't he? >> we don't know. he tweeted day ago.
7:51 am
said stand by. >> i'm guessing yes. >> thanks for the great memory of the club. you can watch "dancing with the stars" tonight on abc. 8:00. stay with us. today i'll show you some ways to get more out of your thanksgiving meal. and i'll show you the best way to nap. when buying fresh green beans, look for this 'snap'. that means they're really fresh. and this 'snap' means you're really napping. now, with your delicious butterball turkey from walmart, roast it upside down for the first hour... do this for the first hour... then flip it. ditto! ...for the juiciest turkey yet. next you...(sniff, sniff)...oh never mind. walmart has everything you need for your thanksgiving meal, at unbeatable prices, guaranteed by savings catcher.
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7:56 am
>> good morning, i'm tamala edwards, 7:56, monday, november 17. we're going over to karen rogers another problem on i-95. >> reporter: a jamup, because of a disabled vehicle that has since cleared. a 56 minute ride that's huge on i-95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine, jammed past academy to girard. the action cam was on the scene in old city, this overtrurnd tractor-trailer flipped over on the ramp from front to i-95
7:57 am
southbound. use the ramp to i-95 eastbound instead. a huge jam up pennsylvania turnpike. just checked the faa site because of low ceilings it's taking an hour and 45 minute delay for flights. check flight tracker. >> reporter: good morning, tam, storm tracker 6 live double scan shows there's rain filtering through the northern half of region. it's light, heavier stuff is pushing toward reading. 42 in philadelphia. 42 in wilmington, upper 30s through trenton and allentown and reading. mid 40s down the shore. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows high of 56. we're looking at periods of rain throughout the day. this afternoon some of it could be steady rain.
7:58 am
tomorrow, windy with bitter cold returning high of 34. windchills in the teens tomorrow. most of the day, tam. >> okay, thank you, david. coming up on "g.m.a." they talk to brook shields about a revealing biography she has written about her life with her mother. we'll see you in 0. party on people! blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale continues celebrating with 20% off the entire store. you heard right, 20% off the entire store. we're talking employee pricing baby! hey, you need 'em, you want 'em, and now there's no better time to get 'em.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and new this morning, why energy drinks are leading to thousands of calls to poison control. is your toddler in danger of drinking one by accident? ♪ in is gonna be the best day and the first-ever breakthrough success for a "shark tank" contender. meet the couple whose product is about to make them multimillionaires. what you can learn from them. sfwlmplt this is there are 800? >> no kidding. it's on sale. >> and cutting your cost when it comes to being a bridesmaid. and brooke shields is with us live. opening up about her startling new memoir. what he's reveal about her mom,
8:01 am
the high-profile boyfriends, and the notorious calvin klein ad. as we say -- >> good morning, america. pretty good monday crowd out in the rain right there. brooke shields inside. yeah, you wrote it, brooke. her book making head leans right now. yt there was a little girl." talks about the men in her life and her rocky and rewarding relationship with her mom. >> and lara will talk to brooke in a little bit. we're kicking off an exciting series this week. raiders of the lost tapes. lara, lara, is that you lara? >> no, that's indiana spencer. >> sorry, my bad. >>ened i indiana spencer has fo footage. look at this gem.
8:02 am
here he is. >> over 35 years of memories. >> nice computer, robin. >> is that a micro wave? >> i think it was an atari. >> you look the same, by the way. >> just on tuesdays, george. first, though -- >> thanks, lar prap. let's get some news from amy. we begin with the extreme weather ginger has been following. millions of americans facing bitter cold, arctic air, snow, and reported tornadoes. twisters reported from louisiana to florida, damaging homes and uprooting trees. meanwhile, snow that hit the texas panhandle is marching east. ginger's frigid forecast coming up. we expect to hear today from the family of the latest american murdered by isis militants in syria.
8:03 am
a video confirming peter cakas g kassig's death was released overthe weekend. the video shows landmarks. and also isis members not wearing masks. pope francis announcing his first official visit to the united states. the pope will attend the world meeting of families in philadelphia, a mass i have gathering organized by the church. and he may also visit new york and washington. the number of children homeless in america hit a new high. 1 out of every on 30 children does not have a place to call home. that's about2.5 million kids. lack of affordable housing is a major factor. a billionaire's plan to built this elevated park over
8:04 am
new york's hudson river. it would include two acres of gardens and an amphitheater. the television host in australia wore the same suit every day for an entire year to see if anyone would notice. he says he did it to show how men and women are looked at differently. not the be said for women. you wear this tomorrow, you get hate mail. >> often times i have wondered if you wear the same tut the next day. >> i have never wore the same tut twice. >> same suit twice? you had me there for a minute. some health news now. a warning about energy drunks and kids. toddlers are drinking them by
8:05 am
accident, bringing thousands of calls to poison control centers. dr. rich besser is here. the symptoms are scary. >> they are. they looked at phone calls to poison control centers over a three-year period. there. >> reporter: nearly 5,000 calls for the caffeine-containing energy drinks. rapid heart rate. irritability. nausea. tremors. 100 people with chest pain. nearly half of the calls were children under the age of 6. >> under the age of 6. unintenti unintentional? >> yes. the parents were leaving them in places kids could get to them. >> and the packaging is such that it could be easily mistaken. >> a loft them look the same as sodas. if they're in a place kids can get to. >> and just a little bit would give them a jolt. >> there's a lot of caffeine in
8:06 am
there. none of the side effects in the children were permanent. none of them were life-threatening. there are simple things parent can do. never give one to your children. they're not designed for children. don't put them in a place that children can get to them. and you can set an example. don't drink one around your children. drink water, things you do want your children to have. >> if you have ever had one, it will send you racing as an adult. it's too much. >> i won't drink them. >> thank you. we got a statement from american beverage association. the drinks state on the packaging that they're not meant for children. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." first, in "pop news" why bono should probably stick with walking for awhile. he's had another scare, a week
8:07 am
after the plane scare. we'll tell you more. zblmpl and t and the incredible shark tank success story. this is great one you will not want to miss. and then, the one, the only, my friending brooke shields is here. brand-new book. dishing, talking quite candidly, about mom, romance, about kids. about life. >> everything. >> we're getting into it. all of that on "good morning america," live in times square. let's go say hi to everybody. see you guys in a minute. oh, we're locked.
8:08 am
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vacation they'll never forget. introducing royal caribbean's vow to wow sale. now when you book your vacation get 50 percent off your second guest... ...and more money to spend on board. it's royal caribbean's vow to wow sale. call today. disturbing is the word we
8:12 am
start "pop news" with. >> we see your props already. >> we begin "pop news" today with another scare for bono. a tough week for the u2 frontman. he was on a flight last week when the luggage hatch fell off in midair. now, he's take an spill in a park in new york and he needs surgery on his arm. the band is sure he'll recoverer. bono may want to -- just walk. walking. safe. keep it a little slower. slow and steady wins the race, my friend. congratulations to beyonce's younger sister, solange who got married over the weekend. yes, beyonce, jay z, and blue ivy were all there.
8:13 am
the guests wore a shade of white, a request by the bride and groom. mahogany. ♪ do you know where you're going to ♪ come on, robin. >> you were singing it so well. ♪ do you like the things >> no. speaking of george, as the holidays approach, you may be asking yourself what to get for the person who has everything. in the case of george or should i say, lord george, you get him the gift of nobility. ♪ [ bag pipes playing ] >> thank you, boys.
8:14 am
that's how you do it. george! lord jonchtgeorge, and the reste team, are now officially scottish nobility. that is my fwigift to you. it's a website called highland tateles. it allows you to purchase a plot of woods. it's one square foot, for $48. it's enough to become nobility. thank you, steven rossitor, for the ceremonial presentation of your titles. >> lady lara. lord george. >> lady robin. lady amy, and lady ginger. >> the great news is you're not only a lord and lady, you are
8:15 am
also helping to conserve is scottish country side. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> i'll never look at you the same way. >> it's a wee lot of land. >> i got ten square feet. >> you did pip noticed. a bit generous. and a discount code, happy holidays in our discount box, 20% off. >> there you go. lord stephen, very good at selling his product, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> that was great, lara. first, lady ginger has a check of the weather. >> oh, what a nice gift. thank you, laidty you're from pensacola, florida, it's not been a nice morning in northern florida. >> really? >> reporter: she said really? i'll show you the pictures, no snow, but damage, reported tornados rolling through and into parts of georgia.
8:16 am
this morning i want you to pay attention if you're anywhere in orange there are storms coming your way, they will be there through early afternoon and that's in parts of north carolina. that's a look at the big picture, let's check closer to home. >> reporter: thanks a lot ginger, david murphy on the terrace. we have a light and steady rain falling. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 56 with periods of on and off rain. at times this afternoon it could be heavy rain. tomorrow, colder air snaps back into the region. sunshine, but a high of 34. windy and bitter, windchills in the teens for much of the day. so tomorrow is a bundler, cold on wednesday, 33. 40s on thursday. now to a brek break-through, real-life success.
8:17 am
one couple's app invex has been acquired by a company. a multimillion dollar deal. >> next into the tank is a couple with an affordable solution for all those digital photos stacking up on our smartphones. >> reporter: they're the husband and wife that jumped into the shark tank. they came away with a deal that change their lives. >> billions of photos are taken every day from smartphones. who doesn't have a phone with hundreds if not thousands of photos? >> it's exteamly intense in the shark tank. you have five extremely sharp people trying to get to the bottom lip of why they want to give you money. >> reporter: ryan and julie's app lets subscribers upload 100 photos a month for $299. they get a bound book. mr. wonderful, kevin o'leary, knew something good. >> i'm a photographer. i love the idea of what they were doing.
8:18 am
>> reporter: a deal was struck. in nine short months, staggering growth. more than 00 million photos have been uploaded. subscriptions have grown 1,400%. shutt shutterfly's president took notice. >> i was impressed. >> reporter: and in a shark tank first, mammoth acquisition. shutterfly asquaring groove book for $14.5 million. >> we could have never imagined how it would have doubled, triple and multiplied. it's been incredible. >> reporter: proving to all your dreerms, anything can happen. >> i'm here with shark kevin o'leary. i should say congratulations. you saw this early. >> i'm passionate about it. it capture your life. sent it to you if a book every
8:19 am
month. so simple. $299. america loved it. they saw it on "shark tank." and squjulie and brian are multimillionaires. >> you couldn't have predicted this success. >> no. but it's taught all of us what a stage "shark tank" is. we have fantastic ideas. a great audience. >> it brings in more and more great requestideas. >> is it sad for you? >> no, this is going to grow much bigger within the context that shutterfully has. to make tin vestment initially, help mentor them during the executi executional process. i add value at the end helping them make their deal. they've just proven the american dream is still alive.
8:20 am
>> great story. thank you, kevin, for coming in. this week, shark tankers are going head to head. great to have you here. congratulations on the 100th episode. being a bridesmaid is an honor. it doesn't come cheap. women can spend a small fortune that, let's face it, we're wearing it once. now, there's a new way to look good and save hundreds of dollars. abbie boudreau has the story. >> oh, my god. what the hell is hat? >> theme wedding. >> reporter: whether it's 27 dresses or a one-time thing. why shell out hundreds for a bridesmaid dress that you're never groing to wear again. >> it's an amazing honor. but it's expensive. >> reporter: kelsey launched vow to be chic to give bridesmaids a
8:21 am
break. how much does a bridesmaid save by renting her dress. >> i know you'll have a great marriage. >> reporter: a fashion forward look. for less. like this dress. retailing for $300, but you can rent it for $110. a savings of more than 60%. this dress retails at $495. but as a rental, you'll pay $15. a 75% savings. and the process is simple. three months before the big day, brides pick out their bridesmaid dresses on vow to be chic's websi website. the brides made gives her size. gets two dresses. then one week before the wedding, her designer gown arrives on her doorstep. what kind of reaction are you
8:22 am
getting? >> they're loving it. >> reporter: almost as much as catching the bouquet. >> good idea. >> i love those dresses. is there those were great dresses. usually, not so much as a bridesmaid. >> you'll actually wear them again, which is a great -- >> i had the ones with the fufly sleeves. >> oh, i just had an idea. we'll get to that. because here's another one of our incredible ideas. we're calling this "raiders of the lost tapes." wow, i sound like the lord and lady person. you may have never heard of her, she roams the world looking for never before seen tv clips. she brings you clips of the "gma" gang. >> you're talking about yourself, you know that. >> roll the tape, please. as the raider of the lost tapes. must get to times square.
8:23 am
i have scoured civil zagts. ew, ew. heading off danger at every turn. all with one singular crusade in mind. so get the best of the vhs. >> your local weather forecast just ahead. >> let's get physical, ginger zee. you'll understand. >> look. it's in your physical. physics in action. >> only one subject besides the weather could get a tenth grade ginger this excited. physics, of course. >> you think so? >> sound. >> today's lesson brought to you by the letter "s," as in sound. >> thanks for joining us on, physics in action. >> i have unearthed an interesting tape. >> you can see how high the water is, standing at the base of the marketplace. that's why i'm on top of this table. >> check out amy in her favorite jeans as a report for a south
8:24 am
carolina affiliate. >> brought it to a screeching halt. >> we have discovered michael strahan had the nickname baby face. >> there's though better feeling. >> in this never before seen clip, he was just 23. but already a giant with a crystal ball perhaps. >> what do you thing about kathie lee gifford leaving the show? >> who's taking her place, vanna white or something? she's actually leaving the show? doesn't seem like the show would be right without her. >> gee, wiz, george was cute. >> joining us is george stephanopoulos. >> he was just 21 the first time. getting grild. >> pi first dayton job for an organization to educate the public on arms control literal chur. i spoke to him for about 30 minutes. >> ready for some robin. >> how am i going tell the story
8:25 am
of wild world of sports. 35 years of memories. that gives me an idea. >> in this classic, robin's computer skills are put to the test. >> what's wrong? what is going on? this is really -- whoa! this is really weird. what's going on. what's? really weird. ah! >> and what about my alter ego, lara? check out this unbelievable clip of her as a cub reporter on long island, just trying to let it be. the bee team says i'm in no danger. i'm completely surrounded by bees. but they're not angry. this is just a pit stop. so be with us all week, woebt you. adds i hunt down the memorable first big break for your
8:26 am
favorite actor, musician, news anger. you'll always remember. they might rather forget. >> oh, my goodness. >> wow. >> that was good. >> you look like working girl. >> yeah. i like how i know the personality of the bees. >> all of our voices are an octave higher. >> and still a nerd. >> fidsics in action. >> who wouldn't want to watch it? >> is there more to come? >> more to come, robin. so glad you asked. more tapes. she'll be back. you know, indiana, with never before seen footage of your favorite stars all week long. coming up, brooke shields is with us live.
8:27 am
>> good morning, a boarding house fire in the germantown section of philadelphia, killed a man and injured four police officers. the officers reached the fire ahead of the firefighters, their injuries are minor. the man who died in the fire was found in the second floor bedroom. 8:27 monday, november 17 i'm tamala edwards. that time karen rogers is taking a look at 422, good morning. >> reporter: this is a good look at what it seems like out there. this is 422 eastbound no accidents here, but you're jammed solid from royals ford to 23. a slow go in. we have a five mile delay on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound due to an accident that's off to the shoulder, five miles as you approach downingtown you're
8:28 am
jammed in that area. southbound traffic on i-95 jammed from past academy to past girard, 53 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. it's a slow go there. new castle, 295 northbound blocking the right lane near claymont. >> tough morning, david murphy sounds like you might keep that umbrella all day. >> reporter: yeah it is going to be on and off rain straight through the region. the rain is centered in the northern and western suburbs, much of southern jersey and delaware catching a break for now. 37 in allentown, mid 40s down the shore. the seven day shows a high of 56 today, again we'll be in and out of rain all the way into the evening. at times the rain could be steadier than what we experienced so far. tomorrow, sunny and windy and bitterly cold. windchills in the teens much of the time. >> "g.m.a." wolf gang puck
8:29 am
symptoms by to talk about thanksgiving recipes. we put all the apps you love... inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us.
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♪ i'm alive i'm alive i'll tell you, a little bit of rain, not going to keep this crowd away. so great to have them with us. good luck. and there is benedict cumberbatch. >> he's so hot right now. >> he's in social square. oscar buzz for his new role. >> hello. >> amy will talk to him coming up. i hate to be the bearer of this news. it's only five weeks until christmas. hopefully, you've started shopping. you're getting ready. along with the decorations popping up, there's a so-called "pop-up santa." popping up all over the place and offers gifts. >> we're sieg a lot.
8:31 am
like jennifer mcdonald showing her sweater. >> are you going to share it forward? >> did you watch "once upon a time" last night? we have a deleted scene on our website. you do not want to miss it. it's getting really good. right now, one of the hottest stars trending everywhere. kendall jenner. the 19-year-old sister of kim kardashian. she's just signed on as the new face of estee lauder. she's opening up about that, her famous family, her runway shows, and so much more. here's juju chang. >> reporter: she's the it girl fashion podle of the season. but while sister kim is busy trying to break the internet, kendall jenner is trying to break out. making name for herself as a
8:32 am
model. that's what the jealous girls say. she's trading in the kardashian, jenner name, and cashes ing it for a career. >> in reality, i worked hard for this. i wasn't like i got it magically. >> reporter: what made you want to model? >> i would always be looking at these supermodels, so amazing to me. they were like superheroes. i want to be the best role model i can be to a little girl, a little boy, anybody. >> you banned kim and your sisters from coming to the show early on. why? >> banned is a strong word. i think if my sister was sitting front row and who she is, it would have taken away the attention from what i'm trying to do on my own. >> reporter: now, a new landmark in her career. just in week end, becoming the new face of estee lauder. what makes it a big deal?
8:33 am
>> it's one of the preteej use brands. >> reporter: she has over 9 million twitter followers. she's still a teenager appearing naked in photo shoots and risque. what do you say to the critics? >> who is going to argue with mark jacobs. >> you don't care about the peek saying, oes, she's an exhibitionist? >> they'll get over it. >> reporter: also raising eyebro eyebrows, the relationship questions. >> he's a long-time friend of our family. everybody loves to assume things. but no. >> reporter: are you in a relationship? >> i'm not. i'm truly, i'm focussing on my career. if it comes, it comes. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> you can watch the complete interview tonight on "nightline." for nine things you didn't know about kendall squjenner, go to website. now to ginger.
8:34 am
>> they're telling me, we're from dallas. what did it do in dallas over the weekend? >> it snows and you can see right there, taking us through what the roads look like. take extra care and time, snow is falling in parts of ohio and there are schools closed in western new york. look at the numbers, grand rapids could pick up a half foot or more. close to buffalo that was a foot, plus. severe weather in the southeast, windy and warm in the west. >> reporter: hello, ginger, david murphy here for accuweather standing in the clouds, we'll have periods of rain, some of it steady. tomorrow windy and bitterly cold. exclusive
8:35 am
first look at a new wyclef jean song featuring avici. ♪ we can make it through cloudy skies by your side i feel alive ♪ ♪ all i ever know must be heaven where you come from heaven where you come from ♪ ♪ >> that song called divine sorrow, wyclef and avici just two of the artists participating. share the sound of an aids-free generation. the whole new campaign. avici has designed a special experience for a fan. to win tickets to three of the best musical festivals in the world. to learn more, visit the website on the screen.
8:36 am
every week this month, another original song by a top artist available to download on itunes with proceeds benefitting the fwloebl fund to fight aids. actor benedict cumberbatch is getting praise for his latest role. he is playing man who helped break the enigma code and was later prosecuted for being gay. >> of course that's what you're working on. but you also haven't gotten anywhere with it. if you had, you hiring cryptographers out of school. i like solving problems. enigma is the toughest in the world. >> it's not difficult. it's impossible. emp thinks enigma is
8:37 am
unbreakable. >> good. let me try and we'll know for sure, won't we? >> thank you for being with us. i want to talk about the big news this month. you got engaged. congratulations. >> i did. thank you very much. >> i love that we didn't hear about from the the publicist. you took out an ad. page 57, of the times of london. did you propose in the traditional way? >> sort of. that's for me to know. >> i understand your mom is asking for cumberbabies. >> i don't think my mom would ask for that. but people come up with creative things for the first part of my name. >> you're receiving so much praise. you're already picking up trophies. on friday, you won the hollywood actor at the hollywood film awards. the story of alan touring is one
8:38 am
you didn't know. most of us don't know. it has to feel remarkable to shed light on such an important part of history. >> it does. that was one of the main attractions to playing this man. he's war hero. the father of the modern computing age, and a gay icon. it's shocking how comparatively little he's known. to bring him to a wider aud jens through a filt m, a beautiful script with a great director and cast was a no-brainer to me. >> the film's director calls it a tribute to being different. what do you want viewers to take away? >> how important he was to all of our lives. being true to his identity in a time of intolerance and prenl dis. and also being the father of the modern computing age. the man who pretty much invented
8:39 am
the computer. >> cyou did a great deal of research. found you were related? >> i heard this. i would like to verify that before making a comment. it would be wonderful. i would be incredibly proud of that heritage. we'll see. >> they say yourself boast related to john beaufort, the first earl of somerset. >> wow, wow. wheth where's the country pile? who has it? that's amazing. you go back far enough, england becomes a village where everyone is related. i would love to look into that. >> you spent a year after school teaching english at a tibetan monastery. does that help with role? >> i'm meditating right now. i'm in a deep pool of calm. the baby knows.
8:40 am
>> meditation comes in handy. thank you for coming by. we appreciate it. "the imitation game" opens on friday november 28th. coming up, brooke shields live.
8:41 am
8:42 am
greetings, sharks. >> this is "gma," shark versus shark. >> may the best shark win. >> tomorrow, the sharks are out of their tank.
8:43 am
>> you're going down. >> and they're competing against each other. >> and they'll do anything to win. on -- >> "good morning america." so there's brooke shields. she was in our social square. a little shocked, perhaps, by her own book. it's called "there was a little girl." she wants to set the record straight about her life. her mom, the first celebrity moma fwr momager. often criticized for the choices she made for her young daughter. we want to say hi to you. >> thank you. >> last time we spoke was about your book about post partum depression. >> it was the first book i penned. this is the next one. it's funnier. a little funnier. though there was humor in that one, too. >> there's such a brutal honesty to your words and beautifully written. but, you say right off the bat that you felt like you had to do
8:44 am
this after reading your mom's obituary. that story is really remarkable. >> a shocking story. i thing that what had happened was, for people who don't know everything about me, um, i wrote an obituary. i was much misrepresented. hen it came out, it was nothing that i had written. and what really struck me was not just the vitriol with which it was written against my mother. but that a woman had died, and there was a daughter mourning, and no respect for that whatsoever. i thought, why is that okay? and then i just thought, it was my turn to tell my version and my truth. good and bad. >> and what was the goal here? you said, i'm going the write this book, set the story straight, about teri, my mom. did you accomplish what you set how out to for yourself?
8:45 am
>> i did. the good, the bad, the complexity of a parent-child relationship. we spend our lives running away from or running towards our mothers. and whether you have an amazing relationship or a distant one or a, you know, there is a complexity there. and every disney princess, the mom's dead in the first five seconds. you know, there is something in that archetypal relationship. >> you started young. 11 months old. >> i had a lot to say, listen, mom, get it going here. >> by 11, did you have enough of a voice to you can that about "pretty baby." do you remember her explaining the film and you would be playing this child prostitute? >> i grew up in manhattan. i went to school in jersey. i grew up in the city when 42nd street was a very tint place. i was cognizant of all of that. i think the thing hat shaped me the most, through all of it, it
8:46 am
was a beautiful film. i think to this day it's the most beautiful film i've been in. and, i lived with an alcoholic parent. i was an only child. with her. my father had a whole other family. i was very close to them. but that shaped me. and so it actually became the larger character in our life, even in our lives together. and it even superceded hollywood and all the pitfalls of that. >> you are so frank about your mom. and you do tell stories about missed christmases. you say there were positives and prap, if she had not led the life she did you would not have had the incredible life you have. i thing sthat the story. that is the golden -- the silver lining, if you will. you talk about the men in your life. i was surprised that you were so revealing about andre agassi and your marriage. you did have a lot in common. but he shared a very dark secret with you that you now shared in the book.
8:47 am
>> he shared about it in his book, to. so i had -- and have the respect. i main tand my integrity throughout. and, i told my version of what we experienced and when my mother had something to do with it. this was not sort of, believe me, i have a tell-all. it will probably knock people's sox off. i may never write it, but, these stories all, even about the men -- which sounds so -- >> but it was about her connection to it. >> how she affected me within all of those relationships. fear of losing my vir skrinty because i felt like somehow she would know. i think the appealing part of the unbelievably larger than life characters, these alcoholics, these addicted people, these fabulous, is that they have that appeal. they're beguiling. it's also, it's all that. it affected my relationships.
8:48 am
andre was one of the best parts of my life. i mean, he helped me sort of -- disengage if my mother in as healthy, healthily as possible. >> you're so honest about it. it's frank. >> it's sort of ridiculous. there are parts you cannot believe. >> and it's out tomorrow, everybody. the name of the book, "there was a little girl." in stores tomorrow by the one and only brooke shields. thank you for sharing. so good the so see you. >> thanks for caring. >> stay with us. >> i'm never leaving.
8:49 am
8:50 am
it's turkey time with legendary chef wolfgang puck. we're counting down to thanksgiving. making a feast, puck style.
8:51 am
>> puck style. >> i want to start with these contraptio contraptions. this is about to make a lot of people's lives better. >> we have developed a low-pressure oven. you can cook a turkey, chicken, in under an hour. a 15-pound turkey in 55 minutes. but what i like, you can cook the chicken perfectly moist. the turkey perfectly moist. why? because all the moisture is sealed in. this is really a pressure oven. >> no more dry thanks gigiving turk turkey. >> let me show you. we'll tie the turkey. in a roasting pan with a little oil and person, salt and pepper. >> no other rub. can you put one on? >> you can put one on.
8:52 am
we just put it in here, on some vegetables on a roasting pan that comes with it. >> onions, carrots, sweet potatoes. put the oven on 450. in less than an hour, your tuckry is ready. here on the pressure. put the lever down. that's it. you open it clowely. ought rig. see -- >> all right. >> you can tell it's juicy. >> all the moisture is right in here. >> that's incredible. >> let me turn that guy around. >> look at that. that's incredible. >> perfectly moist. >> and the grip togs make the gravy. >> so really easy. is the >> you see how easy it is to cut open? >> that looks incredible.
8:53 am
you're lucky i'm hungry. it's dripping with juices. have you ever seen a turkey like that? >> no, neither has my family. >> gravy, relishes, whatever you have. the turkey is moist and delicious. >> this is so moist. i can't believe it. >> normally, you cannot eat the breast. with this oven, because it's under pressure, it keeps the moisture and flavor in the meat. >> that is just with olive oil. >> no basting. go to the hairdresser. get ready for your meal. that's it. >> you can go to on yahoo! for more. thank you so much. >> thank you. happy holiday.
8:54 am
8:55 am
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was it something we said? george? lara? where is everybody? don't leave us. have a great day, everybody. >> good morning, pope francis has made it official, the pope announced at the vatican this morning that he visit
8:57 am
philadelphia next september. he'll be here to take part in the world meeting of families. philadelphia archbishop chaput was on hand at the time of the announcement. we'll have live team coverage on his visit coming up on "action news" at noon. 8:56 monday, november 17 i'm tamala edwards. karen rogers it's raining and that's some ugliness on the schuylkill expressway. >> reporter: a slow go for sure, no accidents on the the schuylkill expressway, but westbound traffic is jamming from montgomery drive to gladwyn and eastbound heavy from city avenue to girard. you see the 41 minute travel time westbound. we have an overturned tractor-trailer, the action cam was on the scene at the ramp from front and market to i-95 southbound. it's been blocked all morning, take the ramp from the vine street expressway eastbound to the i-95 instead. 42 northbound traffic
8:58 am
approaching coles road we have an accident off on the shorted. you can see the back up right there. >> david this rain sticks around for most of the day. >> reporter: it does look that way, tam. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows the rain positioned over half of the region is pushing into south jersey and delaware. it's mainly light and every now and then a darker shade of gray with slightly steadier rain on the way. 43 in philadelphia. the seven day shows a high of 56 periods of rain, some of it heavy straight into this evening. tomorrow, sunshine, 34, windchills in the teens for much of the time, tam. >> "live" with kelly and michael is up next, i'm tamala edwards have a great monday!
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announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, star of the new film, "the imitation game," benedict cumberbatch. and from the comedy "mom," the award winning actress allison janney. plus, the co-hosts respond to viewer comments and questions when they open up the inbox. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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