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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  November 17, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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[ applause ] and so the pope will choose the world meeting of families in philadelphia to make his first visit as pope to the united states. and the first papal visit since john paul the ii came in 1979. pope francis is expected to go to new york and washington. and david henry was there for the news conference this morning at the art museum. sarah bloomquist has been exploring the impact of a papal visit. and dann cuellar was talking to students that made a personal plea to the pope. david let's begin with you. >> 35 years ago pope john the ii celebrated mass on logan square. 10 months from now pope francis will do the some in front of the art museum. >> the pope is coming to philadelphia. >>reporter:they are words that mayor nutter was itching to say
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for months. he told a delegation that nutter was part of that he would be coming that included tom corbett and his wife susan. >> it was there tha that the governor had the honor of inviting the pope. he whispered in tom's ear "i will come." he attends two events at meeting of families. the pope will reside over the festival of families on september 26th and celebrate mass on sunday. over a million people are expected to pack the parkway for both events. it will be the biggest and logistic challenge that the city has faced. >> what streets have to be shutdown, how do we communicate with people?
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we'll do it and do it well but it's a significant amount of planning that has to take place. >>reporter:it will be expensive. nutter is hoping for state and federal funding and corporate giving. they are raising $45 million for the event. visitors will pump a lot of money into the local economy as he they fill restaurants and hotel rooms. there are not enough rooms to go around. they are signing up host families. one visitor will not go begging for a room. >> where does the pope stay? >> wherever he wants. >> that has not been determined yet. [ laughter ] >>reporter:anybody got a spare room? a lot of company is coming, the city promises it will have the funding and resources to get it done safely. jim. thank you, david. as we mentioned the last papal visit to philadelphia was 35 years ago. pope john paul the ii celebrated
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mass outdoors as pope francis is expected to do. one million people packed the parkway on october 3rd, 1979. and poll john paul addressed the united nations and traveled to boston, chicago and washington during that papal visit to the united states. going live to 18 and cherry off of the parkway. saraht, obviously, it's spiritual but an economic impact as well? >>reporter:that is right jim. millions are expected on the parkway to see the pope in all those people need places to stay, to eat. that means hotels will be fully booked. 45,000 hotels around the region, restaurants full to capacity. and all of that is good for the local economy. >> the word is out, pope francis is heading to the philadelphia.
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they will be on their way to see him. at the hotel at 18 and market in center city the phone started to ring for reservations early this morning. >> we were planning this for a year. we were working with the visitors bureau and making sure we are participating to the highest level. >>reporter:the attendance is expected to exceed any event in the city in modern history. more than a million at the papal mass. they are expected to spend money while in town pumping millions in the local economy. >> the closest thing is the republican convention that generated $345 million. the effect will linger. people around the world will see philadelphia in a spotlight in a positive way. perhaps they too will want to visit. >> it's a wonderful exposure. hoping that people come back to visit again and again.
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>> the pay off, so to speak, is down the line. >>reporter:they expect a build-up over five days of the meeting of the families, over five days of the gathering. 500,000 the second day. and upwards from there. well over a million. live from center city i am sarah bloomquist. jim. impressive numbers. thank you, sarah. switching to dann cuellar in springfield, delaware county. it would not be a surprise if some of the youngsters felt they had something to do with the pope's decision to come to the philadelphia. >> they are ecstatic. they invited pope francis to come and visit. they are exciting he is coming to philadelphia. they are praying that they come at st. francis the name that he chose as pope. each of them wrote a personal
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letter to the pope. >> it would be a great honor if he came to philadelphia. >> we say a prayer for him every day at the end of school. >> it's cool to see the families and also that he chose st. francis is named after st. francis. >> and emma cliff's letter to the pope is chosen as one of three and read at world meeting of families. >> i am feeling really proud. it is really cool that he picked me from my letter. >> the students invited the pope to come to philadelphia. they ask that he visit their school at st. francis the name that he chose as pope. >> he chose the name st. francis and if he could take the time to visit us. >> all the students would be honored that he would come to
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see us. >> so you never know. we'll keep praying and see if he can add it to his itinerary. >> the staff members say that the pope coming to philadelphia is a lifetime event. the students were not born the last time a pope visited philadelphia in 1979. live in springfield,aware county dann cuellar. thank you, dann. you can see video of pope john paul the ii video back in 1979. and photographs of the action news crew of the john paul the 2° canonization earlier this year. accuweather has been warning this was a miserable day and for colder temperatures almost always, they were right.
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and cecily what about tonight and the deep freeze tomorrow? >> you were right there. the double scan shows that tomorrow we are going to be trading our umbrellas in for the thick coat the scarfs, the gloves the hat. most of rain is out of here. we have a steady batch over the mays landing. what it is going do is open the door for cold air. philadelphia is 50. that is the high for today. it 31 in pittsburgh. the cooler of the cold air is over the midwest and the plain states. that is where the temperatures, not wind chills be temperatures only in the teens. the air mass is moving our way. tonight we are drying out. of the winds are picking up 12 to 25 miles-an-hour. most of the roads will be blown dry. however, with temperatures dropping below freezing some of the puddles and areas of poor
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drainage could be icing over. tune into david murphy and karen rogers on "action news" at 4:30. the wind chills are in the teens. they are not climbing much in the afternoon. talking about that in the accuweather forecast. coming up on "action news" a new jersey social worker is attacked on the job and stabbed number two dozen times. the eagles need to pick up the pieces after a big let down. and cecily tynan has the seven-day forecast when "action news" continues tonight.
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a social worker with the department of children and families is on life-support after stabbed 21 times. the incident happened at 1:30 this afternoon at the agency's office on haddon avenue in camden. he pulled out a knife and started to stab the employee repeatedly. she underwent surgery. police have a suspect in custody. a montgomery man pleated guilty that he laced a birthday card with the prosecutors filed charges of solicitation and murder and terroristic threats. he wrote a letter to hurt the
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prosecutors an witnesses and a detective. the hearing is set for january 12th. a man that is accused of stabbing his son and mother to death. joseph palmer the iii was charged with two counts of murder and aggravated arson. the judge upheld palmers cash bail. fire broke out in the 3300 block of north 17 street in north philadelphia. the crews were calleded to the scen-- called to thescene at 2:. they are assisting two families. dennis o'brien talked about the need to put guidelines in place and stop immigration
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services fraud at city hall. he is pushing a bill to offer protection for people seeking to gain citizenship. they too often fall victim to scams. they really just take their money. philadelphia is working overtime to make them the site of 201 2016 convention. and tom wolf joined mayor nutter and ed rendell and others to update the potential donors and ask to make the city a top candidate. there is a new parking option in center city, philadelphia. the philadelphia parking authority, the courthouse garage officially opened the new facility at 15 and arch has 265
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parking spots. the entrance and exit are on arch and cherry. it will be opened from 5:30 this morning to 11:00 at night every day. where she connects with some of her biggest fans. when older pennsylvanians make the most of programs supported by the pennsylvania lottery, learn more at the pennsylvania lottery benefits older pennsylvanians every day.
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give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. so the most disheartened and discouraged of eagles' fans are re-evaluates the situation. you know it's coming. maybe we should take a step back. it was a bad day. a really bad day. the eagles are without a statement win dating back to last year three of the eagles 17 wins are with teams with winning records. yesterday was the worst loss in chip kelly's career in any level. he found a weakness on film. they exploded that on at touchdown and gave the packers a 17-0 lead. they picked apart a secondary. and they score in the second.
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24-3. mark can chez, helping out the other team. he threw for the packers. the fight was on. >> we have a bunch of professionals in our locker room. we lost a coaching staff and offensive and defensive team. it's not a finger-pointing operation. >> we are not going to get down or mopey. >> and the tenth time is the charm. the road trip in san antonio. they face the rangers. andrew mcdonald is back on the ice. they are coming off with
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consecutive losses. six playoff goals in seven attempts. >> it bothers me we go into the two games columbus and montreal on the weekend and we shoot ourselves in the foot. that is what bothers me. we played good enough hockey. the columbus game was slippery in the layoff. there are little things that we don't do at the time of the hockey game. >> east regional is played in march of 2016. they hope that they are good enough to the sweat 16. jermaine scored a goal in cincinnati. and in the saint's stand they took the football and would not give it back. they are criticizing throwing
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snowballs at santa. that is the worst right there. that settled that. cecily tynan has the forecast when we continue in just a moment. [♪] >>announcer:closed captioning brought to you by fulton bank. with a great cd for your savings need. the minimum deposit is $1,000. terms and conditions are subject to change.
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has the rain moved out? you said it was going to be brutal. and is it. >> it's right along the coast moving out. tomorrow it's going to be hard because the cold and winds. live double scan shows that the rain moved out of philadelphia. we have a narrow band hanging along the coast.
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cape may is reporting the steadiest rain. all the rain clears the coast byby8:00 tonight. things change dramatically. most of the region is reporting more than an inch much rain. allentown has less. three-quarters of an inch. behind this on tuesday we get a juan-like chill. our normal low for this time of year is 39 tres. the afternoon high tomorrow only 32. this is 23 degrees below normal. feeling like january when you factor in the winds. the winds are going to make it feel colder. we will not see the temperatures until sunday again. in millville 53. sea isle 59.
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allentown dropped down to 43. poconos 39 degrees. and we are showing the moisture from the system again is starting to pull offshore. all the snow is expected to be missing up to the north. the clouds are clearing out overnight. high pressure builds in. it drops the temperatures. tonight windy and cold. 23 in the suburbs. 23 for center city. be careful. most of the road blow lie to. it will get icy. anything that is wet will be black ice. be very careful. the setup the low pressure is intensifying up to the north and east. high pressure from the west. you get the wind tunnel effect. it's cold with a high of 32. wind gusts up to 43 miles-an-hour. it is going to be brutally cold.
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the winds diminish on tuesday night. the forecast lows, the record lows you see we are within one to two degrees in the record lows. setback in the 1930s. we have not felt temperatures like this in november for quite some time. 32 degrees. the wind chills in the teens. wednesday morning record cold. it will be chilly. 33 degrees. not as windy. not as harsh wednesday afternoon. we bump it up to 45. not as brutal as tomorrow. 32. heading into the welcome back temperatures begin to moderate on saturday. it's chilly. 42. sunday for the eagles game for the philadelphia marathon is clouds up and gets milder. sunday night rain is moving in. and monday a high of 60 degrees. i will have an update on the
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chill to come. thank you, cecily. hundreds of was turkeys are headed to needy families thanks to a huge donation. they moved all of the frozen birds. they supplied the pantry with one thousand birds. of course once again this year, "channel 6" is teaming up with philabundance. join us on wednesday to benefit philabundance. you can call in from 4:00 to 6:30 p.m. you can go to for a link to the live philabundance page. "world news with david muir" is next on "channel 6". we continue on 10:00 at phl17 with brian taff and shirleen allicot and ducis rodgers. join us for a special report on
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how social media may be scamming you at 11:00. >>reporter:i am nydia han. hidden between the like, posts and comments could be costly scams. >> all the while you are thinking you filling out at quiz. >> how are online thieves getting to you fall for them? what is this costing you? the biggest social media scams on "action news" at 11:00. >> for cecily tynan,age ducis rodgers, i am jim gardner. we hope that you will join us on "action news" at 11:00. >>announcer:"action news" is sponsored in part by ra ray mou&
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welcome to "world news tonight." the tornadoes touching down. cars flipped, homes destroyed. and the whiteout. three feet of snow in some places. ginger zee on the extreme cold. and a state of emergency in the state of missouri. and the indiana parents speak. their young son killed by isis. the race against time. the young woman being held now. and bill cosby, now speaking


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