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tv   Action News  ABC  November 22, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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>> tonight, i'm walter perez, the holiday travel forecast on the way. >> plus spirit of the season how communities are pitching in to make sure the thanksgiving table is full for everybody. >> a fire in montgomery county that ended with a man killed and
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several families without a place to livech the plays broke out early this morning brook wood condominiumss in horsham. ep ken joins us with the latest, kenneth. walter, right now red cross is helping four families since the power is cut to the building and there's heavy smoke damage. amazingly the flames were contained to this one condo and tonight the investigation into the cause of the deadly fire continues. >> flames devouring the second floor condo on green meadow lane. on the first floor donell and his girlfriend. >> there was no smoke bought we smelled something was off. the sky was orange when we looked up. >> the call for firefighters came in 4 a.m. while so many were asleep inside the complex inside brookwood condominiums. >> sounded like bowling balls coming down on us.
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that's what woke us up. >> it took two hours to get the massive fire under control. it was thought everyone made it out. no injuries. as they cleared debris they discovered of body of young man that lived here. >> god was watching over us today it's a shame for our neighbor. we're really lucky. >> "action news" learned victim was father and local businessman along with his family, neighbors are mourning the loss. many of them were back at the scene hours later trying to salvage valuables. because of extensive smoke damage several families like he heather passko and her son are out of their homes. >> i'm thankful my son and i got out. but it's tragic. i mean, it's scary. it was really scary. as you take a live look at this scene at this point the medical examiner is waiting or positive identification before releasing name of victim whose
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body was badly buvrnt. understandably family members were tup set to speak on cam rarks walter, reporting live, kenneth moton, "channel 6 action news." >> all right. thank you, kenneth. breaking news from kensington where a police officer was struck by a vehicle driven by a suspect fleeing scene of a shooting. this happened just a short time ago 2300 block of north fairhill street. "action news" reporter annie mccormick joins us live with from the scene with the latest, annie. >> walter, at this hour we know that police officer that was hit by that vehicle is in stable condition at hahnemann hospital and place say the man responsible for hitting him with the car is in custody. well, take a look at this video. this is video of the scene shortly after the officer was hit. police did come the area. recovering this hand gun. this all unfolded after 5 p.m. in the 2300 block of north fairfax hill street. police responded to a call of a man shot, found on the roadway, shot multiple times, a 25-year-old.
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we're told that shooting victim is at temple in critical and stable condition. when police arrived and stride to stop a suspect fleeing the scene in a vehicle the police officer was hit by that vehicle. during the investigation on fairfax hill, officers ran from the scene to the 100 block of west cambria where police say that the person behind the wheel of this vehicle that did strike that officer was apprehended and he was now being questioned at a nearby hospital. one witness did describe to us he heard about 5 or 6 shots at the time. he described the witness. he said he saw him on the ground and said he was not moving. back out here live it's not clear, though, how bad those injuries are. all we know at this point that person shot is in critical and stable condition. and the person driving the vehicle that struck the officer is in police custody at nearby hospital and all people are in stable conditions at hahnemann. reporting live in north philadelphia, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> all right. thank you, annie.
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an overnight fire in a bar in kensington spread to two homes before firefighters were able to bring it under control. blaze broke out 3:30 a.m. at the soul karibe barron 3,000 block of kensington avenue airport bar was under construction at the time. it spread to adjoining row homes. no word how it started or how injuries are. >> reporter:ed. >> upper darby, police are investigating an overnight home invasion and it's the second time this home was targeted. the most recent case occurred around 1 a.m. open the 6600 block of church lane. investigators say two men dressed all in black, forced their way inside the home. they took cash and fled. and then back in april, thieves broke into that same home and stole a safe. moving on to the weather forecast, and a warm-up is on the way. first, though, we have to make it through rain. meteorologist melissa magee is at the big board with the details, hey, melissa. >> hey there, walter, change ahead for the rest of the weekend. milder air coming followed by the rain. we'll try out the details on that in a moment. definitely a better start in the
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weekend comparison to yesterday. no record low in allentown. morning low, 15. breaking old record low of 17 setback in 1969. and now with the southwesterly wind overhead most of the day these temperatures rebounded. in philadelphia it was not as harsh today. with a high temperature of 46. still, 8 degrees below average. but better than yesterday's high of juingtd 37 in the city. and as you look at the numbers outside this evening, most spots are in the 40s. the exception poconos and lancaster temperatures in the 30s. we're holding on to 40s. along the 59 corridor anda sea isle city 43. changes, however, are coming for the second half of the weekend on sunday. future tracker 6 showing you we are dry for most of the day. we're tracking moisture that is coming in from the southwest and working its way north and east as we get to really late sunday night and carrying over for the first half of monday. we'll talk about what is ahead. it's milder for sunday. temperatures in the 50s. tracking rain. followed by record warmth for the start of the workweek.
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on monday, all of those details coming up in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast, walter. >> thank you, melissa. remember, is always there with the latest from accuweather and stormtracker 6. check out our live radar and see the 7 day and hourly forecast, plus the latest updates from our team of "action news" meteorologists. it's all right there, right now, on /weather. >> and to furgeson, missouri, now, where late today we learned that the grand jury will reconvene on monday. it was anticipated that the grand jury could have announced a decision this weekend, but we now learned it is not yet decided if charges are warranted against the officer who killed teen aimer michael brown. meantime a third night of unrest resulted in arrest of three protesters. all tensions remain high in clayton, missouri, barricades are set autopsy round the county courthouse and some schools cancelled classes for the week. officials from local politicians all the way up to president obama are calling for calm regardless of the grand yourry's
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decision. >> a walk for peace this afternoon in south philadelphia in memory after i popular dirt biker gunned down last month while sitting in a car. okayrel tyler was a biker known for daring student and his killer remains on the loose. >> the race thousands of athletes have circled on the calendars. philadelphia marathon weekend is here and the first event took place today. >> a hero's homecoming two local heroes honored with service to the country. >> plus jeff skversky has a preview of eagles match-up against the titans when "action preview of eagles match-up against the titans when "action news" comes right back
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[ sirens ]. >> a member of the u.s. navy received a heroes welcome in sicklerville, new jersey today. welcome home celebration for u.s. navy e 30 christina murray. she is a 2005 fraud of winslot township high school and brought two shipmates for 2-d's celebration all hop order for their service. >> in bridesburg neighborhood senior airman james nran began greeted with hugs and kisz. called a heroes welcome along with warriors watch riders escorted them to the brideburg club. she just completed tour of duty in northern afghanistan and her family could not be happier to see her home safe and sound. >> taj ma mall trump casino is offering olive branch to workers in last ditch effort to try to keep the casino open. trump entertainment resorts is
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offered to reinstate coverage for employees for two years only ft. union drops appeal of court order canceling pension plan and benefits. casino is slated to close next month and the company president says ft. union drops its appeal the taj will remain open. >> and spirit of the holiday season is alive and well in the delaware valley. thanksgiving a few days away. food drives are in over drive. king of prussia where the valley forge softball team collected donations to germantown where free will baptist church was handing out all the fixings for turkey dinner. >> the bible says it's more blessed to give than receive. >> it's a good things. it's a lot of people that can't afford turkies. they want one. it's good for the kids. >> similar food drives took place in community as cross the area like this one in south philadelphia. >> and reminder that you can also help those in need by donating to our annual holiday food drive.
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donate money on-line to philabundance or bring canned goods to 6abc parade on thursday. boy scouts will be long the parade route collecting donations. more to come on "action news." eagles return to the linc after one of the worst losses that lock time. jeff has a free true of the match-up against the titans with jeff has a free true of the match-up against the titans with "action news" comes
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>> a pair of adventurers made a stop here in philadelphia as part of the 2,000 mile voyage in a canoe. amy and david free mrap paddling to washington d.c. to raise awareness of at infects of mining on waterways. they arrived here in 16 foot canoe to meet with other padlers and supporters on the schuylkill river. back on dry land this is one of philadelphia's biggest
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weekend for runers. thousands took part in the rothman 8 k this morning started at 23-8d museum of art and followed the course along the schuylkill. tomorrow runners will take off in the same location for the philadelphia marathon and half marathon. >> and time for a check on sports. jeff skversky is here. eagles need a bounce back win from last week. >> they've been good on that. they have not had back-to-back games in 13 months. they are taking it personal the runner game is not running as smoothly as last season. perhaps tomorrow will be that breakout game. tennessee is the worst running in the afc. lesean mccoy trying to get his froov back 37 yards per carry this season worst of his career. mccoy maintains he's the same player and believe it or not his numbers are not that far off compared to this time last year through ten games last season when he won the rushing title he had only 203 more yards and only one more touchdown than he had
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through ten ghaimz season. and just like last year, mccoy feels he's ready to get on a rollover the final 6 games. >> some there almost. almost. feel like it's coming together. all the time we really get stopped we make mistakes. >> i think he's capable of carrying the load and he's porch that. i don't know all the assumptions or things that come -- he's not the same player -- he's still the same guy. >> we'll get you ready for eagles titans tomorrow eagle game day kickoff 11:30 and "eagles game day final" after "action news" at 11. college football after beating temple last week. penn state with another game you're thinking we have this. penn state playing a game today. penn state open the road in illinois. down three, 4th quarter, akeel
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lynch, watch him go. 47 yard run. 267 yards rushs in last two games. penn state takes a 14-10 lead. under two to go. lion fight back. penn state clippinging to a 1-point lead. riley o'cool it to mike duedeck. 5 yards. plays later in field goal position. illinois for the win. game winning field goal, wow, penn state looses 16-14 and state falls to 6-5. >> what a finish in the villanova, delaware game. delaware comes back from down 20-0. they go on 28-7 run and take the lead late 4th quarter. 'nova down one. 23 seconds left. watch this. john robertson to kevin goyes, touchdown. cats come backing to win 25-38 in final seconds they're 10-2 going into the playoffs. >> al bag jen knolly wins final
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game ever at penn. after 23 years coaching quakers he wins last game against cornell, 34-26. he gets a gatorade shower after words as well sdmri certainly appreciated this group and through all the things they had to endure. they've about a lot of fun to be around. i told them that friday night. and real little i'm part of the class of 2014 i tell them so we're all going out together. its with a nice way to go out. it will be a nice bus ride home. >> what a coach. lehigh, lafayette playing for 150th time than one is special. yankee stadium. jon gruden on hand watching his son who plays for lafayette. gruden you want to cheer for this ross sherman, shermanater, three touchdowns, 2 7-7, lafayette wins this one in the bronx. >> it all started this time last year. last time scott hartnell was in town. that's when it all started. 8 days ago since hartlees return
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the flyers have not returns to the win column for the last four. worst stretch of the season. flyers trying to snatch out of it. tied at one so far in the first period. >> high school food ball st. joe prep against undefeated benjamin franklin for class 4 a title how about this. look that gi goo. deandre swift with a touchdown. st. joe prep wins 47-22 play parkland next in the state quarter finals and archbishop wood wins as well, 32-34 big win. >> up next on "action news." meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. stick around.
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>> meteorologist melissa magee has the accuweather forecast. today was coldch the sun made it bareable i thought. >> it was better than yesterday. yesterday high of 37 in the city walter. today that southwesterly wind kicked in and really kicks in tomorrow. stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing you dry for the most part. few sprits and sprinkles out there weak little wave of energy to the north and that allows for precipitation riding up to the north for the rest of tonight. it's mostly dry. the big weather maker comes in late sunday night and into monday. the high today in philadelphia, climbing into 46. so still below average by 8 degrees. better than yesterday's high. it's 44 in philadelphia. poconos 35. lancaster upper 30s. 39 dover along the coast ina aisle city 43.
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off to a better start with the southwesterly wind. warmer in the city than same time yesterday. 17 warmer in millville than 24 hours ago and 15 warmer in the poconos. so that trend is going to continue. here's satellite 6 and action radar few more clouds moving on in thanks to the weak disturbance off to the north. and it is allowing for a little precipitation moving across areas in south jersey. this lifts on off north for the rest of tonight and we stay mostly dry. weather maker we're tracking moves in sunday night and coming from southeast to northwest direction. as we close out the weekend tomorrow. nice and mild, high temperature of 56. will be a few more clouds moving in through the day. tracking area fresh ear south and working its way north and east. sometime around 10, 11:00 as we get to sunday night. big changes on the way with that. well fast forward to sunday. because tomorrow is a very special day following runners participating half or full
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marathon. partly sunny, few clouds, 7 a.m. that temperatures 38 degrees. once we get around noontime that temperature in the lower 50s. well fast forward to middle half of the workweek. there's a coastal storm we're tracking and wednesday happens to be the day before thanksgiving. and the computer models are indicating that a storm will develop. we're tracking energy to the north. along with this area of low pressure south. these two systems phase. the question is where do they phase. where will that track be? that's the big question mark. track number one let's you know ft. storm system stays close to the coast there could be rain for areas south and east of philadelphia and snow along the 95 corridor and areas north and west of town. however, if the storm system speeds up it will be mainly offshore and area of low pressure stays east of the region and that produces rain at the coast. so we're good four days out and we'll definitely track it for you as the week wears on. something to think about and keep in the back of your head if you're traveling or expecting
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folks home for thanksgiving on thursday. the accuweather forecast milder, late day arrive rain arriving. eagles are at the linc as we get into sunday. monday, record warmth on the way, high temperature 74. cooler tuesday, 55. and watching the coast on wednesday with high of 4. walter, we'll get ready for the records open wait. >> we'll take. it thank you, melissa. >> don't look now the holiday season is upon us. here's the proof. bristol township holiday parade. marchers included trueman high school marching band and cheerleaders and antique car show and big man himself santa claus. we love santa claus. "eagles game plan" is next on channel 6. and don't miss "action news" at 10 on phl17 tonight. then we're back here again on 6abc at 11. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky, and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez, we'll see you back here at news" team, i'm walter perez, we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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>> after a tough loss in green bay the eagles head home to lincoln financial field to take a hungry tennessee titans and on today's show we'll get to the bottom of what went wrong against the packers. how can the team turn the page this week. we'll ask the man himself chip kelly stops by the studio to breakdown the tape tape. stay where are you because "eagles game plan" starts right now. >> welcome to "eagles game plan" presented by verizon wireless. it was not


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