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tv   Action News  ABC  November 18, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> good morning, it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday november 18th and we're following developing news this morning. >> it's a terror attack. two palestinians armed with axes barge into a synagogue in jerusalem attacking worshipers leaving at least four people dead. >> bill cosby's once rock solid image is taking a blow as allegations of sexual abuse
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continue to surface. >> some of us are below freezing this morning. we have team coverage of this arctic blast that is gripping us and much of the nation. >> let's get the very latest. we have dave murphy outside to tell you how cold it is. karen has traffic. good morning. >> good morning. it's flies to have a heavy insulated coat like the one channel 6 gives us. i also have the hear muffs on for the first time. cold an bit on the windy side. let's take a look at satellite. a couple thin clouds trying to clear the coast. my twitter follower christian in dauphin pennsylvania up by harrisburg reports 23 degrees. as you look at temperatures across the region we are all suffering a bit. philadelphia is now officially into the upper 20's as we thought it would be, 23 in allentown, 23 in reading, 26 degrees in wilmington. 26 in trenton. little better down the shore but there is a wind that is blowing through the region at about 15 to 20 miles per hour right now. maybe a little higher than that in some spots and the wind chill just keeps
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dropping. we're down 15 in philadelphia. that's what it feels like in the city as you step outside. 12 degrees in wilmington, 13 in trenton, 11 in allentown, obviously it is a morning for layers and as you head out to the school bus, kids, over the next couple of hours it's not going to change. 29 by 7 o'clock, 28 by 8 o'clock, windy and cold, mainly clear out there and as we roll through the day, it stays on the chilly side. bundle up on the way to school. 32 degrees between noon and 3:00. we might hit a high of about 33 but it's not going to make much difference. it will feel like it's in the teens and low 20's as we go through the afternoon. karen it's another cold one tomorrow before a change comes. i'll have details in the accuweather 7-day. >> all right, dave, come on inside and warm up. you're going to want to warm up that car as you head out. looking live on i-95 at cottman building volume southbound at cottman and girard. no big problems on i-95. we have been watching for a slick spot or two. not seeing any issues on i-95 but we have a few accidents out there. one on the northeast extension that's involving a tractor-trailer that was leaking fuel. it's all blocking the right
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lane. expect some slowing. this is on the northeast extension as you head southbound between lansdale and mid county so expect some slowing there. in hatfield montgomery county they've got a medical helicopter en route to the scene right now. avoid this area richmond road at bergey road, an accident here, sounds serious. you can stick to 309 as your alternate and 309 with no problems right now, tam. >> thank you, karen. >> ♪ and we are following several breaking stories. up first take a look at this dramatic new video. a small cargo plane has crashed into a home on the southwest side of chicago. and "action news" has just learned two elderly residents in that home managed to get out without being hurt. a neighbor reportedly helped to pull them out of the home. investigators have not yet located the pilot who was the the only person on board the plane. that plane crashed into the roof of the house slammed through the living room and part of it ended up down in the basement. the pilot did report engine problems during the flight. >> and we have more details on
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a developing story here. terrorists unleashed a terrifying and deadly attack on a jerusalem synagogue. four people were killed and six others were wounded. now police there say the two attackers were palestinians from east jerusalem. they entered the synagogue armed with knives, axes and guns. they were later killed in a shootout with police. tensions have been high in jerusalem for weeks. during that time palestinian attacks have killed at least six israelis. we'll have much more on this developing story in our next half hour. >> also new from the overnight flames tour through the first and second floors of a strawberry mansion apartment building. this is the 3,000 block of ridge avenue. that fire broke out around 3:15 this morning. "action news" has learned that the area where the fire start is there under construction. so far, there are no reports of injuries. >> three people are recovering from a fight at one of philadelphia's largest prisons. all three of them were jail employees trying to break up a violent fight at a philadelphia industrial
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correctional center in the northeast. a single inmate is accused of stabbing the two corrections officers and a sergeant. the injured staffers were taken the aria torresdale hospital for treatment. the prison remains on lockdown right now. philadelphia's most famous comedian who became america's favorite tv dad is facing a barrage of sexual abuse allegations from decades ago. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live at the big board with details. >> matt, bill cosby is keeping a very low profile as this scandal continues to gain momentum and of course here he is as america's favorite tv father in the hit sitcom the cosby show. but women are coming forward with shocking sexual assault claims. you may remember former actress barbara baumann and she wrote an op-ed alleging cosby drugged and raped her in 1985 and then there's this woman, joan tarshis a publicist and journalist who says cosby assaulted her on two different occasions.
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she says friends introduced her to the comic. when she went to his house as a 19-year-old at his request for the two to write jokes together. after having a drink tarshis says the next thing she remembers is waking up naked next to cosby. now, 64 years old, she says she never told anyone about the alleged assault. >> i didn't think anybody would believe me. it's me saying something about bill cosby who is like a god to everybody in the world. he's mr. wonderful. he's mr. jello. >> now, in 2006 cosby settled a civil case with a woman who claimed he drugged and assaulted her. but that settlement did not include an admission of wrongdoing. cosby refused to answer any questions about the allegations in a recent interview. his attorney says cosby does not intend to dignify these allegations with any comments. matt. >> you have to think at some point he's going say something. we'll see. >> absolutely. >> thanks erin. >> uh-huh. >> hearing that if this firms are just now announcing boosts
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in cyber security is almost disconcerting given how many data breaches have taken place just in the last year. maribel aber has more on this live at the nasdaq in times square. hi, maribel. >> reporter: hi, matt. u.s. financial firms plan to boost spending on cyber security by $2 billion. the increase is is expected over the next two years. the ramp follows summer's attack on jp morgan chase and other banks. stocks with little change. futures pointing to a lower open. finally a labor slowdown on the docks attack coma washington may lead to cheaper christmas trees. the port is one of the largest exporting points forever greens. but the slow down has left cargo containers full of trees boxed up on the docks. those trees may eventually have to be sold in the u.s. driving down prices. speaking of matt just mailed your christmas card. ho ho hoe. >> wow, you're early maribel. >> she is quick. she sends great stuff. >> she does.
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>> oh, good. >> so, we have a cold one this morning. no surprise there. we have been talking about this for the last few days. as we take a look outside at least it's dry. storm tracker 6 live double scan no, rain, anything that didn't knowledge dry overnight will have frozen up by now but i think those winds were strong enough so that you have dry roads and sidewalks. as you take a look outside we have a cold morning building. some brightness on the horizon. the sun is going to come up nice and bright but it's not going to help much. current temperatures 29 degrees in philadelphia, worse than that in wilmington and trenton, just 23 up in allentown and reading and 22 in lancaster. down the shore, 34. not exactly balmy. and with the winds blowing in the 20's, we have a wind chill of 15 in philadelphia, 13 in trenton. a little better down the shore, but again, everybody needs those coats and gloves and hats and all that good stuff if you'll be spending time outdoors today. as we take a look at satellite, again the sun coming up bright, a little bit of cloud cover out to the west. i think generally speaking we're looking at mostly sunny
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skies today with perhaps a few clouds at times particularly later in the afternoon. lots of sun in allentown, windy and cold a high of 30 degrees in allentown so staying below the freezing mark today and of course feeling a lot worse than that with the wind. 37 degrees, mainly sunny, windy and cold in atlantic city. same story pretty much. chilly conditions and the wind making it feel worse. we'll probably have wind chills in the 20's down the shore and in the teens for most of the time in allentown. and probably wind chills in the teens for most of the day in philadelphia as well. a high of 33 degrees but with that wind gusting as high as 35 miles per hour it will feel like it's in the mid to upper teens, occasionally the low 20's. mainly sunny but windy and very cold. and there's how temperatures are going to go and they're not going very far today. at 8 o'clock, 28 and your high is only 5 degrees higher at 2 o'clock, 33 and then we're back down into the upper 20's by 5 o'clock so a cold one from start to finish. tomorrow at 6:00 in the morning here's what your temperatures are going to look like. in the 20's everywhere. we'll be close to some record lows. i don't know that we actually
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hit any but we're in the neighborhood. by 12 o'clock going up into the low 30's so temperatures will be very similar tomorrow but the winds will sag a little bit. in the morning they'll be significant, 25 miles per hour gusts. that's going give you wind chill in the teens again but look how the winds drop to about 12 miles per hour by noon. obviously two cold days ahead but today will be the worse of the two because of the stronger winds. 33 degrees is today's high. windy and bitter. still very cold and breezy and chilly tomorrow but not quite as bad. another high of 33. and then not as harsh on thursday. we go up to 47 and that will feel a little bit better. on friday breezy and chilly a high back down to 40 and then back to 44 sunny and chilly on saturday. we do moderate over the weekend, though. by sunday afternoon we're up to 58, clouds increase, looks like it's dry for the eagles and then up to 64 on monday. now, there will be periods of rain but i say we take the 64 and not complain. >> no. >> yes. >> at least we agree. thank you, david. 6:10. a new jersey family says there is absolutely nothing batty about allowing flying mammals
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to share their children's bedroom. >> a former major league baseball slugger decides to put a very personal part of himself up for auction. karen its not that but it's pretty bad. >> what? >> checking out the roads right now, 422 eastbound traffic we were showing it a minute ago there and it was looking pretty busy. now we're switching to 309 at dekalb pike traffic moving okay here. we'll check some of the other area roads for you when we come back. >> when we come back how united airlines plans to make its terminal at newark airport one of the most tech friendly "action news" will be right back. >> ♪ ♪
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>> 6:14. another number, 31 degrees, that's the temperature on city avenue. other places in the 20's this morning. bundle up. we have been telling you about this. >> heaters on, car warmers on, blowing into your gloved hand the whole bit. let's see what the commute is looking like with karen. good morning. >> and a hot cup of coffee that's what i always like on a nice commute. looking outside live this is chester county 30 bypass that's eastbound traffic there. a little bit of building volume as you heard near 322. not a big delay or anything but just something to watch. we have been looking on the roads to see if we see any slick spots. we had all that rain, a lot of ponding and puddling on the roadways. the winds are helping to dry out the roads but there are one or two spots you want to watch for. i talked to police in montgomery county and they said they called penndot out here in collegeville to east
6:15 am
first avenue route 29 at east main street. they said that they came out and are going to salt the area because of some icy conditions there. so just an example of what could happen out there. anything that looks like a little puddle could be slick with temperatures that are really dropping pretty rapidly through the region. here in plymouth township we have an accident here that involved a damaged pole so they're out there waiting for verizon produce to be able to finish the job of cleaning this out here and fixing the pole. fairfield road at volpe road. watch for that. police are directing traffic around the scene. stick to belvoir road instead. turnpike between valley forge and norristown we have construction out there so look for that. this accident involving a tractor-trailer leaking fuel. this is on the northeast extension southbound between lansdale and mid county so watch for that. you're seeing speeds now of only 30 miles per hour so look for that to be a problem and one more accident i just want to get to. bergey road closed near 309 and penn street. a medical helicopter head to the scene right now. 29 degrees the current temperature. it's below freezing just about
6:16 am
everywhere with wind chills in the single digits and the teens, it is a cold day today, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. new york police say they are closer to finding the man seen on camera pushing someone onto the subway tracks. this is new surveillance of the man who appears to push a stranger to his death. the 61-year-old victim was that standing with his wife on sunday when a man shoved him in front of an oncoming train. the suspect then walked calmly out of the station afterwards and went to a convenience store. police say the attack was unprovoked. >> ♪ new on "action news" a house in new jersey has some really special visitors and you can say they've been hanging around for quite some time. a colony of bats is now living between the screen and storm window inside a bedroom where two little boys sleep every night. those dark hanging things you see. rather than trying to get rid of them the williams family of hunterdon county is embracing the winged mammals. they've streamed live video of the bats. bat activity reaches its peak
6:17 am
during the summer months. >> facebook is going after linked in with a new application. abc's t.j. holmes and reena ninan have the story in tech bites. >> tech bites facebook testing a new tool to help coworker say connected. >> facebook at work is what it's called. will it allow users to send messages and create news feeds without merging professional and perth accounts. >> check out the new smart toothpaste aimed at business travelers. allows users yousafzai an app on their phone it's expected to retail for $250. >> united airlines planning to make its newark airport terminal one of the most tech friendly in the country with 6,000 ipads, 10,000 power outlets hoping to keep you passengers connected. renovations should be completed by 2016. >> good i can never find an outlet. >> finally there is this. toyota's first mass market car that runs on hydrogen instead of gas goes on sale likely in the u.s. next year it can travel 300 miles on a single tank of hydrogen and only
6:18 am
water vapor. >> if only i had a place to park it in new york. those are your tech bites. i'm tj. >> i'm reena ninan. >> it's 6:17. ghoulish auction item. jose canseco wants to sell to the highest bidder something that was once very near and dear to him. >> plus drastic dress down day. a pennsylvania school district wants to carry out a strange new security option on students. david. >> most of us are below freezing at this point my twitter follower linda in glen mills reports 31 degrees, many areas including philadelphia are in the 20's right now and the wind chills are making it feel like it's in the teens so if you're dressing the kids open up the closet, grab everything from last year and throw it on them. we'll be back with your day >> ♪ ♪
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i guethought to the acidity much in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me, and i was like well can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make. >> former major league put his amputated finger up for auction. he accidentally shot it off while cleaning his hands gun. it was reattached and fell off
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again. he says the ad will read slightly used middle finger with 461 home runs could be used as a stirring straw for drinks. he also plans to add the handgun he was cleaning when he shot off his finger. >> what else can you do with a middle finger guys. >> i think jose canseco has some ideas on that. >> christmas is coming, matt. >> the whole thing is gross. let's take a look right now at the regional rails. paoli thorndale line service restored went down about 5:30 yesterday evening. so you still want to watch for this. all tracks are opening. you might still see lingering delays. they had a downed tree they had to clear out of there. all tracks are back open. downed tree in upper makefield township buchman road near street road watch for that one ann little building volume on 42, dave. >> on the big board we have temperatures in the 20's in many neighborhoods right now. low 30's down closer to the shore. 29 degrees in philadelphia under the sun at 9 o'clock but numbers aren't going very far today. we'll be hovering around the freezing mark throughout the afternoon. your high technically is going to be 33 around 2 o'clock.
6:22 am
it's going to feel like it's in the teens most of the time so maybe the low 20's at the height of the afternoon because of a very strong blustery wind. and on the big board at the airport still not looking at any major delays but we have some snow, it's very light but if you're flying out to chicago where those snow showers are occurring, tam, you might want to check ahead with your airline to make sure everything is a-okay. >> good advice. coming up on health check a noninvasive cosmetic procedure has come to our area. it tightens your skin for a younger look. health reporter and rn ali gorman has a preview. >> reporter: some call it a nice lift neck lift. local doctors say it's one of the best ways to tighten your skin without surgery. >> tried all of them and i think this is the one that truly gives the best results. >> i'm really impressed and i feel a lot betterrism i'll show you how it works and who it's best for. tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> the eagles return to practice today and they will begin trying to figure out if they are truly an elite
6:23 am
football team or a team that can't do anything right like the one that lost to the packers on sunday. the birds fell flat in every phase of that game in green bay. the 53 to 20 loss was the worst ever in chip kelly's shorten you're as eagles coach. he expects the team to bounce back. the eagles will try to hold onto first place in the nfc east when they host the titans at lincoln financial field on sunday afternoon. >> 6:23 now. up next, a man armed with a knife prompts police officers in new jersey to pull their weapons. from the action cam where fumes forced dozens of hotel guests out into the cold overnight. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here on sky 6 down the shore into atlantic city. on sky 6 down the shore into colder than we're used tom it's 30 degrees right now, 6:25. new on "action news" central pa school district is looking to update its student search policy but some parents are saying they think this is a little too invasive. the york suburban school district is considering allowing students to be strip searched. pennsylvania state law allows school staff to search students if they're believed to have something dangerous or illegal. that would include lockers cars electronics purses back packs and clothing. some parents say they're not okay with this. the school board will vote on the new policy later this week. >> police in central jersey say they shot a man who was threatening them with a knife. it happened yesterday morning inside a home on the 400 block of south main street in phillipsburg. three police officers were at the house responding to reports that someone there had sent threatening messages to a neighbor. as police entered the home they say a man confronted them
6:27 am
with a knife and they shot the man when he refused to drop the knife. it is unclear how the man is doing now. one of the officers suffered minor injuries. mostly sunny theise are surveillance images of a man and woman wanted for a series of thefts in berks county. police say they stole $1,000 in coats and sleeping pads from east ridge outfitters in maiden creek township. they got away with them by hiding them, you see this under the woman's skirt. >> 6:27. overseas. we have new reaction from the overnight. >> breaking now a small plane slams into a chicago home this morning. we're live with new details on the rescue at 6:30 a.m. >> ♪ what's possible today?
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chicago home with people inside. we are live with new details just into the news room. >> developing this morning, just into the news room. attack on a synagogue overseas. >> and philadelphia residents could learn today where the city's second casino will be built if it's built at all. it's 6:30 now on this tuesday november 18. let's keep talking now cold with dave murphy and karen rogers has your commute much good morning. >> all right, guys, we are cold this morning. definitely the case as we take a look at satellite you can see that the cloud cover from yesterday has been marching off the coast. it's almost gone at this point and we are looking at plenty of sunshine across the region. but it is also on the cold side. and in fact my twitter follower peg get -- peggy reports 27 degrees. 29 in philadelphia. 23 in allentown, 26 in trenton, 26 in wilmington. and 29 in dover and millville. a little bit better down the shore. there is a wind blowing, though in the 20's and that's giving you a wind chill of 15 in philadelphia right now.
6:31 am
and worse than that in most of our southeastern pennsylvania suburbs. 28 is the current millville wind chill and 24 down the shore so everybody really does need to bundle up. as we head out to the train station or the bus stop, 29 degrees right now in philadelphia on your storm tracker 6 app. by 8 o'clock we're probably slipping to to 28 and hovering around the freezing mark for the rest of the afternoon. your high is 33 at about 2 o'clock but it's going to feel like it's in there teens most of the day. karen it's cold again tomorrow but things do get better after that. we'll have details coming up in the accuweather 7-day. >> all right. my brothers are roofers and ciders. always think of people who have to work outside on a day like this. right now looking live at the schuylkill at city avenue. heavy traffic westbound from past the boulevard to belmont. as you exit off at city avenue watch out for a big puddle over there and we have been saying anything could be slick out there with those temperatures that so rapidly dropped in the overnight hours. we have a problem in gladwyne montgomery countily police say
6:32 am
young ford road is blocked between monticello drive due to peco work out there. they're trying to continue to work. stick to waverly as your alternate. northeast hey extension southbound between lansdale and mid-county a accident involving a tractor-trailer and it's leaking fuel. it's blocking the right lane. we're now seeing a good 4-mile delay coming south of lansdale. we have been warning you about them since it first happened. now we're seeing a huge delay. watch for a slow go, 26 miles an hour at best, matt. >> thank you, karen and we got to go back to the cold, yes, we have to. the frigid temperatures are no picnic for morning commuter whose must brave the elements while waiting for their ride to work or school. just ask "action news" reporter katherine scott, she's live with some of them at 69th street terminal in upper darby. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, matt. people can't seem to catch a break this week. yesterday it was the rain, this morning it's the cold and of course the time of year that it is we're not used to these temperatures yet. we didn't get that adjustment period with a slow gradual slide down. suddenly the temperatures dropped, the wind chill is up so it's feeling pretty cold out here this morning.
6:33 am
you can see people here at the 69th street station are bundled up as they're waiting for their bus or rushing to get on their bus if they're lucky. some have been a little impatient as they wait this morning just because they don't want to stand in the cold. the wind is part of the issue here. it's making it feel like it's in the teens and these are the types of temperatures we normally see in january, so it is -- does feel cold this morning for people as they head out the door. they have been pulling out their layers, layers, layers to try to stay warm. >> i got two pair of stockings on, a pair of tights, got sweat pants and i got on thermals, yes, two pair of socks. >> reporter: is all that stuff working for. >> yeah a-'cause i work outside i work at fedex with the plains so i have to be warm. >> reporter: and that's the key. you want to be prepared this morning. you can see people are on that bus there, oh, i see some people picking up the pace a little to try to make sure that they make the bus. 33 don't want to stand out here and wait for the cold but they got their scarves, they have their layers, anything that will make them feel a little bit warmer this morning
6:34 am
as they head out the door so of course just be prepared and you'll be okay. we're live at 69th street station, katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> we know you are. thank you katherine. nearly 100 people were briefly evacuated from their rooms at a delaware county hotel overnighter because of a carbon monoxide leak. firefighters put everyone in the ballroom area of the best western on the 700 block of baltimore pike in concordeville. it's unclear what caused the high levels of co. the best western is now back up and running. >> ♪ >> and this has been breaking this morning. a small plane has crashed into a house on chicago's southwest side. we're now learning new details. let's go over to erin o'hearn live in the satellite center. she has been tracking this story. >> obviously the information coming out of chicago is still fluid at this point. officials are still on the scene. the investigation is still in its infancy but here's what we know. around 3:00 a.m., just before 3:00 a.m., a small cargo plane crashed into a home right near the midway airport and according to the chicago fire
6:35 am
department, there were two elderly residents inside the home but fortunately a neighbor helped them escape from the burning home uninjured. there was one pilot on board but firefighters have not been able to locate that pilot. the faa says the plane departed slick's midway airport and almost immediately reported engine problems. according to officials, the pilot did attempt to return to midway but then crashed about a quarter mile from the runway. it went through the roof of that house into the living room and through the basement. again, the pilot has not been located yet but fortunately those two elderly residents were able to make it out physically unharmed. of course, we're constantly updating the story on so can check into the web site for updates throughout the morning. live in the satellite center erin o'hearn channel6 "action news." matt back to you. >> erin thanks. we have this developing overnight. two palestinian assailants stormed a synagogue in jerusalem and attacked worshipers with knives, axes,
6:36 am
and guns. four people were killed and then police shot and killed the attackers. abc news has just reported that at least one of the people killed was an american. a worshiper who was inside the synagogue at the time of the bloodshed describes the horror >> we came to pray this morning. we were coming into the synagogue and we heard gun shots from downstairs and we heard one shot, two shots and then a flurry of shots. >> our hearts go out to all israelis for the atrocity of this event and for all the reminders of history that come with it. this is -- simply has noplace in human behavior. >> now, hamas, the militant palestinian group that runs the gaza strip praised the attack and called it revenge for a palestinian bus driver who was found affected yesterday. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu vowed to
6:37 am
respond harshly to the attack. >> today we should find out who if anyone has won the license for a second casino in philadelphia. four groups have applied for the license. the pennsylvania gaming control board also has the option of withholding the license. sources close to the process say a proposal for a casino on packer avenue in south philadelphia has the inside track. that's not sitting well with residents of that area. last week more than a thousand of them packed a hall making it clear that they think a casino in their community is a very bad idea. police come to the aid of lots of people living on a prayer so tonight new jersey rocker jon bon jovi will receive this year's marian anderson award at the kimmel center. bon jovi is being honored for his contributionseyond music
6:38 am
>> bon jovi, summer wanted dead or alive. actually alive would be better. >> bon jovi, feeling like january, colder than -- well the pretty cold out here. all right. storm tracker 6. >> stop right there. >> that's right. we've got nothing showing on storm tracker which is nice. anything that didn't manage to dry out in the winds overnight might have frozen up on some sidewalks and side streets but i think most of your roads are in good shape because we did have enough drying before we went below freezing. as we take a look outside, we've got the platt bridge and it is really chilly out there this morning. and staying that way as we go through the afternoon and into the evening. temperature right now is 29 degrees. your winds are running out of the west-northwest at 23 miles per hour and that's giving you wind chills in the teens across a good portion of the region. satellite shows you how the cloud cover from overnight is clearing along with that rain from yesterday. and we are looking at plenty of sunshine overall today, but it is going to stay pretty uncomfortable. 28 degrees by 8 o'clock, 11 o'clock still below freezing. your high today at 2 o'clock is 33 and temperatures really
6:39 am
aren't changing that much, only a range of about 5 degrees and all the way it's going to feel like it's in the teens or maybe the low 20's briefly. so, definitely abound deller from start to finish. 30 is your high in allentown, 33 in philadelphia. little better down at the shore and the farther south you move through the region, upper 30's but in the no party with the strong winds. as we take a look at the wind chill, right now we're looking at wind chills in the teens on future tracker. as we go into the afternoon by noon we might be touching the 20's in terms of the wimp from about philadelphia south. but then it's going to drop again to the teens later on in the afternoon and evening. and obviously this is not comfortable conditions whether you're talking about now 3 o'clock or 6 o'clock tonight. as we take a look at tomorrow, temperatures tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock are going to be pretty low. in fact, we'll be down not too far from records. i don't know that we hit any records tomorrow but it is going to be very cold with those numbers in the 20's. then as we go up to noon again we're only looking at temperatures getting into the
6:40 am
low 30's so temperatures are going to be similar tomorrow. the change will be in the wind. at 6 o'clock winds are still a factor. we'll still have wimp in the teens but watch what happens to these numbers. by noon as soon as noon they're down to about 12 miles an hour in philadelphia sustained winds even less. these are the gusts we're looking at. the idea here is that today is very cold, very bitter and windy. tomorrow we get a similar temperature but it won't be quite as bad because the winds will sag a bit during the day. 33 is today's high, 33 tomorrow. and then 47 not quite as harsh on thursday. on friday, breezy and chilly, a high of 40 and then saturday sunny and chilly, 44. and then we get into sunday and clouds increase during the day but it's finally a little bit milder, 58 is the high. much better weather fuelingsy eagles fans for that home eagles contest and then 64 next monday. there will be rain but don't complain. because it's rain and not snow and 64 is good compared to now. >> agreed. >> thank you, david. it's 6:40. a state of emergency is in place in ferguson, missouri as
6:41 am
anxiety grows over pending grand jury decision. >> a homeowner out west comes face to face with a burglar. you'll see how he fought back karen. >> 423 pretty slow at this point past 29 to 23 but the roads here in pretty good shape. we've got a jam-up on i-95, an accident involving a tractor-trailer and a problem with a downed tree. all that when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪ ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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6:44 am
>> bad idea to roll down the windows to go to work, right, karen. >> yeah, no, you need the hot coffee, gloves. you got stay warm and you're in a jam-up here on 95 approaching the betsy ross bridge. you see that southbound traffic. no accidents here but we're jammed past academy to cottman and again from past bridge street to girard so watch for a jam on i-95. we have been watching for a slick spot or two here or there. not seeing too many problems with that. this accident has a 4-mile backup because of this accident involving a tractor-trailer an fuel spill on the northeast extension southbound between lansdale and mid-county. you can see you're only traveling 27 miles an hour at best so that's for a good 4-mile stretch as you're coming south of lansdale, expect some delays right there. in hatfield montgomery county they've had a medical helicopter that had to go to the scene here and bergey road is closed between 309 and penn street. use 309 or unionville pike as your alternates and just stay clear of this area in hatfield, a pretty serious accident there. and we're hearing about a downed tree here in upper
6:45 am
makefield township so buchmanville road near street road watch for a downed industry causing a bit of an issue out there right now. how about these temperatures much that's the other issue out there. 16 in mount pocono, 23 in allentown, 29 in philadelphia and millville you factor in the winds, yeah, we warned you about it, feels like 8 degrees in mount pocono, seven in lancaster, only 10 in reading and a wind chill of 15 in philadelphia and 12 in wilmington. it is too early for this, matt. >> it is. but it is here. thank you karen. a homeowner in seattle was ready when a burglar who broke into his home already returned for round two. andrew myers confronted the burglar that second time while the man was trying to break into his front door. watch this. two men get into a rolling punch down fight like the wild west here on his front lawn. it is captured on the home surveillance system and then police officers happen to be going by, saw the men fighting. they stopped it quickly took the burglar into custody. >> jay nixon the governor of missouri declared a state of emergency. it's a move made in anticipation of huge public
6:46 am
outcry after a grand jury finally makes a critical decision. at issue is if ferguson officer darren wilson should be charged for the shooting death of a teenager michael brown. nixon also activated the national guard meaning they can be called on if protests erupt after the decision. today the governor is also swearing in members of the ferguson commission. it's a group tasked with making recommendations on thousand deal with the issues that have been raised by the shooting. the u.s. senate will vote today on the keystone xl pipeline. the bill needs 60 votes to advance and its chief sponsor louisiana democratic mary landrieu says she has those votes. if it passes the pipeline would run oil from canada down to the gulf of mexico. the project has been tied up for 66y six years due to politics environmental reviews and objections over exactly where it should be built. >> 6:46. we're following a developing story and so is "good morning america." "gma" is gathering new information on that deadly attack at a jerusalem we'll get a live preview next.
6:47 am
david. >> everybody is talking temperatures this morning. my twitter follower cindy in sellersville reports just 23 degrees and philadelphia down to about 28 right now. so, if you're dressing the kids, definitely bundle them up in all the extra gear you can find we've got wind chills in the teens. i'll have your daypart planner coming up next
6:48 am
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i to the acidity in any never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. he told me to use pronamel. it's going to help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee, and it was a real easy switch to make. >> time to check in with "gma." they've been watching a very serious development. >> horrible what's going on in the middle east. bless go to amy robach. hey, amy. that's right, matt and tam, good to see you this morning. we're talking about that unfortunate breaking news overnight, the deadliest attack in jerusalem in years. attackers storming a packed synagogue killing four
6:50 am
innocent worshipers one of them american. we are live with all of the details. and then record cold and snow freeze warnings from coast to coast half the country is freeze warnings from coast to up to 4 feet of it around the great lakes. ginger is tracking it all and then "gma" investigates a warning for all used car buyers. how used vehicles with a recall potentially dangerous air bags are still being sold. what you can do to make sure your car is safe. and we'll have all the drama on the dance floor. alfonzo overcomes that serious injury during rehearsal. he wowed the judges with this performance sans shoes. the booted couple tommy and peta up next on "good morning america." >> see you. thanks amy. >> we've had kind of a busy morning out there with the traffic. let's take a lie look outside right now and show you what it looks like in delaware county. this is the blue route northbound on your right at the route 1 media bypass. building volume in both directions right here but no big problems.
6:51 am
we've been looking for some icy spots here or there. haven't seen too many widespread problems. we had been reporting about the one on route 29 icy conditions. at germantown pike and evansburg road an accident coming in. you need to be careful for anything that looks slick it could be acie. paoli thorndale line service restored. that downed tree cleared after yesterday evening problems. all tracks back opened. >> temperatures dipped below the freezing mark and we're down to 23 degrees in philadelphia, 23 in allentown and red, 26 in wilmington and trenton, 31 degrees at sea isle city so below freezing at the shore as well and your wind chills are really the story. it feels like it's 15 degrees in philadelphia. even in some of the milder spots you definitely want to bundle up and cover up those hands maybe put a hat and scarf on as well. 29 degrees by 9:00, 32 by noon. if you're running errands numbers aren't changing very much. it will be bitter all the way.
6:52 am
tam i'm not doing errands today. i'm going to go home and bury myself inside. >> that's a good plan. thank you today evidence. >> country singer garth brooks not only has a new album he released it from its own music store. in addition to his new album brooks will offer his entire catalog and live sessions for $29.99. all right, all right, all right. matthew mcconaughey has a star on the hollywood walk of fame. the celebration was a family affair for the oscar winner who was there with his wife and three children. mcconaughey said the industry has given him a chance to live he had. >> ♪ [prof. burke] it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it.
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>> top stories here at 6:55 and we have breaking news. a small plane slammed into a house in the city of chicago. it is unclear what happened to the pilot but two elderly residents escaped from the burning home without injuries. investigators say the pilot had reported engine trouble just before the crash. the carbon monoxide leak forced the evacuation of about 100 people from a hotel in delaware county this morning. everyone has been allowed back into their rooms at the best western in concordeville. it's unclear what caused the co leak. the pennsylvania gaming
6:56 am
control board is expected to announce today who gets philadelphia's second casino license, if anyone at all. they are considering four proposals and the front runner is a proposal for south philadelphia. >> we've got a four-mile backup as you come south of lansdale on the northeast extension. southbound between lansdale and mid-county because of an accident involving a tractor-trailer leaking fuel that's blocking a lane out there. here on the schuylkill expressway no accidents but it's a slow go eastbound headed towards center city. heavy from conshohocken to the curve and from boulevard to girard. we're watching for a slick spot or two around dave. >> temperatures are almost everywhere below freezing this morning karen and by 9 o'clock in philadelphia we'll still morning karen and by 9 o'clock looks like freezing mark on the nose for most of the afternoon with a high briefly of 33 degrees around 2 o'clock. and it is cold out there. the wind chills right now making it feel like it's 15 in philadelphia, so really bundle up as you head outside, okay. >> hurts my ears to hear you talk like that. >> give us to matthew mcconaughey again, that's
6:57 am
pretty good. >> all right, all right, all right, love matthew mcconaughey. [laughter] >> we love going to "gma" and seeing you back here in 30 for your updates on weather, traffic and breaking news. keep it warm out there, folks. we'll see in you 30. >> ♪ >> "action news" is sponsored in part by the jeff d'ambrosio auto group destination downingtown minutes from king of prussia and the main line featuring chrysler dodge jeep ram mitsubishi fiat and vw. if you want it for less you got the see jeff
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7:00 am
. good morning, america. and breaking overnight, deadly terrorist attack. armed attackers with axes, naives and a pistol storm a synagogue, killing four, including one american. the region on high alert. the area covered in snow. up to 4 feet in some areas. dangerous conditions for drivers, trucks jackknifing, a reporter in the middle of the storm. >> white out conditions as we're driving, this isn't going to be easy. new this morning, a plane crashing into a home in the chicago suburbs. slamming through the roof right after taking off. neighbors woken up and rushed to rescue the family trapped inside.


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