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tv   Action News  ABC  November 21, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> we are on several breaking stories on this friday, november 21, including a suspicious fire in philadelphia, we'll tell you what investigators found at that scene. only on "action news" exclusive video of a would-be robber after he was shot by a security guard. >> a stunned community reacts after a woman and four children were shot in her home. >> let's go over to dave with weather and karen rogers has
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traffic. >> reporter: we have a blustery day, but a sunny one. so a bright start, but a cold start. 31 degrees degrees in philadelphia. allentown, 26. 30 in wilmington. 32 in sea isle city. 16 in allentown in the low 20s down south. as we head out the door to catch the school bus, layers are important and we'll be in the upper 20s, between 6:00 and 8:00. mainly clear and cold, a little bit breezy. as we roll through the day, our high will be cooler than yesterday. looks like we'll only get up to 38 degrees, that will be around 2:00. 29 by 8:00. 34 by noon, 36 by 3:00. 31 by 6:00. dressing appropriately you'll get through it, karen, but
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you'll notice it is cooler. the weekend call coming up. >> reporter: looking live at i-95 southbound traffic, hardly anyone is out there. coming in from langhorne or pen dell you're looking good. here's the blue route, no issues, you can see the green traffic flow on the schuylkill expressway and i-95 which we showed you live. we have a downed pole 291 west second street at jeffrey street, police are on the scene. stick to west third street to avoid any problems there. outside we go on 422 trooper, traffic heading toward king of prussia. the overnight construction with traffic stoppages is all clear, so both lanes are open. >> let's get to our breaking stories, first one up, investigators are calling an overnight fire in the torresdale
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section of philadelphia suspicious. it broke out inside a house on rose lane at 2:30 a.m., fire crews say they found a liquid accelerant near the scene of the fire. there are no reports of injuries, police are treating the area as a crime scene. breaking, people have evacuated several homes in the lehigh valley, look at that, near where a giant sink old swallowed a utility truck overnight. investigators say it started is a water main break on hampton road in bethlehem township late last night. the driver of the truck escaped unharmed, 30 residents left their homes as a precaution while crews investigated the source of the problem. the red cross is on the scene helping, an "action news" crew is at the scene, as well. we'll have a live report shortly. a south jersey community is
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in mourning after two children were killed in tabernacle, burlington county. dann cuellar has reaction from the neighborhood. >> give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespass and we for give those who trespass against us. >> reporter: holding candles and holding back tears people prayed for the family in tabernacle. >> nadia is my best friend and she always nice to me. >> reporter: is asavannah's motr said the two girls had thanksgiving lunch together at school. >> she never had to experience any kind of close death before, so this is very hard for her. >> reporter: monique said jeaninne lepage has been her
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best friend for 33 years. >> i can't believe it, i'm in to that shock, her kids were like my own kids, i can't believe it happened. >> reporter: she said lepage was a unemployed nurse who was having financial difficults. while authorities have not called this an attempted murder suicide, curry said if things got bad this is how she would end it. >> my heart is broken, this is awful. >> reporter: meanwhile, classmates of nadia were dealing with the harsh reality of losing a friend of such a young age. >> nadia was in my class and she was my friend, i'm sad. >> reporter: in closing, pastor george reminds us in this season of thanksgiving there are others going through tough times and we
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should all try to reach out to them. in tabernacle, new jersey, dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> only chopper 6 was there as medics rushed a critically wounded robbery suspect into einstein medical center. police say that man pulled out a knife to hold up the rite aid on stenton avenue in west oak lane last night and then a store security guard shot the robber inside the store many times. as you saw there the police recovered the knife and other evidence outside the store. the robbery suspect was listed in critical condition. raging flames attacked a house in wilmington with firefighters battling the flames and the cold. the action cam was on the scene as the crews worked in freezing temperatures. firefighters were worried squatters may have been inside the vacant buildings when it was burning, but nobody was found. they have yet to identify what
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sparked the blaze. president obama hit it road today drumming up support for his plan on immigration, taman bradley has more. >> reporter: today president obama heads to las vegas to sell his immigration overhaul. he'll sign orders removing the threat of deportation. the president's orders affect 5 million undocumented immigrants. most of them parents of legal residents. they will have legal status if they have been in the united states for five years and no criminal record. overnight on facebook, ted cruz rallied the troops. >> he is defying the constitution and defying federal law and the american people. >> the immigration debate rages
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on. >> reporter: supporters of the president's action believe it will keep families together. >> i'm happy things happen. >> reporter: but many americans think the president actions reward undocumented immigrants for violating the law. >> he speaks a good game, it's a confor the american public. >> reporter: the changes go into effect in the spring, there will most likely be lawsuits. >> dozens of immigrants gathered in west kensington to watch the speech on immigration reform. under the proposal, many people in that room could be eligible for additional production. 31-year-old prudence powell is an undocumented immigrant. >> i came here as a child, i
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didn't break the law, give us a chance to approve ourselves. >> powell started a job four months ago, she wants to enroll in communities college. yet another woman has come forward to accuse bill cosby of sexual assault. he said could cosby drugged herh pills in las vegas in 1986. she stayed in contact for years after the incident. could say -- cosby has yet to comment on the allegations. he performed in the bahamas, while businesses and tv networks back away from the comedian, temple university is standing by its side saying he will keep his position on the board of trustees. cosby settled a lawsuit filed by a temp employ back in 2006 that
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employee accused him of drugging and fonderling her at his elkins park home. the city along with a nation wait for the decision from the grand jury while the father of michael brown releases a video for calm. >> david the flip phone is coming back. >> reporter: if you're dressing the kids, no bell bottoms, we're putting the extra gear on them, it's blustery through the day i'll have the weekend call which is better in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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>> 4:43 still snowing in buffalo. >> reporter: a little bit more. we have no snow here, but it's cold enough for it. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows we're dry. as we taking a look outside, there's the platt bridge, and camera might be shaking a little bit this morning as we take you through our array of sky 6s, galls the winds are stronger. 31 degrees, too, it's chillier than yesterday. winds out of the north/northwest
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at 17, gusting into the 20s. elsewhere around the region, one single digit in trenton. as we get into the afternoon we'll see the gusts up to 30 miles per hour or close to that at times. as we look at satellite, obviously lots of sunshine on the we with extended cloud cover around. as we roll through the day, 29 degrees by 8:00, the freezing mark by 11:00. this afternoon we'll see a high of 38 at 2:00, and 5:00 p.m., 34, again these numbers won't feel this nice because of the strong blustery breeze blowing around. we'll have witches in the 20s. 36 in allentown, 37 in reading, 38 in wilmington and millville. down the shore milder, 40 degrees, everybody under the sun today, but everyone dealing with that blustery wind. as we look at national temperatures right now.
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we still have a dome of cold, arctic air over chicago, if you're heading out there, 13 degrees. colder out there than it is here. however, there is milder air in the southwest, generally when we head through the weekend we'll have a high pressure center to our south that will guide the milder air in. brisk and cold today, 38 degrees, lots of sun, blustery winds. tomorrow, partly sunny, chilly, 44 degrees, sunday, we turn milder and in the afternoon it feels better, high of 56. we'll go partly sunny skies. if we see any rain it's not until late at night. so the eagles game looks dry. in fact these are comfortable conditions as to if the eagles played last sunday or thursday. eagles 8:00-3 against the
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titans, we'll see how that goes. monday, high of 70 degrees, looks like the showers we're looking for is centered in the morning, it will take a while for the cooler air to drop into the region, so it does look like the afternoon looks pretty darn nice. tuesday, partly sunny, we're holding on to temperature in the neighborhood of 60 degrees, partly sunny skies, we'll go for a high of 48 degrees on wednesday, there could be a shower or rain, particularly down by the shore. but looks like that's gone in time for thanksgiving and thanksgiving seasonable cool that's four or five degrees below average that 47. i think we've had worse, i don't think there will be too much wind, so hopefully the balloons fly. if you didn't get enough of david murphy go to and watch his forecast again, view hourly and satellite radar. darren wilson is the
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ferguson police officer who shot and killed michael brownback in august. the fbi and police nationwide are preparing for whatever the decision might be. brown's father had this plea to supporters. >> hurting others and destroying property is not the answer. no matter what the grand jury decides i do not want my son's death to be in vain. i want it to lead change, positive change. >> cnn is -- cnn said wilson is in talks with the police department to resign. a charity is paying for his relocation and legal expenses. >> topping your first look at business, a russian website is live streaming videos from thousands of webcams. hackers could be hacking the cameras because owners didn't
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change the default password. the unsecured cameras are accessible to anyone who wants to get into them. cyber security experts are urging anyone whose got a web can protect it by changing that password. going on to take a look at wall street, stocks rebounded in the record territory on thursday, right now it looks like they are pointing to a higher open. everybody had a flip phone they ruled the world decades ago, they were so cool, but now we're on to smart phones. the clam she will cone is making a comeback, microsoft is making a foldable tablet, for those who don't like the large smart phone. >> new on "action news," a turkey bandit is on the run, he
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stole nearly half a ton of freezen thanksgiving turkeys from the needy. >> a gym teach is shown dragging a 14-year-old student to the pool. we'll show you what's going on in the video when "action news" come right back.
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i.outside live we go to check the traffic for you, very early on a friday morning. if you're up and out, you'll not have any problems. we have crews working in the construction zone on 202, we see the 30 bypass, traffic is moving fine toward king of prussia with no extra construction. we have a problem in delaware county with a downed pole from an earlier accident, west second street at jeffrey street watch for that if you're heading out. police are on hand, they are directing traffic. you might want to stick to west third street to avoid any problem. we have a large sinkhole that swallowed a utility truck, north hampton road at norfolk drive stick to washington street to avoid the problems with crews on the scene. one more look in new castle county, 495 and mlk boulevard,
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construction is blocking the left lane until 5:00. >> new on "action news," a struggle between a teacher and student at a california swimming pool is caught on camera. the video shows the treerch trying to drag the 14-year-old into the pool. peterson was put on paid leave for a month. the family said they do plan a lawsuit. >> this story is also new on "action news," a greedy thief gobbled up 140 frozen turkeys from an illinois meat market, the turkeys were supposed to be given to the needy. police believe the thief was prowling for tools and took the turkeys instead. they estimate the loss at $1,000. >> in the next half-hour of "action news," a dramatic ending to a police chase caught on camera and kansas, missouri.
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>> hey, everyone, it is 5:00, friday, november 21. we're following breaking news. >> a broken water main in the lehigh valley creates a sing hole and forces people out of their homes. >> find out how penndot plans to help our neighbors to the north. >> accuweather is tracking another blast of cold air and followed by a warm weekend, we like that. >> here's david and karen. >> reporter: matt, we have


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