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tv   Action News  ABC  November 19, 2014 1:36am-2:12am EST

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how low will they go? the day that never got above freezing is plunging in the 20s with wind chills in the teens. and record temperatures are ready to fall. jim is off. i am rick williams. a bitter blast of winter before we make it to thanksgiving. but the arctic temperatures are causing a bigger headache in upstate new york. it is burying buffalo. what is supposed to be a roadway. and a driver that got stranded shot this selfie video of his predicament. the authorities are blaming the deaths of four people on this storm. and one last shot to show you. this is how it looks in philadelphia. the town of philadelphia, new york that is. we can be thankful it's hundreds of miles away.
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cecily tynan join us us at the big board. what is causing the wicked weather. >> it's all about the winds. the winds that brought us the wind chills. lake erie is not frozen yet. it picking up the moisture and depositing it in the form of snow. in buffalo is not measuring in inches but feet. imagine inside of this house. it's lancaster, new york opening up and the snow is over your head. the big problem is that it's heavy, wet snow. this is causing life-threatening conditions. this was a door that was blown in cannot contain the weight of the snow. into tonight, 5 to 6 feet of snow in lackawanna. there is a cold front moving
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through thursday night. up here, by friday morning they can get an additional 2 feet of snow. some parts of the region, 7 to 8 feet of snow this week. so you see that. you hate to complain about our weather. right now the temperatures in the 20s. these are the record lows tonight. we are getting into record territory. 20 in philadelphia to 10 in the poconos. i'll let you how cold it will get and how it will feel for your morning commute. thanthank you. any new video of the buffalo area buried under snow, on the air starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. breaking news tonight from chopper 6, along the scene at the new jersey turnpike. three tractor-trailers crashed and burst into flames and killed one person. it happened at exit a in cranberry township.
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the traffic, as you see, is backed up for miles. now to the deadly synagogue massacre in jerusalem. four rabbis were killed and laid to rest per the tradition. they stormed through with knives and a meat cleaver and a handgun. moshe twersky once lived in lakewood, new jersey. he learned of the tragedy overnight. >> i walked into the apartment. he was crying and sobbing. >> this is a loss to the entire jewish community. we are reeling at this horrific news. it's terrible. the two men responsible were shot and killed by the police. people inside of a worship site
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werwere targeted. "action news" reporter sharrie williams is in the slate satellite center to explain. >>reporter:the estis suggesting that the tw-- they arelaunching. there is new information in the deaths of the c.e.o. john sheridan and wife joyce. joyce sheridan was stabbed at least eight times. one family member described the attack as savage and done in a fit of rage. the couple was remembered at the memorial held in october. >> we lost a giant that lived here and did a lot for the state of the new jersey. >> he kept me in stitches all
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the time. you never knew what was going to come out of joyce's mouth. we had a great time. >>reporter:john sheridan had stab wounds to his side and penetrating wound to his neck. another new detail is that john sheridan's body was found beneath an armoire that was doused with gasoline and set on fire. both may have been murdered. that is a far cry of murder-suicide. the somerset prosecutor's office stated that the couple was found september 28th after a fire was set in their upstairs bedroom. this marks the first report of stab wounds since the two died two months ago. there is criticism how the prosecutor has handled the investigation. in light of the new information, pointing to murder, the four children of the cente sheridans.
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it's not helpful getting to the truth what happened to our parents. late tonight abc confirmed that they want to put on additional manpower and expertise in this complex case. sharrie williams, "channel~6 action news." thank you. in other news the investigation continues into that devastating fire that ripped through the columbus farmers' market in burlington county. the four alarm blaze left behind a charred shell along route 206. the farmers' market was not open when it i ignited.
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they are wondering what the future holding for them now? >> the building that we were located in is entirely gone. everything that we have is gone. >> as the fire marshal and the springfield township police department investigate a cause. the flea market could re-open for the busy holiday season. a bucks county father proclaims his innocence as he is led off to jail. coco wallace is responsible for his toddler's son death. he died of a fatal drug overdose. >> it doesn't make sense. >> 2-year-old sebastian assumed oxycodone pills in bristol. he took him to the e.r. where the little boy died. there was no accident and charged wallace with criminal
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homicide. and it will be a winning spot for the second casinos. the letters award a gambling rea casino. they hope to open in two years. mayor nutter praised the decision. the jobs and the tax revenue that the casino will provide. king of prussia showed off its plan for a major expansion that connects the court and the plaza. no need to walk outside. 155,000 square foot addition provides enough space for 60, 70 stores and dining options. construction is expected to be finished in the fall of 2016.
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it was not construction but demolition that took the main stage in wilmington, delaware. the crews imploded a building at 11 and north jefferson street. the parked cars were coated by the dust plume. it was a small spectacle. here is one last look at the work to level of the building. john bon jovi was in the spotlight. not for his music. he received the mary anderson humanitarian award following the footsteps of oprah winfrey and sidney portier to name a few. >> performances by john
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battiste. [♪ singing ] and all-american rejects in honor of this year's recipient john bon jovi. >> to do the work that we are called to do and realize our vision of a better world because we can and will make that difference. >>reporter:it filled the concert hall would not be comet by host and funny woman wanda sykes. >> you are good at everything that you do, music, acting, good hair. >> it's often we see the jersey native off the stage donating his time and money to help the hungry the homeless to less fortunate. his organization is impacting one person at a time.
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they could not but help to sing his praises. >> he never has forgotten his roots. >> it benefits young artists in our city. barry gordy received the honor last year. >> and still to come on "action news" tonight a controversial bill dies in the washington area by one vote. we'll tell you how our local senators voted. because the grinch that stole christmas, at least some delivery boxes with a child in tow. the government wants to widen the airbag recall even more. the wind chill makes it feel like 11. how cold it will be for your morning commute and how we climb out of the freeze in your accu-weather. we are joined by ali gorman. it promises to tighten
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sagging chin. they call it a knife-less necklift. and ducis rodgers hears from the eagles after practice today when "action news" comes right fact. fast-acting advil is designed with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core technology stopping headaches and other tough pain. fast. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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deciding between buying food and health care is something else.
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healthy pa is now here to help, with name-brand health insurance that costs as little as a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, visit to learn more. police in upper darby are reminding people it's the season for thieves to steal your packages. there was a hoist on the 7000 block of greenwood avenue. a thief was standing by and watched while a baby was in his other arm. the police are working to get this man of the streets. the keystone xl pipeline was blocked by democrats.
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president obama is opposed to finishing the pipeline stretched from canada to the gulf of mexico. and implied a veto. the republicans are vowing to pass it once they control both chambers in january. and the democratic senators and chris coons of delaware voted against it. bob casey joined all republicans including pat toomey in support. regulators are saying that a company can contribute to the problem. there are twoins that are reported outside otwo incidents.
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and the knifeless necklift. it's purely kos i cosmetic. >> in many cases it's not enough of a issue to warrant surgery. there is non-invasive option. we followed one woman through the process. 53-year-old anna moore has a job taincludes entertainin includes entertaining celebrities. she started to notice in pictures that her neck was not as tight as it used to be. she reached out to stephen davis. >> i wanted something to give me a fresher look.
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>>reporter:dr. davis suggested a lift otherwise known as a knifeless necklift. some are caught between. they are too early for a surgical necklift but want something to tighten their skin. other non-invasive neck procedures didn't do much. >> this does the best. >>reporter:first the area is numb. then radio frequency energy is applied to the affected area. >> we are using it to go past the skin surface, we are going past that and addressing all the elastin fibers. >>reporter:the best results are three to four weeks. we caught up with anna after four weeks. >> i saw a big difference. i love it.
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>>reporter:here is her before and after photos. >> you are seeing a better angle of where her mandible is. it was sagging and not as sharp. >>reporter:because she got a higher intensity of energy she only needed one treatment. it can be done on other areas of the face and body. it costs $3,000. if you are interested in it it's best to see a doctor that is board certified in plastic surgery. thank you, ali. people that lost their bottle to cancer are remembered in south jersey. they hosted the tree of light ceremony. the people that lost their lives to the disease were read aloud. and cecily tynan is here now.
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it's beginning to feel a lot like winter out there? it certainly is. it's going to be that way through the wok week into the weekend. we are not going to last forever. showing rain-free conditions and snow-fresnow-free conditions hee tonight. and a beautiful picture of the skyline. currently in philadelphia, 25. down from the high of 32. which is 23 degrees below normal. normal high this time of year is 55. allentown 21. wilmington 24. sea isle is 27 degrees. there is enough of a breeze to create a wind chill of 11. 11 in allentown. 8 in lancaster. it feel like 2 i 12 in millvill. the temperatures are dropping
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near record lows. we are showing part of reason why we don't have any clouds over head and clouds help to insulate the earth. the winds are diminishing. the temperatures are tumbling and tomorrow it's a cold day. the high tomorrow 33. it won't feel as bad as today. the winds will not be as strong. instead of the wind chills in the teens, they will be in the 20s. bright sunshine. the high 45 degrees. the cold front moves late in the day on thursday. behind the system on friday we have a shot of chilly air. the temperatures will drop back down into the 30s. load of sunshine but bitter cold. 6:00, 22. by 8:00, only 24 degrees. and once again wind chills will be down in the low teens for your morning. the exclusive seven-day
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forecast. plenty of the the sunshine. not as strong as today. this thursday is good. 45. a good amount of sunshine and breezy. the temperatures drop on friday 38. saturday 42 degrees. if you are running the rothman 8k i'll see you there. the temperatures will be in the 30s. on sunday for the philadelphia marathon to gets mild. it clouds up. the afternoon high 58 degrees. if you are heading to the eagles game i think we will have showers. by the end of the game, 58 the high. monday rain tapering off to showers. 66. tuesday the high 61. in the course of less than a week 32 to today to 66 on monday big changes. everything is temporary.
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ducis is here. the eagles are trying to getting back on the win column. learn from the past. do not dwell on it. that is the eels approach what happened to them in green bay.
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can you hear me? all right. they are focused on sunday's game from tennessee. the corrections were made on the practice field today. once the birds got in front of the microphones the menta messas simple, move on. >> times yosometimes you get be. we are strong and i am happy. >> we are excited to get better. we still have all the confidence in the world. we know we are a great team. we are looking forward to proving that this week. >> and earl wolff's season is done. thethey brought back carmichaeln late august. scott laughton, why, drew is out with an injury. he suffered the injury yesterday
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in practice. going through the tape, we noticed that he difficulties during yesterday's workout. he will miss days not weeks. it causes them to shake up their line as bit. >> you know, it feels comfortable. i played enough it's an easy transition for me. whatever i am thrown tomorrow i will be ready for. >> still to come we'll check in local college basketball team. >> still to come we'll check in local college basketball team. an unbelievable s party on people! blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale continues celebrating with 20% off the entire store. you heard right, 20% off the entire store. we're talking employee pricing baby! hey, you need 'em, you want 'em, and now there's no better time to get 'em. blinds to go. blinds for life. before the first sneeze, help whenprotect with a spray. ead. before the first tissue, help defend with a wipe. and help prevent with lysol.
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its based on a deposit of one thousand dollars. la salle scores 71 points. the explorers are 2-0. and di rider wins 73-57. a one in a million shot. a fan has a chance to earn some cash. off of the backboard and in. for that amazing feat he gets $500. we will be calling the bank tomorrow. finally kids lay down the law in university city this evening. they were the lawyers, witnesses and jury during a mock trial at
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drexel university. it centered around a kidnapping. they had to present evidence and deliver a verdict. "jimmy kimmel live" is next followed by night line. the guests are jason bateman and courtney love. they will reveal the sexiest man alive. and "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, david henry and consider cakaren rogers with tr. for the entire "action news" team we'll see you tomorrow. >>announcer:"action news" is sponsored by elkins ♪
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