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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  November 17, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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we have a batch of steady rain between atlantic city and surf city. the i-95 corridor there is little more than an inch of rain. there is a advisory, there are areas where leaves are clogging the storm drain. buckingham and gloucester and marple are all in this area. the big change behind this system you will notice it tomorrow. it 48 degrees. it's damp and raw. but there is some very cold air waiting in the wings. right now chicago that is a temperature not the wind chill. 15 degrees. bismarck, 17 degrees. that air is heading straight in our direction. this is what to expect this evening. the showers will move completely off the coast by 8:00. the winds pick up. 12 to 25 miles-an-hour.
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this will dry most of the rods.z but temperatures falling below the freezing point across the board. some areas where there is poor drainage where we have puddles developing could be icing up in the overnight hours. tomorrow morning bundle up. wind chills in the morning generally only in the teens. they will not be getting warmer than that by the afternoon. talking more about that in the accuweather forecast. thank you, cecily. the entire region will feel the impacts when pope francis comes to town. the pontiff announced his trip to philadelphia with the world meeting of families next september. his presence could attract more than a million visitors to our area. "action news" has live team coverage. and dann cuellar has a reaction from the catholic community. and david joins us live
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mr. logan circle. >>reporter:10 months from now it will be a,6qp sea of humanity. more than a million pack the parkway as they try to get a glimpse of the pope. this is big as mayor nutter said this morning. >> this is a massive undertaking, again, not because of the volume of people that we should anticipate but because of the participants. >> participants number one is the pope himself. last march they went to rome to meet with the pope and urging them to meet with the world meeting of families in philadelphia. he secretly told him that he would be here. they could not say anything until the announcement. that announcement came this morning. he sent a letter to be read at the news conference in philadelphia. >> this moment is a historic and exhilarating one for all of us to share. it's the answers to countless
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prayers of so many people that asked god to guide pope francis to philadelphia. >>reporter:they pack the parkway on two we coulds november 26t t. it's a challenge for the law enforcement agencies. nothing of this magnitude. >> this is slightly bigger with a few more zeros at the end in terms of the number of folks coming. we'll be ready. >>reporter:that is a lot of visitors. the hotels are already taking reservations. don't worry. no one will have to stay in a manger.
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mainger. >> a lot of people will be coming here and spending a lot of money while in philadelphia. the city's resources will be strained. we'll have more on that in my next report coming up on "action news" at 6:00. live in the parkway, david henry, "channel~6 action news." thank you, david. and dann cuellar spoke to catholic students about the pope's visit. he joins us live in springfield. >> hi, monica. they decided to write letters to the pope asking him to come and visit. they were elated to hear that the pope is indeed coming to philadelphia. >> i wrote to him asking him to come to philadelphia. it would be a great honou honore d. >>reporter:a high honor to emma
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cliff. her letter to the pope is a letter chosen. >> i am proud. i thought it was cool that he picked me from my letter. >>reporter:the students not only invited the pope to come to philadelphia. he asked they visit the school after st. francis. the name that he chose as pope. >> it would be great if you could come and visit us at st. francis. >>reporter:they have not given up hope that he would visit their school in philadelphia. >> we had to ask him to come here to see a school that is named after st. francis and a parish. you never know. we will keep praying and maybe he can add it to his itinerary. >>reporter:waterloo pope francis visits st. francis's parish it's up in the air.
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meeting of families is once-in-a-lifetime experience. these students were not even born when a pope visited philadelphia in 1979. thank you, dann. we have more details coming up on you can see video of pope john paul ii visit back in 1979. and see photos of our "action news" crew of the canonization of the pope this june. it's all here on now to exclusive video from bucks county. a stunt thaa student that was ct penridge high school faced a judge today. cody went to court. he allegedly forced a female student at knifepoint into a school bathroom. he tried to rape her last month.
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the 15-year-old is charged as an adult. he waived his preliminary hearing and remains jailed on those charges. thank you, shirleen. sharrie. four police officers were hurt as they tried to fight the blaze on east chelten avenue late last night. we have details from the fire department. chad. >>reporter:rick, the police officers are going to be okay. they are doing fine. they suffered smoke inhalation. here is the building that caught fire on the 800 block of east chelten. you see the debris here. when the smoke cleared one man is dead. the fire department said that the flames and smoke spread on the second floor. four people were in separate
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rooms. four officers at least one using an extinguisher tried to put out the flames. >> this is a storm/rooming home. there were four rooms and three of the four people were able to self-evacuate. >>reporter:the firefighters got the blaze under control. they found a man dead in one of the bedrooms. his name is not released. >> they did have smoke alarms. the smoke alarms alerted one of the residents. he got everyone out of the building. >>reporter:the four police officers were treated for smoke inhalation. all are doing well according to a spokesperson. the fatality brings it to 58. 7 more than last year. >>reporter:they continue to investigate the cause.
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l&i is investigating if the owner had the proper licensing for the rentals upstairs. and darren krein is charged with six erodehe rode around on his bike. they are looking into other crimes. monday night, looking at the traffic report. taking it live to matt pellman. how are you doing matt? >> i hope you are not looking in this direction. it's going to make you feel better. we are clogged in both directions on the schuylkill expressway. and to gland win a broken down truck is gone. on the vine we had another broken down vehicle. that too has cleared.
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you are looking at slow speeds starting the whole way back in king of prussia. and as you approach painters crossing at baltimore pike at dickinson drive. we have downed wires at marcus hook on markus street. watch out for a crash on highway 1 past new castle taking out at lane there. the slower speeds are on the southbound side. we'll check it again rick and monica in the next half-hour. if you must, more to come on "action news at 5:00" including a big change for the maker of botox. why ownership of the company is changing hands. plus, an ebola patient flown to africa to the u.s. has died. tonight we are learning more about the last-ditch efforts to save his life.
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you will hear from the doctors and nurses next. and we have the accuweather forecast when "action news" comes right back. floo
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health check tonight, a doctor that came from sierra leone has died. and ali has the details. >> you can tell that he he were very upset to report the news. dr. martin salia is the secondwell patient to die in the u.s. he wasecondpatient patient to die from ebola. the moment that he arrived it was an uphilltb=ú- battle. >> he had no kidney function. he was working hard to breathe. he was unresponsive. >>reporter:he was immediately put on dialysis and got zmapp
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and plasma from a ebola survivor. he went into cardiac arrest and died.vor. his case reinforces the need for early diagnosis and treatment. when dr. salia first got sick his ebola test was negative. it can stay in the liver and spleen growing in numbers before it moves into the blood stream. positive last monday, the virus was far along. it was an honor to care for the doctor and meet his wife even for a short time. >> she is an incredibly strong4y stoic an brave individual who really i think taught us a lot about someone going through
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these circumstances. >>reporter:also starting today travelers from mali are screened for ebola and monitored 21 days after they arrive like people coming from sierra leone, new guinea and liberia. they are more concerned about the dozens of people those people may is a exposed before they died. 15 to 20 people a day come from mali. many of6l them are aid workers. monica. thankdj1?.ey ali. hitting the facebook like button is a practice. a simple click can land you in water. >>reporter:i am consumer reporter nydia han. between the comments and likes, can be costly scams. >> you become a more qualified target.
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>>reporter:how are the thieves getting to you and what is it costing you? that is on at "action news" at 11:00.
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[♪] topping business news tonight the company that makes botox has been sold to another pharmaceutical giant. the drugmaker will purchase alergen and its stock. it was fighting against valeant for months. two trending companies are joining forces. uber and spotify are linking up. they can link it to the uber cards in cities around the globe. riders can be their own deejays on their trips. there are plans to bring the markebring it toall markets. it only works with spotify
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accounts. george and colleen closed the indian chief tavern. they operated the eatery off of route 70. they sold it to the openers of the shop rite next store. the new owners have not said what they are going to do with the new property. a beautiful skyline tonight. it about to turn bitterly cold and cecily tynan has the accuweather forecast coming up
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time for accuweather. time for everyone to dig out the toe warmers at this point. bundle up. we are trading off. we are getting rid of the rain. we are bringing in the bitter cold and gusty winds. we have some pocket was steadier rain along the garden state parkway seaside heights and atlantic city. it's moving to the north and east. all of this is clearing out as we head through the evening hours. rainfall is showing except for the lehigh valley, everyone else is showing a little more than an inch of rain.
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it caused pocket was localized flooding. all of this will be clear in the coast by 8:00. this is strong cold front. behind this things get very cold and very windy. right now philadelphia it's 48 degrees. temperatures a lot more mild. and ahead of that cold front, the temperatures in the mid-50s. allentown it's 43. there is bitter air waiting in the wings. pittsburgh it's 32. it's not chilly when compared to what is going on in the midwest. chicago and minneapolis, temperatures are in the mid-teens there. the air mass settles in today and tomorrow. the rain ends the winds pick up. overnight lows will be below freezing. the wind dries out most of the roads. some areas where there is standing water in the morning
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time could have ice. be careful in the morning listen to david murphy at 4:30. there could be icy patches. tomorrow at 7:30 it's going to feel like 14 in philadelphia. 12 in wilmington. 7 in lancaster. in the poconos the wind chill is 0. as we head through the afternoon it doesn't get better by 4:00, most area wind chills are still stuck in the teens. you want to pile on the layers tomorrow. the five-day forecast at 5:00, 32. it feels like the teens. wednesday not as windy. not as harsh. 33. we bump it up to 45 degrees. friday a shot of cool air. it pales in comparison with a high of 40 degrees. then we begin the process of warming things up. 42 degrees. sunday is the philadelphia
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marathon. we'll talk about that. all the runners out there. good luck, rick. we il not be running. monica, you never know. i won't be running. "action news at 5:00", the parents of the american man murdered by isis are talking about the legacy that their son has left behind. plus, a happy update from a dog that is overcoming incredible odds. and now on the next chapter of her life. "action news at 5:00" comes right back. >>announcer:here is what is coming up on 6abc starting at 8:00. it's sponsored by chevy equinox. ♪
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hello, again. here is what is happening on "action news" monday night. there is no more speculation or rumors. pope francis is coming to philadelphia next year. we have the latest coming up. we'll get an update in our accuweather forecast. a pit bull terrier makes a huge
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step in recovery. and we'll share pearl's progress coming up. an announcement that pope francis will attend next year. he will be here next september. it's the pope's first visit to the united states. it's a big announcement. this is a big story for our nation. speaking in italian, the pope announced that he is coming to philadelphia. pope francis saying that the trip is according to the wishes of the lord. this announcement had been widely anticipated. pope francis hinted at it back in august. now it official. the pontiff will attend two events at the world meeting of families. he joins the families on september 26th and then on mass on sunday. they will pack the


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