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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  November 17, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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step in recovery. and we'll share pearl's progress coming up. an announcement that pope francis will attend next year. he will be here next september. it's the pope's first visit to the united states. it's a big announcement. this is a big story for our nation. speaking in italian, the pope announced that he is coming to philadelphia. pope francis saying that the trip is according to the wishes of the lord. this announcement had been widely anticipated. pope francis hinted at it back in august. now it official. the pontiff will attend two events at the world meeting of families. he joins the families on september 26th and then on mass on sunday. they will pack the parkway for
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both events. mayor nutter says that the city of philadelphia is ready to host the pope. >> the extensive knowledge of hosting big events safely and successfully we are deep honored that pope francis the holy father who is the world's most transformative leaders is coming to the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. >> he excited those around the nation. and "action news" spoke with several members of the cathedral of st. mary today. >> it's going to be exciting. everybody is going to bond together. >> the holy father is well-known for his outreach of all walks of life. we are excited to have him to bring that message of love and
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faith. >> of course, the faithful eager to see the holy father. >> people of no faiths like pope francis. the excitement is going to continue to build as we get closer to september. >> and pope francis expected to address congress and to deliver a speech to the united nations. they will mark the 70t 70th anniversary. this is a big deal. of course, as you said his first trip to the united states. all eyes around the world, of course, will be focused on philadelphia. very exciting. thank you. this is the second time that philadelphia played host to a pontiff. october 3rd, 1979 when pope john paul the ii celebrated mass. they stood shoulder to shoulder to hear him on the
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parkway. they expected more people to flock to the city for pope francis's appearance next year. we are joined by monsignor. you were here for pope john's visit back in 1979. is it your expectation that he would visit the delaware valley. >> yes, i thought he would be coming. i am surprised that the announcement is sooner than expected. it wonderful for the whole region. pope francis is a strong advocate for family life and the challenges and opportunities facing the family today are great. what does it mean not just for philadelphians and all over the u.s. it's exciting and humbling? >> many come to experience the history of philadelphia. many families in the area will host families throughout the world, hundreds of thousands of
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people coming to celebrate the family and to listen to the wisdom of the tradition of faith. you said that the announcement was made early. they were told when they were at the vatican earlier. are you spliced we found out as earlier today? -- surprised thae learned about it today. >> yes. it gives the city time to prepare. one of them is having a soft spot for those that are poor. we have many in our city that have poverty as an issue. do you think it's memoriable to those as well. >> he reached out to those people that are marginalized. to express the inclusivity of
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all people that needelp. >> monsignor charles hagen thank you. >> your welcome. >> you can see pope john paul ii's visit back in 1979. and the canonization of pope francis this year. it's all on a prison guard and sergeant are recovering today. the three were attacked while trying to break up a fight in the housing unit. they are all three in hospital for treatment. prison is currently locked down. jury selection is against eric torez. he is accused of trying to kill edward davis, a police officer.
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the shooting happened outside of the feltonville mini-mart last august. he spent a month in the hospital recovering from his wounds. bill cosby is silent on his sexual assault alleges. joan tarsis says she was drugged and raped twice by the comedian back in 1979. on saturday he refused to acknowledge recently resurfaced accusations of rape during an interview with npr. they accused him of sex assault but never charged. cosby performed an aria for those standing by the comedian. >> it was all resolved as far as i know. >> i support in cosby until proven guilty.
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chopper [cheers and applause] >> a lawyer for cosby released "decade old discredited claims" was of the response. slippery conditions led to a crash in south jersey. this is the scene at route 206. you see an suv and a tow truck cried in the middle of the road. they suffered serious injuries and treated at a medical center. the tow truck driver and his passenger were checked out at the hospital. breaking news of course can happen any time. if you are there when it does be part of the breaking news team. e-mail us your pictures and tips
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at you mentioned the falling leaves that are on the roadways. it's slippery rail season. the evening we have bigger problems. a tree came down at devon station. all trains are suspended on the paoli rail line. you may use the speedline as a alternate. no service on the paoli rail line because of a downed tree. we had many broken down vehicles. the left lane is blocked because of the d.v. and locked up to penn's landing at this point. all lanes are blocked head for smithville road instead. in new castle county one on niagari-95giving us speeds in t.
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thank you. a whole lot of love a starved dog in montgomery county is ready to go to a home. she weighed 20 pounds. but pearl is resilient. and here she is today. how about that picture. hear weight more than doubled. through it all the spca handlers say that she has kept her tweett demeanor. a sunday surprise for the teams. care of the federal drug enforcement agency we'll explain. he talks about his son's legacy. we'll hear them coming up. the rain is moving out. the temperatures are tumbling. 48 in philadelphia. the teens north and west of
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chicago. that weather is heading our way as early as tomorrow. the details in the accuweather forecast. we have the eagles picking up the pieces against a big loss again green bay. more when "action news" comes back. [♪]
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spiriva handihaler. the parents of petting kassig say that their heavy hearts are felt. he was beheaded by a masked man. the executioner appears to be the same one. he was abducted while doing humanitarian work in syria. >> he witnessed firsthand the harsh realities of life than most of us can imagine. but rather than letting the darkness, he has chosen to believe in the good. himself and in others. >> the authorities say that this isis video is important because the militants identified their locations and showed landmarks
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that could be identified. it could be crucial in the rescue of other hostages taken by isis. drug enforcement agents had random testing. it was part of an ongoing investigation of the violation of the controlled substances ac. they were look fo-- act. they faced spot inspections in tampa bay and seattle. the nfl says that no irregularities were found. our sister network espn the league illegally distributed painkiller. and jamie apody is live in the sports centre with more.
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jamie, it had to happen sooner than later. what did we learn yesterday? we learned that the eagles are not as good as they thought they were or maybe they are really, really good. mike mccarthy found a weakness on film. it gaves packers a 17--0 lead in the second-quarter. 24-3. the first pass was to the other team. julius pepper return in the third. it was well underway. sanchez and the eagles were embarrassed. he knows that his guys will move past it quickly.
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>> i am not worried. this group, they understand. we have been around long enough. i have great trust in terms of their approach. if i am waiting until sunday to see where they are i missed practice tuesday, wednesday thursday and friday and saturday. we are excited to get to work and play tennessee. >> we have to get it fixed. all the guys in the room have not given up. we are confident in ourselves. we just went out there and played as bad as you could. >> the flyers are getting good news. two injuries players may be back on the lineup. and a playoff michael joined the practice. they have consecutive losses from montreal. they know that they have to do
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better. >> we should be more ready and ready to compete off of the bat. our starts are bad. it's tough in the lega league pg from behind. >> we are doing a lot of good things. we are taking the powerplay. >> he hopes that the sixers get the first win there. mash your calendars. march 17th they host the ncaa tournament. and hope they are good enough for a sweet 16 wouldn't that be great? and shelby miller a minor-leaguer. john car loss is one rich fish. the marlins slugger agreed to return to the team on a 13-year $325 million. it's the most lucrative contract in sports history.
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he led with 37 homers. rick and monica, what would you do with $325 million? i would give some to you guys. okay. wow, it's mind-boggling. truly. thank you, jamie. and eagles are tackling a tough opponent off the field. childhood obesity. and jordan matthews and swoop were on hand. fuel up to play 60 program pushing kids to be more active. it will create a healthier school environment for the children you can join in the battle against hunger with the help of 6abc. join us on wednesday for a live telethon for fil philabundance. you can click on the link to the
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little precipitation south and east of philadelphia. the moisture is starting to move offshore. and light rainfall from toms river and vineland and cape may. it continues to push off of the coast as we get to 7:00 or 8:00. we are in store for clearing. get ready for a drop in our temperatures. 59 in sea isle city. you head inland and the colder air is rushing into the poconos. the lower 40s in lancaster. here is satellite 6 along with action radar, lots of clouds around. a lot of heavy rain today. we still had the flood advisory up for the i-95 corridor. so far in philadelphia we have seen more than an inch of rainfall. the bulk is starting to slide offshore. the moisture moves out. the cold moves in. check out thesault ste. marie, g
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colder. 27 in the city for the overnight lower. 23 in the suburbs. 12 to 25 miles-an-hour. the northwest wind helps to drop the temperatures. high pressure is situated to our south. and area of low pressure north and east. you get the winds coming out of the north and west. a brutal cold wind on the way as early as tomorrow. winds gusting at 45 miles-an-hour. an air temperature of 34. wind chills for the day only in the teens. a big arctic blast. a high of 32.
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that is 23 degrees below average. nomore of january fill on the w. and as we get into tomorrow night. philadelphia we are calling for a low 21 degrees. the record is 20. we can break records in the poconos. most of our region is in record-territory. in fain fact the single digits. it feels like the teens on tuesday. high 32. dress for the teens with the cold air rush ongoing in. on wednesday not as windy. a high of 33. plenty of the sunshine nonetheless. chilly up to 45 degrees. another cold blast moves in for the start of the weekend. sunshine and clouds on saturday. 42 the temperatures moderate with the eagles at home on sunday. the big story once the rain moves out, guys the temperatures
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use right now jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by by by at 6:00. within and pope francis is coming to philadelphia. hear from the schoolchildren that send invitations to the pope. those stories are coming up. for rick williams and sharrie williams, the entire "action news" team, i am monica malpass. good night. >> sponsored by fulton bank. terms and conditions are subject
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to change. a
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this will be the largest event in the city's modern history. >> mayor nutter hailing the news this morning. it is now official. pope francis is coming to philadelphia next september. it is monday night the big story tonight is confirmation not only from the vatican but the pope himself. he made the announcement at 3:30 our time during an interreligious conference on family values at the vatican. [ speaking foreign language ]
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[ applause ] and so the pope will choose the world meeting of families in philadelphia to make his first visit as pope to the united states. and the first papal visit since john paul the ii came in 1979. pope francis is expected to go to new york and washington. and david henry was there for the news conference this morning at the art museum. sarah bloomquist has been exploring the impact of a papal visit. and dann cuellar was talking to students that made a personal plea to the pope. david let's begin with you. >> 35 years ago pope john the ii celebrated mass on logan square. 10 months from now pope francis will do the some in front of the art museum. >> the pope is coming to philadelphia. >>reporter:they are words that mayor


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