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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  November 20, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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rywith the latest from police. >> reporter: we just got a briefing from state police investigators at the medford farms firehouse in tabernacle township. but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. >> we are dealing with a huge tragedy here, the whole community is dealing with a huge tragedy. inside they found four shooting victims, two of them a boy and girl were already dead. the other two, a boy and an adult woman, had signs of life and were flown to cooperdical center in camden. they are all related and police believe the woman is the mother of the three children that were shot. the victims were all found together in one bedroom. >> we believe that all four were shot with the same weapon, the
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handgun that has been recovered from the scene. >> the mother of the children was shot in the head, investigators stopped short of calling it a murder-suicide attempt. the other adults in the house were questioned and now they are looking for a suspect. >> it was a shock to veteran investigators. >> our troopers are trained to expect the unexpected however a crime scene like this is impossible to prepare for. the police will have more answers once they get a report from the medical examiner, in the meantime, they are not releasing the names of the victim until all family is notified. so far they have not located the father who does not live at that house. >> thank you. lets switch live to chad
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pradelli, live at the scene, you talked to neighbors today. >> yes, shirleen, a heavy police presence remains here. they are processing the crime scene and neighbors are stunned and saddened by this tragedy, two people have been shot fatally and two are critically injured. >> neighbors are shocked. >> it's a tragedy. nothing really can you say about t. it's children that didn't deserve it. nine people live in the home, neighbors say that the woman and children moved to the home in mid-august, neighbors didn't know the children's exact ages but they appeared to range from elementary to middle school age, they referred all comment to state police. >> i always heard them playing in the backyard. >> i already contacted my son at
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the school and seeing if he was okay and he is fine. >> neighbors say they didn't hear a thing this morning until the roar of police and emergency responders could be heard speeding up holly park drive. >> it doesn't happen out here, it's a quiet neighborhood, peaceful, you can hear a dime drop at night. >> there will be a vinl ill for the victims at town hall at 7:00 tonight. >> chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you chad. our coverage of this tragic day in tabernacle continues at, there you can get the most update information and see video reports of our coverage on "action news" and view our collection of photos from the scene all there right now at we have breaking news right now in southwest philadelphia, chopper 6 hd is live over sixth
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street and cobb's creek parkway, there was an accident just after 3:30 reported there, quite a large presence there, someone was placed on a stretcher but no official word on injuries, but we see another person being placed on a stretcher, obviously there are some injuries in this accident in southwest philadelphia, we'll keep you updated on this breaking story. >> a montgomery county man convicted of killing his family was sentenced to three life sentences. they determined he was -- when he killed his family. a psychiatrist testified that mcandrews was so delusional he doesn't know his actions.
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and 44-year-old trooper, richard -- the suspect evaded the initial manhunt and remains on the loose all this time later, the trooper was there today as authorities announced the $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of his attacker, tip callers can remain anonymous. well, the twitter pictures tell the story of this epic snow in buffalo, new york, people stuck in their homes, snapping pictures of roofs, driveways and cars although they are okay, buried in more than six feet of snow over a three day period. some people are capturing the whiteout images, officials say this storm is serious. they are being called bruised and battered in buffalo, people
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trapped in their homes for days think banned from driving on the roads. governor cuomo declared a state of money. >> this will break all records of snowfall in buffalo, and that is saying something. >> and the six feet is just the beginning, forecasters are saying more snow is coming, another three feet, a storm of unprecedented proportions, we are prepared but the storm is gigantic and persistent. 11 people have lost their life in this storm and people are urged to stay in their homes until this storm passed. >> we are closed in here, we can't just fling the snow anywhere, snow blowers only go so high with the snow. james was trapped in his home so he used an aerial drone to capture the snow's impact.
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even the national guard has responded. >> entire budgets could be spent during this one week episode, where orderly we'd spend this over a whole winter. little lucy grace has a story to tell, her mother went into labor and she couldn't make it into the hospital. she was born in a firehouse. >> what a cutie pie. here is the good news, warmer temperatures are expected tomorrow in buffalo and with the big thaw though comes other problems like flooding. these are the pictures trending on twitter. they could be looking at nine feet by the end of tonight guys. >> wow. the pictures are almost too hard to believe. back here at home our taste of bitter cold gave way to more mild temperatures, but cold air is making a come back.
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meteorologist cecily tynan, is on the balcony with the forecast. >> it's a nice break, it's like family, everything is relative. today was on the cool side but compared to the last two days is it felt nice. today we shot up to 50 degrees, still that is 4 degrees below average, but a big change from yesterday. currently in philadelphia, the temperature has dropped down to 47 degrees, millville 48 and allentown and reading 41 and trenton 44 degrees, compare these temperatures to 24 hours ago, anywhere from 12 degrees highner allentown to 16 degrees higher in millville and dover and philadelphia 15 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. however, things are going to change, the same flow that is cranking up the lake-effect snow machine in upstate new york is pulling down cold air, pittsburgh the windchill is 14 degrees, it feels like 5 below
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in international falls and tomorrow morning, the windchills along the i-95 corridor areas south and east in the teens, the north and west suburbs windchills in the single digits, but i'm tracking warmer air as well as rain, i'll track that in the accuweather forecast. >> still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, before a new mom is being asked to pay close to a million dollars for the birth of her child. >> and minivans did poorly in crash tests, find out the only one to get a passing grade. find out that and much more as "action news" continues.
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the gunman that opened fire at florida state university was a former student. police say that myron may y was started shooting in the library packed with students studying
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for exams, two people were injured and one was treated at the scene. the suspect was killed outside of the building and a journal indicates he believed he was being targeted by the government. and tonight president barack obama will lay out the things he can do within his lawful authority to improve the immigration system. it could spare as many as 5 million immigrants in the u.s. illegally from deportation. none have a path to citizenship, it's likely the start of one the fiercest partisan confrontations of his presidency. his speech is at 8:00 p.m. and will be streamed live at and 6 abc will broadcast the entire presidential address on our digital channel 6.2, go to
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our website at, to find out the specific channel number for your provider. and to business on a thursday afternoon, checking the closing numbers, the dow jones ens up 15 points, to close at 17,700 and the s&p and nasdaq also up on the day today. a new series of crash tests for the institute for highway safety. gave troubling results for minivans, only the honda got a good rating but the nissan quest and dodge caravan got the lowest rating, each of those structures collapsed in that crash test. nearly 5 million strollers made by greco, were recalled after severe injuries to children. they were made in the past 14 years, there are reports of kids
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getting their hands caught in the folding hinge and in six of those cases the children's fingertips had to be amputated. parents should can't greco immediately to receive a free repair kit. and a new investigation reveals that the man in charge of the recall system admits that that system is broken. here is nydia han with a preview. >> "action news" and abc news tracked down dangerous and even deadly recalled products being sold to local families, what we found may shock you. >> they are terrible. and i live in fear of this happening to my children. >> how are so many products making their way into american homes. and what is the man in charge trying to do to fix the system. and before you buy what american business is he accusing of not stepping up to protect american
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families. it's a joint "action news" abc news investigation. now a look at the traffic report today. lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. hey matt. >> maybe a little milder on the roadways, brian and shirleen, but do not fear we have plenty of issues including road work, on the schuylkill expressway by passyunk avenue, once again they have the right lane blocked. this is causing big eastbound delays on 76 as you come away from city avenue at this point and head towards the walt whitman bridge, it should be clearing out soon and we are keeping tabs on it. on the southbound side of 95 heading towards the girard point bridge, on bright afternoons, we get the sun glare delay, we have the crash from chopper 6 and south philadelphia and cobb's creek parkway, a good
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intersection to avoid. and a wreck in montgomery county on cheltenham avenue near willow grove avenue and grace street and 29th street east of the bridge there along 29. one in camden near eighth street that and is cleared out and an accident involving a pedestrian near cedar lane near the bible church. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this thursday almost friday, we'll have traffic stoppages because of the construction. >> thank you matt. well, thousands of runners will take over the area this weekend as they gear up for the philadelphia marathon, but of all of those athletes there is one local woman getting national attention ahead of the race. monica malpass is here to tell
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us why. >> it's michelle albertson's seventh marathon, that is something to be proud of. michelle once weighed more than 400 pounds, now she is an avid runner and is featured in runners world magazine and she is trying to use her story to inspire others. we'll hear how she lost the weight and her advise for anybody that is looking to get started running. plus, if you are planning to drive or fly, what aaa is predicting for one of the busiest travel days of the year. we'll have those stories and more coming up on "action news" at 5:00. >> we'll see you soon monica. more "action news" when we come right back.
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revealed through the work of its scholars and graduates. it has inspired strength and purpose. an enduring symbol of passion and excellence that is not static, but moves among us. a feeling...a shared experience, a reminder that we are connected for life. we are penn state, making our mark on the world. volunteers layered up and got down to work in nice town, they braved the cold to fix up two homes, turning the properties into affordable
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living spaces. students from youthville charter school used a donation from a construction company and the site of today's makeover doubled as a thanksgiving food drive for the nice town food cupboard. and sweatshirts sufficed today, yesterday it would be the heavy winter jackets. lets check out the accuweather forecast and check in with cecily tynan. >> it felt pretty nice today with a high of 50 degrees with two days of afternoon highs stuck in the 30s and behind me we have sky 6 hd in atlantic city, the sun will be setting in 20 minutes. currently in philadelphia, we have dropped down to 47 degrees, it's 41 in allentown and reading, and trenton 44 degrees and sea isle city, still holding on to 50 degrees and 50 in dover and wilmington 47 degrees, satellite 6 along with action
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radar showing low pressure up north of ottawa and this is the system that is responsible for bringing more snow to parts of new york state. you can see the lake-effect snow bands beginning and some areas could get an additional 1 to 3 feet of snow ending with eight feet of snow by the end of the week. but this will pull down the winds from northwest for us and today was mild compared to yesterday but there is cold air waiting in the wings. 55 in washington, d.c., and 45 in philadelphia and pittsburgh it's 27 degrees and we'll get the winds in the wee hours of the morning, really cranking up, don't be surprised to hear the wind gusts shaking the windows, 45 miles per hour in philadelphia and allentown 20 and wilmington 36 miles per hour winds and that will be pulling down some very cold air. the call from accuweather, mostly clear skies and brisk and cold and 26 degrees in
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philadelphia and 20 in allentown and 23 in millville and you factor in the winds and the windchills tomorrow morning 7:00, it will feel like 15 in philadelphia and 17 in millville and 10 in lancaster, so definitely bundle up and dress the kids in layers at the bus stop and windchills are stuck in the 20s, it's four day at 4:00, tomorrow lots of sunshine and windchills in the 20s and high only 36 degrees, temperatures taking a step back, saturday still chilly but not as harsh. 42 degrees, if you are running the rothman 8 k, much milder weather on sunday with temperatures during the race in the 40s, 56 degrees and mild weather for the eagles game and rain moves in sunday night and behind the system, look at this, very warm, some lingering
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showers, our afternoon high 70 degrees, 71 is the record high on monday, we are going from a record low yesterday of 20 in philadelphia to possibly a tie for a record on monday for record highs. >> weather whiplash. >> buzzing next. >> speaking of whiplash we told you how bono got into a biking accident in new york city, wait until you see the injuries he sustained.
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it is time for the buzz and the entertainment and beyond mourning the death of mike nichols, is he probably best known for his work on the graduate but he did broadway shows like monty python's
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spamalot. he had a career spanning more than 50 years and during much of that time he was married to abc news anchor, diane sawer. he was 83 years old. it turns out that bono's injuries are much worse than first thought. he fell off a bike in central park in new york. he broke his arm in six places, fractured his shoulder blade and eye socket. he needs extensive therapy but is expected to make a full recovery, he apparently fell off his bike trying to avoid another rider. >> finally, cancel all plans, it's a night for shonda hits. and then the hashtag who killed sam, we are watching it all and tweeting during all of it. use the #~ 6 abc. >> get the twitter party
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started. >> and still to come, nature betrayed them. science failed them yet they never lost hope. their goal is to have a child. we were told it might never happen the natural way. >> we kept it private, it was embarrassing why can't we have kids and everyone else can. meet the local couple hoping to share the financial burden of trying to start a family.
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"action news" continue with adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, shirleen allicot and brian taff. >> it is 4:30 and "action news" continues about a powerful stor for a child. >> we just want to have a family, he want to take him to flyers games -- >> their struggle to conceive may be a problem as old as time. but their solution is decidedly mode modern, hear hour a local couple is using the internet to get what nature and science could not provide. and hear what comedian, bill cosby, said to a reporter about
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the sexual assault claims weeks before it spirals. and just one week before the holiday season begins, shock and grief was evident on a with's face outside of a tabernacle home, horror inside, a mother and three children shot, two of them fatally. sara bloomquist is live now outside of the hospital. >> the woman believed to be the mother of the three children, is here at cooper in extremely critical condition, along with one of the boys, and he is also in extremely critical condition. investigators described what they encountered at the horrific scene. that four people were shot inside of the home and found out that three of the victims were kids. >> state police received the call from a family member that
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four p.m. were shot inside of this home on holly park drive in tabernacle. they found a woman and three kids believed to be her children, all with gunshot wounds, two children, a boy and girl were pronounced dead at the scene, one boy and a woman showed signs of life. >> when they got there they found a horrific scene and since that time, investigators and troopers together are working at the site and will be there for quite sometime. >> nine people all related lived together in the home. the shots were fired from any point last night until 9:00 this morning, they added that no one else in the house heard the gun fire but did not explain how that was possible. the weapon, a handgun was found at the scene. investigators converged on the hom to conduct what they are calling a homicide
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investigation. >> at this point numerous forensic testing of the home and surrounding area is in progress. >> they made it clear there was no active search for a shooter. troopers went door-to-door talking to neighbors that were stunned that such tragedy happened here. >> it's tragic, especially here, it's so quiet and peaceful, i never thought guns in the house. it's a tragedy and unfortunate. >> given the able of the victims and the horrific nature of the crime scene, the trooper who's first arrived on the scene are now meeting with stress management counsel alreadies at this hour. two children are dead and north boy in critical condition and the woman believed to be their mother is also fighting for her life. live in camden, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you sara, our coverage of this tragic day in tabernacle continues on, there you
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can get the most up to date information and see video reports from our coverage on "action news" and view our collection of photos from the scene. it's all there right now on a community is banding together to help a child who lost his younger brother to a horrific crime, 3-year-old scotty mcmillin was allegedly murdered by his mom and her boyfriend and now the crime victim center has created a trust fund for scotty's older brother, ryan. they are using it for his long-term care and find out how you can donate at the coatesville area school district will authorize a lawsuit against two of its top officials. they will give the city council the green light to sue richard cuomo and james denato.
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they are accused of exchanging racy text messages, they want back any money that the two administrators may have cost the district. police are hoping the public can help them find two men that robbed a store in fishtown, this is east girard avenue last sunday. one suspect jumped over the counter and pointed a shotgun at a 19-year-old worker's head, once the register was open, the other suspect cleared out the machine, then forced the employees into the back to open the safe, when that was not successful, both men fled. if you have information on the robbery, call police. as you know comedian, bill cosby, is steadfastly silent about the sexual assault allegations against him. the associated press released a
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portion of an interview from earlier this month, after asking him about the charge that he raped to women. >> we don't answer that. >> i wanted you to respond that. >> the a still miked cosby wanted assurance that it would not be seen. >> i think if you want to consider yourself to be serious, that it will not appear anywhere. >> now, it has, cosby's lawyers have only issued the statement calling one accusers claimed old and discredited. he plans to perform a planned show in florida tomorrow night. >> another round of winter weather is causing dangerous problems in western new york, roofs are starting to collapse
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under heavy snow and state troopers are rescuing people in their home. it's blamed for eight deaths and leaders are begging people to stay off the roads after more than 100 drivers were stranded. today's storms could bring snowfall totals to eight feet or more. >> was born in buffalo, new york, and we spent eight years there, they get a lot of snow but this is incredibly unusual. >> this is more than a season's worth of snow in a couple of days. we have to deal with cold air on the way, don't want to complain about that. we are live taking a look at the ben franklin bridge on sky 6, some clouds are drifting in and the dew point is 23 degrees and the winds are starting to pick up from the west northwest, 14 miles per hour and the windchill is 41, that is not all that bad but it will get colder overnight
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and atlantic city 48 degrees, the winds are west-southwest, and the windchill is 42 degrees, the windchill in pittsburgh make its feel like 14 degrees, it feels like 2 in green bay, and i have a one-day shot of very cold air and then moderating temperatures as well as the possibility of near record warmth on the way coming up in the full accuweather forecast. big swings in weather this week. >> oh boy. thank you cecily. after a big day here at the 6 abc studios, another financial boost is helping philabundance to help fight hunger, they were presented a check for $27,000 this will go to help the vast families in need this holiday season, and it goes with the give a meal program, for every dollar donated they will give $2
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more. we had a telethon yesterday and now more donations. crowd funding is a popular way to raise money both frivolous and noble. >> one couple is using it for a special and personal cause. alicia vitarelli is at the big board now with their story. >> you guys, they are funding a family. after years of emotional and physical strain trying to have a child of their on, this couple found a way to make it happen. they turned to this trending way to make money to turn their dream to a reality. erica and allison coles seem to have it all. strong faith, good jobs and a good family but one thing is missing, a little one to share it with. >> this has become our baby's room. >> you are picturing a nursery
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in here. >> yes. >> they are enduring the heart ache of infertility, we were told it would never happen the natural way. >> they turned to in vitro fertilization. >> you get the phone call you are not pregnant and it's devastation and you go through it begun and begun, five years and three rounds of ivf and tens of thousands of dollars later, they were drained physically, emotionally and financially. >> it was embarrassing why can't we have kids and everyone else can squl then they tried to adopt but the stress of the cost. >> $35,000 to $48,000. >> it's very expensive. >> wow. >> that is when allison said it clicks, why not get help funding their family. seems everyone is doing it for all kinds of reasons like this guy in ohio.
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>> he wanted to raise $10,000 for amazing potato salad. >> he actually got $25,000. >> we just want to have a family. >> their campaign is more common than you might think, go fund me helped to raise more than $1 million for couples just leak the coles. there are worthy couples out there doing the same thing and we are not suggesting we are more deserving than they are. they are hoping there will soon be a crib right there in the corner. >> we are grateful for those that can help us. helping us make our dreams come true. >> if you want to help allison and eric have a child, you can get the link to go fund me at >> they are so genuine and they want it so bad.
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we hope they get it. >> appealing to our most generous viewers as well. from kohls to macy's we'll rank the best and worst stores to find what are you looking for this black friday. >> and why a woman was slapped with a hospital bill after having a babe in the u.s. even though she had insurance.
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tensions are flaring in ferguson, missouri while awaiting the grand jury's decision in charging officer darren wilson for fatally shooting the unarmed black teenager in august. a decision on criminal charges could come as early as this
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weekend. here at the big board with the big talkers. we start with a story of a million dollar baby. this is 11-month-old reece, she is cute and happy and healthy now too. little reece surprised her canadian parents by coming nine weeks early vacationing in hawaii, the preemy had to spend the next two months in intensive care, before taking the trip her mom purchased travel insurance from blue cross, and now they are refusing to pay a penny of the 950,0$950,000 hospital bill. they say that a bladder infection that the mother had in her third month of pregnancy, was a preexisting condition. they don't know whether to fight it or claim bankruptcy or wait and see what happens.
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old photos are great and we laugh at what we are wearing and what we are doing, and we love the old pictures of santa claus, but throw back thursday is getting more amusing with viral sensations, people are recreating their old pictures as adults. reddit has new ones, baby on mom's lap. awe. getting heavy for that now. kid in hamper love that. and baby loves dog and sleeping dad in hospital holding his son and big brother holds the baby, and pretend heroes and love this one, father and son, the very first and last space shuttle launch, 30 years apart. but really really cool stuff guys this is trending on reddit. i could look at that all day. >> thank you.
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matt pellman is in the traffic center with an update. as we look live at the schuylkill expressway they still have not picked up their construction cones in the eastbound lanes by passyunk avenue and what that means is, you have one lane getting by past the walt whitman bridge, what that means is things are barely moving on 76 eastbound the whole way from city avenue from this point at passyunk, think about using the river drive, the west or east mlk or ridge avenue, alternates to the schuylkill expressway, you see the sea of taillights stacked up westbound waiting to get on to 76, so alternated to 76 and 676 this evening. off love park a crash at 16th and arch. and a truck broke down on the boulevard, southbound at southhampton road blocking the
4:47 pm
left turn lane on the drive. and north dane north water marine break in doylestown. it's closing davis road and north street. think ice-cream by friendlies and the dq as alternated. and a broken down vehicle approaching terminal avenue, only an extra few minutes, but 95 southbound is your better bet. we'll look again in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. lets take a live look outside now, there is one benefit to these shorter days now, it's beautiful sights like this, sunsetting over atlantic city, new jersey.
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calling it weather whiplash and we'll be high up. record lows to record highs, and a little bit a drop in between tomorrow, lets go live to sky 6, taking a look at the center city skyline, we saw a good amount of sunshine today and stormtracker 6 live double scan, showing no rain out there, no snow fortunately. but we'll be getting some cold winds blowing in. not too bad today, 47 degrees in philadelphia, down from the high of 50, that is 4 degrees below normal. it felt good compared to yesterday when temperatures did not rise out of the 30s. allentown 41 and millville 48 and dover and sea isle city, currently 50 degrees, factor in the winds, a windchill factor feels like 41 in philadelphia and 33 inal and ton and 32 in reading and the windchills are dropping down into the teens in the overnight hours and for your
4:51 pm
morning rush tomorrow. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the reason why if you look up across upstate new york, the snow machine, the lake-effect snow is cranking up again thanks to the winds from the northwest and that is what is pulling down some cold air for us. tomorrow lots of sunshine but the high back in the 30s, 36 degrees and you factor in the winds, windchills in the afternoon will be stuck in the 20s. you definitely want to bundle up tomorrow. heading into saturday, the high pressure shifts to the east and this brings us a return flow so it won't be quite as cold, 42 degrees and lots of sunshine early in the day and the clouds are rolling in, in the afternoon and get ready for a dramatic pattern change by monday and the jet stream is going up to the north and a high of 70 and the record high is set back in 1979 is 71. we are looking at near record warmth, believe it or not.
4:52 pm
but that comes with showers, the next 12 hours temperatures are on a free fall again, brisk and cold and 20 degrees in the suburbs and 26 for isn'ter city and feeling like temperatures are in the teens with the windchill tomorrow morning and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast cold again and 36 degrees and windchills in the 20s. on saturday, not quite as harsh and chilly. 42 degrees and rothman 8 k temperatures at the start 28 degrees and sunday for the philadelphia marathon, temperatures in the 40s during the race and it's great running weather, 56 is the afternoon high if you are heading to the linc for the eagles game it's looking nice, 54 degrees at kickoff and 54 by the fourth quarter, and partly sunny skies and rain moving in sunday night and lingering showers on monday, but the high is 70 degrees, tuesday we drop to 59 and wednesday 48 degrees and thanksgiving, a little bit on
4:53 pm
the cool side but not bad, 47 degrees looks to be a dry thanksgiving. 47 degrees on thanksgiving. i'll take it. >> we'll take it. cecily thank you.
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>> time to save with 6 abc, if are you going to venture out at black friday, you'll want to get the best deals, well today wallet hub has answers for you on where to fine them. they studiyed close to 6,000 black friday ads and they are rating the best deals and the big of the discounts being offered according to circulars. here are the top ones. the top three in fact. jcpenney is offering 65% off and
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macy's with 54% and rite-aid also 54%, costco is offering the lowest rate at 21%. keep that in mine. what to buy, jewelry is the most discounted. 58% and computers is the least at 23%. office depot is offering deals up to 40% off and macy's up to 65% off the consumer electronics, look for sears for apparel up to 69% and toys kohls taking 49% off their retail. >> serious business. thank you alicia. finally if you are a regular "action news" at 4:00 viewer you know there is no finer genre than tiny hamsters eating tiny
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food. but nothing could prepare us for this. feast your eyes on the tiny hamster thanksgiving, not only did the folks artfully prepare the turkey, stuffing and pie, they invited guests, everybody's favorite hamster star chicken enjoyed dinner with a rat and a bunny. can you watch the clip once again on our website at >> you lost me at the rat. >> something odd about seeing a hamster eat a turkey. >> but we love seeing it. something odd about us. >> for shirleen allicot, alicia vitarelli, cecily tynan, i'm brian taff. we are back tonight for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. tragedy in tabernacle, new jersey, two children are dead after a shooting of four people that also injured their mother
5:00 pm
and brother. they believe there is no threat to the community because the shooting was likely an attempted murder-suicide. it's thursday night and the big story on "action news" is the shooting that stunned a neighborhood in burlington county, new jersey. >> authorities there are still trying to piece together details of the violence that left two children dead. the victims were found on holly park drive, and the two survivors were rushed to cooper university hospital. chad pradelli spoke with neighbors but lets begin with reporter, david henry with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: yeah, rick we got a briefing here from police a little while ago and they say for now they are treating this case as a homicide although sources tell us it appears to be a murder and attempted suicide. it all began at 9:00 this morning. our


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