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tv   Action News  ABC  November 21, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon sara is off. new video of a teacher dragging a student in gym class the new charges he is facing today. and the latest allegations of sexual assault against bill cosby. and chopper 6 is live over the scene of a sinkhole, giving us a look at the expanding crater, it opened on hampton road after a water main break last night and now it's devouring someone's driveway and we learned it swallowed a dump truck that responded to the scene. katherine scott is live now at the scene with 30 people that were forced to flee their homes. >> reporter: that is right, more than 30 people have had to evacuate but could return except for these people.
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their home is uninhabitable. the sinkhole has just gotten wider, if you look down the street here, there is a lot of equipment here and there are crews on scene throughout the night and over the last hour the sinkhole got wider and part of a dump truck did sink down. look at that video from 45 minutes ago. the dump truck with water and sewer toppled into the roadway, that is the second truck that tumbled into the sinkhole in hampton township. a ppl truck topple in around mid nitd and then fell on a gas line, a chain of unfortunate eye convenients and then the truck was balanced on a high pressure natural gas line, more than 30 residents were evacuated as a precaution and in the morning you could see the size of the
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hole, and the crews are there working on most residents were allowed to return but one family could not stay inside. they came to pick up their belongings. while they were here the sinkhole got wider and they were able to pull that dump truck out but before that went into, officials said they had trouble with sinkholes in this area. >> there is a lot of rock in the area and the pipe was not well done in the 60s when the line was originally put in. we have experienced quite a few line breaks in this area over the years. >> back here live where chopper 6 is over head, can you see all the equipment on the scene and they were able to lift part of the dump truck out of the sinkhole and 88 people remain without gas here and most of the water service has been restored
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except for the home where the sinkhole is. residents tell me there are cracks in their foundation and more inspections are needed. the hope earlier was that the water main would be fixed and repairs would be made by the end of the day and since that happened the hole has gotten wider and the work has increased. we'll keep you poefrted. two trucks in a sinkhole and one home showing damage. we are live in bethlehem township, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." police have identified the three children shot in the tragedy, nadya harrington and her brother nicholas was killed and their brother alexander is in critical condition. they were found shot inside of them home in tabernacle
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township. they were all shot and so was their mother. nora muchanic will have a live update coming up on "action news" at 12:30. in delaware county, police are investigating a stabbing that sent one person to the hospital, the victim was attacked on chestnut street at 5:30 this morning. so far no word on the person's condition or what sparked the violence. a group of students from the university of delaware could face charges following a large fight in wilmington. police were interviewing witnesses on south dupont road last night. the building was rented out for a fraternity party and was disrupted with a brawl. several people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries and no arrests have been made. one person was hurt when this truck overturned in willow
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grove, the truck flipped from the p.a. turnpike and one person was taken to abington hospital and we are not told about his or her condition yet. the ramp was finally opened at 10:30. doctors say they are monitoring a patient who is recently returned from ebola stricken west africa. doctors released the statement a short time ago and it read that a patient returning from west africa is being monitored in an isolation room at hop. all operations continue as usual. officials when on to say that the hospital has been preparing for such a situation for the past few months. all right time now to talk temperatures and the bitter cold is back after a one-day break and the sun is making an appearance but so are windy
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conditions as we look live over center city from sky 6 and another big plunge with temperatures in the 30s after we reached 50 yesterday and accuweather says we are in for a chilly friday night. lets head to the big board and karen rogers in for david murphy. >> reporter: hi rick, as you look at the shore, it's bright and sunny, the camera is shaking with the gusty winds. 35 degrees is the temperature in the city but we are barely above freezing in the lehigh valley 33 and 33 in trenton and 34 in millville. we are looking at the winds from the northwest. 16 miles per hour in allentown and 20 miles per hour in philadelphia and 24 miles per hour at the shore. we have seen gusts today already up to 30 miles per hour. with that wind steady at times up to 20 miles per hour gusting even higher than that you have a windchill to deal with. it feels like just 24 degrees.
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23 in allentown and windchill only 18 in mt. pocono, and at the shore only 21 degrees. tuesday's high was 32 and wednesday 33, and yes we hit 50 yesterday and today we are back down with highs in the upper 30s, we are going back and form and the weekend on a little bit of an uptrend. and the commute later, you'll want to warm up the car, by 4:00, 35, and 6:00, 32 and 7:00 p.m., 29 degrees. wait until you see the overnight lows, get that jacket out. closet. >> we'll check back in later. people in western new york say the danger is not over from the back to back winter storms that claimed 13 lives.
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the region is trying to dig out from 7 feet of snow and driving bans are in place. and there were 30 roof collapses overnight because of the heavy snow, there are fears of flooding from a big melt down as warmer weather approaches 60 degrees tomorrow. president obama is defending his executive order to shield 5 million people from deportation. but the republicans are warning him of damaging the presidency with his controversial plan. >> reporter: that is it, good afternoon rick, the president's announcement is not even a day old yet but already a fierce political battle is raging. president obama heads to las vegas today, he wants to rally the powerful hispanic voting block there for the sweeping
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immigration reform he introduced last night. republicans are already furious over what they call the president's overreach. saying he defied congress granting legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants. >> if you meet the criteria, you can live within the law and if you are a criminal you'll be deported. >> most of these are parents of u.s. citizens or legal residents, they will be eligible for legal status or work permit fz they have been in the u.s. for five yours and have no criminal records. republicans are furious, john boehner accuses president obama of acting like a king. >> the action by the president yesterday will only encourage more people to come here illegally and putting their lives at risk.
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>> president obama anticipate that reaction in his speech. for those people that question my authority to make this decision, i have one answer, pass a bill. >> the president's plan is being hailed by immigration advocates, many say it comes too late and doesn't do enough. >> susan thank you. there is much more to come on "action news" at noon, a teacher is facing criminal charges and a lawsuit. and a new plea from michael brown's family, his father's message to protesters in ferguson, missouri, and karen rogers has a closer look at the accuweather forecast.
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a teacher in northern california is facing child abuse charges after this video surfaced from gym class, the man tries to drag a 14-year-old girl into a swimming pool but she refuses to get into the water. the teacher, denny peterson could be seen grabbing the girl's hands and legs as she struggles on the ground, her
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family is considering a lawsuit. >> regardless of her participation or lack thereof, when you watch the video, it should disgust you the way he treat aid 14-year-old girl. >> he was put on made paid leave for a month and then was assigned to another school in the district and then put on paid leave for a second time after the district learned of the charges. two more women have come forward with sexual assault claims against bill crosby, teresa says he raped her in 1976, following a show in los angeles. and a waitress in los angeles said cosby took her for a ride to the beach and he opened up a briefcase full of pills. >> all he said was why don't you take a couple of these to help
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you relax. what? >> trey says that cosby did not rape her but touched her inappropriately and terrorized her. the father of michael brown has released a plea for peace in ferguson, missouri, brown calls for calm whether or not the grand jury decides to charge the officer that shot michael brown in august. >> i thank you for your efforts to end racial profiling, and but destroying property is not the answer. i do not want my son's death to be in vein. a decision is expected soon and the union representing darren wilson, says he does not expect to face criminal charges, a police charity has raised $500,000 to support wilson's
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legal, mental and moving expenses. squeezing people into a taxi is how people are trying to skimp on cab fares, but there is a new warning for people trying to pull it off. here is wendy saltzman with a preview. >> we found that taxi cabs are putting riders in a dangerous position. >> that is illegal in so many ways, tonight at 11:00 i'll show you the shocking undercover video you won't believe plus we are going to the top for answers. >> it is wrong and it will be changed. >> i'm wendy saltzman and i'll have that story coming up ton at 11:00. hey! it's mister monopoly.
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we are expecting to find out today if sports betting will happen in new jersey, officials believe that it will boost -- but they are suing to block it, whichever side wins an appeal is expected. in health check, a powerful pain killer is getting approval from the fga, it's a version of oxycodone, it is hard to break down, so it's harder for an addiction. there is a new study out of
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china that claims some people are born to be single. scientists believe that those people have a specific gene that makes them bad at relationships, it lowers levels of the feel good chemical serotonin. those with the gene are more likely to be alone. "action news" is working on news stories tonight at 4:00, live in the newsroom is alicia vitarelli with a preview. hello there, happy friday. >> happy freebie friday. if you are traveling for thanksgiving, we have freebies designed to make your journey more entertaining. and coming up at 4:00, a death row inmate is free after spending four decades behind bars for a crime he didn't commit. and 75% of us can't eat
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or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. and karen is back with a closer look at the forecast, starting to warm up a bit right? >> anything has to be better than today. it's cold out there and have to bundle up. lets look at stormtracker 6 live double scan as we look around the region we are dry and staying dry today too. lets go outside and see what is
12:25 pm
looks like, sky 6 is looking at a beautiful shot of the bright sunshine and not doing us any good but it sure is pretty out there. how about the numbers, the current temperature is just 35 degrees, the dew point is just 16 degrees, and we see gusts up to 30 miles per hour today and we'll continue to see that through the afternoon. the pressure is 30.37 inches, as we look at the windchills early this morning. it felt like 3 degrees in mt. pocono and downingtown 11 and 15 in atlantic city and 16 in trenton and 17 in philadelphia. and throughout the region a cold start to the day. 23 in allentown and 24 the windchill in the city and 24 on the boardwalk. very cold. as we look at the future tracker windchills, this is a look at 2:30 and feeling like the 20s in most spots, in evening you sure
12:26 pm
want to bundle up, 23 is what it feels like in the city and at 9:30, it feels like 15 in lancaster, so a cold night ahead. showing to the northwest we have seen clouds filling in but not in the city, we kept with the sunshine and throughout the afternoon we see cumulous clouds popping in and just that cold and it's not going far, by 3:00, 36 with the sunshine and cloud cover is filling in the late in the day and by 7:00 p.m. 30 and 9:00 p.m. 29 degrees, dropping down low, tonight it will get into the teens, in some of the suburbs, 25 degrees in the city, so it's brisk and cold, we are tracking a warm-up, see the colder air above today, we are advancing this pattern change to monday. we get near record warmth and filling in the jet stream and things are good for us, 70 for
12:27 pm
the high and we have a big change coming in just a few days, just hang on we'll get this slowly. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it's brisk today and yesterday we were 50 and today 38 for your high and many spots hit 37 for your high, with sunshine and just a few clouds, saturday sunshine and patchy clouds and 44, getting better and sunday it's turning milder and 56 degrees, for the eagles kickoff, 1:00, 53 degrees and partly sunny skies and we are dry. but not until sunday night for showers. warm and 70 on monday, chasing the record high of 71 set in 1979, a few showers around and partly sunny and it doesn't last long, that warmth. chilly again on tuesday be showers but thursday thanksgiving, you might be doing travel or hanging out at the parade, partly sunny skies and
12:28 pm
48 degrees. not bad for thanksgiving. >> not a bad turkey day forecast at all. >> we'll take a quick break.
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and we start the second half hour with the developing story we were telling you about, the sinkhole in bethlehem township that continues to grow this noon, just a short time ago the back part of a dump truck at the
12:30 pm
scene fell into the hole, this all started last night after the report of a water main break along the 1800 block of hampton road and part of a utility truck was swallowed up and came to a stop on top of a water main, about 30 residents were evacuated as a precaution and eventually the truck was removed. we'll follow the story and give you an update on "action news" beginning at 4:00. also, this noon we are learning more about the deadly shooting in tabernacle, new jersey, a mother and three children were shot inside of this home in an apparent attempted murder-suicide. an 8 and 14-year-old brother and sister did not survive. nora muchanic is live this noon at the scene with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: rick, i just got off the phone with state police who tell us that the autopsies are just finishing up and they are still going on at this hour.
12:31 pm
then have officially identified the mother and three children involved in this shooting. the mother janine lapage remags in critical condition at cooper university hospital, officials will not tell us the condition of her 11-year-old boy, they made contact with the father in maryland and they say that he is not involved but they continue to interview friends and family including those inside of the house. >> the crime scene at holly park drive remains sealed off and under police guard this afternoon. police are still investigating the horrific shooting believed to be a murder-suicide. janine lapage was found shot in a bedroom along with her three children. nadya and nicholas did not survive and 11-year-old alexander did survive and is hospitalized along with his mother. lapage is described as an
12:32 pm
unemployment nurse living here because of financial problems and she confieded in her that if her situation got worse this is how she would end it. >> her kids are like my own kids, and i just can't believe it happened. >> tabernacle, holly park drive, gunshot wound, level one stage. >> these are the dispatch calls that went out calling medics to the bloody scene in tabernacle. nine people were in the house at the time, and nobody inside heard the gunshots, a handgun is recovered. >> our troopers are trained to expect the unexpected. but a crime scene like this is impossible to prepare for. as a result we have our initial responding troopers that are involved back at the station meeting with critical stress
12:33 pm
counselors. >> children arrived at school dealing with the loss of two classmates and at a vigil last night friends and neighbors remembered the victims including 8-year-old nadya. >> nadya is my best friend and she was always nice to me. >> back live investigators are trying to track down reports that one of the children may have texted a friend yesterday saying they wouldn't be in school because mom was having a bad day. anybody that received such a text is asked to call state police, that may help them nail down the exact timeline when the shots occurred. >> thank you, our coverage of the tranlic events in tabernacle, on you can view our photos from the scene and see the latest news. it's all there at now to the crippling
12:34 pm
snowfall in buffalo and western new york, officials confirm it is responsible for 13 deaths so far. more snow fell last night bringing the total in some areas to more than 7 feet and cars are buried and some homes are badly damages and plows and dump trucks are working overnight to dig everyone out. carolyn costello is live in buffalo with a closer look at the mess there. >> reporter: rick, take a look at all of this snow, more than 7 feet in parts of western new york, we see it piling up on the ground but also on rooftops, you can see it behind me and that is causing the big of the problems we are seeing today. in some parts of western new york they got 7 feet of snow, some were trapped inside and some are forced out. their roofs buckling under the weight of so much snow, and some
12:35 pm
buildings collapsed this roof caving in and breaking gas lines. >> there are hundreds of buildings be observed as a precautionary measure, and we think the numbers will increase significantly. >> members of one nursing home had to be evacuated. >> the town specter was called they notice the cracking in the beams. >> and two of the elderly evacuees have died and the death toll is up to 13. the weight of the heavy snow fell fast and furious at times dropping 4 inches per hour and hundreds of cars were stuck blocking the path of cleanup crews, watch out this front loader slammed into it as it was coming through. >> we'll open roads primarily to move vehicles that are now blocking roadways. >> with 220,000 tons of the white stuff in their stadium, the buffalo bills are forced to
12:36 pm
play their next game in detroit on monday. >> now, they are expecting a major warm-up, temperatures into the 60s by monday, that means all of this snow is going to melt and it's going to melt quickly, that will bring a new threat. flooding. we are live, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. back here it's a much different scene outside, but you still need a heavy coat, take a live look from sky 6 hd, from philadelphia international airport it's a clear, crisp and cold friday and as you can see the camera is shaking a bit and we are dealing with wind as well. karen rogers is live in the patio with a first look maybe a second look at the forecast actually. >> reporter: that is right, a few hours, the wind is really whipping out here, it certainly looks pretty with all the sunshine, you need to bundle up from head to toe, it's only 25 degrees in tannersville, and 30
12:37 pm
in quakertown and 28 in fleet wood and kennett square barely above freezing at 33, and center city 35 degrees. 36 in browns mills, and 34 in buena and 35 in dover, delaware this afternoon. you can see the temperatures started at 29 degrees this morning and have not moved that far and 24 is what it fools like if philadelphia, feels like the teens in the poconos, 21 in reading and 32 in trenton and a windchill of 23 along the coastline and 25 in dover, delaware, the winds are kicking up at times at 30 miles per hour and this is bringing us the chill. we are topsy-turvy with the temperatures. thursday we hit 50, that was pretty nice but we are back down into the 30s today. if you are headed out this afternoon you'll see lots of sunshine and a few clouds, we
12:38 pm
are dry and temperatures of 35, 5:30 sitting at the freezing mark and down to the 20s by 7:00 tonight and 29 degrees, grab the extra coat with changes for the weekend, all the details are coming up in just a couple minutes. >> thank you. philadelphia police are trying to track down a woman that swiped a package that wasn't hers. she casually walks up to a home on reed street and looks around to make sure nobody is watching and pulls the box from the home's storm door and after that she walks off. if you recognize the thief philadelphia police want to hear from you. >> police need your help in finding two suspects in a holdup from friday, the tv came up behind a woman and grabbed the cell fon from her hand and took off. it happened on north carolina
12:39 pm
-- carlyle street. call police if you recognize these men. delaware state police say they have captured a serial robber, it's 46 john taylor, they say he robbed a pnc on newcastle road on wednesday. he allegedly demanded money in the teller who handed it over. detectives believe he is responsible for seven other robberies and attempted robbery in new casting, since saturday. he is held on $110,000 bail. president obama is headed to las vegas to drum up support for his overhaul of immigration without the okay from lawmakers, he said he would defy congress and apply executive orders to make legal 5 million people.
12:40 pm
they are mostly parents of legal citizen and will be eligible for work permits if they have been here for five years and have no criminal record. >> they did not come here for an easier life, they came here to work and study and serve in our military and above all contribute to america's success. >> republicans have lined up to oppose the executive action, house speaker, john boehner, says obama is damaging the presidency, he says congress will act but did not detail the action. >> the people's house will rise to the challenge, we will not stand idle as the president defies the rule of law in our country. back here the urban affairs coalition celebrated 35 years of serving the community in center city. nearly 30 leaders and government
12:41 pm
gathered for breakfast to mark the anniversary. governor-eelect tom wolf addressed the cloud including ceo of 6 abc, bernie prazenica. and the man that opened fire at florida state is still sending mail to people he knew. and will and kate's visit to the u.s. and karen rogers's forecast for the weekend.
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12:43 pm
authorities say that it's man that allegedly opened fire at the library at florida state university was troubled and believed the gunman was targ targeting him.
12:44 pm
myron may shot three people before being shot by police. we are learning more about may's action before the shooting, a man that says he was friends with may in college p. he reached out to him and nine other people on facebook and said he wanted to mail them all something. >> when i saw his name and his face flash across the screen i really couldn't believe it and then i put two and two together and he asked for our information because maybe he was sending us a manifesto or something. >> authorities told paul not to open the package if it does arrive. they asked him to call local authorities immediately if he receives it. and more on what led up tole high school shooting in washington, moments before the shooting in october, 15-year-old
12:45 pm
jaylin fryberg wrote to relatives telling them what he wants to wear during his funeral. and he sent texts to a female friend talking about his death and funeral. the teenager fatally shot three teens before killing himself. nfl star, adrian peterson, says he learned from his mistakes, he gave an exclusive interview to the "usa today," he says he will never spank his child with a switch ever again. the switch of course being a tree branch, he used on his son causing him to severely bleed. he also said he talked to his young son this week for the first time in five months. still ahead on "action news" this friday afternoon, from
12:46 pm
budget meal to gourmet burger, we hear about raman into something to really talk about.
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raman noodles aren't just for students on a budget anymore. chefs are turning them into meals you wouldn't associatie with raman noodles. alicia vitarelli joins us with more. >> raman in japan is like a national obsession the way we like hamburgers hot dogs and pizza. this chef has serious culinary work. here chef jeff is giving the raman noodle a makeover. we are giving the misconception
12:49 pm
that this is just an instant pack of raman. first he created an asian inspired burger and then the buns made of pure noodles. we cook in the noodled and then a whole egg and then reduce it down to a concentrated mixture and then shape it into a burger it has japanese pickles and spicy mayo. this is not your college raman. and the chef makes high end soups with noodles and this famed creation, the raman maki roll. >> this is a chef using his noodle. >> this is brilliant.
12:50 pm
>> this is the second restaurant by famed sushi chef, tanaka, it's so popular that the roll is now a permanent item on the money you, and it's yum. i don't have any samples you have get to for yourself rick. >> i will try that myself. what are you doing for lunch. >> you buying? >> how about that forecast? chilly out there today. >> feeling colder by the minute actually. lets look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we are dry right now and looking pretty good with sunshine at least. lets go outside and check it out. look at the camera shaking a little bit we are looking down the shore at the back bays, the wind is shaking the camera and making it feel so cold out there. i was outside for a couple of minutes and freezing, 35 in philadelphia and that is the temperature, barely above
12:51 pm
freezing in the lehigh valley. 33 in trenton and 35 along the coastline and 36 in dover delaware, you factor in the winds and it feels like the teens in mount pocono, and 23 in allentown and reading. and 25 in dover, delaware, we have a cold day and straight through the night. the winds keep going and the windchill is a factor. satellite 6 along with action radar showing a lot of cloud cover to the northwest, but not where we are. we'll see a few of these clouds streaming in. buffalo we are talking about the snow there and you can still see the snow there, they are not entirely done yet with the lake-effect snow. we are dry but it's cold, a lot colder in allentown and 36 degrees for your high there. at the shore temperatures 14 degrees colder than yesterday. so 38 is your high today under
12:52 pm
mainly sunny skies and brisk and colder in atlantic city. how about the city itself. 36 for the high and many areas get 37 and brisk and cold with the sunshine and the northwest wind gusting at times to 30 miles per hour. that is what is making it feel colder than the 38. even colder tonight. 25 in the city, but some of the suburbs only get to about 19 degrees, so the temperatures are really plummeting begun overnight. a live look at temperatures, we are freezing here at 35 and atlanta 59 and 70 in new orleans, we'll pump in some milder temperatures coming up and chasing record highs for you early next week. that is a big change coming in a few days, here to spell it out your accuweather forecast. 38 for your high despite the sunshine and tomorrow sunshine and patchy clouds and 44 and we are trying to get things better on saturday. not average but getting better,
12:53 pm
sunday turning milder and 56 degrees, we'll go above average, for the eagles nice, 54 degrees and partly sunny we get rain but it looks like it holds off until sunday night. the record high is 71 and showers now and not terribly wet, go ahead and put up the holiday decorations, high of 58 and wednesday it's chilly and 40s with a chance for showers around and the all important thanksgiving day forecast, so far so good, 47 degrees looking good for the parade. we are excited to be out there. >> balloons, it's great. thank you karen. on the people scene, any reporter that wants to get closer to prince william and prince kate better dress the part. buckingham palace are asking people to dress appropriately, for men a jacket and tie and for
12:54 pm
women a jacket or skirt.
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well, if you are looking for distraction this afternoon, chip kelly out these stories at, just before her 101st birthday, she crossed off an item, seeing the ocean. and you may not recognize your favorite disney characters in their original art. and this pygmy found its in the form of a tooth brush, find those at >> a cute little girl. >> one last word from you karen. >> one, i'm in trouble. sunny and colder and the word is
12:57 pm
cold people, 35 is your high if pottstown, 33 in downingtown, we'll hit 36 in glassboro and 36 in wrights town and temperatures notice mid-30s. >> have a nice weekend. >> thank you. a look now at the stories we are following tonight at 4:00. a garden gnome that was missing for months reappears and has the tale to tell. >> and an entire school gets together to shake it off. one school's tribute to taylor swift's latest hit. don't forget to join us tonight at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. and for david murphy, karen rogers, and the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams, have a good day. c
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