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tv   Action News  ABC  November 19, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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graphic e-mails that became >> good morning, 5:30 now on this wednesday november 19th. let's head over to david to talk about the cold and karen, of course has your traffic. good morning. >> well, the temperatures as expected have definitely slipped this morning. satellite shows a lack of any significant cloud cover so we'll see plenty of sun but like yesterday it's really not going make that much difference. temperatures right now, 23 degrees in philadelphia. that's currently just 3 degrees above the record low for this date. that 18 in allentown pretty far off the record low of 11 but up in the poconos 12 degrees right now and that's only two above the record. some of these other places also pretty close to record lows this morning. and even though there's less wind than yesterday with those colder temperatures we're getting some pretty severe wind chills. it feels like it's 14 degrees in philadelphia as you step outside right now and single digit wind chills in allentown, reading, lancaster and up in the poconos, even down the shore it feels pretty raw. as you're headed out it is going to stay cold. looking at temperatures hovering around 22 degrees between 6 and 8 o'clock.
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still a little bit breezy and if you're headed to school the school heater is on that's for sure. 23 degrees right now heading to the bus stop, 22 degrees by 8 o'clock and then 29 by noon and the afternoon very similar to yesterday, 32 degrees by 3 o'clock. we'll probably get a high of 33 around 2 o'clock and then back down to 30 by 6 o'clock. less wind today but still a little breezy and still cold enough, karen, for coats, sweaters, scarves, all that good stuff. gets a little better tomorrow in the accuweather 7-day. >> all right, david, the fatal accident and tractor-trailer fire still affecting your morning commute. the accident happened last night but the outer roadway of the new jersey turnpike northbound between exit six and 8a is still shut down at this hour and that's the area where all the truck travel. the cars usually travel on the inerode way. that's opened but expect big delays as volume builds up. stick to 130 or route nine as your alternate. a downed pole causing a problem on 130 southbound approaching i-195 so watch for that. in deptford township i've got an update on this accident here on 42 northbound at 41.
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you still want to expect slowing. it's off to the shoulder with that accident so things looking a little better. in chester county 202 at 29, the overnight construction is clear. the roadway is dry with no problems out there right now but you got to warm up that car, matt and tam. >> indeed you do, karen. as you and david have been talking about, we're dealing with some near-record-low temperatures today. step outside this morning and you'll know exactly what i'm talking about. the action cam is live at the frankford transportation center where people are bud ling up out there trying to head off to work. it may not be as windy as yesterday but don't let that fool you. it is a brutal day to be outside if you have to wait for the bus. it's also a day to let your car run a minute to warm up before you head out into it. katherine scott has been talking to commuters and she'll be along shortly with a live report coming up at 6 o'clock. >> ♪ >> brands new this morning, firefighters had to battle flames and freezing temperatures near the jersey shore. this fire broke out along route 9 in middle township cape may county at 10 o'clock
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last night. crews tell us it state of thed in the back of a single family home. police and the fire marshal remained on the scene trying to find a cause. they have not said if anyone was hurt. at least one person is dead from this fiery tractor-trailer crash on the new jersey turnpike just mentioned by karen. chopper 6 was over the wreck in the northbound lanes in cranbury township, middlesex county, last night. police say three tractor-trailers were involved and they all caught fire. now, the crash happened at 9:00 last night and more than eight hours later the northbound outer lanes of the turnpike in that area remain closed. >> new this morning, strong claims pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane has offered up stunning new depictions about what was in a series of graphic e-mails. the exchanges have cost several state employees their jobs and kane says some of those messages included child pornography. erin o'hearn is live at the big board. erin, these are pretty serious allegations. >> and tam, they are serious allegations but it appears some of her allegations have
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been met with some skepticism. and in a cnn interview last night kane did not hold back calling the pornographic e-mail images "deplorable hard core graphic and sometimes violent." she went on to say that many of the images depicted children and elderly women and also involved violent sexual acts against women. one of kane's lawyers in the case said he had not seen all of the e-mails involved and was not clear as to exactly what kane was referring to. but addd that two of the images of the children he saw were inappropriate but not necessarily pornographic. last week kane said four of her employees had been fired and 11 suspended without pay for involvement in the pornographic e-mail scandal. last month justice seamus mccaffrey retired after his fellow justices suspended him when it was disclosed he had sent or received 234 of the e-mails. kane previously said the e-mails is your failed during an examination of how state prosecutors handled the jerry sandusky case. but claims now a court order
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is preventing her from doing her job. >> i am being stopped from performing my duties as attorney general. my office is being stopped from certain investigations and we are being stopped even from telling why. >> now, a spokesperson for the corbett administration which also reviewed some of the e-mails said it was unaware that the e-mails contained pictures of children. tam, back to you. >> okay, erin, thank you for that. new this morning, yet another woman has come forward to accuse comedian bill cosby of rape. model and tv host janice dickinson said the assault happened in 1982 in lake tahoe, california where cosby was performing. she says she wrote about the incident in her 2002 autobiography but that cosby and her lawyers pressured her and the publisher to take out the details. dickinson is the third woman to talk about her claims against cosby in the past few dames cosby is not facing any criminal charges but there does seem to be some corporate reaction in the wake of
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dickinson's accusations netflix says it is postponing the premiere of cosby's latest standup special. >> two candidates officially enter the race to become philadelphia's next mayor. lynn abraham will slow her hat in the ring first today. she'll formally announce candidacy at noon at the finger lynn institute. state senator anthony williams will announce he's jumping into the race late this afternoon at the independence visitors center. former city solicitor ken trujillo seen coming up a little later here, that's anthony williams obviously and former nutter aide terry gillen have already started their campaigns. >> also happening today, 6abc is teaming up to fight hunger in the delaware valley and we need your help. join us tonight for a live telethon to benefit philadbundance. volunteers and some surprise guests will man the phones to take your donations from 4:00 until 6:30 tonight. you can also go online to for a link to the philadbundance donation page.
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>> it's been colder around here, much colder but this time of year we're really not ready for it. >> no, we're not acclimated. that's why it might feel especially uncomfortable for us yesterday and today as well. storm tracker 6 shows you we're dry. as we head outside it is very cold out there, not quite as windy as it was yesterday but sky 6 showing you that dry conditions of course and also pretty cold looking. the camera not bouncing that much because of that lighter wind. as we take a look at where we are number-wise, well, first of all, let's talk about today's record lows. 20 would be a record in philadelphia and then teens in a lot of other spots, mount pocono at 10 and we are actually close to some of those record numbers right now. in philadelphia still 3 degrees above tying that record low but there's some room over the next hour or so to dip that number so we'll see if we get there in some of those spots i just listed. winds out of the west at eight, obviously not as strong as yesterday when we had gusts up in the 30's, single digit winds right now across much of
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the region, a couple can of spots reporting 10. but because the temperatures are colder than yesterday, even that lighter wind is enough to give you wind chill in the teens, so you want to bundle up just like you did yesterday. again, plenty of sunshine on the way with a lack of any significant cloud cover so it does look like it's going to be another bright one but another cold one. temperatures very similar to yesterday. 22 by 8 o'clock. that's cooler than yesterday but by 11:00 27 and in the afternoon for the second straight day, we'll be hovering close to the freezing mark. again winds a little bit lighter. high temperatures up and down the pike, well, below freezing in allentown and reading, up to about 37 to 36 in our shore communities and not too far above freezing in the i-95 corridor. future tracker also showing you those wind chills and again we are looking at fairly significant wind chills. by noon, we won't be in the teens like we were yesterday, we'll be in the low 20's and that probably holds for most of the afternoon but it's still a day for coats, gloves, scarves all of that good stuff. taking a look at temperatures, tomorrow morning we're not going to be in the low 20's anymore. instead we'll be in the low 30's in most neighborhoods and in the afternoon we are
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expecting moderation to the low 40's. unfortunately it doesn't last all that long as friday looks like it's going to be cold all over again. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, still very cold today, a high of 33. lots of sun. probably the best thing we can say about today is that the winds are a little less than they were yesterday. quite a bit less in fact. and then thursday not as harsh in the afternoon, a high of 43. so, a little bit of a break. but a reinforcing shot of cold air comes in for friday and looks like another sliverer. 36 degrees is the high, brisk and cold. then on saturday, partly sunny and only rebounding to about 40 so the weekend starts out rather chilly and then sunday we finally turn milder. we'll get up to about 60 degrees for a icloud will increase. eagles game you might want to bring a poncho because there's the chance of an afternoon shower building in before the end of the game the way things look now. monday 66 degrees, mild and more showers around. looks like we'll still hold 61 on tuesday. >> please do. >> a little bit of hope at the end of the tunnel there. >> absolutely. >> thank you, david. it's 5:39 and still to come, the deaths of cooper
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health systems former ceo and his wife were first thought to but a new twist in the investigation now seems to point to murder. >> fyi philly takes us inside one of philadelphia's architectural gems. features luxury units with an art deco flare. karen. >> we're live on the mid span of the platt bridge in southwest philadelphia. roads here are clear and dry thank goodness because it's below freezing out there. we'll have a check on the roads ways and talk about a new accident when we coming. >> a thief swipes packages off a doorstep in delaware county and oh, he's also carrying a child. see the surveillance video when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here at the platt bridge. everything looking clear and easy out there, but, boy, is it cold. 5:43, 25 degrees. >> maybe even colder in the suburbs. >> yeah were, some of those suburbs, that's right, temperatures are even colder than the city so you got to bundle up and warm up that car. we want to start with the car. mercer county, new jersey, right now and show you the latest with this fatal tractor-trailer fire. three tractor-trailers caught on fire right on the new jersey turnpike northbound in mercer county. it happened late last night and you can see the scene here with just a number of emergency workers out there dealing with this multi-vehicle accident with three tractor-trailers involved. this is still affecting traffic right now and as you look at the shot you can kind of see the wide area that's affected.
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the outer roadway of the turnpike is blocked. the outer roadway that's where it splits on the turnpike and usually the trucks travel there. all traffic forced on the inner roadway. we have this on the maps to show you the scene. it's on the turnpike northbound between exit six and exit 8a. you can take 130 or route 9 as your alternate instead of the turnpike northbound with that multi vehicle accident still affecting traffic this morning. also right now a new accident in bridgeport montgomery county from dekalb street and eighth street. it has been moved off into a parking lot over there so shouldn't be affecting the roadway as much but you may still see emergency workers there. in limerick township a disabled vehicle benner road and louis road. make sure you're prepared to be stuck in your vehicle. it's so colds out there if something were to happen. my dad used to say make sure you have a blanket and a charged cell phone. route 42 this accident was cleared. let's go to our commuter traffic report right now. we're not picking up slow speeds at the moment on the new jersey turnpike in this area but we have someone talking about a hazard on 295
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not far off so watch for 295 northbound a hazard on the roadway. a quick look at the temperatures it's 23 degrees right now in philadelphia, only 18 in allentown, 17 in lancaster, so we've got a bitter cold start to the day, matt. >> thank you, karen. the new jersey state attorney general's office is taking a new look at a high profile case. abc news reports that evidence suggests that john and joyce sheridan had been stabbed before the fire was set in the bedroom of their somerset county home and suggests that a third party may have done the stabbing. investigators initially suggested that the deaths of the former cooper health systems ceo and his wife back in september were a murder-suicide. joyce sheridan had been stabbed at least eight times. john sheridan had knife wounds to the neck and side. >> central bucks west says its football coach will not be back next year because of a hazing scandal. brian hensel was already suspended while the school district investigated hazing allegations. an investigation found that the team was not adequately
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supervised and that none of the coaching staff signed a code of conduct. police say they're still investigating. hensel will keep his teaching job at the school. >> more and more people want to move into center city and move into luxury. melissa mcgee has an fyi for you showing us one of the newest swankyest rental properties on the market. >> reporter: it's called the icon building and it's one of the city's architectural gems. >> the building was built in the 1920's prestock market crash when a lots of the art deco buildings were built. >> reporter: the owners wanted to celebrate the building's o glorious past while bringing it into the 21st century with posh apartments with couldn't treppe temporary amenities. >> welcome to the fifth floor social lounge. >> reporter: and they added lots of luxurious perks designed to make the residence a highly sought after lavish address to call home. >> we have a full fitness center here. >> reporter: nice. trx robes, you don't really see these in apartment
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buildings. >> we tried to think of every amenity possible and add add few morism like the rooftop deck, that from the building's 1616 walnut street address offers a 360-degree front row view of center city and rittenhouse square. >> this is an area that our tenants love, one of the only roof decks of also kinds in philadelphia. >> reporter: yeah. i can see why they love it. >> it's swanky. >> 5:47. the pennsylvania gaming control board places a big bet on south philadelphia. >> plus, keep an eye on those holiday packages. this guy swiped one off a porch in delaware county while david. >> we are dressing the kids just the way we did yesterday with lots of extra gear. we have very low temperatures this morning, close to records in fact. and wind chills still pretty severe. vial all that for you and your day planner forecast coming up next
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>> controversial keystone xl pipeline failed in the senate. democrats blocked a bill that would finish an oil pipeline runing from canada to the gulf coast. it it failed guy a single vote. republicans say they'll pass it once they take control of both chambers of congress in january but president obama is opposed to the pipeline and has hinted he may use his have it tow power here. both of new jersey's democratic senators and chris coons of delaware voted against the bill but delaware's tom carper and pennsylvania democrat bob casey joined all republicans including pat toomey in support. >> time to get a check of traffic and we've seen some problems on the roads but now it's time to have problems on the rails. let's give you the latest. this is just coming in to us right now, the manayunk norristown line 15 minute delays because of wire problems. between conshohocken and meek
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board trains from the outbound platform. west trenton line full service restored. they had downed wires yesterday causing a problem. route one at pennsylvania avenue looking good, dave. >> on the big board karen we have very cold numbers this morning. colder than yesterday morning in fact. 18 degrees in allentown, still 23 in philadelphia. 22 in wilmington, 22 in millville. some of these numbers fairly close to record lows. the record for this morning's low in philadelphia for example is 20 degrees so we're not that far off of that. wind chills also pretty severe and this is despite the fact that the winds aren't as strong today. it still feels like it's 14 in philadelphia and single digit wind chills in allentown, reading, lancaster and of course up in the poconos. if you're catching the bus or catching the subway or the -- one of those r septa trains, 24 degrees by 9 o'clock. inching our way up toward that from our current temperature of 23. and then 29 degrees by noon, 32 degrees by 3 o'clock with a high of 33. probably around 2 o'clock today. and 30 degrees by 6 o'clock.
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less winds but still cold and wind chills still making it feel like it's in the low 20's most of the afternoon, matt. >> okay, thanks, david. >> in this season of online shopping and package shipping, police in upper darby have a warning for you. they are reminding people that someone could easily do what you're going to see in this surveillance video. it was taken along the 7,000 block of greenwood avenue. a ups driver left a package on the porch since no one was home. a thief was waiting. there he is. takes the box since the delivery man left and oh by the way, he was holding a child while he was doing this. police are still looking for the thief. and happening today more than 1,000 casino workers will hold another rally on the atlantic city boardwalk. they will protest a planned shutdown of the trump taj mahal and billionaire investor carl icahn's role in the process. they will march from the taj to the tropicana which icahn now owns. owners of the taj plan to shutdown on december 12th. there's icahn there. it would be the fifth casino to close in ac this year. icahn has demand big
5:53 am
concessions from workers and substantial state aid to keep the taj opened. >> philadelphia's second casino officially has a home, it's going right near the sports complex. the state gaming control board awarded the gambling license to live hotel and casino. developers plan to build the new complex at ninth and packer. that's where the holiday inn is right now. the neighbors have been very vocal about the fact that they do not want the casino there. the group from live says they will work with the neighborhoods to address their concerns and that they hope to open up in about two years. >> 5:53. up next, an update on that deadly attack at a jerusalem synagogue. >> also we're waking up to some bitter cold but in western new york they're measuring the latest snowfall we'll get a live report ahead at 6:00 a.m. >> ♪ the holiday season is here,
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>> ♪ >> ac on sky 6 live taking a look. 25 degrees registering on city avenue, the record low for today in philadelphia is 20, so we're near that. please bundle up before you go outside today. a fifth person has died from that ultraviolent attack on a synagogue in jerusalem. investigators say two palestinian men stormed the temple with meat cleveers knives and a handgun interrupting morning prayers yesterday. four rabbi whose were killed have already been laid to rest by jewish tradition. the fifth victim a police officer died several hours later. three americans are among the dead including rabbi moshe
5:57 am
twersky who lived in lakewood, new jersey. his son still lives there. >> went into the apartment and he was just crying, you know, sobbing. >> this is a loss to the entire jewish community. we're all reeling at this loss at this horrific news it's really terrible. >> police shot and killed the two attackers in jerusalem. >> comedian tracy morgan continues to fight a hard battle to come back from a crash on the new jersey turnpike. his lawyer says morgan still has not recovered from a traumatic brain injury. the attorney went on to say no one knows if morgan will ever fully recover. the statements came during a hearing over morgan's lawsuit against wal-mart, one of the retailers' trucks slammed into the back of morgan's limo in june. >> 5:57. is the time. still ahead a landmark goes up in flames. the latest on the fire that tore through a local farmer's market just days before business was set to boom. >> and brand new at 6:00 a would be burglar gets more than he bargained for after he
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comes face to face with a details and more news you didn't see last night coming up next. >> ♪ hey! it's mister monopoly.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> good morning everyone, it is 6 o'clock on this wednesday, november 19th and here's what's happening. >> polar plunge. we are waking up to near record lows across the region. >> and how about buffalo, they're buried. place is notorious for pummeling wintry weather is seeing the heaviest snowfall in decades. >> exploding impact. nearly 8 million cars are under recall because of potentially explosive air bags and that list will likely grow. >> and this is the hour that david gets to go outsi


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