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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  November 21, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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the neighborhood in tabernacle are reeling. they dropped them off. at the time they could not get through. until mid-afternoon the house and street remained blocked off after yesterday's attempted murder-suicide. >> it's very sad. it's a tragic thing that happened. my prayers go out with the family. i hope that they give him strength. nadia harriman and nicholos nics harriman died of their wounds. crisis counting was offered at the elementary school today. >> it was sad. there were some people crying. there are counselors.
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lepage and her children were living with her brother and family. a women that identified herself as lepage's best friend. she was having financial difficulties. if things got worse this is how she would end it. >> i am having a hard time dealing with this. >>reporter:the next-door neighbour jean was fond of nadia. >> she was so friendly and playing. she was one thedliest kids. they will be conducting a briefing at red lion to let us know what pulled the trigger, what happened and cause us whated the terrible quadruple
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shooting. they set up a fund to pay for the funnels and other costs associated to this. there is more information at there. we will brief you throughout the evening on this. i am live. nora muchanic "channel~6 action news." >> thank you for that. the snow has ended in the buffalo area. the three day snow total stands at 7 feet or more. warmer temperatures and rain are going to make the situation worse. carolyn costello is in buffalo with the latest. >>reporter:7 feet of snow, the race is on in western new york to rescue people that are stranded and safe homes from collapsing. they are freeing the victims that are trapped.
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others are shoveling off their rooftops and trying to save their home from the snow. several buildings have collapsed. 100 homes beginning to buckle. overnight one nursing home had to be evacuated. >> he noticed a little twisting in the beams and the and cracking. >>reporter:another victim stranded in his car at the height of the storm calling his wife for help. >> he said that the snow was past the mirrors on the truck. he was sitting there with the vehicle off. >>reporter:the authorities have begun to lift the driving ban and opening the roads of the major throughway that has been shutdown for days. the warning is far from over. >> if you have a non-essential purpose now is not the time to
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be driving around. ed radios arththe roads are sti. >>reporter:all the kno snow is g to melt and threatening. in cheektowaga caroline costello, "action news." we have a warmup as well. feel like spring on monday. and cecily tynan is joining us with details from the accuweather. hi, cecily. can you believe i am going from record cold wednesday and record warmth on monday. it dropped up the way down to 20 degrees. take a look at graphic. by monday i am calling for a high of 72 degrees. that would be a record high. that is a 52-degree swing in a
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matter of five days. in philadelphia 37. millville 35. allentown and trenton 34. reading 34. you factor in the breeze. enough to make the windchills in the 20s. you want to bundle out if you are heading out friday night. not a cloud in the sky here. that is what brought all the sunshine today. with the diminishing winds and clear skies we have rational cooling. the temperatures will drop quickly. if you are out on the town bundle up. by 8:00, 31. 9:00, 29. by 10:00, 28. i have a very cold start to the day on saturday. then i am tracking the milder temperatures along with rain. all the details coming up in the
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seven-day forecast. back to you brian and shirleen. thank you. we are expecting, in fact it's underway a news conference by the police talking about the shooting yesterday in tabernacle, new jersey. let's listen. >> we would like to provide this outline of what we now know regarding the tragedy that occurred yesterday in tabernacle. at 9:15 yesterday morning the dispatch received a 911 call describing a shooting at 39 holly park drive in tabernacle. when the troopers arrived there four people were shot. three children. two were dead at the scene. the medicalxaminers office identified the two children that died at the scene as nicolas
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harriman and nadia marriman. their brother alexander harriman is 11. and the mother is jeaninne lepage. they remain in critical condition at cooper hospital. the state police detectives were out at the scene and collecting evidence. at this point the investigation has miles to go before it's complete. i would like to say right now with fair confidence that we know who committed this shooting. and in addition to that, we know how that shooting was done. so to allay public fears at this point so people don't have any reason to fear in that neighborhood we like to give you the details. i like it bring up captain jeff noble. >> yesterday when we provided a press briefing, we identified
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the four victims of the tragic shooting from yesterday. today we like to update that. there are three victims that were shot and one suspect who was shot. the victims are the children of the suspect who has been identified at mother of the victims jeaninne lepage. the detectives have been working last night and throughout today. the findings at this point remain preliminary as additional efforts are ongoing which include extensive forensic testing both, both of the deceased were examined by the burlington county medical examiners office. both the manners of death have determined to be homicide. after consult with the prosecutor's office we are prepared to release the following timeline which we
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have, which we believe to the best of our information, is accurate at this time. jamaicannine lepage ijeaninne le victims and then shot herself. it occurred in the bed, an upstairs bed in the residence. a pillow was used to muffle the gunshot sounds. that is why the other people of the house did not hear the gunshots. the weapon that was used to shoot all four people was a revolver. the revolver was property of the
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family and had been in the house a very long time. it is an older weapon. the weapon itself to the best of our investigation right now, reveals that the weapon was owned by an originally purchased by a person who was in the family a long time ago. we are continuing to trace the origin of that weapon. i want to be clear that that weapon was not purchased by miss lepage any time recently. the weapon was found in very close -- you have been listening to the investigators in tabernacle, new jersey talking about the shooting yesterday to allay the fears to the public there is not a gunman out there. they believe that jeaninne lepage, the two children, nicolas and nadiaa harriman.
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she used an older weapon a revolver. it was from a family member. we'll keep updated on that. we'll be right back.
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now, a developing story a sinkhole is continuing to grow this afternoon. a water main break is responsible for the crater in the township. it claimed two trucks and residents have been evacuated. eva pilgrim is live at the scene with the latest. eva? >>reporter:it started as a water pressure issue. soon you see it opened up into a massive sinkhole that the crews are working tonight to fill.
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many families are still not being allowed in their homes. >> i am thinking about the sinkhole and wondering how long it is traveling. >>reporter:they were evacuated from a bethlehem neighborhood after a giant sinkhole opened up in the street. 88 homes are without gas. that means no heat. they can't go back home until the repairs are finished. >> further down they were going to leave. >>reporter:it opened up on the 1800 block of hampton road and shutting down the streets. the hole keeps growing. they turned off the electricity and today it swallowed up a dump truck. they have stabilized the area. >> the bedding around the pipe is not well done back in
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the '60s when the line was originally put in. >>reporter:the homeowner that was hit the hardest didn't want to talk on camera. they were told that they can't live in the home for now. more inspections are needed to determine the full amount of damage. >> we are wondering when they are going to open things up and get the heat back on, which would be nice. >>reporter:now, the crews tell us they are going to work into the night in hopes of getting this road back open before the end of the night. in bethlehem, eva pilgrim, "channel~6 action news." thank you. the republican leaders are vowing to fight president obama's order. they plan to block it. meanwhile, the president is trying to rally public support
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for his controversial plan in a campaign-style rally in las vegas. the order to shield many illegal immigrants will expand the labor force and boost the economy. squeezing another person into a taxi is a way people are trying to skimp on cab fares. here is wendy with a preview. >>reporter:we found some taxicabs were putting riders in a dangerous position. >> that is illegal in so many ways. >>reporter:tonight at 11:00 i'll show you the shocking undercover video that you will not believe. we are going to the top for answers. >>reporter:i am wendy saltzman. i'll have that story at 11:00. the visit is months away. the officials are putting the preparations into high gear. rick williams is live in the
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newsrooms. details that we will talk about more months to come. a visit from pope francis is nothing like the city ever hosted before. the organizers are expecting a million people and likely more when pope francis resides over two meetings of the families. how several other local agencies are working together to make sure that the pope and all attendees are safe when he arrives. and the marathon this weekend like myself and natalie portman will take us to first-time runners. i didn't say i was running. i am preparing.
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oh, okay. more "action news" when we come right back.
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a delicious driver arrived at an elementary school. 90 students received free pies to brighten their thanksgiving. the donation kicked off the final day of manna's pie in the sky drive. it's to buy meals for families across the delaware valley. we have nicer temperatures to look forward to. going to cecily tynan. hi, cec. >> behind me we are live at sky6 the wilmington waterfront. we have plenty of sunshine and chilly temperatures. taking a look the temperatures across the region. in philadelphia 37. the temperatures in the 30s across the board.
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trenton, 34. wilmington 35. and millville 35. sea isle city a temperature of 36 degrees. you add the breeze and the wind chill factor makes it feel like 28 in philadelphia. feeling like 26 in ready. wilmington 24. lancaster 26 degrees. if you are heading to the football game. bundle up. the coatesville red raiders are playing. all the way down to the 24. we are showing no clouds over head tonight to insulate the earth. that is why the temperatures are dropping quickly. if you look near buffalo the snow is beginning to taper off. the snow totals are amazing. what a week. western new york reporting 88 inches of snow this week.
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now this is equal to 6 inches of rain. the problem with that, is on monday when the temperatures will be rising in the 70s here. buffalo up to 61 degrees. all the thawing will be causing widespread flooding. the call from accuweather tonight, clear and cold. the winds diminish. 23 in philadelphia. 16 in millville. the four day at 4:00, plenty of sunshine. afternoon high clouds. 44. on sunday it's milder. great weather for the philadelphia marathon. 56 for the afternoon high. the temperatures for the race in the 40s. dry conditions for the eagles' game. sunday night monday morning a round of rain and record warmth. 72 the high beating the old record of 71 setback in 1979. it doesn't last long on tuesday.
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it cools off with a high of 58. heading into thanksgiving we'll have a coastal system bringing rain on wednesday. i'll talk about that in the accuweather seven-day forecast. check out what happens when you have children and a challenge of inspiration. they unveiled a mobile that hangs in the school's library. they had five days under the guidance of kevin rhys. they use math, science and language. it will hang there permanently for future generations. we are buzzing next. they are channeling their inner taylor swift. that is coming up on "the buzz." this is so good. [♪]
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time for "the buzz." the carrie underwood has been announced as the first headliner for the allentown fair. she will perform on thursday, september 3rd. the tickets go on sale on saturdayember 13th. taylor swift is picking up an award. she will receive the dick clark awards to excellence. she has record-settinsetting sa. swift will kick off the awards with a performance of her new single "blank space." a chester county high school is as obsessed with "shake it off" as we are.
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this is the first ever lipped-up video. ♪ ♪ shake it off ♪ shake, shake shake ♪ shake it off. >> ♪ ♪ they sho. they shot it in one continuous take. they are excited. it takes a lot to put that together. they are tweeting that. i wish we had something like that when we were at school. or here in the studio. thank you, alicia very much. more "action news" after this.
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hello, again. 4:30 and "action news" continues a developing story out the philadelphia court. what they stopped doing juveniles. a physical education teacher gets physical with the students. from the charges that he now faces to why she was not cooperating in the first place. what is behind the shocking piece of video showing a grown man dragging a teenager into the pool.
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a special report. 7% of us cannot eat gluten because of a medical issue. some try to avoid it that may pose a risk. tensions are boiling over and a community is on edge. the streets of ferguson, missouri lit up with protests once again overnight ahead of a big decision. will a grand jury charge darren wilson for the shooting death of michael brown. and marcia gonzales is live. how the area is preparing for the result of this racially charged case. >>reporter:they are still in session. 100 more agents are sent to the area to get ready for any
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problems that may arise once the decision is announced. tension is starting to build in ferguson, missouri. three protestors were arrested as this community anxiously waits to see if darren wilson will be charged in the death of michael brown. brown's father shared this public service announcement pleading there not be a repeat of the violence and clashes between the protestors and police, that shook this community in the weeks after the >> destroying prosecutor is the not answer. i don't want my son's death to be in vain. >>reporter:they are allowing the protestors to exercise their constitutional right.
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>> the justice department and the law enforcement officials in every jurisdiction to work with the communities that they seven to minimize confrontation. >>reporter:the police are fully trained for the unrest that they are expecting. >> we are preparing for the worst. we are hoping that the leadership that is coming out to protest if they do, is going to try to keep it peaceful. we still don't know when the grand jury's decision is announced. the schools in ferguson will be closed as aion. >> we have continued coverage live from missouri that includes an interview with barack obama on the looming decision. that is on "action news" at
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6:00 with jim gardner. and following explosive allegations about juveniles being strip-searched. several minors were searched individually and in group settings by sheriff's deputies earlier this week. all strip-searches have been halted until further inside. they have new rules for the screens of the juveniles. and chad pradelli has more on the improper searches on "action news" at 6:00. a group of students from the university of delaware could face charges after a large fight in wilmington. they were at south dupont road last night. it was disrupted by a large brawl involving 40 young men and women. three people were taken to hospital with minor injuries. all the suspects fled the scene. so far no arrests have been made
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here. a grinch is on the loose. this is after cameras caught a woman swipe a package that was not hers on friday. she was on reed street in philadelphia. she looked around and pulled the box from behind the home's storm door. after that she walked off. if you recognize this thief the philadelphia police want to hear from you. police in delaware arrested a 43-year-old man for stealing valuable jewel. erin is charged. it's the talk of the town today. all for the wrong reasons.
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this is the 50-foot tall norway spruce that went up on monday. lots of people were complaining it's plain ugly. in fact of the city's council's president calls it embarrassing. with the sparse decorations. he plans to have it replaced following the holiday parade. right now she is seeking donations to supply for decorations for a fuller christmas tree. that is the charlie brown special. i feel sorry for that tree. not so pretty. it's cold out there? it is cold out there. you are not going to complain about the cold on monday. sky6 in atlantic city, the sun is getting closet to setting. 34. the dewpoint is 8. a dry air mass winds out of the northwest at 9 miles-an-hour.
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sky6, philadelphia international airport a lot of folks are flying in for the marathon. more than 30,000 runners. it's cold. the wind chill is 28 degrees. great news for all of the race this is weekend. nice. saw the for the rothman 8k. it will be cold at 7:30. i am running that race. i am going to run in tights. for the half marathon on sunday it's partly sunny. by noon 52 degrees. most of the race temperatures in the 40s. you can wear the throwaway layers and peel them off and throw them away. they are collected and given to the homeless shelters. it's a win-win situation. what a relief for the runners. they were fearing that the keith russell temperatures will that d
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temperatures would continue. and turning to a special report. involving a culinary craze. a small personal o percentage oe population can not digest gluten. many don't want to eat it anyway. why that may pose a risk. >>reporter:in this deli the sandwich is glut te en-free. >> they hope that it will lose
4:38 pm
weight or better digestion. they are not healthier. they may be less so. >>reporter:some foods contain more fat and sugar and sodium. the glutenfree bagle o bagel hat contains rice flour or other rice-based ingredients. >> in our tests of rice and rice products in 2012. we found that most taken arsenic at worrisome levels. >>reporter:a small percent of people need to eat gluti gluten.
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and 23 families went home as parents. it's national adoption day. liz and william garcia added to their expandin expanding brood. they wanted to give the kids in need to have a loving family. so many children in need indeed. the families can touch and explore marine life in wilmington like never before. starfish and sea urchins. no need to go to the bottom of the sea. a brand new touch tank exhibit has opened. it invites families to get friendly with sea creatures. the new exhibit is not going anywhere. it's a permanent fixture at the
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museum. we have freebies to make your life more entertaining. an inmate spent four decades behind bars for a crime that he did not commit. that is coming up. he may not be well trained but well fed. how he failed in an obedience course won in other ways
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gluten-free. a former death row inmate took his first breath of fresh air in 39 years today. >> does the air smell different? >> yes, it does.
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>> yes. [cheers and applause] >> oh, boy. back in 1975 ricky jackson and two other men were sentenced to killing a money-order collector. a witness admitted that he lied to the police. it exonerated jackson. he went to prison at 18 spent more time behind bars as a wrongful conviction than anyone else in the country. the 57-year-old man does not hold a grudge against the man that helped convict him. jackson told reporters that it took a lot of courage for him to recant his story. in fact, he wishes him well. this moment caught on tape in california. a gym teacher is charged with child abuse after a student shot this video trying to force a classmate into the water.
4:44 pm
watch the struggle as he grabs this girl towards the pool. >> regardless of her participation or lack there of, when you watch the video it should disgust you. she said multiple times my top is falling down. >> the girl said she didn't want to swim that day. she just had her hair done. that is why she did not participate. the teacher denny peterson is on charges and on leave from the school. watch the other pups going down the course. they are showing their restraint as they walk a straight line and a barrage of toys and treats. and this is not best in show but best in chow. he's not about the big ribbon prize but all the snacks in bowls.
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you name it, he leaves them all. no link left behind. when the owner comes and gets him he goes back to the one saucagsausage that he dropped. a good boy pat on the back. this guy is the best. he is the best in show. >> he was hungry right? looking at others ones. you snooze you lose. thank you, alicia. matt pellman has a hungry appetite. we have backups for the friday afternoon roads. it's a sunny and slow one. i-95 by the betsy ross bridge. southbound by the taillights. i got a word from penndot they are shifting the traffic on the new pavement at cottman avenue.
4:46 pm
you are going to have restrictions while they do that work. then on monday you are rolling on the new pavement. and the crash on betsy ross bridge is out of the way. there is southbound slowing with the sun glare ming to the girard bridge. and lancaster avenue close to the toyota near the super fresh as well on the main line. one in penn township at wood road near woodcrest road. word of the crash on the northeast extension past lansdale taking out the left lane. the fire crews are helping to reroute an blue school road. there is sluggish speeds in that area. checking in at the 5:00 hour.
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>> see you then. you can rest easy. the mystery surrounding the missing gnome has been solved. he reappeared without explanation on tuesday. the only clue to his whereabouts all this time an envelope stuck with 49 photos. someone took jimmy on a cross-country vacations to places like mount rush more and the grand canyon documenting each step along the way. they were fascinated by the journey. >> thank you for bringing them back. >> if only jimmy was alive. we another know who whisked that gnome away. he is sleeping inside now to prevent him from taking any more
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vacations. flyers - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it
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♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it.
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all right. to the accuweather forecast. we have cecily tynan. you didn't have much good news. things are changing today. it's a little on the wet side sunday night. looking where the action cam was today. looking up an skiing blue skies and seeing the flags blowing in the wind we have peak wind gusts in the 30 miles-an-hour range. no rain around. no snow here. but we are starting off the weekend very chilly. currently in philadelphia it's 37 degrees. allentown and trenton and reading 34. sea isle 35. the winds are diminishing. we have enough of a breeze to create wind chills in the 20s. it's friday night. if you head out you want to
4:51 pm
bundle up. clear skies tonight. you see the lake-effect snow machine is winding down near buffalo, new york. and high pressure is taking control. what the high pressure will do it tries to warm things up tomorrow. it will not be warm but chilly. 44. increasing clouds in the day. there is an inversion. there is warmer air but the cold is trapped at the surface tomorrow. we break the inversion on sunday. it allows the warmer air to stream in. it clouds up then we have rain moving in with the warm front. what the warm front does is to open the door for a surge of warmth on the monday. winds out of the southwest 4 to 8 miles-an-hour. kick off 54. by the fourth-quarter 55.
4:52 pm
we are looking nice for the eagles. clear and cold. the winds demolish. good rational cooling. 23 degrees for center city. it's a cold night. a good amount of sunshine tomorrow. high, thin clouds. chilly 44. sunday we bump it up to 56 degrees. sunday night into monday morning, look at this on monday record warmth 72. we hit that in philadelphia. it breaks the record back in 1979. allentown's 69. wilmington 73. the airport is 72. all the records are in jeopardy on monday. tuesday the cooler air rolls in. 58. wednesday a big travel day. it will be chilly. 46. we have low pressure dripping along th-- developing at thecoa.
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it's cold thanksgiving, 45. and lots of clouds 46 degrees. we have one day of warmth. the temperatures back down. not as cold as this week. you know what else is good, it's friday. freebie friday is coming up next. passat tdi. ah, the gift of clean diesel. for the new volkswagen on your list this year, just about all you need, is a pen. festive, isn't it? hurry in and get $0 due at signing, $0 down, $0 deposit, and $0 first months payment on select new volkswagen models.
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it is freebie friday. if you are headed out of town this thanksgiving we are here to make your journey no more entertaining. verizon is giving you free movies that you can watch. amazon is offering two free audible books or discounted apps.
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and free digital downloads and jetblue is offering free wifi between november 26th and november 26th. and a special itunes on apple. warm up with free tea. david's tea is opening the first ever philadelphia store at king of prussia mall. a good way to warm up all the freebies on and a house pet had delusions ofr. you see him eyeing the ironing board as if it was the promised land. with total lack of self awareness he steps back and --
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[ laughter ] that happened. [ laughter ] he was not hurt. he learned on important lesson. ferrets my friend cannot fly. if first you don't succeed you dust yourself off ferret and try again. that is it for 6ab "action " at 4:00. we'll be back for a full hour on phl17. we'll see you tonight. >>announcer:"action news" closed captioning brought to you by fulton bank is brought to you by raymour and flanigan. furnishing your style.
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a beloved member of the community is murdered in chester. tonight the police as well as neighbors want to know who stabbed the 51-year-old victim and why. a quiet street in chester was the scene of a violent killing. they were at engel street.
5:00 pm
that is where the stabbing occurred. he filed this report. >> i don't know. he doesn't bother nobody. i can't understand what took place. i don't see. >>reporter:no one in the chester neighborhood at 9th and engel how a woman was savagely murdered overnight. her best friends let her in, stumbled to a chair, showed the stab wounds and died at the spot. >> every day we would call me. >>reporter:who would want to do this to her? >> i have no idea. jackie logan is baffled. she would walk out of the backdoor and visit at will.


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