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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  November 21, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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to celebrate early. what to expect when you are heading out coming up. developments in ferguson, missouri investigating the killing of michael brown. two sisters are welcomed into a new home on national adoption day. our sharrie williams has their story. now the details. we are less than a woke fro weee thanksgiving holiday. if you take to the skies or roads or rails for your destination. and john rawlins is live at 30th street station. hi, john. >>reporter:hi. well more than 400 -- excuse me 580,000 that is the number of folks on the road. that is up from last year. some takes planes and some
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trains. most 90% will drive. triple-a predicts more travelers this year. one possible driver for the expected 4.5% hike. the drop for gas prices. people are putting more money into the budget. they feel better about the financial situation. maybe they want to take the trip this thanksgiving where they may have held off in the past. >>reporter:she is contemplating to see family in brooklyn but -- >> i am looking to take amtrak or the bus up there. >>reporter:suzanne shanks it's the centered holiday. >> thanksgiving is family. it's family. that cozy smelling the turkey cooking family. unless you are going to an island with your family then you are probably a lobster. >>reporter:oh, to be so lucky.
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at 30th street no planes to the caribbean. they are adding 64 extra trains tuesday through sunday. the travelers that could, got an early start. >> i don't work on fridays. i wanted to miss the rush. >> to avoid the crowd. >> that is the idea? >> right. >> so far so good? >> so far so good. it's not gridlock yet. >>reporter:a couple of early birds on the train. a lot of folks are expected to be out next week. driving is the big way. 90% of the people will be driving. it up from last year, 4.5%. more people on the roads will translate into slower driving on the highways. live at 30th street station. john rawlins. thank you, are john. a tractor-trailer that ended up on its side exiting the pennsylvania turnpike snarled
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traffic. chopper 6 hd was over head. the driver of the tractor-trailer lost control on a curve. the driver was taken to the hospital. the authorities are not commenting on his injuries. we have an update. a winslow township police officer is facing charges stemming from a shooting incident involving his police cruiser. 23-year-old officer da'shaun carr said that someone shot at his cruiser. during the investigation they discovered that carr used his personal weapon and fired the weapon through the windshield. he is charged with third degree false public alarm. from the delaware newsroom, new castle police have charged aaroncushing stealin cushing fr.
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anyone that thinks that they may have had jewelry stolen in delaware should call new castle police. they captured a serial robber that targeted eight businesses. the suspect is john taylor. he robbed a store on wednesday. he demanded the money from the teller that handed it over. taylor was taken into custody on wednesday afternoon. he is responsible for seven other robbers in new castle, confirwilmington, and bear, dele on saturday. they are looking for two men that pulled off a robbery in philadelphia. this is the video of two suspects. the pair walked up behind a woman on north carlisle street. one man grabbed her cellphone.
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they both took off. the woman was not hurt but they want the suspects offer the street. they are getting to the bottom of an early morning stabbing. one person was taken to hospital for treatment of unknown injuries. it's not clear why the stabbing happened or if the police have suspects yet in the case. rather that breakinremembern happen any time. e-mail us your tips and videos the fbi is sending 100 agencies to ferguson,i in anticipation of the grand jury of michael brown. michael brown's father put out a
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video urging peace no matter what the verdict. he expect unrest but his officers are prepared says the police chief. >> we are preparing for the worst. we are hoping that the leadership that comes out to protest if they do is going to try to keep it peaceful. >> there is no time when the grand jury decision will be released. it could be as soon as this weekend. the experts say there were many missed opportunities to help adam lanza's mental step. his parents repeatedly tried to get him help. his mother made a mistake to isolate him from the world. he didn't just snap on that day. he had rages of murderous impulses. he shot and killed his mother and gunned down 26 children and
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6 teachers by committing suicide. they are suing the obama administration over the affordable care act. he overstepped the legal authority. democrats say that the move is a political sideshow and a waste of money. the lawsuit comes after obama moved forward with his own immigration plan. and more on the developing situation in ferguson, missouri. you can watch that on "action news" at 6:00. going over to matt pellman to see what is going up. we have to get going home to car load the marathon we are not running on the welcome back. there is a new one on the ask you as--schuylkill expressway. we have the two left lanes getting by for the most part.
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no emergency crews on the scene yet. we are parked on the eastbound of 76 from city avenue through this point to 28 street in university city. westbound delays as well. heavy delays on the northbound side of i-95. in the southbound traffic approaching the work zone approaching cottman avenue. they are shifting the traffic on the new southbound payment. watch out for that. past lehigh valley, there is a lancar taking out at lane. back to you. good luck. much more to come on "action news." several homes were made whole today due to lots of big hearts. a 50-foot norway produce is causing a stir. we'll explain why.
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it's starting to feel like christmas. the high is 37 degrees. if you are tired of hearing me talk about the cold. i am tracking temperatures in the 70s. record warmth and rain in the forecast. jamie apody has eagles and sixers news in sports when "action news at 5:00" comes right back.
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it is a day of celebration father hundreds of families across the country welcome can new members into the fall today through adoption. 23 children went home with new parents today. they are adoptions were finalized in honor of adoption day. they expanded the family tree again. ththe family adopted all in the name of love and children. >> i figured i had another purpose for us for kids that didn't have parents. >> well the girls adopted today
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are sisters who were in foster care. they will be able to grow upping to. the eigh-- uptogether. they offered a prayer for new apartments for seniors in port richmond. it was on belgrade street. it called nativity, in place. it's part of an effort for seniors to remain in their community. construction is expected to take a year. the officials helped to cut the ribbon in the old john wannamaker building. it is in wilmington. it's a drug discovery an development company. time for sports. eagles putting in the last important practices before sunday showdown. jamie apody is live in the sports centre tonight. hi, jamie.
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high, guys. a bounceback game. of the eagles getting set for the 2 and 8 titans. they are getting the ball out quick. they are aware that the titans not the greatest team in the world run an aggressive scheme on defense. they blitz ben roethlisberger last week and cause problems for the steelers quarterback. >> this team has a large defensive playbook. they bring a lot of blitz. it's not like here is two blitz. some of the stuff they only have shown a few times. you have to prepare for everything. what it comes down to is identification and communication. >> zack bettonburger is no karen
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rogers. >> he sat in that seat six months ago and we looked at the tape. he is is a bright guy but you blitz him because he's a rookie. force mistakes. on the other side of the football you have to run the football. tennessee titans are not good defense against the run. to me, if there is concern about mccoy and where he is at. unleash shady this week. >> they host the suns tonight. will tonight be the night? for them to win a game, michael carter knows he has to play better. >> we have to play better, especially myself. having 11 points in the game, it's not going to win the game. me being one the go-to guys i
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have to play better. >> how about papa john's pizza. every sixers win you get 60% off online pizza. there have not been any sixer wins. they face duke, fourth ranking in the country at the barclay center. and they are facing the least favorite goal of the planet. i went to the u.c.l.a. he had 32 points putting drexel within one. and lees magic ran out. they fall 72-70. they are 0 and 4. we are six days away from thanksgiving. todd herrimans is giving back. a child battling cancer.
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they surprised him in a limousine. he has his own foundation to impact changes in our community. small acts of kindness are the most important. >> i am in a position to help them. my board members on the foundation came and helped too. it's that time of the year i wish that people thought about it all year-round not just the holidays. >> todtodd herriman is a good g. take a look at the elementary school. artist kevin reese guided the kids to create a mobile for the library. they are honourin honing their .
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and helping others. they had a dance party in their p.j.s. over the past three weeks they collected books to be donated to domestic abuse surviving. it held a drive for seven years and collected 2,000 pairs of pyjamas. most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality, super fast internet, and america's most reliable network. so you won't miss a second of that movie, that game they love, or those moments with family. can we sleep over? please! come on! see why fios is rated number one in customer satisfaction and hd picture quality based on customer satisfaction studies. call today and make your house, the house.
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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well, they say that beauty is in the eye's the beholder. the residents don't think it's pretty. it's ugly. they are calling 50-foot norway spruce embarrassing and atrocious. that is like the charlie brown tree. let's all sing right now. no, please. meteorologist, monica i was kidding. and meteorologist, cecily tynan is here with a closer look at the weekend. we are looking good. we are going to warm up through the weekend. monday short sleeves on monday. no shorts for you. seeing your legs. what do you mean? >> [ laughtethe actioncapitol is tw
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from camden seeing blue skies and sunshine. despite the sunshine the temperatures never climbed out the 0s. 35 in philadelphia. down from our high of 37. which is 17 degrees below normal. and 1 degree below the normal low this time of year. it's unusually cold. 32 in millville. 4 in sea isle city. and lancaster dropped down to 29 degrees. we have enough of a breeze to create wind chills in the 20s. you are heading out this friday night you want to bundle up. we are showing high pressure to the south. that is what brought us all sunshine. the clear skies it will be cold. dropping to the teens. it will work to the east tomorrow. what it does it sets up a return
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flow winds out of the southwest. there is cold air trapped at the surface. the warm air is high enough up, we will not feel it. it's known as an in version. 44 degrees. the inversion breaks. the warm air moves in. the high 56 degrees. rain moves in with the warm front. that rain is not arriving until well after sunset. it means great weather for the philadelphia marathon. most of the race temperatures in the 40s. it's great weather for running a marathon. it's better weather for watching a football game at linc. 1:00 on sunday, 55. on monday we get the record warmth. the call from accuweather, not record warmth a lot of cold air.
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16. 23 for center city. load of sunshine. and high, thin clouds. a high of 44. on sunday milder. 56 degrees. rain sunday night and linkering- lingering showers. by tuesday we drop back to 58. 58 on wednesday it's chilly. rain east of philadelphia. behind that on thanksgiving, it's chilly with a high of 45 degrees. friday lots of clouds with a high of 46 degrees. so it's a forecast where you don't like the weather wait one day. it's going to change, dramatically. thanksgiving is looking chilly but not bad. we'll take a break. we'll be right back.
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thanksgiving dinner is tastier for close to 100
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families in north philadelphia if the pies make it hope. the students were sneaking a peek at the treats that they were given. they handed out five varieties hoping to brighten the holidays for the families in need. it's the final day for the fundraiser. you can be part of connect, share, give holiday food drive. log onto on more information how you can support philabundance. new details in the investigation that family tragedy in tabernacle. the officials confirm they are investigating a case of murder-suicide. and strip-searches of juveniles at the family court this week. a sinkhole swallows not one but two trucks in lehigh valley. the latest on the scene at 6:00.
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now for sharrie williams, monica malpass, i am rick williams. have a good good night.
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friday night. firefighters rescue two women from a burning home in gloucester county. they snatched a package off at south philadelphia stoop. there is confirmation by new jersey state police. they say it was in fact the mother that shot her three children yesterday in tabernacle. two of them fatally.
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the police have identified the three children ages 8, 11 and 14. they also released the name of the alleged shooter who they say attempted to take her own life as well. nora muchanic is live at the red lion state police barracks. what did they have to stay today? >>reporter:jim, the state police say that the evidence makes it clear who pulled the trigger. it was the mother of the three kids. she has not officially been charged. if she recovers she will be facing homicide charges. >> jeaninne lepage has shot her three children and then turned the gun on herself. >> they confirmed that 44-year-old jeaninne lepage shot her three children found in an upstairs bedroom. she may have shot the children while they slept b


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